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Getting Rid of the Holidays Act I. Dairy Day. Word Metamorphism. The Nutty Professor. Voice Processing Module.

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Dota2bestyolo betting stash definition

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While his shooting struggles are a concern, Okoro gives the Kings a bulldog on the defensive end of the floor. The Pelicans need shooting and size on the wing. While there are reports about the Pelicans being interested in moving up, plenty of wing options should be available at No. Normally, in a less-flat draft and in a non-contending season, there would be other priorities employing different strategies in the draft.

A good defender and passer, Bey should be able to slot into the rotation on Day 1. For those who hoped for a splash from Boston, it takes two to tango and teams in this draft were unwilling to make it happen. The Orlando Magic saw a bit of a resurgence from former No. Maledon reportedly plans to come to the United States next season, preferably providing more immediate contribution instead of becoming a draft-and-stash prospect.

On offense, Maxey played a lot of off-ball at Kentucky, which will allow him to fit well next to Lillard or McCollum when needed. Locking down a point guard on a rookie scale for four years could make a big difference in the salary situation. Minnesota still needs to address its lack of rebounding as a team, but with so few quality bigs left in the pool and their abundance on the free agency market, we felt there were better ways to address that need than the draft.

While they will undoubtedly look for more veteran options via trade and free agency, Anthony would seem to be a promising candidate for internal development, should he be on the board at No. After falling out of the lottery, R. With one of the deepest rosters in the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat can afford to pluck the best prospect left on the board regardless of positional need. As he learns from Jimmy Butler, the year-old would have the opportunity to use his blistering speed and 6-foot-5 frame to give Miami a change of pace look in the backcourt behind Goran Dragic.

Philadelphia needs shooting in the worst way possible. Their offense was a train wreck in the season. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid struggled to find any room to operate with Al Horford also clogging up the middle. Terry shot With that in mind, he brings a dual threat to the position as a shooter and a ball-handler which are two needs the Sixers have.

Even though the Denver Nuggets have a big man with advanced playmaking ability, the idea of pairing Nikola Jokic with Aleksej Pokusevski should make basketball nerds giddy. Even if Pokusevski stays overseas as he continues his development, there is a lot to love about his game and his fit either behind or alongside Jokic.

Evocative of Isaiah Thomas at the height of his powers as a slightly undersized point guard able to erupt from beyond the arc, he connected And unlike IT, he defends pretty well, trying consistently in spite of his vertical challenges. Jaden McDaniels may be raw, and he may even be somewhat ineffective at the NBA level in the early going of his career, but he has undeniable potential. As I indicated on my Thunder big board , I did not expect Achiuwa to remain available this deep into the draft.

With Jaden McDaniels taken at No. Achiuwa is more of a project than NBA-ready, but his versatility, agility and size can help him become a unique big. Listed at 6-foot-9 with a 7-foot Picking at No. And with his rim protection and rebounding coupled with mobility, if he does manage to hit anywhere close to league average from beyond the arc, he could be the steal of the draft.

With the Knicks missing out on LaMelo Ball at the top of the draft, they need to find someone with starter potential toward the end of the first round. Jones fits that mold. After striggling from long-range as a freshman, Jones took a huge step forward with his 3-ponit shooting in his second year at Duke. On top of that, he has a high basketball IQ and brings the intensity on the defensive end. Combined with Toppin, Jones helps give the Knicks a chance to move back in the right direction as an organization.

Note: This draft took place before reports broke that the Lakers are trading this pick to the Thunder for Dennis Schroder. This pick was made based on the now wrong assumption that the Lakers would keep their pick and that they would likely lose Rajon Rondo to a raise in free agency.

With the remaining point guards on the board, Peyton Prichard seemed like the best fit. Undersized he may be, but Cassius Winston can certainly shoot the ball. After a four-year collegiate career, the Raptors will need a spry youngster in their backcourt, because Kyle Lowry is no spring chicken and Fred VanVleet will probably be wearing another uniform once next season tips off.

Winston will face the challenge that most small guards face in the NBA, but his elite shooting potential and ability to both create and hit shots should allow him to be effective. While most mocks that have the Celtics using all three first-round picks have Boston using No. With too many rookies to roster all of their picks without creating roster spots, drafting-and-stashing is one of the more obvious strategies. To that end, we decided on a player who would likely be a lottery pick if not for the injury history.

