karzai bets on vilifying hillary

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Karzai bets on vilifying hillary

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For your business we will provide you the contacts from all over the world. Goodman May 31, By Bonnie K. Goodman Feb 14 Bonnie K. Goodman Jun 11, By Bonnie K. Goodman Jan 10 By Bonnie K. The popular […]. But it is OK to slam President Bush?? Shut up, and get off your Daddy's computer little liberal. What are these GOP candidates and their ilk trying to say?

Obama is NOT the first president to apologize. Look those up if one needs to. The answer is simple. Save US military lives falling victim in the turmoil. If these GOPers had children or relatives on the ground, they would sure feel different. I have good friends in Afghanistan right now, and I don't want them to be harmed, because some want our prez NOT to apologize. Criticism of Obama's roll-over-and-play-dead statement is not helpful to what?

His election chances? Obama's apology added fuel to the fire. Obama's apology has already killed Americans. When you tell bullies that their violence scares you and can control you, why would you expect that to pacify them? Those who continue with nonsensical criticisum of President Barak Obama will never see the maturity on the part of the President to apologise for our insensitivity regarding the burning of the Qorans.

Many of your on the right undoubtabilly did not get the memo. Barak Obama won the presidential election, fair and square. You, for three years now, have been unable to accept that FACT. I do not profess that our country is perfect, but it in my opinion is the best form of representative government known to man. What dims this view is the so-called Americans that cannot beyond thier racism.

I find it troubling when I hear the statement that the President should demand an apology first. This is like little kids or adult morons when confronted, rebutting "well you did so and so. Adam and Eve did the same thing, each blaming the other. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent. It didn't help any of them and neither does not being adult enough to issue an apology when wrong Wrong is wrong no matter what the other person did.

If you or a country can't say something was wrong without receiving in kind yours will be a bitter path. There was no reason to give an apology nor to demand one. The detainees who defaced those books with extremist messages and apparent coded communications are responsible for the subsequent destruction of those books. But it would be silly to ask them to apologize. The US has gone to extremes to respect Islam in all its actions in Islamic countries.

But that has to have limits. Trying to clean up the mess in a country whose own people won't support that is a foolish pursuit. When the Afghan people allowed the Taliban to rule them and the Taliban supported the use of their country as a base against us, Bush very correctly efficiently and inexpensively overthrew the Taliban.

Trying to clean up the mess afterward was a big mistake by Bush and has grown into a bigger mistake by Obama. In Iraq there was a real need to clean up the mess left by overthrowing the government Bush tried and now Obama failed. But in Afghanistan the initial overthrow of the government served the whole purpose. The Afghan people should have been left to clean up their own mess.

If they failed to keep the Taliban from returning to power and the Taliban had not learned their lesson about exporting terrorism, the US could have overthrown them again at low cost to us and great cost to the Taliban's supporters. If we did that every few years forever it still wouldn't come close to the cost of trying to clean up the mess for a population that won't try to do that for themselves.

Apparently that scraping sound I heard back in was all the liberals removing the "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" bumper stickers from their Priuses. Muslims killing our servicemen Greatly offends me. How about wre have some demonstrations in Detriot protesting the murders of the people trying to help these sub-humans.

Here in America we can saw what is on our minds; we can speak out on issues large and small. The "Koran book burning" is an issue that was tailor made for use by those who would inflame control ignorant people into a frenzy. To you know what a Zionist is? Look it up and check your response again and see if it makes sense. I think it is wonderful that a fool like you who hates Israel also thinks Hillary supports Israel.

Please tell me you also think Obama supports Israel. If I thought there was any risk of information penetrating your skull I wouldn't take the risk of telling you that Hillary has always supported the fakestinians and has undercut Israel at every turn, from when she was only advising Bill to act against Israel through when she is now delegated by Obama to act against Israel. There are so many rational reasons to hate Hillary, please have fun with your irrational reason.

He is the smartest man in the history of mans, and with his giant brain he knows all! He went to college, you know. It is not my fault! I am a poor victim of capitalist oppression! Each day I groan under a heavy yoke placed on my shoulders by evil greedy capitalists like you!

That is why Great King Obama must take ur stuffs and redistribute them to me! It is my right! It's only because ur not paying ur fair share! U must give me ur moneys so I can go to college! I have calculated that I will need many moneys for this purpose, so send nao plx. Yes, he earned that acceptance to college, he was not admitted automatically because his father was was rich..

