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Mississippi sports betting law

Gambling breathed new life into the region before Hurricane Katrina came to town in The superstorm brought ruin to Biloxi and Gulfport , damaging or destroying nearly every casino along the shore. With owners vowing to rebuild their properties, the law was changed to allow them to move onshore within feet of the water in the hopes of avoiding a repeat disaster. After a day review period, those regulations went into effect and licensed gaming operators began applying to offer sports betting.

Regulators spent the next few weeks preparing for the launch of sports betting and MGM won the race to come to market. Beau Rivage and Gold Strike accepted the first sports wagers in Mississippi history on August 1, In , Mississippi legalized daily fantasy sports. The Fantasy Contest Act H laid out the regulatory framework for the industry, following a similar roadmap to other states. Here was the original language that was stricken:.

No wagering shall be allowed on the outcome of any athletic event, nor on any matter to be determined during an athletic event, which does not take place on the premises. Reading between the lines, this allows the MGC to regulate sports betting. Regulators say they already do, in fact. Sports betting was subsequently added to the to-do list, and the taskforce submitted a report on both by the end of the same year.

Here was the conclusion:. To date, it appears that the actual revenue generated is far behind the revenue projected by the introduction of Internet gaming. In addition, it would seem the most likely way for Internet gaming to be productive is for states to form compacts with each other, in order to make the payoffs attractive. There are technology issues that Mississippi would have that other less rural states may not encounter, while not preventing Internet gaming from occurring, it may be more frustrating for the patron trying to logon and determining if they are located in the state or outside of the state.

As for sports betting, it is still uncertain as to whether a state can overcome the federal ban. Mississippi Sports Betting. Recent Mississippi sports betting news. Three bills aiming to expand MS sports betting to mobile platforms in the state died in committee this week.

Mississippi was one of the first states to launch sports betting in but continues to be restricted to retail sportsbooks. However, the history of gambling in Mississippi means it was more ready than most to take advantage of the autonomy afforded to all US states. Since then the Mississippi River has become synonymous with riverboat gambling. Like many states, gambling has been outlawed and allowed countless times over the last two centuries.

In the state passed the Fantasy Contest Act which made betting on fantasy sports legal while continuing to uphold the ban on traditional sports betting. Right now, there are no legal online sports betting sites available if you are not on the grounds of a licensed casino.

Electronic betting on sports is possible in the casinos, and some have even developed their own apps which you can download to your phone and use to bet on sports while on casino grounds. Betting real money on fantasy sports and DFS is completely legal in Mississippi.

The legal distinction was made between fantasy sports wagering and traditional sports betting with fantasy sports finding themselves classified as a game of skill and therefore exempt from gambling laws like PASPA. Taking it one step further, Mississippi passed the Fantasy Contest Act in which specifically made betting on fantasy sports legal and provided a regulatory framework for the industry borrowed from other states which had already adopted fantasy sports gambling.

All major fantasy sports betting sites are open to players from Mississippi. You can bet real money on a variety of sports and until recently, it was the number one way people in the state could put some action on their favorite teams and players. Mississippi has a great sporting tradition. One of the most significant aspects of the legalization of sports betting in the state was the inclusion of betting on collegiate sporting events, as well as professional ones.

This is in contrast to some other states like New Jersey that have relaxed their gambling laws but only include professional sports. College football is very popular in Mississippi. The legalization of sports betting means that residents of Mississippi can bet on their teams throughout the year in the Southeastern Conference.

The big derby game between the two is known as the Egg Bowl, and will definitely see some major betting action from within Mississippi this year. Although lacking in Major League teams, Mississippi does have a healthy history of baseball. All of their games, and the games of the other baseball teams in the state, are available to bet on now.

Mississippi has plenty of other sports teams and competitions, from the Mississippi State Bulldogs basketball team to the many college soccer teams. The recent legalization means that all of their games are legally available to bet on as long as you go to a casino.

