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In short he is an all rounder as far as films are concerned and a one man army. Email: adidive13 gmail. Media and production based in Indonesia. Experienced underwater and topside camera person, documentary maker and award winning filmmaker. Both pre and post production, rebreather certified to m, with all own dive and camera equipment. Some local language and extensive local contacts. Email: rglowacky outlook. Freelance Filmmaker specializing in camera work and editing.

Have worked with a variety of organizations from charities to broadcasters. Looking to tell compelling stories about the natural world and those that call it home. Email: info kiregodal. Award winning filmmaker Kire Godal makes natural history and conservation films on Africa, as well as commercial and promotional films for African companies and NGO's. As a filmmaker and explorer Kire is the first to film many rare and secret ceremonies of diverse traditional African groups.

She is also passionate about wildlife, and dedicated to human-wildlife stories and environmental issues. There Will Always Be Lions? Toledo Ohio USA. Email: alexmgoetz gmail. Northern California USA. Email: goldenbergfilm gmail.

Will Goldenberg is an award winning US based cinematographer specializing in natural history filmmaking. Since then, Will has contributed to factual television programs, independent documentaries, commercial advertisements and environmental advocacy films in the US, UK and abroad. Will is currently based in Northern California and accepts foreign and domestic assignments as a freelance cameraman, producer and editor. Bluearth production 17 rue St Antoine Marseille France. Email: bryangrayson ymail.

An enthusiastic, hard working and dedicated documentary cameraman and film-maker, I am the only UK finalist to be selected from over world wide applicants for the Animal Planet 'Unearthed' series. Being skilled in underwater, aerial and night filming including the use of infrared cameras this makes me highly adaptable for various filming productions. I am also proficient in the use of Final Cut Pro editing programmes and am always keen to take on new challenges.

I interact well with other members of the production team as well as being able to work alone on my own initiative. Having demonstrated the highest levels of motivation to successfully meet the tightest of deadlines and budgets I am unfazed with working long and unsocial hours in the most difficult of conditions. As a fully qualified aircraft engineer, I am inventive and use my sound electrical and mechanical knowledge to successfully develop solutions to production problems with minimum cost.

Having a desire to succeed I have attended a variety of courses and have a broad knowledge of producing, directing, camerawork, lighting and editing skills. Interested in interactive technology and new forms of digital storytelling, particularly those that feature non-professional participation. Email: matkojr matkopictures.

My name Martin Gregus Jr and I am an internationally awarded photographer, graduated documentary filmmaker, and expedition leader. Specializing primarily on aerial wildlife cinematography and photography in the Arctic, Antarctic and Coastal Rainforests.

Since I have joined my father in the creation of a variety of projects and companies whose main focus is to share and preserve the world we live in today. Having worked extensively on all continents with the exception of Asia I am happy to help plan and execute any projects both big and small.

For a full resume and list of qualification please contact me. I look forward to talking with you soon! Email: martin martingregus. The president and founder of PhotoFabrica and the One 50 Canada Society; Martin has over 40 years of experience in professional photography, cinematography, advertising, and publishing.

Over his many years in the business Martin has spent much of his life working with his camera in the studio with various well known individuals, movie stars, presidents, prime ministers, or just beautiful people; shooting commercial, fashion, architecture, and documentary projects. Martin founded PhotoFabrica in order to offer his extensive experience and creative talent in a variety of different fields to companies and individuals in Canada and overseas. Together with his son Martin Jr they live and operate a photography studio as well as an aerial filming company in Vancouver, Canada.

For a full Resume and list of qualification please contact me. Email: bertiegregory live. I am a year-old aspiring professional wildlife photographer, film-maker and presenter. The next day, I boarded a plane to begin filming and assisting Steve Winter on assignment for National Geographic.

I developed a fascination with urban wildlife whilst photographing peregrine falcons in London and Bristol as one of the VISION Young Champions, the multimedia initiative that aims to communicate the link between human wellbeing and habitat restoration. I am also fascinated by the the mega fauna of wilderness areas. Email: neil. Roslin Nature is a single-handed non-profit project in which wildlife documentaries are produced for presentation to local and national environmental clubs and societies.

Northern Frontier chronicled the colonisation of the Lothians by the nuthatch. Fantasia is a short film about a pair of peregrines in Midlothian. Oasis is the most ambitious project so far completed, a documentary about bird life in the Esk Valley near Edinburgh. Each documentary has taken two years to complete. The working title of the current project is 'Nature's Cauldron', which explores the birdlife and other wildlife of upland habitat and conifer woods in the Lothians and Borders regions.

This film will be complete by end The project for is a documentary comparing woodland habitats in Scotland and Massachusetts, in collaboration with Massachusetts Audubon Society. Bristol United Kingdom. Email: will willfostergrundy.

Just as comfortable working at m above sea level as at 45m underwater. His passion lies in working on observational documentaries to tell important and powerful stories through film. Will has worked on international broadcast productions for clients including Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Smithsonian Channel and has directed and shot a series of films selected for international film festivals. Rui Guerra. Photoguerra - Underwater Productions, Lda.

Lisbon Portugal. As a Portugal-based underwater image specialist, his main underwater filming and photo locations are Azores Islands, Madeira Islands and all the Portuguese main coast and freshwater environments. From the open off-shore high seas to the most remote underwater cave, his diving skills and photographic eye are used in conjunction with the knowledge of the underwater kingdom, always paying attention to safety.

More here. Rafael Guadeluppe dos Reis. Email: contato latinwildfilms. I'm a natural history filmmaker working in Brazil. Email: mail rguerreiro. My films aired on the Portuguese television and were featured in DVDs accompanying nature photography books. My pictures have been featured in National Geographic magazine Portugal edition and other relevant Portuguese press.

I've authored a photography book on the local wildlife of my home town and a children's book on the same topic. Email: guerrerorozco hotmail. I am an amateur wildlife filmaker and photographer. I recently started a Blog called www. I offer free advice and support to persons interested in filming wildlife in East Africa. Email: harryhallphoto gmail. I have always had a passion for wildlife and I feel at home when in the outdoors.

I have professional experience of recording HD video and sound of both wildlife and presenter on location and experience shooting with jib crane equipment. Although a technical all rounder, I am most comfortable when behind the lens. I shoot and edit all my personal projects on a Canon 5D Mark II but can quickly adapt to using other camera set ups. I volunteered on a South African wildlife reserve which gave me knowledge of animal tracking, field craft techniques, behavioural observation and assisted with species monitoring and relocation.

Dick Harrewijn Utrecht The Netherlands. Email: ik dickharrewijn. Being a documentary cameraman for years I've specialised mainly in National History. Work at an equipment rental company and post production facility brought me good knowledge of both. With the experience in such cameras, I have worked a lot as digital Clapper-loader on Dutch feature films an commercials. I'd love to work story driven. I believe thats the only way. Email: rebeccahartmedia gmail. Website: rebeccahartmedia.

Becky is experienced filming in the African bush. Tv and editing video diaries for their internet channel. Camera credits include a number of short corporate videos and documentary series: 3D Kalahari Meerkats and T. A — This Is Africa 3D. T Wilderness First Aider.

Becky has a great enthusiasm for anything that involves adventure and thinking outside the box! She designed her personal website as an avenue to explore and develop as a filmmaker and photographer and is currently operating on a freelance basis. Based in the UK Becky has an additional base in South Africa where she has spent a lot of time filming over the past 3 years.

She is keen for worldwide travel and has filmed in Canada and Alaska! Hotwells Bristol United Kingdom. Email: rossharvey89 gmail. I am a keen and hard working individual, with a passion for filmmaking of all kinds. I have developed my skills and learning through a BA degree in filmmaking to arc along the interest of wildlife and adventure with my eyes now set on completing a BBC affiliated Masters degree in Wildlife filmmaking, with the intention of beginning my career thereafter.

