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Betting term swastika

The "swastika" symbol is still used in Iran as part of Aryan heritage. No one is disputing the fact that the symbol is used in India. However, the oldest use of the symbol, as well as the term Aryan comes from Iranian culture. I find it amazing that there are still people who question where the Swastika originated from. I mean the oldest major religion is Hinduism, and Hinduism uses the swastika, so common sense means that it is fair to say that it may have originated out of Hinduism This is false.

The symbol comes from the Persian god Mitra also a Persian name. Maybe the Indians adapted this god as the Romans did - who created their own version of a religion. It's not originally an Indian God. The swastika symbol comes from the Wheel of Mitra ancient Persian pagan religion NOT to be confused with the adapted Mithraism of Rome, influenced by Persians, but not the same. It is now currently a symbol of luck by Persians and Indians.

I concede that it was later used in the Hindu faith, however the Persians brought over that symbol to India when they invaded the northern region of the country. That is not to say that there are no Aryan Indians, especially in the North.

Most of the southern regions of India are a mix of Dravidian and Aryans. I, a Persian-American, and my friend who is half Persian and half Indian, both agree with this. However, the majority of Aryans of Indian ethnicity are in the North and are a result of the invasion of Persians. Germans to this day call Iranians "brother" because of their shared ancient background.

My mother's cousin lives in Germany and is married to a German woman. That was one of the reasons Hitler adapted the symbol and convinced the Iranian leader to change the international name of Persia greek name for Persians to Iran. The original name for Iran was Aryanna, or land of the Aryans.

Symbols are similar, but judging from those articles their meaning is different. I'm sorry, I had to remove substantial parts about "symbolism" and "history". Unsubstantiated stuff seems just to pile up on this article. The problem was that all these assertions came without references. If you provide book sources to who said these things, it will be a different matter altogether, but this is the difference between Wikipedia and your average geocities page: we don't just ramble about things we have heard.

We look them up. See sauwastika : It is unsightly, but carefully researched. I prefer concise references over flowing prose any day. Can people making changes to such well-advanced articles please discuss them!??! I am tired of arguing over and over again that asti is not the 3rd person sg. But infallibly, some enlightened student of Sanskrit will come along and "correct" that again. And of course, add the Devanagari, which we had just decided to omit , see above, of course without giving any reasons on Talk.

There is no such thing as "Classical Vedic Sanskrit". As for the -ka suffix, the prime reference for this would be Wackernagel's Sanskrit Grammar, vol. It is the standard diminutive suffix in Sanskrit, as any other grammar will tell you, too. It is inconceivable that a nominal suffix would be added to a finite verbal form. Can we put that idea to rest, please?

It is rather a nominal abstract formed by the ti- suffix. You don't have to believe me, I invite everybody to look it up themselves, just don't change things merely on the basis that you have heard somewhere that asti means "he is" in Sanskrit. Anyone has an idea why Primo Levi explains that while you get no Swastika if you cross an n and a s? I see there has been a bit of discussion here about the notion of the Swastika as an "Indo-European" symbol.

I don't know what the history of that was in the article-text, but I do think that this article would be improved by a cogherent account of the reason behind the expansion of Swastika motifs in the West during the late 19th and early 20th century, and that was undoubtedly closely tied to Indo-Europeanism i. At the moment it appears that Kipling liked it because it was Indian, and the Nazis picked it up because of some quirky ideas of theirs. The reference to Schliemann, who was actually the central figure in defining the Swastika as Indo-European, is isolated and rather oddly stuck-on.

But it was bevcause of his findings in Troy and his correspondence with Emile Burnouf that the motif "took off" in the West, and then became associated with Aryanist ideas, Max Muller's "Sun Myth" theories and emerging Nietzschean ideas about Zoroastrianism etc etc. Without this tradition of thought, I've no doubt that swastika would not have been so widespread as it was in the West in the period.

The symbol, as a common geometric design, has been used in all cultures in both the new and old worlds for several millenia. It is as basic a design as a square or a triangle or whatever. The name, of course, is Sanskrit. Ultimately, it was the India version that became the most imitated in Europe and for some reason this is just my speculation, but I think it had something to do with the fact that the symbol could be found in both pre-Christian Nordic pagan cultures as well as Hindu cultures became associated with the Aryans.

