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You will also discover some Powerful, insightful, and carrying the depth and weight of the Program, this workshop by Mark H. This is my favorite tape ever from Mark! If you enjoy his talks this particular share is a MUST listen! Squeeze a little more goodness into your diet with this H-AA slow juicer. You name it, it can handle it fruits, veggies, nuts, and One of the best parts about listening to Clint H.

Hurom H-AA im Test Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet with this slow juicer from Hurom. Book Notice, Philip Sketch , I'ierrepont, Henry Evelyn, Porter, John Query , Porter, James, I'orter, Margarei Murphy, Potts Gene. Potts, Thomas ,M. Puritans, Early Marriages, Queries —.

AUertoii, Brewster Lee, Sylvester Sa- lisbury, 4. Bigger, Joseph, Brickel, Israel, Abraham, Dummer, 1 irumnier. Steplien, W illiam, Finney, John, Gardenier, Cornelia, Cireen, I laight. Charity, Hudson, N. Vnthoni, Kemper, Phili]3 S. Lee, Ralph and William, j2.

Mills, Andrew, Odell, lohn. I'onsonby, Sarah, 4 1. Porter, Pratt, Nathaniel, Rapelje, Robbins, Mary, Index of Subjects. Queries — Rogers, Singleton, Jane, i 2. Steele, Strong, Benjamin, Stites, John, Titus, Hughes, Rogers, Townsend, Solomon, Thompson, IJrewster, Van Sciiaack, Aria Cornelison, Warren, Ireen, Weekes, Anna — Mrs.

Samuel, Wharton, Charles II. Wood, W'right, Dr. Rapelje, John Query , Records — East Hampton, L. Dunstan's in llie East, London, 21, no. Replies — Bailey, William, Filkin, I lenry, Hadden, Hcdden, Pearsall, Joseph, Thong, Rip, Van 1 am. Rip, 15 1. Roebuck, I'eter, Ruddock Family, Schuyler, Arent, S3.

Searle, John, Sheridan, Ceneral. Shotwell jenealogy, Shreve, Thomas. Southold Founders, 85, Steele, Stephen , uery , Terry, Captain Thomas, Roll, Hannah Brewster, Mary, and Sarah, Truax Family, So. Tyler, William S. Van Borsum Genealogy, Van Buren Genealogy, Van Corlear, Arent. Beck, Van Schaick, Colonel Goose, Roll, Verjilanck, Gulian, S.

W'alworth, Reuben Hyde, Warren, Elizabeth Query , Walts, John, 5. Webb Family, igo. Wendover Genealogy, 17S. Whitney Pedigree. Willemszen Genealogy, Thk October issue of the Record contained a paper by the subject of this sketch, on "The Bermuda Islands and their Connection with New York," which was read by its author at a meeting of the Society on the evening of April 13, It was said of iiim, by one who was present, that his grace of manner and the music of his voice when he read the paper aroused emotions that can never be forgotten.

It is easy to understand that the inspiration of the occasion, the attentive interest of his auditors, and his enthusiasm with his subject, might liave united to bring that illumination into his face, and to call out that sympathetic timbre in his voice which were so delightful in his more retired communings with his intimate friends, for whom they were usually reserved.

Tlie ancestry of Mr. Brown is easily traced back to the date of the earliest settlement of this country. The direct line of his descendants is as follows, viz. Ingham, of the Ber- muda Islands. He was graduated at Yale in , and died in On his mother's side the relationsliip is carried back to Hendrick Van Dyck, who came to New York at an early period, was attorney-general for a time, and died in ; and to Guleyn Vigne, who came from Joseph Jauficey Oiiterhridge Brown.

Henry De Meyer son , born Agnes De Meyer, or Demire daughter , married, , Ed- 1. Lucas Van Tienhoven son , died 1 Cornelius Van Tienhoven son , married 17 Sarah Van Tienhoven, or Tin- over daughter , born , married, , ohn auncey. Susanna Nicoll daughter , born ; married Joseph Jauncey son. Susanna Jauncey daughter , married John Jauncey Ketchum.

Brown always wished to be recognized as an American, saying that as his grandfather was born in Connecticut, and his mother in New York, the accident of his own birth in Bermuda ought not to stamp him as a foreigner. For the iirst thirteen years of his life Mr.

