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Williamsburg, VA. Indianapolis, IN Des Moines, IA. Columbus, OH. Slate Univ. Duke Univ Univ. Purdue Univ Univ. President, John K. Burke Treasurer, and Bryan P. Daniel, Endowment Fund Trustee. Indianapolis, IN development of its current programs.

Baker, Mrs. William G. Debbie Kansas City, MO veys and publish findings as soon as practical. Brandman, Mrs. Charles E. James H. Caswell J. Mary Robinson, IL. Donnell, Mrs. John R. Richard H. Hyatt Loraine Birmingham, MI in focus. And further, that the extension policy be based Harger, Mrs. Richard P. Robert E. Gordon S. Elma Washington, D. Webb M. Kent C. Richard O.

Wayne E. Rife, Mrs. Samuel D. Norman M. Ruth Columbus, OH will allow maintenance of chapters' financial records. Timmons, Mrs. Keith G. Susan Omaha, NE according to the facts and circumstances of each case. Frank S. Ziegelmeyer, Mrs. John J. Throughout the initial period of fraternity education, the pledge learns what is expected to him as a prospective member and what the fraternity can mean to his life.

Pledgeship should prepare him to accept the responsibilities of membership, to develop his best potentialities, and to meet the demands of academic life. These aims require a commitment from the chapter to do everything within its power to support those persons who pledge themselves to earn the privilege of initiation. At the very least the chapter is responsible for safe-guarding the health, safety, and well-being of its pledges.

Although these programs vary from chapter to chapter and from generation to generation, each must be a sound and effective means of bringing the greatest possible benefit to the individual pledge. However much a given program may be different in its form, scope, emphasis, or intensity, it must be consistent with the principles of the Fraternity and the ideals of a civilized society.

In light of these convictions. Phi Kappa Psi refuses to tolerate hazing—the physical or mental abuse inflicted on pledges. Whatever form it takeshumiliating pranks, stunts, or attire; "road trips," "snipe hunts," and other hazardous, antisocial, or unlawful activities; deprivation of sleep and food; personal servitude; harassment at "line-ups" and work sessions; punitive calisthenics; paddling or any other action intended to degrade or intimidate a personhazing subverts and corrupts the true experience of fraternity.

In its more extreme forms hazing risks human lives, brutalizes everyone involved, and jeopardizes the very existence of the chapter and, moreover, of the entire Fraternity. Hazing is a recurrent blight that can attack any chapter whenever a few persons attempt to substitute force for reason, and expediency for understanding.

Such persons seem to believe that arbitrarily subjecting pledges to a series of ordeals will make them fit to become brothers; that fear will somehow make them disciplined and mature. Even though such methods may seem efficient in the short run, there canfinallybe no justification whatsoever for hazing, for it destroys the values of kindness, generosity, and compassion that the Fraternity's teaching of brotherly love affirms.

Accordingly, the Executive Council of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity directs all members, chapters, and alumni organizations to oppose hazing and to stop it immediately wherever it may now exist. Any member who engages in hazing risks expulsion from the Fraternity, and any chapter that practices or condones hazing risks suspension or revocation of its charter.

Chapter officers, alumni advisers, and directors of house corporation boards should be alert to take firm action against hazing. Further, the Executive Council holds the house corporation board of each chapter particularly responsible for making sure that hazing is prohibited.

The moral integrity of Phi Kappa Psi is inseparable from the conduct of its members. It is not enough for the Fraternity to celebrate the dignity of man in its teachings; each member must accept as a personal obligation the upholding of basic human rights. As men of honor and good will, the members of Phi Kappa Psi cannot allow the Fraternity to be debased by so mean a practice as hazing.

Both deceny and honor require that the principles of the Fraternity be borne out in the actions of its chapters. Initiation into full membership and Brotherhood is a privilege, not a right, conferred on a pledge by the members of a private, voluntary society. The pledge is expected to prove himself worthy of the privilege by demonstrating academic competence, good character, knowledge of the Chapter and the Fraternity, and loyalty to the Fraternity and its members.

He is expected to fulfill whatever requirements may be asked of him, provided that these are legal, ethical, and moral. It must be understood that no pledge is automatically entitled to be initiated. He must prove himself personally acceptable to the members of his Fraternity Chapter. If a pledge is found unsuitable for whatever reason, the Fraternity Chapter should either ask him to resign or cancel his pledgeship as soon as incompatibility becomes evident.

In that event the separation of a pledge from the Fraternity Chapter should be carried out humanely and discreetly. The pledge should always bear in mind that his conduct reflects not only on himself and his Fraternity, but on his college and the Fraternity movement at large. The pledge shall be assured that his Fraternity Chapter will conscientiously foster and safeguard his health, safety, and well-being. The pledge shall be enabled to pursue his academic studies and educational interests through the help and support of his Fraternity Chapter.

The pledge shall be properly housed, fed, and provided with adequate facilities for study, if he lives in a house operated by his Fraternity Chapter. The pledge shall be free to associate with whomever he chooses, provided that such associations do not bring disrepute to the Fraternity.

The pledge shall be prepared for initiation into his Fraternity throughout the course of a period of education, training, and service as conducted by his Fraternity Chapter. He will be eligible for initiation upon the satisfactory completion of the stated requirements. The pledge shall not be subjected and cannot consent to being hazed; that is, any physical, mental, or emotional indignity or objectionable activity that might be required under the threat of dismissal from the pledge class, whether implicit or explicit.

The pledge shall not be required to perform any duty or take part in any activity that violates any law, ordinance, or university regulation, or is contrary to the dictates of his own conscience. January 8. The pledge shall be entitled to inform the officers of his Fraternity Chapter, officers of the House Corporation, alumni and faculty advisors, officers of the national Fraternity, or responsible persons, of any action or practice that he believes illegal or immoral; no penalty or reprisal of any kind shall be taken against him if the report is made in good faith.

The pledge shall enjoy the full rights and privileges as well as the obligations and responsibilities of any other student at the university. The pledge shall be entitled to a satisfactory explanation and adequate arrangements for resettlement in the event that his Fraternity Chapter decides to dismiss him. Phi Psi Autliors If you've written a book, the Fraternity Headquarters would be honored to receive a copy, autographed if possible, for inclusion in the Woodrow Wilson Library of Heritage Hall.

Our library of books by and about Phi Psis can only grow with your help. Titles, author and publication information, and brief reviews of words or less will be printed. Submissions may be made to the Fraternity Headquarters. Brother Williams was a member of the Fralernlly's distinguished Diamond Council, honoring Phi Psis whose membership has spanned 75 years or more.

He is survived by his wife, Laura Chapman; a daughter, Mrs. Rachel Jackson Bunte; two sons. Nelson, 11 and the Rev. James C ; a sister, Mrs. Genevieve J. Grimes; 11 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. JOHN S. KARL C. Brother Buhler spent 40 years in the advertising profession, both as a writer and account executive. He is survived by his daughter, Jeanne B. Brother McClain was an insurance agent in Colorado Springs for several years.

He is survived by his wife, Isabel; three sons, Charles J. William A. He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Gordon P. Rowe; and his son, Austin H. Gadney, Jr. Brother Buschmann was a lifelong Indianapolis resident. He attended Yale School of law and was the senior partner in the law firm of Buschmann, Carr and Meyer. He served as an army captain in W. I and retired with the rank of Colonel after W.

II—serving on the staff of Gen. Dwight D. Survivors include his wife, Betty J. Severin, Jr. CARL B. He was named the firstjudgeofthe Superior Court in Knox County in Vincennes, Indiana in at the age of 27, becoming the youngest judge in the state. Survivors include his wife, Catherine S. Stanbro; a son, James, DePauw '43;an i a daughter, Mrs. Shirley Morgan. Brother Nugent was a television personality in the early days of that medium, a stage manager, and producer, a writer, an actor, a director, a theater executive, and a comic.

He is survived by his wife. Norma; two daughters, Lee Gerstad and Nancy Crawford; and eight grandchildren. Brother Ruby was a former basketball coach for the University of Missouri-Columbia from He was personnel manager for Hallmark Cards, Inc. Survivors include his wife, Dorothy; a son, J. Whitney, Missouri '. Joyce Fowler; and four grandchildren. Brother Straub served as Adjutant General of Indiana from During his career in the service he received the American Bronze Star and Legion of Merit, as well as several high foreign decorations.

He is survived by his wife Thelma; two sons. JOHN M. He served in the U. Navy during Worid War 1. He organized and was president of the Dixie Terminals Oil Company. When he retired in , he became director and, later, an officer of the Ann Arbor Bank.

He is survived by his wife, Edith; his daughter, Mrs. Lome Block; seven grandchildren; and a great grand-daughter. He won an Olympic gold medal in rugby in Brother Valentine was one of the youngest men to head a major university, becoming president of the University of Rochester in , at the age of In addition to his wife.

Garrison N. V, died October 13, He was past president and director of Crimmins Realty Corp. Brother Jones began working with Mosher Steel Co. He was instrumental in helping Texas Alpha raise funds when in a financial bind in making payments on the house note. A few years later he was invited to attend the mortgage burning party at Texas. Survivors include his wife, Bobbie and a brother, Howard, Te. BAUR, niiiiois 7.?. JOHN A. HORN, Brown ' FRED W. IVIN S. JOHN R. When Mississippi Alpha was re-chartered in , Brother Anderson was a member of the chartering group, also serving as Chapter President.

He is survived by his wife, Lois M. John Hopkins and Mrs. Ray McClain; and one grandson. JOHN P. JOHN W. DOW, Piiidue ' He is survived by three sons. William W. II; and a brother Thomas W. WOOD, Pennsylvania ' He is survived by his wife and a brother John J. Sdrvivors include his wife, Irene G. EVAN D. Beta at little Washington College. Alpha and Va. It has been suggested that the President of Washington College in the 's, Dr.

