3betting aqw

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3betting aqw

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When I ran this for myself, it was eye opening. The hand strengths of my OOP 3bet calls are generally much stronger. The 3betting opponent is a critical factor to consider before calling a 3bet. You must have a good idea of their 3bet frequency by position and be aware of how they will likely play on the flop. To make the best pre-flop decision, you need to know what to expect out of this opponent post-flop who has the stronger range and initiative.

There are great reasons to call 3bets: a strong holding; good pot odds being offered for a speculative hand; an exploitable opponent; etc. As you review your hands, assess your reason for calling instead of 4betting or folding. Take note of the mistaken calls you made and review each street of those hands to learn from them. Take note of any mental game lapses in judgement so you can correct these issues.

Awareness is the first step in fixing your mental game. When you know your issue, you can put into place things that correct this behavior for future play sessions. You can easily find these statistics in your poker tracking software. The win rates will have to be found by filtering with the designated play in mind.

Start with recording the quantifiables for your prior 20K or more hands, then track at the end of this week and the end of next week. Congrats, Michael! If you want to follow in his footsteps, this video series on YouTube will help: click here. If you play with them, stay away… stay far away. Get the Smart HUD here.

Go here to learn more and get your own copy. PokerTracker 4 affiliate link. Study smart, Dustin. Table of Contents. Author Recent Posts. Sky Matsuhashi. It often depends on the history with the 3bet aggressor. If you hit the A on the flop if the 3 bet aggressor calls , your are the winner most of the time. Great article, but I have a couple of questions.

The bluffing range however only consists of A5s, A4s and A3s, which is a total of 12 combo's. Am I missing something or is this not the right ratio? My second question is about the 4bet-calling range. When you 4bet against an aggressive opponent and he 5-betjamms, what hands should you call in what position? Do you still call it off in this spot, or do you 4bet-fold?

I would call him if he 3 bets with a merged range. Posted by BlackRain Labels: defend 3-bet , poker 3bet strategy. TJ 23 September. BlackRain79 23 September. Unknown 23 September. MikeB 23 September. BlackRain79 24 September. Unknown 24 September.

BlackRain79 25 September. Iago Porto 24 September. Chris 24 September. BlackRain79 26 September. Jorge Volante 26 September. Jasonmodar 26 September. Jasonmodar 27 September. Unknown 28 September. BlackRain79 29 September. Unknown 01 October.

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sekolahdasarforex.com n od o j y hk yd Betting systems for sports sekolahdasarforex.com Free casino game cleopatra; aqw fbkm u tm Dafed: AdventureQuest Worlds: Redeem Special Codes Aqw valencia new code - Assemble an. Question 1 – 3-Betting from the blinds. Now both KJs and KJo are 3bets, as we are 3betting a big majority of hands that we are willing to play. Whether to go with polar or linear 3bet strategy really.