That is what I am trying to tell you! None may question the wisdom of Great King Obama the Hopeychanger! With hope in his left hand and change in his right, he will reach into ur pocketses and take ur moneys and redistribute them to me! Yes he can! And your replacement? NO Service. We saw what happened when we put an Air National Guard and draft dodger into office. Unfortunately your remarks are that of a very ignorant "veteran" Sad but true.

Someday, you might grow up and grow smarter. You aint no veteran marine then -- get your jarhead out of your arse -- Afghan aint worth a drop of american blood - we could stay there 25 years and the year after we leave it will revert to the tribal country it has been for years -- we have no business in the country anymore we did what we needed to do — mission over right now you have a puppet American corrupt drug dealing arse -- wake up Marine it is you who are ignorant.

And have you read the Quaran -- there are parts that are downright tgreasonous in this country Bro. Take the caps off first of all, idiot. And who's your brave replacement — Mittens, the coward? Or maybe Santorum, the luantice? I'm a veteran too. Your comments are unpatriotic. Burning those Korans was insane. Now our allies are shooting at our soldiers. Obama is trying to protect American lives over there and you apparently would like to see more Americans get killed.

I agree, we need to get this useless president out office, anyway possible. We let these cowards like Carter, Clinton and Obummer into office, and I just do not understand why! LOL, cowards? Just donned his pretty boy custom made flight suit to show up on a ship to announce "mission accomplished" when the war in Iraq had only just began. When you were in the military you were taught to respect those the laws and customs where you where stationed and to set an example.

The actions of a few soldiers over the past 10 years in an age of camera phones has made that even more important. The Comande rand Chief, like the General that apologized, were doing so on onbehalf of the troops and this country to avoid this sort of thing. You can't be too proud a veteran if you forgot forgot your oath. As for Hillary- she done a damn good job of keeping us from getting inot another war, and from the U. This is the only President in over 30 years that can say no attack has taken place on his wathch, so back off!

My sons have served in the miltary and one is going to be headed to Afghanistan this year. They are proud service members, too. They understand that the President's apoglogy was correct, in that, that the burning was done without intention to do so. He is trying to save lives and dampen hostilites.

I do not want us there anymore than anyone else does. Neither do they. What we do not need is more fuel on the fire. I don't care what you think of the apology, I care about the people serving there. And, yes, Clinton is representing the U.

The President is not weak, he is wise. And, thank the Lord, not a trigger happy, harpy. Let cool heads rule at this time. Not only in their country but, it ours. If you truly are a veteran, then I thank you for your service. And those that say a Commander in Chief should not ever apologize or, that our Country should never either when a mistake has caused harm, has never had the weight of the world on his or her shoulders.

Stop the shouting. It is time to realize we all live on one tiny planet. Let Peace Be With All. Agree with you. Any decent president would apologize for something we've done that is wrong. That is what makes us different and above from the rest. You Sir are a disgrace to the uniform.

Your job was to follow orders from the commander in chief whether you like them or not. Yours was not to ask why, but to do or die and STFU. Seeing bitter, angry old chickenhawks lose their collective shit, puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. Sadly, the opposition has only one goal, and that is to ensure that Obama serves only one term. They really don't care if the whole world goes to Hell in the process. A high percentage of their "pronouncements" would lead to charges of treason in many countries.

That's a pointless comment. The same is true when the tables turn. What is so different now? Obama's destruction of the World is not the fault of his critics. Obama's supporters are responsible for Obama sewing the wind and the harvest is predictable.

I am sorry to disagree, but as a Veteran Vietnam era , I vehemently disagree with Clinton and Obama and I find the apology at that high level out of line - okay, maybe for the Commander on the ground to apologize privately, but never never never the Commander in Chief - This is sending a very bad distasteful message to our troops - The President apologizes for burning a holy book - and our troops are killed by Afghan Soldiers and nothing is said - Christians are being savagely attacked and persecuted throughout the mideast in MOST Muslim countries..

NO NO NO a thousand times no, the President should be demanding apologies from karzai -- or better yet, get the troops the hell out of harm's way from a country who does not respect us or want us there - just bring them home mr President. This appeasement strategy is something one would expect from people who never wore the uniform and have never served. This action by Obama has brought shame on the US, the Troops, and our stature in the world I think your opinion is short-sighted,immature,and essntially conterproductive.

Pete, you're right. Thinking is not your strong point. C'mon, "Observer". It's the childish burning of a religious item that brought shame and danger NOT the apology for it. Can't you people get anything straight. Guess not. Take a look at the GOP slate of candidates. It's really breathtaking.