I have a wide range of camera experience and sound recording, working with various clients including, Slapstick Festival, Somerset wildlife trust, Specsavers, and Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club. Before setting into film-making, I spent 8 years working in the retail industry. The communication and management skills picked up during that time have translated well for work in an environment that requires a high-level of communication and team work.

Haarlem The Netherlands. Email: remco photonpower. After being active as a "conventional" filmmaker for more then ten years mostly fiction, and corporate videos , I finally decided to follow my real passion of Natural History productions in I consider myself to be a:.

When you think I can be of any service to your production, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Email: grahamahill gmail. Email: skizip gmail. Robert Hofmeyr Cinematographer. Email: bobhof gmail. I film 6K raw nature and wildlife content. I also travel regularly to film in Southern African and further afield. On these trips, I am happy to schedule additional filming, or just look out for a particular shot for potential clients.

If you would like to be kept updated on future expeditions, let me know. Email: matthewjrhood gmail. Wildlife cinematographer , camera operator , still photographer. Currently working on an Animal Planet project in Zimbabwe. Email: samhopes88 gmail. I am particularly interested in timelapse photography and high-speed filming. After graduating I worked as a research assistant and survey leader for Global Vision International in Costa Rica, performing data analysis and leading surveys of monkeys, marine turtles, and bird surveys by canoe.

Having had the opportunity to travel extensively, I am competent in a wide range of habitats from caves to coral reefs, and have particular experience in rainforests and tropical temperatures, having lived off-grid in the Costa Rican lowland rainforest for six months. I also have substantial post-production experience and DIT skills. I am familiar with 4K workflows and can use Adobe Premiere and FCP 7 at an advanced level, for tasks such as stabilisation, noise reduction, spot masking, colour-keying, footage conversion, grading DaVinci Resolve and timelapse assembly.

See recent credits on my Profile Page! Beckenham Kent United Kingdom. Email: richard edge2edgefilms. Freelance Wildlife Cameraman and Location Director. More on Richard's Profile Page! Pieter Huisman. Email: pieterhuisman eyesealand. Pieter Huisman has a background in documentaries, having filmed in over 30 countries since He enjoys working as part of team, as well as on projects that require self-motivation and an independent mindset.

Skills include using extreme telephoto lenses, macro, underwater, high speed filming, infrared nocturnal, remote controlled cameras and HD and 4K stock shots. He is also proficient as an editor and colourist. Email: cristilealin gmail. Cristian is the only director of photography in Romania specialized in wildlife film. Afterwards, with his Camera 4 Association, he founded wildliferomania.

He has been supporting several wildlife projects, including WWF's Open Borders for Bears in the Romanian and Ukrainian Carpathians, by filming the capture of the monitored bears. Email: videodiver mail. Email: info hilcojansma. Biologist, cameraman, editor, director, drone operator, scuba diver, Phantom high speed camera operator.

I am a biologist and started a career as wildlife filmmaker in At the latter I was awarded an Honorable mention. In I joined the Flightartists operating the Phantom v high speed camera to capture fast moving animals. Although I can work alone I am also a fun team player. I am eager to learn to handle more cameras, new related technologies and to further improve my editing skills.

I do sports to keep in shape for physically demanding conditions. I communicate fluently in Dutch, English and German. I am available for both camera and editing projects. Have a look at my website www. Email: michaeljenner16 gmail. Mick is an experienced award winning camerman and film maker. We have an extensive library of stock footage from the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Here is the Answer. Email: mike mikejohnson. Wildlife, nature, travel, and adventure cinematographer and editor based in the central US and available for worldwide travel. Extensive experience shooting and editing for broadcast television, specifically with docu- and reality-style shows. No location too remote or extreme! Follow me on Instagram mikejohnsonvideo.

Email: jonathan emberfilms. Jonathan, known by many as Jip, is a specialist lighting cameraman who has worked on award winning natural history programmes. Prior to focusing on camerawork Jip was an editor working on an array of productions. He loves a challenge and is always looking to further his knowledge of new technology and filming techniques.

Jonathan was principal cinematographer on the first 2 episodes of Hidden Kingdoms as well as filming the 40 minute 3D IMAX feature which is to be screened soon. It was shot on Red Epic using super slow motion techniques. In addition, Jonathan specialises in macro filming and had to engineer various miniature lenses to achieve the intimate angles that have enhanced many of the sequences within the programme.

He filmed in various locations across the world including Canada, Norway and Kenya. Jonathan filmed many of the graphic shots within the programme so that the images could be composited to create the final cinematic look. Jonathan is also a Wildeye tutor.

Email: alexjones wildfp. Alex Jones is one of the few top-side wildlife cinematographers based in both Southern California and Bristol, England. He specializes in top-side animal behavior and macro wildlife cinematography. Alex's passion, work-ethic and eye for detail makes him one of the best cinematographers in the industry and an exceptionally hard working asset to any team. Alex also includes a 4K drone to match for beautiful land and aerial cinematography.

The list goes on with owning and operating jibs, sliders, steadicam etc Please download the pdf or connect with Alex directly for a full equipment list. Nick Jones. Email: nickbjones mac. Email: sandesh sandeshkadur. Sandesh Kadur is an award-winning wildlife cameraman and natural history Presenter with a passion for conservation. Although primarily based out of India, Sandesh has filmed across the world from sea turtles in Mexico to King cobras and tigers in India.

He is an associate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers as well as a member on the board of the International Association of Wildlife Filmmakers. Kolkata West Bengal India. There are two things I enjoy most and do best: find unique stories and fresh, unusual ways of telling them, and being behind the camera in the field. I enjoy producing, directing, researching and essentially seeing projects through from start to finish.

Wild Kenya Safaris Mombasa Kenya. Email: shazaad. Website: px. Moritz Katz. Wildlife Cameraman and Biologist Tokyo Japan. Email: moritzkatz gmx. Having his own gear, he is flexible and happy to work in motivated teams around the globe. Email: info iwp-wildlife. Ispida Wildlife Productions is an independent production company, dedicated to create the highest quality of wildlife films.

Our focus is on wildlife in Africa and Europe. We are an experienced team, striving for excellence in the creation of unique films. Email: arianne. Arianne is a recent BA Hons Television graduate from the University of Glamorgan, based in Cardiff with an intense passion for wildlife and conservation. Throughout her course, she created a number of short films and documentaries including a short film about Lundy Island's marine conservation and a documentary about the effects of the recession on the UK's animals entitled The Price of Life.

She is also a keen wildlife and animal photographer and is always looking for opportunities to expand her growing portfolio. With such passion and interest in the natural world, Arianne has been inspired to want to combine this with her love of photography and filmmaking to help raise awareness of conservation projects and issues globally as well as closer to home. Tech-savvy biologist, researcher and self-shooter with a passion for the natural world. Strengths lie in interpersonal skills, practical approach to problem solving, exceptional eye for detail and ability to rapidly learn new processes and technology.

Production all-rounder with real appetite for high quality wildlife filmmaking. Email: info philippklein. Philipp Klein is a camera operator and assistant based in Berlin. As long as he can remember, he always wanted to become a wildlife filmmaker.

His great passion first showed up when he spent eighteen months filming all across Brazil for the five part documentary series Wild Untamed Brazil Terra Mater , National Geographic. Since his very first professional steps in the wildlife film business in , he has been facing multiple ranges of extreme shooting conditions all across the world, from the clear cold of the Sibirian winter to the humidity and heat of the Amazonian rainforest.

In , he then became a camera operator and assistant on a freelance basis. Yet, apart from his very diverse field of activities, spending as much time in nature as possible is still his main ambition in life. Email: anya. Enthusiastic, experienced diver and underwater videographer. With a background in science and additional education in cinematography. Creative with a natural sense of frame composition. Team playing and working on own initiative. Easy to communicate with.

