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Ogbl betting on sports

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Gold Cup. Int'l Champ Cup. Italy Supercoppa. Lg Cup. Recopa Sudamericana. SheBelieves Cup. Spain Supercopa. U17 WC. U20 WC. What a pity Selznick did not realise his wife had such comic potential in her later parts. Instead of casting her in say "A Farewell to Arms" , he should have realised comic acting does not require an actress to be of a certain age and he could have put her in latter day Sandra Bullock type roles with great success.

Comediennes can age graciously! Ernst Lubitsch produced and directed this sparkling comedy satirising English Society, from the remote upper classes, to the fawning middle class to the working class who have to "know their place". Being English I do like a good laugh at my own expense.

Charles Boyer playes a dissident intellectual Czech emigre Adam Belinski , fleeing from Nazi persecution and who is living a hand to mouth existence in London because no-one understands or buys his arcane treatise on philosophy. He has the ability to think laterally and thinks if people want to feed squirrels to the nuts in Hyde Park instead of normally feeding nuts to the squirrels, "who are we to say no"? Jennifer Jones plays the title role with gusto as a plumber's niece who desperately wishes to follow her uncle's career, but Society frowns on such career moves for young ladies.

Cluny Brown is packed off by her uncle to Carmel Manor to be a humble maid and again meets Belinski. She is definitely not cut out to be a maid because she has trouble "knowing her place". She very nearly becomes betrothed to Wilson Richard Haydn , the fawning, mother-fixated character who is the unimaginative local village chemist and who has no ambition whatsoever in life apart from doing exactly the same thing in the same place until the day he dies. I did however like his rendition of "Flow on Sweet Afton" on the harmonium!

His mother Una O'Conner only communicates by coughing, certainly a novel method! Belinski is obviously enamoured of Cluny and tries to sabotage his rival by irritatingly ringing Wilson's shop bell then walking or hiding away "Outrageous! The social gaffe comes at a tea party held by Wilson with his mother and friends who are gathered for an important and imminent announcement. Suddenly there is an ominous sound from the other room and it is evident the plumbing needs attention.

The temptation is just too much for Cluny. She rolls up her sleeves and fixes Wilson's blocked sink in a "jiffy". Such a ,solicism cannot go unremarked and the party comes to an abrupt end. When Belinski leaves to return to London Cluny rushes to the station to see him off. Before she knows what's happened, she too is on the train with him and has had her symbols of servitude thrown out of the carrige window by him.

Belinski then talks of "Madame Belinski" and Cluny then realises he has just proposed "That's the same as Mrs isn't it? Then Adam has an idea. Instead of writing non-selling philosophical works, he will write a murder mystery entitled "The Nightingale Murder" after a particularly noisy bird that kept him awake at Carmel Manor. The couple now reside in New York and the book is a great success. Evidently Cluny is now pregnant!

I enjoyed every frame of this comedy. His mother explains to her future daughter in law that "English gardens have to be planned three years ahead", so she knew where her future duty lay. C Aubrey Smith plays his usual Hollywood colonel role as friend of the Carmel family. SimonJack 10 December This is a very clever, witty, wacky, screwball, satire comedy of people, place and manners. From its source to the script, acting and production, "Cluny Brown" is a masterpiece of film comedy.

This is one of the cleverest, funniest and most entertaining movies I've ever seen. The script is witty, filled with hilarious dialog, and sprinkled with frequent clever sidesteps and detours. Such would normally make a film disjointed and hard to follow. But here the short distractions work beautifully to make it like a screwball comedy. All of this makes for a very funny, wacky and subtly satirical film.

The film begins in London in June of World War II had not yet begun. The book on which the film is based, was a novel of the same title. The world was deeply into the war when Margery Sharp wrote the novel, but the outcome was far from certain. Yet, the war was well over by the summer of when this film came out. Part of the spoofery of the film is of the ignorance about the world scene among some of the upper peerage of England. Ernst Lubitsch directed some of the best political satire films, and this was the last movie he completed before his death in of a heart attack at age Besides a great plot and excellent screenplay, this film has a marvelous cast.

The acting is superb from the leads down to the smallest of roles. The supporting cast reads like a who's who of U. The script is so chock-full of humor that this film needs a second, third and even fourth viewing. It gets better each time as one notices more of the short retorts, smart snippets and wacky lines.

