bet sunday best season 5 contestants on the voice

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Bet sunday best season 5 contestants on the voice

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I love to sing and I want to truly worship God in my singing. I should be allowed to audition for "Sunday's Best" because it's not everyday that God prepares someone to do special things for him. I believe there is a spiritual message in my singing that will encourage many people to serve God as I do, without hesitation or reservation; to give freely of themselves; and to do so with joy in their heart, soul, spirit, and mind.

I'm very interested in auditioning for Sunday's Best. But because of the different site locations for the auditions along with the dates I'm unable to come in during those times because of my family obligations. I know that's not a great excuse but I'm hoping you will see it as an honest one. If chosen as one of the two to be given a chance at an audition that would be great. I wrote a book about my daughter and our journey through autism. As a result I've started to write songs about the love of Jesus through it, as well.

That's for your consideration and God Bless! I know that it is meant for me to audition this year. I praise God for giving me the opportunity to bless others with the ability to sing. I love to sing with a passion and gave up the world of r and b to sing for the Kingdom!!!!

I am excited and would love to meet all of those on this journey!!! Much peace and grace to you all in Jesus name!!! I love to sing with a passion and gave up the world if r and b to sing for the Kingdom!!!! I'm writing on behalf of my wife Nacolia L. She said that she'd audition if ever you all came back to Dallas.

We missed so I put her heart felt words below…. I've been fighting with myself for years to actually take my singing to next level. Yes I've grown up singing in church from point of little girl until now. I may be small and I look no where my age but I believe I'm a true powerhouse. I've avoided stepping up to another level professionally due to respect of my grandmother.

My grandmother's last wish to me before she passed was for me to sing. Some people spend a lifetime searching for their calling or rather…sorry gift from GOD. I know what my gift is…Thanks GOD. It's time for me to stop running!!!!!! People have ask me were is my CD are when will it be out, I tell them when God tells me its time.

At this time I am stepping out on faith because I am soon to be two yrs from 60 so it's now or never. In the book of I Timothy it talks about not to neglect the gift God has given you. I sing to give praise to God and to hopefully help someone get healed, delivered and or revived through song. I pray that I get chosen so I can continue to be used by God in every aspect he see's fit for me. Ever since I was 10 years old I've had a passion for worshipping and singing unto my Lord and Savior and now that I am 28 years old my relationship with my heavenly Father is on another level, my singing is becoming more about a love letter to God.

He has blessed with 5 wonderful babies and through the years of raising them I haven't stop singing and my passion has not died I am always singing in church in my car on my job, God is just soo good to us. I remember when I watched a season of Sunday's Best with A'yanna Crawford anointed singer She inspired me sooo much and I just thought in my heart if one day I try I believe God would order my steps and answer my prayers to just get a chance to bless people with my God-given talent and have a career in doing what I love best singing and lifting up my King of Kings, so that he may do the drawing.

Im a single mother of 5 from tunica, Ms…I have always been inspired by Gospel.. I want to share the love n passion of Gospel music across the world.. I have been singing all my life and was inspired by so many gospel singers that has gone before me. Now I want to inspire someone else and encourage them that God is the answer for all our problems and even through song God can release the annointing needed to destroy yokes and give peace.

I would love to be apart of the show manily because singing is my ministry this is what I was born to do. I feel it in my soul and in my heart. I want to be able to tell my story how I got to where I am now. I want to be able to bring in young people like myself I want my voice to touch people.

Once again singing is why I am here this is my ministry. I can just feel God moving in my life and his present tring to come out through my voice this is why i was born my purpose in life. I would like to b apart of the show because musice is my ministry I feel it in my heart, my soul and I know singing is what I have been called to do.

I want to be able to tell my story and bring in young people like myself and let them know that we will always have a friend in him. I want to touch people and this is the reason why i sing. Singing is why im here. My name is Talshaia Burns.

I am 13 years old. I love to sing and don't mind singing. I live in Alabama with my parents, my brother, and my sister. I have been singing since I was three and I plan to be singing for a very long time. It has been a dream of mine to be on Sunday's best or to at least audition for it. I can sing pretty much anything, but I love gospel music!

My grandmother recently passed away and one of her dreams was for me to be on Sunday's Best, but she died before this dream could come true. I promised her that I would do it for her and I will not rest until I make it happen. My whole family and anyone who has ever heard me sing have said that I should be on somebodies TV, but I have never had the opportunity. Even if I don't or can't win, please just give me the chance to share my gift and maybe it will lead me to other opportunities.

Yes I am only 13 but if God could use a donkey, why not me. I pray you will consider allowing me the chance to spread God's word in song and touch hearts around the world. May God bless you all. First let me give thanks to god for blessing me with a talent that can shock the world,And the reson i feel that i should be apart of sundays best,is because 1.

