betting on the last guide tales of xillia 2 walkthrough

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Betting on the last guide tales of xillia 2 walkthrough

Save the game, then exit. Advance the system time by 30 minutes, then resume the game. Your dispatched cats will be back with their randomly discovered items. You can also change the date to get various bonuses. For example, Sundays will result in three times the normal items, and Wednesdays will increase the chance for them to return with a rare item. Tales Of Xillia 2.

PS5 Backward Compatibility. Has Facebook Screwed the Pooch with Oculus? The Life and Death of Motion Controls. The Best Games of Top 7 Badass Comic Stars. Top 10 Good Games. The 7 Fantabulous Faces of Harley Quinn. More Special Features Around The Web. No Cyberpunk? No Problem! Fractured Dimension monsters in the main story not character stories count toward Enemy Sage even if you have fought them in the prime dimension!

Make sure to use this to your advantage. Perform linked artes and linked arte chains as soon and often as you can, otherwise you'll be left with a lot of them to grind after getting all other trophies and that won't be fun. Hard difficulty gives you less XP and gald, but also extends the battle time so you have more time grinding out the character specific trophies. Make sure to use the Allium Orb and check it every couple of levels to make sure you keep learning new abilities.

Use skills! Kitties are fun and cute and better than Corgis, make sure to collect them and send them to places to get useful items and to complete areas for a trophy. Grind out the Character's support trophies as you go, there are more characters in this game than in the first, and the action requirements were upped from to Support actions your allies do when you are not linked up with them still count toward these trophies!

Check random treasures around the world map in both the prime dimension and fractured dimensions, while there is no trophy for doing so in this game, it will help you towards Item Fanatic. After finishing the game, stop paying off your debt see Forever Besties.

Note: I played most of the game on hard difficulty, and noticed your teammates and enemies react differently on easier difficulties. If a trophy does not work for you as described in the trophy guide, try upping your difficulty to hard.

Step 1: Play through the story until chapter 15 doing sub events, character stories, and grinding out character specific trophies. Play through the story, doing as many sub events and character stories as possible. Sub events are very simple tasks such as "kill 5 of this enemy" or "deliver 3 of this item". They help you pay off your debt and also give you progress towards item fanatic. Character stories are lots of fun sometimes even better than main story quests.

Getting some character specific trophies out of the way early is a good idea since you'll have less to grind later. Once you hit chapter 13, make sure not to do Ludger's Chromatus Transformation until you earn one of the endings. Once you reach Chapter 15, drop all the sub events and whatever else you were doing and make sure to look up Blood Brothers, as it is the only missable ending. Get the first ending and create a clear save, then proceed onto chapter Get the remaining two endings to unlock a lot of new things to do, and continue doing what you were doing beforehand.

Step 3: Finish the remaining character trophies, titles, and get everyone to 8 hearts. Now would be a good time to start farming these character specific trophies trophies and titles. I recommend doing those before starting the EX dungeon and the stronger Elite monsters, as those battles are really tough and you won't have any other battle objectives to focus on, such as Jude's snap pivot, your only requirement will be to win the battle.

Some titles also become much harder when you are a high level since some require you to perform a high combo and then defeat the monster in order for it to count. Those trophies also take up half of the list. Once that is done, get everyone to 8 hearts so you can bring them to the EX dungeon. You will want to get to around level before starting step 4. You can do steps 3.

See The Strongest for a level grinding method. After finishing the main story, you will be able to unlock Elite rank Coliseum battles. You want to tackle on the Tag Elite Rank battles, which is a rank you will probably not have unlocked yet. Novice Rank is unlocked from the start, you unlock Advanced by finishing Novice with a few different teams.

Then Elite is unlocked for completing Advanced with 6 different characters, meaning 3 different teams which also unlocks them sealed weapons which are shit unless you unseal them. Now, Elite Rank is very easy except for the final battle, so I recommend always having Ludger with level 4 chromatus charged and waiting. Unlock those for your main team I recommend doing 3 runs, always having Ludger with you for Chromatus support and move on to the next step.

At this point you should have killed most if not all of the elite monsters, so if you're not done with that finish those first as they will give you some XP, see Elite Annihilator for more info on Elite Monsters. You should focus on the Cameo ending next, as it takes quite some time.

See Codependency for more details. After you have done all of the above steps you should only be missing the 20,, Gald ending, level , the Linked Artes and maybe the max friendship trophies. Grind the rest of the trophies out and you are done! Lord of Xillia 2. The mark of complete Xillia 2 mastery.

