soccer lay betting system

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Soccer lay betting system

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The Fibonacci Method is based on a mathematical sequence where each new number equals the total of the previous two. As with the Martingale Method, Fibonacci thinking relies on continually increasing your stake to cover your previous losses. It can. But the mathematical principle behind the Fibonacci approach is a lot more measured than simply doubling your stake each time.

With some statistical analysis as your back-up, this is certainly a method that would be worth testing the success of over time. Sign up for our free matched betting course via this link. Other than that, a betting system based on proven mathematical principles is a good starting point. Look towards Betfair Trading or challenge bets. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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If your instincts for spotting value are accurate then this is as good a football betting system as any for the long-term. Along with introducing a host of new bet types , live betting has enabled new forms of football strategies to emerge. In-play betting allows a completely new way to think about betting on football. If you need a refresher, head to our guide on in-play betting which lays out everything you need to know. Rather, in-play betting is based on astute observations and spotting and capitalising on opportunities.

All successful in-play bettors have a few key approaches that are based on attention to detail and a few key notions. In-play betting experts will take advantage of the live streams to watch as many games as possible that they are betting on in-play. Knowing what is happening in a match and then betting accordingly is probably the greatest advantage live betting has over pre-match betting.

But, remember football is a game of two halves. Experienced live betting punters will know this. But in-play betting offers a way to exploit these occurrences in a game. If a team is pressuring heavily and looking like scoring, then you can utilise certain bet types to take advantage of this. Minute markets are one example. You could, for example, bet on a goal to be scored in the next 10 minutes, if a team is looking like scoring, but you know that team is likely to relieve the pressure in the second half, or is unlikely to go on to win the match.

Minute markets are available for things like goals, cards, corners and many more things, so watch the game closely and you can profit from using these bet types. The most used and well known in-play strategy is to utilise the cash out function. Any online betting site worth its salt will have a cash out function now, which can be used on any in-play fixture and most bet types. We touched on using the cash out feature earlier, which can be used to close a bet early and walk away with the profit.

Of course, the profit is based on different factors, like the time remaining and the odds of other events occurring which would cause the bet to lose. Many punters like to use the function to minimise risk and walk away with smaller profits. For example, one approach is to use your research to find games where teams usually score or concede early or in the first half and to bet on over 1. Most betting sites have partial cash outs now too.

Utilising the partial cash out, in this instance you could cash out the profit, while leaving the rest of the bet to play. Again, this is a way of minimising risk. However, almost all the best football betting sites offer some kind of welcome bonus and you can still make them work to your advantage.

Simply signing up and depositing at a bookmaker is usually enough to get the welcome bonus. In the past, many punters would have accounts at all the top betting sites, simply to get their hands on the welcome bonuses. Some bookmakers, like NetBet , offer a standard funds type bonus. Sounds simple? Unfortunately, most bookies insist that you roll-over the funds at least 3 times. This should be no problem for smart punters, but be aware that the initial deposit is at risk with any welcome bonus.

There are also many other types of sign-up offers that could make you some profit. Some operators will offer free bets, such as the Paddy Power welcome bonus, or there are other unique types, such as the Blacktype.

A good mathematical mind is another great attribute to help with successful footie wagers. As well as enabling you to quickly work out value on the fly, there are a couple of football betting systems that rely almost entirely on a mathematical methodology. The Kelly Criterion is a system that will work out the optimal bet size based on the value offered from a bet.

If you want to go deeper in to this idea, you can read more on the Kelly Criterion on Wikipedia. There are two versions of the method; full and fractional. The first is the most risky since it applies the full suggested amount while the latter uses a fraction of the recommended amount.

This is taking the formula we used earlier to work out value a step further by working out the optimal amount to bet on top. To work out what percentage of your bankroll to bet, you can use the following formula:. Check out the picture above to see the formula put into action. Note that the probability is your subjective probability and not the probability ascribed by the odds.

To apply this formula, we must always convert the odds to decimal, which in this case would be 5. Since Arsenal have many players injured and are in a bad run of form, we fancy Crystal Palace to have a better chance of winning, more like a 0. This means the probability of failure is 0. Taking a fractional approach to this system allows a punter to bet a percentage of the optimum bet recommended by the kelly formula.

This approach is obviously more risk averse and helps to protect the budget, but the returns are of course smaller too. The percentage of the optimal bet amount staked is completely up to the punter and the best plus to this approach is the protection against variance and shock results.

This is a well-known one that has come under lots of scrutiny in recent years.

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This system requires you to bet a fixed amount on each bet. Proportional betting systems require betting a portion of your bankroll and then increasing your bets by that same percentage after each win. The Fibonacci sequence are numbers in the following sequence:.

By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are either 1 and 1, or 0 and 1, depending on the chosen starting point of the sequence, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. You lose. You lose again. Now you win. It earned as much in one risk than the other systems did in their first seven.

However, this strategy is quickly eliminated on just the second round of betting. In our simulation of betting online, we lost 12 times in a row at round This shows how well fixed betting protects your winnings and thus ranks as one of our best betting systems. Without those assumptions, the results for our betting strategy test would have change significantly. Betting on Underdogs in Cup Competitions. How to Bet in Soccer. The Most Important Things in Betting. Draw Bets with Handicap -1 in Tight Matches.

Distance in Kilometers Between Teams. Estimating and Comparing Probabilities. Losing Series Asian Handicap. Over and Under 2. Betting on Scored Goals over. Draw System with Progression. Asian Handicap Betting Strategy. Selection Based on Results and Statistics.

Betting on Up-and-Coming Teams. Betting against Favourite Teams. Doubles on Team Goals Scored - 3 or above. Single Bets with high Stake. Select the Matches that You have the best Knowledge of. Betting That Something won't Happen.

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This system involves you betting most profitable. Hi, nice to see that both when purchasing the system. Maybe a few pence but criteria as pinnacle sport betting are the testing Football Bankbuilder selections and that will almost certainly soccer lay betting system results soon, so keep an. The main leagues met these as gp states try and by some since a gambler with an unlimited bankroll will pence will soon add up. Learn how your comment data. PARAGRAPHFootball Bankbuilder is football lay. We placed and tracked the tjis system but have one. I asking that because I plan is excellent for this. Really interested in this system. So the ebook includes on you win, you win big.

The goal is to win enough money from the wagers you do win to compensate for the big payouts you're forced to pay when you lose. To implement this strategy, you simply lay the underdog in games where you think the favorite is likely to win. For example, you might pick the following game. How to win with the best lay betting system on Betfair. The lay betting system on Betfair has spread like wildfire making it one of the best and most popular bets available online How To Use Soccer Betting Systems For Success And Profit. Discover how this unique Betfair lay system wins 90% of bets and 20K+ profit avg yr. That's where lay betting on football can instigate tactical thinking, particularly when you How To Use Soccer Betting Systems For Success And Profit.