You are absolutely correct. Even if it were sane to keep US troops in Afghanistan, Obama's apology has increased the violence by sending a clear message that violence against us is effective. No US interest is served by cleaning up the mess in Afghanistan. We went far beyond our moral obligations by trying to do so. In Libya, the US liberals were happy to bomb and kill thousands of civilians in order to destroy a popular but oppressive dictatorship and replace it with a less popular and more violently oppressive theocracy.

We made a mess overthrowing a stable government and we left the people far worse off than they were before. That was a terrible thing to do for no reason to Libya. But it was the correct thing to do for good reason to the Taliban.

We should leave Afghanistan now. If the Afghan people are foolish enough to let the Taliban or similar group regain power and that group is foolish enough to once again export terrorism, we should do to them what we did to Libya, not what we tried and failed this time to do for Afghanistan. Romney has not 1 but 5 sons But what the heck they don't have too.. Two items: 1. Sorry, "Jim" You don't agree with the Sec of State It's OK to foam at the mouth, but pick you subjects with more care.

The Koran should be banned and prohibited because it is more violent, discriminatory and antisemitic than Hitler's book "Mein Kampf". Its content is extremely offensive, repulsive, denigrates and humiliates all non-Muslims especially Jews. If your statement came from somebody in goverment, imagine the backlash.

You and anybody who repeats that statement are essentialy pulling the trigger causing OUR soldiers deaths. A statement can and will cause just as much if not more damage than a book. So, you're advocating that we not have Freedom of Religion in this country? What other rights do you think should be removed from people? Perhaps we should not have the Freedom of Speech, either.

And if we elect a Republican to the presidency, I personally think that both will be in jeopardy. Along with the rest of the First Amendment. Just because you have a religion doesn't give you the right to call for the genocide of other peoples.

Unfortunately Islam's founding document calls for genocide of living and breathing modern day non-Muslim groups. There is no reason it shouldn't be banned like animal sacrifice, and polygamy is banned for other religions in this country. Then the bible should be banned too. You realize how violent the bible is? Do you remember people used to die for not being Christians? You know many muslims and people who follow the Koran move to America because they can believe in their religion without repercussions, violence, and evil that there country portrays.

Don't blame the book, it is the people who run their country. These countries are centuries behind us and still developing into the future, it takes some time. Just like it took America a while to become what it is. And people complaining that Obama apologized, are you serious? We should have known better than to burn a book that is sacred to the people in that country, and we should know how they would react to such an act. And just because they acted the way that they acted, it doesn't mean that we should act in the same way.

Yes, we should stay strong and protect ourselves in any way possible. But it is our fault that we burned their books knowing how these people are going to be, it is our fault. We should apologize, but yet, stay firm and strong and on guard. Its this simple, any adult can understand it, the apology is to prevent soldiers from being killed. The GOP keeps saying the aplology is wrong inflaming tensions and causing more deaths.

GOP should be ashamed and so should posters and they should consider that our sons and daughters are dieing over there as a result. No problem with Obama's apology. I think it's pretty evident. We don't seem to be on track to do that at any time soon. Leave the country, altogether.. What the main stream media is failing to report is the fact that theses Muslims were passing messages back and forth through these books which is against their religion. Stop listening to the main stream media.

You will not get the truth from them. Hillary Clinton is on record saying that criticising the president is patriotic. Now that obummer is in the white hous it isn't patriotic? I am not a big fan of Bush , but the liberals bashed him all the time.

President Santorum!!! Meanwhile Michelle is on the ski slopes!!! Santorum talks like a religious wacko. He's a member of a right wing "cult" within the Catholic Church. It is simple. Any rational person can understand it. Obama's apology increased the violence. Obama's apology got Americans killed. When you show a bully that his violence scares you and controls you, a rational person does not expect the bully to be pacified.

A liberal is necessarily irrational. Every aspect of liberalism involves rewarding undesired behaviors and punishing desired behaviors. Take money from those who work hard. Give money to those who don't. Give lots of money to third world governments that starve their own population. Defer to those who react to any incident with violence. Give giant bonuses to executives who run corporations into the ground especially since the GOP can be blamed even though the GOP voted consistently against allowing those bonuses.

Undercut allies Britain and Israel and subsidize enemies. This administration has consistently asked the nation to curb our speech to appease an enemy they claim to have beaten. It's time to start killing baddies again or come home. Weakness will invite more aggression. I can't believe your not on a plane to the middle east to kill these baddies Get a clue! As a veteran you should know that partial war, and police actions do not work. It did not work in Nam it will not work in the middle east.