Adaptable and positive in a challenging environment and open to personal development. Patient and persistent in goal achievement. Maintains the high levels of fitness required to work under physically demanding conditions. Confident and up to date with new technologies. Email: trekkingwithtrevor gmail. Trevor is a biologist and an explorer who works as a wildlife guide in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

He spent several years working with and around animals in both captivity and in the wild. Trevor is skilled in a variety of outdoor activities; and he is a certified wilderness first responder, swift water rescuer, and scuba diver. As an explorer, Trevor wishes to inspire people to learn more about animals, partake in conservation, and go on adventures. He is always searching for the next big, wildlife adventure. As a freelancer and wildlife profesional, his skills include on-camera presentation, narration, photography, and film-making.

If you wish to learn more about Trevor LaClair, then check out his portfolio: trekkingwithtrevor. Dominique is an independent wildlife documentary producer and photographer specializing in wildlife of Eastern North America. You can see a preview on his YouTube channel. An accomplished editor too. Also available soon, high-definition DVD on mammals, insects and amphibians.

Wildlife cameraman and filmmaker focusing particularly on UK wildlife. Bramcote Nottingham United Kingdom. Email: matt. His experiences have taken him across the globe from filming Tasmanian Devils in Australia to Hammerhead Sharks in the Bahamas and has experience behind both the camera and the keyboard for filming and editing roles respectively.

With a Grade 8 in LAMDA Verse and Prose, Matthew also has a clear and strong reading voice - he has narrated all of his own work himself as well as the documentaries of some of his fellow students. Email: contact fabienlemaire. See more on his Profile Page! Dan Licht is the owner of Pronghorn Productions, a full service nature and wildlife video and media company stationed in the Great Plains region of the United States.

He is within a few hours drive of Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, and the lake country of Minnesota. Sample videos and a list of services can be found at www. Email: mike hairy-frog. Now also producing Wildlife Interactive Touch-screens. Over forty International awards to date. Specialist in herpetology, entomology and UK wildlife.

Large video, sound and stills library. Email: aglowe9 gmail. Camera operator looking to film just about anything in nature. Loads of experience on the corporate side. Have done various projects with owls in South Africa. See: The Owls of Skova Biodiversity. Email: arthur. Arthur is an editor, producer , skilled photographer and enthusiastic cinematographer who is willing to work in any way related to wildlife.

He is currently an advertising film producer in New Zealand. Email: smacktelevision gmail. All my info and showreels are here: www. Nairn Highlands Scotland United Kingdom. Email: rossjmaclean gmail. Operate as Camera Operator too. All own gear. Kitale Trans Nzoia Kenya. Email: lifemaisha06 yahoo. Professional Freelance cameraman based in Kitale and Nairobi who has vast expirience in film industry.

Email: rjmann89 gmail. Bit of a mouthful I know, but hey.. I've been in the media industry a while now and fulfilled many roles in that time. I'm familiar with most most major camera formats Red, Arri, Canon, Sony etc.. I'm particularly geared towards wildlife and adventure based documentaries having completed an undergrad and masters in 'Wildlife Documentary Production'.

During my masters I discovered a passion for time-lapse and have been lucky enough to produce plant time-lapse content for a number of Bristol based productions including: The Great British Bake Off , Harvest and The World's Biggest Flower Market. I'm available for hire along with a complete 4K filming and motion control time-lapse kit.

Nature really has the best stories and I love being able to show it off with spectacular visuals. Scotland United Kingdom. Email: info jimmanthorpe. I am a wildlife camera operator and fixer based in the West Highlands of Scotland. I specialise in Highland wildlife - particularly eagles and otters - having worked as a ranger on the Knoydart peninsula for seven years.

My most recent film is a 12min production on the white-tailed eagle. Anzio Rome Italy. Email: luca. Luca Antonio Marino is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer with experience of shooting wildlife sequences solo or with crews in varied locations across the globe. He graduated from an MSc in Biology, an MA in Wildlife Documentary Production and he recently completed an internship as a researcher, assistant producer and camera operator at DocLab, a documentary production company based in Rome.

He is scuba diving trained and has multilingual skills English, Italian, Portuguese. He has collaborated with universities and research centres, collecting data and documenting animal behaviour with photographs and videos published on international scientific journals and magazines and broadcasted on television programmes Rai 1, Canale 5. Techniques: long lens photography, macro photography, time-lapse, high speed. Hoedspruit South Africa. Email: info wernermaritz.

Download: 4K Wildlife Production Package. South African born wildlife camera operator based in Hoedspruit. With over 8 years of international experience, filming wildlife all over Africa and parts of Europe. Spreading my skills not only as a camera operator but also as an stereographer and photographer.

I have a military and nature conservation background and extensive experience working in isolated and extreme areas. My passion, love and dedication for wildlife and the natural world, can be seen in my work. Email: info tdmarks. I grew up in Africa. Living in Zimbabwe for most of my life I have seen first hand what it means to be in the middle of an unfolding saga. The unique environment that I was brought up in has given me an appreciation of the beauty and splendour of the natural world.

I love nature with a passion. I also love working with modern technology. By becoming skilled in film I to want to combine my two passions so that I can use one to help preserve the other. Through the power of creative storytelling whether filmmaking or photography I aim to contribute towards preserving, conserving and restoring the world we live in and hope to inspire other people to do the same.

Tim has over seven years experience as a camera operator, director, and photographer and has worked on a variety of programmes covering a range of different genres. Skills Summary Experienced first and multi camera documentaries, time-lapse, travel, landscape, and wildlife photography. Self-shooter based primarily in Bristol as well as Aberdeenshire. Experienced in editing with Premiere, Final Cut and Avid.

Basic post-production skills including colour grading. Particularly inspired by stories of where animals and humans collide. Email: danmarsh me. He has spent the last year researching and filming the marine life in the South Pacific and has now returned to the UK to pursue his dream of becoming a wildlife filmmaker. Silverback Films Bristol United Kingdom. Email: kmayhewphotography gmail.

Carter McCormick. Email: ethancartermccormick gmail. Carter McCormick is from Rising Fawn, Georgia where he gained a deep respect for our connection with the natural world. He began his filmmaking career in and his passion for film and conservation has taken him to wildernesses around the globe working alongside prestigious research organizations, conservation groups, universities, and other NGOs. Carter and his wife Paula founded Habitat Productions a non-profit based film production company in , where they focus on the creation of wildlife and environmental documentaries.

Currently Carter is researching how wildlife films can be better formulated for his Phd at University College Cork in Ireland. Take your shoes off Productions Gothenburg Sweden. Tony has a very varied occupational background. He has advanced boat certificates, experience from the Swedish Search and Rescue Society, and is also educated as a dive instructor. Tony is educated as a Svalbard guide and has worked on two wildlife expeditions to Svalbard.

Working as a dive instructor, guide and boat driver has also lead him to work on killer whale safaries in northern and central Norway for over ten years. Tony has worked as a professional photographer since This is today his full-time occupation. He is an experienced photographer , filmer and editor. He can film on land, under water and from the air drones with his own equipment. He is mostly active in Sweden and Norway, but available for work anywhere. Fluency in Dutch, German, English and French allows him to work in many locations and on many international projects.

In he moved from Europe to Canada. He holds dual citizenship and can work on both sides of the Atlantic. European Union. Active in ocean conservation and stewardship projects and has won awards for his work. In-depth knowledge on salmon and ocean life and advised film crews and production companies on story development. Email: cd. Websites: chrismilnes. Wild and rugged, yet hugely tame with humans and animals alike, Chris is always a favourite with wildlife filmmakers and conservationists the world over.

His adaptability and skill set has allowed him to flourish in a wide range of habitats, whilst a highly committed and conscientious work ethic means his presence is always beneficial to his environment. He has been spotted completing a wildlife filmmaking course in South Africa with NHU Africa, and current reports from the field suggest he is pencilling an independent shark documentary to be based in Costa Rica for 2 months later this year.

Although there is ability and motivation in abundance, he is still a fledgling in this territory, and therefore looking to gain as much experience as he can to fire up his wildlife filmmaking career. Put him anywhere, doing anything, on any project, and he will revel in it. One of the more creative types of the species, his background has combined graphic design with wildlife conservation, gaining experience in both the field and office environments, notably researching white sharks in South Africa; sharks, stingrays and turtles in the Maldives; being a trail leader through South America; and working in design and event management for a conservation NGO.

