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T factor betting rant and rave

Don't judge people, young people get sick too! I like to think that I am a reasonably well mannered person but lately I have found that people serving at Fast Food places are so incapable of doing their jobs. They lack hearing, coordination and vision. Example: you go through drive thru and have the person on the other end of the speaker taking your order - after you repeat if for them several times because they can't hear your yelling they repeat it back to you, only to have missed half of the order.

It is almost like you are speaking another language. They finally get the order right - you know, what you want, not what they want to give you. You pay take the order and drive away. Upon opening the bag half of the order is missing.

When you drive all the way back they tell you that you forgot your order, not that they had forgotten to pack it, then they demand a receipt and would like you to go inside to sort this little mistake out. Do you think that they stop to think that you used drive thru for a reason - NO! Is it just me or do these people need to clean out those wax filled ears, open their eyes and learn to read?

If you are game enough to venture inside it is just as bad. If you check it while they are packing it they look at you like you are paranoid, but if you don't check it is almost certainly guaranteed to be wrong! I was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile onset diabetes insulin dependent last year, which is totally different to type 2 mature age onset diabetes insulin resistant.

The media portrays all diabetes as the same i. When I tell people that I am a diabetic they say things like "oh, you must have lost a lot of weight". That really, really really annoys me as being a type 1 diabetic I had no choice and it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my diet, my weight or anything like that.

It is because I had a diabetic gene that came together with an environmental factor that cause my insulin producing cells to die off. I just wish people would become a bit more educated and not judge someone who says they are a diabetic. I was withdrawing money the other morning from the ATM.

This guy tried to rob me. While this was happening I looked at this guy and said please help and he put down his head. I managed to get away to work, which was a block away in tears. I found out in the afternoon that a work mate of mine was hassled in the same area on the same day about an hour before me by a guy matching the same description. She was screaming out for someone to help, and although there were a few people around, no one did anything.

It just makes me mad that no one wants to help these days. What is it with professional organisations that just never bother to return your calls? I received a message on my mobile phone the other day asking me to call a certain person back regarding my car insurance policy. Of course, I called immediately calling from my mobile phone in case there was some REAL problem , only to be told the person I needed was in a meeting.

I left a message that I had called. No one returned my call that day, so I left another message with her receptionist. The next day I called again, only to be informed that she was in a sales meeting. Yes, what urgency?!!!!! I have since transferred my insurance to another company. Perhaps if these people spent more time attending to their current customers needs, they wouldn't need to spend so much time in sales meetings trying to recruit new customers.

Suggestions are more than welcome! Every morning I am tortured on my daily train trip into the City. I am forced to listen to conversations that run along the lines of: "And I go" "And she goes" "And I go" "And I'm like" to which the correct response is "Are you serious? Oh my God". Why does everything have to be in the third person? All that I can think off is that I would like to "go" "please stop speaking like this, it is incredibly irritating".

How is it that large chain furniture stores can get away with not adjusting the price tags displayed on floor stock to the as advertised price in their current catalogue? It is not fair for the customer who is unaware of the catalogue and pays a different price for the same item, to the next customer who is. If they are offered discount for cash they think they are getting a good deal when really it could be the price as advertised but just not displayed. I am 26 years old and a professional.

I decided not long ago to obtain some piercings. I have a nose stud and a navel piercing. I find that often people stereotype such practices and assume you're taking drugs or connected to bikie gangs. I also find discrimination around this type of practice when it comes to obtaining employment. Whatever happened to freedom of expression and equal opportunities? It would be great to hear others experiences. How tacky and inappropriate. Ever heard of "Feminine Mystique"?

Why stop there, why not save even more time each morning and perform all bodily ablutions? Let's see, I could hit that snooze button another 3 times if I saved cutting my toenails, cleaning out my ears and picking out naval lint for my bus and train trip! Get some class and either wake up earlier or save it for the Ladies bathroom! These people see me with my small child, but NO they are in a hurry to get somewhere very quickly and break the law by refusing to stop for me. It is not my problem that you are running late for your appointment!

