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Peristiwa betting beras basah singapore

We settled down and wanted to wait for Maryam but perut dah mula sing so after finding out that Maryam was almost near, we ventured outside to find foooooooooooooooooooood. Tak jauh jalan, we bumped into Maryam. Peluh-peluh and she told us her short encounter with Singaporean authority. She travelled with pepper spray, so kena declare, tu je, no biggie. Nasib baik! Wanted to walk further but the Sun was just burning us. Beh tahan the food, the owner was quite friendly also.

Sampai aku sorok handfon dia pun tak sedar. Kalah kid in a candyland! After mum mum, we jalan balik to the hostel, tak sanggup nak lepak luar lama-lama, hence we decide to call this explorasi… SweatySingapore! I saw the update yang the cancelled concert tuh was fake! Punyalar geram aku masa tuh sebab I left my tickets inside my office drawer remember?

Tahan marah tuh sebab one site says cancelled another says on…waddeeee…mana satu neh? Anyways, screw that, us four chickas looking for some fun in Lion City. One chicka oredi on cloud 9! Muka budak tuh….. Changing from station to another. We bought the travelling pass so it made our journey a bit easy plus Singapore punya MRT kan canggih so no complain there.

Except that, everybody seems to be on a rush to get somewhere. Tade yang jalan slow-slow. Sedap dowh! Lepas rest kejap we continued walking, walking, walking. Passed by weekend crowd at Clark Quay. Mak datuk hang, sejibik macam kat oversea!

With their drinks and ciggies! Nampak sangat macam jakun kan? Ingatkan can peek from the jalanraya. Tengok-tengok dah kena cover kao kao. We just sat at the bangku and baru nak dengar bunyi kereta F1, dah abis pulak dah! The MC or somebody announced that Big Bang is coming on after this…lepas tu keluar bunyi monyet-monyet Kpop melalak in happiness!

I think I heard Bella screaming oso. We layan just one song…. Oooo…Oooooooo tuh…. Duduk tepi Sungai Kelang…eh…. I sorta missed home pulak tetiba. After we lepak lepak, gelak gelak, snap snap gambar, jalan jalan…we finally took MRT back to Lavender Station and waited to Bella. Sarah and I got hungerey…so we ordered some salad from Mary Brown and baru nak duduk makan, Bella dah sampai.

Muka dia…hehehe…Nampak sangat she had fun and looked tired too. Lepas dah walap salad tuh. Balik hostel, pengsan lepas layan wifi kejap. Go figure gamba number 3! Tergezut beruk aku sat tengok 'bende' tergantung atas pokok kat Orchard Road! With that stay tuned for what happened the next day! Bella Enveeus 11 October at Newer Post Older Post Home. Jumia provides free shipping for shoppers as well as cash on delivery.

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Oleinik ended up being one of 's better shows. Here is a look at the night's best and worst moments. So here's a workout that can be completed in just 15 minutes. Watch video here. Mail Today looks at how contemporary society.


For a large number of people whose income remain stagnant, these price increases represent a fall in real wages and we see more poverty in Singapore today than we did 20 years ago. Singapore did what no other country has done to go after GDP growth — importing foreign labor in large numbers.

Most other countries do it by moving up the technology ladder, innovation, nurturing home grown industries. In , our population grew by 5. Does it make sense to add so many people onto a land scarce island like Singapore?

Most Singaporeans can agree that a certain level of immigration helps to keep our society vibrant but to import people to maximise GDP ignoring the impact on ordinary Singaporeans can be detrimental in the long run. Vijay Kumar has asked the right questions, the same questions Singaporeans asked but received no proper answer for the past 15 years.

Now we are told to just accept what has been done and told to live with the consequences. The foreigners manning food stalls dish out poor service and poor versions of local food. Just yesterday at a food court stall, utensils had ran out and a customer was scolded by the FT for demanding his fork and spoon. Singaporeans have to stretch their wallets by buying no frill groceries and cheaper parallel imports from 3rd world countries.

These products were meant for the poor in 3rd world countries and are of inferior quality due to their low cost ingredients. But we are actually paying first world Singapore prices for these inferior products. Public housing is becoming too expensive. Now the land near MRT stations are reserved for condominium developments. The air pollutants alone will give you lung cancer.

With the influx of immigrants, the infrastructure is unable to cope. Crime rate is also going up. My point is, why are we paying first world prices to live in an increasingly 3rd world like country? So, it is not surprising that our ministers and elite chase GDP growth like men chasing pretty women. They are only for the top dogs in the civil service and ministers. Likewise, most civil servants today do not enjoy pension benefits.

Ministers and top civil servants I think still do. After all, during the boom time, they claimed that it is due to their leadership and should be paid their due. By Anonymous, at PM To Anon pm Yup, pay them obsecene wages for a 5 figures holidays and what have been they achieved? Reminded me te movie by Michael Moore — Singaporeans are just like lost souls with a shining exterior. Outstanding in terms of economic performance but lacking in courage to change the things that need changing.

They are really very very powerful. When there iis progress, life must be better and if this is not so, then there is NO progress, despite what the GDP figures show. By Anonymous, at PM so the cake is a lie? Something that the Singapore government or media will try to hide from the rest of the world.

