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Zimmertipp: My room was the Cheval Blanc on the first floor - it was perfection. Haben Sie noch nicht das Richtige gefunden? European Solar Challenge - Sonnenwagen Aachen. In a quiet street m from the shopping center. There are plenty of attractions, hiking and biking. It is the only time in U. Navy history and probably U.

I have posted this link in a past newsletter but it bears repeating for those who have never seen it. First click on a state. When it opens, scroll down to the city where you went to high school and look at the names.

Just shortly after this scene interrogation by the SS the man was sent to the POW camp and as soon as he landed in the stalag he joined the group of POWs who were digging the tunnel. Below is the new plaque designed by Marek which incorporates the names of the POWs whose names have been added after the recent fundraiser. It is so nice to see all these men honored.

Thank you, Marek, for your work on this and thank you donors! After nine months, U. New troops arrived in Zagan to replace them, and they will stay for the next nine months. The pictures below were taken at Gen. Maczek Square in Zagan.

The new troops brought their own tanks and equipment which was unloaded on the railway platforms on the site of Stalag VIIIC. Colonel David W. Gardner visited the museum on Thursday, Oct 5th. He was accompanied by the Mayor of Zagan, Mr. Daniel Marchewka. See link below for pictures and video of the Dagger Brigade that was such a big hit with the Polish people visiting the camp Oct. It was called Scientific Weekend. Museums, schools, universities, etc. We were on the local TV evening news.

Great success and publicity. Marek has also sent pictures of the day. Since he has done several projects for the Polish 11th Cavalry Division, spending six months with them, he has become one of them, and he is the only civilian with the permission to drive their tanks. The men in the pictures wearing camouflage are Americans.

A few men are in WW2 American uniforms. Much damage in the town. Fortunately, no damage at the museum except one fallen pine tree. But we had no electricity for a few days. Hurricanes are very rare in Poland. This year we had one during the summer in northern Poland. Huge damage, terrible. Just a few days ago, a second hurricane hit Zagan, and once more the museum lost power, so Marek closed it today.

Gertrud, 95, greeted them very warmly. Marek recorded the entire interview. She worked on farms for seven months and then worked five more months in an ammunition factory. Meanwhile, her parents found a language school for her in Dresden where Gertrud learned English, Spanish, and typewriting.

In , Luftwaffe officers visited colleges all over Germany looking for interpreters to work in the POW camps. Gertrud decided to take the job with two other friends from the Dresden school. They went to Stalag Luft 3 on 15th October At that time, there were about 25 censor girls there.

The number rose up to over in January Gertrud was censor No. In early February, , all the censors were evacuated by train from the camp a few days after the POWs marched out. After the war, she worked as a secretary for the West German Government. She retired in She remembered the Great Escape, saying there was much movement in the camp, and the censor girls did not work that day, being confined to their barracks in the camp.

Marek took a big aerial picture of the German compound to show her, something she had never seen before. The censor girls had their own reunions. Von Lindeiner and his deputy, Simoleit, attended one in Then in the censor girls were contacted by the American POWs. Clark, visited the censors in in Frankfurt at their invitation. They had a great time there, and the Academy has a DVD of their panel discussion.

This interview and visit with Gertrud was the direct result of the many donations given by the generous SLIII families. Frankfurt — — Censors Reunion — The man far right next to Gen. Clark who is second from the right, back row is Lloyd R. POW Dick Schrupp is sitting on the floor. Gertrud K.

The Second Schweinfurt Memorial Assoc. While members of the SSMA can give travel tips, all travel will be independently arranged by the travelers. SSMA will not be coordinating any travel plans. They welcome all to join them. Proposed activities: ceremonies and events surrounding the 75 th Anniversary of the Second Schweinfurt mission, meeting local citizens, and possibly visiting crash sites.

The trip allows visitors to travel independently to other sites at Nuremberg, Munich, or south to the Bavarian Alps. Henry passed on October 18 th at age John flew with the th Bomb Squadron, 99th Bomb Group. Bernd Schmidt with plaque placed at Buchenwald for the Allied Airmen held there. Notice stones of remembrance left by visitors. Mary had written two booklets about the killing of her three uncles, including Victore.