I am sick and tired of drivers ignoring pedestrians, this behaviour is not only rude but has the possibility of getting them into some serious trouble. Just because it is fast food doesn't mean it has to be substandard.

How many times have you gotten a burger and it is cold, meat is not cooked properly, half the salad is falling out, hardly any salad at all, chips are cold, chips are overcooked and so on. Just because it is busy, that doesn't justify a burger and fries that have seen better days. Lift your game fast food outlets or my feet will do the walking right out of the door! I feel for the parents when a child gets attacked by a dog but criticizing the wrong breed achieves nothing but a mis-educated community.

The most recent attack involved a PITT-Bull Terrier, a dog that has very little in common with the lovely Bull Terrier except a name, four legs and a tail. Like any dog you should never leave your child alone with them but that is common sense. I admit I am bias on this subject as I used to own a Bull Terrier, but it makes me so mad. My dog wouldn't hurt a fly. Reply to Peta's rant: I agree with Peta about the bad press certain types of dogs have been getting lately.

That said, I enjoyed it quite a lot. I almost feel bad for skipping it in favor of the Gankutsuou showing last year, but Gankutsuou is incredibly awesome, and that particular showing was lots of fun. Both the Slants and A-Key Kyo concerts were great.

I'd love to see them again, especially A-Key Kyo just out of personal preference; both bands are great at their respective genres. The charity auction was more fun than I'd expected. The exhibitors hall was great. Much better than last year, which says quite a lot. I found out about several very talented artists and ended up spending a small fortune on artbooks and doujinshi.

Rant: I'm pretty annoyed by the cosplay contest. I was told by a staffer that the line would be inside, but I eventually noticed the line was forming outside. At that point, the line was at a ridiculous length, and I'd have lined up earlier if I had known the line existed. After I finally got to the back of the line, we were informed of a ten minute delay.

Apparently, the ten minute delay was for the announcement of another ten minute delay, which actually turned out to be a twenty minute delay. I can understand there being delays, but if you can't give an accurate estimate of how long a delay is going to be then don't give one at all. I'd rather be left in the dark entirely than hear "10 mins to go lol I ended up in a seat sorta toward the middle of the room, which I was sorta surprised by since I was near the back of the line.

Figured I'd be in the far back corner. Well, it turned out I might as well have been. I could hardly see anything, and it was also pretty difficult to make out what was being said over the speakers as well. The randomly inserted technical problems did not help the situation.

The main problem, in any case, was not being able to see what's going on. Correct me if I'm just sounding stupid, but couldn't there have been a view screen showing what's happening on-stage? I'm not an audio visual expert, but I can't imagine such a thing being hard to do. And it would have made a huge difference to the people in the back rows. Keep in mind that I'm not the only person who had trouble seeing things, and that I came across several others who shared my annoyance.

In any case, I'll probably skip the contest next year unless I hear plans to make it more accessible. Other than that, my only real problem was with the hotel layout. It wasn't absolutely horrible, but it wasn't properly set up for a convention like this. But since the con's being held at a different one next year, I guess there's no reason to complain. You've been among winebibbers and riotous eaters of flesh, haven't you? I admit I told you to sell your body, but I did only mean your organs.

Kyrraven Oni Posts: 3. I've got to put in a rave for the anime piped into our hotel room! There were two channels showing anime throughout the con Quote from: Kyrraven on September 04, , am. Shiv Sailor Scout Posts: I want to clarify this ahead of time. I'm not even agitated. Please keep this in mind when figuring the tone of the post while reading it.

As a yojimbo, you get to know the inner workings of things, to a degree, and the safety and liability concerns that go along with a con. Most people don't think about these things, but if we were to ignore them entirely the con could not continue to exist. What most people also don't realize is that we're simply trying to keep you all safe and the con alive for years to come because we, too, enjoy having a con where everyone can geek out and I use this term affectionately, because it also applies to me over anime and have fun with other people who share their interests.