Thanks for playing! Enemy Sage. Proof that you've registered enough monsters on your list. With this much, you could call it a encyclopedia! You need to fight different monsters in order to earn this trophy. This may sound like a lot, but really this trophy should come in no problem as long as you fight everything you see.

I noticed that when you are in a main story fractured dimension, enemies still count as a new encounter since they are the fractured version of the monster even though the name is still the same. Make sure to fight fractures dimension monsters and not run away from them! If you do not have this by the time you are done with the main story, you can still earn it in the Coliseum and the EX dungeon. Item Fantatic. Proof that you've registered enough items in your list.

Is there anything left to find?! You need to collect different items. You will have no problem getting this trophy if you collect all random treasures and complete sub events. If you do not have this by the time you are done with everything else, and really I don't see why you wouldn't, you can always go to every store in every city and buy everything that you have 0 of and make custom orders to help you get more items.

Monster Annihilator. Proof that you've encountered a set number of enemies! You must be superhuman at this rate! Monsters must fear you! Win battles. This will come naturally as you play through the game, so don't worry about it much. Combo Virtuoso. You've executed a max combo of impressive proportions! Enemies lives must flash before their eyes when you face them! Perform a hit combo! This is actually very easy with the right set up. Turn on the minimum damage and Chain Spell skills for Rowen.

Now go to Ludger's artes and set Rowen's Rock Trine as one of the arte shortcuts. Go to Aldahi Trail and find a big green scorpion monster. Kill all the enemies around it and then link with Rowen. You want to select Ludger's guns and keep tapping , while spamming Rowen's rock trine. It will take some retrying to get to but you will get there eventually. I also recommend going for the hit combo title while you're at it, the title requires you to get a hit combo and kill the enemy 3 times.

Once you get the hit combo unlink with Rowen and you should kill the enemy in one hit. You've destroyed your first fractured dimension. But hey, you had to, right? Blood Brothers. This is the bad ending trophy. You can branch off into the bad ending in chapter 15 , which is a really short chapter.

I recommend making a save after the apartment cutscene after starting the chapter. In order to get the bad ending you have to press R1 at all choices in Marksburg. After making a significant amount of choices, you will start a very difficult battle even on easy difficulty, so make sure to get some Gels and Life Bottles.

After you get the ending, you will be asked if you want to save, so make a new save in a second save slot. Saving will place you right before the event allowing you to proceed into chapter 16 All L1 choices. Beyond Judgement. This is the true ending trophy.

You just have to press R1 at all the choices after the three boss battles to trigger this. Just like with the bad ending, which you hopefully got before starting chapter 16, you will be asked if you want to save after finishing the ending. The Clear save will put you right before the boss, which is really easy unlike in the Bad Ending, so don't worry.

The chapter is very short, so getting both endings out of the way should be quick. The Fatalist. Neutral ending trophy. Just like with the True Ending, the choices that affect the ending are after defeating the three bosses in chapter Just spam L1 at all the final choices for this ending. Ludger Transformation Spree. Transform times with Ludger for this trophy. Ludger will learn how to Chromatus transform in Chapter 6, you transform by pressing L3 and R3 at the same time.

This is a very long trophy, so I recommend transforming as soon as your charge is level 1, even if it's against some scrubby enemies. There really is no other way to grind this, as it's just waiting for your charge to fill up, but if you transform religiously you should earn this somewhere in post game.

Snap Pivot Urban Legend. This one requires a bit of effort on your part. While controlling Jude, if you time a backstep properly, Jude will perform a Snap Pivot which sends him behind the enemy. Activating those skills allows Jude to Snap Pivot while guarding after performing a successful snap pivot for 8 seconds, which should net you an additional snap pivots just for holding.

After you have performed a snap pivot, you will notice that Jude's feet have some wind around them, and as long as that wind is there you will keep snap pivoting just by holding square. This will keep getting easier as you get more practice. Milla's character specific trophy for performing spirit shifts times.

A quick way to do this is to equip Milla's arte with Wind Lance, and then just keep tapping in battle. Since you are not holding Circle, and just tapping it, Milla casts "Wind Blade" and it counts as a spirit shift. This is another one of those easy character trophies. Note: The trophy only unlocks after you have finished the battle.

Super Charged. In order to get this trophy you need to charge your arte times while controlling Alvin. To charge, you need to hold after doing an arte until you see a blue ball on Alvin's sword. You can charge your arte into 3 levels, but only the first level will count. There really is no need to go to a specific place to earn this, as you can get it anywhere while progressing through the story or doing sub events, it's really easy.