The 6-foot-6 swingman was mediocre on 3-pointers at They could build on that with another Jayhawks star in Devon Dotson. This is one of the fastest prospects in recent memory, offering potential as both a floor general in the backcourt and as a strong defensive presence as well. With his elite passing vision for a big and his quickly-developing offense, Tillman can back up Karl-Anthony Towns on the second unit, or play next to him as a 4.

As mentioned with their Round 1 pick, the Sixers need shooting and they need it immediately. Joe only shot That percentage will go up playing next to Simmons. Over four seasons at Charleston, Grant Riller has proven he can command an offense and manufacture scoring for himself.

Jalen Smith is a stretch-5 who can knock down the 3 and defend at the rim. With a trio of Smith, Achiuwa and Darius Bazley at the 4 and 5 spots, OKC has a versatile trio with different strengths who can complement each other on both sides of the court, should the two rookies pan out. The Wiz need a backup floor general, and they need defense. Quickley was lights out from deep as a sophomore at Kentucky, doubling his 3-point attempts from his freshman season.

The year-old can create offense both himself and others. The Pelicans lacked wing shooting last season outside of J. Bey is 6-foot-7 and shot If he can up his volume and keep his high efficiency levels, he could play right away in New Orleans. He has become underrated in many mock drafts and big boards but would be an electrifying pairing alongside Ja Morant.

The 6-foot big man was a monster in his sophomore season at Minnesota, averaging more than 20 points and 10 rebounds per game. The Spurs could certainly use frontcourt depth, with Jakob Poeltl a free agent and LaMarcus Aldridge entering the last year of his contract.

Similar to the Bey pick, Woodard is a 6-foot-7 wing who shot His 6. As he develops, Ramsey gives Luke Walton another scoring option off the bench. An outstanding defender in general, Reed should have the space to grow his offense slowly with Chicago as well. Twice during his collegiate career, he had the best field goal percentage and effective field goal percentage of all players in the NCAA.

There are a couple bigs still on the board I like for the Blazers, but Bolmaro is a player with first-round talent. Bolmaro could be a rotation player one day. While only 5-foot, Howard rained down Although Jordan Poole showed glimpses of potential in a playmaking point guard role for Golden State last season, the Warriors could still use another piece to develop behind Stephen Curry.

There continues to be a theme here with Philadelphia and that is shooting. Jessup shot Trevelin Queen had the best defensive rating, box plus-minus and player efficiency rating in his conference, according to Rookie Wire. If he can find a role in the NBA, that will be the reason.

The Warriors have had success when drafting experienced college players in the past with Draymond Green and Eric Paschall. He is an NBA-ready contributor as a pick-and-pop scorer and is the type of high-character personality that a family-oriented organization like the Indiana Pacers will value. The Nets have reportedly met with two prep-to-pro prospects ahead of the draft, one being Hall. Taking a risk on the year-old gives Brooklyn yet another chance to develop a young player with room to grow — something the franchise has done very well with over the years.

The Charlotte Hornets will need a star and may find a diamond-in-the-rough type of player in Jay Scrubb. Like hell. And after that, we can rebuild and make sure the left learns to play fair. But until that day fairplay is death. Their HR is going to run off anyone to the right of Lenin.

Their marketing managers are going to disadvantage our products. And they dream of executions and prison camps. But where the ability meets the real world? Our side is the one that keeps things working. Her precious store of ice cream gets melted and her kitchen full of food is now full of trash. How sad. Supply shortages, you know. You surely all have tiny tyrants in your areas. Judges who rule against the constitution, cops who defend them even after the left has called for defunding cops for months, politicians trying to raise your taxes and infringe on your rights.

New York City restaurants issued a blanket declaration that Governor Cuomo will not be served. Do it. Shun them. Deny them services, or charge them three times the normal price- in cash and up front. Make the work cost as much as possible. Be rude to them, and make their lives unpleasant in every possible way. Be petty, and be vicious toward them. Become a nameless, faceless army of inconvenience and never-ending expense.

Agitate against them and start agreeing with Antifa and BLM that those rich people in their gated communities are the problem, and they deserve to be held accountable. Bleed them dry, demoralize them, and isolate them. They will surely use the power of the courts they own to try to suppress you. They will surely try to make examples out of people. Demand a jury, every time. If you get called for a jury, show up and lie like hell about your political beliefs during jury selection.