If you think it's annoying to be moved in the hallways, to have to move closer to the wall when in line, or to be relocated when sitting somewhere, try thinking about the other side of the coin: How annoying would it be to you if you couldn't get through the hallway because people were inconsiderately standing in the middle of it, completely oblivious to the fact that they were obstructing you from your destination, or forcing you to uncomfortably squeeze or muscle your way through?

What if you were running late for the panel you wanted to see, all the way across the hotel, and all the hallways were haphazardly filled with people? Most importantly, what if there was an emergency, or better yet, what if you were the person having the emergency, and help was delayed because the hallways had to be cleared every single step of the way?

We're honestly not just bossing you around to be jerks, I can certainly vouch for the fact that the folks I worked closely with weren't. We care about your safety and convenience as a whole and the work we do is all for you. I'd also like to add that inconsistency in enforcement of rules stems from a couple of causes.

First off - we simply do not have enough people to enforce the rules at all times. The number one thing that would help this is if more people would volunteer for staffing, especially for yojimbo positions. One yojimbo simply can not possibly keep track of what everyone in a crowd around them is doing. Not even one really, really good yojimbo.

One sleep-deprived-got-three-hours-of-sleep-been-walking-for-hours-on-end-and-had-one-break-for-food-all-day yojimbo, which is what we often get when we're short-staffed, is lucky to remember their room number by the end of the day, let alone attempt to keep track of what the hundred or so people around them are all doing. The final contributing factor, though, is the fact that many, many things are simply judgment calls on the part of the individual.

A yojimbo walking by at one time may consider your current location or activity to be safe, another may not. The yojimbo in question may even be mistaken on their call in any given instance, but the fact is that people often see things very differently. Another thing I'd like to add, and this is specifically regarding a parallel you've drawn, Bedlam, is that you can't really liken this to a job.

None of us are paid. In fact, though many people are not aware of this, we actually still pay to be staff, it's not a free ticket. Finally, it is not a fact that you should not expect to thank a person for helping you or other people, let alone for volunteering their time and energy in such copious amounts.

If you would thank a person simply for holding a door or saying "bless you" when you sneeze and I hope you would , why wouldn't you thank them for helping to staff an event that you look forward to for months, or even the entirety of the year? To wrap this bit up, while it does sound like a rant, and actually largely is one, the real reason I've wrote it is I thought it would be fair to let everyone this is not targeted solely at Bedlam, I really am sorry if it feels that way know why things are the way they are and to better inform you so you may know what things are like on the other side of the fence.

We often feel under-appreciated for the work we do, but anyone can help to fix that by at least understanding why it is we do what we do and helping us to help your fellow con-goers. So, on a lighter note, do the right thing: Hug a yojimbo next con and tell them thank you. It would make their day! My apologies for this issue hijacking the thread. We now return you to your regularly scheduled rants and raves: I didn't miss the rant and rave, but here's a few points on the con from a less-staff-ish viewpoint I thought I'd share with those who did: RANTS: Volume level of The Slants concert -The music was so loud you could hardly hear it, if that makes any sense.

I'm not one for earplugs, but working the door at the far end of the event hall I finally gave in and used earplugs. I honestly couldn't tell you if the music was any good because it was nearly impossible to really listen to it. The sound check was sounding pretty good, but then they turned up the volume This was pretty much already mentioned in the rant and rave, but I figure it's worth mentioning again. Elevators -It's pretty much pointless to complain about this, because they're a bottleneck in any hotel, but the elevators were a huge slowdown both for attendees and staff, and stairs are enough to make anyone curse their every step after so many hours on your feet.

These elevators also felt disconcertingly underpowered for such a new location. This is beyond the power of the convention to fix, but not immune to my desire to complain about it. Not enough yojimbo -There were not enough yojimbo to keep things moving smoothly everywhere at all times. Things slipped under the radar that shouldn't have simply because there weren't enough people to address all issues at once. Very awesome. People in general -You're a great group, honestly! Especially this year.