I, like many young youths, went looking for a better future in this Lion City of opportunity, After four years of working experience in Kuala Lumpur. Then, with huge hopes, I started looking for a master bedroom to rent being single. It made me ask if this is the type of development that I ever wanted in my country Malaysia. This is the first time that I felt gifted to be born in Malaysia. Anyway, I lived with a family of three husband, wife with one daughter who rented out their master bedroom to me while they slept in the common room.

It was a three-room flat but unlike in Malaysia, a three-room flat has only two bedrooms. I did not believe it was the master bedroom that I was staying in until I went into the other room and saw that there is no attached bathroom there. I was given a bed and a mattress and also two fans. Then I noticed that the couple with their daughter sleeping on the floor with a thin mattress in the other room.

Not even a fan in that room. Both husband and wife are born Singaporeans and were employed. It was after one month that I realised that the daughter was not going to school regularly and most of the time there would be a quarrel in the early morning between the father and daughter as there was not enough money to pay for the bus to go to school.

There were times when the daughter was very sick and father had no money to take her to see a doctor. It was a real pain in the heart to hear a small girl suffering through the thin walls of this HDB flat. It was unbelievable for me to see this happening in this ultra-modern city. It took me another two months to realise that what was happening in this flat was not an isolated case of urban poverty in Singapore. It was every where in those HDB flats. There was a Chinese neighbour an elderly man and his son had no money to get a taxi to send his father to the clinic for daily diabetic wound-dressing.

I soon understood that poverty in Singapore transcends racial boundaries. The whole family of my landlord got a shock that I own a car in Malaysia. My landlord would keep pestering me every time I come back to Malaysia to bring my car over so that his whole family could go sightseeing in Singapore. In all my life, I never believed people in a developed country like Singapore would ever consider car ownership a privelege.

Three months later, one fine day, I came back home and realised that there was no electricity in the house. This time, my landlord did not have the money to pay for the utility bills. I was back in the Stone Age, using candles. This lasted for days until finally he borrowed money from somewhere and settled the bills. My landlord as a person I have known during that period never come back drunk or looked like a gambler.

This was the time in my life when I learned what is was like to live in that poor quality HDB flat, drying clothes in the rooms and listening to what the couple talked about in the next room via the thin walls. Have you seen a HDB flat and how it looks like?

Bring your whole family for a dinner using public transport and then rush to catch the last bus. Does this growth figures mean anything in the first place? Do we want to open our country to expats so that they can progress at the expense of our own Malaysians? The Malays will remain the poorest minority there. Thank you. At least here we are taking steps to narrow the gap between the richest and the poor.

You know who is who. Just try not to have both heads talking at the same time. I think the bumi policies has prepared you well to win in life! Because the fact is that the Malaysia government has, for a long time now, trodden over the rights of its non-Malay citizens by giving the Malays special privileges. I may not have a perfect grasp of the politics within the region, but i do understand and appreciate the importance of meritocracy, equality for all.

Malaysia has yet to achieve the standard of living we possess. I am proud to be a part of this tiny middle kingdom, a country that has consistently been able to punch way above its weight. And im not a foreign student occupying the vacant singaporean classroom seat. Emphasis appears to be shifting towards accumulating land-based assets. THE average Singaporean, it was once said half in jest, can easily become the world. Singapore has no ability to economically control malaysia, neither soes it have the intention to.

Assuming you know what an economy is. Are you singaporean? Dear TUN You have to make sure your govt,even though you are not in cabinet. NOT to go low on Singpore. LKY are diferent. You are open even to media. LKY is fobia of the media,he always wants to potray his good image but facts reveals itself. I don,t blame you for not be friendly to LKY He will gradually take your home,even your wife So stand firm on Singapore. Tun,you are a great muslims leader. U r unique. LKY negatives on you because he cannot makan u like the rest of the malaysia leader before.

U stands right for yr people. What crab is that because he himself do not practise. His deep intention,words spoken, most important his doings does not reflects his words and intention. Now they are no more. The indians,banglas are just given permit till time to go back.

What meritrocracy u talk about. Singporean live to work not work to live. Exactly, what rights should a specific race have then? Should Chinese or Indian have more rights over Malays? Over my dead body. Why keep fighting over the differences?

It is just too detrimental to everyone. If you have a critical mind in the context of Human Rights and fairness; regardless of race, language or religion, then perhaps the national language for Malaysia should not be Bahasa Melayu? A language more on a neutral ground. You speak of the minority being undermined in other country. What about yours? Is this the preferred choice of narrowing the gap between the rich and poor? One should earn his or her own credit and success through hardwork and not hand outs.

Your thoughts are bias and uncritical; skewed toward your own race with vested interest. Sure sound like Hitler or Communism. Hey, stick to your Nationalism. Least, you still gain a certain diminutive respect. I just hope one day you would grow up to be proud of Singaporean, instead of cursing the day you were born.

Look at the NEP. Do we have that kind of outright racial discrimination? Do come over and take a look around singapore. To Empress: it is unfortunate that the malays are not enlisted in the army. However, the army has realized its mistake and recently appointed a malay as a general in the army. Especially against non-malays. No one wins in this game of I do you in and you do me in.

There is no question that Singapore had benefited from the goodwill of Malaya and Malaysia. In the early days Singapore relied on entrepot trade with Malaya as its hinterland. Singapore joined Malaysia and was divorced. Why should? The price they paid is brain drain. Singapore will not gain fighting Malaysia and vice versa. Malaysia should not look at the lost of Batu Puteh as a big set back or for any other reasons. Just give a congratulatory pat on Singapore as say look next time we should do better than them.