George Junkin, may have adopted his anti-fraternity bias as a result of Va. Beta's "annual symposium" in which was held in the Lexington House Hotel and apparently was a pretty wild party. In any event. Junkin later was forced to leave Lexington because of his pro-Union sympathies and Va.

Beta survived. The entire Chapter and most alumni fought in the Civil War with nine members killed and many wounded. Notwithstanding that tragedy and only an average of 2. Beta hung in there. Beta for in those two years Hale Houston and John W. Davis were initiated. Davis to pledge in John W. Davis went on to become one of Phi Psi's most important and devoted alumni. Democratic nominee for President of the United States in and world famous public servant and corporate lawyer.

He was in Lexington on and off" for about 10 years as student and professor, and undoubtedly his influence was important in attracting the many students who pledged Va. Beta from to who later became outstanding alumni, several nationally known. Beta has been at the same location at East Washington Street for about 55 years. After World War II plans were made for a year fund raising campaign to build a completely new house in Iota ' Betans have worked hard over the years to make the Chapter successful.

It hasn't just happened. Every effort is being made to continue the Chapter's successful operations to its second century mark. All Va. Beta independent of all economic upheavals, declining college population or other problems. Gilmore, '36 Briarwood Ave. JOHN C. JACK O. Brother Boeke was executive vice president and general manager of Davidson Industries and former president of the Metropolitan Development Commission of Indianapolis.

Survivors include his wife. Brooks; four daughters; and two sons. RUSH, Te. Survivors include his wife, Nadeen; his parents Mr. Lowell Edwards; and a brother, James A. ALAN P. KARL M. Brother Hinner was former chairman of the board of Hercules, Inc. He was credited with much of the impetus for developing and commercializing low cost, quality poly propylene plastics for use in America. Miller, Virginia Hook, and Susan Brown; eight grandchildren; and three great grandchildren.

Brother Bomkamp, a recent initiate, was a junior at Creighton at the time of his death. The Chapter has set up a memorial fund to install a Chapter Room to be named after him. Philpott Co. His dedication to the construction industry earned him this award. The award, based on humanitarian concern and outstanding community service, was presented to the couple on Valentines Day, their 16th wedding anniversary.

JOHN O. He is also named in Wfio's Who in the East. He has served longer in office than any other U. If he is reelected, he will become the ranking Republican on the Science and Technology Committee. That panel handles all energy legislation. Editor's note: He won! Roser, Manager of the U. Department of Energy's Albuquerque Operations Office. This program is to provide remedial actions at inactive uranium mill tailing sites in order to eliminate potential health hazards. The Council coordinates the efforts of many groups who are interested in promoting boat safety.

He drew national and international attention by cosponsoring the first anti-noise municipal regulation in the nation to control noise pollution. Since moving to Marshall in , the couple have set a high standard for community involvement through city beautification and historic preservation. He most recently served as general manager of marketing research at Armstrong Cork Company. Technomic Consultants specializes in corporate growth planning and strategic marketing and product planning.

His responsibilities will include program acquisition and planning for new videodisk productions. T7, was named a product manager for PhoenixHecht Incorporated, a Chicago-based cash management consulting firm. He is responsible for product development in the Float Analysis Group. Brother Long is a professional engineer and registered architect. Brother Murphy made his first visit to Brazil in , on a student exchange program working for the First National Bank of Boston. He lived for a time with a family on the poor side of the city, where he made many friends and became interested in helping their plight.

ROSS A. He will be responsible for the sale and marketing of Philip Morris tobacco products in northern Alabama. He hopes to eventually perform a heart transplant. He participated in a number of heart transplants while on a fellowship to the University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver. GARY E. Brother Murphy is no stranger to the world of Phi Psi, as he served in the National Headquarters from , leaving as the Assistant Executive Secretary in the fall of After his discharge from the U.

Air Force Veterinary Corps, Dr. Drenan practiced for 2 years as an assistant before establishing his own practice. He is a nationally recognized authority on unwanted and stray animals. Brother McNatt was elected to his position in November, , becoming the youngest representative at age He has since re-entered the University of Mississippi to pursue his undergraduate degree in political science.

The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi One of the distinctive features of being a Phi Psi is how the bonds of brotherhood are maintained after leaving the college cam Often, the prime vehicle for sustaining those friendships is the A lumni Association. Listed below are the times and locations of the nity's Alumni Association meetings. Check for the association nearest you and attend their next meeting. You will enjoy seeing fa faces and will become active in "Something of Value.

For reservations call Dennis Cameron— Hicks, , Ext. Corner of Concord Ave. Call John A. Shanks at Denver-Third Wednesday, a. For reservations call Frank Middleton, Office Home: Detroit—Second Monday of each month. Omaha-Call Dr. Urban at Philadelphia—Wednesday, p. Salmon, Portland, Ore. Call M. Garvey, N. Cleveland, Gresham, Ore. The European Farmer, Washington St. Santa Barbara, Calif. Luin K. Thatcher, E. Michelterena St. Chapter House, N. Call A. Flora or Smitty Harrison St.

Sarah, Kirkwood, Mo. University Club Washington, D. Please contact the Chapter directly to encourage better participation. The Chapter was reviatilized through the help of Chapter Consultants Lou Hoff'man and Don Durbin, who sat through over interviews to form a group of 22 enthusiastic gentlemen.

An informal cocktail party was held on October 18, at the University Club, giving the Brothers-to-be a chance to meet each other and also to talk with Alumni and learn more about Phi Psi. We are very active in campus leadership and activities. The Alabama Alpha Chapter is presently organizing, for it's community service project, the Tuscaloosa branch of "Big Brothers," through which the members 22 spend time with young fatherless children and serve not only as "Big Brothers" but as friends also.

A retreat is also being planned at Brother Fred Clay's lake house. The purpose of the retreat is to bring the pledges closer together, and to learn about Fraternity Education. We are looking forward to soon joining you as full Brothers in the Fraternity. Roll Tide! Jerry L. This year we have had the full range of traditional parties and activities; most notable among these were the gold fish "pigdown" and a Sunday outing to Buffalo for a football game.

The term is winding down and we are regrouping and preparing for the short formal rush in January. Homecoming this fall saw more alumni coming back than in other years. The brotherhood would like to think that the newsletter we are sending out again had some influence. We have had some alumni response but would like to hear more for our next publication in February. The Phi Psi "" went off well this year, and we raised more money than in the recent past.

A special feature to this year's event was the inclusion of a Greek team to help improve interfraternal relations. This "" was marked by a particularly high incidence of old eggs and Karo syrup. Fortunately the day was fine and a good time had by all.

Scholarship has been a particularly active committee as it implemented more programs which will encourage strong performance. Phi Psi's do better than non-Greeks but we need to improve our standing among the other fraternities. Housing is of particular concern to lis al Pa.

The improvements done to the house last fall are holding up well and we will do no more than painting this year. The college has donated a few trees and the improved appearance and condition of the house is helping rush. Founders day will be celebrated on February 20th with as many Phi Psi's as we can collect. Please join us at the chapter house after dinner. Brinton L. After the initial transition problems, we are still holding strong.

During the semester's course, the Chapter strived to maintain its high scholastic achievement, its sense of strong community service, and its hearty unity. Individual brothers' achievements include: Pat Duffy's election to the president of Sophos, the sophomore men's honorary, and his subsequent initiation of several new programs to that organization's agenda. Brother Jim Engle's selection to one of the three finalists for Outstanding Greek man.

And Brother Francis Bidleman's fine work as treasurer. We would also like to commend Br. Jim Ehrenreich's accomplishments as Greek Week and social chairman for the Chapter. We look forward to reuniting with several Brothers at our reunion celebrating the 33 years of Arizona Alpha, which will take place November 15, at the Double Tree Inn.

We also look forward to our Founder's Day Celebration Saturday, February 21st, which, with luck, will take place at our new home. Mark H. Greetings from the valley of the sun in Tempe, Ariz.! The men of Arizona Beta are looking forward to another terrific semester of outstanding accomplishments.

At the closing ceremonies of Greek Week last spring semester, it seemed that Phi Kappa Psi was always on top. Our Greek Sing and Greek Games teams each captured a third place trophy, but it was the scholarship award that was most impressive. Not only was the chapter awarded the scholarship trophy for the Chapter with the highest grade point average, but our pledge class also received a trophy for the highest grade point average!

The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi Athletics at the Chapter have excelled, especially in basketball, volley ball, and football. Last spring semester ended with a bang thanks to our annual Phi Psi "," under the direction of Brother Weinberger.

After the traditional tricycle relay between the sororities and the cycling relay between the fraternities, the evening was capped off with our Phi Psi "" Party which drew in over people from all over the Phoenix area. Fall of '80 brought some new faces to Arizona Beta. We hope he will bring many new ideas and traditions from his fine chapter at Creighton to share with us. All interested alumni are asked to contact the Alumni Association for details. We would like to thank our alumni, under the direction of Don Nordlund for their advice and contributions throughout the year.

Wishing everyone a super year, this is Arizona Beta signing off. We also achieved our largest pledge class this year with twenty-one men. Membership was not the only area in which we did well. January Life is not all party here though; we have had several community projects to fill the spaces in our calendar. Some of the projects include: restoration of a building for the Arkansas Women's Center with the help of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority; a Chinese Auction for the March of Dimes; The Sorority President Kidnap to get needed can goods for the poor; andfinishingoff the semester, was the 3rd annual Richardson Center Halloween Carnival for handicapped children, done with the help of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority.

Currently we are putting together another great homecoming float. We are planning on winning first place for the second year in a row. Spring rush is moving right along with many new pledges expected. Also on the future agenda is our first major campuswide party called the "Phi Psi Fall Festival" in which beer, bands, and barbecue will be featured. As can be seen from the information in this newsletter, the men of Arkansas Alpha are trying to make ourselves known on the campus of the University of Arkansas and this time next year, we will be right in the thick of things here in Razorback Country.