Quite apart from the range of teams that exist within the state, the legalization of sports betting means that residents can bet on a whole range of sports from across the US and all over the world. You can combine your college football bets with putting some action on an NFL game.

As the seasons go on they throw up new sports events to bet on. You can throw a few bucks on the Superbowl in the new year, wait for the NBA Playoffs in the spring, or even hang around until the Olympics rolls around. Sports betting offers something for every fan.

Some unregulated offshore sites may offer no deposit sports betting, but we recommend waiting until online sports betting becomes legal, which is very likely to happen sooner rather than later. In the meantime, electronic sports betting is possible on the grounds of licensed and regulated casinos.

Mississippi has shown more than almost all other states that it is ready to lead the way as sports betting laws around the United States get more relaxed. It was practically a matter of weeks after the repeal of PASPA that casinos in the Magnolia State started accepting their first sports bets.

With that in mind, it looks like sports betting, including online sports betting, is only going to become more accessible. It is an exciting new time for sports betting fans in Mississippi. At the moment, sports betting is only legally allowed on licensed casinos.

However, that will almost certainly be subject to change. As more states look to follow the lead of Mississippi in cashing in on the multi-billion dollar sports betting market suddenly available to them, it is not hard to imagine Mississippi relaxing sports betting laws even further to stay ahead of the game.

There have already been rumblings of a move to relax the laws surrounding online gambling in the state. A bill to introduce a state lottery was finally passed in August With Mississippi leading the way in relaxing gambling laws, it looks likely that online sports betting will come in the next couple of years. There is no guarantee that this will happen, but the winds of change are blowing firmly in that direction.

This is an extremely exciting time to be a fan of sports betting in the US and in Mississippi in particular. The repeal of PASPA has given each state the chance to decide their own laws around gambling, and Mississippi has wasted no time embracing the world of sports betting. Despite its traditional roots, Mississippi has proved itself to be open to change and ready to take a leading role in the new regulated US sports betting industry.


A faction of lawmakers opposed to sports betting realized they had unwittingly signed onto the legalization of sports betting and introduced a bill to reinstate the ban. That effort failed to gain traction and sports betting has been legal in MS since.

The Supreme Court cleared the way for casinos to take advantage of the law by striking down PASPA , the federal law that prohibited sports betting in most states. The MGC approved regulations two months later to give casinos a path to launching retail sportsbooks. Under the rules approved by the MGC, casinos may accept sports wagers after submitting an application to the MGC and receiving the approval of its Executive Director.

Currently, state law only permits retail sportsbooks at casinos. Lawmakers have expressed interest in expanding the law to authorize licensed casinos to operate online and mobile betting platforms but have been unable to pass anything to date. All five bills were introduced in early but were dead in committee by March Fantasy operators that serve more than members of the public in any single calendar year must acquire a license from the MGC, which involves passing an investigation and submitting to annual compliance audits.

In , fantasy sites were forced to exit Mississippi temporarily after the Attorney General issued an opinion stating that fantasy sports contests constitute illegal gambling. The major daily fantasy operators exited Mississippi following the opinion but were able to return later that year following the passage of new legislation. The governor signed off on the bill and invited fantasy sites back to Mississippi as of July 1 st , SB was a temporary bill designed to expire after one year.

During that time, lawmakers were asked to form a task force to study the industry and propose regulations for a more permanent legal framework in Mississippi. In March , Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a new bill into law establishing a more permanent framework for the regulation of daily fantasy sports.

New regulations adopted by HB included the prohibition of third-party scripts used by players to gain an advantage in DFS contests, enforcing maximum numbers of entries players may enter into any single contest and identifying highly experienced players with symbols visible to all other players. The new legislation requires operators to limit the number of entries into contests according to the following rules:. The regulation of daily fantasy sports in Mississippi now falls under the Mississippi Gaming Commission.

