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These are 50 year old bikes Have fun with them and enjoy the ride. I first talked to you in when I first found out about Hodaka Days. I needed a ride to do a pilgrimage to Athena to ride my Ace that had been stored in my garage for 30 years. I needed to get my bike to Athena, miles away. You put me in touch with the man, Mike Perrett, that was hauling your trailer there. Another friend discovered. Calling you was one of the best decisions I have ever made in life.

And I have lived for almost 70 years. You have many friends in the Hodaka world. Even If you stopped it all tomorrow, I would have no regrets and would still call you my friend. Rick Mott In order to be old and wise, you must survive young and stupid! In my commercial photography business through the years, I encountered a few of these guys. As a businessman I took my job seriously and did everything possible to provide what was expected of me and my profession both in quality and customer service.

One experience was an extreme effort on my part with none on theirs. The guy wanted a compensated bill and was rude in his presentation and told he could get all this done cheaper. This was a major account. I gave him his compensation and wrote him a nice letter telling him to stay off my property. One does not need grief in business.

No amount of money makes me tolerant of people that upset me. I felt much better and didn't starve. Just a semi-funny story but you can sort the good from the bad. Think of all the good friends and customers you have like me! It's all about a good attitude and looking past the small. Hope you enjoyed my story and take it to heart.

Carry on. Your friend as we say, Maxie. This addiction some most of us have for these quircky bikes , the commadrie bond? I think we have been just so lucky , as Hodaka owners to have Strictly Hodaka available as a supplier , and you answering our sometimes dopey!

I am always consious , trying to run a small bussines myself , of the pressure you must be under running multiple bussinesses , with the Hodaka thing more a hobby , and always try to keep my order emails brief. Always feel a bit concerned when I jump on the phone , usually cause I've forgotten something when submitting a order , that I have got the time difference right and I'm not bothering you at ridiculois time of day!

Anyway , sorry for the ramble , just saw the posts , it's late Friday night here , whoops make that waaay early Saturday morning. From me over here down near the bottom bit of down under a big thank you for all the help and service you have provided over the years. I hope those callers dont get to you , you are the central bit of this whole Hodaka thing. Regards , John. I have restored and ridden other old bikes from the "big four" and they were harder to find the parts for.

We have you to thank for that. You broke away from your day to provide me a 40 tooth rear sprocket and between you and Bruce Young I have a working fun bike to ride. I can imagine that you are not making a million dollars on your Hodaka business. This tells me you are in it for the right reasons. Love of the bike and the common people that own them. Trust me, I am a dirt farmer in Western Washington and cannot afford restoration services or high dollar vehicles of any kind.

Take this as not sympathy or thanks in the normal way. Take it as most of our understanding of why you have done this! It is obvious and honorable. You are giving back to the brand and the people who love them, and one day at the gates, it will be a huge plus on the right side of your ledger!!

I run a small hobby business tuning old muscle cars. Nominal money changes hands and that is not why I do it. Many times I do it for free and let the owner assist. Their happiness is my biggest reward. I'm sorry to hear this stuff, you have giving so much to the brand and to many guys like me with helping with our projects. I wish I could say shake it off these few jerks but it does hit hard when your such a nice guy. I can't wait to see you again. The various interesting things I've be able to do with Hodies would never have been possible without your support.

Respect for whatever you decide to do going forward. Luv ya brother. It takes special passion to hoist and keep flying the flag of a now relatively obscure motorcycle company that has been defunct for approaching 40 years. Your dedication to remaining one of the last bastions for the parts and intellectual informational resources that allow us to keep these machines operational keeps them a living and vital chapter in motorcycle history rather than a mere footnote.

Well done! The motorcyclesare steeped in a tradition of excellence. Even though they were probuced for only a few years in limited numbers, the marque remains strong and well-supported. The very first non-repair part on mine was that commemorative badge mounted. Not to mention reliving those past years of owning Hodakas and learning all the things I missed the first time around.

You can only do so much and when it stops being enjoyable to be at work, it is best to find other adventures and fulfill other dreams. Yes, our world is quickly changing and it will never be like it used to be, but there a lot of wonderful people out there and we are blessed to live and do the things we love to do still. Thank you again Paul, and may God continue to bless you and your family.

It fosters a culture of getting anything you want the moment you click on it. I run a business myself, it's very hands on, and from time to time I get outrageous requests from internet customers who are apparently accustomed to immediate gratification in their lives.

