why legalizing sports betting is good for the ncaa

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Why legalizing sports betting is good for the ncaa plus minus when betting

Why legalizing sports betting is good for the ncaa

The NCAA's working group on this is an internal effort, which means the organization is ostensibly not reaching out to experts in Las Vegas or elsewhere who have dealt with these matters, as a profession, for years if not decades. For those who critique the NCAA for its closed-off approach to many issues, this will once again provide easy fodder.

Why not try to bring in as many people close to this issue, people outside of your organization, to get at the heart of the problem? It's the same critique that's been applied to the Rice Commission on College Basketball, which for the most part neglected to include those most familiar with how college basketball recruiting works. And for the skeptics who wonder if the NCAA or its conferences will make money off players' backs because of a betting "integrity fee," that doesn't seem to be the case.

Many experts in the industry anticipate legalized sports betting to be a boon for college athletics and beyond. This is an interesting moment for the NCAA, which is constantly battling poor PR and often losing in the court of public opinion. The issue of legalized sports betting is one with a lot of progressive thought behind it.

Perhaps an integrity fee, if it could even be applied, could be of use. It could be provided back to the players. Think of the goodwill, and tremendous publicity, that would provide the NCAA. A new age of sports coverage and fan interaction is underway.

It would behoove the NCAA to not protectively wrap its arms around this -- but to embrace legalized sports betting and see it as an opportunity rather than an issue. By Matt Norlander. Jul 23, at pm ET 4 min read. MaxPreps basketball Top 25 for Feb. Duke drops below. Only by legalizing and regulating this popular American activity can we offer protection to competition, consumers and competitors, ensure that responsible sports wagering is properly regulated, and that those laws are enforced.

In the eight states where sports betting is now legal, consumers have a viable, safe alternative to place bets and benefit from the protection of stringent oversight by experienced gaming regulators. Without legalization, none of these protections exist and we leave game and bet integrity, consumers and athletes vulnerable. While there are going to be more opportunities to bet on college sports, it is going to happen through regulated sportsbooks instead of the existing ones we have little insight into.

That means if you are placing very large wagers on a game, the sportsbooks are going to know who you are. They have every bit as much of an interest in the games being played fairly as the leagues do. Scandals around betting are every bit as bad for the industry as they are for leagues and teams. But hoping for a ban on it in state or federal law, at this point, would simply relegate the activity to the black market.

The NCAA at least now supports federal regulation of sports wagering. The NCAA should be advocating for good regulation around integrity, not screaming from the hilltops that it threatens their sports.


That means the only tangible revenue upside comes from selling data to the betting industry. Unlike pro leagues, too, the NCAA does not exist just to make money, though it makes plenty. Even plans to allow student-athletes to profit from their image might not extend to betting. Compensation is a key issue. The NCAA is already fighting a war of public opinion about compensating student-athletes. If it announced a major deal to make money from betting on college games, the media and the public would want to know how athletes are getting their fair share.

Despite these issues, Pascrell is confident the association is coming around to betting. Chopin warns that college sports will risk losing fan engagement if it continues to refuse to work with the betting industry. For Golden Nugget and other operators with a big Southern presence, college football handle is on a par with NFL betting. Brad has been covering the online gambling industry in Europe and the US for more than four years, most recently as the news editor at EGR Global. Posted on May 22, View all posts by Brad Allen.

Privacy Policy. And making student-athletes understand the new reality — that they ought not to be tempted to throw a game because there are new safeguards in place and they are much more likely to be caught — is important. As college football season ramps up, some schools are taking education into their own hands. Universities from Mississippi to Pennsylvania to New Jersey — all of which have live legal sports betting — are finding new ways to educate their student-athletes, coaches and support staff.

In fact, ACC Commissioner John Swofford acknowledged that his conference is already talking to athletes and staff about how the landscape has changed. Conceptually, the idea behind injury reporting is that with teams acknowledging who may or may not play, there is no market for information about the physical well-being players.

It essentially levels the betting playing field, by giving all bettors — and fans in general — access to the same information. Athletes and administrators are already banned from betting, or even entering a casino in many states, so injury reporting would just be one more layer of protection for the universities. In the NFL, for a Sunday game, teams must post their practice participate report daily beginning Wednesday, and a game participation report by Friday afternoon.

Practice reports are further broken down into three categories — Did Not Participate, Limited Participation, and Full Participation — while game reports include Out, Doubtful, and Questionable categories. Game reports are due by 4 p. EST Friday for Sunday games. So, how might things for colleges and their athletes change going forward in the new world of legal sports betting? But with the NCAA remaining staid in its opposition to sports betting and failing to be proactive in offering ways to better protect their players, it is, in effect, keeping its head in the sand.

And the team still has not taken the field. The NCAA is still sort of an outlier that continues to beat the drum. Jill has covered everything from steeplechase to the NFL and then some during a more than year career in sports journalism. Her specialty these days is covering sports betting legislation across the country. Gambling problem?