His field experience has also seen him filmed in and assisting with documentaries by National Geographic and Vox production companies. Offspring includes the clothing brand Dorsal , which was created to raise funding for shark research and conservation efforts, together with CoExistence , a marine conservation charity fund both non-salaried projects.

He's out there somewhere! He is tagged though, so can easily be located by anyone interested in doing so. As a final note: he will be over-excitable, but don't be afraid - its because he likes you. Black Devil Productions Tasmania, Australia. Email: max blackdevil. Residing in the Tasmanian Wilderness, he knows exactly where the animals are and most importantly you will have everything in budget.

In a previous life Max served time in the armed Special Forces with survival skills in high mountain altitudes to deserts and forests, but has since swapped his weapons to shoot with a camera. Unable to shake his love for adrenaline, Max now spends his time hiking, rafting and climbing to remote areas searching for endangered animals or interesting natural areas. Max is fluent in both English and Spanish and with credits including National Geographic, Extreme Fishing, David Attenborough and many others but also has experience in production management showing attention to detail and knowing the perfect outdoor location to film in Tasmania where only someone with local knowledge and bush craft skills can take you.

Email: mihali. Mihali has over six years experience as a camera operator and has worked on a variety of broadcast programmes covering a range of different genres. A biology graduate and a keen diver, Mihali has a strong passion for the natural world and wants to increase his experience in wildlife film making.

Competent with most video formats and experience working abroad, Mihali is always looking for new and exciting projects to work on. Email: robin robindmoore. Scottish-born Robin Moore is an internationally acclaimed nature and cultural Photographer represented by National Geographic Image Collection. Robin is currently working on a film on the decline and extinction of amphibians in addition to several projects in Haiti and is always looking for ideas for conservation-themed stories.

Email: sharkyjillian gmail. Jillian is a freelance wildlife camera operator that specializes in underwater with a passion for sharks. She is a marine biologist that uses her science background to enhance her ability to capture unique animal behaviors and shots. She has traveled the globe filming in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas to the raw wild of Antarctica.

Her science background has also placed Jillian in front of the camera on several National Geographic programs. For more info see filmography on website. She loves the challenge of filming in remote areas and in challenging conditions. The opportunity to tell nature's story is a driving point in her travel and work.

Jillian is co-owner of a conservation based media group that produces photos, videos and graphic designs with a conservation message. Christian Munoz-Donoso. Hadley, Massachusetts USA. Email: contact equilibriofilms. Email: iananelson. I have worked independently as well as for the American Bird Conservancy on environmental film projects. Email: tom thisworldcan. An experienced and reliable filmmaker with a passion for crafting work that inspires lasting environmental and social change.

I have a natural instinct for customer service and love collaborating with others to drive projects forward. Email: w. Wolfgang is a graduate zoologist specialized in production of stereoscopic 3D macro documentaries on invertebrate behaviour, able to film on location throughout Europe or in his own studio using custom macro 3D and industry standard rigs. Looking for commissions from production companies and broadcasters for programme inserts and sequence work. Email: will. As a cameraman, I love the ability to record and document behaviour through video.

Films are a fantastic way to convey a story and message to a wide audience. I am qualified for tree climbing, and speak both Spanish and Indonesian. This makes me a great asset to teams looking to conduct rainforest expeditions, however I am happy to be thrown into any kind of environment armed with my camera - I thrive on a challenge!

Email: hunter. I'm a freelance photographer, cinematographer, and editor based in Birmingham, Alabama. I specialize in producing conservation related documentaries. Email: pimniesten hotmail. Website: pimniesten. Pim is an award-winning camera operator and filmmaker specializing in Natural History and with a background - Masters - in Zoology and Marine Biology. Being a professional wildlife camera operator since more than 12 years of experience Pim has built up a large variety of wildlife filming experience including long lens, macro, drone, set work, high speed, time-lapse, infrared.

Besides being multi-skilled he is also proactive and creative in thinking and executing and has a great eye for detail. His social skills, knowledge of various languages fluent in Dutch, French and English, notions of Spanish and passion for both nature and film makes Pim a trustworthy and very valuable team member. He can easily merge his extensive knowledge as a biologist with the technical approach and visual language required in filmmaking.

Blessed with a strong endurance and a good shape, Pim is able to cope -both physically and mentally- with very demanding situations and hostile locations, while always maintaining a positive attitude. Please have a look on his website for more information and examples of his work: pimniesten.

Sara Nilsson. Email: sara. I have completed my own 30 minute documentary about death abroad - which has prompted the Scottish government to re-evaluate certain policies with regards to death abroad. I have also completed a few short promotional videos for various organisations and charities.

Charlottesville USA. Email: riggraam gmail. Chris is a qualified Herpetologist. He began his wildlife filming career about years ago, and while at Karst Productions was a pioneer in the use of high definition wildlife camera work. He now combines his wide-range of experiences to produce factual wildlife programs in an understandable and engaging way.

Email: belugalagoon. I have done a lot of long lense work In the past. I am now experimenting with wide angles for filming wildlife, using an array of dolly and stabilizing systems for unique perspectives. I am also Using similar techniques for ever more Interesting Time-Lapses. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I love having the skills to be able to put Audio to my own Visuals. I have collected a variety of exotic instruments on my travels and use these for creating unique textures in my compositions.

I have qualifications in studio sound, and I am currently doing a field recording course in my spare time. Email: pagodroma gmail. Photolibrary: www. I have over 15 years experience in documentary production and worked in various positions from field logistic support, photography, sound recording and now mostly cinematography.

I have solid guiding and expedition background, am used to working in remote areas and certainly an extreme environment specialist from polar to tropical with a variety of species. Specific recent camera experience includes remotely controlled cameras, stabilized systems and drones licensed operator.

RED Scarlet W owner. Looking for proposals in wildlife, conservation, adventure or the combination of the three! Nuneaton United Kingdom. Email: andyjamesosullivan gmail. Email: sabyasachi. Sabyasachi is an award winning cameraman and filmmaker who is passionately criss-crossing India in his SUV to document the fast vanishing wildlife of India. Sabyasachi is currently working on a documentary on leopards living outside protected areas titled Leopards: The Last Stand. His deep knowledge of animal behaviour makes him move close to large mammals and get the desired footage that would have been otherwise impossible to get.

Sabyasachi uses his Canon long tele lenses as well as wides and believes in using the heavy OConnor fluid head and tripod for stable footage, even in treacherous terrain. He is adept in sound recording using his Sound Devices recorders and various microphones including shotgun and parabolic microphones. A prolific writer and conservationist, he is the founder of IndiaWilds www. Tasen alle 16 Oslo NO Norway. Email: pausett online. Cam operator, fixer, location scout, drone operator, transport, logistics.

Nottingham United Kingdom. Email: jackperksphotography hotmail. I've always had a keen interest in the natural world and using photography as a tool to conserve and explore it seemed a logical step for me. Whether its the people who work with the animals or the wildlife itsself I use my own style to document it.

I'm the first person to film every freshwater fish in Britain taking seven years to complete. Daniel Pinheiro Films Lisbon Portugal. Email: danielpinheiro. I have been particularly interested in wildlife since my childhood. My professional background is based in media and audiovisuals. After this period, I had the chance to enter in the industry as independent wildlife filmmaker, sound operator and camera assistant, working in several productions in Portugal, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

I am available as wildlife filmmaker, freelance camera operator and sound recordist. Photos of Africa Munich Germany. Email: info photosofafrica. Passionate about Filming Tourism and Wildlife Destinations. Freyung Germany. Email: anna possberg-media. Together with her German husband, an awarded photographer, Anneliese Possberg started to travel extensively to haunt the beauties of the world ten years ago. Looking for means to convey the overwhelming impressions and experiences gathered during their travels Anneliese discovered her passion for the moving images.