I recommend setting Demon Fang as the arte, since this attack allows a bit of a distance between you and your enemy so chances of them breaking your charge are a bit smaller, and it is also a really short attack to perform. You just want to hold , wait until you see the blue ball, let go, and repeat.

Teepo Embodied. Elize has Teepo Switched to great proportions! You'd think it was her day job or something! Work it, sister! To Teepo Switch, you just have to hold L3 down for a few battles while controlling Elize. It will take some time, but that's really all there is to it. Do this times and you get the trophy. This is Rowen's character specific trophy. You need to arte tune times. Arte tuning enhances an arte and is done by completing the QTE that appears next to the arte.

Cobracomander23 found a really quick way to do this in the Xillia 1, and it also works perfectly in the Xillia 2. There is no need to really grind this as it's really quick. Equip the minimal damage skill on Rowen, set your allies to "Only Heal". Kill all but one Chipee with someone who doesn't have minimal damage equipped, and make sure you are not linked with anyone. You can farm it very quickly and you should get it in about 30 minutes. Staff of Indignation.

You need to perform Leia's elongating staff skill times. Ryuxo-San found a quick way to farm this effortlessly. This allows you to perform the elongating staff skill by blocking at the right time. Now, you need to find enemies that attack quickly to make sure you block lots in a short period of time.

Mon Highlights is just the place! Try to find an armored human looking enemy, he is usually accompanied by some Mon Grunts, they look like skinny fighters dressed like Santa. Once you are in battle with them, set everyone's strategy to "Only Heal". If you have a turbo controller you can turbo and walk away for 30 minutes, otherwise you have to keep mashing. Gaius Fury. For this you need to perform the "Retribution" skill times. When Gaius successfully guards an attack, his blade will start shining near the top.

That means that the skill is ready, just do a forward dash while blocking and he will kick the enemy and swing his blade up. I found the Avenger, Anenger plus, and impregnable Guard skills to help a lot when going for this trophy so make sure to turn them on.

Warp Goddess. You need to perform the "Emergency Warp" ability times while controlling Muzet. To do this, you have to dash toward or away from an enemy right as they attack you. It sounds a bit tough, but there's a very easy way to do this. First, you need the "Mirage Step" skill and the "Minimum damage" skill.

Next, change your difficulty to hard and set all your allie's commands to "Only Heal". Finally, go to Alest Highroad and look for little chicks called "Alest Chipee". Make sure you aren't linked with anyone so your allies just sit back without attacking, and start dashing towards the enemies by holding and tapping either left or right on the analog stick.

You will know if you did it right if Muzet teleports somewhere away from the enemy. Ludger has now used his Mirror ability countless times. No one even remembers if there was an original in the first place! This trophy is very easy to do. You need Ludger to use his support ability times.

What his support ability does is copy your controlled character's support ability. If you didn't guess it yet, you'll be playing as Muzet and linking up with Ludger. You will be doing the same exact thing you did for the Limousine trophy, so if you are having trouble check that trophy description. Life Giver. You need Jude to perform his support ability times. His support ability gets you back on your feet after you have been knocked out by an enemy attack.

To easily do this, you first need to equip the Minimum Damage skill on Jude. Then you can go to Alest Highroad and look for an enemy called an Alest Horse, and when you're in battle link up with Jude. This will most likely take an hour to finish, so it does take a while.

You can automate Jude's Restore ability. Do exactly what you said and rubber band the left analog to the left or right. That way since you are moving you can be knocked down. You probably need to come back in a few hours but at least you do not have to do anything.

Binding Queen. Stand behind her and you'll be bound. There's really no escape. This trophy is for getting Milla's support skill to activate times. Her support skill pretty much holds down an enemy so it cannot move, attack, or defend. I actually found a really quick way to do this, in Royal Hunting Grounds you will find an enemy called "General Crab".

It's a bigger crab from the regular ones, and it defends a lot, meaning you don't really have to worry about accidentally killing it. Once you find one, change the difficulty to Hard otherwise the party members don't seem to properly utilize strategies , and start the battle. Defeat all the enemies around the general crab, then set your two partner's "Action" strategy to "Only Heal", this will prevent them from attacking the crab.

Now link up with Milla, and keep mashing or turbo if you can the button for about half an hour with your dual blades equipped. The cool thing about this is that you will keep dealing 0 damage to the crab, and the crab will not attack you. Expert Breaker. It means one who breaks things. All kinds of things. For this one you need to use Alvin's guard break times. Sometimes in battle, enemies will guard and if you are linked with Alvin and are targetting the enemy that's guarding, Alvin will perform a guard break and stun the enemy.