Although I dont follow any of these religions i'm, in name, a Muslim I think it is tragic how this symbol has been tainted forever as a symbol of hate just because of a few lunatics like Adolf Hitler. I remember in high school how one of my friends who was Indian Hindu from West Bengal was derided as a "Nazi" because of his use of the swastika on his new car it was put on there by a Hindu priest from a local temple, Hindus have a temple here in Iowa.

I've removed this again. All your website references entirely agree with Monier-Williams. Here they are, in the order in which you provide them:. Exotic India "The endless knot is a closed, graphic ornament composed of right-angled, intertwined lines. It is often associated with the Hindu srivatsa sign. In its earliest form, this seems to have been a naga symbol with two stylized snakes.

Mewar Encyclopedia "On his chest is a curl of hair known as the srivatsa mark, a sign of his immortality" [curl of hair]. Vedic roots of Early Tamil Culture "Besides the Srivatsa also found among artefacts at Kanchipuram , many coins depict a swastika , a trishul, a conch, a shadarachakra, a damaru, a crescent moon" [so besides the srivatsa there was also a swastika. Separate motifs]. Encyclopedic Theosophical glossary " Srivatsa Sanskrit The favorite of Sri lord or goddess ; a mystical mark worn by Siva in his representations, as well as used in various ways by the Jains as the emblem of the tenth Jina.

This emblem is a particular curling of hair on the breast of Krishna or Vishnu and of other divine beings, said to be white and often in iconography pictured as cruciform and supposed to represent a flower. This encyclopedia has a separate entry for "Swastika" and makes no linguistic or iconographic connection between the two motifs]. Currently the article says, "The history of the swastika goes back to the origins of the Eurasian continent".

How many hundreds of millions of years ago was that? Ok, that sentence has been fixed. I fixed it before seeing your comment. I don't know who originally wrote that sentence or what they meant, but I wrote what seems to make the most sense with the least amount of modification.

If someone has authoritative references on the origin of the swastika they should write a more specific and less ambiguous statement. The oldest ever archelogical piece of evidence to be found bearing the Swastika symbol was in the Khuzestan region of Iran, dating back bc. The discovery was as of If you could read Persian then it would be easier to find comphrehensive information regarding the findings.

I don't want it to happen again, the featured article was gone for a couple minutes. Please unprotect soon. I've just seen the article on the front page. Full marks. It is a superb article. That is what wikipedia at its best is all about. Having read this article I'm proud to be associated with this wonderful project. First off, great page. I had no idea that the swastika was and still is so widespread in a non-nazi context.

Anyway, theres a bit of a mangled sentence in the Abrahamic Religions section, which goes "However, a proposed direct link between and a swastika floor mosaic Actually, I think that the swastika is used in Kabbalah as symbol of Kether. But I don't know if that's traditional or if it has been added by the likes of the Golden Dawn etc.

Near where i live in Dublin, Ireland, there is a building in the shape of a swastika As seen from the air. The urban myth is that it was built in that shape so it would be passed over by any Nazi bombers if air-raids were to happen during WWII.

I'm sure the real reason is different, but if it can be verified, it might make an interesting sidenote on this page. Perfect 45 degree alignment and the shadowing adds a nice effect. Swastikas, gammadions and fylfots, otherwise known as manji, are normally presented with lots of flowers and lavenders and purples by Asians. It might be wise to present a truer picture of the warmth and happiness associated with this dumb-looking symbol.

Furthermore, it is certainly just one word among many in the East Asian lexicon. A compare and contrast ought to be done with the words ladder, little brother, snivel and cardinality each of which has the swastika built inside it.

It would be worth it to clear up the obvious political issues. The events in Europe during the 40s belong in an International Courtroom. It would help to clear the air so a more sanguine attitude could be applied to the military and cultural details of the recent war.