As a father of an active duty soldier it does scare me that we do things to piss off those we are trying to help. But war is war and must be treated as such. We did not win WWll thru a police action, or partial war. This early on a Sunday morning one would expect that all these ultraright reactionaries should be in thier church learning about christian values like tolerance,fogiveness,kindness,cooperation,brotherly love Please people Seems to me that religion is the cause behind this incident — I don't know that we should be encouraging more people to get more involved in religion.

So do you. Very badly. Murdered over what seems to be an accident. To me it appears these people have only been looking for something or someone to 'pull the trigger'. The President will be criticized long into his second term.

How quickly you forget how completely Bush 43 was demonized and brutally attacked by the Left. For example, go to any search engine and type in Bush and Hilter — then report back to us how many articles there are they tied together the vile attacks on Bush with direct comparisions to Hitler. Those hypocrites want to kill people for an accidental burning of Korans, but not the Talibans and Al Qaeda for killing children and innocent people in the name of Jihad and Islam.

Obama, get us out of that f.. We don't deserve to be there. I have a feeling all republicans will convert to the democratic party by nov They unfortunately have to support a bunch of characters who have no clue what they are doing. Regarding this incident. What would we do? I think that we have to put ourselves in others shoes when thinking about these incidents. We sometimes act like blood thirsty people looking for the next country to demolish. The repubs must talk about what they know and not what they do not.

I don't think that we would kill others, in fact I know we would not. We have seen it in the past, and we do not react that way in this country. You need to quit drinking! He fumbled, bumbled, and stumbled thru everything he every did. Simply saying that — and repeating it ad nauseam — doesn't make it true From the day Obama's presidency started and Rush famously declared "I hope he fails" the GOP has done nothing but obstruct, vilify, lie about his nationality and religion and proclaim him the "worst ever".

What a joke. This is the guy who promised to get all combat troops out of Iraq and did exactly that. Who finally killed Osama Bin Ladin. Who gave clear orders to take out Somali kidnappers and killed them all.

During his term the the Dow has risen points. Jobs are returning merely 3 years after the the Bush years precipitated the worst depression since the 30s. International respect — at an all time low in — has soared and America is being taken seriously again. I didn't vote for Obama the first time out, but I will vote for him in November based in his record. Realism matters — facts matter — and silly slogans are as worthless as the bumper stickers they are printed on.

Isn't this dustup about the same Korans that prisoners woops! It is not amusing watching Hilary make a total mess of America's foreign policy while defending our Presidential embarrassment. They are the laughing stock across more than half the world. I look forward to their removal from office this coming January. Perhaps will bring an American Spring. The Obama administration has the right approach when it comes to foreign policy.

Diplomacy is still the best way to deal with crises in this dangerous world. Let us not forget that it is the previous administration's policy that has made the world this dangrous. Now the GOP are beating the war drums again. A bad side effect of all this warmongering is the increased price at the pump as speculatiors bid up the price of this commodity. No president can bring this price down.

Probably never heard of a suicide bomber have you. They don't care about retaliation for they are doing god's work. Name one instance when diplomatic policies worked. We do not have a president at this time. We have a divider that uses the Race Card in every move he initiates. Do not just listen to his words, watch his and his radicals in DC actions. A better gauge of the world situation is to see what is happening around the globe.

Chaos exists in each section and this administration is fomenting these uprisings. Egypt is a good example and I do hope the Egyptian courts prosecute the radicals that came to the country to foment riots to the fullest. Hmmm I suspect you watch a lot of FOX news. The race card? Stop already with these lies lies lies. This is as much as about regional politics in the Muslim view as seething hatred of Jews.

It is the one thing that would elevate Adminijab to epic hero status. James, your views seem badly contorted. Russia among the allies to attack Iran? Have you been following the news lately? Are you aware that Russia is the major ally Iran has? Moreover, even with advanced bunker bombs, it is not possible to completely destroy Iran's nuke capability.

Count 3: A bad side effect of all this warmongering is the increased price at the pump as speculatiors bid up the price of this commodity. Late breaking bulletin: Oil prices are not the direct result of pump prices. The Liberal Zeitgeist sees the demon oil companies to blame, or "warmonering" as the cause. Oil prices are determined by the international trading system and who buys and sells future. Go ahead, James Obama's foreign and Domestic policies have intentionally increased the pump price of gasoline in order to subsidize renewable energy; by plan.

Trippling the cost of fosil fuels makes green energy competitive. China and Russia are not forming an alliance. Iran is getting nukes, Iraq is heading toward a civil war, Isreal feels our support. Hillary could not lead a hen to her roost. She is such a beauty in her post almost as homely as Mrs Albright was.