Thus she took up the challenge of filming people and wildlife in their environment. Her debut documentary about the Antarctic wildlife is currently in production for broadcast and cinema. Additionally a travel adventure series is planned after publishing the coffee-table book "The Desert Motorcycle Dream". A well-known German motorcycle travel magazine published her latest VOD full-length documentary about their adventure in Brazil "On the Track of the Jaguar".

Three years ago she started to specialize in time-lapse photography which resulted in award-winning short films about the Northern Lights and the landscape of the southwest USA. Micro-aerial images by their own drone hexacopter enlarge the portfolio of the intrepid team that Anneliese forms together with her husband. Email: lutventura gmail. In the beginning of , he continued his career to NGO orangutan, as an director, camera operator, photographer, field coordinator program, research.

His footage has been used in News features and for programming on National Geographic Channel, Rettet den Regenwald, and a number of other major broadcasters. At the present time, he is freelancer film director, camera person, active in documentary film workshops in several state universities in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia. Email: emilyprousephotography gmail. She has undertaken expedition trips to Gambia, Mull, Scotland and around the UK, producing a variety of stills and film for the course within deadlines.

In her last year, Emily is creating a 15 minute documentary looking at the topic of reintroducing European Grey Wolves to Scotland; for the control of Red Deer, linking this to the idea of re-wilding formerly successful at Yellowstone. She is keen to share within this film knowledge about conservation, and to change public perceptions whilst producing a concise, informative film.

Emily has been working closely with UK wildlife centres such as Wildwood to achieve this and the film will be released in May Emily is hard working, flexible, creative and eager to continue learning. Olivia Prutz London United Kingdom. Email: oliprutz. Freelance camera operator and editor based in London, working nationally and internationally.

Experienced with a wide range of camera and lighting equipment and various post production software as well as being qualified for aerial work. Website: flavors. I am a freelance filmmaker specializing in wildlife and observational documentary. Based in the UK my love of travel, and interest in art, conservation and education has led me to work on film projects across the world from Africa to the Antarctic.

My first job in television was for CaseTV a production company specializing in children's programming. I moved to PrimeTV camera hire company in where I gained the technical grounding I needed and soon started working as a camera assistant. Rue des Grantez St. Email: stephenlequesne gmail. Stephen Le Quesne is a film-maker, cameraman and presenter. He has an indepth knowledge of conservation, science and the natural world with a Masters degree in Conservation Biology and over 10 years of volunteer work for numerous conservation organisations including Durrell Wildlife.

In addition to this he has worked for the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia and the Kalahari Meerkat Project in South Africa where he honed fieldcraft skills that included radio-tracking. Stephen is passionate about communicating the stories within the natural world and recently attended the Wildlife Film Academy in Botswana run by NHU Africa. Email: juanmariaraggio gmail. Juan Maria Raggio, Johnny, is a nature documentary producer, cameraman and photographer, with a team of excellent writers and filmmakers, specializing in wildlife and natural history.

His last production on "Twilight of the Hooded Grebe" achievement the creation of a new National Park in the Argentine, called Patagonia, to save this little known endemic species, since it was discovered in Long-term mission of Johnny is to inspire people to fall in love with our land through their images, awakening the desire for knowledge and conservation. Paul Redman Director , lighting cameraman, editor and activist.

Email: paulredman handcraftedfilms. Paul has been a campaigning filmmaker in the environmental movement for over 10 years with the Environmental Investigation Agency and since with Handcrafted Films. His work has involved directing, filming and editing a variety of films for advocacy on a range of issues including the trade in tiger parts, whale and dolphin trade, illegal logging and the ivory trade.

This work has involved extensive travel in hazardous environments as a small crew using both open and covert filming techniques. Celia and I wish to send our love and deepest sympathy to Joyce and her family at this sad time. Mick wells will be attending Mikes funeral.

He will be staying the night of 4th, if any others will be doing the same can you let me know which Hotel they have booked. Thanks, Pat Wells. Very sad to hear of the passing of Mike Ross to whom we owe so much. Deepest Condolences to Joyce and the family. Rest in peace Linda. Funeral arrangements for Mike 3. I have just heard the shocking news of he passing of Taffy Ross. Annette and I Send our sincere condolences to Joyce and family. Taffy will be sadly missed by all in our amphibious family.

Rest in peace Taff. I have just got back from a week in Wales with my granddaughter and read the news of the passing of Mike Ross. Both Kate and I are shocked and upset at the news and our deepest regrets are for Joyce and family. He was a true icon of the amphibians and will be very badly missed by one and all. Our world will miss him and his leadership. Rest in Peace Mike. You were one of the best. Very sad news I am still in shock I have been in contact with Joyce and I will publish the funeral arrangements as soon as they are available RIP Mike.

Had a telephone call from John Michael to inform me of the sad loss of Taffy Ross who has passed away. Just heard through my other half, the sad news that Taffy Ross Died yesterday, apparently, it was on face book which I do not use, so I thought I would post it on the forum. Sincere condolences to Joyce and the family, our thoughts are with you at this sad time. Sad news that Mike Taff Ross passed away last night rest in peace my friend a true 18 amph comrade and a true gentlemen.

Thoughts go to the family. I am the son of the late Charles Bartolo of Vittoriousa in Malta. If anyone still remembers him, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank You and Fair Well. Hello Bob. Yes I went to the motorbike show at the market in Ashford Easter Monday You've got to move faster than that if you want to catch me, had to leave early, I was falling asleep there and Foxy, I never use face ache too much personal info on it for my liking.

Take care lads hope to see you all soon. Hi Mick Yes we are still about and I only had a look at you the other day with one of your motorbikes I was going to come over but you had gone when I made up my mind Bob. No John.

Still keeping my eyes on it every day down here down under. Some of the guys are posting on Facebook these days have a look at Fremington camp on FB. Well, its been a long time since anyone posted anything on the site so, I hope you are all keeping well, I thought that there must be a problem somewhere, or my computer is not receiving.

I guess with all this good weather you must be out sunning yourselves or on holiday. All the best John Michael Mick for the hippie traveller. John, I booked yesterday afternoon and I had a choice of the type of room I wanted so there must be rooms available, just tell them your booking for the 18 Amph reunion, they hold a number of rooms for us.

I hope everyone is keeping okay and in tip top health, looking forward to seeing you all again. Sorry, I don't do face book, only the forum so perhaps I don't keep up to date with you all. Kind regards John Mick for the hippie. For John Gibson there are about 30 rooms left at The Barnstaple Hotell tell them that you are with the Amphibious Reunion and you should have no problems all the rooms are booked in Mike Ross name hope to see you at the Reunion Geordie.

Tried to book the hotel but they declared it as Full for these dates Are other members in the same boat or DUKW's in our case Do we just book a hotel as near to the Barnstable Hotel as possible? Also I do not possess a Regimental Tie will I be able to purchase one at the reunion Im really sorry that I cant remember you Ossy, I have found some pics of the football team but I cant see myself in any of them.

It was Ingham not Inglis. He was our Pocket Battleship in the middle' Boy could he talk his way through a game. Soon let you know if you weren't pulling your weight. Danny wasn't shy either in letting the forwards know if they were lacking I am looking forward to the reunion to see old faces that I thought I would never see again. I always seem to have a problem posting my messages I have taken out most of the punctuation marks but still having problems.

Mick for the old age hippie. In reunion the entertainment lady will not be with us. All change as requested. Our enter entertainment will ten pin bowling from hrs followed by dinner. Then we have Jason Toff to entertain you until midnight ish. Saturday times to follow there will of course be our AGM. Evening dinner at hrs if possible I shall have tables of 8 for your comfort.

Please ensure the dress for Saturday night is jackets and regimental ties. Also you are responsible for your guests dress. Appropriate for our ladies with slacks if you wish. Great to see you about GIBBO, you obviously dont recall me or some others that are in photos with you at Fremington on this site, Ive never forgot you, you were distinctive and stood out a mile and was one of the lads at the time, half a century ago, will look forward to meeting you at the reunion, and jog your memory.