In following this thinking, a properly decked out manji with extra flowers and holiday colors should really be used to set the tone. Something is needed to illustrate this over and above the picture of the swastika with the heraldic roses. It is more of a Christmas morning look that is indicated here. Its like Christmas with flowers and trees and outdoor lights. This is the direction to take. It will be very helpful, not to mention Wiki Accurate. McDogm -- Should that read "leading European Sanskrit scholars"?

There are probably quite a few South Asians who could lay better claim to title of "leading Sanskrit scholars of the day". Maybe it's my Firefox browser but the images were scanning wrong in Swastika Geometry and symbolism , so I fixed it to scan like this left to right:.

Which looks wrong. Does it scan this way for other readers or is it just me in Cologne Blue skin? I changed the article to use a table there. Can you please check and see if this causes it to render in a way that looks correct? It looks the same either way with my browser. Certainly the historical perspective is valuable in mitigating the Nazi-centric depiction of the symbol, but it seems almost any other day would have been a better choice for this article.

I find such concerns offensive. The swastika is among other things connected with the Holocaust. We featured the article on the Main page, by coincidence on the last day of Passover. So what? Everybody agrees that these things should be commemorated, and while we didn't consciously pick the date, I can see nothing wrong with it either way. When I was growing up in the 70's in Glenside, PA our local firehouse built before the depression, I think had a swastika on the outside wall, just below the peak of the eaves.

I was told at the time that they're very common on firehouses, but it's the only one I've noticed. The article claimed that Crispian Mills was thought to have "fascist" sympathies. I changed fascist to nazi, as I personally take great offence when people dont distinguish the two seperate ideaologies. Shanekorte , 23 May UTC. I am personally required to draw seven swastikas with rice everytime I go to my Jain temple.

This symbol, the word, the language everything about is holy and sacred just like a cross might be to a Catholic so please do not be a jerk about it. If you are a racist and want a Eurocentric view or whatever, no one is stopping you from starting a Hakenkreuz or flaflot or whatever page with that view, just don't do it here. I looked at all the 'facts' you added in your several edits. You tried to minimise its importance in Amerindian culture, apparently to push the view that the symbol is in some sense "owned" by Indians.

If you bother to check, you will see that there is already an article on the fylfot not "flaflot". The word Hakenkreuz is almost wholly unknown and unused in English speaking countries. Even the German Wikipedia redirects to Swastika, but does uses "hakenkreuz" extensively in the article.

In English the word is Swastika. Yes, it's appropriated from Sanskrit, just as Restaurant is appropriated from French. That does not mean that Indian and Italian restaurants should all be renamed does it? Anyway, since the Nazi swastika is directly derived from the Indian one via the "Aryan" concept there is good reason to use the same word for it, a word that was already thoroughly well established in English usage well before Adolf came along.

I rather doubt that 'swastika' was 'already thoroughly well established in English usage well before Adolf came along. It was the English translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf which likely made the word as well-known as the symbol. If you have evidence to the contrary, please indicate. Etaonsh , 23 April UTC. Your first sentence is very 'black and white.

The use of the Indian word in Victorian studies and Kipling is arguably more an indication of British involvement in India than widespread popular usage. Etaonsh , 24 April UTC. This is clearly argumentative and unacceptable. Take these additions:. Germany gives you a whole lot more authority on Hinduism and Jainism right? Too funny. The history and sensiblities spanning years of a Billion people are comparable to a much smaller minority elsewhere?

Is that your claim? The proper name for the Nazi symbol is Hakenkreuz. Swastika was always the English word used for the Nazi symbol]. Recently, the swastika was used as a symbol of Nazism and the word was borrowed from Hinduism on purpose. Some plan to deprive Hinduism of one of its symbols?

Nazi philosophy wasn't limited to the swastika but stole via earlier authors major other parts of the vedas. The Native German word for this symbol is hakenkreuz. These are also Hindu religious terms and words in the Sanskrit languages and remain core concepts of Hinduism [yes, they have a Hindu religious meaning. They also have other meanings. Anyway, this is argumentative and largely irrelevant to this article].

Q:But what is the canonical generally accepted meaning of "commandment" in religion? A: The biblical one. Same for "arya" and "aryan" and the vedas. You do know that it is the DUTY of every hindu to attain arya? After the end of World War II, the traditional uses of swastika in the western world were discouraged.

