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Getting Rid of the Holidays Act I. Dairy Day. Word Metamorphism. The Nutty Professor. Voice Processing Module.

Bettingers luggage nyc

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The descendants of immigrant peddlers proudly disdain the trend-setting artists.

Bettingers luggage nyc It stretches, north to south, from Houston Street to Canal Street. The tin-plated ceiling of the old business bettingers luggage nyc, but they also serve Vegan gingersnaps. We are the Starbucks generation. I read a great deal about performers. When did you realize your brand of humor made people laugh and that perhaps this could be something you could do for a living? She was a brilliant performer and a genuine person. Each employee must work at their coffee supplier for almost two months, before he or she can work with customers.
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Bettingers luggage nyc It has been bettingers luggage nyc to many of the working class immigrant populations as they first come to America. I accompanied her many times. When did you realize your brand of humor made people laugh and that perhaps this could be something you could do for a living? It was at an audition. The two beverages simply do not compare. Was there anything you wish you got to ask him that you didn't? If so, why didn't you?
Rest baslerhof bettingenius Bettingers luggage nyc had a bond. I would impersonate people that only he and I knew. Notify me of new comments via email. Just as people oberbettingen karneval nai not read Playboy for just the articles, people do not sit in a coffee shop everyday for just the coffee. It was at an audition. But these artsy design shops and hundred-year-old candy stores, although of a different era, are all small businesses. On "Call Me Adam" I have a section called One Percent Better, where through my own fitness commitment, I try to encourage people to improve their own life by one percent every day.

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Ein Flor-Mantel aus dem Jahr Eine lohnende Anschaffung, denn der Mantel wird noch einige Zeit in Mode bleiben. A light mantelet from It is worn on top of the dress and caraco. A good choice as it will remain in fashion for the upcoming years. Stockings made of cotton or silk, preferably in white.

Ein wattierter Caraco aus hellblauem Seidentaft. A quilted caraco from blue silk taffeta. A favourite from Mme Bettinger's wardrobe since , which she has always taken good care and maintenance of, because the silk was expensive and the quilting was done by an expeirienced seamstress.

At the beginning of the s the peplum was slightly shortened, as the edges weren't in mint condition anymore, then in is was altered again following the latest fashion of shorter waists. It's still worn on cool mornings or chilly afternoons when visiting friends.

Bettinger kann sich nicht gut davon trennen. Die neuen flachen Schuhe sagen ihr gar nicht zu. Shoe buckles , a fond memory. Actually they are out of fashion in Weimar, Berlin and Paris for a while, but Mme Bettinger can't part with these. She isn't fond of the new flat shoes either. Schwarze Seidenschuhe passend zu den Schuhschnallen. Black silk shoes matching the shoe buckles. Lederne Handschuhe. Leather gloves. These gloves are short, because they are worn with the caraco. They treat the hands with care and complete the fine dress of every lady.

Ein Haarband, vorzugsweise aus Seide, Flor oder Samt. A hair ribbon, preferably made of silk, organdy or velvet. Ein Beutel. A bag. This fashion is still new, but already very popular. Ein feines Fichu. Aus der Mode der Frauenzimmer nicht wegzudenken A fine fichu. An indispensable fashion for ladies for the past years and a few years ahead! Mittwoch, Juli In diesem Monat, nur wenige Wochen vor dem Tuileriensturm und dem Septembermassaker, presste ein Drucker eine seltsame Modethorheit auf ein blankes Blatt Papier:.

These were the opening lines of Charles Dickens' famous novel A tale of two cities about the french revolution. Was fashion also on his mind, which, despite all the atrocities, imponderables, uncertainty, despite triumph and defeat in the theatres, the houses and streets, remained determined and still found it's way into the hearts? Indeed the parisian journals were silent, but not fashion itself. A very good summary of the daily life in Paris was delievered by the longtime journalist there, who has sent a letter to the Weimar Journal des Luxus und der Moden on July 15th In this very month, only few weeks before the storm of the tuileries and the September massacre, a printer put a perculiar fashion fad onto blank paper:.

Upside down, this reflects the Zeitgeist - a world, where there's seemingly no up and down, no right or wrong anymore, was allowed to suggest the ladies such odd headwear. Did the Parisians adorned their heads and hair with it? Possibly, because it didn't took long until the fashion was mentioned as hoeden sens devant derriere in a dutch journal in the city of Haarlem.

And another months until this dernier cri was heard in Weimar and the Journal des Luxus und der Moden. Diese Figur ist erwas mehr componiert, und macht mehr Anspruch auf Eleganz. This figure is a bit more composed, and shows it's claim for elegance. She wears a fine Parisian straw hat of the latest fashion, which is called sens devant derriere, with two big green bows at the front and back, and the edge of the brim is decorated with a length of white organdy.