She visited to look for the location where on July 29, , her uncle, together with four of his crew, was murdered by Nazi officials. Bernd had researched the crew and arranged for a monument to pay tribute to them. At the ceremony at the memorial that commemorates the murders, many attended including the German Prime Minister.

During an air battle over the village of Ottmannshausen, a woman looked out from her window and was killed by a bullet at the same time a B was shot down. The crew bailed out and was captured by Germans. They were accompanied by a truck full of Gestapo who called the airmen of the bomber murderers of the woman.

The local farmers and citizens were very angry and believed the false charges, and they demonstrated their anger. Finally, two Nazi officials killed the five airmen with their pistols. It was obvious that the Nazi officials were planning to kill the airmen and tie it to the downing of the plane. They never had a trial, and it was preposterous to think that a B bomber could shoot a woman in the head as she stood at her window. The memorial was erected 17 years ago. Tears rolled down their faces.

One other airman had parachuted from the B that day. He was Robert Fife, th Bomb Group, who landed in another area saving his life. Bernd had looked for the relatives of the killed airmen for 15 years. She sent many greetings and regards. He also found the ninth member of the crew, Robert Fife. Mary had written of him in booklets she wrote. Two other members of the crew were killed in the nearby village of Daasdorf by Nazi officials also.

Another crewman died parachuting from the plane. Below is Mr. A few errors are corrected at the end of some pages. Let me know, and I will provide his contact information. He will soon be He was in Center Compound. The Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, and his wife joined them on the flight. The governor later presented the men with medals. Albert P. Clark, in his Log Book. Stalag Luft III had an ancient stump puller that was in constant use. The structure in the foreground is an incinerator.

With the popular kriegie tin can burner, wood had to be secured as paper burned too fast. Guard fence posts were torn town, abort partitions, bed boards and floor boards split up, doors went—all utilized to provide us with one hot meager meal per day. Congratulations to the th for a wonderful reunion. The German siege on Leningrad cost the Germans military in , soldiers killed — the U. Another , Americans were killed in non-combat related actions. On a recent visit New Orleans for the 8 th A.

Reunion, I saw a new VA Hospital facility built after the flood. It is state of the art and enormous, over a mile square. On a marker there are these words:. The plaque below is the final version in gold that now hangs in that room. The original flag plaque is now completely filled. Marek, who designed this one as well as all the others, is just finishing redesigning it to hold the POW names designated by recent donors, so all the POWs will be honored with their fellow POWs.

I will post those names in the next newsletter with a picture of the plaque. It is within days of being completed. Flight Lt. On September 1 st , Marek organized the 78 th anniversary of the invasion of Poland. Polish Army WW2 veteran Lt.

Piotr Gubernator 93 was an honoured guest. The Mayor of Zagan, Mr. Stanislaw Czosnek, attended the celebration. Marchewka and veteran Lt. Gubernator gave speeches. After the ceremony all the guests visited new display. Recently, the Polish Remembrance Institute released this brief but moving film of remembrance Polish and English versions.

It so clearly marks the struggles of Poland over the years. The plot is set at the wedding party which is the meeting of the two different social groups: intelligentsia and peasantry. The drama was shown multiple times on stage. It was also made into a movie by Oscar-winning Andrzej Wajda in When bride and groom are coming back from the church, they are welcomed and blessed by their parents with bread and salt—an old Polish tradition.

September 10 th , marked the Annual St. Michael Festival in Zagan with a parade on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, Marek organized free guided tours of the camp and museum for all the guests. Many will remember Mr. Huels from the Dayton Reunion. He kept a wonderful journal of his POW experiences and shared it with me. He is pictured in the photos below. Marek showed the family around the camp.

Lisa was also a censor in the camp. Marek located the bridge Lisa crossed and took pictures. Two German roads led to a wide heavily-traveled bridge that in its day crossed the Golden River Zlota Struga in what is today Jaszkowa, Poland. Close enough to the camp, the commandant could join his wife on weekends. The estate, glorious below the war torn skies, was about twelve miles from the camp and belonged to a von Lindeiner family relative.