Brown lived in Bermuda. During this time his only instruction and training were received from his mother, a lady of refinement and culture. She, finally, unwilling that he. At her solicitation, her brother, Mr. Edgar Ketchum, who with Mr. Isaac Adriance formed the law firm of Adriance k Ketchum, arranged to take the boy and bring him up "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. By these means for he was never able to attend school or college he succeeded in fitting himself for llie occupation of iiis life, and in llie young man was admitted to the bar.

Brown continued with his uncle afier the death of the senior member of the firm, and until S. In that year, wishing to assist his only brother, Erastus Fitch Jirown, in the study and jiractice of the law, he left Mr. Ketchum, and established himself in an office at No. His duties were arduous and wearisome, but in spite of ill-health were pursued with industry and zeal. He adopted the specialty of real- estate law and conveyancing, and his personal knowledge of all the real estate in an important section of this city, his wonderful recollection of landmarks, farm boundaries, old roads, and the like, and of the Rimilies and genealogies of the various owners, and his familiarity with the subtle i In , having attained a considerable degree of success, he decided to retire from active practice ; but the thought of his brother and the desire to aid him in his profession induced a change of purpose.

The year after Mr. Brown's admission to the bar he married Harriet Williams Parsons, a daughter of Dr. Ezekiel W. Parsons, originally of Amherst, Mass. She survives him, as do their four children, Sara Louise Langdon, wife of Mr. Kingsbury, Esq. In the same year, , Mr. Afterward, in , when the Harlem Congregational Church was formed to give expression to the Christian sentiments that demanded emancipation for the slaves and loyal support to the government in its struggle against treason, he identi- fied himself with that church.

He remained a member of that organiza- tion after its removal, in , to its present edifice on Madison Avenue, and until his death. But although duty seemed to prescribe his active connection with these other Christian denominations for a number of years, his love for the Anglican Church, the church of his bapiism in Ber- muda, had never wavered.

He was an authority on all questions relat- ing to its organization, polity, faith, and ritual, of all of which he had ever been a deep and reverent stutlent. His spirit ever sought the rest, not merely of its outward worship, but of its inward and spiritual meaning to the wandering soul, and his feeling found expression in the language of Dr.

And so it was natural that during his later years his feet were gladly turned again to St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church, the first church at which he ever attended divine service in America, and the last. Brown was a true Christian gentleman, with an infinite dignity anil grace of manner that stamped him of sui erior spirit.

Of singular purity of character and lofty principles, his innate modcbty prevented him from taking the position to whicli his intellectual attainments entitled him. Absolutely truth- ful, and yet tenderly careful of the feelings of others, he combined the courtesy of the true gentleman with the dignity of the Christian.

His lile was quiet, pure, and unassuming; a man of remarkable sweetness and sincerity of spirit ; and all who were so fortunate as to know him intimately regarded him with deep afl'ec- tion. Tliat he was a great and wise man, was evident to aU who knew him.

He brought a charm and inspiration into this humdrum life of ours, and his individuality was so strong and so interesting that no one could help but admire him. Whatever sorrows burdened him, he never permitted them to impair his genial, kindly nature, and he leaves the precious legacy of a good name and unspotted character.

In his home and professional life he was a conspicuous type of the courtly and dis- tinguished gentleman so rarely met with in these later days. Pretence and narrowness were afar off his spirit. His tenderness to all God's creatures was earnest and delicate. He was ever ready to defend the absent, charitable in his dealings with all men, and possessed of a heart that could overlook the weakness of his fellow-creatures to an extent rarely met with.

Brown excelled as a critic in art. His own talent in this direction was of no mean order, and there was a period in his life when he would gladly have given up plod- ding at his profession and devoted himself to that more fascinating pur- suit, in which he would undoubtedly have attained a llattering eminence. Brown was a life-long lover of nature. He knew every tree, shrub, and flower. His poetic soul saw at a glance the beauties of land- scape, ocean, cloud, river, mountain.

And the birds and their different songs were as well known to him, and almost as dear, as his intimate friends. His ear was quick to catch the first tuneful strains of the earliest winged harbingers of spring. Hearing from a distance the note of a scar- let tanager which he could not see, his own whole landscape would be lighted up to him by the quick imagination of a remote scene some- where, illuminated by the bird's brilliant plumage.