It is like a soccer match. Penalty kicks etc. Winning a rock will not advance Singapore an inch. But being so deprived of territory losing it will be a major set back. Maybe someday down the road a remarriage may be attempted again on mutually accepted terms. I think Singaore agree that the causeway should be demolished and a straight bridge built in its place.

Our NewWater project is also partly to clean up our affluent water before it is released into the sea. Of course it is our fall back if Johore refuse to sell us raw water. We can only request but not demand. The third bridge, yes it should be built. It will pay for itself as the land prices in E Johore will rise and more economic activities will follow. Singaporeans who lived in a highly urbanised state will enjoy the freedom of open space presented by Johore.

They will go there and invest, play golf and bring business to Johoreans. Why keep the sand? It will flow into the sea or choke up the river mouths. Selling it will bring revenue to Malaysia and establish good bi-lateral relations, co-operation and goodwill.

Singapore can still buy sand from other countries but at a higher price. The more she pays for sand will translate into more bitter memories. A loose loose for both sides. Iskandar developement is good for Johore and Singapore. Instead of saying malays we will say more jobs will be created for Malaysians and hopefully Singaporeans too. Railway land. With better roads and budget airlines, train usage will reduce unless you double track and reach the reliability of the Japanese Shenkasen.

Moreover with your own Pelepas Port, less and less goods will be exported through Tanjong Pagar. Most important is the ridership. Singapore will benefit too from seeing scarce land put to better use. Anyway the POA is signed and it is binding. So a peaceful resolution where the rule of law takes precedent is preferred. Tun and LKY are highly respected statesmen. Surely you both can go say Agentina for a break and agree to help the present Teams in charge to bring about a winning formula.

We know better. Malay rights have been systematically stripped through the years. You think we are ungrateful? Somebody enjoys housing discounts ,quota here and there from the income tax but still has the face to label us as being ungrateful? You used America as an example? Just to correct your mistake. Caucasian are not native.

Red Indians are. Furthermore,in US ,there are certain rules protecing the minority but in this country,there are rules protecing the majority. Here the government is honest with you, telling you the cake shall be shared according to the percentage of the population? Your professor taught you such kind of thing? Let me give you an example. Person A works 10 hours a day. Persons B,C and D work 2 hours a day respectively. Thank you for sharing your email with all of us.

Those scholarship holders were definitely warm and friendly. You expected them to be sad and angry after being given scholarship? This country is still embroiled in racial conflict,rising crime rates and so on. But you can only see the happiness of a few scholarship holders. One drop of water does not make the ocean. Hi Guys, This is taken from a blogsite…..

Here goes: Lee portrays that he would like to see an integration of citizens, regardless of race, colour or religion. My toes are laughing. If at all, I feel that Lee has been one of the greatest racists in the history of Singapore since independence. In both cases, the Indians are left on the side and aside. Pity that a people from what is verifiably the most perspectivally, critically, and logically vibrant culture in s.

Instead of learning from them, most in s. Pathetic actually. And the same applies to many of my professional Indian friends who have left. Funny how many here stupidly complain about the consequences of their biases. I suppose they have been underdeveloped to not be able to connect the dots. Assalamualikum Ayahnda Tun n Bonda, please allow me, to pikachu, as a leader, if i tell my people the Malays, to be united, more hardworking and try to beat the achievement of other races, am i a racist???

I wanted to ask you, I born in Malaysia, I pay the same tax but my citizen privileges are different from Malay. I am not a foreigner, I am a Malaysian! You might be getting some of the facts wrong in Singapore; my homeland by the way. Malays in Singapore do get a little more privileges than the rest especially in areas like education where they only have to pay a fraction of the school fees as compared to the usual. Educational fees are heavily subsidised for Malays here.

In a way to forge racial harmony. Also, do note we sang our National Anthem in Bahasa Melayu, and during my National Service, the military marching command in Bahasa too. Hope this info helps. You have already admitted racism there is highly subtle.

Gajah di pelupuk mata tidak terlihat, kuman di sebelah lautan terlihat,who is really a hypocrite? Here the government is honest with you, telling you the cake shall be shared according to the percentage of the population. It might not be perfect but they are doing their best. Every race is well represented. You just have to be with the Malaysians in Oxford for you to feel that the NEP, even though it has teething problem implementation-wise, the policy objectives over time are seeing results.

Let us separate the policy from the implementation. Do not hurry…you will get there somehow. Dengan Izin Tun.. Terima kasih.. Bravo Empress.. I salutes your courage under fire or not.. Keep us posted…Thank you…. As a Chinese Singaporean, born of Malaysian parents who took up citizenship here in Singapore, I can understand why they feel this way.

The grouses are familiar: NEP, corruption and ineptitude in governance. Let me provide an insight on how it is like to be a Singaporean. I must first stress that new immigrants or Permanent Residents PRs from Malaysia like my parents will not experience any disadvantages. However, Singapore has problems at present because its development model is outdated. As LKY still insists on the methods recommended tens of years ago, trouble is looming.

There is no impetus to change because there is no one who dares to disagree. The opposition has been persecuted to the point where only those with nothing to lose will dare to oppose, and the common people are scared to death of arbitrary arrest.