I liked attending, but I like working on staff even more because it's really satisfying to volunteer for a convention with so many nice, friendly people. It's what keeps me coming back. The people in lines -Okay, so this is from a yojimbo point of view, but people in lines were amazingly patient, and for the most part, very understanding of the fact that the yojimbo had to keep the impact of the line minimized on traffic flow, with the exception of corners, but everyone knows its hard to keep the corners well organized, especially when you're with friends.

Yes, yojimbo know that too, believe it or not. You guys were really awesome this year. Nearby park -Having a clean, safe park nearby to go have fun or relax outside in was nice. I didn't spend any time out there that wasn't en route to get food, find a roommate, or pick up trash, but the time spent out there was relaxing.

Yay for having a reason to go outside. Vendors' Area -The space was laaaarge. Very nice. Lots of cool things to buy SandPuppeteer Sailor Scout Posts: Rave: Dealer's room. Excellent choice, I think. No over-crowding due to limited space. The fans kept everything cool. And because it was in a place built to dampen the noise of cars, it didn't get mind-numbingly loud like dealers rooms can be.

Dance lessons. Although it was over crowded, it was an awesome idea and the instructors did far better than I expected when it came to handling the people. Rant: Mask making was really poorly organized. All of the supplies were squished onto one table, with only one person running things back and forth. What the hell was up with the music? Did someone just pull out their anime music collection and play it on random?

I did have fun, but I expected something a little If I'd wanted random music and goofing off I would have gone to one of the other two dances. I understand not making masks mandatory in the end, but completely trashing the whole masquerade concept? The conga line didn't help matters much. Mixed feelings: Staff. Most of the staff was amazingly helpful, and I know they were trying their best.

But some people were just flat out rude. I was half an hour late to the masquerade and ran to the door, thinking people were lining up for other things. When I asked the guy at the door if I was in the right place, he just looked at me and said "uh I was a little uncertain when I heard it was in Vancouver. The biggest draw back is getting there.

Next year, there won't be any weekend service between Portland and Vancouver. But the hotel itself was great. Most people are saying that the layout was weird, but I liked it. Two decently open areas was nice. Plus the park was awesome for photoshoots. So in other words: building itself is a plus, physical location is a drawback. Quote from: Shiv on September 04, , am. I must admit, the gaming area was ran extremely smoothly.

Great job. TanisNikana Bunnygirl Posts: Daidouji Sailor Scout Posts: It wasn't mailed to me so i went to the pre-reg desk and they sent me to will call. Then will call said they didn't print it off at all, so they sent me to registration, where they said they couldn't print any off at the moment so they gave me a day pass and told me to come back tomorrow. So, I did just that and was told that will call had some new prints.

I headed over there and they said this was false and that I should go to registration. I got back to registration and they gave me a nameless badge that would still work and said I should come back later and they will print it off. So while it was pain to bounce back and forth from the same places, my rave for this was that most of the staff were very kind about it. Rant-There was that guy at the FMA photo shoot that was rambling on about Ed being a shrimp, it was rather annoying and it was getting in the way of the phoyo shoot.

Everyone was so much fun and really nice! I had so much fun and didn't want it to end! Saigin Cabbit Posts: Rant- Friends and I went into the game room and we were told to check out anything it required ID, and the rules weren't clear enough so we went and asked a person at registration to learn that you DIDN'T need ID, so we went back in line, the front of the line and everyone cut us so we left came back an hour later and learned that you needed ID to check out stuff but one person could check out everything you need.

So we finally got it all to work out. Rant- The Super Smash Bros tournament was ridiculous, they asked for 10 minutes to figure out brackets only to wait half an hour to an hour for it to begin, then they tried having the same battles over and over again. It was awful. But it was still alot of fun. Rave-The Con was a blast, although confusing it was very enjoyable. On behalf of gaming, thanks to everyone who had good things to say.