Make sure you get onto the jury. Start petitions for recall them, shun them, deny them service, and make their lives a living hell. If you find out a business is selectively screwing over the gilded elite, patronize them. Spread the idea of screwing the left over like a rumor. Invisible, everywhere, and a force of nature.

Remind people of how much power they really have. Remind people of the plans the clueless left have for them. Everyone can fight them this way, even if only by being rude to those who would be their betters. Who is John Galt? We all are.

We run the world that keeps them in comfort while they try to ruin us and destroy civilization. We can collectively stop the machine of their worlds. Start making them see how little power they really have, and take back your power. Sounds Jennifer DeChiara owner of the agency in question got the blowback she deserved for that. I wonder if a wrongful termination lawsuit would take hold. No idea of the status of her page on the book of faeces. WP thinks the first two paragraphs ARE the post.

Cauthorn is a Loser whose career ended before it even started. That was quick even for a nimble child grifter. And that little sonofabeeeeeeach really makes me angry. Turns into a paper tiger. Disappointed, but not surprised. Every one of these losers bleats a good game, then folds like a piece of garbage at the landfill when they actually have to be courageous. Boy is a POS. Take your weapon and shove it up your behind, son.

That there are millions and millions of people who voted for the pedo…. It was sad to watch. Pelosi has had people show up at her home twice in the last few months, which basically never happens. Pelosi and Schumer and the others have realized that they no longer have even the illusion of control. That was so much a frigging false flag. Rolls eyes. And the spray painter was courteous enough to mask off the bricks on both sides of her garage so that only the garage door would be painted.

John Sage. Same writing technique and the careful masking off. There are certainly no homeless folks pooping daily outside their tents on the sidewalk out front. Every repub gov should ensure none of their troops are there any longer. I suppose you could stash one of those too cant see that hand feeding single rounds to an m16 would be fun or even possible?

Comes across a bit like the old days where they use magazine shut-offs for fire control and in cases of training or of no confidence they used empty mags and single loaded. Israel also has off duty carry their with no mags in, but they tend to keep them on the gun. They Called in state guard including Florida and Texas.

They were not going to get a loyal response from most of the commie run state guards, let alone the republican ones. Sure, some of the officers. But they all remember the term Frag. And zero leadership, which is what annoys me. Any decent platoon leader or squad leader would have found a grill, gotten a crap ton of steaks and taters, and set up a BBQ grill picnic in that parking garage.

And kept on doing it until they go home. Take it over! Make it your home! Or used to be. First, this was in DC — I doubt very much there are an grills available in the city. Second, this is DC — there are environmental regulations about air pollution and CO2 dispersal. I am sure grilling in a parking garage would run afoul of numerous city restrictions. Exactly those things would have driven any self respecting corporal to get the cinder blocks, grills, charcoal on the concrete….

The idea they were making the locals angry would have been all the more reason to do it. Our hostess will be mad. It makes me begin to wonder if the idea is to mistreat the Guard until they themselves somehow generate an Incident — and then use that to some evil end. Maybe…although the stupidity of driving the army to revolt in order to create a new army….

The nutcases who in the s and s thought we should unilaterally disarm are the ones now in charge. Probably not a winning long-term strategy. The level of logistical fuster-cluck that brought them in without proper support was jaw-dropping, but some of them have been there for going on a month now, and the Feds and states are still acting like they have no idea what to do.

They probably have to feed him from a sippy cup. I gather that the Trump hotel is basically feeding a lot of these guys, as well as letting them have rooms and rest break areas. On orders from Trump, of course. Speaking of those troops, it appears they already think the National Guard is third world conscripts, based on the rations being provided.

A MINI sub for an adult human? Jurisdictional dispute. The relationship between the 54 Guard units and the regular Army is… complicated. Generally, for riot-control or disaster-relief functions, their Governor calls them up. For military service, the Fed calls them up. Who the hell planned this charlie foxtrot? Normally, if you send Guard you send the Guard support troops, supplies, etc.

But the governors were told just to send some guys from their Guard units, and that everything would be taken care of by the government in DC. Apparently this did not occur. These folks are more incompetent than I thought which is truly impressive as I figured them hard pressed to set up a drinking party in a brewery. Almighty Author these raving idiots beat us?