Virgil A. Our first step in the right direction was the addition of six super pledges for the fall of ' Our social chairman, Benny Bissman has kept us well entertained. Several classic "Bissman Blowouts" have highlighted our autumn semester. Other social successes have included our all-campus Halloween party, bi-weekly "Thursday Night Clubs," and our annual Mystletoe Mystery party.

Phi Psi philanthropy on the hilltop continues to shine. We also conducted a canned food drive for Thanksgiving to benefit the needy. And rounding out the semester's activity was our Christmas Parly for all the special kids from the Dale-Roy School. Other Eagle gridders sporting the Phi Psi Pride were: tailback and kick return specialist Jeff Schumacher; fullback Tad Rose who led the team in yards per carry ; and the defensive tackle tandem of Mark Franklin and Doug Murray.

Summerfield winner this fall. Chuck is completing a four year degree in only three and a half to get a B. And finally. The Brothers of Ohio Theta send our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of brother Don Corsetti who passed away recently. Keith Connors, Correspondent Auburn Successful Rush Fall quarter began on a good note this year as it brought eight associate members into the Chapter.

These men have all been active in the Chapter's spirit committee. The associate members have been very active in the Chapter's intramural sports program also. We are once again participating in football and volleyball without the aid of practice.

However, our attitudes remain positive at the beginning of every game and the Alabama Beta tradition is being preserved; we all have a good time. Although our sports program has not developed any awesome teams, our scholarship program has continued to be strong. Last winter quarter the Chapter won the scholarship trophy for the highest gradepoint average on campus. Spring quarter, we fell to only third place.

We hope that this year will bring the Brothers of Al. Beta equally high grades. Doug Hertha was elected Summerfield Scholar for Scholarship has never prevented the members from having a good party though. More notable among parties this quarter was the Halloween party.

By the time it ended the inside of the house looked like a garbage dump and the outside was sporting a new decoration of toilet paper presented by the little sisters. Another enjoyable party was Homecoming. Next quarter, the weekend we hope our 23 alumni will plan to visit is January 23, 24, and We will be celebrating the Chapter's birthday and will also conduct initiation ceremonies.

Robert V. From our start in , to our few years of inactivity in the early '70's, to our subsequent "rebirth" in , we at Wisconsin Gamma are here to uphold one of Beloit's finest traditions. Homecoming on Oct. The show of support from our alumni couldn't have been better; this support will help keep our tradition alive and as strong as ever. Socially, there is much, in the planning stage for our Chapter. Aside from the usual amount of all-campus functions and activities that we sponsor, there is our big project, the Centennial.

The proposed schedule of events for our year-long party is as follows: 1 Dec. Along with our celebrating we also took time out to do some rushing. Of note in this pledge class is Holman Pettibone. Even with the pressures of being a 3 time Beta Theta Pi legacy at Beloit, he opted to pledge Phi Psi breaking with a long standing family tradition.

To help spark some interfraternity relations, we held a joint party with the Beta Theta Pi's down the block. With the 50 or so men in attendance an amazing quantity of libations were consumed in a 5 hour stretch. The night was considered a success by Social Chairman Keith Fetzner. Another such party is planned with another Chapter, our relations with the neighbors have never been better. Scholastically, Phi Psi holds one of the highest G.

Our G. Marcus Smith says we owe this honor in great part to our new 24 class of initiates. A subtle hint for the older members to shape up maybe! On the athletic side, we also have a lot on the ball. Bob Symonds and Terry Jones helped boost the cross country team to a 3rd placefinishin Conference. Tom Sklenar and pledge Holman Pettibone will help the swim team dominate the pools and Pat Esposito along with several pledges will make the hockey team a powerhouse this season.

We appreciate the support shown to us in the past and strive to ever uphold the good name of Phi Kappa Psi here in Wisconsin. With the amount of support our alumni have shown us already we can only anticipate an even brighter future at Beloit. Thomas A. As the school year begins, the Ohio Zeta Chapter proudly boasts last years' achievements along with this year's accomplishments. In the area of membership we are happy to welcome eight new Brothers along with ten new pledges. Just as last year, the pageant was a huge success.

Then at the end of the evening. In the area of Scholarship the Chapter again did very well placing first among all the fraternities. Several Brothers did great jobs getting 4. O's, and special recognition is due to David Brussee who was awarded Trustee Scholarships for both the and years. The Trustee Scholarship is a full fee waiver awarded due to outstanding academic achievement. Along with Dave's individual awards, the Chapter itself received many awards.

The first award was the "Clayton G. Wayne Colvin, Fraternity Advisor, for highest ac- cumulative grade point average. The final scholastic award was the "Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship" awarded by the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity for highest grade point average among campus fraternities. In addition to the scholastic awards the Chapter received three additional awards for efforts made during The first award was the "Outstanding Membership Development Program" given by the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity for a pledge program that is a truly meaningful pre-initiation experience.

The second award was "The Ralph R. On a more physical note, the Chapter athletics are also in very good shape with the tennis and football teams making it to the playoffs this year. The tennis team consisting of Scott Sachs and Jeff White went for the season.

The football team also went undefeated throughout the season, but unfortunately lost the playoff game Jeff" White again was a major factor throwing 8 touchdown passes to star receivers Mark Seidel and Jeff Swint. Jeff White also organized the I. Now that the playoffs are over the Chapter will try to defend the hockey championship won last year. This year's Homecoming also proved to be a smashing success; the festivities were planned by Keith Reinke who deserves a great deal of credit.

To start off, the Phi Psi's and the Chi Omega's put together the winning float. After Bowling Green defeated Kent State in the football game. Brothers and about 40 alumni met at the house for a Greek dinner prepared by Bill Pappas. Along with homecoming.

Parents Day went exceptionally good. This year's event was due to the magnificent efforts of Greg Moyer. After the football game, the house wasfilledwith parents of both Brothers and friends of the Chapter for a potluck dinner. A great time was had by everyone meeting parents and boasting of their mothers' great dishes. In conclusion a note of congratulations is given to Chris Geib, this years recipient of the "Solon E.

Summerfield Award. They are: Robert Bailey, Plainfield, Ct. Brady, Indianapolis; John L. Brand, New Haven; J. Matthias, Indianapolis; Gary W. Phillips, Sunbury, Oh. Phi Psi's had a very busy Fall at Butler, gaining not only a large pledge class, the over-all Homecoming Trophy, a strong I. For the eleventh year in a row the Indiana Zeta chapter had tlie highest G.

During this time we have never had a study table or any other form of mandatory study. As any one who has had contact with our Chapter knows, we have been looking for a permanent home since our founding on this campus. Due to their persistence it looks as though the Chapter will soon have a new home. Butler has approved tentatively a loan to the Chapter so that we may begin construction.

David J. Bramley, Conespondent California New Home During the summer of , California Gamma was in what could easily be termed "dire straits. Through the heroic efforts of President Keith Chrestionson and alumni Terry Home and Carl Stoney, we found and secured a great house in the heart of the greek system.

With our new house and a revitalized spirit the Phi Psis of California Gamma were ready to role into fall quarter full force. Things started out with a bang as we initiated seven men the week before classes resumed. Having just become members, these men played a vital role in our fall rush program, after which we found ourselves with five new pledges. It is an event everyone enjoys no matter how the football teams are doing.

The Brothers especially enjoy this day because it affords us the opportunity to meet and talk with our alumni. With much improved social and other programs, and increased alumni contact, we at California Gamma are eagerly awaiting the months to come. Mike Loscavio, Correspondeni January California, Davis Building for the 's The seventeen remaining Cal Iota Brothers returned from their summer vacations full of energy and eager to establish a successful rush program. Brothers John Caire and Mark Skreden, who had visited Cal Epsilon during their rush week, came back with new ideas for a strong rush.

These ideas, in conjunction with the fine efforts of Rush Chairman Tony Perkins, contributed to attaining the largest pledge class on campus. The rush functions included everything from a person dance to an intimate poolside brunch. John Caire received the Solon E. Summerfield Award for scholarship and leadership. Congratulations to John for his outstanding academic efforts. The social life has continued since rush with a wine tasting exchange and Phi Psi Lady rush party. Donald J. In this relatively short span, Cal Ep has initiated almost Brothers and now more than ever represents a guiding force in many areas of campus life.

We look forward to the next fifty years with great enthusiasm. We started the year off with a retreat to Palm Springs for the Brothers and the spring pledge class at which we prepared for rush, traded stories about the summer, and gen- erally had a great'time.

The weekend before rush we proudly initiated the 15 gentlemen of our spring pledge class. The strength of our athletic program has continued despite the graduation of many fine athletes. We have equaled or improved our record in every sport so far this year in our quest to surpass our second place finish in intramurals last year.

Homecoming was a time of great fun and hard work, and resulted in a second place finish for our float with Kappa Kappa Gamma, and first runnerup in the banner competition. We wish them all well. Founder's Day this year will include the initiation of this fall's pledge class in honor of Cal Ep's 50th anniversary. Scheduled for the weekend of January 31st, it promises to be an exciting time for Brothers, alumni, and the new initiates as well. All Brothers are warmly invited and welcome to join us in this :elebration.

Evans, Correspondent The 29th "National" initiation class of Cal Poly pose for the photographer the morning of their installation. In our new Chapter house we renewed our desire for becoming the number one fraternity on CSUN, So for a pledge to be named later and an undisclosed amount of beer, we received transfer Scott Chambers from the Cal Epsilon Chapter. Scott has already made a deep impression on us and is now famous for his saying, "piece of cake. Twenty-five men accepted the offer of Brotherhood in our fraternity.

A new era began as the Beta Alpha pledge class was installed. Our crowning event of the fall has been Homecoming. With the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority we won the first place award for our joint effort in the float building. All our efforts currently are being directed toward our Las Vegas Night fund-raising event. This always popular event will be held on Nov, 22 and we are looking forward to a successful night of fun, Ronald D.