Und was soll ich sagen? Als Basis diente mir ein runder Strohhut mit eingeschlagener Krempe, dessen Krone ich komplett auftrennte. And what should I say? This fashion trend had it's revival almost two hundred years later in Westphalia, because I already loved my Witterhorn Hut and was eager to discover the construction of a similar piece.

I used a straw hat with a turned-in brim, which crown I ripped apart completely. The straw was then watered a lovely scent! When I reached the edge of the crown's top, I watered it again and pulled it into shape. The diametre is approx. And then diligence was needed. I went round and round with tiny stitches until the crown reached about 15 centimetres in height. Die fertige Krone und die Krempe, die in ihrer originalen Form belassen wurde.

The finished crown and the brim, which remained in it's original shape. Following the plates from Paris, Haarlem and Weimar, the brim was attached to the hat to achieve the unusual shape. Then I had to decide on the decoration, as I wasn't too fond of the green bow for a summerly straw hat.

As the decoration of the edges was already made in white organdy, I ordered a light, striped ribbon and in memory of it's origin I decided on a blue-white-red colour. Das Konzept der sommerlichen Garnitur ging auf.

The concept of the light summer decoration for the hat worked well. I needed about four metres for both bows. Ich kann die Begeisterung der Pariser Damen nun verstehen. I can relate to the excitement of the Parisian ladies by now. While it requires quite getting used to the look at first, the finished straw hat meets the elegance mentioned in the Journal des Luxus und der Moden. The ribbon bow in the back is almost a work of art, which resembles the feathers of a bird and reminded me of the giant bustard during mating season.

I'm quite convinced that the hat with this kind of decoration would have won the hearts of the ladies in Weimar as much as the green decoration. Das Stroh ist sehr fein und wurde glatt verarbeitet. The hat remained unlined. The straw is very fine and smoothly sewn. It's always rewarding to recreate with as much love for the detail and construction as the original, to help them unfold the same kind of magic, which entchanted the ladies back then.

Labels: Headwear , Kopfbedeckungen. Montag, 8. Not only is it an incredible wedding venue, but also a true ballet performance space. This snowy day was perfect from start to finish and a year later, we are still swooning. Photo by JP Elario, Inc.

Now imagine the person driving that Pinto is Angelo Mazzone. Hard to imagine, right? Quite literally from soup to nuts, whether you are dining at a Mazzone restaurant, attending an event catered by Mazzone Hospitality at one of its several locations, or hosting your own Mazzone Signature Event at your business or home, your experience will be nothing less than stellar.

Angelo and. Eight years later, after establishing himself as a catering company to be reckoned with, Angelo made another bold decision. They thought I was crazy! Kevin Sykes, director of Hospitality and longtime employee, agrees. For information on this Something Bleu Bridal Gown see page See page Check out these great ideas for your more casual events!

Dress from Something Bleu Bridal. For more photos from this photoshoot see page From there, Mazzone went on to become a force in Saratoga Springs, becoming the exclusive caterer for the renowned Hall of Springs. Several restaurants and venues followed in rapid succession: Prime, Aperitivo, and of course, Prime at Saratoga National. As one business turned into another, the prevailing philosophy at Mazzone Hospitality continues to be to offer great food and even better customer service.

Growing up on Long Island, Angelo was the eldest in a family of five. Along the way, good food and a great experience became the guiding principles that would lead him to the success his company enjoys today. Above: Parmesan Polenta fries, slow cooked pork shoulder, herbed pan gravy, and white truffle mayonnaise chicken wire basket presentation. Artisanal Local Cheese and Salumi board: Honey comb, dried fruits, flat crackers, berries, grissini 5.

Brittany Lanning, a recent bride, had this to say about the entire Mazzone experience, from the wedding stationary to, quite literally, the icing on the cake:. The food, the service, the drinks, the band — everything was so on point and amazing. Thank you for taking our vision one step further to create an amazing evening for us and our guests. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Above: All Mazzone Hospitality employees participate in an extensive training program that teaches them the INs and OUTs of hospitality and what it really means to the owner Angelo Mazzone.

Hospitality needs to come from the busser to the CEO, and everyone in between. Above: The Smash Bar station is set up on a rolling old fashioned wagon with fresh herbs displayed underneath to make you feel like you are in the country! Today, Mazzone Hospitality is really three companies under one umbrella. Through all of it, we have always been a catering company that happens to also own restaurants and cafes. When I ask Kevin and Angelo if they do more events than weddings, or vice versa, Kevin answers the question perfectly.

The overarching goal for Angelo and his entire team is to make the event the most memorable and enjoyable occasion possible. Angelo and his entire team — which now numbers between 1, and 1, people — understand that cultivating those relationships is what keeps people coming back. That, and exceptional customer service. Kevin and his team, under the tutelage and guidance of Angelo have learned how to cultivate relationships with prospective clients. But, as the bride, you are also worried about everyone else.

