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Easily bypass Huawei ID Verification. Free One-Day Delivery on millions of items with Prime. Is it true? I could not get good quality thought :. Also found new dll way faster maybe due to wrong settings than old one? Yeah it is faster :. I had no major issues with interframe- even when using 6 cores. QTGMC is a different story. Ooooo I can't wait! Been using Interframe since you first released it and still using it now. Didee summed up my thoughts and spotted an issue I hadn't!

It's an excellent test case, though! Ooh, this sounds exciting! Can you give us an idea what the new method is based on? Or does it leap a few rungs further up the ladder of sophistication, with actual feature tracking i. I made it for personal use and am sharing it in case anyone else finds it useful.

Any feedback of any kind is appreciated. It is hopefully the final 1. I will release the first 2. Masking is also improved a lot as is scene-change detection. Lest wait and see. I still have motion problems when watched on TV.

There are moments when there is jerkiness for few frames. I haven't read much about 2. Will it support multiple threads, or will it still be limited to a single thread like 1. One of the cool new things is that backwards and forwards vectors influence eachother instead of being blind to eachother, which results in much more accuracy. Thank you for your continued hard work. I shall put my interpolation projects on hold until the release of 2.

Won't want to waste those CPU cycles :p. InterFrame has always supported multi-threading, as do most AviSynth plugins. Cool, I'll try not to keep you waiting too long ; Lol I wasn't trying to put pressure on you, if that's how it came across. Before installing it, setmtmode returned an error saying setmtmode didn't exist, and after installing it, it ran with setmtmode , so I know I installed it properly.

However, even after doing that, the script only used 1 thread with the interframe call, but all 4 threads without it. I'm using ffmpegsource, if that makes a difference. It runs at full speed without the interframe call, but interframe seems to throttle its CPU usage to 1 of my 4 cores somehow, even though I am using setmtmode 2 before the interframe call. Do you have any ideas about why this is happening?

I'm using "avs2pipemod -benchmark interframe. It didn't change anything. Also, ffmpegsource seems to be multi-threaded anyway, even without that. I would be very happy if I could use interframe at full speed! Even though the source I'm testing it on is pretty tough, it still uses pure frame blending on the easy parts. Yeah I think the scene-change detection is too strong, that could be what's happening there.

I'll look at making it weaker. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'd believe that's the issue. Since in my brief testing of the new plugins, pumping the SCD way too high up resulted in the same effect. Edit: Though it seems strange that I can't seem to find neither "Scene: x" nor "Blocks: y" definitions.

Hello SubJunk, Thanks for your hard work. Is this still a work in progress? I'm using 2. Thanks Noee. Have same error. Subjunk, I remember in pre 2. Your documentation for 2. It works with 2. I will fix it. It has always been like that in 1. Some solutions use fallback method- so when motion adapative engine produces to many artefacts it switches to simple frame blending conversion.

There are fallbacks but in those cases we use masking on the problematic areas instead of giving up on the whole frame. Does this not break frame cohesiveness? I have some smoothness issues when watching footage on TV. It's mainly on horizontal movements, eg when someone walks across. Another question- it also looks like there is not enough motion blur, so footage look very sharp, but not smooth.

I tried different setting for sadgamma, but still can't get enough blurring. It's ok for PC monitor, but once watched on TV than motion is not that smooth. What motion blur? That's not the scope of this tool. If in frame one the ball is left, and in frame two the ball is right, it will calculate a new frame with the ball in the middle. Creating motion blur is a quite different kettle of fish. No, it just blurs the parts that are less likely to be accurately predicted. It was like that in 1.

Thanks SubJunk. Are there any future plans to implement any other colorspace besides YV12 in Interframe 2. I know Interframe 1. InterFrame 2. Hmmm- you need it, because when you convert eg. I know it was designed to double fps, but does not have to be limited just to do this : What does sadgamma do?

Regarding motion blur: Hmmm- you need it, because when you convert eg. I know it was designed to double fps, but does not have to be limited just to do this : I can see both sides of this MVTools2 has a function to create motion blur by overlaying multiple closely-interpolated copies, for example. Very slow, not always accurate, but sometimes useful.

A much quicker technique, I would think, would be to apply a localised one-dimensional spatial blur possibly gaussian, or raised cosine , running parallel to the local motion vector s , and in proportion to their length. That's something I wish I had the time and the coding chops to create. For YV16 it seems that only the bottom half of the frames are affected.