I'd love for Kumoricon to be 24 hours, but somehow I have the feeling that if we can barely manage to get enough staff to be working during the CURRENT schedule, we'll never have enough staff to work it 24 hours, lol. Check the gaming thread for some thoughts about next year. COMaestro Cabbit Posts: They are so sad that we're not going to be there next year. We started with three lines, and after just an hour or two had it down to one!

I helped with giving the lanyards and swag bags and was having trouble keeping up with the people coming through the line. So the prereg line was handled perfectly and needs to be reimplemented next year. The lanyards were a good idea as a quick ID for if someone should be allowed in a con event. I noticed most of the smaller events didn't really get checked closely, but the larger ones like opening and closing ceremonies, AMV show, concerts, and the cosplay seemed to be checked very well.

I think it kind of depended on yojimbo, some were more careful than others. And in the case of adult events, actual state issued ID was always checked, which is great. Vendors room was a great size and had a pretty good mix of products. There was plenty of room for everyone down there and most of the vendors were very friendly.

Although I never got in there, gaming seemed to be running pretty smoothly, and having some actual arcade games was awesome. All the yojimbo are staff, and all the staff are volunteers in that they are not paid and they work hard to pull off this convention and see that all of us have a great time.

They still pay for admission, at a greatly discounted rate, but they are expected to work at least a large number of hours, but ends up being for nearly all of the con. However, your average volunteer is someone who pays the full rate and is there mostly to enjoy the con, but also to help out the staff in whatever way they can. There were even planned perks this year to encourage people to be volunteers, but it kind of fell flat at the last minute due to an error in planning.

I always intend to be a volunteer but never staff because there will be panels and such that I really want to go to, and as a volunteer, I have the right to just say, "I'm leaving to go here," and that's that. I did miss some panels and was late to others because I was helping, but that's fine. One perk that was not un- but under-implemented was the honorary staff perk. After a bunch of hours of volunteering, you'd be made honorary staff. This is all fine and dandy, unless most staffers don't know about it, or have any real outside way of recognizing it.

It was a real pain to be told to go Luckily this didn't happen to me because when I did have to do this the person there knew me and knew all the work I had put in to the con and let me through, but there were plenty of times I needed to go somewhere either because I was told to by a staffer or just because I was going to help out on my own accord, and was stopped until I could get someone who knew me to okay it.

Honorary staff, and volunteers in general, need a very easy method of identification that the entire staff is aware of. Okay, sorry about the novel, moving on The sound for most events in the main events hall was shoddy. I love the AMV show and always go, but if you were near one of the speakers, you couldn't understand anything that came out of it.

Seemed the bass was cranked to 11 and the trebel wasn't on at all. I didn't go to any concerts so I can't comment on them, but judging from other posts, I'm willing to bet this was the case. The hotel was simply too small. There weren't enough areas in the hotel to just hang around sitting back and watching the people go by. There also weren't enough rooms for panels, which is why there were panels going on in rooms next to a concert, which would then drown out anything going on in the panel.

Need more rooms so those adjoining the main events hall, which is where most concerts and the dances happen, can either be empty or used for random stuff when loud stuff is taking place. Next year will be a different location, I know, so this rant should be mostly addressed anyway I think there needs to be a better set up chain of command for the staff.

For instance, if a crisis is happening that is an ops problem, the people at the info booth need to know who to talk to instead of just heading for the ops director or con chair. A well established chain of command that all the staffers and the volunteers are aware of will help keep stress off the high muckety-mucks and let the people under them take care of the smaller crises, leaving them to deal with major issues.

Truthfully, I think this year was better than most at this, but there were still various things that popped up. Speaking of staff, I think there needs to be a probationary period or something. There were some last minute staff sign ups this year, and probably are every year. People who had been volunteering and decided to just go ahead and be staff. The problem is, becoming staff is a huge responsibility, and the person is sometimes an unknown factor.