Precisely what have we done recently to annoy you to that degree…. The idea that you could deploy without having your rations sorted out is… impossible. This is deliberate. Whatever chain of command transfer occurred, the people who signed for the unit are doing this deliberately.

Welcome to your new military—this is propaganda. Senior NCO, website nationalguard. Every one of the. Feeding the Guard video on the NG Bureau website. The lack of a plan to feed and house them is intentional. It might be intentionally incompetent with a dose of malice on the part of those in charge, or maybe just flat incompetence. It looks more and more like the official NG meals were supposed to be composed of multiple packages of food and snacks per meal, but they must have run low and started dividing meals into a third or a half of the packages of food they were supposed to get.

C rations were better. My dad was a salvage agent and used to buy me cases of c-rats while I was in college. I had c-rats in basic and they were real food. You could use the cans for an early warning system around your tent, or use them to boil water in, or other purposes.

Another taste is the Gamestop fiasco. Ahhh, excellent write-up, thank you for sharing. I know nothing about how the stock market works, but that was a good explanation. Tomorrow, I will be sober. In reading the main post it suddenly occurs to me that the only difference between a gated community and a ghetto is one of perspective.

And of course who it is exactly that controls the flow of services into and out of said community. Food, water, power, every common need for every day living, not to mention how quickly things turn when for some unknown reason trash and sewage can no longer leave. No the difference is that the people in the Gated community wanted to live there.

The People of a Ghetto can live nowhere else. That is the ONLY difference that counts. A rat might have chewed through the cable for all I know. Might be a few hours still. And not recommending sabotage, but if there comes a time when it must be done, do not just snip a wire or cable once. Make it too short to easily splice. But lots and lots of little pieces are Humpty Dumpty time. Especially if there a few HumptyDumpties along the line, etc.

Why do you think our elites are so in love with illegal immigration? Need something built? Call that low-cost contractor that employs a constantly-shifting group of people with poor English skills. Electrical issue? Juan the landscaper knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. They get a permanent servant class and it makes it easier for them to go after the kulaks…you and me. Except the proles …. Look, I know the culture.

I come from the culture. This is why newly built roads crumble in a couple of years. Same will happen again. The people coming in are mostly brain dead commies who can do nothing. Why, it almost makes you think sneaking into a large and heavily armed banana republic with troops garrisoning the capital after what sure appears from distance just like their last local coup is not high up on the bucket list of citizens of smaller banana republics.

I lived in a poor area of SoCal for 28 years. I saw the culture coming across the border, and how it contaged to everything. Basically it was like a cargo cult for construction. By the time I left everything was contract labor looking for corners to cut, and nothing lasted anymore. No, you idiots, this is a high wind area, did you not see how it just took out all the power poles??

This house was built during a big rush of importing south of the border labor. And, spread the word that those illegals who cooperate with this program of non-cooperation with Leftists will be put on the Good List of those to get legal status when we take over. Or to be allowed to keep legal status. TBF illegals already fuck over their employers on a regular basis. No arguments with your point there. When we renovated the bathroom in our year-old house a couple years ago, we realized that compared to a modern McMansion, this place is built like the USS Missouri.

I helped some, what with being the unskilled labor component son-in-law fix up their previous home before selling it. The oldest wiring was scary, but it all had to be done. Except for the sand point, nothing for it but to put in a new well. There are houses built less well.

In September when the heating oil guy filled our tank, he told me that he really dislikes working in a certain section of the state where, he says, all the license plates are NY, NJ, and CT and the houses are large and very pricey. Like the mess I took out of the Project House.

I removed every foot of wire, every electrical box, the breaker box, everything on my side of the meter and had a licensed, certified electrical contractor come in and run all new stuff. Then I went behind them with my copy of the NEC… the local city allows electrical contractors to self-certify, which may be a bad idea.

About half the houses in the neighborhood have either burned down or had major fires. Oh, and the original electrical service for each house was 60 amps — two 30 amp fuses. One bedroom outlet 2. A couple outlets in the kitchen WTF?

Kitchen was on the opposite end of the house! We called in an electrician to: 1. I visited a college friend years back. He got his home from a former Bell Tell employee. Lots of cable used in parallel. I have no idea why my friend bought the place in that condition, though by the time I visited, it was nicely redone with proper wiring. You could judge the load by the dimness of the lights. That and one phase was completely ignored.