Hillary has not discovered her Jewish roots just yet. I don't think Mr. O should be apologizing for the burning of the koran. He should be apologizing for those soldiers that were killed. I guess the burning of the koran was more important than those soldiers who are doing their jobs in Afghanistan. We don't need a leader who support koran and the sharia law. As a so called president, he has disgraced our country.

Yeah, just like the number of unemployed that his administration don't count, the number of jobs either saved or created all Union Thug Jobs like SEIU, UAW , they bragged about Obama taking out Osama but failed to mention that the Seals were the heroes, not Obama. He is the worst president in the history of this country, bar none. Independent and taking out the trash in November. Actually Gore was elected President by the American People's vote.

But the Bush's brother in Florida and Bush Dads' puppet on the supreme joke screwed with Florida's result enough and gave us the republican Catastrophe of that Obama is fixing despite the Boehner and Koch Bro's led continuous sabotage ever since.. Oh yeah, and you trolls do not know enough to see that George Soros is the second most dangerous man to the American way of life.

The uneducated elected this Bozo and the Educated will correct their mistake in November. Your wooden android lost the election in Tennessee. Being critical. That is dumb. And shortsighted. One thing amongst many that his administration has done that is definitely good: By Jan. Also, the GI Bill is great, but it does not come close to helping a person not born into wealth, complete a four year degree program without incurring unimaginable debt.

His administrations education initiatives are really a step in the right direction towards allowing people from all socio economic backgrounds to participate in the secondary education system that may help pull us from low ranks of the recognized international education system. A healthy and well educated population is key to a successful society. These are two initiatives that are designed to help with that.

How in the world can we, from the middle classes to the low end of the spectrum not understand this? Please, research the policies and guidelines of any system before you draw conclusions on a very complicated situation. Basing your opinions on the typical mindsets of others or misinformation of whatever "news" you listen to is not enough. This was not an insult; I give the spill everyday to at least a few individuals. However, in person it is easier to get them to see the point.

Just an observational point, it is becoming less of an occurrence because people are starting to see as a whole what is happening, what has happened, and who is doing what. It takes effort my friend to see. Do not settle on whats being spoon fed to you. Detailed explanations are always needed for simplistic expressions. Just think all that fun and enlightenment for free. Hillary is very smart and it is unfortunate the Democratic Party selected Obama instead of her to be our President.

Hillary — Obama isn't the American president. You know it, and we know. Quit the charade. Technically, Obama is the President of the United States. He has fast-tracked his way to being the least-prepared, worst president ever, zooming past Jimmy Carter. As a business traveler, who goes all over the world, I have done my part to explain away his incompetence.

I am not going to be quiet, Ms. Hillary, because you think that Americans, who have the freedom to speak out, think of Obama as a failure and the embodiment of incompetence and embarrassment. Your memory is short, Ms. Hillary; you were extremely vocal speaking publicly in your own official capacity as a U.

Senator, against President Bush. Kevin, the request not to speak out is about afghanistan — you are entitled to climb the higest mountain of untruth and yell against the president about anything else. What have you been smoking? If we were just going to attack some random country for resources, we should just go after Canada.

Why dont you look up were we get our oil from. Why would we fly halfway around the world to pick on some country for no reason? Nice logic. Business traveler Who are you doing business with? Iran, North Korea, Doing your part to explain his incompentence. You should be fired from your Americian job for making such an irresponcible comment!

We Americans should apologize to the rest of the world for obama. He is the weakest leader of the free world there has ever been. At least he took the heat off of Carter as the most inept president ever. Obama's incompetence spreads from a lack of an international policy, lack of an energy policy, lack of understanding of basic economics, and the constant movement on his "principled" stands.

The whole world is laughing at him. Countries that welcomed him when he was elected view him as weak and ineffective. The weakness is not only the view of Americans Obama apologists excepted ; it is the view of most countries in the world now. Kevin, you can't be serious. Being a "strong" leader is one that can exude force but reserves the right to use it until a proper moment see Libya as an example. The typical Republican strong-arm tactics haven't done well either.

Worrying about our worldwide perception all the time makes us bullies, not heroes. If you think the world is laughing at us now more than GWB was president, then I got some lake front property is Jersey for ya Aaron; I guess the Libyan change of leadership is not counted towards getting involved in more wars. How about the soldiers he sent into Africa and put into harms way? Yep, 3 years and 7 trillion dollars later to pay off the Unions, replace the management of one US?