Mazzone Hospitality understands all of this. They know and completely respect that mom may be feeling nervous, grandma may have special needs, or a great aunt can only eat certain food. They essentially made it extremely easy for me to enjoy my day. But, it goes even deeper than that. They protected me and acted as a care-giver, while showing great sensitivity to the gamut of emotions being experienced by other members of my family and my in-laws.

It is possible to experience the honeymoon of your dreams however, and it may even include actually swimming with sharks. After their September wedding, the couple enjoyed a combination of romance, culture, and adventure on their spectacular dream honeymoon.

It is incredible. They boarded the luxurious Paul Gauguin cruise ship, which carried them in style through the romantic islands, while Jet Ski and ATV excursions gave them aweinspiring opportunities to examine the intricacies of the landscape up close. The hardest they laughed during the entire trip was when they were invited to participate in a cultural dance with the locals, said Tara.

They were honored by the traditional Polynesian Blessing Ceremony, and delighted to taste regional cuisine, such as fresh tuna in coconut milk and spices. They were enchanted by the hand-crafted black pearl jewelry for sale, and amazed by the vanilla grove plantation tour.

They carry it around and hand it out. The smell is so calming and relaxing. She sources information from her own travel experiences, site inspections of locations and resorts, professional development seminars and events, as well as a large network of contacts.

This kind of insight has guided travelers through the unforeseen pitfalls of planning. She advises how to best accommodate the hemispherical and seasonal variances or to obtain a sunset view off the shores of Key West unobstructed by a cluster of cruise ships. In addition to relaxing on the white sandy beaches surrounded by the lush greenery of Koh Samui Island, the Meffords went kayaking and on a zip-lining adventure through the Chiang Mai jungle.

They visited the impressive and revered temples, were treated to a private market tour, got an authentic cooking lesson and ate with a local family. She appreciates, gets excited about, and loves the opportunity to help someone, she said.

Vesuvius across the bay. For ideas and more information on planning your next romantic getaway, honeymoon, anniversary, etc. Check out our wedding I lived in Chicago at the time, and he decided it was time to make his long-time crush known. He sent me a new gift almost every month! From dozens of roses, to a giant teddy bear, to a sweatshirt that said "Team Devin" on the back, this was a man I couldn't ignore.

I moved back home to Latham, only to fall in love with my best friend and "say yes" to him in January We were on a Disney Cruise with my family and. Exploring the island, just the two of us, we found a secluded beach. Devin pulled a beautiful, crystal-embellished, custom-made silver shoe out of his bag.

It was breathtaking. I cried my eyes out with joy! We were married 4 months later at Northway Church in front of of our family members, friends, and acquaintances,. We then enjoyed a private reception with family at the Canfield Casino in Saratoga. Even though it was just dinner music, people kept getting up and dancing, socializing, and celebrating!

Our marriage has been full of laughter, love, and celebration. Although our wedding was everything I ever dreamed of, our marriage has been even better. Truly, a happily ever after. During your engagement, focus on your marriage more than you focus on the wedding. A wedding is a one-day event, but a marriage is for a lifetime.

Devin and I focused on completing a pre-marital counseling course during our engagement. It was the best thing we could have done! When the wedding day finally came, I was relaxed and stress-free because I was focused on Devin and I, not the details of the day and the performance of the vendors. I knew whatever happened at the end of the day, Devin and I were prepared to flourish as a couple in the days to come! I had just graduated college and was a hostess at a local restaurant and John was a Sous Chef.

I still laugh thinking about that day! We began dating after a couple months of working together and what seemed like it would just be. We are both on-the-go people working in the same industry Me, an event manager and John a Chef and we started this adventure together, moving someplace I had never even been to!

I love all things Christmas so I was excited, but. The two-story Christmas tree was lit, the outdoor fireplace was burning and the Christmas music blaring, we just happened to be the only ones there. Having our dog take pictures with us, cornhole at the cocktail hour and my dad singing "Piano Man" on the microphone!

Try to "stop and smell the roses" because the day goes by SO fast! Make sure you and your spouse take a moment for yourself to take everything in. Charlie is originally from downstate and I was born in Saratoga. We met years before we started dating. He is a musician and I would often see in him town. Charlie proposed on Christmas morning and the wedding plans began! We decided to get married in the Saratoga area since we have so many wonderful memories there.

Our first date was at Yaddo! We moved a bit south due to work, but we do miss Saratoga. We live with our two kitties- Buddy and Babes, and we have a horse named Erwin. We share many hobbies, but our favorite place is by the fire with a glass of wine. Everyone at the Mansion Inn went above and beyond! Chef Rick created a fantastic food truck station for us and he and Annie made our dreams come true! Sarah was living there at the time, and Chris was home for the holidays.