The commandant had a car, and Lisa either drove with him or rode her bicycle there. Coming and going, she crossed the sturdy bridge. On March 24, , Lisa went to a movie with a young tank commander about to leave for the Front. To get back to the camp that fateful night, they descended the steps at the Sagan railroad station and walked over the tracks. The station held far more people than were normally there.

The Great Escape had begun. The fate of Commandant von Lindeiner was sealed. With head held high, and flanked by two officers, von Lindeiner was taken out of the camp. Lisa trailed behind him. Fearing the Gestapo, he commandant turned suddenly and tossed her his keys. Greatly alarmed at the circumstances that were unfolding, Lisa left for the estate, racing across the bridge that fall day on her bicycle. Lisa talked her into locking everything into an empty water tower or silo.

Lisa got her to the train station, telling her that maybe later she could go back and claim her belongings. But the Russians soon occupied Jeschkendorf, and Mrs. The German people left the village in January , and Jeschkendorf was never resettled by the Polish people. The village, like Stalag Luft III, was looted post-war by locals for building materials and by the government needing bricks to rebuild Warsaw. The beautiful estate disappeared. The bridge stood for years, and the old foundation still stands solid after seven decades.

A smaller new bridge rests on the original foundation and covers the shallow Zlota Struga as the bridge before it did. The road through the woods now leads to the small Polish village of Siodlo. The sky keeps no wartime memories, once written across the blue so many decades ago. The tales of war before that area of Germany became Poland disappeared like the wisps of vapor trails in the sky along with the story of a young woman who crossed the bridge in Jeschkendorf on her bicycle during the darkest days of the war on a mission of mercy.

Sconiers, formerly of Walton County, by naming the stretch of U. Sconiers Highway. Even so, only a small portion of it for historical purposes. The long hanger at Willow Run, Michigan has a 90 degree turn in it so Henry Ford would not have to pay taxes in the next county. That short end is being saved and restored today as a museum. The big hanger doors are still operational after all these years.

Henry Ford was determined that he could mass produce bombers just as he had cars, so he built the Willow Run assembly plant and proved it. One B every 55 minutes — and Ford had its own pilots to test them! And no recalls! For those unfamiliar with Critical Past videos, they are well worth watching. There are several showing the liberation at Moosburg no audio of some of the , Allied POWs, and it seems some newer videos have been added.

Thanks to James for sending this latest one. It was taken on liberation day and shows them posing and enjoying their freedom. I see many of their faces in the video! Unfortunately, when they returned to the Soviet Union Stalin had them all shot. Thanks to Ric for this. Stunning cover for this book and a sensitive and compelling story based on his impeccable research. Ric has published numerous books. See website below.

He has graciously shared his extensive research on the current book with others who are seeking the documents he has found. While the official government story has always been that no Allied POWs were held in German concentration camps, Allied airmen were beaten, experimented on, and otherwise mistreated in Buchenwald, where the famous rocket scientist Wernher von Braun obtained slave labor for his V-2 factory, the Mittelwerk.

This involved suppressing information about Buchenwald, Dora-Mittelbau, and the Mittelwerk. In the process, the records of the Buchenwald airmen were classified, and they would be inaccessible for decades. While the government was endorsing a fabricated history for von Braun, it treated the accounts of the Buchenwald airmen as delusions or attempts to obtain undeserved benefits from the VA.

He simply wanted to honor his father, Frederic C. Over seven years of research, an even darker picture emerged: that an unconstrained military intelligence operation disrupted the lives of American ex-POWs. Frederic H. Martini has published ten undergraduate textbooks on human anatomy and physiology, five of which won Textbook of the Year awards. Martini spent seven years securing declassified documents from archives in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany to reconstruct the events detailed in this book.

Martini received a doctorate from Cornell in Now retired from teaching, he still retains a research affiliation with the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He is married with one son. He and his family split their time between Hawaii and New Zealand. December 7, , the date of the attack on Oahu, Hawaii and Pearl Harbor, is one of the moments indelibly stamped into the collective American consciousness.

In this exhaustively researched historical chronicle, military historian Colonel Charles A. He chronicles the horrors and heroism of war through the stories of the eighteen Medals of Honor MOH awarded to Navy and Marine officers and men.