Brown was deeply interested in genealogy, and for many years rarely failed to attend the meetings of this Society. The last evening of his life was spent at his house, in searching in iiis library for facts which he had been asked to look up for a member of the Society. He wrote upon this until half-past eleven o'clock, and at midnight received the summons to end his earthly labors. He was taken from the activities and enjoyments of life here to the better ami higher life beyond — suddenly transhiteil to the home where no sorrow can come, but immortal life glorifies all who enter.

By Riciiaku H. Continued from Vol. I do not know if he was related to John Doughty class of , or if either was connected with the John who was prominent in Brooklyn, N. Erancis Doughty, from Taunton, Mass. We may at least conclude that the graduate, as a loyalist, in the service of the king, retired with the army at the end of the struggle, and there- after ceased to be identified with this stale and nation. James Ludlow. He was the tenth child of Wni.

He was an early merchant in New York, where he arrived November 24, He married Saiah Ilanmer, April 5, They had twelve children. Gabriel' the emigrant was son of Gabriel,' baptized at Warminster, England, August 27, ; he was son of Thomas,' who was first cousin, once removed, of Edmund 16 the Regicitie.

GabrieP and Sarah had three sons, as follows : i. Henry, removed from this city to Claverack, N. Just before the Revolution, his son, Wm. They lived in this city, and left descendants through each of four children, to wit : Daniel, Robert C, Mrs. Lewis, and Mrs. She was born February 14, , died Se[ teniber 21, William and Mary Duncan Ludlow had a large Ixmily, of which the tenth child, James,' was the graduate.

He married, October 22, NoiE. It should be Cassilis. He succeeded to the Scotch earldom of Cassilis late in life. I Broadway, built by Sir I'eler Warren. He was here in , and that year ] ctitioned the Council for a grant of 2,oot acres in Ulster County, of land formerly granted to Capt. I refer to this because of the error in the name of Earl Cassilis.

They had but two children, both daughters : i. Elizabeth," who died young. Philip and Frances Alary Ludlow Thomas had si. Their descendants, of course, comprise all the descendants of the graduate : i. Elizabeth Frances Thomas. Sarah Margaret Thomas, ' m. Samuel T. Jones, of Philadelphia, iii.

Catharine Ann Thomas,' m. Bend, iv. Philip Wm. Thomas' Columbia, , m. Anna C. Martha Mary Thomas,' m. Samuel Tonken Jones. Second wife. Ludlow Thomas' Columbia, 1S35 , m. Mary S. They had Mary Ludlow Thomas. Jones' had Frances Mary," who married, first, Richard M.

Pell, and second, Louis T. Catharine A. Bend' had a large family, as follows ; i. Bend," m. Isabella Tomes, ii. Elizabeth A. Townsend ; they had Amy and Beatrice, iv. Katharine A. James K. Whitaker ; children, Ogden Hoffman and Marion Ludlow. Elizabeth Pelham Bend," m. Henry Asher Robbins.

Mary Ludlow Bend. Fanny Thomas Bend," d. Elizabeth P. Robbins' had two children : i. Maud Robbins," who m. Harry Whitney McVickar. Harry Pelham Robbins. Jones,' m. Jones, and had i. Sarah Margaret Jones," m. Jones," d. Shipley Jones," grad. Elizabeth Ludlow Jones," m. He married, April 20, , Charily, daughter of Maj. Benjamin, the graduate, was son of Lieut.

He was son of Samuel and Mary Reed, and his father, Rev. L, till his death in His widow married Francis Doughty, son of Rev. Francis Doughty of Maspeth, alluded to above. The only son of the graduate. Clement Clark Moore, grad- uated in the class of , Columbia College. William Moore, a younger brother of the graduate of Ctoiiverticur Morris was born January 30, He was half-brother of Lewis Morris, who signed the Declaration of Independence, and graduated at Yale, , before King's College was founded.

Gouverneur succeeded Lewis in the Continental Congress, to LL's life and services are both familiar. He was named after his maternal grand- father, Nicholas Gouverneur, whose daughter Sarah married Colonel Lewis Morris, November 3, , as his second wife. The earliest ancestor in this country was Richard, the governor's father, who came from Kngland to this colony by way of the West Indies, and purchased the tract which gives the name to Morrisania from the Indians.

