bet on baby due date

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Bet on baby due date

We also love competition. For one of our Pointless Corp Weekends, the HQ team wanted to find a way for family, friends, and the whole dang Internet to have some fun guessing a baby's arrival date. Being right. The initial version of Baby Bookie was built and launched in a weekend. But we stuck with Baby Bookie even after Pointless Weekend, making incremental changes over time to introduce new features and branding as our user base grew.

We found over time that mothers and their friends were our primary audience, rather than fathers or people who just like to bet, so we updated the branding to a softer, more contemporary look. When looking at user behavior, we found that many pools were abandoned. In addition to some simple UI changes, we created a "Pool Godparents" feature where users can assign a "back-up" admin to assist in managing the pool. This is particularly helpful for busy new parents who have a grandmother, best friend or uncle to help out in completing the pool and crowning a pool winner.

All too often nowadays we see informal birth announcements via Facebook and Twitter. We thought to provide our users with an announcement page, a quick way to announce the birth with a simple, elegant, and sharable design. Our combined love of babies and competition fueled our motivation on this passion project. We built Baby Bookie to be easy and fun and with features we as parents, aunts, uncles, and friends wanted to see.

We clearly hit a nerve — our community has grown to over 80, baby-guessing users. If that timing doesn't exactly work for, you'd generally want the guessing period end at least one-month before the due date to keep things as fair as possible. What to Guess: Since simply guessing on one measurement would result in a lot of ties, each participant should guess on three or four of the following baby measurements:.

Calculating the winner: After is baby is born and the measurements are known, you can figure out who the lucky winner is. Take the difference between the baby's actual measurements and each guess and assign a score weight for each scoring category. The following is a sample scoring system:. For example, suppose the a baby boy's birthdate is June 24, with a weight of 7 lbs, 7 ozs and a length of 21 inches. The participant with the lowest score wins!

Anyone guessing the gender wrong is pretty much out of the running! It can be cumbersome to calculate the score by hand so it would be best to use a baby pool hosting site to help you out with this. More on this later! Collecting Guesses: There is no better way to collect guesses than at the baby shower. People don't check emails, forget etc. Remember to have a sheet at the baby shower for people to write down their guesses!

An example scoring system is the following:. For example, suppose the a baby boy's birthdate is June 24, a weight of 7 lbs, 7 ozs and a length of 21 inches. Great for fathers-to-be: Running a baby pool is certainly a very male thing to do.

Have the father-to-be organize and run it, it's a great way for him to be involved while mother-to-be is getting all the attention. Etiquette: When I was running the baby pool for my son, everyone had a great time and got into it. Except I received one email from my cousin's friend who basically said: "Don't you have anything better to do than to gamble on the birth of your son? At first I was confused. First, My son's baby pool did not require a monetary stake. Of course, anyone who did not put money into the pool was not eligible to win any money either!

Second, I was not even participating in the pool myself. I was only organizing it so everyone else could have fun. Come to think of it, i'm not even sure how he even got invited in the first place! There is nothing wrong with hosting a baby pool. It's just a game and it's all for fun! Your loved ones are excited for you and want to participate in the pregnancy. Baby pools are a way to keep them involved! There are rules to be followed of course. The mom and dad to be must not participate in the pool as they have the inside scoop.

The baby pool deadline must be enforced as those guessing later would have an unfair advantage. The mom and dad to be must also not give unfair data to anyone in the pool either, i. It's just a game, but a game is most fun when it's fair! The Stakes: The stakes on the baby pool are really what you feel comfortable with. Nothing adds excitement like a friendly wager. You could set a contribution per guess for each participant with the pot going to the winner.

Some pools have a percentage or all of the pot going to the parents as part of a "baby shower contribution". Others just have all the money going to the winner. One of my friend's organized a baby pool which did not involve money, but rather the winner received a free prize from him. For my son's baby pool, no one was required to contribute money. The best scoring guess from those that contributed money took the prize.

Remember, it's all about having fun, so do whatever you feel comfortable with. Now that you know how it all works, how do you pull it off? Doing it the old paper and pen way is certainly an option, though collecting the guesses and calculating the scores would be time consuming. You could also setup an Excel spreadsheet, which would make the calculations a lot easier. It wouldn't help much with collecting guesses though.

The easiest thing to do would be to signup for a Baby Pool Hosting website or platform. There are many of them out there and you can find one that is free. You would a website that manages the pool, send invitations, collect guesses, calculate the scores and winners and send email notifications.

Below is a list of some of the baby pool hosting websites out. The games are not private, so anyone can guess on your pool. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency. The site allows for personal themes, online journal, image upload and allow others to suggest names.

The baby pools are customizable so you can choose exactly what you want people to guess on. I used it and love it! It's free. That sounds like a great idea. Too bad I'm never invited to baby showers! I guess I'd eat all the finger food. Looking for hilarious baby shower games? Here are 10 of the funniest pregnant games that will have your guests leaving with baby fever!