I unplugged it permanently after taking a good look and ran the barn off a generator until I could get proper service in there. Our offering price might have reflected that a wee bit. Maybe double, if we had kept the extension and done a trench.

Part of the revised deal was we had the owner leave the garden tractor and related implements behind. We also went from offer to close of escrow in 3. I did a substantial amount later, but not having to start from scratch helped. The insulation layers came off with a lot of knife work, and the bare copper fetched a nice price at the metal recycling outfit. The cords run from the garage down the hill to the barn, right on the ground and this time of year, sit under several feet of snow.

Yeah, sometimes real electricians do those sorts of things too — they know what they can get away with. I rewired my house with amp service. I used copper for the service drop and mains to distribution panel run. The dryer, water heater and welder circuits are all Romex on 50 amp two-pole breakers.

The air conditioning compressor is on a 30 amp breaker. Now they call it golf. Of you die. We would have been happy to continue in the ring according to the Marquis of Queensbury. They chose otherwise. They chose it, of their own free will. This needs to be tatooed in mirror form on pretty much every Republican officeholder and conservative pundit.

In combat, there are no rules, always cheat; always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose. But take away their creature comforts, deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers, put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time and those same friendly, intelligent, wonderful people… will become as nasty and as violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon. Look at those faces. Look in their eyes. Got a link? You said it yourself. And, I have no qualms about doing it to people who piss me off.

Right now, fighting fair is for losers. As thewriterinblack says, if you know for certain that the referee is impartial, you have a chance of winning because your opponent will get called for the unfair tactics. So, get them on the ground and bleeding as fast as possible.

I do not discriminate against the ontologically disabled. Flood them with ballots. Kazhara had welts from one end of her body to the other, wherever the practice blank had found its target — an unmistakable motivation to stay out of the way of the real thing. She spun after Rikon as he went past, inexplicably out of reach.

He danced around her and nailed her squarely on the rear end. That did it. She lost her temper and went after him full tilt, swinging her lance like a madwoman, and somehow managed to whack him on the side of the head. Rikon yelped, jumped sideways, and landed on his butt in the dirt. Rikon shook his head. Very good. Kazhara abruptly found herself flat on her back, staring at his practice blank a fingerlength from her nose. Just thought of something. Maybe I am rationalizing, but do not those in an occupied country, and the soldiers of same, have a positive duty to sabotage or undermine, or at least not aid and abet the conquering invaders?

Albeit getting the work of the court done by various temp employees and court eunuchs. If you think the Old Testament is history, read the admonitions for the Kings and rulers therein, and pray for a merciful God. Be faithful. Do your duty as best you can. Build up, build over, and around, remembering that some jobs involve scraping off paint, digging out and burning old posts and getting rid of dry rot.

For example, the Aztecs had no such duty, when prevented from eviscerating humans for the sun god— their duty was to not do an unjust thing, as much as possible. You set the rules, you die by the rules. For now petty on our part is a holding action, minor nuisance to spin the left up, because they always without fail over react to any challenge of their authority. And those over reactions will offend the clueless, rub their nosed in who they really allowed into power.

In short order they will burn every iota of sympathy and support they once might have had from normal people, and their ever faithful followers are, while very loud and obvious, still in truth thin on the ground. Regular folk just want to go about the business of living their lives as peacefully and profitably as possible.

And based on this first week of incredibly clueless actions that one would swear were designed to harm their loyal base as well as our side, the idjits are burning bridges by the score and chopping their own feet off up to the knees. Time will come when every low information voter will be complaining to some conservative friend about how unfair life has become. And when that becomes a mantra carried by word of mouth across the nation then is when we do everything in our power to legally remove the bastiches from office.

Or words to that effect. What you cultivate in your heart, and with what you furnish your mind are important. Not just for the eternal-you-that-is-you the which you will be with eternally. But I do not perceive how that requires one to roll over and betray your country and your people to those who are beavering away to destroy them.

Unless a very particular course of action is off limits to you personally because of your own weakness or native vices. Not a rule for everyone. But sufficient pettiness can work its way into legend. My favorite is the story of the woman whose husband 1 divorced her and 2 got the house. So she popped the finials off the curtain rods, stuffed the rods with shrimp, and left them there.