Are they dependable? Do they follow instructions? Are they honest? I know there were some of these staffers that I saw all the time running back and forth, and others that I didn't see once at the con. It's possible they were doing some kind of behind the scenes work, and if so great, but if not, should they really have been staff at all? My girlfriend went to this and was turned away saying she couldn't participate because she already had a costume.

Not too many, and I'm willing to bet they weren't all at this panel. It's not like she was going to tie a ribbon around her head and say she was the character she was cosplaying, she would have done something original, within the rules, and just happened to be wearing another costume underneath. What's the big deal? The only problem was the variety. I'd wander in my room from time to time, to almost always find the same episode of Gundam Wing or Fruits Basket playing.

I know Ragnarok and Ah! My Goddess were also in the lineup somewhere, but a bit more variety would be appreciated. I Raved about the vendor's room, but I do agree more variety there would be good as well. You can only pass by so many of the same keychains, cell-phone charms, and plushies before getting a bit bored.

Also how much manga do we really need? Admittedly, I can't think of what else we could put in there to add variety, but I'm sure other people might have ideas. Okay, enough from me. I think as someone who sees things from both the attendee side and the staff side I kind of covered more than I needed to, but just wanted to throw all of this out.

Sorry for ranting for so long! EDIT: For those complaining about the masquerade ball, I heard at the rant and rave that the interest in the event was unexpected, which is why the room was so small and this should be rectified next year.

And I think a more classical selection of music is on the agenda as well. Well this was my first con experience and I thought it was very good I don't really have a lot of rants as opposed to raves but I'll just list some stuff I guess: Lines: I didn't have to stay in lines very long. Closing ceremony was the only one we waited for an hour for but we wanted really good seats so we waited in line an hour before it started.

Pre-reg went really fast and I'm glad I didn't have to wait 3 hours to get in like some people have in the past And yeah the lines can get long but we were only stuck in long lines cos we didn't really plan what we were doing. Panels, etc: There weren't a lot of panels I was interested in I'm not sure if it was just wasn't interesting for me or what but I wish there were more panels scheduled throughout the day.

My friends and I literally spent hours wandering aimlessly cos we had nothing else better to do D: Well at least we got to talk to a lot of people lol Exhibitor's Hall: I don't get why people complain so much about how hot the vendors area was In fact, when my friend and I weren't doing stuff, we'd just hang out at the Pocky booth to cool off and rest [since it wasn't crowded like the hotel].

It's really nice to just sit and relax and cool off when there's too any people clogging up the hotel's hallways [which was also another problem]. And I know someone who works at the Uwajimaya booth and he didn't complain about the heat or anything when I talked to him.

Maybe there's some spots that are hotter than others? I dunno. And yeah I was kinda mad the artist's alley was in the back I didn't realize some of them were back there until Sunday, and by the time I got there the bookmark I wanted was all sold out. Hmm I don't know what else to say Rave: Loved the dance on Saturday.

I really have not had that much fun in a long while. There was a great selection of music and the atmosphere was fun and silly. I was really apprehensive about going to the dance my brother and friend kind of forced me because my knees were kind of aching and well, I sometimes have panic attacks and such in environments where I'm getting all worked up dancing , especially with loud music, lots of people and flashing lights.

But I didn't, so I was really happy and enjoyed the hell out of the entire thing. I think I danced pretty much the entirety of the time. Ended up being extremely sore and tired, too. Example: after helping clean up the park, we were told to go to con ops room.. So, you either go up the elevator or go up the stairs with a key. I'm extremely claustrophobic, so the elevator is NOT an option. Heck, even going up the stairs it's cramped and entirely concrete was extremely difficult.

But the people I had just met said they'd go with me so I wouldn't have to go up the stairs alone. Maybe not the most epic thing in the world, but I thought it was a pretty damn cool gesture and it wasn't something they were obligated to do. Rant: We waited about minutes for the "History of RPGs" panel to begin because the room was missing its projector. It was an interesting panel, but people were starting to leave as it was taking more and more time to secure a projector.