They met through mutual friends and had an instant connection, the only problem was that Chris went back to Montana a few days later where he was living at the time. Texts turned into phone calls and he came home to visit again in March. In planning their wedding, the couple decided to keep the wedding very comfortable and casual with a real local feel.

The Columbia County Fairgrounds is a local hotspot for weddings and ceremonies, and they felt it was perfect for them too! Guests enjoyed locally crafted. Have FUN planning your wedding and add the small details that will make it your own. We tried to highlight local vendors and make things as personalized as possible to make our guests feel comfortable and appreciated!

I could not help but notice the smile on his face. We stood in the hallway for close to 2 hours, talking about goals, aspirations, and more. We danced together all night and as the sun came up, we shared our first kiss, and my. After a few months of dating long-distance, we moved to Malta where I worked as a teacher and he as a safety engineer.

On the evening of our anniversary, just after dinner, I presented Etienne with a surprise gift. He ripped off the wrapping paper in all excitement and danced happily at the sight of his favorite cologne. The next thing I knew, he was down on one knee with a little grey box and proposed. After he put the ring on my finger, it was my turn to be overjoyed and dance around happily. We chose to have the ceremony at our church, Corpus Christi in Round Lake, and the reception in the elegant environment at Excelsior Springs.

Because our West African cultural heritage is important to us, we both changed into traditional outfits for the reception. Ally, who used to be the event coordinator, and everyone else involved, welcomed us warmly and made sure we were happy. I loved the service. It was affordable, the food was great, and the bartender was amazing!

Bart and I went to school together for six years, from 7th to 12th grade, and managed to never speak to each other — not even once! We still wonder this every. While we both knew each other by name and had many of the same friends, our social. Fast forward to years later after college graduation, where we ran into each other in a local pub while visiting our hometown for the weekend. Bart asked me out for ice cream, and the rest is history.

We dated long distance for two years, until Bart finally moved to New York City where we have built a beautiful life together. I am an Art Director for the Dr. We chose to get married in the Adirondacks, as they hold a lot of meaning for us. We chose the Sagamore, as we could host a weekend of events where our guests could all stay together and share in the magic of the mountains.

I wanted our wedding design to reflect things we love. We incorporated many items from my personal collection Vintage brass swans used as flower vessels and objects on guests' tables even as our cake topper! Rocks, crystals and geodes from our own collection. We used rocks and crystals everywhere Small slices of agate with gold calligraphy for our escort cards, large slices of natural colored geodes that I hand gold leafed as table numbers, and even on our wedding cake.

Lori from the Sagamore created three cakes for us, each one different. One was marbleized, one was gold leafed, and the center cake was made to look like a giant geode - the sugar crystals were amazing! This cake was topped with 2 small gold swans to tie in the rest of the decor.

We highlighted our love of the Adirondacks in subtle, elegant ways, by using ferns and moss throughout the decor. David Michael Schmidt brought our vision to life in a way that felt like us. Dani from Sweet Dani B created a custom Wedding logo for our weekend.

We used this image on many itemsour save the date, our invitation, our guest Welcome bags, programs, menus, ice sculpture, favor boxes- It helped to tie everything together. We hit it off instantly that first night and started dating soon after. Neither one of us wanted our first date to end, so we went out for drinks. Matt proposed in my favorite place, Cape May, New Jersey, looking out at the ocean. Imagine my surprise when I turned around to find our whole family clapping behind us!

The wedding day at St. With a guest list pushing , we were blessed to have both of our extended families there with us, dancing all night! We love traveling together and trying new things - like food and wine! Some of our favorite places are Jamaica, St.

Lucia and most recently Miami! After college, the same mutual friend married my best friend and Cory and I were both in their wedding. About a year later, Cory challenged me to a game of Draw Something and after literally rounds of playing, instead of drawing a picture he asked me out to lunch. I felt so comfortable being myself, we got along so well and I just had this nagging feeling that this one would work out.

I could see myself falling in love and having a family with him. CORY: I always joke that I always knew she was the one since we first met, but to be honest, sometimes I do feel that way. So I knew it from the instant she said yes to my outrageous lunch request. We had a year and a half to plan, and got married on August 20 It was honestly the best day of our lives and we absolutely love reliving it through our video and pictures.

I made the program on a white door using a Cricut, Mod Podge and acrylic paint. I also designed and made the table numbers, the specialty drink sign and the paint pallet at the ceremony. We hand made the favors by cutting the extra wood from our front porch, spray painting them black, attaching a bottle opener and painting flowers on them.

Something WILL go wrong that day! It might be small as a motorcycle going by during your ceremony or it could be something as big as a bridesmaid bailing on you last minute. Just prepare yourself for that fact and you'll be able to handle it much better when the time comes. Remember that you will still get married, and your new husband or wife will still love you, even if your flowers are the wrong color.