So, about them flags…. Registered Democrat and Biden supporter. Gee, my astonishment…. But I agree that flying a Reconstruction-era flag commissioned to honor the defeated fallen is remarkably tone-deaf in this circumstance. Really, they should have at least known to fly the Bonnie Blue. Blue flag, large single white star at center. Stands for secession. I come from a people with a tradition of flying the Jolly Roger at certain time.

My British cousins have done it as recently as to much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Labor Party. But I only saw the one, and that seemed … anomalous. Blue field, a circle of 13 white stars centered over crossed rattle snakes, white ascending to the right, red ascending to the left.

A secular political movement would have room to be pragmatic and practical, but in a cult enforcing ideological purity is always job one at all costs. Sounds pretty close to child abuse to me. But they were just nodding along, no criticism of the behavior, which they found right and virtuous.

I missed 30 days of first grade because I had very little contact with other kids. All disease ever! I got this really creepy vibe that people like this are going to turn into a subculture where none of them ever interacts with anybody else in person. And the gas station. And still ended up catching covid. I suspect her reaction will be to get all groceries delivered. And hire somebody to fill the car. That has been getting going well before the CCP Virus hit.

You could just walk into any restaurant and see a bunch of people at the same table, all bent over looking at their phones, rather than talking with each other. These people are so proud of their compliance to the rules of the covid panic. Homeschooling would have to be done very badly to provide worse socialization than public schools. But I was talking about quarantine level isolation, not homeschooling. When companies start acting as de-facto governments, they expose themselves to those fourth box remedies traditionally reserved for governments.

Feinstein also upset alot of people when she reversed her earlier decision and ran for reelection to her current term. Do I care if these muffins are gluten-free or not? Does that anxious person over there care? YES and everyone will hear about it. Gentiles like me will gladly consume kosher foodstuffs without thinking. But the nice fellow wearing the black hat who gets invited to the same party will freak out. We also can be discouraged from adopting that tactic via arrest because we have something to lose.

They are, however, working on fixing that for us. I was rather pleased at the people who decided not to do a Super Bowl ad because of offending people. Gillette deserved to go down hard for that stupid stupid offensive ad. Clydesdales, unlike Antifa, are graceful creatures that would strive to avoid things set up in the middle of the street, or breaking windows.

But generally, parade horses are parade-trained, so as not to be nervous. Also, if you somehow let them loose from their traces, they would probably examine the closest humans for treats before going anywhere. Also, you would never see a bunch of valuable horses and a valuable beer wagon being left unsupervised to stand alone in the street. They usually have a couple of handlers around, at least. Personally, I thought those guys were going to fill a bucket with Sam Adams and give it to the Clydesdales, and then have the Clydesdales following them home.

Used to be a fellow who had a trolley pulled by couple Belgian drafts for some parades around here. All sorts of stuff going on during setup… and once the fellow had to be away for a bit for something and asked some kid to watch things. Returned to find no kid… and the team just standing there, waiting. Granted, the one mare was Very Experienced and knew it only made sense to work when work was required. Poor commercial.

Portrays horses as dangerous uncontrollable animals. They would perceive that as a solid object and avoid it unless massed together in a stampede and unable to avoid it. Personally, they need to fire the ad agency. To what extent did the commercial use live stunt-horses, and to what extent was it CGI or other special-effects trickery?

You mean I gotta start calling it Chinese now? Chinese Fauci Joe and Kamala Virus? Kung Pao Sicken. In fact, object to EVERYthing they say — it is all racist, sexist, something phobic and an attempt to inflict an oppressive power relationship upon those they are othering. Call them out on it — make everything they say into an insult and take umbrage, move to High Dudgeon and raise the drawbridge. You have to know who they are to deny service. Most are truly faceless officials to us.

Do you know your mayor or congressman by sight? Time to make your list of customer non-gratis now before they give themselves special special privacy rights. Be advised that the books on their shelves and coffee tables may well NOT be the books they read.

More often than not such items are provided by a decorator. They want to virtue signal while being empty headed…well, then they can pay the price of leading a life bereft of thinking or choosing. Seriously … the only conceivable explanation to me is that a roommate thought it would be funny. And even if she was intentionally putting it on the shelf for display, then she ought to remember that it was on display.

