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Gaming and betting act nsw

Sec 22 Am No 94, Sch 1. Sec 23 Am No 94, Sch 3. Sec 24 Am No 94, Schs 1. Sec 25 Am No 94, Sch 1. Sec 28 Am No 94, Sch 1. Sec 29 Am No 94, Sch 1. Sec 40 Am No , Sch 4. Sec 42 Am No 94, Sch 2. Sec 49 Subst No , Sch 2 [9]. Am No 22, Sch 2. Sec 51 Am No 85, Sch 1. Sec 52 Subst No 22, Sch 3. Sec 53 Subst No 97, Sch 1. Sec 53A Ins No 97, Sch 1. Sec 54 Am No 62, Sch 3. Sec 59 Rep No 82, Sch 3. Sch 2 Rep No 82, Sch 3.

Crimes Legislation Amendment Sentencing Act Unlawful Gambling Amendment Betting Act Justices Legislation Repeal and Amendment Act Gaming Machines Act Racing Legislation Amendment Bookmakers Act Law Enforcement Powers and Responsibilities Act Wagering Legislation Amendment Act Statute Law Miscellaneous Provisions Act Community Gaming Act Sec 4.

Sec 6. Sec 7. Am No , Sch 5. Sec 8. Am No 85, Sch 1. Sec 9. Sec 11A. Sports betting Sports betting constitutes an excluded wagering service under the IGA. This enables those services to be provided as a regulated interactive gambling service under the IGA and offered online when the operator holds a licence from an Australian state or territory.

This includes betting on:. Racing events for example, a horse race, harness race, or greyhound race. Sporting events. However, online in-play betting services on sporting events and betting on lottery outcomes are not permitted. Casino games Casino games are prohibited under the IGA and therefore cannot be offered online to persons physically present in Australia.

Casino games can be offered in land-based casinos licensed in each state and territory. Slot and other machine gaming Slots are prohibited under the IGA and therefore cannot be offered online to persons physically present in Australia. Slots can be offered in land-based casinos licensed in each state and territory, and in clubs and hotels in all states and territories, except Western Australia under specific legislation in the relevant state and territory.

Bingo The treatment of bingo games under the IGA is not clear. However, the authorities consider that online bingo is prohibited and cannot be provided to persons present in Australia. Land-based bingo games are regulated differently under the laws of each state and territory. Generally, if the prize is below a threshold established in the relevant legislation, a licence is not required.

Lottery A lottery constitutes an excluded lottery service under the IGA if it is a service for the conduct of a lottery or a service for the supply of lottery tickets. It may be provided legally as a regulated interactive gambling service when offered online by an operator under a licence granted under specific legislation by an Australian state or territory.

However, expressly excluded from the concept of an excluded lottery service are online scratch lottery or any other online instant lottery services, which are prohibited. Land-based lotteries may be conducted. However, currently only one operator is licensed to conduct lotteries in all Australian states and territories except Western Australia. Tickets are sold through convenience stores and newsagents' outlets, as well as online. What is the licensing regime if any for land-based gambling?

Available licences The following licences have been granted to permit land-based gambling:. Casinos: games which can be offered are table games and gaming machines. The grant of a casino licence is usually subject to a competitive tender process. Lotteries: games which are usually offered are lotteries, and scratch-lotteries. There is currently one operator licensed in all the Australian states and territories, except for Western Australia.

Keno is conducted in land-based retail venues under separate licences. Gaming machines known as poker machines : can be operated in casinos, hotels and clubs under licence. In some states and territories, there is a cap on the number of gaming machines that can be licensed. In Western Australia, gaming machines can only be legally played in the casino.

Betting, including totalisator betting: save for on-course bookmakers, there is currently one operator licensed to conduct off-course betting and conduct totalisator betting in all the Australian states and territories, except for Western Australia where off-course betting is conducted by a government entity. There is a process in place currently for the sale of the Western Australian Government-owned operator. Eligibility Eligibility for a land-based gambling licence depends on the requirements in the relevant statutes in each state and territory.

The only state where there is currently any prospect for the opening of new casinos is Queensland, where requests for expressions of interest have been issued in respect of two casinos. This process is onerous and requires the tendering parties to provide evidence of their financial position, gambling services expertise, and suitability, as well as the impact the proposed casino would have on employment, tourism, and economic development. The licensed lotteries and totalisator operators are all subsidiaries of Tabcorp Holdings see Question 4 , save for in Western Australia.