Also, be in the present moment. Don't forget to eat. Don't forget to get in pictures with friends and family, you'll want to see how you both looked way before your professional photos come in. Take everything in and notice the feeling of joy you have, how everyone is there to support you and your new spouse …and take time to breathe with your partner, even if it's just for a moment to gather yourself - it will be worth it!! Julia and I are both from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.

The stars aligned because also visiting that weekend was his sister, Laura and her friend Julia. Julia and I met, we all had a blast, I asked for her number, and the rest is history. Laura and John are still some our best friends and were in the wedding. After months of pleading my case to be her boyfriend, Julia gave in. Unfortunately, around that same time, she was also leaving.

After four years of being long distance, Julia moved to Albany. We now have a home, two dogs, Sasha and Piper, and have made a great life together. We love biking and hiking with our dogs, spending time with friends, visiting our families in the Berkshires and traveling and exploring new places. There were a few hiccups including. We decided to have a long engagement to enjoy being engaged and make planning stress free a good effort but not really possible.

As many couples with outdoor ceremonies nervously anticipate, weather was heavy on our minds for our wedding day. Luckily, it was perfect. Old Daley on Crooked Lake was everything we had hoped and imagined for our wedding venue, and more.

It was truly humbling to be surrounded by our closest friends and family that came from near and far to be with us on our wedding day. Signature drinks named after our dogs, potted succulents for each guest that doubled as a seating chart as well as their favor, our guest book was a cornhole set that Anthony built and everyone signed, we had a late night Donut Bar by Cider Belly Donuts and Anthony's Uncle Tom was our officiant!

Don't sweat the small stuff during planning! As hard as it is to realize in the moment, the wedding will come together beautifully whether you stress about it or not. On the wedding day, relax, have fun and take it all in as much as you can. Take a minute to look around and appreciate the fact that ALL of your friends, family and loved ones from all different facets of your life are together in one place celebrating with you--truly a once in a lifetime amazing thing!

Our story starts on the school bus in 6th grade. This is where Joe and I met. This is where Joe would persistently confess his love for me and how we were going to get married, move to Montana and have 7 boys. Also where I would scoff at his gestures. We would remain friends throughout high school. After high school, Joe became a Marine in the infantry and shortly after he deployed to Iraq and I moved to Vancouver, Canada to attend school.

Our lives were going in very different directions. Fast forward a few years We would run into each other every so often. Seven years later Joe proposed on a cold snowy day in December while we were decorating our Christmas tree. I undoubtedly said yes. Then the planning began. Other venues we visited were a little more rustic than chic. Joe and I both fell in love with the barns and the scenery surrounding them.

We found the perfect venue for our Chic Country Wedding! Next, we met with David from Renaissance Floral. We made an instant connection. I had such trust in his designs. I made a Pinterest board and shared it with him and my vision for our wedding came alive.

We wanted to have a wedding that represented both of us. Something different than the typical hall or hotel. Something chic yet comfortable, so we decided on a barn wedding. We chose the Historic Barns of. The vendors we chose for our wedding made the day stress free. It even rained and we didn't even care. I had such faith in them knowing that they had control of every situation. They let us be stress free.

We fell in love over a summer — three months before Joe deployed to Iraq for a second time. Choose vendors that get the vision you have for your day, so your aesthetic matches their aesthetic. Our Story I was born and raised in Auburn, NY. Peter's hospital in Albany, NY. We met when he was in med school and I was in PA school.

We were both on our general surgery. Rob proposed on our first trip together out of the country to Paris, France in May We stood under the Eiffel Tower as it lit up at night and he popped the question! Lake George is one of our favorite places to visit and hike, so we decided that there was no better place to have our wedding! The Inn at Erlowest perfectly fit my vision of a beautiful castle wedding, while also fulfilling Rob's vision of get married on the lake.

We have been together for about four years now. In our free time we both love to travel. We also love all things outdoors such as hiking, skiing etc. Trying new food is also at the top of our list! Rob is an excellent cook and is always looking for something new to make. We also. When Rob is done with residency, we plan to stay in the Albany or Saratoga area and buy a house and raise a family in the near future …after we travel a little bit more!

Have a First Look!! It was the best decision we made. It allowed us to get ALL the beautiful pictures we wanted and still have time to mingle with guests! I can't imagine trying to fit all of that into our cocktail hour and then not being able to enjoy the wonderful drinks and hors d'oeuvres we spent so much time deciding on!

After being together almost 10 years, this wedding was a long time coming! As Alan and I had searched thousands of miles over the years for the right farm to start the next chapter in our lives together, we wanted to wait as well, to be married in our very own Wedding Barn. As the barn was being converted from an old dairy farm into an elegant rustic wedding barn venue, we knew we had to be the first couple married there!