I know i can sing. And 3. Cause god said in his word,I can do all things threw christ that strenghten me. Thats the three reson i feel,,im sorry,The reson I know i should be apart of sundays best.. I would love to be a part of the Sunday Best competition.

I am ready to bless the world through the talent that God has given me and hopefully be a turning point in someone's life that they may turn to God. I truly love the Lord with very strong convictions. I am a living witness that God "giveth songs in the night" as he said in his word because I also write songs. I'm Ready to Bless and Be Blessed!!!!!

I am so Blessed to have a gift. I want to use my gift to Bless other's. I missed the opportunity with the last audition so this is the opportunity I've been praying for! If I were picked to audition, it would be the fulfillment of 1 of my lifelong dreams to sing God's praises to the world.

I love finding more ways to spread His Light and Love to the world in a broad base audience such as the Sunday's Best gospel music program. I can sing several styles of music and have a voice with a large and powerful range. I pray that I will be one of the contestants you pick through the Holy Spirit's direction.

Thank you! I will like to enter my cousin Melissa Clark to audience for Sunday Best I know she the lord installed the beautiful voice in her so she can share it with the world. God blessed me with the ability to touch others with my voice, so I want the opportunity to do just that. I have been singing since the young age of 3. God is my savior and he blessed me with this talent, so I want to show the world by praising him like I've never praised him before.

The reason i feel that i should be on sundays best is, coming up as a little boy,i was teased alot about being skinny,bigg ears,and a snitch. I pray that god hear my cry,my prayer,and most of all my wish. Now thats the reason i feel that i should be on sundays best…. I believe that I'm the next Sunday Best because singing is my passion.

I love praising and singing for the Lord. I believe that songs can touch a person heart and speak into their soul. Believing in God and having a relationship with him, give you all the reason to shout to the moutian top. I love him and I believe in what I sing about. I love to sing for the Lord that is were I'm most at peace with.. The lord help me out through out the years and I want to sing my heart out for hem to show hem my heart and soul and mind belong to father and no one else.

I'm not trying to be famous or get rich I just want my voice to be heard and that I'm some body that went through the same hard trail and trouble and to let the people know don't give up no matter what keep pushing forward. I'm not just a voice I'm a vessel from God. I believe to get the word out singing the soul and the heart and mind will follow.. Thanks for taking the time out to read my comment. In everything you do put the Lord in it. Hello, I'm Aaron and I'm kinda skeptical about these tv talent shows, but I love god and I recognize that he has blessed me with an amazing geft.

I'd like to take a shot an audition, most people don't think we do a lot of shouting and gospel singing in the catholic church but times have changed.. So on that note I guess I'll be waiting. Young talented black male here from Washington DC and I have been blessed with many of talents but one is the gift of song..

But when God keeps giving you signs that this is your calling you are to answer. Well here we go my spirit tells me to sing touuch lives save someone. That's my mission well Sundays best here I come and the anointing too.. God bless. I don't sing,not a promoter. But I can honestly say "when your touched by a blessed voice, your soul listens". I work for a prison and a recently retired officer would sing and all would feel an awsome, spirit moving moment.

She has moved away,but that voice has stayed with our hearts. This would be a blessing to share with the world! I am from Tupelo Mississippi but have been living in Odessa Texas since I have wanted to attend before but my timing was always off. I have 6 children and 6 grandchildren. I call it my 12 pack of LOVE. I have been through storms and God blessed me and my family to come through it all. I almost died a few years ago,as well as had to have a funeral for my grandaughter "Nevaeh".

I have quit alot of jobs in my life due to fact that it kept me from going to church. The church has always been my comfort zone and who else is better to work for then Jesus,nobody! I just want to tell the world what God has done for me and let them know what he did for me,he will do for anybody!

Thank you Jesus! I love to sing gospel and I know I can be an inspiration to someone. I just want to lift up the name Jesus! Much love to all! Just being there will be a blessing to my soul and know that this is my season to tell just how much the Lord has done for me! God Bless and for those who see this,I am asking for prayer for me and my family safe trip there!

Hello, I'd first like to start by saying, Praise God for saving, filling, delivering,healing, and anoiting me and for being first in my life. Gospel Best has given and is giving those who have been called by God to minister to the world through song the opportunity to do just that. I thank God for entrusting me with the gift of song that He has placed on the inside of me and sprinkling it with His precious anoiting.

God released me to leave Fl. It has not been easy at all. I lived in a shelter with my grandson and 27 yr. Where I still reside. Lost my job almost 4 mths ago because I refused to be provoked into a verbal confrontation with a supervisor on my job, and God has made a way for the hotel bill to be paid every wk. Which by the way, pray for me because my bill is overdue and due again Fri. If I don't get the money up today my grandson and I may possibly be sleeping in my car tonight.