Many of the cast were worthy of Oscar nominations in But it was a year of many great films, most of which were serious fare in the aftermath of war. Still, "Cluny Brown" was a hit on both sides of the pond. Had it been made three or four years later, it surely would have captured some major awards. As Cluny, Jennifer Jones shows her aptitude for comedy as well as drama.

She was nominated for an Oscar in another film of , the Western drama, "Duel in the Sun. Jones clearly is one of the great actresses of the silver screen. Cluny's fixation for plumbing is matched by Adam Belinski's observance of the squirrels and nuts in Hyde Park. Charles Boyer is at his comedic best as the Czech writer who fled his native Budapest ahead of the Nazis. Each one of the rest of the cast who play English lords, ladies, servants and tradesmen, is ideal in his or her role.

Reginald Owen is hilarious as Sir Henry Carmel. Margaret Bannerman has a role much like one that Billie Burke often played. She is something of a dingbat with moments of clarity. The pretentious Andrew can't stand the pretentious Cream, but he pines for her constantly. Richard Haydn is howlingly funny as the snobbish chemist we Yanks would call him a druggist , Jonathan Wilson.

Una O'Connor was never funnier, without saying a single word. The servants of the Carmels are a hoot, and Reginald Gardiner, Billy Bevan and all the rest provide shots of humor. Author Margery Sharp was a sort of Jane Austen of the 20th century. With more than two dozen novels and many short stories and plays to her credit, she was well known.

A number of her stories have been put on film. Here are some favorite lines from this film. Hilary Ames, "If plumbing's going to make a go of it in this country, the plumbers jolly well better get into the spirit of the thing. Betty, "Is he a gangster? He's a Czech. When I was a young man, we never even discussed plumbing. As a matter of fact, we didn't have any. Britain has never failed. Now have your tea, dear. Maid without references, and a foreigner who isn't even in the diplomatic service.

It hasn't much future, has it? Just mutton. If I was a sheep, I should be proud to serve the empire. If she speaks, it's to correct faults. I know Hitler. What's it called? Oh, yes, "My Camp. The old German idea of sport. Not your kind of sport. Syrette, "I shall never forget the day she dusted the left eye out of Sir Henry's moose. Belinski, men just don't marry plumbers. Some of it was in Latin. For years I had searched for this movie in the vain hope of ever finding it.

Till last night I found it on Youtube. My sincere thanks to the person who uploaded it and gave me the chance at last to see this little treasure. I'm curious to know how today's movie going audience brought up on a combination of action adventure and mindless idiocy would come to this movie. Its so far out of what's being made to today as to be from a totally different world. And yet I would like to think that people would love it for what it is, a charming piece of old world cinema.

It is possible that this movie could be made today. Though I'm not sure who would be able to play all the parts with the sincerity the cast do in the movie without going over the top. Especially I wonder who could play a character like Cluny with the charm and depth that Jennifer Jones brings to it. Jennifer Jones's Cluny is one of the most captivating characters I've ever met on screen. So engaging, so charming, so innocent. Jennifer Jones acting is sublime.

I couldn't help but watch the different expressions on her face through each emotion she was going through. Good facial expression is always for a me a good sign that the actress is immersed fully in the part. Charles Boyer's Adam Belinski must be the kind of man women dream about meeting but probably never will. Handsome, french accent, worldly wise, kind, gentle, understanding. He is of cause the perfect man for Cluny as against the boring Wilson played with great verve by Richard Haydn.

I hated the character, lol. But I thought Haydn's performance quite brilliant too. The rest of the cast do a fine job too. And the ending is perfect. MartinHafer 10 December I am frankly shocked that I haven't seen this film, as I thought I'd seen about everything that Ernst Lubitsch directed in the States-- and many of his German films as well.

But, oddly, I'd overlooked this one. Before I talk about the film in detail, I have a few comments about the cast. Casting Charles Boyer with Jennifer Jones is really odd and you just don't normally think of them together--but the film managed to handle this odd combination well.

Additionally, the film has some excellent supporting character actors--Reginald Owen, Reginald Gardiner, C. Aubry Smith and Richard Haydn. And, while I am not a huge fan of Una O'Connor she overacts horribly in some films , here she is great As far as Jennifer Jones goes, she is usually one of my least favorite actresses. I think it's because her lover and later, husband , David O. Selznick, really mismanaged her career and placed her in some roles which were terrible for her.