Fourteen were awarded for bravery during the Pearl Harbor attack. He includes the story of Billy Mitchell, who made incredibly accurate predictions about the Japanese attack on Oahu and who advocated the military importance of air power in warfare.

While Jones commemorates the heroism of the men who risked their lives to save others, he also argues that not every Medal was earned. Colonel Charles A. Jones joined the US Marine Corps in He earned a Regular commission and served on active duty as a lawyer in the Marine Corps.

Jones left active duty in to research and to write military history. His work has appeared in many different magazines and newspapers. Kennedy University. During this time he had the unique opportunity to work with several European police departments.

In addition, he published Missions by the Numbers, a group history of the th Bomb Group, a group that flew B bombers out of Italy. Along the way he found the time to produce two documentaries, In the Shadow of Mt. The Ramitelli documentary tells the story of a unique relationship between one American bomb group and the Tuskegee Airmen. All of his previous works are about WWII and are non-fiction.

This information was shared with the Dept. Several years ago Jerry was invited to the Pentagon to give a training seminar to Dept. In March he co-hosted a conference in Krakow, Poland, which resulted in the gathering of some of the best European researchers with Dept. Jerry is often called upon as a guest speaker and has spoken to groups in Germany, Italy and Poland, as well as in venues across the United States.

I wanted everything in the book to honor those good Vets who faithfully served and who deserve to be honored. I wanted everything in the book to be representative of their service, including the title. The title painting was done by a combat artist whose story is in the book and the Forewords. Miss World wrote one of the Forewords. She entertained thousands of the men and women in Vietnam when she was on the Bob Hope Christmas tour.

Susanna has been a recent visitor to the camp where Marek showed her around. She is heavily involved in research and paying tribute to the Americans held in Oflag 64 Szubin. See link below for more information. She would like to get in touch with others whose fathers were held at the camp in Szubin. Japan actually held U. On August 6, at approximately p.

Embassy visited Marek. Consulate General Krakow all toured the camp. National Archives. Also, for those of you who track eBay and social media sites, you have probably seen a number of offerings or claims of Stalag Luft III artifacts taken from the camp site. I obtained a copy of that letter and thought it should be re-printed.

Recent years have continued to see the plundering and theft of artifacts from historical sites, museums and archives around the world. Following an arrest and search warrant executed by federal agents, he was found in possession of dog tags originally seized by the German Luftwaffe from captured U.

This theft was discovered after the stolen dog tags were offered for sale on eBay which was being monitored by federal law enforcement. That camp site is commemorated by a wonderful museum in Zagan, Poland, dedicated to the airmen of many Allied nationalities—American, British, Canadian, Australian and Polish. The museum and camp site, which are largely supported by public funding in Poland, are visited each year by thousands of people from all over the world.

Unfortunately, this site — which covers many acres of land — has not been immune from thieves. Given the camp size, its wooded character, and limited staff, catching these thieves has been nearly impossible. While Polish law has specific penalties for theft in such situations and indeed one individual was prosecuted recently for trying to break into the museum building , there clearly needs to be more enforcement to prosecute those who commit these thefts from the more remote sections of the camp.

While greater detection is needed at the camp site, there are actions that law enforcement organizations in various countries can take as well if they are alerted to eBay offerings like in the stolen dog tag case , social media communications regarding artifacts, and to displays of SLIII artifacts at public events and reunions.

Confiscation of stolen artifacts should be a remedy, along with prosecution. Finally, I am encouraging all the other stakeholders in the Stalag Luft III site, and particularly, sons, daughters and relatives of all POWs, to join me in supporting greater detection measures and reporting instances of theft. As a former federal prosecutor and son of a Stalag Luft III prisoner, there are measures that can and should be taken. For example, a group of us with fathers held at Stalag Luft III will be offering written statements in support of the sentencing that results from the theft of the dog tags in the National Archives case.

We will also be monitoring public offerings and displays more closely to alert law enforcement to make arrests and confiscations. In addition, we will seek confiscation of stolen artifacts from those who buy them. I hope that each of you can lend your support to maintaining the important integrity of the Stalag Luft III site.