The MGC is also responsible for adopting additional regulations as needed. Mississippi lacks a parimutuel racing industry, but horse racing betting is now legal at licensed sportsbooks. Despite an entrenched gambling industry, Mississippi never got around to authorizing parimutuel wagering on its own — that only came after the state issued sports betting regulations in There are no active racetracks in Mississippi and the emergence of a significant live racing industry is unlikely.

Racetracks in other states with legal casinos have struggled mightily unless coupled with those casinos. In , Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi became the first casino to begin taking wagers on horse races held around the country. All wagers taken on horses at Palace Casino are parimutuel in nature, which means they are intermingled with wagers taken in-person at each track and are paid at full track odds.

Additional casinos later confirmed plans to also add horse racing betting to the menu. Online horse racing betting is prohibited in Mississippi. Licensed sportsbooks may only offer horse racing wagers to customers who are physicaly present at the casino. Dedicated online horse racing betting sites are restricted from offering their services to Mississippi residents.

Online gambling is restricted under Mississippi law. Online sports betting, online casinos and poker sites are all outlawed in Mississippi. Daily fantasy sports remain the closest approximation to actual online gambling currently. In a prosecution for gambling or gaming, in addition to penalties elsewhere provided, the jury shall find the amount won, and it shall be the duty of the court to enter judgment against the winning party for the amount so won, to be collected and paid over as fines.

No true state-wide mobile betting through state-licensed operators are available. However, offshore sportsbooks are available to MS players for online and mobile sports wagering. Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and while there are no professional teams in the state there are two powerhouse college athletic programs located close by. The Ole Miss Rebels and the Mississippi State Bulldogs both have athletic programs and play such sports as football, baseball, basketball, softball, wrestling and more.

Jackson residents can bet on these events with the use of offshore sportsbooks. Biloxi was one of the first two towns to start accepting sports bets in Mississippi. The town attracts tourism with its southern Mississippi flare, sandy white beaches, and multiple entertainment options usually provided by the casinos. Residents and visitors can partake in casino gambling and now place legal sports bets at those casinos.

Tunica is a north-west Mississippi town with a striving casino community located just outside the city limits. There are currently 9 casinos operating along the Mississippi River, most of which has already incorporated legal sports betting into their facilities. Due to Tunica's geographical location, most casinos offer sports betting to tourists from neighboring states such as Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and others. Since domestic sports wagering is authorized through licensed operators, MS players utilizing legal avenues to wager on will not get arrested.

However, if an MS players wager through a state-based bookie or sportsbooks not licensed and regulated by the Mississippi Gaming Commission, they could face a potential charge but mostly the operator of the unlicensed sportsbook would be penalized for violating state laws. There are no true sportsbook apps available in MS, this is due to current sports gambling laws which do not allow state-wide mobile sports wagering.

Rather Mississippi's law only allows on-site mobile sports betting which requires players to be near or within the casino offering sports gambling. However, legislation was introduced to expand mobile wagering beyond on-site betting to state-wide sports wagering capabilities. There are no restrictions for MS players in regards to which teams they may wager on. Rather the only restriction MS has on wagering is for political offices and high school sports.

MS players can wager on professional and collegiate sports teams even those located within the state through state-licensed sportsbooks. Offshore sportsbooks have no restrictions on what players can wager on. There are 23 venues in Mississippi which offer betting services. These licensed and regulated sportsbooks are the only local sportsbooks we recommend MS players to use.

We do not encourage sports wagering through unlicensed and unregulated individuals or groups. The minimum age to wager at MS land-based casinos is While this information is conflicting, we recommend following them closely. The Mississippi Gaming Commission currently regulates all of the state's sports wagering activity. The MGC is responsible for providing licenses to operators such as the 23 land-based casinos currently offering sports betting. These powers were granted under the state's legalized sports gambling bill.

Mississippi residents who want to express their concerns or support for the current domestic sports wagering options or for pending legislation in the state can contact their local representatives and politicians. Below we provide resources to reach those individuals. We encourage gambling responsibly but some players can find themselves developing signs of problem gambling.

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