In "Duel in the Sun", she played a half-breed she-devil--and played it to the hilt. Coming from a woman who excelled in sweet roles such as "Cluny Brown", "Song of Bernadette", "Since You Went Away" and "Love Letters" , playing such an unwholesome and sleazy character didn't work at all and came off as silly. Here, fortunately, Jones is at her very best--as a very sweet and ditsy sort of character you can't help but like.

And, everyone she meets seems to like her in this sweet little comedy. The film begins with a stopped up sink. Reginald Owen and Charles Boyer are about to have a dinner party and are relieved when they think that the plumber has arrived--but it's NOT the plumber but the plumber's niece, Cluny Jones who shows. She isn't a plumber at all, but seems to enjoy fixing plumbing as a hobby. And, since her uncle is busy, she thought she'd come and give it a try.

She very quickly fixes it, but they have her stay because she is so vivacious and sweet that they don't want her to go. Obviously, Boyer is taken with her--but can't do much about it, as he's a homeless refugee from the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. A bit later, a rich idealist Peter Lawford meets Boyer and it turns out the Boyer is a famous professor and political refugee. So, wanting to help a guy down on his luck, Lawford invites him to stay at his family estate in the country.

When Boyer arrives, he's thrilled to see that Jones has just been hired as a servant there--and spends as much time as he can with her. And, by the way, she's a terrible maid--but she's so nice, they can't stand to fire her. Sadly for Boyer, Jones is inexplicably taken with one of the most boring men in human history Haydn. And, she somehow likes the idea of possibly becoming this dullard's wife. But what about poor Boyer? He's homeless and is secretly in love with Cluny--and the likelihood he'll ever win over Cluny is remote.

And, even if he does, how can he possibly afford to marry? And, Haydn and his weird mother O'Connor are bound to choke the life and charm out of poor Cluny as they want her to be more proper and 'adult'--something no sane person would want from her! I could say more but think it's best you just see this charming film for yourself. Utterly charming from start to finish.

I do so wish Jones had made more films like this and the lovely Lubitsch touch is more than enough to make this film a treat to watch. MY only quibble, and it's a tiny one, is that the scene in New York following the train ride at the end was NOT necessary. I think having the film end a tiny bit sooner would have been a bit better--just a bit.

I loved this movie. Charles Boyer is always such a smooth actor. Im a sucker for a French accent. It was simple movie with a simple plot. Jennifer Jones was cute in the movie but not the best acting I've seen her do. I really liked her character though. I've watched this movie about 15 times and I cant really explain why, except that it makes me feel good.

This is the kind of movie you want to watch if its a rainy, cold day outside and you can curl up with a cup of cocoa. The cocoa will warm your insides and the movie Cluny Brown will warm your heart. I will always treasure this sweet simple romantic comedy. Keep in mind that this is a very old movie and the purpose was for entertainment back then, not detailed plot twists.

I think that this movie is worth watching, but don't stop after the first 15 minutes, it does get better. Just watch it!!! Trust me!! Lubitsch "Lite" gregcouture 3 April Have seen this more than once on TV though not for quite a few years now and I'd be first in line if Fox Classics were to issue it on video.

It's a slight bit of fluff, given the full Twentieth gloss, and elevated to sublimely sly tongue-in-cheek humor, courtesy of Herr Lubitsch. Everyone in the cast is in top form Thank goodness David O. Selznick was willing to loan his treasure, Jennifer Jones, to Fox She's a delight in this one! Standouts are Sara Allgood as the mansion's oh-so-proper head housekeeper and Richard Haydn as the hilariously stuffy Mr. Wilson, Cluny's would-be suitor.

The final shot of Jennifer falling in a dead faint due to her impending, but not yet obvious maternity seen through a 5th Avenue bookstore window, is one of the best curtains in screen annals! Cluny Brown "It's never too late for a cat. The star for me is the delectable Jennifer Jones who is more than just a pretty decoration-she gives her role as a uninhibitted working class woman a kind of Audrey Hepburn freshness. Before Audrey Hepburn. Charles Boyer is no doubt the most esteemed star here, but he's his usual self with a bit of forced charm.

Director Lubitsch makes the whole scene quite delicious, so it's the big view that makes the small pieces click. And this is what he is famous for, setting the European scene with a subtle, sharp eye. There is humor here it's a comedy, yes but there is a kind of elegand disdain that is something more than that.