ConvertToXXX was used for color conversion. If you increase fps than it's not that important or needed, but when you going down specially a lot than you have to apply motion blur, otherwise you end up with something unreal. I tried changing cover and mask, but don't see any effect. SubJunk, any idea how to read settings from the hidden settings file into your scripts. I need to use this setting from the hidden settings file, to make SVP take what frame rate I give it as golden, otherwise it assumes I'm using reclock to change frame rate after SVP which I'm not , so instead of getting Yeah I know my English is awful but I do the best I can :devil: May be it'll better to start a separate thread for svp libs?

SubJunk uses a "special build" with additional option for defining absolute target frame rate ; Very useful! Thanks Chainik and SubJunk for the special svpflow2. In restoring old 8mm or Super 8, we need to be able to fix the frame rate.

May be it'll better to start a separate thread for svp libs? It's mainly on the fast motion, where any moving abject has this blurred mask around it- in some cases it's does not look good. I would rather prefer to have "broken" image than blurred one, because in motion this is less visible. I will try your suggestion- thanks. It's also related to block size- in some cases increasing block size helps, but than other parts are not as good as with smaller blocks : Maybe it needs some sort of adaptive block size : Overall all this is great script and results are very good and I hope will be even better, as this is still work in progress :.

The problem is not related to x I get the same error piping a script to other encoders. I am using single threaded Avisynth. It looks like some grey mask. This is just on some scenes, others are fine. My frame counter just stops moving, indicating that processing has stopped. Now SVP perform better on nvidia hardware?

I just upgraded from a GTX to a Radeon and it seems slower now. What's the absolute FPS value? To see some difference between and it should be far more than fps, and is definitely faster. Please post your results with to SVPmark database, it'll be interesting. What if crop the source by several pixels on all sides? But anyway it's some kind of a bug, I think I know what're you talking about. CPU mode does not have such a problem.

I think I noticed the same thing on one video last night too. Please post a screenshot with these arts. But two adjacent source frames will be much helpful ;. Both sides will have this sort of grey mask- it will change size, shape a bit over many frames, but always look like this example. It will be few pixels deep and bit more grey than the one on the picture. I can post exact frame tomorrow. Ah yeah that's different from what I meant. It looks like your source might have a light left border.

Will wait to see it. On my GTX , I used to be able to process 2 p videos concurrently at around 12fps each. On my current Radeon , I get around 6. Imagine my disappointment since I bought this Radeon partly because I thought it will enable Interframe to run faster, and cut down on my electricity costs at the same time. Guess I'm the first one :D. Guess I'm the first one I can't add your results to DB by hands ;.

I can't add your results to DB by hands ; Indeed I noticed that too. It returns correct now, and I will upload scores once my current encoding job is finished. Source has some thin grayish border and I said it has clean edges-ups , so I assume this causes the problem. Yep ; Avatar remux also have 2px black borders for some reason :confused: And I don't know what I could do with it if I've got real motion vector points outside the frame.

In CPU mode vectors're brutally clipped at the blocks level. I'm was so focus on the main frame that never noticed borders- hehe :. I can't add your results to DB by hands ; I hope it's not the standard low copy back performance that goes on in the next generation as well though the time i read AMDs dev forums there where some special parts their about improving memory copy performance PCIE-E transfer speed code wise with their SDK especialy in the Compute section you find people their naging about the copy performance ;.

When I try to convert x, Any ideas? Huit 1. Use modified Avisynth 2. I'm sure the problem is in something else. Thank you very much! Huit I'm sure the problem is in something else. I have to apologize for being unclear again. So it's pretty heavy stuff there. It's not just Interframe or SVP by itself. That said, do you think the low system to GPU transfers could be fixed on your end, like what Cruncher said? Or do I have to wait for AMD to release new drivers?

Thanks for your work as always! Hi all, what number of Cores are you setting Interframe to use? I'm able to use max settings in Interframe 2. I need to reduce overlap from 2 to 0 to make p not drop any frames. That seems to have a huge impact on performance for me. What if you change your new to something 5 five times slower? But: - 23th shader seems to require more threads and - it may not be enough with default Avisynth threads scheduler.

But if you're talking about real time playback it's a different story. Hi chainik. I'm not sure what's limiting the performance. Perhaps as you say it's 15 threads not being enough to get the most out of my setup? So why asking here where any "frame drops" is off-topic cause Interframe is an encoding script? Because choosing settings that makes the most of ones machines resources is one of the most important topics of this thread ;.