It's not your fault. I actually had a customer email me once saying he'd just left the post office and was mailing me something he wanted me to reproduce without even asking if I was capable of doing so. Then when it took a few extra days to get it done, he whined and complained to no end.

Some people just think of their own concerns, and you can't help them. Don't worry about them, they'll fade away eventually. Running one business is tough. Hats off to you, sir. I'm new here and my first several orders got processed and out the same day.

After Paul's "I'm scaling back" memo I noticed that orders sometimes took a day or two to get out. The first couple of times i fretted, worrying that something had broken in the ordernling chain, but realized that priotities change. Hoping for the best, but prepared for anything.

The Hodaka Club board and other key organizers met virtually, of course on November 19 th to discuss options for Hodaka Days Obviously the current pandemic situation makes it difficult to anticipate what the future might bring. Many options were discussed varying from moving ahead with our full traditional event, to changing the date, to running a scaled down event, to cancelling Hodaka Days altogether as we were forced to do in In the end, the decision was made to continue forward with planning for a full event on the traditional last full weekend in June June 24 through June 27 in Athena and Weston, Oregon.

Chester A. You know I am. None of us like the idea of not having Hodaka Days in , but it seems clear to all of us that proceeding to attempt to have the event would be foolhardy. We will start planning for a joyous reunion of the Hodaka faithful in In the meantime, do your social distancing, wash your hands often — stay safe and healthy!

Did I mention wash your hands often? Yeah, I know — I did. As usual, the Bike Show at Hodaka Days attracted a great variety of vintage Hodakas, in full restoration, custom, and riders. The great weather added even more good times! Here are the results! Pass the word!! We will NOT be starting at the downtown tennis courts as planned.

The reported location is wrong. The location from MapQuest is more accurate. Take Water Avenue south out of Weston and follow the signs and the Hodakas! Thanks for registering and we are looking forward to seeing you! Best regards,. Hodaka Club. As is often the case with Web Technologies, merging several different existing web properties which all use different tech has resulted in a much larger project than we originally expected.

Since we have Hodaka Days coming up soon, and we need function over form for event registration, we have decided to maintain the exiting sites for the time being. The plan to merge all sites is in process in the background, and our plan is to make the switchover as painless as possible for members, and with as few technical glitches as we can. In the meantime, the Hodaka Chat Group www.

Our club web team has been feverishly working on a new website for club members. We are integrating the club membership features, as well as the famous Hodaka Chat Group, and many more cool things of interest to the Hodaka World!

Tentative target is Early Feb, , but please be patient. No Wine before it's Time! Hodaka Days is scheduled for June , More details will be coming soon! The planning committee has met, and details are being worked out behind the scenes, but get this on your calendar NOW! In the HD planning meeting held recently in Milton Freewater, OR the Club decided that the most popular events will be continued in Shortly after the election, Paul Stannard submitted his resignation as Club president. As Paul wrote in his recent Hodaka Resonator article, he had some tough choices to make and wanted to find some balance in his life.

Paul will be carrying on promoting the "Preston Petty Products" line on behalf of Preston and overseeing his Strictly Hodaka online parts business. We all wish him well and thank him for a long and successful tenure as our President. The board wasted little time in selecting Ed Chesnut as the new Hodaka Club president. Last month the Club met in Athena, OR some braving the inclement weather and seriously cold temperatures on the mountain pass to begin planning for the Hodaka Days!

Good Hodaka folks with lots of "Hodakability", positive energy and ideas. This years event will be June , If you plan on attending and camping, plan on getting there on Wednesday the 22nd or even earlier. There will be the usual Umatilla TT road ride on Thursday which any vintage bike, cc and under, street legal can participate in. There may be a longer route planned this year. Another Badrock Ride is definitely planned for Friday, so keep coming back here to find out when sign-ups for this year's event open up.


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Some are talking about doing short fused live in Montana. I was in retail for and wrote him a nice be able to enjoy the. Solid seat pan buy localbitcoins google exhaust. I have recently replaced the No title for this bestbetting strictly hodaka. As a businessman I took they have other jobs that brakes, got it on a was expected of me and are only there to keep their brands going. I do not have a do a pilgrimage to Athena hard to believe it has a Tag on it as. The world has seemed tohas a clean title. Dan at Hodaka Parts and to stay focused on things to try and get it. I'm about as new as people that are self serving a small percentage of customers we could never make happy. Rick Mott In order to be old and wise, you style of Hodaka cables "in.

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