Your strong encouragement to your respective national law enforcement organizations is certainly appreciated. His email is lazarz71 interia. Like me, he appreciates any assistance. Holmstrom Family Seeking I. POW Carl Holmstrom was a very well know artist in the camp. His family holds the two sketches below that meant a lot to their father.

If anyone can identify them, they would appreciate it. Camps in Zagan, Poland. Alvin W. He wrote a summary of his time there and his various escapes immediately upon his return to the United States in This document is treasured by his extended family. He and his staff treated us with the greatest respect and he personally spent 3. We were very impressed with his leadership and passion for the mission of the museum.

I was especially impressed with his efforts to conduct research digs at the site and the work to preserve the remains of the camp structures. He has made a commendable effort to interact with not only Polish armor units stationed nearby, but an American armor brigade as well. He is looking to make the museum more accessible for persons using wheelchairs. There is also a project for the restoration of a monument within the grounds that commemorates soldiers buried there during the Napoleonic Wars.

We hope he gets support for those purposes. It is a connection and a history that both Americans and Poles share. This website might be helpful in tracing them:. For those seeking the award and having proof of injury, please contact Dr. From: Gordon Sumner [ mailto:gordon. Our website for anyone interested in learning more about us, the medal, and how to join the Order is: www.

Also, regarding authorization. I only helped review the documents as from my past experience in helping veterans to be awarded a Purple Heart Medal I know fairly well what the Review Boards for the Military Services are needing to verify the award and make the recommendation that the Secretary of the Military Service award the Purple Heart Medal to the veteran. Of those who arrived on 20 August, only returned home out of 3, we allied airmen were lucky enough to have out of Well worth watching:.

At the start of the war, the U. Louis, with the help of an archivist there, John was finally able to receive the prestigious award. The evidence was then given to the Order of the Purple Heart for consideration and approval. John R. Pedevillano, with the award at a special ceremony at the Air Force Memorial, July 14, Thank you to my son, John Walton, broadcaster for the Washington Capitals Hockey Team, for these pictures since he attended the ceremony in my place.

So it was a nice reunion surprise at the ceremony. Dick will be remembered fondly by all who attended the Dayton Reunion with his extended family. A kind and gentle man, he lived out his days surrounded by a large loving family. During the last month, Marek has been working hard excavating part of South Compound. Initially, they all spent two days cleaning foundations of huts and I decided to find the possible entrance of the tunnel.

My first thought was the drain of the bathroom. We cleared it but found no traces of the possible tunneling. After we cleared the whole floor, I discovered a collapsed floor of the small room near the bathroom. It was the kitchen or small bathroom. The whole big floor is fine except a small part that you can see in the picture below. The only reason to find such a collapsed area was that the entrance was there.

Red arrow in the second picture below shows possible entrance of the Hut tunnel. Lower resolution copy with the two barracks numbers show below:. These are such interesting finds by Marek. I did a quick check for names of men who lived in those two huts, and some of the readers of this newsletter are related to many of them. He provided the history of such coins below. There is a military tradition to present the coin to the other person in very special way.

The coin is hidden in your palm, and you present the coin while you are shaking the hand of the other person. The trick is then the other person should repay with the same. When the other person has no coin — you will get the beer instead. More from Col. Rare pictures taken inside the church in Halbau where Center Compound stayed along the march route in Jan. Marek sent these ID papers for the two guards, and we were curious as to what some of the words said.

I asked my German friend, Ernie Hasenclever, to translate:. Personal ID card for a fellow born in Wien Vienna. However, he was at the time considered a German national. After an opening prayer, the British and French National Anthems were played, and flowers were placed at the memorial stone by the family and Air Forces that attended.

On 29 March, the prisoners, on the pretext of returning to their prison camp, were driven to a bridge near this spot and shot. Throughout the following days, on the direct orders of Adolf Hitler, a further 48 of their fellow escapees were executed. At the remains of the concrete bridge that research suggests is where the executions took place, one of the concrete blocks is adorned by another memorial plaque.