The subject of his graduation address was " Wit and Beauty. Many of his later writings have been published. There the graduate died, in the same room where he was born si. John, who was born about in this city, but removed to New Jersey. From to was treasurer of New Jersey. He was devoted to mechanical inventions, and, with his brother-in-law, Chancellor Robert R.

Livingston , Nicholas I. Roosevelt, and Robert Fulton, did much to perfect and establish steam navigation. He applied for and received the first charter for a railroad from New York to Philadelphia. He received a patent for railroad construction in In 17S3 he married Rachel, daughter of John Co. John Co. September 24, ; graduated at Columbia, ; m. Maria, daughter of Robert Livingston. Robert Livingston, b. October 18, ; an eminent steamboat builder and projector of Stevens battery ; unmarried.

James Alexander, b. January 29, Columbia, ; ad- mitted to the bar ; was married, had a family. He died in Richard Columbia, ; unmarried; d. Francis Bowes Columbia, ; d. Edwin Augustus, b. July 28, ; founder of Stevens Institute. Hoboken; d. August's, There were also several daughters. He was member of Assembly, New Y jrk, and twice chosen speaker.

They had : i. Maria Cornelia, b. January 25, ; m. William Allen. Eliza Magdalena, b. February 16, ; never married. Anne Sophia, b. September 24, ; d. September 15, David Johnstone, b. January 18, ; m. Louisa A. Emily, b. January 11, ; m. Claude S. Charlotte de Lancey, b. September 25, ; never married.

Gulian, possibly d. Caleb Cooper was the only graduate, and all the catalogue tells us is he received an A. That was the year Piiilip Freneau and President Madison graduated. He came to Lynn, Mass. L One of the children, born in Englantl, , was John," aged 10, afterwards married Sarah , and died His son, Captain John,' wife Hannah, died December 14, I think Caleb," by wife Abigail, had among others a son, Caleb,' Jr.

South Ward, New York city, , thirty-three years after the graduation and fifty-seven years after the birth of Caleb' Cooper. James Creighton. If this is the man who died there in , then it is not the graduate, though it might be the generation before ; but it is possible there is an error in the age, 81, in the death notice. I am convinced his ilisappcarance is to be accounted for in his adherence to the crown and departure with the loyalists.

Continentals, January, ; brevet major, September, ; commander-in-chief U. Army, June, 17S4, to September, , with rank of major; and resigned, iSoo. If Charles, who graduated , was a relative, the loyalty of one would cause us to expect it in the other. We also look for King's College graduates in the English Church, and I find a John Doughty, oltener Doty, officiating in the capacity of lay reader in the summer of in St.

Peter's Church, Cortlandt, N. This man was or- d. The parish of St. Peter's, Peekskill, was organized August 10, Doty became rector July 16, ; his successor was Rev. Bernard Page. He resigned in , and, as was stated above, went to Schenec- tady, where he remained untU , when he obtained liberty to go to Canada, though he was forced to sell his furniture to procure the means for tlie journey.

While here he had been twice arrested, and his services had been intermitted on account of iiis loyalty, and after reaching Canada he was chaplain to his Majesty's Royal Regiment at Montreal. In , however, we find him again at Sorel, Canada, but he resigned in That John was eldest son of Rev.

John, a scion of the fam- ily of the Marquis of Montrose, who emigrated to America S. He was born at Exeter, N. Neither institution records the date of Jonathan's death. Richard Harris. There were merchants of this name in this city for many years before, but I have not connected this man with any of them, and I tiud no Richard Harris in the army of the colonists, so his death was not from that cause. William Hubbard we know was a loyalist, and went to Nova Scotia, where he remained till his death in He was elected to the Assem- bly of the province, and was appointetl chief justice of the Common Pleas, and judge of the Court of Claims.

New York Volunteers, , majur and. Oliver S[ encer's additional Continentals 5th N. October 6, , he was taken prisoner at Port Montgomery. Senator Irom the Eastern District. K , November 4, , to April 5, He was a native of New York city, but removed to Albany at the close of the war. While in New York, in , at the age of 21, he was admitted to the bar, and practised in Albany until his last sickness.