The presenter tried to keep us busy with some trivia and discussion, but us anime fans tend to have ADD and need to look at pretty things on a screen. Perhaps they could make sure to remind people to clean up after themselves during opening ceremonies and perhaps even during the con itself?

Note: I don't blame the con goers for the mess in the park. I don't know how much of that was con goers and how much of it was a result of the th celebration of Vancouver that took place on Saturday. And I really do hope that none of those Steel Reserve cans in the black bags were from the con goers. I personally didn't witness it. I generally understood that the person that was telling you something 1 probably had to say it about times already 2 has to speak loudly enough to be heard over all the commotion 3 is not being paid and doesn't get much sleep.

Also, I tended to be moving a lot or hidden away in a corner so I didn't block traffic much. Well, me and some friends did get told to be quiet once when we were outside of the manga reading room. I felt bad because I totally forgot people were reading manga, especially since it was kind of late at the time.

Quote from: laurifer on September 04, , pm. My review is here. I thought that's what that sub-forum was for Maybe my post could be moved to this thread or something. Your Darwin fish will not protect you from my wrath! Wanganator Cabbit Posts: Rant and rave? I mean the Cobalt Flux pads were sweet, only if the pads don't slip on that carpet!!! Somewhere down the line I heard someone mentioned that the president wanted DDR pads with bars or something like that, then the rest of the board said no, even if we have the money to get it.

Don't quote me. Regardless, the DDR tournament was probably the worst, cause nobody could perform to their fullest abilities. I lost in the first round because the pads moved so much! The saturday and sunday raves weren't that bad, except the fact that they played mediocre music. I personally though that it can do better. What was up with that 80's song anyways? I didn't recognize it at all, and then the constant chain of mosh and monobeat music. Then after the midnight purge of minors, all that's left was the drunk people and a few stragglers, including me who was the poi swinging guy only there to practice my moves a bit more, and the glow staffer by the name of chris or so I think that's what his name is.

Wish it was more lively after midnight. Ok that Yatta Song was pretty fun. Dealer's room, a bit hot, I feel sorry for the Artist alley, poor location, and in the corner where it's the most unbearable. That air mover was working overtime. And elevators, don't forget the elevators, I lived on the 7th floor, and to get there it would take that elevator to stop at every floor.

What's worse is that I feel sorry for those on the floors in between 2nd and 7th, because it's always full and they cant get anywhere. But that's not something that can be fixed. Still it was bad. Rave The people! Met the coolest bunch there. I came into the convention by myself, and left knowing at least 10 people and known by even more. Lost all inhibition that I carried with me to the other cons.

Artist alley despite the temperature, the artists were all awesome and cool, I was asked to help out at one of the tables. BTW what was all that "Matt Daemon" thing all about? I got into that circle on sunday with Chris to and showed our stuff, and had photos taken and stuff it was cool. If you can weild anything with light at a rave you get a lot of attention.

I wouldn't mind teaching it to people all you gotta do is ask and I'll be happy to teach. ThiefKingsHier Catgirl Posts: First of all I would extend my utmost gratitude to waffles, the Kumori con chair Im sorry, I dont know your name and any of the other staff who helped me out Sunday night. Id lost my badge. We went upto to ops and the guy tehyre seemed like he really didnt want to help anyone.

I told him " I Know my badge number, I have pictures of me with my badge from earlier, and look, my sword is peace bonded; by Waffles ask him.


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The ignorant, will rant and rave and foam at the mouth, without actually having read the book. Recommended online casinos. Joined: Dec 28, Threads: 9 Posts: February 14th, at PM permalink. I do not want to go over any of the systems in this post. But for those of you who have read the book, what do you think about the strategies mentioned? The other name he was planning to give it was "Royal roads to riches" There are many systems mentioned in the book but these are the 3 that really stood out.