Poker machines can be licensed to be provided in casinos, hotels, and clubs with the exception of Western Australia where they may only be provided legally in casinos. Application procedure The application procedure differs in each state and territory. However, all states and territories verify the suitability of each applicant to conduct and operate the gambling business which is the subject of the application, and the suitability of the persons associated with the applicant company.

The length of the review of the application varies depending on the gambling offering that is applied for, with casino licence applications apart from being very rarely granted usually involving a very lengthy and complex application process. An applicant, in the case of a company, must generally be a company incorporated in Australia.

Duration of licence and cost Casino. The duration and costs of a casino licence vary for each licence granted by the respective states and territories. For example, the licence granted in South Australia in is for a term of 99 years with exclusivity until 30 June ; and the licence granted in Western Australia in also includes exclusivity for a km radius from the casino.

Generally, in the context of a casino licence, there will be a requirement to pay an upfront licence fee as well as substantial ongoing taxes. In Victoria, the licence was extended in and the licensee will pay up to AUD million in lump sum payments, instalments and additional tax revenue to the government; the taxation is In Tasmania, a licence fee of approximately AUD, per month is paid and this amount is reviewed annually; tax applies at The duration and costs of each lottery licence vary in each state and territory.

However, they generally are of long duration. For example, the licence in the Northern Territory in ; in Queensland in ; and in the ACT for an indefinite period unless revoked. Gaming machines. The cost of licensing gaming machines varies between the states and territories. Licences for gaming machines are not usually granted for a specified period of time and are valid until the gaming machine licence is surrendered or cancelled. The duration and costs of a wagering licence vary depending on the nature of the licence granted in the respective states and territories.

Examples of the expiration dates of the exclusive wagering licences which are generally of long duration are:. Changes of corporate control The rights and obligations arising in regard of the change of corporate control of gambling licensees vary between the states and territories in Australia. Casino licences cannot be transferred. However, there may be transfers of shares within the licensed company.

The purchaser needs to be approved by the respective regulator s once the shareholding exceeds a prescribed threshold. In relation to lotteries and wagering, the licence cannot be transferred. However, there may be a change in ownership of the shares of the licensed operator. The transfer would need to be approved by the relevant regulator s once the change exceeds a certain threshold. What are the limitations or requirements imposed on land-based gambling operators?

Prohibitions Persons under 18 years of age cannot participate in any land-based gambling. Operators must ensure that all players are over Prohibitions exist under the laws of each state and territory. Restrictions Land-based gambling licensees with the exception of certain operators such as lotteries, and not-for-profit gambling providers are required to provide patrons with the possibility to self-exclude from gambling and must action the self-exclusion request once it is submitted.

Anti-money laundering legislation With the exception of lotteries, gambling is considered a designated service which means that the licensed persons are reporting entities. The reporting entities' obligations include, but are not limited to:.

Reporting certain business activities and transactions. Having anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing programmes. Putting in place certain know-your-customer KYC requirements. What is the licensing regime if any for online gambling? The IGA establishes a general prohibition relating to interactive gambling services.

However, it makes exception for:. Services which are considered regulated interactive gambling services and which, therefore, require a licence to be offered legally. Games which are not considered either a prohibited interactive gambling service or a regulated interactive gambling service and may, therefore, be offered without requiring a licence.

An operator can obtain a licence for a regulated interactive gambling service from a relevant state or territory in Australia and, once licensed, can offer its services in all states and territories. There is no limitation on the number of licences that can be issued.

Eligibility An applicant needs to be a company incorporated in Australia. The applicant, other companies within the structure, the ultimate beneficiary owner s , the director s , and other persons who have control or manage the operations need to be of good standing and high integrity.

Application procedure The application process takes on average about nine months from the date of submission of the application. Duration of licence and cost The duration of a licence varies but is generally five years for wagering operators. The Northern Territory is the jurisdiction where most online licences have been applied for and issued in Australia.

We will, therefore, refer to it as the reference jurisdiction. Changes of corporate control A change of corporate control requires the respective regulator's prior approval before the change may be effective. What are the limitations or requirements imposed on online gambling operators?

Prohibitions The offering of any online gambling service, which is not a licensed regulated interactive gambling service or which is a prohibited interactive gambling service, is prohibited if offered to a person located in Australia.