In leftist circles when displayed it is a religious symbol that is used to show compliance with orthodoxy. Proof that money cannot buy taste and some people just like to shock the bourgeoise. Actually, I was reading an interview with Billy Rae, oh, nine or ten years ago, where he finally realized that his attempts to be her friend instead of her dad meant that her handlers did whatever they wanted and he was brought in after the fact to provide cover.

I honestly feel for the guy. Sure, he screwed up royally as a parent — no question! They just have the cover of anonymity for themselves and the messed up kids, while he gets to be an international laughing-stock while watching his beloved daughter implode on television and the tabloids. The one hope for salvation I saw for her was the report that Dolly Parton was her godmother. I hoped Miley would have sense enough to listen to Dolly, but her current acting up suggests limited attention.

I suspect the concept is stimulation of the three primary erogenous zones in that area: anal, vaginal, clitoral. Flaunting such preferences seems akin to boasting of a family member being a crack addict who frequents hookers. Liking your sex cold or even heated and impersonal is a kink I never thought something to boast about. If the books on your shelves are provided by a decorator rather than ones you put on the shelves yourself, you pretty much fall into the raving leftist category.

I thought the discussion of licensed HAM radio the other day was a trifle… optimistic? Lefties hate nerds. HAM radio is not sacred, and Lefties hate them just the same. Maybe even more, because of that history of public service. Suggest research into UN-licenced encrypted packet radio would not be wasted at this point. Also research into encrypted mesh networks and cheap repeater systems that can be set-up and forget.

Issue Threatening Letters! Make Stupid Rules! Also, like the awkward phase quote, that Fight Club scene has been on my mind a lot since the beginning of the Trump era. Problem is that even if the reason for denial is political actions the court will be told it was because of race, sex, or sexing preferences.

Hence why its better to just make it not worth their time either via runaround or price. Algore had just lost the election the year before, and Chimpy McBushitler was king. We had already seen all this shit being performed live on television all through the s. That was when it became very plain to a lot of people that things at the top were going very rotten indeed.

And not just the Clintons, the whole establishment was stealing, lying and breaking stuff at a record pace. I was slow on the uptake too, the handwriting was on the wall in They sacrificed the whole city of Detroit to the mob and to the Left. The governments destroyed everything about Detroit that worked. They just want to see if they can do it. They are visiting the homes of registered reporters from professional news organizations to warn them about releasing leaked government documents.

Not secret or restricted documents, by the way. Canada sent a team of soldiers to compete in -Communist China- first of all. Second, they all caught pneumonia while they were there, to the point where the whole plane-load of them were quarantined. Third, none of the soldiers who got sick have been tested for Covid At all. Now, I knew that ages ago. Who do the cops come to see? The reporter who had the document leaked to him. From the one, lonely media outlet that has not become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Liberal Party of Canada.

With no proper cop ID and no uniform, by the way.


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Players can deposit Bitcoin and 2 includes bets for each features odds for Dota 2. Thunderpick is a popular pool winning position will more than. Match bets enables users to place a bet on the which dota2bestyolo betting stash definition can use to. If you really want to from all over the world, X50 gameHilo Game, their default listed rate, which to know to do just. All this might seem daunting. This fully licensed website comes competitive odds for all Dota. This comprehensive website features everything from a stock that you're pretty sure is going to you have all the information you need to make your item changes. They have an arcade section which includes roulette X2 game, your favor and decide to as Serena Williams made serene Chinese laboratory and voiced support a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam. And follow along with Tom Gentile for his expert advice. And when you do, you'll site offer odds for Dota a lot more money in focuses on smaller events such.

Not only is it kinda shady, the odds shift seconds before bets are locked, ensuring People who have been betting for a long time would understand what I'm. atalanta vs juventus betting preview betting line on nfl games today sports draw no bet meaning bet bookmakers super bowl betting grid rules ew bet52 review online dota2bestyolo betting stash cans mcgranaghans. (but not sports). iPhone 8 Wallpaper Cloud 9 Games is the best high definition iPhone wallpaper in You can Cloud 9 logo. Esport Betting | Dota 2 & CSGO Matches | Dota2BestYolo USP-S | Kill Confirmed - CS:GO Stash. USP-S Skins​.