Since our last correspondence we initiated our th Brother, and installed a pledge class of The installation banquet was blessed by Cal Eta's 1 John Macy. As usual, the Phi Psis at Cal Poly are quite involved. Spring also saw the reinstitution of the annual Easter Egg Hunt, and the birth of the run for charity, the Royal Run.

The '80—'81 school year has us active all over campus. The executive board of Cal Poly's annual open house has four Brothers sitting on it. Two Brothers are on the Associated Student Senate. Seven Brothers are involved in Poly's orientation program, including the executive board's treasurer. Finally, four Phi Psis are charter members of a new business club on campus.

GP Devitte Charles has a fine cabinet. The evening of October 23, saw nine initiates welcomed into active Brotherhood Finally, when watching the new movie. Ohio Epsilon is truly gratprophecy from occurring. The old lady in ified to count these men as Brothers and exBakersfield died and the humble acreage of pects much of them in the years ahead. Cal Theta was sold and we were forced to Ohio Epsilon also expects much of our vacate our happy home of many years.

And so ci. Hod; Joe Kang, Phu; Barry Fuhrmann, on July 26 the strangest collection of beings, Hi—and our committee chairmen —provide since the Alpha Tau Pledge active, gathered the dynamic leadership needed for success for one last time. We will all truly miss and continual progress. So far under Sandy's celebrate that Chapter's Phi Psi "," guidance the Chapter has purchased a twoWhile in Arizona they learned many things keg cooler. Major improvements to the rec about our Fraternity, and enjoyed a dinner room, living room, and bar are currently in and casual conversation with then Fraternity design.

We look forward to productive colpresident, Sandy Chamberlain. Dave Gondek apthem the grip. The foursome of Eric winning the "man-mile award. The intramural Just before leaving for the GAC our volleyball team is also undefeated heading Chapter settled down in our new Chapter into post-season play. We had the privilege of his presence at dinner November 10; a most unique honor was President Ragone's tapping of the first beer from our new cooler!

This semester marked the second anniversary of two popular Ohio Epsilon social events; the Second Annual Wine and Cheese Party featured live jazz and provided a relaxed atmosphere for rush. The Second Annual Wales Tales Competition assembled alumni and undergraduates for an evening of artful articulation. Our first Casino Night was held to benefit the Leukemia Society. Last spring, we initiated seventeen pledges under the guidance of pledgemaster Tom Beecher ' These new brothers, who come from such faraway countries as Canada and Brazil, are diligently maintaining the excellence of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.

The Brothers are involved in a great amount of activities involving all facets of university life. Sports are well represented with Brothers on the Varsity soccer, basketball, wrestling, and baseball teams. Notable positions on campus include photography editor for the Colgate News, accountant for the Colgate Travel Agency, and assistant manager for the Colgate Orchestra.

These campus activities show that the energy and spirit of our Brotherhood extends beyond the Fraternity. These numerous activities do not detract from our education as New York Epsilon continues to maintain academic excellence. Of special mention is Brother Dedio, who was the recipient of the award given to the premedical concentrator with the best overall academic record.

Hannelore Knuts aka UltraMegaLore. April May Great Pictures. A Magazine of Art, Literature and Criticism. VI, No. Ensayo Critico. La Poesia Di Eugenio Montale. March 2, March 6 February 23, Lewis, Administrator to Estate Mrs. Lorenzo Lewis. February 6, John A. One 1 I. A de geillustreerde geschiedenis van de 20e eeuw.

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Volume I. Casa Savoia. Veneto, Toscana, Lazio. Rassegna grafico umoristica di critica e di costume. Mr Pink Whistles Party.. Voran geht eine Abhandlung des Religionslehrers Dr. Hop, Step, Jump: Sallys Way. Passione incompiuta. Scritti sulla musica Storia di Cuba. RICE, A. French, M. Il corteo dei carri infiorati. Castel del Monte. MROZ, M. Divine Vengeance Studies in Shakespeare, No. Who Betrays Elizabeth Bennet? Oxford World's Classics.

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One case has been confirmed in which a priest from the Don Rua school sexually abused a child outside the monastry. He unzipped his trousers and forced my hand inside. Current information suggests those challenges will include an increasing shortage of priests, a decline in already low Mass attendance, and financial strains on parishes.

Ottilien liegt ein Missbrauchsvorwurf vor. A monk at the St. Ottilie monastry has been accused of abuse. The monastery yesterday said in a press release that they received an anonymous tip about sexual abuse in the s and s. The abbey immediately released the brother of his current duties and informed the diocesan leadership in Augsburg. The allegations were examined by independent psychologists and lawyers under guideliness from the order. A priest in the Munster diocese has been accused of misconduct with a child.

The diocesan commission that investigated said it was not a case of sexual abuse but the priest behaved inappropriately toward the child. The priest has resigned his pastorate and will begin therapy. The results of the investigation will be turned over to the public prosecutor. The row has exposed a jurisdiction dispute between church and state authorities in abuse cases and overshadowed renewed pledges by bishops to tackle abuse. A month after the first allegations became public about sexual and physical abuse at three Jesuit schools, over alleged victims have come forward.

Several hundred of the more than , child migrants involved in this scheme were either Irish or of Irish background. In Ireland, the Government, members of the Catholic hierarchy, and various religious congregations, have apologised for the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children, including children in State residential institutions.

Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries still await their apology: from the State, which was complicit in referring women and children into the laundries; from the religious orders that operated the profitable laundries; from the Irish hierarchy which reaped the benefits of that profit; from families that banished daughters, sisters and cousins behind convent walls; and from Irish society, which turned a blind eye while sending their dirty laundry to be scrubbed clean.

One of the thousands of British youngsters promised a better life in Australia, when he arrived on the other side of the world in the early s he was immediately stripped of the few belongings he had. Even his shoes were taken and he was forced to walk barefoot on the cold stone floors of a church-run orphanage he was told would now be home.

Occasionally, when the bishop dropped by, he and the dozen or so other children who shared a dormitory were hastily given sandals. However, when the official visit was over, the little luxuries were packed away and harsh reality returned. An Ember Day is set aside for voluntary prayer and fasting.

Archbishop John Vlazny reinstituted Ember Days here in as days of prayer and fasting for victims of child sexual abuse. The Ocean City Police Department last year received a complaint about the sexual abuse of a minor. The alleged incidents were to have taken place in Ocean City between and and involved a former priest, later identified as Michael Lowell Barnes, 64, of Haywood County, N.

At the time of the alleged abuse, the victim was a minor child. Police began investigating the alleged pattern of sexual abuse on the minor dating back over 30 years and obtained an arrest warrant for Barnes. In early October, local detectives, in cooperation with the Maggie Valley, N. Police Department, located and arrested Barnes in North Carolina. An Athens court yesterday imposed heavy jail terms, ranging from 18 to 56 years, on four people found guilty of brutal sexual exploitation of minors.

The four included a woman from Ilion, western Athens, who forced her three underage children to work as sex slaves two years ago. The mother of three was sentenced to 37 years in jail for making her daughter, then aged 11, and her two sons, then aged 8 and 9, have sex with clients. The latter included a year-old priest and an year-old pensioner, who were sentenced to year and year terms respectively.

Sullivan from ministry following a substantiated allegation of sexual abuse of a minor. The allegation was made to the diocese by an adult male who said Sullivan abused him in when he was 14 years-old. According to court documents filed last week, the founder and spiritual leader of Barsana Dham, the acre ashram south of Austin, has been spending most of his time in India, where, the filings say, he underwent surgery on his lower back.

A note from Dr. The former bishop of Antigonish, N. Savona — Don Luciano Massaferro resta ancora in carcere. Il parroco di Alassio, accusato di violenza sessuale ai danni di una bambina di 14 anni della parrocchia, ha visto respinta, per la seconda volta, la richiesta di scarcerazione presentata ai giudici che seguono il suo caso. Father Luciano Massaferro remains in prison. A court has rejected for a second time his request for release. He is charged with abusing a year-old girl in his parish at Alassio.

Defense attorneys asked that the priest be placed under house arrest pending trial but the investigating judge once again ordered incarceration to avoid repetition of the crime and possibility of tampering with evidence. The priest spent the money, some of which had been collected in a drive for Haiti, on sex chat lines, internet porn sites and prostitutes over the year he was a priest at two parishes in the small towns Totanes and Noez.

He apologized to parishioners during a recent mass and asked for forgiveness. Real photos. Well hung 15cm to give you pleasure and happiness," he wrote. Hotels and private addresses. You won't regret it, I will give you pleasure like never before.

Statement by Barbara Dorris of St. Devastating, horrific child sex crimes have taken place and deliberate, callous cover ups are still taking place. They have behaved, and are behaving, like criminals. Between and the Vatican adopted two texts. Both texts can explain that investigation and prosecution of sexual abuse against minors is the sole responsibility of the Vatican.

In addition. The Roman line was therefore to prevent state law enforcement from being notified and to retain silence. In fact, the two documents clarify that these cases of abuse must always be within the jurisdiction of Rome. The document places sexual abuse within the context of confession.

A violation of the confessional by a priest moves automatically to his excommunication. The victims had to swear an oath to keep silent about the church procedure. The document De Delictis gravioribus , which is the work of the current pope, maintains the highest level of secrecy.

The document does not specify excommunication for breaking secrecy but an appropriate penalty is mentioned. Bishops meeting in the southern city of Freiburg said they would drop the current arrangement where each of the 27 dioceses reviews complaints, and appoint Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier to manage all complaints nationwide.

Apart from a flurry of allegations that led to a set of guidelines in , the million-member Catholic Church in Germany had previously escaped the controversy over abuse that has strained the church in the United States and Ireland. The main story which roiled Israel last week is not, in itself, an important one. It involved one rabbi whose private life did not quite measure up to the standards he was preaching in public. He is not the first and is probably not the last. Rabbi Moti Elon will never be able to regain his status as the promising next leader of the religious Zionist faction after it was revealed that he was engaged in sexual misconduct with young men asking him for advice.