Restrictions Sports-betting operators intending to offer bets on Australian sporting activities need to have an agreement with the relevant Australian sports bodies, pay a product fee and enter into a product fee and integrity agreement. In-play betting is prohibited unless the bet is placed on racing or on sports events over the telephone via a voice call or by using electronic equipment at the venue of a licensed operator. Advertising restrictions apply see Question Point of consumption taxes are payable see Question There may be specific restrictions on the manner a licensee may operate, which may be imposed by the regulator as licence conditions, or set out in the laws of other states and territories.

Anti-money laundering legislation Online gambling is considered a designated service which means that the licensed persons are reporting entities. Putting in place certain KYC requirements. Generally, B2B providers do not require a licence to offer their services. However, the B2B's systems would be reviewed and approved under the licence of the B2C operator.

Is there a distinction between the law applicable between B2B operations and B2C operations in online gambling? A B2C operator requires a licence to offer a regulated interactive gambling service, while a B2B operator may not require a licence. Technical measures. What technical measures are in place if any to protect consumers from unlicensed operators, such as ISP blocking and payment blocking? The ACMA has powers to investigate and take action against illegal operators.

The ACMA can, among the enforcement options available to it:. Notify foreign regulators of the operator's breach of the IGA. Notify the Department of Home Affairs Australia's immigration and border protection agency of the names of directors of the operator to be included on the Movement Alert List. Seek an order from the Federal Court of Australia for the imposition of substantial civil penalties. This measure is being adopted by the ACMA in an effort to prevent illegal offshore gambling operators from being accessible by persons located in Australia.

Mobile gambling and interactive gambling What differences if any are there between the regulation of mobile gambling and interactive gambling on television? There is no difference in the manner in which mobile gambling and interactive gambling on television is regulated. These are regulated at both the federal level under the IGA and at the state and territory level. Social gaming How is social gaming regulated in your jurisdiction? For a game to be considered a gambling service, the following three elements must all be present:.

The "prize" element: the game is played for money or anything else of value. The "chance" element: the game is a game of chance or of mixed chance and skill. The "consideration" element: a customer of the service gives or agrees to give consideration to play or enter the game. Therefore, they are not regarded as gambling services and do not require a licence to be offered. For information on developments on social gaming in Australia, see Question 18, Social gaming.

Blockchain technology To what extent is blockchain used in gambling in your jurisdiction? How is it regulated? Blockchain technology in gambling is not permitted. The Northern Territory Racing Commission prohibits its licensees from accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Gambling debts Are gambling debts enforceable in your jurisdiction?

Tax What are the applicable tax regimes for land-based and online gambling? Land-based gambling Companies providing land-based gambling are subject to:. Gambling tax, which is imposed by the relevant legislation of the state or territory where the company is licensed, and is calculated on the gambling revenue. The rate of the gambling tax differs in each state and territory and also depends on the type of land-based gambling activity being offered.

Online gambling Companies providing online gambling are subject to:. An operator, irrespective of where it is licensed, is also subject to a point-of-consumption POC tax in the following states and territories:. In many states and territories, licensed online wagering operators are required to pay a product fee in respect of races and some sporting events that take place in the respective state or territory.

The online wagering operators must enter into agreements with the relevant sporting bodies to offer betting on the events that are subject to this requirement and to pay the relevant product fees. Advertising To what extent is the advertising of gambling permitted in your jurisdiction?

To the extent that advertising is permitted, how is it regulated? Land-based gambling Land-based gambling can be advertised. However, there are strict restrictions on what can be advertised and when advertising is permissible. The advertising of gambling services is regulated at the state and territory level. The requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another. There are also industry codes of practice which specify the manner in which gambling services can be advertised on various media platforms.

Gambling advertising is generally prohibited or unlawful if, among other things, it:. Targets persons under Misrepresents the likelihood of winning. Relates to a gambling service that is unlawful. Does not include the requisite responsible gambling messages.

Represents gambling as a means of financial betterment. Wagering operators are subject to additional restrictions in relation to, among others, the:. Offering of inducements to participate in wagering activities or open a betting account. Advertising of live odds during sporting events.

Promotion of gambling services on television and radio during peak times. Gambling operators advertising in Australia are also subject to federal laws, including the Australian Consumer Law and the Spam Act Cth. Online gambling The restrictions mentioned for land-based gambling operators are also applicable to online gambling operators.

The NCPF established ten measures to protect consumers which have been agreed by all states and territories. These measures set out the minimum standard and each state and territory can decide on how they wish to implement them. The measures were to be introduced within eighteen months from 26 November Although many of the measures have been implemented, there still remain other measures which need to be implemented.