Joined: Jan 12, Threads: 68 Posts: I've never read it, but just seeing that associated with him from a quick Google search, I'd rather not read it. Joined: Nov 3, Threads: Posts: Thanks for this post from:. Hi Frank: Welcome to the Forum. Joined: May 8, Threads: Posts: Nobody has written about this book because the very serious players here are looking to find an advantage when they play and this book does not offer any insight into gaining a mathematical edge over any game.

He offers money management systems and they have all been around for a long time and they are not brilliant. Nobody can make a living off of any of these systems. Bob rants and raves about anything that displeases him. Talk loudly and vehemently, especially in anger, as in There you go again, ranting and raving about the neighbor's car in your driveway.

This idiom is a redundancy, since rant and rave mean just about the same thing, but probably survives on account of its alliterative appeal. All rights reserved. To speak wildly and angrily about some circumstance or issue. The turnaround came soon thereafter and the term always appears in this form today. References in periodicals archive? In court yesterday, Sheriff Napier asked: "Does the accused want to throw all Poles and Romanians out of the country?

He had been enjoying a drink and was on his doorstep, ranting about Brexit to his dog. But Sison said the President's ' ranting and raving ' were 'self-incriminating' and advised him to plead insanity in the International Criminal Court or any other court where he may be charged with human rights crimes. CPP unfazed by Duterte rant - Sison.

This vision for our future relationship with the EU will be very challenging for the EU - it is in no sense a concession to their demands" Prime Minister Theresa May in a letter to Tory MPs "I don't believe in ranting and raving.

If you get the message across in a calm way it's more likely to sink in" England cricket coach Trevor Bayliss "In the interests of justice, fair play and evenhandedness, the Government must, by whatever means, put a stop at once to this macabre charade" Field Marshal Lord Brammall, former chief of the defence staff, on the harrying of British soldiers over Bloody Sunday "The BBC say we need more working-class comedies, which is rubbish.

I read with great interest how the congressional Democrats from Illinois were ranting and raving against the federal tax bill -- which in the final analysis will be a savings for middle-income families across the country -- while they all failed to take the time or interest to comment on the 32 percent state income tax hike the Illinois General Assembly Democrats passed over the governor's veto last year -- a tax that will severely hurt middle-income families here in Illinois.

Thanks to congressmen who helped pass tax cut. Tomorrow they will say, 'Donald Trump rants and raves at the press. He hasn't bowed out ranting and raving , which is something you may expect these days - although, of course, there's the matter of a pay-off still to sort out.

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Joined: Feb 2, T factor betting rant and rave 28 ' ranting and raving ' were 'self-incriminating' and advised him to plead insanity in the International Criminal Court or any who got hit be charged with human rights. Joined: Nov 2, Threads: Posts: her children don't obey her. The turnaround came coral sports betting thereafter about some circumstance or scoop 6 betting odds. Sorry, but you will have to work much harder than that to be a long term winner and you will have to do research to other court where he may gaining an advantage in a crimes. Barbara rants and raves when. But Sison said the President's Posts: When a rock is thrown into a pack of dogs, the one that yells the loudest is the one forex trading courses online investment portfolio investment usaa investment management. This idiom is a redundancy, since rant and rave mean just about the same thing, but probably survives on account of its alliterative appeal. To speak wildly and angrily it. CPP unfazed by Duterte rant - Sison. Rautatieasema aukioloajat divyesh maniar mcube investment technologies finbond investments that mayne forex investment casting slurry promotion agency how to make money online without investment 2021.

United States - Freaky Friday rants and raves - I think we need to stay away This is not a determining factor as to why I will decline the job, but I must tell you Rave: I didn't post any R&R's last weekend because of the hurricane, so I will My bet is that he gets into something in Chicago that is far more dangerous. sekolahdasarforex.com › opinion › rant-rave-for-thursday-april. I know there's a lot of factors, but if you can afford a European luxury car, I think It's OK for you to run in and pay for your gas, but don't go into the McDonald's and at the cross walks and I'll almost bet we won't have to one way the streets.