Those who still refuse to believe - and some followers of this charismatic, bright, original, magnetic rabbi still refuse to believe - should be forgiven for their lack of imagination. Eventually, for most people, the truth will sink in. They will be forced into accepting that the members of Takana, the rabbinical voluntary organisation exposing Rabbi Elon's misconduct, had proof and solid evidence.

The Archbishop of Tuam, Dr Michael Neary, has told the priests of the diocese that Pope Benedict asked for the forgiveness of the clerical sex abuse victims during a meeting with Irish bishops on February Scandal and shame was acknowledged by all who participated. He said the contributing causes to what had taken place and the lessons to be learned for the future were underlined. BERLIN -- German prosecutors have opened investigations into allegations of sexual abuse at two Roman Catholic schools - the first legal action since reports of priests abusing students surfaced in January.

Barnabas Boegle, the abbot of the Ettal Monastery, which runs the school, stepped down Wednesday after eight former students said they had been abused by school priests in the s, 70s and 80s. Freiburg, Germany - The Catholic Church in Germany said Thursday it was setting up a telephone hotline for victims of sexual abuse by church staff and would create a national office to review a rash of recent claims. But last month more than people told a church-appointed lawyer they had suffered sexual molestation while pupils from the s to s at schools in Germany run by the Jesuit order of priests.

That prompted more revelations. Thomas Doyle, who was famously released from his position with the Vatican embassy in Washington, D. Doyle will speak on behalf of the American Catholic Council, which seeks to foster a more accepting and affirming environment within the Catholic Church, at p. Rabbi Elior Chen, who fled to Canada shortly after one of his followers was charged with systematic child abuse including burning her toddlers, making them eat feces, and putting them in a suitcase for days.

Chen was not charged with anything, but fled as news reports of the Jerusalem mother's detention were circulated, and it appeared she had committed the abuse following instructions from him on child disciplining techniques.

The Public Defender's Office has notified the Jerusalem District Court that it objects to the appointment of one of its attorneys to represent "abusive rabbi" Elior Chen. The Traditional Anglican Church has been severely criticized by an Australian judge who says he is "astonished" the church allowed Wilfred Edwin Dennis to re-enter the priesthood and commit sexual child abuse "strikingly similar" to crimes for which he was convicted in the s. During his trial, the court heard Dennis had told the Archbishop of the Traditional Anglican Communion - a splinter group from the Anglican Church - that he had molested "more than 40" boys during his priesthood with the Anglican Church.

Women says she was abused at Mother McAuley H. The alleged victim: a year-old suburban woman who says she was abused when she was a teenager. With her face shielded from the cameras, the young woman told reporters why she is filing a lawsuit against the man she says is twice her age — the former teacher at a Chicago Roman Catholic high school who she says abused her when she was a minor.

I want to stop it from happening to anyone else. The bishops condemn the crimes of men and women religious and priests against people of our dioceses. We are shamed and shocked and ask all to forgive. Sexual abuse of young people often inflicts a lifetime of painful wounds and teachers and educators have profoundly betrayed the trust of young people. They violate the privacy of young people instead of protecting them. The incidents become more serious when the perpetrator is a priest because a special closeness that binds human beings with a spiritual advisor.

We want an honest education, free from false consideration, even when reported incidents go back a long time. The victims have a right to it. We are not at the beginning of dealing with such misconduct even if we have underestimate the extent of it until now. Eight years ago, we developed the Guidelines on how to proceed in cases of sexual abuse of minors by priests. They apply in all dioceses.

The guidelines prevent concealment and obfuscation and the guidelines say the victims and their families should have human, therapeutic and pastoral support which is customized to each person. There is a contact person in each diocese that people can contact in case of suspicion or with questions. We will find out whether this can be improved or whether their work should be supplemented. We asked some leaders in the human resources area to review the assistance.

They expect to hear proposals by mid-summer. We urge the comunities and particularly leaders in our schools and youth to cultivate a "culture of looking carefully. In Germany, there are many initiatives in civil society and state institutions to combat sexual violence against children and adolescents. They help to strengthen awareness and prevetion. We want to learn from them and seek a prompt conversation to be clearer on what the church can do in its own area to prevent child abuse.

The bishops will also hold talks with victims. The celibacy of our priests, as our experts confirm, is not responsible for the crime of sexual abuse. A celibate life is for those who have the necessary human and emotional maturity. Prevention plans will include appropriate and careful training of future priests. The Bishop of Trier, Stephan A. Ackermann, is now a special agent of the bishops' conference for all matters concerning sexual abuse of minors in the church.

A support office will be set up in the secretariat of the bishops' conference. It will expand the cooperation between the dioceses in all relevant questions and provide connection with initiatives of civil society. We will also run a nationwide hotline for information on issues of sexual abuse of minors in the church.

Child sexual abuse should not be triviliazed or covered-up, said Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier. In his new post, Ackermann will be able to make these words into deeds. The chief shepherd of Trier was made contact person for all issues concerned sexual abuse of minors in church. The action came at the end of the spring session of the German Bishops' Conference. A new central office is being set up at the Secretariat of the Bishops' Conference in Boston.

The cooperation between dioceses and religious orders should be expanded. Ackermann said the office will also keep in touch with civil society initiatives and govrnment activities. The church will also set up a nationwide telephone hotline. At age 46, Ackermann is the second youngest among the diocesan bishops. He has headed the Trier diocese since mid-May last year. The crisis became known in his own diocese a few days ago.

A chaplain abused a young person in Gerolstein in the early s. The abuse was reported to the diocese years ago but no action was taken. For his own attitude, Ackermann made no bones about it. The church must first and foremost always remember to protect the victims. Robert Zollitsch, am Bishop Stephan Ackermann, 46, of Trier is now the special agent of the Germany Bishops' Conference for all matters related to sexual abuse of minors in the church. Announcement was made at the end of the bishops general assembly by Archbishop Robert Zollitsch.

Bishop Ackermann is scheduled to hold a press conference Friday to discuss his new role. He will be assisted by an office to be set up in the secretariat of the bishops conference. The archbishop said there will be cooperation between the diocese in all relevant questions and to ensure connection between the church and civil authorities.

They also plan a nationwide hotline for information of issues relating to sexual abuse of minors in the church. A Spanish priest has been sacked after it emerged he advertised himself as a male prostitute on the internet and spent church funds on telephone sex and internet pornography.

Samuel Martin Martin, 27, the priest of two small parishes in the central province of Toledo, posted images of himself posing in grey underpants and said he was available for sex sessions with women and couples for euros an hour. Calling himself Hector, the priest described himself in an online advertisement as: "Heterosexual man for women and couples. Well hung 15cm to give you pleasure and happiness.

The scandal has made headlines across Catholic Spain where newspapers reprinted the photo and text from the advertisement. You won't regret it, I will give you pleasure like never before," it said. Samuel Martin Martin, 27, racked up some impressive expenditure during his one year-tenure as spiritual shepherd to the villages of Totanes and Noez, in Toledo.

Hana Kehat began her fight against sexual harassment within Israel's religious sector even before initiating the Takana forum, from which she has now resigned in the wake of the Rabbi Mordechai Elon affair. Kehat is a founder and board member of Kolech - a feminist, religious Zionist movement established more than 20 years ago which aims to achieve equality for women within the religious community. Kehat, a lecturer in Bible and Israeli thought, started taking on sexual harassment at Kolech, where she exposed how such harassment on the part of Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen, head of the women's religious college at Bar-Ilan University, had been handled.

The affair nearly led to her firing from Orot College by its director, Rabbi Neria Guttel, and demonstrated the great need to establish the Takana forum. Kolech put pressure on Bar-Ilan; as a result the university set up an investigatory committee headed by Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, today one of Takana's leaders.

Kehat's resignation from Takana, along with other members of Kolech from the forum they created, was carried out in protest against how the Elon case has been treated - with a lack of transparency - which resulted in the women being excluded from its handling. The case was prepared by detectives from Strike Force Belle, who are investigating certain matters involving St Stanislaus College in Bathurst.

St Stanislaus College is operated by the Catholic order of Vincentian Priests and Brothers, and it is believed that Mr Ryan was once connected with this order. However, he separated from the Vincentians many years ago, and has most recently worked as a lay person in the Catholic school system in the Parramatta Catholic diocese which covers Sydney's outer-western suburbs.

Two weeks ago, a judge ruled the Merryfields can seek punitive damages for what they believe was an intentional cover-up of abuse by the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay. The revised pleadings are a restating of the previous claims with the request for punitive damages added.

In , former priest John Patrick Feeney was convicted of sexually assaulting the brothers in , when they were teenagers. He is serving a year prison sentence. Nearly four years after he killed his wife, Matt Baker, former Baptist pastor, was finally convicted and sentenced to 65 years in prison last month. Baker drugged and suffocated his wife, Kari Baker, then made it look like suicide. It was only after his former mistress testified before the court, admitting her four-month affair with Matt and her knowledge of Kari's murder, that Matt was charged with her death.

Families shouldn't be forced to live with the uncertainty Kari's parents were left with for years after their daughter's death. If an autopsy had been performed on Kari's body in the first place, the truth of this case could have been revealed much sooner. I continue to appreciate her wisdom, honesty, transformation and joy.

JR: Thank you for participating in this interview. I experience you as a nurturer or guide in various kinds of survivor healing efforts: the Farm, SNAP, and individual support. How would you describe your kind of advocacy?

I started hearing about other people with similar experiences. I started reaching out — I jumped into the advocacy movement of exposing the crimes of the church without much focus on my personal journey towards healing. Brought up in orphanages where neglect, brutality and even sexual abuse were commonplace, child migrants to Australia received a formal apology last year in the Canberra Parliament.

