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Abetting a revolution gw2 ascended

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That said, you usually get the lower end, meaning like matrices. Hence just merch the normal rings and salvage the infused. Infusing the ring doesn't mean putting an agony infusion in it, it means upgrading the ring with mists essences so it has the text Infused and an additional infusion slot for example: Ring of Red Death Infused.

Just putting an agony infusion in it won't give you anything. Infused is the random drop you get sometimes which gives another infusion slot. This is wrong. Infusing and Attuning are mutually exclusive. A ring can be either, or both.

The process for Infusing is exactly as Dzjudz. Attuned is a different process, and can be preformed on a infused or regular ascended ring. I have that problem as well - at the moment. Bank free space is getting rare cause I stored LS2 trinkets from achievements and I'm getting new trinkets every now and then from drops I think from PvP chests sometimes. I don't have "free" salvage kits because I don't do fractals. Mabe moving them on some char with free bags. From what I have seen in the Wiki - there is no downside to it isn't there?

Besides having to farm a big again. Wiki showas that all of the stats are available just by doing LS3 farming and getting some of those trinkets there. So I guess no need to wast valuable laurels even if I destroy all that LS2 achievement trinkets and the other trinkets I got from drops?

Since you pvp why not buy a salvage kit and maybe get rare drop from them when you break it down. January 28, January 29, If you don't know what build to aim for, here are some useful resources:. Equipment can be acquired from many different sources in this game. Feel free to mix and match gearing methods in a way that works for you. In Guild Wars 2 there is no gear treadmill. The only two equipment tiers for endgame gear are Exotic and Ascended.

Ascended trinkets backpieces, amulets, accessories, rings are relatively easy to get, so you can consider skipping exotic and going straight to ascended for these. They also offer the greatest increase in stats by far, making them the most efficient place to start. When upgrading from exotic gear, you should upgrade your weapon first, followed by your trinkets, as most of your stats are in these items.

For the vast majority of equipment, stat combinations are only accessible if they are part of the core set, or you own the expansion they are associated with. Stat selectable equipment will allow you to choose from any of the combinations you have access to, with a few exceptions such as specialization collections. Don't search directly for the prefix, as that will only show you crafted gear. Instead, use the filters to find the cheapest level 80 exotic gear with the stats you need. If you have any of the Living World Season episodes, you can get stat-selectable gear from their corresponding reward tracks.

See "Living World Achievements" below for the gear you can get identical to the gear the reward track provides. Some story steps and achievements provide exotic gear as a reward. This is the best method of getting exotic gear for new players, but is limited by the achievements available. You receive some gear for training an elite specialization.

Note that the armor pieces are not salvageable, so you might not want to put expensive runes in them. You receive a set of exotic Berserker's, Knight's, or Rabid heavy armor for unlocking all Revenant specializations and completing the Mistward collections. Since Heart of Thorns, most Living World episodes have had at least one achievement that provides stat-selectable exotic armor:.

Crafting is an expensive but reliable way to get exotic equipment. You'll need the appropriate level crafting profession and the recipe for the items you want to craft. You'll also need the right materials, either acquired through farming or the Trading Post. Use the wiki to find the appropriate crafting recipes and where they can be obtained from.

This will set you back gold depending on the stat set; you might also have to spend more gold leveling your crafting or buying the recipes. Depending on the exact stats and how many Badges of Honor you have, this may or may not be a better deal than buying them off the Trading Post. A full set of weapons and armor will set you back gold and Badges of Honor. Each of the six temples in Orr has a meta event chain that, when completed, allows you to buy exotic equipment for 42, karma apiece.

Note that none of these are salvageable, so you might not want to put expensive runes in them. Ascalonian Catacombs, Twilight Arbor non-Aetherpath , and Crucible of Eternity are the easiest dungeons for inexperienced players to tackle. Arah is grueling and not recommended for the faint of heart. If you're new to dungeons, I recommend using a LFG description along the lines of "new player LF all paths, help appreciated". You can also buy exotic weapons from this vendor, but this is not recommended as the Trading Post is cheaper.

This backpiece can be upgraded fairly cheaply to an ascended version in the Mystic Forge, making it a good choice for fractal players. However, it does not have an upgrade slot and hence provides inferior stats compared to all other exotic backpieces. Note that the upgraded ascended version will have the same stat combination as the exotic version. If you have Living World Season 4 Episode 3 "Forearmed is Forewarned" , you can buy an exotic backpiece from Kadir in the Domain of Kourna for some karma and map currency.

This stat-selectable backpiece provides all Core and Path of Fire stats. This means you can freely move ascended weapons and trinkets between characters, and ascended armor between characters that wear the same weight of armor.

For example, you can't equip two Ring of Red Death , even though you have two ring slots. The same applies to accessories. You can work around this in two ways:. Ascended armor and weapons can be reforged in the Mystic Forge to change their stats. This lets you stat swap any ascended weapon or armor piece, including named weapons and armor pieces you get from achievements. The single best way to get ascended trinkets is through the Living World maps.

All Season 3 maps and some Season 4 maps have a unique farmable currency that can be used to buy stat-selectable ascended trinkets. If you play PvP or WvW, you can also get the map currencies from the appropriate reward tracks. These are the same rings sold by the Laurel Merchant, except they only cost 10 Pristine Fractal Relics each. As previously mentioned, BUY sells a Berserker's, Cavalier's, Knight's, or Rabid backpiece for 1, fractal relics, which can be upgraded to an ascended version in the Mystic Forge.

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