The soldier that drowned was Norman Holmes, it was Johhny Ingham not Inglis in the football team with you, I along with Don Turner and Bob Raistrick also attended Danny Chandler and Kenny Anderson funerals, couldnt make Johnny Nutzladers but was in touch with him only recently before his passing, please stay in contact with us all, you,ll love the reunion, Ossy.

I have to say its very nice that people can still remember me after such a long time I cant for the life of me think how I could forget a nickname like Flash I was looking through some of the past emails and saw that Danny had posted the sad news of Johnny Nutzlader passing away Johnny was an enigma to me his body shape was not of a footballer but he was one of the most skilful players that I played with I remember Routledge arriving along with another chap called Snodgrass or Higginsbottom one of these Yorkshire names, they both arrived at the same time in 66 I think?

Does anyone remember poor Jethro King. He had tried to re-enlist but was refused I am really looking forward to the reunion although with a little apprehension as the only folks that I can clearly remember were in the football team and the office I knew Cheeky MacDonaugh who was in the REME attachment but cant remember what the rest worked at Keep safe and Healthy John.

Hi Gibo , I remember you at Fremington! Look forward to seeing you at the next Re Union at Barnstaple. It's a fantastic week end and you'll meet up all your old mucker. Hello Gibbo a blast from the past nice to hear that you are still alive and kicking just looking at you on my wedding photo now that was a good day and enjoyed by half the squadron It will be good to see you after all these years the reunion takes place in the Barnstaple hotel Where a-bouts do you live now I reside in Catterick Garrison Looking forward to meeting you again regards john Geordie cook.

I had read in a previous report regarding the sad passing of Danny, I am also saddened to see that Kenny has departed as well. I will be attending the reunion. I would appreciate any help in getting me organised, I. I believe the railway has disappeared?? I received an email from 'jomichal', I think he knew another Gibson, were there two Gibsons at at the same time??! Does anybody remember the name of the poor guy who was killed whilst on exercise in Flushing,Holland.

His DUKW overturned transporting girders from ship to shore, he got trapped underwater by the girders. I believe Keith Markey was his best friend or was close to him. Very sad time for the Company. It's strange but very nice to see that RCT Coy is still remembeed. I only typed in key words and found this site, quite remarkable. For John Gibson. John I know most of the names you mentioned. I can infer you that the Kenny Anderson and Danny Chandler have passed.

We are still in contact with his wife Margaret. As regard to the other names yoiu listed maybe Ozzy or some one with a greater knowledge than I. We do have a reunion come up. I am John Gibson, also known as Gibbo. I was stationed at fremington Afternoon all. Just received confirmation for the bowls on Friday 13th October. We have six lanes booked with two games. So thirty six members can go head to head in the competition. So it's games and entertainment booked ready for the next reunion.

Already twenty rooms are booked as well. Remember if you wish too bring two guests along please do. But you are expected to be responsible for themand their dress on the Saturday night. Stay well be safe see you all in October. Just a quick heads up. Finance for our next reunion is now confirmed. So it's ten pin and entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. Stay well and safe. Richard thank you for your best wishes.

Photograph for the last reunion with placedon FB. Are you on FB. We have our own site on FB. In box me and I'm shall get you in as a melmber. The next reunion is 12,13 and 14th Oct. Eighteen rooms are booked already. Stay well. Hi Mike. Are there any photo's of the 16 reunion? Hope you are feeling better after your health traumas lately.

All the best to you and every one. This causes her certain discomfort as she feels his memory should be remembered correctly and wishes if possible for past postings to be edited properly and future ones acted upon accordingly to reflect her feelings. I hope all will understand as she wishes everyone well and thank you all in advance for your cooperation in this matter cheers Ossy. Hi Everyone. Reunion First off I would like to thank Don Turner for all the liaison work he has carried out for the committee for our next reunion.

The out line provisional programme for is as follows. Pitch up either Thursday12 or Friday 13 October. We are kicking off with 10 pin bowling at hrs with the allocation of 6 lanes. Names to me if you wish to play. After dinner we are being entertained by Jason Todd a local man who have entertained in and around the clubs of Barnstaple. On Saturday we will be holding our AGM. Time to follow.

Dinner at hrs with of course our Regimental ties and jackets. Appropriate for our Ladies. Entertainment as requested by so many will be Keith Turner. Stay well and safe during You may book your accommodation now. Do not forget to book Saturday 14 October Hi to all you fellow amphibians firstly I would like to say well done to Mike for the results of the prostate scare and wish him well for the future.

Received a call this morning with the good news. Prostate all clear so the radiotherapy worked on me. No more of them injections either. I am now on blood tests. I think I can live with that. Now the lungs. Having had acute pneumonia which has left me on oxygen for awhile which is restrict me.

But I shall get by that in time. The reunion next October will happen and already planning is in progress. Be safe. Geordie lad. Where has the Christmas dinner photo gone that Ossy is referring to I know it was on here somewhere but I don't now seem to be able to locate it? In answer to your question Ossy, yes that is Gibbo in the photo and I know that he was living in Ashford Kent, as I met him a few years ago but failed to get his address due to me being in a vehicle at the time, I will endeavour to find out where he is at the moment.

I think it must have been at least ten years ago when I saw him last but I'll give it my best shot. I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year, may all you wish for come true and may you stay healthy, wealthy and warm. John Michael Mick to my favourite old age traveller.

Hi could either John Gibson himself or anyone else confirm he is who we all knew as Gibbo the photo of the Christmas dinner has him sat next to Bob Macmanus,with Flash peering out to one side behind him Ossy. Thank Ken. This infection and radiotherapy has been fighting one another. So what was happening was the radiotherapy was winning every. Now the good news. With the end of radiotherapy in sight they are releasing next Wednesday after my last radiotherapy. The consultant is putting me on an 8week plan to get the lungs back to what they were.

I would like to thank you all for your best wishes. Fingers crossed I am hoping for a good Christmas after being in the hospital for almost three weeks. This year because my problems we have not sent you Christmas greetings. However may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Stay well stay warm and stay safe. Hi Mike, Hope you are on your way home very shortly and getting ready for Christmas. Wishing you all the best Ken. My Health. Well I am now off liquid antibiotics and on the pills. The infection is still with me but the top Doctor said the pills will move it in a few days.

That means I shall be in for a few days yet. Prostrate cancer is almost completed. Just 8 more sessions to go. Once that is finished it will help get rid of the infection in the lungs. Anyone wishing to contact me please telephone on Many thanks to all who have contacted me already.

Stay well and keep warm. Hi Mike Taff sorry to here about your lung infection. Glad there treating you good in hospital get well quick mate. The lads of 18 are thinking of you. Hello mike, sorry to here the news, hope you have a speedy recovery for your ills.

Hi Every One. I am in hospital at the moment fighting a lung infection to add to my prostrate problem. I must say they are looking after very well. To Mike Ross, Heather and I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope for a speedy recovery. Thanks for a greet reunion Taff, Cedric Gould. For Mike Ross good news Mike lets hope it continues.

Glad to hear all going well Mike, you know we all wish you good luck boyo. Is there any photo's of the last reunion and is there any chance of posting them here on the website please? Kind regards John Mick for the ancient traveller. Just a quick up date Amphibians. Started my treatment today and I am delighted to report all went well. Stay well and take care. Hi All. I am after photographs of our reunion. I have a select but it would be nice to have a great selection. These photographs are for the next issue of the Waggoner which will be distributed in February.

As regard to next years reunion I shall email committee in January with a proposed outline programme. Already we have eight 8 rooms already booked. For all Amphibian stay safe and take care over winter months. Sorry to hear that the Captain Danny Chandler passed away.

Great player. John gibson. All went well and a good support of Amph lads. I spoke to Avril wife and many of his family saying that all the Amph lads send there condolences. Rest in peace Vic your last duty done Flash. Now that the dust has settled somewhat on our last reunion I would like to congratulate Mike Ross for another excellent reunion function.