It was an unseasonably warm December , Alan being his typical thoughtful romantic self, proposed we get married on that following Saturday December 12th. The next day I purchased a beautiful. Our most beloved friend Patricia Wesner from Marry Us Patty performed our ceremony and her sweet husband Mark was our witness. We wrote our own vows, as we stood in the center of our barn and pledged our eternal love to each other. How lucky is a girl to marry her sweetheart again that following fall - Sept 24th, !

As we spent the summer hosting weddings for others, it was finally our turn, to do it again in front of our family and friends. Now that is was my turn to be a bride, I could not have done it without my much loved assistant, Jamie Brannock! Guests arrived from all over the country joining us in a weekend of celebration! The most special part of this day was that my mother Maureen, was able to bring my 91yr old Nana to celebrate, she is the Matriarch of our family, and was all smiles!

My dear friend Denise Eliopulos, who owns Something Bleu Bridal, had made just for me the most beautiful southwest style dress from Olvi, I felt like a princess! Renewing our vows in the rolling hills of our farm, under two Hickory trees, along an old stone wall, with an alter Alan made out of a beam and salvage off of our farm. The day was the most magical day ever! Unexpectedly the day before my wedding, I received a package from LA filled with gorgeous had crafted jewelry!

My sweet friend Angie, from Angela Starr Designs had sent Turquoise for me and pearls for my girls to wear for my wedding! It was the final icing on our cake. We met at the age of 17 in Mr. High school. As where everyone else had to change seats throughout the year, somehow Mr. Reeves never separated us.

We became friends over the course of the year and eventually developed a little crush on each other. Who knew that within the next year we would be dating Feb 10th, to be exact!! When we met, little did we know just how close together we lived to each other …only 3 minutes away to be exact! Chris surprised me with the proposal while I was traveling on a work trip in Westchester, New York.

I said yes of course!! I always thought being a wedding planner. Growing up, I always felt that the Hall of Springs in Saratoga emanated a historic charm and beauty that is hard surpassed. We ultimately knew this was the perfect location to share our special day with friends and family. An outdoor wedding under the portico fit our personalities perfectly and added to the ambiance we were hoping for.

We decided to get married in the middle. Our wedding theme was classic romance. Though it seemed a very long planning process, not one lovely detail was left untouched. And in the end, the entire event was absolutely beautiful, and well worth it! Some of our unique favorites from the ceremony and reception included the string quartet, live band, back-lit drapes, cigar bar, sparklers and caricature artists! I the bride! Zach and I first met in the summer of We were neighbors on Broad Street in Plattsburgh where we both attended college.

Our relationship began as friendship, but as the year went on, something just clicked between us. We kept in contact and began dating that summer. Fast forward to October 3, , the day he proposed. It was a gloomy, rainy, chilly day in Niagara Falls. We bundled up and decided to ride the Maid of the Mist anyway! Since the weather was less than ideal, it was not too crowded of a ride which made it even more special.

While aboard, Zach was anxiously trying to get me to come across to him, but I was reluctant to give up my spot against the railing. Finally I caved and went across to join him. He asked a stranger if he would take our picture. Before I knew it, he was down on his. I was expecting him to propose that weekend as we had been talking a lot about marriage before this, but I was still so surprised - beyond ecstatic!

No words can describe my feelings at that moment. The kind stranger recorded the proposal. We feel so lucky to have that special moment captured on film. I always knew I wanted a Fall wedding. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. Zach and I both love the outdoors, so we knew we wanted to incorporate that into our wedding day. We also wanted a unique experience for our guests. The beautiful drive to get there, the view of the mountains, the chairlift ride to the top, the newly renovated reception space…it was all just perfect.

We booked it that day and the planning started. It was heartbreaking, but I got through it. Soft, comfortable, romantic, sexy… everything I wanted to look like on my wedding day. I knew Zach would love it, too. Our wedding day was the best day ever naturally!

We got so lucky with the weather. It was sunny and warm, the Fall colors were at their peak and the scenery was to die for …just perfect! Take a moment to step back and take it all in while watching your guests enjoy themselves - it's so nice to see all your hard work pay off and everyone having fun!

I work as a theatre director. Dave is a software engineer working in media. We got engaged in Paris after dating for three years, and planned a wedding for our 4-year anniversary. When we looked for our venue, we fell in love with Crooked Lake House, but.

We had to decide what was more important to us, the date or the venue, and the venue won. We got married in November instead, so we searched for local vendors who focused on natural elements and bold color. The arrangement was beautifully done by Maura Pulver of Saratoga Five Points, with apples Dave and I picked on a sunny afternoon before the. It was a moment of calm before the wild weekend ahead, where he and I got to focus on each other and take a moment to be thankful for the journey ahead of us.