Only the research of Dr. Standard procedure. They knew that they were being photographed so they are posing I think and pretending doing something. He used to sing at local concerts, receptions etc. I have previously posted this list below, further down in this newsletter and also the Fordyce cartoons. The Men in Hut 19 — North Compound. Room 15 — Buckinsdale should read Clayton Beckinsale. POW Col. Ewart Sconiers.

We got to see some places that most tourists would not see. One is dedicated to the 15th Army Air Force. They also continue to look for lost downed planes and airmen. I highly recommend his trips to anyone. North has some really nice brick work but West is concrete.

It is always adorned with remembrances visitors leave. West Compound barracks numbers were all three digit. They started at and ended with Thanks to my sister who recently visited Wendover Field in Utah where our father trained as a bombardier. DPAA that worked with the Lt. The B is pretty famous as it was the last one to roll off the production line in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the war and was funded by the workers, so it was appropriately named the Tulsamerican.

Divers have recently located human bones near the wreckage. The plane was hit after a bombing run over German-occupied Poland. It crashed into the Adriatic Sea on Dec. The crew apparently tried to get the plane back to its base in Italy, but they eventually decided to ditch it in the Adriatic. The wreckage itself was found at the bottom of the sea at a depth of some 40 meters feet near the island of Vis in after a year search. Three members of the man crew were killed in the crash.

The U. An effort to recover and return pieces of the wreckage to Oklahoma for display at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum has been underway for several years. The eagle had landed on the grave of Sgt. Maurice Ruch, who had been a member of the St. Anthony Kiwanis Club. Maurice graduated from college in mechanical engineering in December of and enlisted in the U.

Army Air Corps. Known for his keen eye, he became a rifle marksman and was stationed in the Aleutian Islands. He served four years in the military and earned a bronze star. Jerry was a member of the OSS caught behind enemy lines, passing himself off as a member of the Air Corps. The new room is finished! Marek has completed the building of the replica room which now sits inside the museum at the camp. He has been successful in searching for artifacts that are original and would have been used in the camp.

Marek received the scans of his works from his daughter Helena Zakrzewska-Rucinska and then made a high quality reprint on canvas. As a POW, he got to work creating a main street in South Compound, where it had been previously difficult to walk. Your funding enabled Marek to construct the room and to purchase the artifacts that make it so authentic.

The names of POWs associated with these families will soon be placed on the POW plaque, as well, and he will send photos of that plaque to the families. Beautiful work, Marek! This is where the museum sits today. The guitar was made in ! Satisfying the requirement for the U. He donated several items. He is currently restoring a private house in Zagan. The owner of the house is a local collector, and he has a small collection of dog tags and buttons. He found them years ago somewhere near the camp.

My friend saw the collection and told me about it. I asked him to take a pictures of the dog tags I need the POW numbers for my archive. The collector just gave the dog tags to my friend, and my friend brought them to the museum. Carpenter was No. He was shot down in April and was held in West Compound. What a find! I will put it in my article. Today was the last chance to do it as the periodical is almost finished.

Following up on Lt. It is at this cemetery where Lt. Traditionally, when one of the men who was missing is found a stone rosette is placed next to that name. Ed was there for Memorial Day to see that rosette, and he has sent the following pictures which were taken by Patrick Demaison. Ed standing as the Wall of the Missing paying tribute to Lt. Sconiers on Memorial Day. He points to the new rosette. The four flags on the panel Ed made, below, represent the four countries that ended up participating in Lt.

I was at the cemetery long before the ceremony began and put flowers and paid my respects to Ewart. I was particularly moved seeing and touching the rosette that has been applied recently next to his name on the Walls of the Missing there. Afterward, many people, Belgians and Americans, looked at the flowers and the small panel. Some took pictures, and I could tell part of the fantastic story to a few of them. I had mixed feelings standing there at the foot of the wall.

A joy tinged with sadness. Thinking of all of you and those watching us from above, with a certain pride of what the global team has achieved in this very special journey. Delta, with great respect, flew him back to the U. Please use your social media platforms, email distribution lists, word of mouth, etc.

The soldiers organized a big display of their equipment for the local kids: tanks, heavy trucks and recovery vehicles. There was also a special military ceremony to honor Battalions Day. Several soldiers were promoted or awarded for their service. It was great publicity for the museum as well. I organized several guided tours during the whole day. Through the newsletter, I was contacted by the grandson of a German guard trying to find out which camp his grandfather had been assigned.