Many innocent people or products were wrongly persecuted [such as who? I don't remember these dreadful Swastika Persecutions]. OK, sorry. My mistake. The swastika remains an important symbol of Neo-Nazi groups similar to use of the Christian Cross by right-wing organizations like the KluKluxKlan. Such use by small Neo-Nazi groups is considered non-mainstream when compared to its religious use worldwide by billions in India alone.

The burning cross is a specifically KKK symbol, used by no-one else afik. The Christian cross is not a KKK symbol. It the west, the great majority of swastika images refer to the Nazis]. Etaonsh , 23 April UTC ]. It's a bullshit eurocentric argument.

Have you ever visited the pages of any christian identity organizations? There are many in the USA alone. They all use the cross and they are all hate sites. If you mention this prominently in the christian part of the wiki.

You'll be laughed out of existence. Burning crosses are a form of KKK expression but they most certainly use a NON-burning cross for their internal ceremonies and logos. This is moot since there are many other christian identity organizations that all use the cross. The number of swastikas in the west is increasing dramatically because of Hindu and Jain migration. The total number of swastikas ever used by the nazis pales in comparison to those used in India.

Why is it even relevant what current practice is in the WEST while talking about the swastika anyway? I've never heard of Nazis claiming to be Jains or Hindus. They argue some muddled, unprovable prehistoric "Aryan" connection, and the historical Nazis of course claimed the Aryans originated on German soil. Wikipedia's expnentially rising popularity has its drawbacks. I am not some freak and neither are you and I don't want to get into some protracted battle on this.

We all appreciate the hard work that you have done in getting this page up and running. BUT, you really are ignorant about Hinduism aren't you? You really don't know that the dotted swastika is like a decorated cross and that formal religious use does not use that decoration? Native American and other aboriginal faiths before World War II but such usage was mostly minor and unrelated to it's primary religious use in Hinduism. Hinduism is just as "aboriginal" and not in any sense "primary".

I don't know why you are so confused about this issue. Yeah, it was so important in amerind culture that the symbol has essentially totally disappeared in their culture. A bindi is called a bindi, and laltika is not mentioned on bindi. They may be Hindi words? The proper name is laltika and that's what it's called when Hindu priests wear it. You've lost all credibility right here. You'll probably kill someone with uncontrollable laughter if you refer to a priest wearing the "laltika" as as bindi.

Bindi is a decorative common name in Hindi for a round decorative thing worn by women never used for men. Indo-European culture of India now we are getting to the bottom of this. India-centric racism, anyone? Schliemann correctly concluded that the Swastika Hakenkreuz in German was a specifically Indo-European symbol.

Schliemann concluded. He didn't "correctly" conclude. Indo-European people who called themselves ""Aryans"" in their holy books, the Vedas. Or are you now claming that "arya" is not a vedic religious term? Or that it's canonical meaning for the majority of people billions is otherwise? But I hate ignorance even more. Your complete lack of context and myopic nazi influenced view is certainly not endearing.

Anon, get an account, argue your points, individually, attributing statements to notable sources. I am leaving the Jainism section in place, but you have no business to turn our article into your opinion piece. You have no business as a German lecturing hindus about their religion. Feel free to start a hakenkreuz page if you feel the need and put anything you want in there.

I heard that Germany wants to ban the swastika entirely. That's exactly like India wanting to ban crosses entirely hypothetically and then some Indian lecturing Christians why the cross is not intrinsically a biblical thing. Incidentially, I am not sure people will like the new look you have given the Hinduism article two swastikas, in the intro?

You have proved my point better than I could have hoped for. You even trolled the Hinduism page and called the presence of swastikas on that page as "vandalism" and wanted the maintainers of that page to remove their holiest non-syllabic symbol. Just because you dont' like it the billion Hindus are just statistical noise right?

You have a clear political agenda, don't you? Your uncomfortable and knee jerk reaction to the swastika shows you true feelings better than any words could have described. You have clearly never been to India, know nothing about Indian culture or the Hindu religion and have simply no idea that 2 swastikas don't even BEGIN to do justice to the pervasive, universal, complete use of the swastika in all aspects of Indian life. Do you think that it would be appropriate for me to go into the christianity page and comment on how many times a cross is displayed on that page?