The prohibition of lines of credit for wagering purposes. A reduction in the customer verification period. Consistent responsible gambling messaging. Greater and clearer accessibility and availability of account closure mechanisms. The provision of activity statements to customers.


Such Licences often require the licensee to comply with complex national standards, as adopted by the relevant State or Territory. The processes are generally quite extensive, and it can sometimes take up to 12 months or longer for State and Territory gambling regulators to complete, in relation to new applicants seeking major Licences. Casino Licences can typically only be applied for through a competitive tender process run by the relevant State or Territory. The same applies in relation to Retail Wagering Licences and also lotteries and keno Licences.

The number of Licences available is limited typically only one per State and Territory, except in the case of current casino Licences held in each of Qld, NT and NSW and the processes are very infrequent. An application for a Corporate Bookmaker Licence issued in the Northern Territory, or an application for an On-course Bookmaker Licence, typically takes between three and six months for approval and can be made at any time.

There is no prescribed maximum number of Licences which can be issued, however in a practical sense there are limitations in respect of the number of On-course Bookmaker Licences which could be issued. The same applies in relation to any permit required to operate bingo.

The number of gaming machines available in each State and Territory is strictly regulated. In the case of a casino, it will depend upon the relevant casino Licence. All Licences are subject to strict restrictions as set out in the relevant legislation and also, typically, separate Licence conditions. A breach of a Licence condition often triggers a breach of the relevant legislation, and vice versa.

The main restriction of an operator Licence relates to what gambling activity can be offered and through which channel. Other restrictions include the usual requirement for regulatory approval of a new product, financial and other reporting to government and other relevant gambling regulators, strict advertising restrictions including in relation to inducements to open accounts and, in some jurisdictions, to gamble and responsible gambling obligations.

Corporate Bookmakers and On-course Bookmakers have similar Licence restrictions, although generally these are not as prescriptive as an operator Licence. A key obligation of a Corporate Bookmaker Licence is generally the requirement to establish a physical place of business in the NT thereby providing economic benefit to the NT, in addition to the Licence application fee, renewal fees and taxes , notwithstanding that most Corporate Bookmakers have head offices in other jurisdictions such as NSW or Vic.

A key obligation of an On-course Bookmaker in a number of jurisdictions is that the bookmaker must maintain a physical office on-course, even on days when racing is not occurring. In Australia, gambling harm issues are often associated with gaming machines and the Licence restrictions relating to the operation of gaming machines include more detailed responsible gambling obligations. These restrictions necessarily extend to the design, functionality and support required from gaming machine and other equipment manufacturers, software developers and technical services suppliers.

Any permit required for bingo is generally subject to very basic restrictions usually in relation to approved rules. Bingo is considered low-risk from a responsible gambling perspective. The duration of major operator Licences depends upon the legislative framework in the relevant State or Territory and is subject to possible change upon a Licence renewal or new Licence being issued.

There are various current casino Licences which are perpetual, whereas a number of others currently expire between and In relation to wagering and betting, apart from Vic and NT where the Licences expire in and , respectively and WA where retail wagering and betting is operated by the State but is currently being considered for privatisation, with a formal process now underway , the expiry dates of current Retail Wagering Licences are also similarly long-dated and range between and In the case of lotteries, aside from Tas where the Licence expires in and WA where lotteries are owned and operated by the State , the expiry dates are generally shorter than in relation to Retail Wagering; however, they still range between and Keno, as a similar product to lotteries, has a similar Licence duration.

The vulnerability of the above Licences to revocation or suspension is low. It is rare for material proceedings or other materially adverse action to be initiated by gambling regulators against major licensees. Please include in this answer any material promotion and advertising restrictions. Casino Licences provide that casinos are only permitted to offer casino games and gaming machines to patrons present within the casino.

It is illegal to offer online casino gambling in Australia. The Vic Licence includes not only wagering and betting but also a betting exchange. Corporate Bookmakers can offer fixed-odds betting on racing, sport and other approved events online and over the telephone.

On-course Bookmakers offer substantially the same betting on-course and, subject to approval, also over the telephone and in some instances online. Lotteries licensees can offer their approved lottery products through retail news agencies, other approved retail venues, third-party agents and also online.

Keno licensees can offer their products through retail venues, online in-venue only in the case of NSW and online in the case of the ACT. Hotels and clubs are permitted to provide approved gaming machines in the licensed premises. There are comprehensive Federal, State and Territory advertising restrictions which apply to the lawful advertising of gambling services. In addition to the usual responsible gambling warnings, it is an offence to advertise an inducement to open a betting account and, in some jurisdictions, to gamble.