Hi SubJunk, Thank you for this new release with return some strings to int values. But i have one problem, OverrideArea changes are skipped. Hi Bernardd, you're right, thanks for reporting it. It will be fixed in the next release :. Version 2. Thanks for 2. It does seem more stable! Never touching AMD again. Bad luck on the GPU! Anyway don't be so upset, some said that GTX isn't working at all with current drivers :D.

Anyway don't be so upset, some said that GTX isn't working at all with current drivers :D I understand your point. Ultimately, my processing chain is encoded by x Perhaps x is wasting time waiting for these frames from the GPU?

It's "slow" for FHD frames per second but not for I see. Good point. Time to shoot a few angry emails at AMD. Could you look at video memory consumption while encoding? What about you? Unfortunately, I haven't noticed significantly increase speeds between Catalyst Why do I get "nvcuvid. Clicking ok on the error gets rid of it fine, and my encoding starts without a hitch, but I'm wondering if not having those files on my system could cause issues with my encoding.

This marks the end of support for version 1. There are no improvements over 2. SubJunk, do you know of a way to avoid the flickering effect seen when seeking, when using these frame doubling avisynth scripts. I see some posts on avsforum here seem to point to it being related to the avisynth dll being used. I'd love to get rid of it to avoid the family going blind when I seek :D. Having issues with the smoothness : 50p to Most of the scenes are absolutely fine, but some and actually rather slow motion ones look jerky specially when watched on TV - it almost looks like interframe uses original frames instead of interpolated ones.

Some of the problems were related to my adjustment to make scene changes more sensitive- going back to the default settings fixed some scenes, but there are still some bad ones left. Does it mean that interframe thinks that there are scene changes in this pieces of the footage?

Should I reduce sensitivity for scene changes? It also looks like problems appears on rather darker scenes but not very dark. It will go bad after some scene change and than get back to "normal" after another. Most interesting is that these scenes look for me as easy ones. I'm after smooth, interpolated footage, even in price of bit artefacts. I have no idea what is causing it :.

I will, but on Wednesday once I'm back to work : It looks strange, maybe some bug, as these scenes do look easy in terms of motion estimation. Done some stress test with very fast footage and there was no problems at all! I'm bit confused :. Pretty cool :. Thanks Subjunk!

Hi Reel. Deel : I decided the old placebo preset wasn't worth it; it was only better quality by a tiiiiiny bit and was many times slower. Thanks for the fast responce. Maybe I can get some advice on how to tune Interframe.

Anyways Thanks for all! I'll be happy to have a look : Thanks subJunk! Very kind of you. Using Interframe I get weird artifacts most noticeably around frames See Interframe video with artifacts. However, I did notice changing the block size to 8 or 16 produces similar results to Interframe. Hopefully I'll learn a thing or two :. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Maybe it's not such a bad idea to add a couple more override parameters to let the user create his own "placebo" :. Thanks in advance! The first call to SetMTMode in a script must come before all filters including source filters , otherwise multithreading will be disabled. So you need to move it before the call to DGSource. Well I learned something new.

Thanks Gavino! I agree that may be it's a bug to use "adaptive" for interpolation, thanks. I will post sample tomorrow anyway. Can confirm that problems are due to false detection of scene changes. Tweaked scene change detection sensitivity scene, blocks and problems are gone. Maybe some scene changes are not detected blended frames appear , but at the end I prefer this than bad motion. Are these parameters: scene, blocks are only way to tweak scene change detection? Well- it did miss quite a lot on one of my sources and that's why I made it more sensitive, but this made my conversion rather bad than good :P Now I prefer lower it to have smooth motion, even for a cost of few blended frames : Scenes, which were wrongly detected were for example when someone was walking across frame and than stopped or slowed down a lot.

This was detected as scene change. What does luma do? Subjunk, I've using Interframe with default settings for movie watching for a while and I must say results are very satisfying. It provides almost perfect smoothness with a reasonable amount of artifacts.

I would like to ask you if you know which parameters could be changed to reduce two kind of artifacts that are the most noticeable: - The first one is some kind of black surfaces like smooth squares that appear briefly during scenes with high motion. It seems that not enough motion information is available to perform the estimation and the lacking surfaces are filled with back colour.

This artifact does not appears so usually with SVP default settings. I'll try it : Mug Funky script works quite well but makes blended scene changes, as it has no scene change detection. Is there a way to avoid it? Those are definitely two of the main issues remaining, if I knew the answer to them I would put it in InterFrame hehe.

Let me know if you find anything :. InterFrame is as good if not better than pro solutions, so any further improvements are going to be big thing.

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