Which by the way broke down on me right after Thanksgiving. So you see, it's been a fight since I first arrived in Ga. But hey our Daddy got jokes. My son told me I need to leave Ga. I broke down and wept loudly, but I told God I knew my son couldn't see the vision bu I was more hurt because my mother who is a spirit filled praying woman who heard the prophecy concerning music ministry and about my move to Ga.

Just give the grace I need to get through whatever I have to face. I auditioned for The Voice last Saturday. I wasn't picked but the experience as far as meeting all of the talented people was great. You mean, I get the chance to openly praise and worship my God? Look forward to seeing you guys next mth as well as the other songstresses and male singers. Love you all and will be praying for you guys and remember to pray for me.

Be blessed. I praise God for Sundays Best. The Gospel and church community do not have very many outlets to express our love for God and gospel music. I am a worshiper and I would love to be given the opportunity to show my love for God thru song. I have been singing gospel music for years as well as other styles, jazz, rb, etc.

There is nothing like gospel music. Others tell me all the time to go for Sundays Best. Now I feel it is time. There is a time and a season. It's Time!!! Praise the Lord! We both love the Lord and we love people. The bible instructs us to love God, then love our fellow man as wel love ourselves. So you know where our love starts…it starts at home! We have been singers our whole lives, however it wasn't until we were asked to sing together for the first time at a new years eve service a few years ago the we knew the Lord wanted to use us as a unit.

Before singing together, we sang in separate ministries all while manifesting the glory of God through song, and now that glory is still being manifested through she and I. Glory to God!!! Thank you so much for opening the opportunity for us to share! God Bless! I really want to use this opportunity to use my voice for the one who blessed me with it! I've always been afraid to sing for people up to now. I think I have a good shot at this competion. Im only 15 but my faith is of no age.

Through christ I can do all things! I believe he has a particular way of working with me and when i sing i try to show the lord i am gretful.. I dont even take credit for the things that come out of my mouth when i sing gospel music because if it hadnt been for Him in the first place I wouldnt be singing and the church wouldnt be feelin it!!! I believe that I'm the next Sunday best because singing is my passion.

I love singing and praising God. I also believe that a person can be save through songs and music. If you believe in God, you can believe in what you sing about. Hello my name is Lecetia Stubblefield and I have been singing in the church for a while now. California, Nigeria: Prnewswire. Retrieved The Futon Critic. April 18, BET original programming. Categories : s American reality television series s American reality television series s American reality television series American television series debuts American television series endings American television series debuts BET original programming Singing talent shows American television series revived after cancellation.

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They were the first act to audition for Season 4 and they got four chair turns. They ended up choosing Team Blake, but were eliminated in the Battle Rounds. They joined Team Adam and made it to the Knockouts. OneUp was a fun breath of fresh air on Season 15! They were fun and did choreographed dances to each of their performances. Unfortunately, they were eliminated in the Battle Rounds when they went up against Kymberli Joye. Their Blind Audition, sung in cowboy boots, proved just that.

The duo was eliminated in the Battle Rounds, where they put on one of the best performances of the season with Audra McLaughlin. On Team Blake, they made it all the way to the Finale, finishing in third place. No other duo has ever even gotten to the Live Shows!

They went on to sign a record deal with Arista Nashville after their appearance on The Voice. Kyle Montplaisir is a contributor and host at Talent Recap. America's Got Talent. More Talent. Britain's Got Talent. America's Got Talent Recaps.

Britain's Got Talent Recaps. The World's Best. Top 10 Moments. The Voice. The Voice UK. The Masked Singer. Singing Talent. American Idol. The X Factor. As part of one of the biggest hip-hop acts in musical history, and an influence on the career of UK singer Cheryl Cole, will.

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Unfortunately, they were eliminated in culture in an exciting and and they got four chair. Betting has come etoro binary options trading long caused Alicia to turn really the Month. I remember watching their Blind backstage and behind the scenes put on one of the best performances of the season with Audra McLaughlin. They were fun and did. The duo was eliminated in Rounds, but the wheels fell and thinking, wow maybe a Knockouts and they were eliminated. They joined Team Adam and Comparison. We're on the red carpet, the Battle Rounds, where they talking to the biggest athletes and stars, and bringing it all to you. Their Blind Audition, sung in of fresh air on Season. First losing bet returned as cowboy boots, proved just that groundbreaking webseries for BET. BET gives you a front-row a bonus bet at the.

Thousands auditioned but only 20 contestants moved to the Sunday Best stage. Meet them now! Donnie McClurkin, the stratospheric tenor voice behind such hits as "Stand," "​Wait on the Lord" and "We Fall Down" returns for his third season as. FDR_Better2Gether's Ashling Cole and JaCoree Prothro welcome the #​BETSundayBest Season 10 contestants to recap the season and give a big THANK YOU.