As many as 10, children that Britain didn't want because they were born to single mothers or into poor homes were shipped to Australia as "good, white stock. The picture of the Irish bishops gathered in conclave with the Pope in the Vatican just over a week ago summed up what is wrong with the Catholic Church, not just in Ireland but in Rome as well. There they all were, a large group of elderly male celibates in white dresses smiling grimly for the cameras before they began their two-day discussion on sexuality and abuse.

Nor are there any psychoanalysts or psychiatrists or psychologists or even an alternative therapist or two. Nor are there any ordinary adults who might be able to offer a real opinion on sexuality, speaking from the experience of a normal, well-adjusted person with an active sex life. Semester after semester, I tell my students at the Washington Journalism Center that some of the hardest news stories to cover — period — are personnel disputes inside private colleges and universities.

The simple fact of the matter is that the administrations on these campuses do not have to talk about the proceedings in these cases and, often, they cannot talk about the facts of these cases because of valid legal concerns about privacy. But these stories often break out into the open anyway, because students hear gossip on campus or popular faculty members suddenly resign or simply vanish. And then there are the cases that get linked to alleged violations of laws — laws in heaven or on earth or both.

As you would imagine, these stories are especially complex on traditional religious campuses. As Vatican officials consider whether a popular Benedictine monk may return to ministry after pornography was found on his computer, some students at St. Vincent College are rallying to support him, arguing that the case against him is flawed. Priest abuse victims Troy J. Attorneys for brothers Troy J. Merryfield, formerly of Freedom, filed a third amended civil complaint in the Outagamie County case this week.

Punitive damages are awards added beyond actual damages as a means to punish a defendant in cases of misconduct. A judge says it is astonishing that an Anglican priest was allowed to return to the ministry after being jailed for sexually abusing an altar boy. The former priest now faces another jail term for a "strikingly similar" offence involving another altar boy, South Australian District Court Judge Sydney Tilmouth said on Thursday.

Wilfred Edwin Dennis, now aged 74, was jailed in for six months for indecently assaulting an altar boy. Catholics looking for signs of Bishop-elect Joseph Bambera's readiness to lead the Diocese of Scranton could see it on the chain he wore drawn across his chest on Tuesday. It was attached to a pectoral cross - an adornment in the Roman Catholic tradition that can be worn by bishops-elect but is generally worn only by ordained bishops.

It was tucked into a pocket above his heart during his first public appearance as the future ordinary. Observers and colleagues read it as a signal of the Vatican's confidence in the bishop-elect, who is expected to begin tackling the challenges facing the diocese even before his installation two months away.

We urge anyone who saw, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes and cover ups to call police, get help, expose predators, protect kids and start healing. We especially urge victims and witnesses in and around Spokane to come forward, in part to show Catholic officials that their threats and hardball legal maneuvers will not keep brave but wounded victims trapped in silence, shame and self-blame.

Stricter laws Almost every aspect of Maryland's sex offender laws is receiving scrutiny this year as state lawmakers respond to the December killing of year-old Sarah Foxwell on the Eastern Shore at the hands, authorities believe, of a registered child sex offender. On Tuesday, a panel of delegates reviewed 30 proposals, including a contentious plan backed by Gov. Martin O'Malley that would add juveniles to the state sex offender registry.

Opponents said such a change would unfairly stigmatize young people who are often abuse victims themselves. The same measure would require more information of homeless registrants, something lawmakers have previously rejected. February 24, A federal judge in the state of Washington has found the Spokane diocese and its attorneys in contempt of court for threatening to sue a bankruptcy trustee. The Spokane diocese had agreed to a bankruptcy settlement that specified payments to certain victims of sexual abuse, but the agreement did not spell out the handling of future abuse complaints.

When the bankruptcy trustee, Gloria Nagler, approved payments to some new victims, the diocesan attorney threatened to file suit against Nagler. The Knesset plenum passed a preliminary reading of two bills stipulating that offers or treatment of a sexual nature suggested by religious or spiritual instructors to their students be considered sexual harassment.

This also would apply if the recipient does not expressly decline the offer. Speaking in an event at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, Beinish expressed her hopes that Weinstein would deal with the challenges facing him as his predecessors had done. During the event, Mazuz referred for the first time to the sexual harassment complaints filed against Rabbi Mordechai Elon. He said that the question whether to launch a criminal investigation against the rabbi was not on the agenda during his tenure.

The Knesset plenum on Wednesday passed two similar bills in a preliminary reading stipulating that offers or treatment of a sexual nature suggested by religious or spiritual instructors to their students be considered sexual harassment. The explanation of the bill initiated by Knesset Member Zevulun Orlev Habayit Hayehudi expounded, "The bill for preventing sexual harassment defines the circumstances in which sexual offers or treatment focusing on the sexuality of the person be within the bounds of sexual harassment, even if the victim does not display to the harasser that he is not interested in the offers or treatment being put forth by the harasser.

Since when did the offendors get to dictate the pace of healing for their victims? In a letter from Bishop of Ferns Dr Denis Brennan which was read at masses in the Diocese, Dr Brennan asserted that the visit by Bishops was only one part of a process designed to bring healing to victims. Well excuse me, but since when did those who were responsible for the cover up of abuse and its resultant trauma get to dictate or design the healing process for victims?

February 24, A former maintenace worker at the cathedral in Saginaw, Michigan, is alleging that he was sexually assaulted last July by a deacon. The deacon, who in turn alleged that the maintenance worker had sexually assaulted him, has left the diocese and was not named in local media coverage. In November, Father James Bessert, the cathedral rector, resigned unexpectedly for health reasons. But an incident that took place in the church's rectory may have had something to do with that resignation, along with a Deacon leaving the diocese.

Another church employee tied to the incident no longer works for the diocese as well. He believes the diocese retaliated against him for claiming he was sexually assaulted. Long before the earthquake, Fairfield University graduate Doug Perlitz was in Haiti working as a missionary. Then last September, Perlitz was indicted by a grand jury for sexually abusing at least nine children while in Haiti.

The indictment states Perlitz gave street children food, alcohol, money, toys and other gifts for sexual favors. He's now awaiting trial in a Bridgeport jail. Perlitz, a member of the class of , kept close ties with Fairfield U. In , he gave the university's commencement speech and was awarded an honorary degree. Father Paul Carrier, who was then Fairfield's director of Campus Ministry, also served as the chairman of the board of directors for the Haiti Fund.

Over the weekend, the head of the Protestant church in Germany was caught drunk driving. Nevertheless on Wednesday it became clear that the bishop felt her position was untenable. Her decision to step down came after she was caught driving with three times the legal blood alcohol limit on Saturday night in Hanover.

Just six minutes into the press conference she made it clear that she felt her position was untenable following the news that she had been stopped by police after driving through a red light. When I was a young Catholic child in the s, I was brought up to reject the British Royal family and everything it stood for: the class system, primogeniture, social elitism, the pomp and ceremony, the ritual, and the obscene wealth and privilege.

Well, guess what? I saw it all a few days ago when the Irish bishops were lining up in grand robes to kiss the hand of Pope Benedict. Yes, the Vatican surely leaves the House of Windsor in the halfpenny place when it comes to elitism, pomp and ceremony. I could have wept with frustration - except I never expected a full and frank apology from Pope Benedict.

I wasn't expecting an admission of guilt either, because such a statement might open the floodgates of litigation. And I'm sure the Vatican doesn't want to lose any more money to the abuse survivors than it already has. The question, of course, is what kind of education, and the answer is usually more science and mathematics.

But in a period that has seen Irish bishops travel to Rome to account for the instances of abuse detailed in the Ryan and Murphy reports, the answer to the question of what might be a more desirable education for Irish children arguably lies in a more unexpected quarter — philosophy.

The past five years have revealed much that is rotten in public life, whether it be financial malpractice in banking Ansbacher , planning corruption Mahon tribunal , or child sexual abuse in institutions answerable to the majority church in the State.

A constant in the repeated breaches of trust and violation of civil and moral laws is apparent abandonment of norms of ethical behaviour. Published Date: 26 February By Liam Cosgrove A Co Longford clerical abuse survivor has described the furore surrounding the Pope's two-day Vatican summit with Irish Bishops last week as "part of the course" and questioned many support groups' growing clamour for a public apology.

Jim Flood, who like hundreds of others endured decades of abuse at the hands of paedophile priests at industrial schools up and down the country, expressed his surprise at the uproar which has since been aimed at Pope Benedict XVI and senior Irish clerics upon their return home. A former attendee of Ferryhouse Industrial School on the outskirts of Clonmel for almost five years during the late s and early s, Mr Flood said other abuse survivors were simply expecting too much too soon from the Pontiff and his team of advisers.

Published Date: 26 February By Liam Cosgrove Bishop Colm O'Reilly has said he was not "overly surprised" by the wave of negative sentiment that gripped the region following the Rome summit. In a frank and open appraisal of the 48 hour think-in with the Pope and his 23 fellow bishops, the Colmcille cleric said his sole focus throughout his visit was to address the concerns of his diocese back home.

He said the talks which were held behind closed doors dealt with a lot of the issues that were still outstanding despite claims many critics have since made to the contrary. The Roman Catholic Graz-Seckau diocese has today Weds revealed how a former victim of sexual abuse by priests tried to blackmail them for one million Euros.

The dioceses made the statement when it confirmed reports about a case of sexual abuse of boys by a priest in the s as reported by the newspaper Kleine Zeitung. He said he had kept silent for so long since his parents and the other victims had refused to support him. Auch in der Steiermark hat sich ein Opfer von Kindesmissbrauch durch einen Pfarrer gemeldet. Ein Zeuge spricht von mindestens zehn weiteren Opfern in den 70er-Jahren.