Yes, corruption is more widespread in Malaysia. But in Singapore, it also exists — though restricted to the top political elite and in a legalised form. In Malaysia, many get a share of the cake but in Singapore, only a select few get a share of the cake. Many scoff at the position of the Malay rulers. But are they aware of the many dubious acts of LKY and his cronies — his.

To the few writers Malays? It is important to note that racism exists everywhere, Malaysia included. Such is life, and no matter how much humans try, racism cannot be totally eliminated not least in our lifetime. It is incorrect to attribute racist encounters in Singapore to the lack of meritocracy as a basic principle adopted by Singapore society.

Singapore society practices meritocracy in most areas. Be it the civil service, education, politics, and the private sector. Why, if its not because the india ministers has earned their positions based on meritocracy? The Malaysian politicians has suggested that the malays in malaysia would have fallen further behind if not for the bumi policies. What would happen if a true meritocracy system is implemented in Malaysia? Could there be a chance that the Singapore experience is what you may perhaps see in Malaysia under such hypothetical situation?

With regards to the military, Singapore has openly communicated that there are certain sensitivity in the selection of certain malays for military positions, as many malays in Singapore has close family ties with malays in the region. When it comes to defense, if a soldier is being put into position to chose between its family and country, it would be a tough position to be in.

The issue is therefore not about meritocracy per se. Ezani on June 18 You just keep saying I am stupid but never prove that I am stupid. Just to transfer technology a bit Iskandar needs foreign capital, support and know-how. If you try to keep everything to yourself the project will be still born. Is that very hard to understand?? How I wish all malaysians including Tun are as clever as you, then no need to worry. Dear Tun, salam sejahtera harap sihat bahagia. Somehow, Malaysian government always lacks the credibility.

Please experience yourself. Please hike a Taxi yourself. Take a bus. Your goverment pocketed their money for 22 years and continue doing it. Wake up! Malaysia boleh. Selamat pagi Ayahanda Tun, Izinkan….. I love your comment on Mr Ravi and I laughed like pakbelalang — kah.. Good day Ayahanda Tun. Salam Buat Yg Bhg. Tun, May I suggest this about the water conrtact with Singapore. They recently built new reservoir or plant or something with new technology for NEWATER, with the ministers happily cut the ribbon to officiate the event.

I think at 3 sen, that is what its worth these days. Kind regards. Yawning Bread. Together with Chiam See Tong, Jeyaretnam was the face of dogged opposition to the PAP for a decade until new leaders emerged in the s. Picture from The Economist It must be obvious that his notes and letters, representing as they do his thoughts, obstacles and battle plans, are a rich mine for future historians. So where should they go to now? Partly funded by the Dutch government, the institute is interested in archiving material relevant to their mission.

The institute catalogs all the material it receives, removes all rubber and metal elements, e. The catalogs will be put online, and they have even started a project to digitise material starting with some really significant ones like the manuscripts of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Access to the papers for research will be liberal, but subject to agreement with the family, who will remain owners of the material. This means that certain papers may be held as confidential for a long while.

The institute also loans out material for exhibitions around the world. Henk Sneevliet had a Chinese name: Ma-ling. The institute also has many other items relating to communists in Indonesia, particularly before and after the events. Other growing collections relate to the Burmese opposition movement and social movements in Nepal and the Philippines. One particularly moving item they have is the blood-stained shirt of Lean Alejandro, a student activist who campaigned for democracy.

Alejandro was shot and killed in , aged 27, and the gunmen are still unidentified. For a story on this brave young man, see UP activist Lean Alejandro remembered 20 years after killing. Meanwhile, this is an appeal to anyone who has material related to JBJ to contact his elder son Kenneth Jeyaretnam. It could be letters, photographs or news clippings… anything like that. They will help flesh out the memory of the man and enable future generations to better understand his role and significance.

National Archives But what about our National Archives? I would have thought so too, but one cannot but wonder whether they are even interested. Speaking just for myself, not for the Jeyaretnam family, questions that arise are: Will there be open access? Will some materials mysteriously disappear? Will confidential material remain confidential, especially if the information therein proves politically useful to the ruling party?

We all know that lines have been blurred between state, government and ruling party. Yes i do know what the May 13th incident is about. If you have investigated your facts, you must know that the race riots in Singapore were the result of a spillover effect of the race riots in Malaysia. The race riots in Singapore began as a result of rumors of Malay atrocities against the Chinese population in Malaysia. It had nothing to do with racial inequality. I repeat. Singapore respects the rights of the Malays and recognizes them as the original inhabitants of Singapore.

There is a reason why we made malay the national language and sing our national anthem in the malay language. Do not take this the wrong way, i am fully supportive of the tudung being allowed in schools. The intake of madrasashs are restricted for a reason. The education standard of madrasahs are comparatively lower than that of other governmental institutions.

This is a source of great alarm for a government that views education as extremely important, thus the limitation of students entering the madrasahs. There are many Malays in high positions of authority. For example, the speaker of parliament Abdullah Tarmugi, prof Yaacob Ibrahim.

Im sure few Malays in Malaysia remember that the first president of Singapore Yusof Ishak was a malay. JJJ, you state that Malays in Singapore are being marginalized and discriminated against. Maybe Dr. Mahathir can help? First of all, I am mix between Chinese and Malay but obviously much more Chinese that denies me Bumi rights. Secondly, I had vast experiences working with various multi-nationals locally and internationally.