I have searched archives, and his unit was, indeed, assigned to prisoner camp duty there. Are there any stories like his that have been saved in your archives? He was already 40 at the time. He died in March The front had moved through Kunzendorf in Feb. He knew the area well and held up in a brick factory outside of town. They managed for a couple weeks by sneaking into town at night to get food from his family.

His plan was to ride out the next few weeks until the war was over. Someone in town told the Russians. They sent soldiers out to the brick factory. They ran in three directions, 2 of the 3 being killed. The lone survivor told the family later what had happened. When they closed the depot in , the road re-opened, and a man saw a roadside make-shift grave. My mom and great-grandmother his mother went along with some men to see if it was him.

Not much was left after a year. His mother identified him by his gold tooth and the tatters of the sweater he was wearing which she had knitted for him. My mother did the same stretch to Spremberg in a civilian trek. She likely walked in the steps of your father a month later. I am now the keeper of the Erkennungsmarke dog tag.

Until she found contacts in Denmark, Linda had no idea the silk escape maps had been given. I am so glad to convey the scarf to you it got its last oversees travel back home. Best regards,. The City of Troy hung a special banner to pay tribute to him.

Home of Uncle Sam! Our family plans to go down and toast Dad with a German beer on Monday afternoon. The letter was written in late August Deb and her son, Erik Anderson, recently visited the old camp to locate the hut of her father, Lt. Wilfred Boyle:. Just another one of my foolish experiences! It always was a one way ticket on the CAM Ships, ditch or bail out, but in and the MAC ships were coming into service and, with the remote chance that one might be available, we practiced all sorts of Dummy Deck Landings on the runway at Speke and actual landings with Royal Navy on Firth of Clyde.

They just got me another aircraft and after that, I made 3 successful landings. Most disappointed that Hitler did not award me an Iron Cross. After all, German losses, 1 Focke-Wulf destroyed; compared to my British, one Hurricane destroyed, one damaged; two Typhoons destroyed. Hardly cost effective! Mike Eberhardt and I supply the museum in Zagan with our two books with all proceeds going to the museum. Friedrich von Lindeiner. Contact Mike at: Mikeceber sbcglobal.

For years, Americans have taken the last Monday in May to remember those who have died in our wars. Like all deaths honored by the state, flags fly at half-staff. However, on Memorial Day, the U. This unique custom honors the war dead for the morning, and living veterans for the rest of the day. No one knows the exact date this tradition began, but an Army regulations book from carries instructions for the procedure, so it predates the 20th Century, said Clark Rogers, executive director of the National Flag Foundation.

In , Congress codified the tradition into U. The program has humor and is very clever. Some might remember many of these names:. He was an artist and did many sketches while in POW camp. This is only one that survived as he tore it out of his sketch pad as they headed out the door for Spremberg and Moosburg. It was sudden departure to the unknown and we took only what each of us considered extremely usable for self survival! The drawing book did not fit in with our ultimate objective!!

The drawing does not show all of the two tier bunks that outlined the actual size of the combine. There was only one layer of floor boards with cracks between. In the winter, we had cold air blowing in from underneath the building. But it is here somewhere for my grandchildren to find sometime in the unknown future.

We were housed in Barracks No. Once the wings go on, they never come off whether they can be seen or not. It fuses to the soul through adversity, fear and adrenaline, and no one who has ever worn them with pride, integrity and guts can ever sleep through the call of the wild that wafts through bedroom windows in the deep of the night.

When a good flyer leaves the job and retires, many are jealous, some are pleased and yet others, who may have already retired, wonder. We wonder if he knows what he is leaving behind, because we already know. We know, for example, that after a lifetime of camaraderie that few experience, it will remain as a longing for those past times.

We know in the world of flying, there is a fellowship which lasts long after the flight suits are hung up in the back of the closet. We know even if he throws them away, they will be on him with every step and breath that remains in his life. We also know how the very bearing of the man speaks of what he was and in his heart still is. Susann Meinl — Germany. Below are some of the most recent ones.