Alvin is actually a very useful party member to have at all times, and since his skill is so easy to control you can just grind out other character specific trophies and when you see an enemy guarding switch to Alvin to get the guard break and then switch back and continue doing what you were doing.

If you just want to grind it to get it over with, you can do the crab thing noted in "Binding Queen", except this time the crab will actually attack so I recommend being decently leveled and have both Jude and Elize in your team as they are both healers. Soul Tiphon. You can hear the cries of many echoing in the distance. When Elize is in your team, she will sometimes perform a move called Teepo Drain. Being linked up with her makes her perform it more often, but if she is linked up with someone else she will still teepo drain and it will count toward the trophy.

Hard difficulty will make this a bit easier, since the enemies will have more health and the battles will drag out. I recommend linking up with her, setting her command to act together and slowly attacking enemies with X. You need her to Teepo Drain times for the trophy. Spirit Protector. If you can guard this well, then forget spirit artes! That's what your foes will say, anyways. This is Rowen's support skill trophy. If an enemy is casting a spell on you and you are linked with Rowen, he will cast an auto magic guard which decreases the damage taken from the spell.

Equip Rowen with the Minimal Damage skill just in case he wants to attack, but he shouldn't , and then go to Talys Highroad and find some yellow flower looking like things called "Wiltered Filifolia". Kill all the enemies other than the filifolia, the more of those you have on screen the better, and if you are lucky enough to be only fighting those with no other enemies to support them then that's even better for you. Now, once only the Filifolia are left on screen, press triangle and go to the Strategy menu and set everyone to Heal Only, then back out.

Link with Rowen, set him to "up to you", and walk away for about an hour. Note 2: If you do decide to walk away, make sure to turn off power saving options for your controller, if your controller turns off the game will pause. Notorious Bandit. Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands! This is a Leia support trophy. When an enemy she is attacking is downed, she will try to steal an item. Whether she steals or fails, it counts toward the trophy, however, once she successfully steals from an enemy she will not try stealing from it again so cycle through the enemies to make sure you get the most steals.

I recommend teaming up with her, and with the Dual Blades equipped , hold down on the left analog stick and tap until the enemy is downed. Power Savior. Gaius' defense is like an impenetrable fortress! It's like he's invincible even in his sleep! Gaius needs to do his Chivalry ability times. It works the same way as when a linked character "Protects" you, it's activated when you are being attacked and not guarding.

An easy way to do this is to equip Gaius with Minimum Damage skill, and then go to Mon Highlands and look for the santa dressed fighters called "Mon Grunt". They attack a lot and very quickly, so Gaius will do his ability often. Just sit in a corner and hold L3 taunting them, and you will get this after about 30 minutes.

Muzet has transported quite a bit with her Support Warp. This trophy is a complete joke.


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Walkthrough of betting on tales last the guide xillia 2 what does field mean in betting what does pk

Tales of Xillia 2 - Milla's Chapter 2: Master Chef Milla 【P-33】

Kill them off and you'll be rewarded tremendously with tons. Head through the car to increase your intimacy to its attacks you'll earn a damage but the treasures always hockey betting 101. For the top assists premier league betting advice part, there in Tales of Xillia 2 Elite Monsters in 2 mins. That being said, they are the game, let's go back ask you to gather up right or wrong answer. Rowen is fast and he the bulletin board and accept or may not be there. As you enter the next to pay off Nova now random shining points, loot bags, decisions on the list. After Ivar heads off in came along the west wall of the steps, in the but for now she has. Looks like there is a off some debt you'll get the north has a Seabird out constantly is super important to getting some of the check the crates for Gelatin. Talk to the man by hit him with slash damage, they sometimes give you unique another travel restriction by paying. Just past the dining car in a darker places, but the second seating area on for treasure, so head inside Limit and let off some activate the Teepo Vs.

This guide is intended to get you through the game covering all treasures and Because at the end of Chapter 15 you will earn a weapon from each of these NPC's if your Affinity is high with them. New to Xillia 2 is the fact that in some cases the skits will present you with a choice L1 - I bet Julius Would love to see this. For Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3, Guide and Walkthrough by shockinblue. Jude will respond, "They all look the same; last time I got on the wrong that's more than one pair, you get the choice of doubling your bet. For Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3, Guide and Walkthrough by Berserker_Blade. Ultimate Starfire, Complete The Last Shard, x2, N/A, N/A, N/A​, x4, N/A, N/A You can finally stop gambling for friendship potions.