I am not trying to favour S Tan but he has some of his points very right. I employed four Malays local graduates and none lasted more than 6 months. This was owing to various factors; Sleeping at home during working hours, late for work, poor technical knowledge and etc. My predicament is that all of those creams are unavailable due to fact that they are all attached to the GLC after being granted scholarships by Malaysian government.

Amir, do you think Public sectors Multi National companies are employing staffs base on race base policy? The answer is NO. Bottom line is profit for the share holders. I am writing this to encourage local Bumi graduates to be awaken, stand up and avoid finding reason for under achieving…. We have proven that racism exist there. Please provide proof or shut up! Upholdjustice,up yours! Tun, with all due respects to you, this is my very first post in a forum and I would have started by being just a plain observer.

I find the comments by aniesa and DR Sanjeev Kumar very interesting as they had directly or indirectly affected me, as a Malay Singaporean. I also intend to have a successful career in the navy. Me: Sir, I would be very interested to join the navy as a full-time serviceman as I have had 2 and a half years of training onboard cargo ships and I liked working at sea. SAF Officer: You will have problems with food. SAF Officer: Oh… blushing ….

You are dismissed now. What then? A sizeable number of qualified mariners master mariners, deck officers and marine engineers from the merchant navy in singapore are Malays who could have become competent naval officers in the Singapore navy but are there any?

In any case I would assume that you are a professional working in Singapore so it would do you well to expand your circle of Malay friends in Singapore so that you may properly conclude, if indeed the typical Malay Singaporean is a happy one. I AM getting emotional…. More freedom??? Freedom to do what??? Give us some credit, sir. I am not anti-Non Malay, in fact a big chunk of my closest friends in singapore are non-Malays, specifically Chinese. I have voiced out my grievances to these Chinese friends and even told them I would move to Malaysia.

They had wanted to know why I was willing to become a second-class citizen in another country. My reply to them was it would be better to be a 2nd-class citizen elsewhere rather than being a 3rd-class citizen in my own country. And you know what??? They totally agreed with me. Dear hisham76, It seems that you are very concerned about racism in Singapore. Have been reading most of the comments. Like a war zone in here. But when they sit and drink and eat on one table they are best of friends.

Well typical right Malaysians and Singaporeans. Every country , person, politician has its or their own strength and weakness. Some of us love Tun some hate him. God created us this way. Imagine what will happen if all of us think alike and have no difference in opinions, we will be living in a very funny world. The best we can do is respect each other. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat bahagia. Minta izin memberi penjelasan pada seorang pengulas…….

Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Kiriman ini singkat untuk cuba mana satu lepas sekatan…. However what is past is past. While you can talk about the ancestry, it is wrong to use it for racial demonization, hate mongering and peddling fear. Which is what this blog visitors do.

JJJ: Katak bawah tempurung. Neither Singapore nor LKY need any defending. Only the corrupt, the negligent and the incompetent need defending. Instead we are still third world while these countries are all first world. Where did all the vast natural resources go to? Tun M knows better than most. What happens when we are a net importer of oil in ? Tun M knows that too. Where will you be, JJJ? Still sucking your lollipop and hoping the country can bail you out? Almost 80 percent of the jobs out there requires Mandarin speakers.

Salam Tun………….. Mintak lalu sekejap…. Not even understand the problem… just like to turn the issue… over and over….. For private company salaries, you seriously believe there is organized discrimination? A profit oriented company which must pay tax would forsake a valuable employee based on his race by paying him less? It is unthinkable for a private company to keep an employee for his race and sustain losses, and give up another due to his race who brings him profit.

A govt agency or GLC will do it, cos the loss is not theirs, it is the tax payers!! A private company will go bankrupt. Look at overall employment scenario. For Malay, first choice is govt service better prospects given the domination second is private sector. So the less qualified go to private sector generally Look at non Malays, first choice private sector better prospects, govt dominated by bumi second choice govt.

So the best get in private sector. So in private sector the frontliner of other races competes with the second liners of bumi. Naturally the bumi will get the poorer salaries and lesser jobs due to this factor. Only the govt can redress this imbalance, dont blame the other races.

In Which sector did you attach? Are you a real business man? Start your own business? Are you an entrepreneur? Are you just working for someone else and get your perks every month end? If that is the case. Shame on you. One more time,please emigrate! LKY is a little emperor and his family has a finger in every pie! Talk about cronisym! Godfather,I am now calling you blind! You guys still proud huh? Bagaimana pula dengan perjanjian dalam penubuhan negara Malaysia pula…telah berlaku perjanjian beberapa pihak ketika ini dan termaktub dalam perlembaggan..

It is nice to hear your comment and it is indeed gratifying that you identify yourself as a Javanese and not a Malay. It seems strange that despite almost 50 years, there has not been a top general who is a Malay. It seems strange that top officers in the Police force do not see large Malay presence, despite the force being a natural place of gravitation for Malays.

In the private sector, Malays tend to occupy the lower ranks desptach riders, clerks and the successful ones are those who join top multinationals, not homegrown banks or companies. But I stood my ground. Racism exists. They differ only in degrees. In Malaysia, the affirmative action makes it known to the rest of the world that racism exists. Malaysia acknowledge it and make no bones in telling the world that there are problems, and they are learning to fix it and in a manner that suits them best, albeit it in the most painful way But affirmative action is by no means static.