These rules have recently been extended to online streaming of live sport. Separately, the CCA imposes penalties for, amongst other things, misleading and deceptive conduct including through advertising. State and Territory taxation on casinos is determined on a case-by-case basis typically during negotiations with the relevant State or Territory government at the time. By way of example, putting aside a Federal company tax of either In addition, that licensee currently pays the State a tax of The relevant taxation amounts are reduced by the GST paid by the casino licensee in relation to these services.

In addition to Vic, NSW and Qld, most States and Territories have recently introduced a POCT in respect of bets placed by their residents which is payable by the Retail Wagering Licensee, Corporate Bookmakers and any other relevant betting operator licensed in Australia, irrespective of the location of the relevant entity.

Vic, NSW and Qld also have similar compensatory arrangements. These fees are generally a percentage of turnover, or the greater of a percentage of turnover and gross margin, and depend upon the relevant product. Lotteries are subject to relatively high State and Territory taxation rates. By contrast, taxation of keno across the same three key States is Various States also set minimum player returns. State and Territory taxes on gaming machine revenue are complicated and vary significantly.

All gambling-related Licences issued by a State or Territory are subject to strict requirements relating to responsible gambling and harm minimisation. Included in this are restrictions at a State and Territory level in relation to gambling advertising and also inducements to open an account and, in some jurisdictions, to gamble.

In addition, the Federal government has also recently introduced amendments to the Interactive Gambling Act to restrict gambling advertising and odds promotion during broadcasts and online streaming of live sport, with more stringent restrictions occurring during the hours of 5. In November , all State and Territory gaming Ministers agreed to a National Consumer Protection Framework NCPF for online wagering, which is in the process of being progressively implemented with the objective of having a nationally consistent approach to harm minimisation measures, such as a prohibition on inducements such as first deposit bonuses being offered to a prospective customer to open a betting account, mandatory opt-out pre-commitment and a national self-exclusion register which is expected to be established in Does your jurisdiction permit virtual currencies to be used for gambling and are they separately regulated?

Virtual currencies are not currently used as a real-money alternative for gambling in Australia by any of the major operator Licence holders. They are currently the subject of consideration by the various State and Territory gambling regulators.

Notwithstanding the ongoing consideration by gambling regulators, Austrac regulates virtual currencies as a designated service. Only local operators holding relevant Licences may offer gambling products to Australian residents. The Interactive Gambling Act provides that it is unlawful for overseas-based operators not holding a relevant State or Territory Licence to provide online gambling services to Australian residents.

The regulator responsible for enforcing the Interactive Gambling Act, ACMA, was recently given extended consumer protection responsibilities and powers as part of the Review of Illegal Offshore Wagering, relating to the enforcement of prohibitions on providing or advertising illegal interactive gambling services. Casino licensees cannot offer online casino games in Australia it is prohibited under the Interactive Gambling Act, which also prohibits online poker.

Retail Wagering Licensees, Corporate Bookmakers, On-course Bookmakers and other licensed betting operators can offer online betting. Lotteries licensees can also offer their products online. The ACT keno licensee can offer its product online and the NSW keno licensee can offer its product online in hotel and club venues only using geo-fencing technology.

Such betting is limited to telephone betting and betting within a Retail Wagering environment. Some Australian casinos have started introducing skill-based gaming machines. Aside from gaming, Retail Wagering Licensees own and operate electronic betting terminals EBTs in retail venues in a TAB, on-course, in hotels and in clubs to facilitate totalisator and fixed-odds betting. EBTs may be used to place live bets on sport. Most Retail Wagering Licensees also offer virtual racing in retail venues.

State and Territory laws contain a broad range of provisions relating to gambling which imposes obligations on licensees, associates of licensees, staff, suppliers and sometimes customers. Whilst Federal, State and Territory laws and regulations are often capable of being contravened by directors and other officers of licensees, recent regulatory action has been taken against corporate licensees only. As regulation tightens, it is expected that this will change going forward and that directors and other officers will be actively pursued in relation to alleged breaches of relevant gambling and related laws.