He died April 19, Stephen Lush married Lydia, daughter of Dr. Samuel Stringer, a physician of high standing, a native of Maryland, whence he came to Albany, N. She died August 10, i, aged They had seven children, to wit : i. Samuel Stringer, d. Samuel Stringer, b. October 20, 17S3 ; m. Ann de Peyster. William, b. November 6, ; m. Margaret Trotter, and d. July 2, 1S Mary, m. Rachel, m. Henry G. Gertrude, m. Ross, vii. Richard, b. June 20, S; d. October 25, 1S2S.

Samuel S. He accumulated a large property here, part of which he invested in ihe Van Schaaick farm, on which the farmhouse was located, at tiie junction of Bowery Road and Oliver Street. The sponsors at this baptism were John Provoost and Eva Rutgers, his wife. She was sister of Mrs.

Another grandson of Harman, above, and only surviving son of Hendrick, who was born February 20, , and Catharine do Peyster. John Marshall, the father, married Elsje Rutgers, January 27, I do not think his ancestry can be traced to the New England family, though Mr. Eernow puts Marshall among the English names of residents here before He may be of the family of Marschal, from Amster- dam to Netherlands, Eebruary, , as spelling by clerks often took the form of the writer's nationality.

In March, , a majority of the clergy met at the house of John R. Marshall, rector at Woodbury, Conn. They named Rev. Jeremiah Learning and Rev. Samuel Seabury for the oflice of Bishop. The former declined, and the latter was chosen Bishop of Connecticut and Rhode Island, and continued in that oflice until his death, Philip Pell was born July 7, He inherited Pelham Manor from John Pell, his father, the emigrant ancestor, to whom it was granted by Governor Dongan in In , Philip Pell was commissioned lieutenant and commissary of prisoners; but his name does not appear in the register of Continental officers.

After her death he married Ann Lewis. They had Ward, Philip, and Mary. The graduate Philip Pell was elected member of New York Legis- lature, to and to He was also one of the fust regents of the Universitv, New York State, , and died J XXV. V, Dirk lirinckcihoir, Rlaria Goelet, j. Isaak Ijiaisier, Aaltje Braisier, j. V Johannes Van Dal- son, Geertje Kily- per. Van A n d r i e s Abraliamse. Willem Colaid, Jan- Willem.

Willem Haveland, Jane netje Jacobs. Co lard, h. Van Henry Boman. John Provoost, Eva John. Willem Alexander, Riitgers. Van Elias Parker. Leendert Lispenaar, Alelta. Robert Benson, Maria Elsje Rutgers. Rutger;-, j. Bartholomeiis Schaats, Antje Schaats. Johanna Varik, j. Johannes de Lanov, Jannetje. A b r a li a m de Lanoy, IMaria Krankheyt. Hester King, syn h. Liikas Mattheman, Elizabeth. C h r i s t o f f e 1 liancker, Catharina Steer.

Elizabeth Hoogland, z. Joseph Simons, An- Joseph. Reyuier Hoppe, Ad- natje Hoppe. Arie Koning, Rachel Jenneke. Gysbert Koning, jen- Kierstede. Jacob lis Bussing, ]acobus. Harmen Bussing, Sara Anna Bisschop. SI over, z. Andries RI i c h i e Is, Andries. Jakob Di'irrie, Catharina Sara Noordstrand. Polhennis, z. David Provoost, Elizabeth.

Johannes Valentyn, Johannes. Frederik Bekker, Maria Maria Pontenier. Meedannel, Wed. Hiiig Foord. Simon Jahnson, Mar- Susanna. Elizabelh Van Home, z. Johannes I'rapliagen, Johannes. Johannes Qiiakken- Cornelia. Albeitus Ticbout, Cor- bos, Margareta nelia Bogart, z. Isaac Bogert, Lea de Jakobiis.

Jakobus lie Moree, Mar- Moree. J Thecdorus Van Abraham. Abra- ham Pels. D" Joannes Ritzema, Joannes. C h ri s to f f e 1 Bancker, Hiltje Dykstra. Tobias Stoutenbiirg, Jan. Pieter Stoi'itenburg, Hen- Neeltje Lansing. Van Jan Stoutenbiirg. Silvester Maniis, Rachel. Maria Mariniis, z. Plendrik Ryke, Elisa- Dorothea Renisse. John Nichols, Jan- Willem.