This was by far one of the best my wife and I have attended. The entertainment and company were great to say the least. It was great to meet up with old friends even if sadly we are reducing somewhat in numbers. Kate wants me to thank the girls for a very entertaining Saturday with the shopping and a very relaxing afternoon on the balcony.

When can we book for next year Mike?? I would like to welcome Bill Mc Grath to our association. For John. Membership number Bill on behalf of all Amphibians welcome. See you in Barnstaple next year. I would like to thank Mike Ross, the Committee, and indeed all the other attendees at the Reunion for giving us all a great time, at a great venue. There must have been a lot of work done and it was most certainly appreciated by my wife and I, as well as many others.

Well done everyone! A fantastic weekend at the reunion, good food good entertainment and a FEW drinks with old friends and I'm not sue if I spoke with them all but I hope I did. Thanks Taffy Ross for organising everything and I wish you all the very best of health for the future. I hope to see you all at the next reunion, I might bring my hip flask, all our very best wishes to all. My what a man, henriy, I wish I could have some of his get up and go. All power to him, I wish him well, rocky.

Hi all you Amph lads. I had a phone call last night around about hrs from Henriy Kubinski , he will not be coming to this years Re Union. He's been to Arnham reunion for the Polish para , he's been to Canada , he's just returned from a holiday in America arrived back Monday night. He feels tired and is going to have a good rest , he's 91! Sad to hear of Vic Roberts death, sincere condolences to his family at this moment, RIP Vic, we'll tip a couple of pints in memory of you this weekend.

Sorry to hear that Vic Roberts has carried out his last duties. Rest in peace Vic your duties done. Thoughts are also with his family. It is with sadness that I report the passing of Vic Roberts. Vic died this morning in Barnstaple Hospital. RIP Amphibian your duty in now complete. Over the passed two months or so several members have contacted me to say they are unable to attend the reunion because of illness either to them or Wives or Partners. Would everyone who cannot make it please cancel your booking at the Hotel.

It will give me some final figures for the Saturday dinner. In the mean time get well and stay safe. We will I am sure be thinking about you. I shall publish this on FB. I remember visiting him at one of his summer camps when on leave from the Australian Army back in the 's. I understand he retired through age as a GSO1 shortly afterwards.

Any information anyone has would be most gratefully received. See you all soon. Regards, John Mick for the old age traveller. With just 17 days to the reunion that I am sure all members are looking forward in seeing one anther again after a long two years.

Prior to the dinner on the Saturday twenty second of October I have booked a photograph from hrs. So if you would like to record the evening by having a photograph I am sure the photographer would oblige. See you all on or about Thursday 20 October. Punctuation removed for input.

Thank you for the invite to your reunion, unfortunatly i cant make the dates due to childrens half term, however i hope the invite is extended to ? Thank you Tiny for the medal cleaning service advice im working on getting them done soon. If all is well for i will get dads squeaky pictures together for you all to see!

Many thanks and stay safe and well, kindest Regards Chris Thomas. Thought I hadbetter let you know that I have just booked my place? Just me! Hi all just wanted to post to support Rocky Geoff as I feel strongly that all such as Jan,Margaret and Chris and any future bereaved family of our departed comrade's should have an automatic right on application to join us at our functions, and hopefully there will still be a few more of those, Ossy.

I may not be able to update guestook entrys for the next week as I will be in Holland I will try to find free wifi Geordie. With reference to my entry on All change. Today the Barnstaple Hotel requested I give back the few spare rooms I had reserved for the reunion. But as the email stated. They have given us ample time to book up at no cost for the booking until arrival.

There will be a few unlucky members in October. Personnel who have booked up you have no problem what so ever. For now Stay safe see you in 37 days time. Chris Try c j Medals shop. For Chris Thomas. Yes of course you may attend our reunion. You will need to tap on to reunion to obtain the number of the Barnstaple Hotel. It will also give you added information about the reunion.

If you have a problem Chris email John Routledge or me direct. For Geoff. Membership is on my agenda for our AGM on the Friday afternoon. Honorary membership we need to speak about. We have Jan Markley who has attended the five reunions and this year we have Margaret Chandler attending.

So yes we need to speak about this subject. For now stay safe. We meet very soon. Dear Gents, i hope you dont mind me contacting you this way? Im Norman Thomas Squeaky son! Upon dads passing i now have been given dads medals of which im extremly proud to retain and look after, however im after some advice!!

They are a bit tarnished and the ribbons need a clean, which is the best way to clean them please?? Also i have alot of dads photos of which i feel is terrible if i cant share them with you guys, which is the best means to send them to you?

Still miss my dad every day and follow your site often in his memory, i will be thinking of you all at your reunion in October!! Kindest Regards Chris Thomas. I have today received a return from the Barnstaple Hotel. There are a few rooms left for the reunion weekend so do not delay book your room even if it s only for the Saturday night.

I shall have to release the reserve rooms to the public on 1st October. So now is your chance to book your room. We meet in just 45 days time so stay well and safe. Just like to say a big thank you to taff, for a great corp weekend. I have just received details of the funeral for Tony Atherton. NP44 2BZ. Telephone number To assist in direction its M4 junction 25 once on thA road the Crematorium is on the junction of the Croesyceiliog bypass and Tre-Herbert Road.

Turn right at the round about and the Crematorium is on the left. Further details shall be announced at the service. It is with sadness that I report the passing of Tony Atherton. Tony passed away last night in hospital. Tony was not an amphibian but I feel that his passing should displayed in our sight in inform many of our members who may have served with him.

RIP Tony. Thanks for the offer tiny your very kind, but I have a 18 sqn tie, and I got the rest I need from deepcut. Hi Guys. We are inundated down here in Tasmania, I think the Island is about to wash away. However, I put myself into gear and spoke directly with Paddy and to my surprise he was quite well. He had a mini stroke several weeks ago and had been out of hospital just over a month ago. He is mending well but still taking things a little slow. I gave him our best and wished him well.

Sorry to read the passing of the O. P thoughts go to all the family. Having looked at the membership on our FB site I have notice that many of you Amphibians have not joined the Association. Come Lads lets get our membership higher. We have the best web site and our reunions are second to none.

It s only six pounds and it s for life. Firstly yes Geoff you can wear your medal or even medals. Ray I know will be wearing his medals as he is carrying our standard. I myself Geoff shall be wearing my miniatures. You may do so yourself if you have Miniatures. No doubt Alan and Bob will be wearing their medals to the Church.

The Brigadier passed away on the 9 March He was my Coy Comd in so the older generation will remember him as our OC. I am going to the corp weekend for the first time, and would like to know for the sake of rules if the group, or an idividual, would take offence to my wearng south atlantic campaign, and merchant navy medal,at the church servie on the sunday.

As I do not want to mar a army celabration,my thanks best of regards to all stay safe. Thanks for the info Taff looking forward to seeing you and all that are going to corp weekend. Hi Geoff. The association only receives a small number of tickets.

If you look back through your Waggoner in the January edition you will see a photographs of our contingent which were on parade. The Buller on Line Branch makes up the numbers every year. However we can discuss this at the Corps weekend. Stay well see you soon. Just a idle thought, as a specialised unit which we were, and a band of brothers which we are, could we apply to march passed at the cenotaph on rememberance day.

Sorry gents in my excitement of finding this site I left out all the information. My father Robert Roulstone was a dukw driver. He mentioned coming across from 1 black watch,then been in in 1 reserve holding unit before I believe he got woundedo at nijmegen.. Hello Everyone. I have just received a return from the Barnstaple Hotel and I am delighted to report that we have 87 booked in already. Because of the problems with receptionists we also have 6 booked in elsewhere. There are rooms left at the Barnstaple.

So book in ASP to avoid disappointment. The committee has decided to hold a reunion next year The dates are Friday 13 Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October We will have top entertainment for the Saturday night and a supporting disco for those who wish to dance till late.

He has no memory of his No. Are there any otherspecific still around who may know of him. He has nothing but a few tattered photos. Any help greatly received his son Dave. There has been a problem booking the Barnstaple Hotel. Having trainees working at the reception caused this. This has now been rectified and things have now improved.