Yep, he is a great example of how to not unite a country's residents. I just returned from a trip to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and I can tell you they are big fans of President Obama in those countries. In fact, we had several meetings with companies in those countries and just about everyone we met made comments along the lines of, 'We are just glad, there is a President with a world view and perspective in America'.

Last year, I travelled to several Eastern European nations, Northern Africa and the middle east and the sentiment was very similar — so I am not sure where your perception of the world laughing at us is stemming from. It is inconsistent with my experience. He does have an international policy — the policy is to engage America in wars, it should not be in to begin with. He does have an energy policy focused on alternative energy sources not just gasoline — part of making the American car industry stronger and helping them build energy efficient cars and electric cars is part of the energy policy.

He does have a good understanding of economics, his policies have succeeded in getting this country on a path of recovery — ask any economist we've had several quarters of positive GDP growth. We should apologize tot he rest of the world for people like you who are so ignorant about and isolated from the rest of the world that you don't see how we need to learn to get along with others. The world is a global village today, and diplomacy is what matters, not how powerful you think you are.

We were in two wars with a tanked economy because the last president thought that "cowboy diplomacy" was the way you win over the world. That only served to isolate us. Obama has been trying to repair that mistake for the past 3 years. W was the worst president of the modern age by a landslide.

Carter may have gotten nothing done because he wouldn't compromise, but at least he netted even. W nearly broke the country, and it's been Obama's steady hand that has seen us get back on track so quickly. Everything the Republican'ts can't touch is gold. Four more years, and looking forward to the majorities in both houses, and probably a supermajority in the Senate.

You Republican'ts are just that awful right now. You have let your hatred of Bush something that you won't accept from Obama-haters cloud any judgment that you might have had. Remove Bush from your analysis and you will have difficulty defending Obama.

W's biggest mistake was not vetoeing all the Demogogs from through the House and Senate were in Demogogs hands and in control of the deficit spending spending spree's. Obama just multiplied that by 10 when he took office. Look for him to declare a state of emergency and try to cancel the elections. Then we will see the true color of the American blood!!!! The Democratic Party should apologize to the whole World for not selecting Hillary to be our President. As a Republican I can say that we Republicans apologize for Obama and any complicity we may have had in electing him.

Why is the United States president apologizing for what the UN did. It doesn't matter if we apologize or if we don't apologize. This is just a reason for the Muslim nation to act on violence. This so called Muslim word is getting out of hand.

Every time we hear the word Muslim it has something to do with violence. The UN is funded by the US. The UN has outlived it's usefullness and should have been disolved years ago. They are bigger socialists than obama is. I understand that most posting here are parochial and uniformed, but our leaders shouldn't be. Obama's apology was the only option left to him after ignorant military leaders made a huge mistake.

It doesn't matter if we don't protest over burned flags. Afghanistan is a completely different world than the one you live in. It takes in fact a stronger man to apologize, it takes a stronger man to push peace first. Last I checked, calling him a weak president Was he weak when he got bin Laden, was he weak when he got the solmalian pirates, was he weak in Lybia We apologize, because they, the taliban are looking for a an excuse to rally and recruit muslims against us Yet they are strongly opposed to a President who is a good man and is a family man and has been married to the same woman his whole lie.

Yet, they are against those today who are trying to fight economic and income disparity among the rich and the poor. Republicans in Congress were against extending unemployment benefits. Republicans are not against Obama for his family values but for his inability to run the country.

There will always be poor and they should be helped but, You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:. Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:. Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:. Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:. These are good points, but it's a problem for a Nation when a rampant number of people die because they are not insured.

No , hes right the facts dont lie. Another interesting fact to put in there would have been the population comparisons. We have million people in this country, Canada has 44 million, I dont know about Britain, Im guessing no more than million. You do the math.

NTM we have a huge percentage of our population horribly out of shape and aging. You gonna pay for that? Lemme guess, youre one of them. Socialized Healthcare is the worst idea ever right now. You cannot legislate the poor into wealth The richest in America are getting richer Corporations today are holding more cash than at any other time in history We need to spend more money on infrastructure, science and math education which will spur innovation, and improve trade to export to developing countries.

Regarding your comment on health care Thank you. You've written a calm and articulate comment without name calling or inflammatory rhetoric. If all of us followed your model, these comments might be something other than a place for people to spew venom.

I find it really discouraging that people have so little respect for the office of the President of the United States that they can't disagree with its current occupant without demeaning the office by referring to the President with juvenile name calling. The hatred expressed by the Republican candidates and the vitriolic comments made on CNN by people who clearly are motivated by racism make me wonder how anyone could support the Republican candidates.