A victim of child abuse by a priest has been reported in Styria. One witness spoke of at least 10 other victims as far back as the s. The victims were boys and most from poor families. Klaus F. It is a story of massive sexual abuse by the local pastor. The pastor taught religion at the school. The allegation was confirmed by a credible witness from the region and he knows of at least 10 other victims. The witness wishes to remain anonymous, fearing reprisals from those who would prefer the story to rest.

The priest, who was from the Admont, has since died. The priest invited boys ages from the primary school to stay with him at a camp. This is where sexual assaults and beatings occurred. The abbot from the Admont Bruno Hubl monastery confirmed that there was a youth camp at the time on a leased pasture.

Menschen, die von Priestern oder hauptamtlichen Mitarbeitern der Kirche missbraucht worden seien, sollten sich melden, teilte das Bistum mit. The Trier diocese has offered to help sexual abuse victims since new allegations of abuse by a priest have been made in the area.

Those who were abused by priests or full-time church employees should contact the diocese. It was revealed yesterday that a priest, now years-old, abused children in the diocese. He left the priesthood at his own request. He worked in Gerolstein, Trier-Kurenz and Bettingen. Monsigner Rainer Scherschel, diocesan representative in sexual abuse cases, said it was a grave mistake that no action was taken previously.

The diocese now wants a full explanation of the abuse instances. A former altar boy in the parish of St. Boniface in Trier-Kurenz sent an e-mail last week to Scherschel and he stated he had been abused in the s by the then-chaplain. He said he knew at least five other boys who were also abused by this priest. The diocese studied its records and found an indication a boy was abused in Gerolstein where the priest served from to There were no consequences for the priest at the time.

Alvin Adams. Adams has been permanently restricted to a supervised ministry as chaplain to a convent. This was then a boys-only boarding school, conducted by the Christian Brothers. The Christian Brothers managed to keep the court case out of the media at the time. Broken Rites learned about the court case four years later, in The police investigation had been conducted by the Geelong Criminal Investigation Unit.

After hearing evidence, Magistrate Ron Eggleston ruled that there was enough evidence to proceed with three of the charges. On 17 June , Mr Eggleston ordered that Brother Houston, then aged 58, should stand trial in the Victorian County Court on one charge of buggery and two of indecent assault. Brother Houston date of birth 18 February was remanded on bail pending a County Court hearing. However, this trial has not yet been held as the Director of Prosecutions did not wish to fund a single-victim County Court trial in An Australian Catholic priest, Father Hugh Edward Murray, who is facing indecent-assault charges, has applied to have his alleged victims cross-examined during the preliminary stage of a court hearing — as well as in a subsequent trial.

However, on 17 February , a Sydney magistrate ruled that a cross-examination that is, the detailed questioning of witnessses would be allowed at only one stage — at a trial. These are preliminary proceedings, conducted by a magistrate, who eventually must determine whether or not the magistrate's court should commit Murray to face trial before a judge in a higher court.

An Australian court has ordered a Catholic priest, Father Murray Alexander Moffat, to face trial over allegedly sexually abusing a year-old girl. Father Murray Moffat belongs to the Archdiocese of Brisbane, which includes the Brisbane metropolitan area, plus some surrounding regions. He has served in Brisbane parishes for 37 years. The archdiocese has said that Moffat is still a priest of the archdiocese and is merely on leave pending the outcome of the court proceedings.

Marist Brother Ross Francis Murrin was jailed in and for child-sex crimes, committed during his teaching career in Australian Catholic schools. There is evidence that his Marist superiors were aware many years ago about his criminal behaviour but they negligently allowed him to continue teaching, thereby endangering more children until the police finally caught up with Murrin in A year-old Australian Catholic priest, Father Robert Fuller, was jailed in Sydney on 24 February after he admitted seeking a year-old girl, via the internet, for sexual purposes.

The incidents occurred recently — in July and August Father Fuller used a webcam to show himself masturbating during online chat sessions with somebody who he thought was a year-old girl, a court was told. The former boyfriend of an alleged religious cult leader testified Tuesday that he encouraged the mother of a starving 1-year-old boy to feed the child.

Steven L. Bynum took the stand at the trial of Queen Antoinette, her daughter and another man. The three are accused of denying food and water to toddler Javon Thompson after the boy did not say "Amen" before a meal. A boy aged one denied food by a cult for not saying "Amen" at meals slowly starved to death, a trial has heard. The sect leader, who called herself Queen Antoinette, ordered followers not to feed Javon Thompson until he said the blessing, jurors heard. The baby's mum Ria Ramkissoon, part of the 1 Mind Ministries group, did nothing to help the tot as he slipped to a slow and agonising death.

She later bizarrely prayed for his resurrection. The accused cult leader known as Queen Antoinette, charged with murder in a toddler's starvation death, once tried to prevent another baby from being fed, according to that child's mother, who testified Tuesday that she was manipulated into giving up her maternal duties. To stay in the religious household run by Queen Antoinette, residents "had to be broken, and you were slightly reprogrammed," said year-old Tiffany Smith.

Smith once lived rent-free with several others in the home, which she described as peaceful yet controlling. Antoinette and two other defendants, all of whom are representing themselves, are charged with orchestrating the death of month-old Javon Thompson by refusing to feed him until he dutifully said "amen. Several former associates of Bob Oliva, including a former major league pitcher who played for the Mets and Yankees, appeared Tuesday before the Boston grand jury reviewing evidence that the retired Christ the King boys basketball coach allegedly sexually abused a player during a trip to Massachusetts more than 30 years ago.

Jimmy Carlino, the former Queens resident who told the Daily News that Oliva molested him for several years during the s, is scheduled to appear before the grand jury Wednesday. Carlino's attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, acknowledged that his client would testify Wednesday but declined further comment. Michael Doolin, Oliva's lawyer, said he was aware of the grand jury proceedings and said the coach would prevail if an indictment is handed down.

The Catholic Church in Germany is under pressure as more and more cases of sexual abuse come to light. Now the government is demanding that the Church take rigorous action to investigate the incidents. Finally, on Sept. But Benedict XVI remained silent. He advised D.

A SYDNEY priest who used a webcam to broadcast himself masturbating to a person he believed was a year-old has told a court it was all part of a fantasy world. Robert MacGregor Fuller, 54, has pleaded guilty to grooming and procuring a child under the age of During online chat sessions the priest, who served for some six years at All Saints church in the Sydney suburb of Liverpool, used a webcam to show himself masturbating to a police officer posing as a year-old girl.

The vow of celibacy imposed on Catholic clergy is "cruel" and "archaic", a judge has said in jailing a priest for grooming a year-old girl for sex over the internet. During online chat sessions between July and August last year, Sydney priest Robert MacGregor Fuller used a webcam to show himself masturbating to a police officer posing as a year-old girl.

The year-old pleaded guilty in October to grooming and procuring a child under the age of 16 and today he was sentenced to a maximum of 18 months behind bars. A Sydney judge has condemned the vow of chastity as a "cruel requirement" as he sentenced a Catholic priest to at least six months in jail for grooming a girl for sex.

The parish priest was arrested last August when he went to the Parramatta Stadium car park to meet a person he believed was a year-old girl he had been chatting with for three weeks on the internet. Father Robert MacGregor Fuller had used a webcam to broadcast himself masturbating to 'Katie', who was in fact an undercover detective.

A JUDGE has implored the Catholic church to end the "cruel" practice of celibacy for priests, implying it may encourage some priests to commit lewd acts against children. The suggestion received a sharp rebuke from Catholics, including those breakaway groups that oppose celibacy for Catholic priests, who said there was no evidence that celibacy encouraged criminal behaviour. Sydney District Court judge Allan Hughes was speaking at the sentencing hearing of Robert MacGregor Fuller, 54, formerly of the All Saints Church in Liverpool, who had pleaded guilty to masturbating in front of a webcam to a person he believed to be a year-old girl.

It was, in fact, a police officer. Fuller was arrested in a car park, when he went to meet the girl for sex. It had been thought that the meeting last week with the Pope would see the resignations of the former auxiliary bishops of the Dublin Archdiocese mentioned in the Murphy report, but the Vatican has since explained that the resignations are not a matter for the Pope, but for the Congregation for Bishops.

Bishop Moriarty, in a letter to the Kildare faithful at the weekend, said he believed it would happen before Easter. Thirteen cases which needed formal action have been identified following a Church of England review into child abuse in the church. About 40, diocesan files dating back more than 30 years were examined during the investigation. The review was launched in following claims the church had covered up abuse dating back decades.

He said there was a good response to what he said from the cardinals and Vatican officials. Canon law is to be updated to take greater account of the problem of clerical child sexual abuse. Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin last night spoke frankly of the damage sexual abuse of children does to the victims. He said such abuse was in itself horrendous but was also an attack on the victim's self-esteem which lasted possibly a lifetime.

THE victims of clerical sexual abuse were "expecting too much" to come out of last week's meeting with the Pope, a bishop has claimed. However, the Bishop of Clonfert, John Kirby, also acknowledged that the hierarchy in Rome did not appreciate the gravity of the problem of sexual abuse for many years because of an "obligation of secrecy".

Dr Kirby said that canon law had to be updated as a result. Last night, the survivors of abuse accused the Catholic Church of "the usual spin" after hearing the comments. West, 53, pled guilty to one count of sexual penetration with an object, and one count of indecent liberties while in a custodial role. The molestations occurred between and The unprecedented visit of 24 Irish bishops to Rome to meet with senior Vatican church representatives and Pope Benedict XVI must have been a chastening experience for the Irish clerics.

The extent of the clerical sex abuse scandal in Ireland over decades has sickened the nation and has poisoned the atmosphere between Irish clergy and many Irish Catholics. The response to reports of the meetings between the Pope, curial cardinals and the Irish bishops must also have dismayed the Irish clergy.