However if you know of anyone having difficultly in booking at the Barnstaple Hotel please tell them to quote this reference number. This reference number is the link to Wagon Trail 16 our reunion. Any problems with this contact me by email landline or mobile. There are just a few room left at the Hotel and I have been informed that many members and guests have booked into the Barnstaple Travelodge.

Stay well Lads. Happy birthday Tiny Cookman mate, I'll raise a glass of Canadian club to you tonight. Hope to see you again quite soon, at thee reunion where we can sink a few more. Thanks Tiny Cookman. I had a bike in bordon too, a DKW, don't know if you remember. I can't be that far from you as I live in East Yorkshire.

Our next get together takes place this October. Full details can be found on this page under reunion. The Friday night dinner is for the Bordon and Taunton ex boys and you do not have to be an ex member of 18 Sqn to be invited I can assure you that you will meet up with many more lads you knew and you would be most welcome I was the Junior Drum Major before your time 59 prior to Mick Moss.

If you want further details contact me by e mail Stay well Tiny Cookman. I have had about forty bikes since that Francis Barnet Still riding today fifty six years later. As is Johnny Greenaway, who had a Norton at Bordon. I am living in N. Yorkshire, where are you now? I think George Webb was in boys service with me in Bordon carter pl. I certainly remember his FB bike. I had the opportunity to meet him for a ten minute chat.

Very nice Man of Kent as he resides in Canterbury. You will not be disappointed as this guy can knock it out. We should have a great evening with top class entertainment. If you know of anyone who has not booked tell him or her to pick up the phone and do so as Bob is a very good entertainer. There are just a few rooms left if you wish to stay.

You must also book your meals for Friday night and of course the Saturday night. Remember you have entertainment on the Friday night for this years reunion. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent cards, emails and other means of communication to congratulate Joyce and myself on our fifth anniversary.

It s a milestone in anyone s life. Thank you all for your best wishes, and we will be seeing many of you at Corps weekend and at Amphibious reunion later in the year. With reference to Corps weekend my return must be posted on Tuesday 22 March to ensure I have a place on a table for the seven who have booked in with me.

Do not delay I am on the telephone and my email is switched on. Once you have booked the room contact me so I can add you to the amphibious table this is the end of mikes previous entry. GU14 6AZ. GU11 2BY. Lunch will be served at the holiday Inn after the service. Already I have three couples that are attending the Dinner Dance and church service. If any member would like further information on the weekend just call me or even email me. The dinner dance is ten pounds per head and the lunch is five per head.

It is a special rate for persons attending the weekend. Telephone for the Holiday Inn is There are just a few rooms left. Once you have booked the ro. Like the other lads have said,tiny so pleased with your news,hope you get stronger day by day. Look foreward to the reunion to meet up at last. Hi Tiny , so pleased to read your message. Good news I'm glad all is well with you now Tiny, nice to hear from you again mate, all the best to Kate and we'll see you both at the reunion.

Hi All For all of you who have kept in touch with me over the past 18 months or so I want to bring you all up to date with my Cancer Treatment. As you are aware I have finished the Chemotherapy and Radiology treatments a few months ago Last week I underwent a full CT scan and endoscopic examination and I am delighted to tell you the cancer growth has disappeared It is a little soon to say I have it beaten but the first diagnosis is very good It will require a few more 3 monthly checks with neg results before we can say iy is in remission I wish to thank all of you who kept me going through the treatment stage It really meant very much to Kate and I I am now a much depleted man having reduced somewhat in weight I have come down from 23 stone to 17 and a half stone.

I feel much better now than I did a tear or so ago. I will see you all at the reunion It looks to be a good one least of all the fact that I would have made it. Take care and stay well all of you. Check out the latest poster on Reunion I have managed to obtain this poster from the agents I have been using.

John has once again fixed it so that it can be viewed on our site. As you can see Bob Drury is an international performer so I am sure this years reunion will be remembered. See you all in October. All our entertainment deposits are paid for our reunion. I shall publish a programme of main events later in the year once I have confirmation of our guests attending. Also I shall publish the teams for the bowls as this year I have booked six lanes. Timings for this get together shall be published at the same time as the main events.

May I thank John and the rest of our remaining committee for their support in assisting with the organizing of this year s reunion. During the AGM I shall be asking for committee members. If wish to volunteer now just email John or me so we can record your name. Really enjoyed the short clip. Fingers crossed and I can obtain a ticket I shall be seeing our act at the end of March. If successful I shall give you feed back. Looking at his engagement up to March he is a very busy entertainer.

He has a web site which will also give you information to his back ground. Mike has booked an excellent entertainer for the Saturday night of our Reunion for a preview of his act click on the link at the bottom of the reunion page. Taff lad. Kind regards John. Thank You Vic. Your names are added. I have recorded 36 names for bowling on Friday 21 October. The hotel room bookings have just dropped gear but there are not many left.

I am waiting a return from the hotel. When known I shall publish later. I can not confirm the complete entertainment for the Saturday night as yet. However I am still working on that task. We are now into February therefore it's just nine months to go. Time passes by so quickly. I have spoken to many of our members on this subject during our reunion.

Thank you all for supporting this event. The names I have are Trudy George. Pauline Flash. Annette Mick. Pamela Alax. Babs Don. Sylvia Ray. Beryl Bruce. Anne Lester. Kathleen Alan. Catherine Bill. Joyce Mike. Rocky and four guests.

There is room for more and its free. So get yourselves in training its game on. The Hotel is two thirds full and we meet in just over eight months time. Stay well Lads and dry. At the moment I am booking the Bowling Alley but I need how many. If you are going to participate in the competition on Friday morning 21 October at hrs can you let know by emailing me so I can give an estimate to the Alley next door to the Hotel.

Last time we had 32 of us. Which if you recall was one big laugh. There will be special prizes for this competition. More rooms have been booked since my last entry. Just 22 left. Be quick. They are going so fast. Our entertainment for Saturday evening is almost complete.

Flash , already booked in Barnstaple Hotel for the Re Union , Pauline and I are looking forward to it , good to talk with good mates over a pint!! Just received my second return from the Hotel. Delighted to report that 35 rooms are booked for the reunion. Just 24 left and the Barnstaple Hotel will be full. Do not delay book today. NO cost and you can cancel if you do not make the reunion. Is there anyone in the know of a mick barnes in 18 coy,his mate jerry lydon is looking for him on another site,thank you rocky.

Just received my first return from the Barnstaple Hotel. Stay well and safe lads. We meet soon. Hello lads,room booked, now got to get out my banjo and go busking, to pay for the hotel and a new dress. Just been speaking to the Barnstaple Hotel once again and they informed me that we have booked 30 rooms already for the reunion. I am delighted with the response form the information that John has placed on the site under reunion There are only 30 rooms left. If you have a problem in booking email me or even a quick call.

Stay well Stay safe. Hi Cedric. You can be right marker. Stay well my friend and fingers crossed on Heather being well to join us also. Happy New Year chaps, just booked in for Oct. Good news Mike, I have already booked, hope to see you all there.

Good to see some new photo's, I remember Flash Harris when he was young and lithe, as in the photo's. John Mick for the old age traveller. Within 48hrs please read the booking in information required for this years reunion from 20 Oct to 23 Oct known as Wagontrail Stay well Lads we meet in nine months.

Hi, Pete Moseley. Luedicke and Bill Buckley and co. For Pete Moseley. Where he is now I don't know, but if it is important, I could find out more. All the best for the New Year Guys, especially health wise. Hi Pete. Bill Boyd pass away several years ago.

I too served with Bill in He met me at Fremington station along with Mac McNamara. Sorry I do not know what happened to Dick. Maybe another amphibian can put a light on him. I served form to First as Junior Leader at Norton Manor. Later as a member of 53Port sqn, we exercised annually with 18 Amph. I remember 18 Amph.

Sgt Bill Boyd troop Sgt.


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