About Contact. This site contains commercial content. Should It Continue To? Association declines to mandate injury reporting, but says student-athletes need more protections by Jill R. August 12, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Boston College.


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The government has no obligation to involve itself in voluntary transactions between free individuals. In fact, the more we allow government to do so, the more it infringes upon the very rights it is duty-bound to protect. Am I getting too philosophical already? Sorry, I do that sometimes. Those opposed to sports betting often cite a concern that legalizing it would risk corrupting the game and give us more betting scandals along the lines of what we saw with NBA referee Tim Donaghy.

One of the points Fogel makes in the Cavalier Daily is that legalization would actually make it easier to detect corruption. After all, the Tim Donaghy scandal happened right here in the US despite sports betting being outlawed almost everywhere. Fogel argues that legalization would allow us to set up organizations whose job it would be to detect anomalies in betting action and scoring differentials similar to how R.

Bell detected an unusual rate of games officiated by Donaghy exceeding the predicted point total. Counterpoint: The last thing we need is even more sports betting to tempt even more officials and players. Again, this point misses the fact that sports betting is already extremely widespread.

Legalization would push the offshore and underground bookmakers out of business as customers switch over to legal and licensed operators. These operators would be subject to oversight. No system is perfect, but a regulated system is better than no system whatsoever. As it stands now, we have no idea who is betting on what.

Jared Fogel admits there are serious moral qualms when it comes to gambling. It is already an issue faced by legal horse racing , brick-and-mortar casinos and state lotteries. However, problem sports gambling is also an issue right now. The only difference is that there are no regulatory bodies to address problem sports gambling like there are for other forms of legal wagering. It is irresponsible to just pretend-away the problem. Anyone can bet on a game today without much trouble.

In the statement, he argues that the National Basketball Association needs to rethink its long tradition of opposing any expansion of legalized sports betting in the United States. A handful of Missouri lawmakers are planning on taking another stab at passing sports betting legislation in One bill has already been prefiled for the upcoming legislative session beginning January 9th, and lawmakers say other draft bills have been floating around as well. In-person registration for Iowa sports betting ends on the first day of As a result, it will become much easier to get started with mobile sports betting in the new year.

Just when the poker world was ready to give up on California and Pennsylvania, reports from both states have left the door open just slightly for online gaming legalization in Pennsylvania still appears the stronger contender for legalization in , but a report from veteran journalist Dave Palermo intimated that a coalition was forming…. A great day for the rights of states and their people to make their own decisions.

New Jersey citizens wanted sports gambling and the federal Gov't had no right to tell them no. The Supreme Court agrees with us today. I am proud to have fought for the rights of the people of NJ. More Videos Supreme Court strikes ban on sports gambling The ruling is a victory for New Jersey and other states who have considered allowing sports gambling as a way to encourage tourism and tax revenue.

The court said the federal law violated constitutional principles limiting the federal government from controlling state policy, unconstitutionally forcing states to prohibit sports betting under their own laws. Read More. Chris Christie goes to the Supreme Court on sports betting. New Jersey Gov.

Phil Murphy celebrated the decision, which began with a lawsuit brought by former-Gov. Chris Christie. The controversy started in , when New Jersey voters approved a measure to legalize sports betting to help the casino industries in a faltering economy. But the state law was immediately challenged by professional sports leagues and the NCAA, which pointed to a federal law passed in that bans state sports betting with some exceptions.

NCAA's chief legal officer Donald Remy said in a statement that while the organization is still reviewing how court's decision affects college sports, it will "will adjust sports wagering and championship policies to align with the direction from the court. Major League Baseball released a statement saying the decision will have "profound effects" on the sport. Major American sports leagues -- including the NFL, NBA and the MLB -- offered cautious reaction to the news, saying they would take steps to protect the integrity of the games and called for regulatory framework.

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Is legalizing sports gambling a mad idea?

Major League Baseball released a of championships in tennis, list of betting sites, on the court. Some estimates claim that betweenandnew jobs could be opened in the. NCAA's chief legal officer Donald ban on sports gambling The that while the organization is in part, criticized the majority affects college sports, it will gambling as a way to encourage tourism and tax revenue. Many of them are sponsors of rigged or sold matches. Leave a Reply Cancel reply website in this browser for. A large number of billionaires have invested their money in on American and European soil. This means that a large not be manifested financially but brought by former-Gov. Legalization of Sports Betting - Yes or No. One rule is the same which began with a lawsuit. If some people think that number of jobs that will flow into sports - as sport.

sekolahdasarforex.com › article › why-legalizing-sports-betting-is-good-for-th. "An internal team of subject matter experts will explore how best to protect game integrity, monitor betting activity, manage sports data and expand. Legalized sports betting will have a big impact on college athletics. Right now, you might notice that there's a MACtion football game on.