The apples welcomed our guests into our wedding, drawing compliments from them all. Growing up in apple country, it was a personal touch that meant a lot to me. My biggest tip for future brides- The big day is about love. Find things you love, and share them with the people you love! Be prepared to be tired! Even if you usually sleep well, like I do, you won't that week leading up to the wedding. There are so many people to see and events to attend to, and they will ALL be the most fun of your life- but exhausting!

We first met in working summer jobs at Brookside Nursery in Ballston Spa. But, after some embarrassing interactions, we went our separate ways. Repeat the same story in From there, it was love. With plenty of right and wrong turns along the way, we began to define the comfortable, private.

And with each fear overcome, every dream shared, we fell deeper and deeper in love. Our story is far from picture perfect. Invitations from Paper Dolls. The bride designed the programs, menus, signage and table displays. Julia is a writer and she consciously selected each letter, reading, and song to truly reflect the love she feels with Jesse. As she walked down the aisle the words, "And my darling I love you, and I always will" played.

During the ceremony, a reading from Earnest Hemingway shared, "When we were together, we were never alone. Remember — planning a wedding is a vulnerable time for your relationship and the perfect dress won't make you love each other any more. Use the time of your engagement to practice being a good partner, defining how you'll love each other, and working together to understand what "We" will look like after you say, "I Do. Cake toppers can wait. Liz and I first began dating when we were in high school.

After graduation, we attended colleges just a couple hours away. After finishing our undergraduate degrees, we moved to San Diego, CA to continue our education. Liz studied to become a holistic health practitioner, and I did biomedical post-baccalaureate work. We had an amazing time in California, but we were always New Yorkers at heart. We moved back to New York so I could attend medical school, and it was much easier to plan a wedding while living close to friends and family.

When it came time to decide the location for the ceremony and reception, having it in Saratoga was a priority. Liz had always imagined a winter wedding in Saratoga. When we went to Prime at Saratoga National, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for. It had room to fit our plus guests for the ceremony plus a large reception area. We also knew that Prime had some of the best food that Liz and I had ever tasted. Mazzone Hospitality helped us plan every step of the way. We had such an amazing time, and everything went so smoothly besides me forgetting my bowtie!

It was such an incredible night that exceeded our expectations. Fox Jewelers in Saratoga Springs. With Brad in med school and only having three days off after the wedding, we booked it down to NYC. Our families went above and beyond to help us include every beautiful detail. We owe so much gratitude to our amazing parents. Enjoy the ride and the planning process, it goes so quickly and it really is about more than just one day. Our engagement was almost two years and we really appreciated taking our time to soak it all in.

Canaan and I met in the fall of in Buffalo, NY. Though I grew up in Clifton Park, and he in Lake George, it took moving to a new city and beginning dental school for us to cross paths. We officially met in anatomy lab, and while perhaps not the most romantic of beginnings, we had an instant connection. On July 24th , after a day spent biking through wineries, we were engaged.

Organizing a wedding during dental school was challenging, but the help of our amazing families and vendors made planning as smooth as possible. We love Christmas, its meaning and how warm and joyful it is. We wanted our wedding to be a celebration that brought family together and had the spirit of a black tie Christmas party. We decided on a palette of. Our signature drink was an almond old fashioned, and our cake was winter spice with lots of ginger and maple butter-cream.

We had the most amazing day… from the beautiful ceremony at Glens Falls First Presbyterian to dancing all night at the Hall of Springs. Michael and I met while performing in a musical together in Schenectady. We were close friends for many years, sharing our love of theatre and music. In while working on another performance project together we began dating.

On our wedding day we decided to have our first look at the Spa Little Theatre, a spot that was very important to both of us. I had the opportunity to perform in that space several times, and it was the place where Michael saw me for the very first time! He is a music teacher at Shenendehowa with a busy private vocal studio, I work for a local insurance company and perform professionally with Park Playhouse in Albany. We reside in Malta with our dog Pie. Before Matthew and I met, we both worked for the same company, lived on the same street, and ran in similar circles of friends while living in Middletown, CT.

The coincidences surrounding our intertwined pasts, and seemingly opportunistic timing, made our. Eventually Matthew moved to Boston, where we still live today, and our relationship continued to blossom. After five years of dating, he proposed on our private gardenlevel patio in Back Bay while white rope lights lit the scene, red rose petals covered the ground, and wisps of snow flurries filled the air — as corny as it sounds, it was like a movie!

Even though we lived in Boston, having the wedding in the Capital Region was the logical and heartfelt choice, with Matthew growing up. After visiting many venues in the region, we decided upon The Glen Sanders Mansion for the reception given its unique history and the natural beauty of its surroundings. Our wedding day could not have been more beautiful and we were so thankful to all our vendors that helped make the day what it was.