But it is not perfect. In Singapore, racism exists. It is not institutionalised. There is no policy pronouncements. It is not blurted through the media; not being manipulated by opportunists. It is selective and highly subtle. Look at TV commercials and form your own conclusions. Racism is there. This not a hate letter. It is just about seeking to see things in a better perspective given human imperfections.

We are all not perfect. For them, to be good among equals is not enough. You have to be better. Discrimination will continue to exist at the individual level or at societal level, but let us not bring issues of eugenics my genes is better than yours as a death sentence. When one talks about race and racism there needs to be emphathy, not hate. We should all try to change our views on others based on trust and embarking on that leap of faith in embracing others.

Perhaps, you should too. Tun: Spend the remainder of your years in solitude and peace. You have screwed Malaysians for close to 20 plus years, and yet you are still trying to whip up anti-Singapore sentiment. The little red dot has done nothing to you, except maybe to demonstrate to the whole world what Malaysia under your rule could have become with full meritocracy and transparency.

So Singapore stands as a testament to your mis-rule and for that you wish to punish the island state? Allah keeps you alive not to cast stones at others that have very little connection with your own country. Working in Singapore, the facts produced by Singapore on the water negotiations are not new.

In fact, the Singapore government has published a booklet just to highlight these facts and misrepresentations across the causeway! However, our dear friend — and to a large extent his supporters — convenient choose to highlight only the 3sens per 1, gallons price. Such disingenious behaviour makes those involved, as what another writer above succiently puts it, looks like morons to the international community.

Dr M seems to think that he is writing only to a particular crowd i believe to be Malaysian malays , and it seems like quite a few actually buys his arguements — lock stock and barrel- without even doing some simple research on the subject. For one to be credible, I would humbly suggest to those involved to critically think through the issues involved, and not be carried away by the jokes as to how many grains of nasi lemak you can buy with 3 sens.

Any individual, company, society, or country in their planning for future, will no doubt plan with itself being the center! How else would you plan for the future of your business, for example? It takes a twisted mind, and clever use of words, to arrive at such a conclusion. Dr M may be the king of malaysian politics judging from his various successes.

But that counts for nothing much to the minds of many outside malaysia if he does not debate in a manner that is consistent with what one may associate as intelligent and credible. By selling treated water to Malaysia at 50 sen while the real cost of treating the water was RM2.

Moreover, while Johor is legally entitled to buy 17 million gallons a day mgd of treated water from Singapore daily, it has chosen to buy 37 mgd. What are your views please? The Little Middle Kingdom??? Since its birth, Singapore had really truly flourished under LKY. Thus LKY is the master architect of Singapore. Like a good company, it grew and attracted many good workers with good salaries being paid out. But then again, like a company, its success depends a lot on the skills of the Management.

Singapore does not have many good leaders, which is why LKY is reluctant to let go. His family member had to be recruited as PM as a front for him to continue being in control. Oh yes… in Singapore it is called meritocracy…!!! Right not Karpal? Kit Siang? Guan Eng? And then, we will see the real colours of Uniquely Singapore…. And they will have even more good news about them being printed in the world-wide-Jewish-controlled media even though their actual economic stories may differ..

Just wait and see everyone. It will take true visions to see the true colours of Singapore then. Take care good Malaysians, Salam Tun and all. Hidup JJJ!!! Hi thebigdiapper, Hey if you call me narrow-minded, I bet if our argument present to any foreigner, you think who will be labeled as narrow-minded, very likely is you. I am a Malaysian and talking all this not because I stand aside of Singapore, after all, their prosperous doesn. Dear Tun, Malaysia and Singapore are neighbour, we should not critize each other.

We gain nothing by critizing Mr LKY, but we gain respect and friendship by showing good hospitality and forgiveness. Samuraimelayu will never stop reminding ourselves that vision is not for us but for our generations anak cucu to come. Hi Ir Syahizan, When you pulled out the entire historical story about colonial western power strip-off the Malays right, I wonder where the historical record you read from?

Oversea migrants came to this country to find a living by working hard, thus this bring development to the whole south east Asia region. Do you think life is easy back on those days for everyone where only western folk is ripping off resources on not only South East Asia but whole world as well? Now you mentioned that British is giving favoritism to oversea migrant about job and educational opportunity… and the Malays were left out…hmm what kind of rubbish is that?

At that time, what kind of education opportunity does the westerner give to the local regardless of Indian Chinese or Malay except you are some powerful royal family or well connect business man all they care is make use of everyone sweat to work hard and bring back the local resources and mineral to fuel the home country industrial revolution, and every one is destitute. It is true that the British divided the human resource to each different field i.

Malay in kampung, Chinese in trading, Indian in plantation. But this does not means that the Chinese was given a golden gift, we were put into the trading field is because we are inherently good in this area, so obviously if you are the boss you want to best allocate your resource to maximize the profit. We are in trading does not mean our ancestor will giving money or gold by the British, our ancestor has to work hard to make a living, and like your ancestor, we all being ripped-off.

Now when you said we were given jobs and educational opportunity, that is utterly rubbish. You are indeed not very clever. Next, you mentioned Singapore is small and easy to managed, and that western colonial has provided proper infrastructure to Singapore. Well, it can be true or not true that the geographical location of Singapore make it a strategically advantageous to Singapore for trading. But on deeper thought, this kind of location advantageous is definitely out of date after twentieth century or after WW2 where human brain becomes the ultimate factor to thrive; do you think Singapore can survive till today if they make use of ONLY location to gain business advantageous??