State and Territory laws often also contain a range of offences in relation to unlawful gambling, which can include organising the unlawful event, as well as participating in it. State and Territory licensees are expected to have appropriate controls in place to ensure that they comply with their Licence obligations, including relevant laws and any conditions attaching to their Licence. State and Territory-based gambling regulators have shown a willingness to work cooperatively with licensees in relation to possible breaches of local laws; however, recent prosecutions for breaches of advertising restrictions relating to inducements demonstrate that some offences will not be tolerated where appropriate warnings have been given and operators fail to meet the necessary standards.

Enforcement action by ACMA is also likely to increase given the breadth of their powers in relation to gambling advertising and odds promotion during live sport. The recent and proposed implementation of the various NCPF measures will also most likely result in increased enforcement action. There are no international laws which would impact on liability or enforcement of local Federal, State or Territory laws in Australia relating to gambling service providers.

Notwithstanding this, local regulatory authorities work closely with their international counterparts, including in relation to intelligence and information sharing. Gambling debts legally incurred are enforceable in Australia, however, any such debts are only likely to arise in relation to casinos in particular, with their VIP clients.

Corporate Bookmakers and On-course Bookmakers operating online were banned from offering credit to their customers in as part of the implementation of measures announced in relation to the NCPF. Have fines, licence revocations or other sanctions been enforced in your jurisdiction? Recent action by State and Territory based gambling regulators against Australian licensees have included a breach of Licence conditions by a casino and also breach of advertising restrictions by Retail Wagering Licensees, Corporate Bookmakers and other licensed Australian betting operators.

It is rare for material proceedings, or other materially adverse action, to be initiated by gambling regulators against major licensees. In NSW there is a current inquiry underway by ILGA in respect of this major casino licensee, which includes under its terms of reference the requirement to inquire and report on whether the licensee is a suitable person to continue to give effect to its licence. Further, ACMA has also been very active in engaging with overseas regulators and other parties concerning the illegal offering of online gambling products in Australia.

Enforcement action by ACMA is likely to increase given the breadth of their powers in relation to gambling advertising and odds promotion during live sport. The implementation of the NCPF will also most likely result in increased enforcement action. The key changes are: i the full implementation of the NCPF measures which are being progressively implemented through State and Territory laws and other instruments , as noted in question 2.

This is likely to involve the establishment of the Australian Sports Wagering Scheme, in respect of which SIA are currently undertaking consultations with key stakeholders; and iii the possible legalisation of online poker as a game of skill. Senet Legal Pty Ltd. Australia: Gambling Laws and Regulations ICLG - Gambling Laws and Regulations - Australia covers common issues in gambling laws and regulations — including relevant authorities and legislation, application for a licence, licence restrictions, digital media, enforcement and liability — in 37 jurisdictions.

Chapter Content Free Access 1. Relevant Authorities and Legislation 2. Application for a Licence and Licence Restrictions 3. Enforcement and Liability 5. Anticipated Reforms. Relevant Product Who regulates it in digital form? Who regulates it in land-based form? See detailed response below table. Poker ACMA. Date of commencement, 1. Assented to 3. Date of commencement of Sch 1. Assented to 8. Date of commencement of Sch 4. Assented to 5.

Date of commencement, assent, sec 2. Assented to Date of commencement of Sch 2, 7. No Gaming Machines Act Date of commencement of Sch 5, 2. Date of commencement, 8. Date of commencement of Sch 4, 1. Date of commencement of Sch 3, assent, sec 2 1. Date of commencement of Schs 1. Assented to 7. Date of commencement, Date of commencement of Sch 3, 6. Date of commencement of Sch 5. Assented to 1.

Date of commencement of Schs 2 and 3, 7. Table of amendments Sec 4 Am No 25, Sch 2. Sec 6 Am No , Sch 1. Sec 7 Am No , Sch 5. Sec 8 Am No 85, Sch 1. Sec 11A Ins No , Sch 2 [8]. Sec 20 Am No 94, Sch 2. Sec 22 Am No 94, Sch 1. Sec 23 Am No 94, Sch 3. Sec 24 Am No 94, Schs 1. Sec 25 Am No 94, Sch 1. Sec 28 Am No 94, Sch 1. Sec 29 Am No 94, Sch 1.

Sec 40 Am No , Sch 4.

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View whole Act Statutory instruments. Turn history notes on. Legislative history Search Act. Results: match 0 of 0 provisions. Previous Hit Next Hit. Return to. Wagering is regulated in NSW under the Betting and Racing Act and the Totalizator Act , which prescribe: who may offer betting. Gambling Regulation Act (Vic). NSW. Betting and Racing Act (NSW). Casino Control Act (NSW). Community Gaming Act .