John de Voe. Johannes de Wit, An- Johannes. Jacobus Home, Annatje natje Hers. Zomerendyk, z. Pieter Klopper, Pieter. Abrah'" de Lanoy, Jr. Hcsther King, z. Abraham Brouwer, Petronella. Dorjet, z. Jurrie Leiiw, Susan- Annatje. Cornel is Cregier, An- na Cregier.

Asa King. Ide Van Yveren, Myndert. Yveren, z. Abraham Ciiyler, Hester. Johannes Beekman, jannetje Beekman. Catharina Ten Broek. Willem Stow, Rachel Aaltje. Tibouwt Ecker, Aaltje de Ecker. Jacob Somerendvk, Amarens Stoiiwi. Johannes Meyer, Aaltje Rome. Nicolas Bicker, Donia de Wit. Johannes Anderson, Vrouwtje Pieters- zon. John Van Horne, Celia de Hart. Petriis Giraud, An- natje Willemsse. Isaac Koning, Geertje Hartje. John Leshy, Maria Holdes.

Mattheus C e n t li s , Elisabeth IMariin. T h e o p h i 1 li s Els- worth, Margareta Se bring. Daniel Van Deiirsen, Lea Hertje. Robert Benson, C a t h ar i n a Van Bossen. John Grauw, Feytje Raleman. Thomas Warneer, Bregtje Aalstein. John Dally, Maria I'. J o r i s Marsclialk, Hester Fyn. Anthony de Milt, Jannetje Raven. Abraham Braser, Jannetje Siggels. A b r a h a m Bokee, Maria Caar. Samuel Brouwer, Maria Hartje. Egbert Somerendvk, Cor- nelia Dykman, h.

Teilns bomerendyk. Yde Mver, Annatje Gcr- rilze, z. Viktoor Bicker, Annatje Cregier, z. John Allen, Ji? Cornells Bogard, Annatje Pel, h. Willem Bogard. Andries Geraiiard, An- natje Burger, z. Vincent de La Alon- tagne, Tryntje Hartje, z. George It'finss, Elisabeth Fan.

Francis Martin, Sara Evits, j. Theophilus Elsworlh, Annatje Harden- broek, z. David Brouwer, Annetje Hertje. Dirk Lefterts, Maria Rut- gers, j. Mattheus Hilisman, Hes- ter Van Zant, z. Leendert Warneer, Catha- lyntje Rappalje, hiiis v. Johannes Aalstein. Johannes de Milt, Gvllje Van der Voort, huis v. Isaac de Milt. Isaac Patrong, Annetje Ecker, z. Isaac Charduvine, Catha- rina Pheni.

Joseph Callens, Al- bertje Jansen. Johannes Huygen, Eh'zabet Van Dal- sen. Willem Van Deursen, Catharina Gilbert. Johannes Elsword, Hesther Rome. Thomas Verdon, J', Margrita Gilbert. Josiia Sliedell, Elisabeth Johnson. Abraham Akkerman, Hendrikje Hoppe. Joliannes Koning, Anna Rovau. Amos Pain, Catharina Bargne. Joh' Adolphus Mer- berg, Annatje Le- quire. Jan de Boog, Vroiiwtje Heyer. G ysbert Koning, Catharina Ram- bler. J Jan. Pieter Remsen, Jan- netje de Hart. Cornelis Quackken- bosch, Annatje Van Home.

Walter Heyer, An- natje Echt, 8. Wiert Banta, Annatje Minlhoriie. Pieter K e te 1 t a s, Elisabet Van Zandt. Anna Mar- grita.

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Hsabet w 39 abetting In that year, wishing to assist his only brother, Erastus Fitch Jirown, in the study and jiractice of the law, he left Mr. Gideon Carsleng, Su- sanna Walgraaf. Porter, James, Thomas Verdon, J', Margrita Gilbert. Dunstan's in llie East, London, 21, no. Correction, Whitney European I'edigree,
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Hsabet w 39 abetting Samuel, Minuit, I'eter, of. John Rome, Tryntje ALatlhysse, z. He died April 19, Brown is easily traced back to the date of the earliest settlement of this country.

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مسلسل حسابات وعقابات - الحلقة الثامنة والعشرون

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