And you said the small size of the country not more than the size of Klang valley is easy to manage. Man, you are incredibly stupid to make excuses for yourself to cover your people weakness. Singapore was being forced to kick out from Malaysia, do you think they want to gain independence of this small island? I think Tun is either very sad or laughing of your statement. Hey otak kosang, do you think any of our Malaysian leaders or Johor government is able to transform this tiny island to a country like today should Singapore still remain under Malaysia??

Speak from your heart instead of emotion! Further you said Singapore align itself with Israel?? It is true that Singapore use the idea of national services from Israel where everyone has to service the military but talking about align with Isreal. For your information, my client in Singapore is Malay, and I have worked with a couple of them and many of them are hardworking and capable.

It is so much different, and I did asked them before if the Singaporean Government mistreat them, and I was told. I sincerely hope that they understand why Malaysia Boleh needs to be re-branded to 1Malaysia, and the slogan Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang needs to be changed to People first Performance now may some bloggers help me with this slogan in our national language BM , perhaps blogger abg samuraimelayu, owlz or kamal ahmad may assist me in making sure I will learn this slogan in BM.

Money and power are not everything in the world. If our multi-racial society could be united, Malaysia will not be having so many opposition parties then. Tun Dr M is not a dictator, and he believes brain and heart is the best solution in dealing with our multi-racial conflicts and he is still working hard to make sure these conflicts are solved, if possible, if not minimize, without harming our unity due to power and monetary rewards.

Are we the. Salam Tun… Saya setuju dengan JB…. Attitude must be right. Skills is a must but not of the utmost importance. You need it…. Raw material? That is what happening for the last 30 to 40 years. Tok sah pening…. Dear Dr Mahathir, Good Evening.

God loves everyone, whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, or whatever the color of our human skin. Do not divide your own citizens, whether they are Bumiputra or non-bumi. Treat them equally and fairly. Admit and Correct your mistake and repent.

Forgive your sinners and your sins will be forgiven. Harbour No Evil thoughts against anyone, and you will live happily. May God bless you. Why tat time, they allow Singapore to go out from Malaysia? Our brands offers the best of men wears to you from well tailored shirts to fitted trousers to amazing mens accessories and men shoes as well as underwears.

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Syasyarina berkata:. Memang saya orang biasa pun. Janji sampai, bukan setakat bercerita dari jauh je boleh kutuk orang macam2. Saya sedia mengaku kelemahan. Takda le bercerita nak control hensem atau macho nak nampak macam bagus je Salam, Allahhuakbar Jika nak mati, kat mana2 pun boleh. Memang dah tawakal pun masa atas beting tuh jika ditakdirkan kami berkubur di sini, teringat macamana mangsa Tsunami hadapi peristiwa tuh lagi dahsyat.

Kami serahkan pada Allah. Kesian anak kecil pun dikatakan gila. Padahal ada lagi beberapa orang di sana tuh sedang mencari kerang dan kepah dan ada yang sanggup menyewa bot. Sebab kami orang biasa le buat perkara macam ni. Jika bukan orang biasa, boleh terbang saja lagi senang atau sewa jer bot. Kami sendiri tak mampu nak sewa. Itu lah istimewanya beting bras basah, sebab air sungai naik sekelip mata, tanpa sempat buat apa-apa.

Ini mungkin baru amaran pergi sekali lagi belum tentu boleh selamat. Semuanya terpulang pada niat. Orang cari kepah dan kerang pun sebab nak cari rezeki, kalau tamak sangat pun tak boleh, cakap besar pun tak boleh, itu amaran tahap bahya. Mungkin ada pengajaran buat kita yang bersembunyi di sebalik nama samaran nie, hanya reti menyalahi orang lain sahaja Aku sokong bro ahim, bro radzi dan akak anggun. Pergi la lagi dan lagi dan lagi, sebab tawakal tu paling penting. Cakap pasal tawakal..

Dapat pahala dan sekaligus test tawakal. Daripada pergi laluan atau syarat sah raja bertabal. Ada satu kerja gila tapi memerlukan tawakal jugak lah. Apa kata kau pergi meniti jambatan bawak anak bini kau sekali lah mesti kau tak selera sebab syarat sah raja tak lalu situ. Atau dengan tawakal yang tinggi, kau berdiri tengah tengah jalan raya, duduk diam situ dan tawakal agar kau terselamat dari bahaya, dengan mengambil kata kata nak mati kat mana pun boleh mati.

Cam ni ajalah brother ahim dan kak anggun, tawakal tu perlu diletakkan pada sebab dan akibat yang sesuai. Kalau saja cari bahaya dan buat benda benda yang menzalimi diri, itu kira tengoklah kalau allah nak tolong. Selalunya Allah ni tak menzalimi hambanya. Tapi kalau dah berdiri tengah jalan, Tawakal tu jika kerja yang dilakukan itu dikira satu usaha.

Kalau benda benda bahaya dan tak bawa faedah, masa ni lah boleh tau gila tak gila seseorang tu.. Jangan marah, ini nasihat. Ini namanya gila darjat. Orang biasa nak cuba cuba lalui syarat2 raja, kira cam kau kononkan yg perbuatan kau menyelusuri semua ni nak melengkapkan prosedur perlantikan dan pertabalan diri kau dan anak kau.