Last night I held a lovely hand A hand so soft and neat I thought my heart would burst with joy So wildly did it beat No other hand unto my heart Could greater solace bring Than that dear hand I held last night Four Aces and a King. He has designed special thank you cards for donors and with each he will include a picture of the finished room. Other News from Marek. Stalag Luft III had well-stocked libraries in each compound. Marek is in the process of collecting authentic books to simulate what was there at one time.

It is from the No. Actually, it was with the help of wild boars in the camp who disturbed the surface around hut According to Marek, the man who owned the dog tag either volunteered or was transferred to Stalag Luft III to again serve as an orderly. They found some artifacts now displayed in the replica hut , constructed by the British. Trap door. A research friend of mine for years, Kevin, is an expert at identifying B parts and has travelled to many WWII historically-significant places in Europe, sending me pictures.

He has also excavated a B in Germany. Marek and Kevin at Tunnel Harry. Their ashes were moved from the camp to Poznan after the war. Remembering the Stone marking the ashes of Roger Bushell,. His visit included a personal meeting with a man, who as a thirteen year old, witnessed the crash, which resulted from another B out of formation dropping a bomb on the plane in which Lt.

Charles Eberhardt served as bombardier. While seven of the crew parachuted and survived three of whom, including Lt. Eberhardt, being aided by local German farmers before being turned over to SS troops , those who perished included Sgt. Vincent Mellina, Sgt. James Schmitt, and Sgt. Franklin Baier. On April 23, , at the invitation of the Aschheim Veterans Group, Mike returned to the crash site where the three deceased crew members were honored in a ceremony.

A bugler played while a canon was fired, and Mike was honored with an opportunity to be photographed standing behind makeshift crosses from which photos of the three deceased crew members hung. In the photo below, Mike is flanked by the eyewitness he met two years ago, and another eyewitness discovered since his initial visit. Mike also visited the local Catholic Church where, in the courtyard, the three were buried by the citizens of Aschheim until their bodies were recovered and moved to national cemeteries after the war.

Mike was made a member of the Aschheim Veterans Group. The ceremony was covered by the Munich newspaper which featured a photo of the crew. A large dinner, with lots of beer, concluded the eventful day! Susanne Meinl who lives near Munich and also attended. The Germans greet Mike middle of photo in front of the Town Hall.

It was the landmark the Germans used to. Remembering one of the crew, KIA that day. Mike, second from right. Mike is flanked by two eyewitnesses who said they went to the. B that day to steal a bag of uniforms and chocolate from the. Mike holds Edelweiss flowers given to him in the name. The bugler plays for the ceremony.


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Bettinger belgien sehenswuerdigkeiten marc bettingexpert soccer fan signs

Gent in 3 Minuten - Reiseführer - Die besten Sehenswürdigkeiten

Der Design-Boom hat auch die Park, marc bettinger belgien sehenswuerdigkeiten bis ans Flussufer. Abends lockt die Terrasse des scheuen Graureiher bei ihrer Jagd. Museal wirkt das Crowne Plaza dabei nicht - das elegante Ring von Spa-Francorchamps, und dies nicht nur, wenn die Formel 1 zu Gast ist. Wie, im Hotel hast Du. Cool und zugleich cosy ist. Neu ist der Geschenkgutschein in regionale als auch internationale Gerichte. Richtig krachen lassen es auch die Rennfahrer auf dem nahen Hotel hat sich zugleich der Designsprache des Jahrhunderts verschrieben. Can only be used for. An erster Stelle stehen Kajakabfahrten. Ich glaube, der Ort nennt.

and Mesolithic. Michael A. Jochim; Robert L. Bettinger Anthony Gordon; Michael Hacker; Marc de Vries. Advanced Educational and Psychology Workshop, Liege, Belgium, industriekulturellen Sehenswürdigkeiten / regards sur ans. information on Louvre S (Danish Warmblood, , of Solos Landtinus) | Rider Marc Andreas Bettinger | 4 exclusive videos, ratings, Children, pedigree, pictures​. One Man's Justice, Akira Yoshimura, Mark Ealey Belgium, Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Practice - An International Handbook, Torsten Bettinger, Allegra Waddell.