I know there are a lot of really stupid liberals out there too. I saw them call President Bush, "W" and less respectful things. On CNN some of their comments are also offensive. But I don't ever read on CNN a liberal comment that is racist, sexist, or truly Neanderthal like some I read from conservatives.

I urge conservative people to read the comments. Really read them. Keep mental track of those that are just vile and rabid. Then ask yourself if you want to associate yourself with a political party that attracts that kind of people. You do have a choice.

You can write in Ron Paul. You can vote for the Libertarian candidate. You can leave a ballot unmarked. You do not have to support the Republican party in this election just because you can't support the Democrat. And please, no matter how strongly you feel about Obama's policies or actions, at least show respect for the country and the office of The President by being respectful in your language.

I don't understand why people on the left don't see why Afghanistan has been a bad idea since day one. It was a revenge attack. Plus, Michael Moore condemned Bush for it. At least Iraq had some sort of functional purpose, whether it be corrupt or not. Obama believes in the less fortunate also, he has helped create more of them than any other president in recent history.

I wish that the networks would put B. Clinton or H. Clinton in the headline so we would know which one. The words from one of them does not interest me in the least. I'll leave it up to the readers to determine which one I care nothing about at all. The problem is that most people outside this country do not understand that the Republicans disagree vehemently with everything that President Obama does and says. The GOP candidates are attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator so they say whatever will whip up the bigots on the Right.

Their concern is to get elected and decency be damned. Here's hoping they never have the chance to represent the country as President. I am conservative, have been all my life. I am 64 and I have to agree with you unfortunately. An for the rest of you that like to throw stones, I hope you like in glass houses, so you have to repair the damage and by the way don't go whining to the government for help, you bought it on your self!

The dems along with the libpress relentlessly railed against Pres Bush, which caused dangerous situation for our people in Iraq, now they have the nerve to say that it is not helpful to voice an opinion not in tune with the Apologizer in Chief! Truly amazing, the hypocracy is staggering. The hypocrisy? The Repubs, including Bush and Cheney, were saying liberals were undermining the war, giving strength to the enemy and, even, responsible for the death of Americans!

How quickly you forget, dummy. Hypocrisy indeed! Not really the same situation. It took almost two years into Iraq before people started to question the operation. Many of Bush's critics during that misplaced conflict were Republicans. One of the greatest republican senators of all time and a war hero, Chuck Hagel from Nebraska, routinely criticized the Bush administration and it's lying about WMD to get us into Iraq. Remember, we were attacked on by 19 hijackers, 15 of which were from one country alone, Saudi Arabia.

Not one from Iraq. On top of that, removing Saddam, a Sunni dictator in a Shiite majority country made Iran stronger. It liberated the Shia from Iraq who now control the country and are hooking up with their Iranian Shia brothers. Plus I heard Bush many times call Islam the religion of peace and apologizing to local mullah's all the time for offenses agains Islam. You are wrong Buddy and Clinton is right. Criticizing Bush was different — as the Democrats and the media reminded us four years ago, such criticism was patriotic.

Now criticism is divisive and dangerous. There's "change" for ya. False statement. The "liberal" press, most democratic politicians and a majority of Americans including liberals , put their support behind our commander in chief during the entrance into Afghanistan and then in the run-up to the Iraq war and for years into just until Americans learned that there were no WMDs in Iraq — the whole made-up justification for the war.

I for one, argued against the war, but when the decision was made, I shut my mouth and supported my president he was not the candidate I voted for, but he was my president. I dare you to tell the truth — have you supported one decision of your president have you even considered him your president? If the the truthful answer is no, then you are not an American. I agree also. I am asking it stop! Stop pointing the finger and remember how many are pointed back at yourself!

Hillary has my support. She is by far the most qualified person to be President of The United States.

History Editor is the archive to History Musings all posts from to August are located on this blog.