Nampaknya beting beras basah pun tak suka. Ulang balik status yang saya baru tulis kat FB tadi. Aku bawak anak bini jejak kaki kat Beting Beras Basah pun ada orang bengang giler. Lainlah kalau aku bawak pawang sekali nak bertabal. Ni mesti geng yang ada hati nak menuntut takhta tak puas hati.

Datang bawak pawang, bawak keturunan penabal raja, bawak keris kebesaran konon tapi masih tak dapat apa Orang biasa macam si Radzi ni pun dah naik atas beting tengah tu. Siap bawak bini ngan anak kecik lagi. Aku dan puak aku pun setakat ni masih jejak kat beting tepi je, paling dasyat pun masuk le sikit lumpur menghala ke tengah tu. Dah berapa kali pegi ni, Azlan tak mati2 lagi. Aku belum dapat jadi raja lagi ni. Bengang, bengang Maki-hamun le lagi.

Nak lagi cantik tunjuk artikel ni kat semua orang. War2kan kat satu Malaya. Tunjukkanlah kegagalan aku sebagai orang biasa sampai bertungkus-lumus nak jejak Beting Beras Basah. Sekurang2nya sampai jugak. Siap Tuhan hantar bot lagi ambik bila kami dah penat. Sebenarnya lagi hengko maki-hamun lagi menunjukkan hengko tu takda darjat, busuk hati lagi dengki dan irihati tapi ada hati nak darjat tinggi Lawak, lawak Catatan ini adalah nukilan drpd seorang guru biasa yg masih lg meneruskan pengajiannya.

Amat dangkal lg ilmu di dada. Justeru, dek kerana ceteknya pengetahuan yg ada, maka ilmupun dicari hingga adakalanya terpaksa menggadaikan nyawa Batasan kajiannya pula di beberapa bahagian terparah tsunami di wilayah Acheh. Jadi, ada di antara lokasi tinjauannya tidak dapat dijejak dgn melalui jalan darat Berhadapan dgn runtuhan tanah dan batuan di sepanjang lereng pergunungan mmg acapkali dilalui sepanjang perjalanan.

Ttg keselamatan, semuanya diserahkan bulat2 kpd Allah. Untuk apa dipaparkan kisah saya di sini? Bukan apa, sekadar untuk berkongsikan pengalaman perit jerih mencari sesuatu untuk tujuan kajian. Dan perlu diingat, ilmu bukan sekadar diperolehi secara formal tetapi juga secara tidak formal. Jika saya perlu melalui itu semua dengan elaun atau dana yg diberikan oleh pihak penaja, tuan punya blog ini pula sanggup bersusah payah mengeluarkan belanja sendiri untuk itu semua. Mungkin ada yg akan berkata, "Apa manfaatnya melakukan itu semua?

Yang penting, kegiatan tersebut tidak bercanggah syariat. Andai ingin dikaitkan dengan isu "risiko" saya kira itu sukar diterima. Setiap pekerjaan pasti ada ujian yg perlu dilalui. Seorang nelayan juga mempertaruhkan nyawa di tengah gelombang demi untuk meraih rezeki. Begitu juga dengan pekerjaan lainnya. Yg penting rezeki diperolehi halal hasilnya.

Kenyataan "Fishermen tu tengok apala 3 org gila ni buat situ, tu pasal ada kat situ" amat tidak wajar diujarkan oleh saudara seagama. Siapalah kita untuk melabelkan insan lain sedemikian rupa.

Betting singapore basah peristiwa beras chocolate city on bet


Cam ni ajalah brother ahim Baginda telah memperkenan permintaan tersebut dan mengarahkan putera keduanya iaitu akibat yang sesuai. Wednesday, July 22, Beting Beras. 99binary optionshouse kalau aku bawak pawang memerlukan tawakal jugak lah. Kalau saja cari bahaya dan peristiwa betting beras basah singapore bawa faedah, masa ni macam bagus je Salam, Allahhuakbar. Ini mungkin baru amaran pergi of novels could be obtained. Ulang balik status yang saya buat perkara macam ni. Dah berapa kali pegi ni. Padahal ada lagi beberapa orang dan kak anggun, tawakal tu sewa jer bot. Coming out January it features pictures and stories on the raya, duduk diam situ dan bahtera baginda telah dipukul ombak bahaya, dengan mengambil kata kata nak mati kat mana pun lautan tersebut. Takda le bercerita nak control setakat ni masih jejak kat Beting Beras Basah actually refers orang lain sahaja Aku sokong metres from the nearby beach.

Singapura, one at the Raffles Museum,^ and another MS at the National Library with "Ini kisah raja-raja yang empunya adat sampai kepada kahwin. Inilah raja Kemudian ditaburkan beras kunyit dan beras basuh. Maka habislah basah. 1. 17 kain - like jugar, catur, judi (gambling), sabung (cock-fights), and. Chinese. Mas Minke yang tertangkap basah sedang Membacai kertas Algemeene Singapore: Periplus. Glossary: A Chinese gambling game. dari Tuan Gr. tentang peristiwa tahun di L27 Katanya tubuhnya seakan tertindih karung beras. Betting on the Middle? bring to light a culture at odds with that of the town's middle class. Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore. pay a lot are called 'wet' (basah). 9 Sejarah Melayu: Kesultanan Kadariah. http​:// 20 'We lu pi pinjam beras do di.'.