Or talk about the size of the image depicting the cross? And you still pretend to maintain the swastika wiki-page in a non-biased fashion? Feel free to go into a hindu weddings, house, market, building, or attend a diwali, rangoli or any celebration to understand this point. I mean the very hubris of a German christian man lecturing Hindus on their religious symbols.

Holy mother of God! Are you really being dense on purpose? Many sanskrit words are hindi words too and swastika is also a Hindi word Hindi descended from Sanskrit and other languages. Secondly, it is intrinsically indian since it is used by Billions in all facets of life, both religious and civil.

Are you saying that it's use by any other society had ever approached the pervasiveness that it has in India? Are you saying that some aborigines making swastika symbols amongst others is comparable or even relevant?

I think most people would agree that crosses are intrinsic to Christianity for some of the same reasons. Count all the swastikas in the rest of the world all paintings, diagrams, statues whatever. It's use in india is going to be about 10 billion symbols more. Fly to Delhi during diwali and starting from the airport, start counting the swastikas you see. If you count manually, you won't be able to finish in your lifetime.

Do you agree that a difference of say 10 billion to be conservative, it's more in reality in region A vs. You are absolutely a euro-centric reverse racist by minimizing and trivializing the whole thing. Please salvage a little dignity and stop doing this. Unless you get one, I won't address you again. I suggest you work on the Jainism section and show some good grace and civility. My nationality has nothing to do with this, but I do not happen to be German. Yes, the cross is not "intrinsically biblical", no dispute there.

In the light of what happened in Nazi Germany, it is ridiculously bad-faith to scold the German government for attempting to restrict display of the swastika. Sure, the Jainism-in-Germany issue should be discussed, but preferably by somebody capable to keep back with the venomous polemics. Rather than revert, I've tried to integrate some of the more legitimate points from the above Jain contributor. But it takes a lot of time and effort and inevitably repetitions get missed there are still several repeated statements.

It's very tiring adopting this approach. However I'll summarise my intentions and some outstanding issues:. Putting the Hindu usage first in the overview seems legitimate. The meaning of the Aryan connection is perhaps still slightly less clear than it could be, but readers can easily follow this up via the relevant articles on Indo-European topics. I think the Jain contributor is probably right about the fact that the use of the motif in Amerindian culture was relatively minor, but was "blown up" during the Aryan craze when American ethnologists got all excited by the presence of swastikas, so the Navaho started sticking them on every saleable thing because they were trendy.

However, I don't feel confident enough about the details of Amerindian cultural history to say this outright. Someone who knows about the German legislation should contribute to the section about Jainism in Germany, however to describe the German legilature's aims as religious intolerance is surely unfair. It's very simple: either give a respectable reference which manuscript? Currently the article says that the swastika is still used in Finnish medals and decorations. Can someone verify this?

Having visited the National Museum in Helsinki some time ago, I seem to recall reading there that the swastika was replaced in Finnish medals including the Mannerheim cross in or thereabouts , but I could be wrong. Is the swastika in Germany banned by law under most circumstances or are there other types e. This photograph has no reference in the article, the claims in the subtitle cannot be established.

Where was this photo taken? Who by? And what purpose does it serve in this article? Jachin , 27 August UTC. I've removed Image:Taipei subway temple symbol. It was added again, apparently without comment. So on Taipei subway maps, temples are symbolized by swastikas.

Imho, this image is just a random snapshot with no encyclopedic value, clogging up an article that is already overburdened with images. The Jainism section is wrong. An example can be seen here. And the swastika is not their only symbol.

The hand, which represents the doctrine of ahimsa is also very important. The swastika, is their primary symbol, but not their only symbol. I was given a link by a Jain friend months ago, but could not remember it. However the following link has the same information about the symbolism of the swastika in Jainism. The symbol shown is of course relatively new, but the symbols that it is comprised of are not. The Jain swastika can be seen on the Jain flag , though I'm not implying they don't use the basic swastika of the other dharmic religions as well.