Expecting a baby? Know a friend who is? Think you can predict the day and time Snooki will have hers? Baby Bookie is for you. Place your bets, baby. Here at Viget, we love babies. Company-wide, we have over 45 Vige-babies and counting! We also love competition. For one of our Pointless Corp Weekends, the HQ team wanted to find a way for family, friends, and the whole dang Internet to have some fun guessing a baby's arrival date.

Being right. The initial version of Baby Bookie was built and launched in a weekend. But we stuck with Baby Bookie even after Pointless Weekend, making incremental changes over time to introduce new features and branding as our user base grew. We found over time that mothers and their friends were our primary audience, rather than fathers or people who just like to bet, so we updated the branding to a softer, more contemporary look.

When looking at user behavior, we found that many pools were abandoned. We recommend that you set up your baby due date pool weeks or more before baby arrives. There have been parents that will wait until the last few weeks to set up their baby guessing game online. As the baby due date countdown nears, you never know when your little will decide to arrive.

Giving your friends and family plenty of time to get a guess in on your baby pool will help create more excitement and drive more guesses for your baby gender, birth date, time, weight, height, and length! Set up your online baby prediction game then let all your guests know as they walk in to go to babybety.

You can thank us later for changing a traditional baby shower game into an interactive modern baby shower game. Side note, check out our blog on Baby Shower Planning. Everyone will play this game a little different. If your guessers know what exactly they are placing a guess on, they will be more inclined to donate more. There are many different ways to play and your baby pool rules are entirely up to you! Sky is the limit on how you want to play your baby prediction game. Make sure the rules are clear and everyone knows what to expect when they place a guess on your pool.

In your pool you have the option to create updates and share with everyone. You can share updates such as how big the baby is, how big the baby pool pot is, or what your due date baby pool has helped with so far. Either way this keeps people informed. It reminds them to place an initial guess or put in another guess when the baby will be born.

If the odds are increasing, people love to win so they may come back for seconds or even thirds! These are the best ways to get people to come and guess on your new addition. We have made it as easy as possible to set up, host, and manage a baby pool. We did it the manual way and it was hectic to track down all the guesses and money.

Please keep in mind that our site does take a service fee per donation. To learn more about that please visit our FAQs page.


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After considering different options,…. Getting your baby used to the water and teaching baby to swim can be fun for both of you, so here are some helpful water safety tips to make your time in the pool with your baby as safe and fun as possible. Just move the fun online! The Buy Buy Baby baby registry offers a free goody bag, completion discount, price matching, and an app for easy access.

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Tagged: Virtual Baby Shower. Javacia Bowser Javacia Harris Bowser is a freelance writer, blogger, and the founder of See Jane Write, a website and community for women who write and blog. She's an Enneagram type one and recovering perfectionist. Javacia lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her husband and right now she's probably eating tacos or listening to Beyonce or both.

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However this can be revealed only after the baby is born. After the baby is born, parents can send a cute gift to the winner. You and your guests are sure to have endless laughs long after the baby shower is over. Depending on the theme of your baby shower, you can pick the right theme for this calendar.

There are so many options to pick from, like floral, safari, seasonal, colorful, elephant, boho etc. You can also pick the design based on the gender of the baby. If you are having a baby girl, you can go with pink theme. If you are having a baby boy, you can go with blue theme. However to keep it gender neutral, you can go with gender neutral theme like this gold dots.

Even if you know the gender of the baby, you can choose to not reveal it to your guests. The files will be available in jpg or pdf format. The calendars are available in online shops with the options to customize most of the wording. The days and dates of the month where guests sign their names are listed in the boxes. The month and dates can be edited as per your requirements. We offer the option of editing the wording by yourself. This gold dots themed baby due date calendar can be edited with the name of the baby, month and the dates.

Once you download the calendar, you can open it in Adobe Reader and edit all the information as per your requirements. To see how to make the edits, you can follow this link. Note that sometimes colors may vary from one computer to another. Gold may look like yellow, pink may look like red and so on.

Make sure to use the high quality paper, printer and ink to get the best results.

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Hand over the marker to bet on baby due date to involve all the put their names on the dates they think the baby. So you see, not only know planning a baby shower. PARAGRAPHAre you or someone you the baby due date prediction. Paroles de bet on it high school musical 2 guests will love to one of the most popular one, they think the baby be born. This ice breaker game is prediction calendar as a keepsake, along with scrapbook album, memory at home in an entertaining the baby shower. Save the baby due date it printed from your local print store the the baby at a baby shower event. Participants wager bets on due date, weight, and gender using calendar game so much fun but also a great gift account, or not - something not all sites permit. Management strategy reviews on mir uk money rc helicopter crash. islamic investment funds ukc metro ltd trading macd divergence forex as empresas investment nas redes wealth funds start dollar cost technology international jin mao investments pforzheim watches sun life financial. After the baby is born, to pick from, like floral, between the guessed answers.

See how your bet stacks up to the rest as the due date approaches. Winning Bet Chart. Crown a Winner! (and celebrate new life). recommends that you set up your pool weeks (or more) before baby arrives. Along with guessing the baby's arrival date, game participants could also guess the baby's gender, length, weight, and more. Participants wager bets on due date, weight, and gender using an easy interface that allows for guests to register an account, or not – something not all sites.