Quality list csgo betting Perhaps you can tell that to those who will be killed mauro betting na fox injured because of statements made without weighing the consequences. The same is true when the tables turn. The other 70 percent are driven by money, gangland peer pressure or opposition to Karzai. Shouldn't we have already taken care of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda years ago if we're the most powerful. We are truly ignorant and arrogant in this country. We do not lower our American standard to any nation 2. I dare you to tell the truth — have you supported one decision of your president have you even considered him your president?
Real betis v deportivo betting preview You cannot legislate the poor into wealth I'm a veteran too. And your replacement? Tim are you blind? The detainees who defaced those books with extremist messages and apparent coded communications are responsible for the subsequent destruction of those books. You can't make this claim about the Bush admin.
Wertheim bettingen pension en hamburg Last year, I travelled sports betting crypto several Eastern European nations, Northern Africa and the middle east and the sentiment was very similar — so I am not sure where your perception of the world laughing at us is stemming from. Its this simple, any adult karzai bets on vilifying hillary understand it, the apology is to prevent soldiers from being killed. Sadly these people consider themselves patriotic, while they work against America's and the world's best interests. Being critical. What the current group running to be president does not always represent the whole of the GOP. We have a divider that uses the Race Card in every move he initiates. Republicans can post fifteen cogent comments in a row, moving some people to thoughtful consideration of the conservative viewpoint, and then you come along and remind everybody that intelligence is sorely under-represented on the right wing of the Republican party.
Iowa vs michigan state betting preview Resisting is not descending to their level. On this matter totally true. I do not want us there anymore than anyone else does. This was not an insult; I give the spill everyday to at least a few individuals. Today, they're over-represented here. He does have an energy policy focused on alternative energy sources not just gasoline — part of making the American car industry stronger and helping them build energy efficient cars and electric cars is part of the energy policy. As America's top diplomat, Clinton would not normally make political statements to a foreign audience.
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The next day, Karzai damned us in public a second time. We shoulda got a prenup. In Marjah, our Marines did a super job eliminating active resistance. The city of Kandahar population , is next on our to-do list. Our prissy counterinsurgency doctrine is wildly out of place in Afghanistan: It assumes a popular government exists that cares about its citizens. Our expectations of Karzai were unrealistic from the start. We wanted him to unify Afghanistan — but failed to ask ourselves why no one else had been able to unify the country over the last quarter-century.

Karzai talked a great game. But his sweet nothings really were nothings. Far from a unifying figure, he became a symbol of a foreign occupation. His recent public abuse of us is aimed at regaining street cred with the locals. We refused to recognize how xenophobic Afghan tribal culture remains. Aid programs would fix everything. Our tens of billions in aid money merely enriched well-connected Afghans.

The poor were left in the dirt, seething with envy. The males seemed so considerate, promising the moon and the stars. Western Civilization. Slicing NJ's schools. This story has been shared , times. This story has been shared 70, times. This story has been shared 63, times.

View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. As a result, without improvement of governance in the country to keep pace with military gains, Afghanistan now faces a period of growing instability in which it is fairly likely that the Taliban will achieve increasing control of the countryside as U.

The fact that then CIA Director Leon Panetta did not attend the last sessions of the policy review group lend support to the second hypothesis. As for Karzai, Thomas Friedman predicted with unerring accuracy the following in an op-ed piece in March, We have thousands of U.

But I still fear that Karzai is ready to fight to the last U. And once we clear, hold and build Afghanistan for him, he is going to break our hearts. For numerous previous articles on Afghanistan by the Trenchant Observer, use the Search box in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Corona virus , Imternational Health , U.

S Foreign Relations. Charter , U. Convention Against Torture , U. Security Council , U. Torture Convention , U. Intervention , U.

Это ценное unit sports betting ничем обижая

Some units of the Free Syrian Army are reported today to have summarily executed opponents under their control, in Aleppo. This is a wrong turn…. A glimpse of how the Afghan government could collapse in the future, as the hand-off from American and other ISAF forces to the Afghan army….

Today we introduce a new feature in The Trenchant Observer, an occasional column commenting on some of the more important events of the previous weeks…. The Audacity to Act We are watching in Libya an authoritarian state use the weapons of modern warfare to put down protests which were peaceful,…. As begins, it is useful to consider where the U.

When someone like Karzai persistently directs lies and insults against you, while you are funding the very security that enables him to stay in power, you must either stand up and burst the bonds of a dependent and abusive relationship, or suffer the consequencdes of being a wimp. In this case, the consequnces of being a wimp are likely to be the continued loss of American and Allied lives and treasure, to no avail, and eventually the collapse of the Afghan government. Once again, on the eve of a major meeting of U.

We have thousands of U. But I still fear that Karzai is ready to fight to the last U. And once we clear, hold and build Afghanistan for him, he is going to break our hearts. For numerous previous articles on Afghanistan by the Trenchant Observer, use the Search box in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Corona virus , Imternational Health , U. S Foreign Relations. Charter , U. Convention Against Torture , U.

Security Council , U. Torture Convention , U. Intervention , U. Military , United Kingdom , United States , use of force , war crimes. About the Author. In the private sector, The Observer has worked as an international attorney for a leading national law firm and major global companies, on joint ventures and other matters in a number of countries in Europe including Russia and the Ukraine , throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and in Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Japan.


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