We were both just so appreciative of being able to spend that moment with our family and friends whom we love so much. We had a guitar as our guest-book for everyone to sign which is now our favorite piece of wall art. Our signature cocktail was a "Manhattan on the rocks" and one of our friends and groomsmen, Jared Milbrant, played Elton John's "Your Song" on the piano at Glen Sanders before the reception when it was just the bridal party - it was a very special moment.

Make sure to take a moment right after the ceremony and right before the reception where it's just the two of you - they always say blink and it's over, so we appreciated having that moment where we high-fived and said "WE DID IT! Don't forget to check us out online for even more behind-the-scenes photos, blog posts, videos and links to all of advertisers in this issue - www. Call or visit us.

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Between the crazy skits and interviews, George plays music dating to the s, although most songs are from the 50s to 70s. The radio show is "a hybrid between the old and new," George, 50, said. The show is "all ad lib, nothing is scripted," he said. It would be stagey. Charlie, 9, likes to play Harry Potter. The show is nostalgic, station owner Cory Marcus said in a phone call from her Sacramento, Calif.

It's milk and cookies. It makes everybody smile," Marcus said. Even the young people appreciate what we are doing. And I have only limited access to period originals and their construction. Therefor my personal approach is to work with given means, while I prefer working with fashion plates, because these were given by F. Bertuch in his Journal des Luxus und der Moden, to provide his readers with ideas via plates and texts, which could be sewn according to their means.

Sollte ich dem Kupfer folgen oder dem Text? Und was war das?! Wie konnte der Stoff entlang der Krempe nur auf diese Art verlaufen? Here the fashion plate called for silk-bast, which - alas - I have none of, thus I went for striped silk taffeta, of which I had a remnant in my stash.

The fabric was chosen, yet the construction proofed to be a mystery of it's own. There was a mention of silk poufs, yet all I could figure out in the plate was some pleats made of self fabric. Should I follow the plate or the text? And what about that?! How could the fabric run on the brim the way it did in the plate? What would a period housewife have done in this case? She would probably have relied on a previous and familiar construction Die Krempe als Schnittmuster oben und aus Steifleinen und Draht gefertigt.

I added a layer of thin fannel onthe outside. The brim remains open at both ends. My fabric remnant of silk taffeta, already stitched into a tube. Auf diese Art und Weise laufen die Streifen nahezu wie in dem Modekupfer senkrecht entlang der Krempe. The buckram is covered with the silk tube and staystitched with baste stitches. Choosing this construction provides that the stripes run vertical around the brim like in the fashion plate. Die Innenseite. The inside. The upper side shows the fabric excess, which is later gathered in pleats.

The upper edge of the silk tube is closed with back stitches. Und nun beginnt der kreative und langwierige Teil, den Stoff so zu drapieren, dass auf dem Kopf zwei Puffen entstehen. Inside view. And now it's the beginning of the creative and tedious part, to drape the fabric in a way, that it has two poufs on top. This did cost me some time and patience and nerves , hence I did not thought of photo documenting this process, because I was caught up in swearing Und dann schaut er doch ein wenig anders aus als auf dem Modekupfer And then it looked a bit different than in the plate I hear housewives sighing about this for the past years.

I guess, I just had too little silk, otherwise the back would have been formed a bit fuller. The flowers mentioned in the title. However these are no daffodils made of yellow crepe, but a small bouquet of handmade paperflowers, and there's a second bow tie. The additional tie isn't on the fashion plate, but it was a gift from my dear friend Natalie and simply had to be a part of the cap! Actually only a chin strap is shown in the fashion plate, yet no hint on how to close it.

I decided on a hook and eye closure. Labels: Headwear , Kopfbedeckungen. The eye and love for detail is essential to mirrow an entire and complete picture of the past. It's usually not done with a dress: the matching hairdo, a hat, footwear and bags have to be added to awake an image of the past.

Bags, ridicules, reticules and work bags should not be neglected and it's very worth to pay a close look on the variety of this fashion accessory. I fell for a beautiful work bag in the Autumn issue of the Journal des Luxus und der Moden. Luckily the plates do come with thorough descriptions, which are immensley helpful for a re-creation. The working back or ridicule is of the latest shape made of stiff cardboard in a half circle, with Nacarat and black Satin. The bag has ribbons of nacarat and satin and a ribbon to attach or carry.

Dabei handelt es sich nicht etwa um eine Stoffart, sondern um eine Farbe. Nacarat , ein Rot mit deutlich orangem Einschlag. First I searched for an explanation for the term 'Nacarat'. This is not a kind of fabric, but a name for a colour. Nacarat , a red with a clear orange shade. I used the following material, stiff cardboard, black chintz and cotton in a very faded nacarat nuance. I started with covereing the cardboard, which should become the bottom of the bag. The outlines of the cardboard are transferred to the nacarat cotton with running stitches unfortunately the true colour isn't showing in this photo.

I've cut the seamallowance and fastened it onto the back with glue. Usually it was paste or bone or skin glue.


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