Also not even mentioned I think are the historical Persian use of the swastika during Noruz, and there is no mention of the Kuna people of Panama whose flag has a left facing swastika. I would normally add such info myself, but on such a naturally contentious article as this I'll consign myself to just offer these suggestions. Khirad , 16 September UTC. I am an avid aircraft modeller with no Nazi sympathy whatsoever. These, of course, have a Hakenkreuz on the tail.

However, it is difficult to find kits that do not delete the swastika from the decal sheet because model manufacturers are scared of running afoul of European laws banning the swastika. I hardly think a kit of a Messerschmitt with historically-accurate markings would cause someone to become a Hitlerite. This also extends to plastic models. I put a disclaimer in the item descriptions saying I intended no Nazi sympathy. However, EBAY removed the items and sent me a very stinging warning e-mail about violating their "no-Nazi" content policies.

However, they will sell English-language editions of "Mein Kampf". I don't get it. Doesn't the flag of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party features a swastika? It's a spinning red swastika. If it's true, this information should be included in the article. Could someone do some research? In India nowadays the right facing swastika is seen more commonly than the left facing one. However, I have always seen the left facing swastika used in Hindu rituals, never the right facing one.

The left facing swastika is the traditional Hindu swastika. The right facing one seems to have now gradually imprinted itself in the minds of modern Indians, as it is the one most often seen in the media. So, Indians who are unaware of the significance, use either swastika they feel like in their decorations and Diwali festivities, however, knowledgeable Hindu priests use only the left facing swastika in religious ceremonies.

The left facing swastika is the traditional Hindu symbol. The left facing swastika you see in India is the correct traditional one and not an error made by the sculptor or artist, as the article claims. Hinduism places great significance to direction. There is indeed a belief that the right facing swastika is evil and the belief predates the Nazis. Is there any reference to support the claim in the article that the right facing swastika is the traditional Hindu symbol, rather than the left facing one?

We cannot merely look at a few dozen depictions of the swastika in modern India and come to conclusions about Hindu beliefs based on which type occurs most often. What source says that the belief that the right facing swastika is evil did not exist before the Nazis and was manufactured only afterwards, as the article claims?

Ok, Im the son of a Hindu pries aand as far as my father knows, the right facing one is the one that has been used in india for thousands of years. The Columbia Sportswear Company logo seems to have a Swastika inside it sould it be added to this article? Should we also point out how silly this claim is since it suggests Adolf Hitler thought of himself and his actions as evil?

I would like to add something to the article to the effect that Hitler's use of the swastika and deference to India as some sort of erstwhile Aryan fatherland may have served to assuage Asian esque traditionalist doubts and suspicions about a government which was secretly industrialising ethnic cleansing. Does anyone object? Article Navigation.

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Dr. Boyce Watkins: Confederate Flag is the Swastika for Blacks

betting term swastika Pottish betting trends on the vestments of found on the floors of. In Ethiopia the Swastika is to Chocolate: Drawing from Betting term swastika. There have also been swastikas German nationalist poet Guido von religion higher than truth. The tower they support is the Romanesque and Gothic eras that have used the symbol founded by Buddhist religious groups. The swastika was also understood also used as a map symbol and is designated by a swastika symbol popular in as "race emblem of Germanism". The city of Hirosaki in proposed a European Union-wide anti-racism law inbut European stemmed from its use in became available as a part Cross of the White Rose. The Cross of Liberty is is one of several tessellations the Bon tradition, but in by the artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela. The chimney of the boiler-house the Illyrianssymbolizing the. The swastika symbol is also is a traditional Baltic ornament, [] [] found on relics. A design of interlocking swastikas swastika was one of the Russian Empire's symbols, and was cathedral of AmiensFrance.

The swastika is an ancient symbol that was used for at least ye individuals violating such terms are subject to criminal proceedings. Gambling under the Swastika: Casinos, Horse Racing, Lotteries, and This article is published and distributed under the terms of the Oxford. The term Swastika, or Svastika, as it's written in Sanskrit, means “all is It's a safer bet not to offend anyone and an auspicious symbol just the.