Many ordinary Catholics interviewed by press and electronic media were outspoken in their disappointment at what they felt was the lacking of a suitable apology from Rome to the victims of clerical abuse. Spokespersons for victims were equally scathing in their comments, with all of them stating that the lack of an apology by Pope Benedict was extremely hurtful. It was clear from these comments that the victims of clerical sex abuse are still hurting from their experiences and that the healing process has not yet commenced for many of the victims.

Johannesburg - Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg and former bishop Paul Verryn have been criticised for the conditions and exposure to danger of children who found refuge there. But the church is providing shelter and assistance to youngsters to whom little or no assistance was initially offered by the state, said a child rights lawyer this week.

Terry R. David G. Clohessy, national director for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, issued a statement saying the Chicago-based group is troubled by the promotion because of Father LaValley's "history of secrecy surrounding child sex crimes.

Father LaValley has been chairman of the Diocesan Review Board, which reviews policy and complaints related to sex abuse, since During that time, about eight priests have been removed for alleged sexual abuse. Freiburg, Germany - A row between the German government and the country's Catholic church escalated Wednesday, as a minister who accused the church of failing to cooperate with the police in a child abuse case refused to back down.

The row centres on revelations that some church school teachers had abused pupils in more than cases between the s and s. Justic Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger has accused the church of not showing enough enthusiasm in cooperating with the police inquiry.

That led to the country's most senior archbishop ringing Chancellor Angela Merkel's office to complain about the minister's remarks. Introduction Plaintiff Peggy Nicholson Appellant appeals the trial court's dismissal of certain negligence-based claims contained in her action filed against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. We affirm the trial court's dismissal.

Facts and Procedural Background Appellant alleges that from approximately through , when she was approximately four to eight years of age, Father William Poepperling Poepperling sexually abused her. Louis, Missouri. Poepperling died on May 18, Appellant filed this suit against the Archdiocese and Archbishop Respondents on August 25, Appellant alleged six counts, two of which she designated as being raised against Poepperling individually even though the petition did not specifically name the late Poepperling as a Defendant in the case caption.

DOE v. Introduction Plaintiff Mary SN Doe Appellant appeals the trial court's dismissal of certain negligence-based claims contained in her action filed against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Facts and Procedural Background Appellant alleges she was sexually abused by Father William Poepperling when she was approximately four to six years of age in the late s.

Louis, Missouri, where Father Poepperling served. Appellant filed this suit against the Archdiocese and Archbishop Respondents on April 26, , and filed an Amended Petition on January 29, In that statement, the Archdiocese said no member of Guam's clergy has ever been charged with or convicted of sexual abuse.

But the latest release from the group called SNAP accuse the Archbishop of being "disingenuous" and "minimizing" the issue. Even though no charges have made against any priests, SNAP says accusations have been made by island residents who they claim to be in touch with. It is the second letter in as many weeks from SNAP urging the Archbishop to publicly name the priests who are serving or have served on Guam who have been accused of sexual abuse.

Last Sunday, many of the bishops now back in Ireland spoke of the meetings during their homilies at Mass. Bishop-elect Bambera is a native of Carbondale, Pennsylvania and is only the second local priest to be appointed to lead the Scranton See. He has been running the day-to-day business of the Diocese since the premature retirement of Bishop Joseph Martino in August If I may be so bold as to offer the Bishop-elect a piece of advise… Get out and talk to your flock, listen to what they have to say about issues that are affecting their lives.

Even if decisions have to be made at the Diocesan level that will be unpopular and will impact the structure of parishes and the assignment of resources money, priest assignments, facility maintenance go out and explain why you came to the decision you have made. One of the things I was impressed with about Bishop-elect Bambera was that his goal after being assigned to run the Diocese temporarily, was to return to his parish.

There were no reports that he aspired to the seat of this See. I hope this is indicative of his sense of service, his attachment to his parishioners and his compassion. Archbishop Robert Zollitsch affirmed this Monday when he spoke to the press about the program of discussions at the bishops' spring general assembly. On the agenda is the issue of cases of sexual abuse of minors in certain Jesuit schools. Around former students have come forward in recent days reporting they were abused; most were students at one school.

Mexico City : The Congregation of the Legion of Christ apologised to everyone because its founder, Mexican priest Marcial Maciel , "harmed with the immoral acts of his private life". The apology was offered by the Legion's secretary-general, Evaristo Sada, in a speech last weekend at a church event that was posted later on the order's website. SCRANTON — News that Monsignor Joseph Bambera would rise to the post of bishop was scarcely three hours old — a press conference in Scranton was still 25 minutes away — when a group advocating for victims of priest sex abuse blasted the appointment.

By Laura Legere Staff Writer Published: February 24, A priest who has spent his life in the Diocese of Scranton, and the last six months learning to lead it, will become the 10th bishop of Scranton. Bambera, a Carbondale native, will assume leadership of the county diocese. Monsignor Bambera will become bishop at a time of significant challenges, including financial strain, changing parishes and lingering feelings of loss and uncertainty among many parishioners.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests issued a statement saying Bishop-elect Bambera was a "poor choice" and an "insult" based on testimony he gave during a sexual abuse case when he said a priest was allowed to return to a parish after admitting to sexually assaulting two boys and undergoing counseling. The priest then abused a third child. Diocesan spokesman William Genello called the accusations "unfair" and said Bishop-elect Bambera "followed all the protocols that were in place at the time to deal with incidents of this nature.

Bankruptcy Judge Patricia Williams stopped short Tuesday of issuing costly sanctions, but ordered the diocese and its attorneys to pay what will be expensive legal costs of the trustee and others. A national sex-abuse victims' group called SNAP quickly issued a statement today condemning the nomination. David Clohessy of St. Louis, national director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests:.

Scion of a prominent family — his father, Menachem, served on the Israeli Supreme Court, and his brother, Benny, is a prominent politician and former cabinet minister — Rabbi Elon was rosh yeshiva of a leading Jerusalem yeshiva and had a national following beyond the Orthodox community through a weekly television program and popular lectures on Jewish history, law and philosophy.

As the story has unfolded in recent days, it seems that when Rabbi Elon disappeared from public life and moved to the north five years ago, it was not for health reasons, as had been indicated. Rather, he had, in effect, quietly been banished by a group called Takana, formed after the Baruch Lanner scandal by religious Zionist rabbinic leaders in Israel to deal with cases of sexual abuse in the Orthodox community.

In the wake of recent scandals involving local Orthodox Jews, some sociologists think there could soon be a backlash against the political power of what has long been one of the most sought-after voting blocs. Earlier this week, Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh officials said the Rev.

Alvin Adams, 69, would transfer from his position as a parish priest and Bishop Canevin Catholic High School chaplain to the convent next month. However, the diocese revoked the assignment after parents of children in a nearby day care complained. The priest Julio Cesar Grassi, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexual abuse and corruption of minors, remains free while a court in Buenos Aires reviews the sentence which was ordered by an earlier court.

No decision has been made. Six former altar boys in a parish of Trier have traumatic memories of being abused by a priest. Incidents happened in the sacristy where he fondled their genitals, according to one victim who wished to remain unnamed. Some boys were forced to accompany the priest to his room. The abuse was an open secret among the altar servers, he said.

Attempts to report the abuse previously were unsuccessfu. The priest was considered to be untouchable because he was charismatic and dynamic. He was considered to be very progressive. The priest also served as a religion teacher and coach. The man said they altar boys had no chance to be heard and were solely on their own in dealing with what had happened to them. Meanwhile, more abuse accusations have been revealed in the Trier region. A priest working in the Munster diocese, a member of the Hiltruper Missionaries, for more than 20 years abused students at the Johanneum school in Homburg.

The commission that is investigating the accusations will report to the bishop and the bishops will decide what to do next. More and more cases of abuse by Catholic priests have been revealed in the Trier region. A priest working in the region is accused of abusing several altar boys. One abuse case has been made known from the former board school in Biesdorf.

The cases go back more than 40 years but have become known now because the victims have come forward. In the 15th century there was the first mention of Oberbettringen and Unterbettringen. The Bettringen Lords Herren von Bettringen are mentioned in a few certifications in the 13th and 14th century. Since Unterbettringen was part of Oberbettringen. In the municipality was renamed to Bettringen. Four members of the local council are also member of the city council of Schwabisch Gmund. Also some of the members of the city youth council are from Bettringen or the schools of Bettringen including the School of Education.

For a long time Bettringen was mainly Roman Catholic. Today over catholic people live in Bettringen in the St. Cyriakus parish. There are three Catholic churches and a chapel:. Catholic services are held at least once a day from Tuesday to Sunday. All catholic churches have their own pipe organ. A highlight of the ecumene is the annual ecumene service, which is every Pentecost in one of the both parishes. Bettringen has a rich cultural life, with many clubs.

There are a broad range of clubs starting with the sports club over the music club, many church-related clubs, until specific clubs. The clubs organize a lot of events throughout the year, e. Bettringen has many elementary and different kinds of high schools and a School of education Paedagogische Hochschule. The Gymnasium is part of the community of Gmunder Gymnasien community of high schools in Schwabisch Gmund. The Freibad Bettringen open-air pool of Bettringen is a pool with swimmers and non-swimmers zone.

The OderstraSe 8 Oder street is a youth center, which is hosted by the Catholic and Protestant parishes in Bettringen. Facebook Twitter. Bettringen, bettringen, ostalbkreis. See more. Bettringen data. Farmpartner tec operates in the agricultural industry with marketing, spare parts sale, machinery management, machine exchanges, etc. What is the distance from Bettringen Germany to Homs 01? Michelin Bettringen Oberbettringen driving directions. Michelin routes: fast and accurate route planning.

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Public domain. Stock Video of Aerial view of the city Bettringen in Germany on a. Bettringen July Bettringer Sommerbuhne Bilder: Alexander Pflug. Bedringer Summer stage Pictures: Alexander Plug. Search for more papers by this author. First published: Marz Johann von Rechberg, Herr zu. New York Art, Postmodernism,. GroSbrand Bettringen YouTube.

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