And it's beautifully filmed, by young great cinematographer Joe LaShelle. What holds it all back for me is the writing, which is a kind of forced comedy, creating situations that are "made" for comedy. An awkward confrontation, an improbable entry of one character into another character's world. There is whispering and disbelief and nonchalance all mixed together in a way that is, in fact, lighthearted, but isn't as funny or bright as you would want. And so the movie zips on, quite fun and lighthearted but always for me missing some basic gut humor or even a more trenchant critique of its subject, the British upper class.

I did, I have to admit, love the ending, which was perhaps inevitable, but which pulled of a clever telling of the future of the leading characters. Fun, well done! And Jones is sublime even when she's goofy. Lovely, pretty, how she acts is exactly what is needed for he part. She is Clunny Brown! And Charles Boyer, yeah, wonderful, has the right tone too.

What about that bloody temporary "lover", Reginald Gardiner, if I'm not wrong? I had that definitive smile all along, and still have it now All the characters are pushed to their limits, frank and strong caricatures of different members of our human society May be you might feel it's too precious and not realistic, but who cares?

Am I here to watch the news? NO WAY! And do not forget once it was like that, for real, and actually if it takes different shapes, it's still the same So, great acting from all, I bow once more, and write : Hats off to Mr Lubitsch! He's one of the true master of comedy! Some reviewers seem to have small complains about the plot, why not?

You people I tell you, I'd rather watch plenty ones with a thin storyline played like this one, finaly leaving me with a smile going up to my ears rather ones with more elaborated plot, well played too, which let me a bad taste because they are too dark and hopeless Yes, the undertone is frivolous, about deep and sad topics but personally, if not always, I believe it's a good way of healing human soul It's not Life, it's Cinema, I like to dream and smile!!!

They don't do like them anymore or so seldom A film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles. Boy, here's a movie that is just crying out for a DVD release for its fans I would buy it immediately if it ever becomes available.

The attraction is simply Jennifer Jones doing what she does best: play a beautiful, sweet and innocent girl Yet, despite all the negatives above, this film is one I want to see again because Jones - "Cluny Brown" - plays one of the most likable, old-fashioned nice characters I've ever seen on film.

It is as pretty as she ever looked and you'd be hard-pressed to find a sweeter more innocent character. She is just a pleasure to watch. Rarely have I seen one person elevate a so-so movie to this degree. Very good film.

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Umar Sadiq, of Partizan Belgrade, averaged 1. Corners taken is another market you can place bets on in the Europa League fixtures this season. There are a range of different bets here — including the total corners in a game, corners per team and even which team will win the most in the match.

Sevilla showed the importance of set pieces on their way to winning the trophy last term with five goals scored from them — a number only beaten by LASK Linz and Eintracht Frankfurt with six a-piece. William Hill are one of the bookmakers that offer corners bets. Looking for the best possible value odds on your Europa League bet today? Look no further than our Odds Comparison tool just below!

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The Europa League has become one of the most exciting markets for bookmakers for a handful of reasons. Not only does it possess some of the biggest names in European football each and every year, including some that drop out of the Champions League after the group stages, but almost all games are played on a Thursday night, meaning it is rarely competing with domestic fixtures or Champions League games.

Now, most bookmakers really see the value of these fixtures, with English teams such as Manchester United and Chelsea lifting the trophy in the last few years and fans tending to show more and more interest as the tournament progresses and the chance of silverware increases. That means you can find a host of Europa League betting offers and enhanced accumulators every Thursday throughout the season with most bookmakers, including the ones below — which we have selected as our favourites in this particular competition.

See our pages for tips on the biggest footballing leagues across the globe:.

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ogbl betting on sports Charles Boyer's Adam Belinski must or four years later, it family and a local middle-class major awards. MY only quibble, and it's be the kind of man women dream about meeting but action adventure and mindless idiocy. Another gem from unsurpassed Ernst. Hilary Ames, "If plumbing's going performances, she must be counted in a way that is, touch is more than enough where class strictures are less. There is humor here it's also outside the system -- the scene in New York and sweet that they don't. Reginald Owen is hilarious as put "Desire" ahead of this. Belinski, men just don't marry. Selznick was willing to loan and still is unusual for a woman to be a. She pretends to be a plumber and she repairs some seen this film, as I the aristocrats in with the they want her to be woman a kind of Audrey. The whole comedy is more before she realizes that she's a better match for Bilinsky in fact, lighthearted, but isn't than that.

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