drawing the line chords royal pirates betting

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Getting Rid of the Holidays Act I. Dairy Day. Word Metamorphism. The Nutty Professor. Voice Processing Module.

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Drawing the line chords royal pirates betting

As with most traditional music, a process know as "folk processing" occurs, which can result in many different versions of songs and tunes, so you may find more than one version of a song. Should you need a print-out of the song, PDF versions without banners or adverts are available from the link at the bottom of each song page.

Looking for sheet music or instrument arrangements for these songs? Search below:. Subscribe to The Traditional Music Library mailing list. Visit us on FB. This is a list of all the lyrics available in this section, click on A,B, etc in to top nav-bar to go to the song pages or on "folk song lyrics" to return to this page. Use control F to search this page in your browser.

He watches it bounce off the table and over toward the grill. Typical ship's hold. Dark and musty. Bags of grape leaves on floor, barrels of who-knows-what, etc. Two bunks hang off one wall - one over the other. Light comes from several oil lanterns, plus some natural light down ladder from above deck and through cracks in planking above.

Jonah enters and looks around. Jonah grabs bag of grape leaves and tosses it on bunk to use as a pillow. He drops onto the bunk on his back, with his head on the bag, unaware that there is a large worm in the bag he has chosen.

Worm crawls up on barrel or something. He is holding headphones, which he places back in the bag of leaves. Jonah has never seen a worm exactly like this one. Who, me? Oh, my name is Khalil. I am a caterpillar. Well, that's only half true. My mother was a caterpillar. My father was a worm. But I'm okay with that now. You know, that may be just what I need! The Persian rug business has not been going very well around here Jonah stares, perplexed.

Khalil puts headphones back in back - clicks off tape. Jonah turns to straighten his bunk. Khalil is staring intently at Jonah's profile. It looks very familiar. Suddenly, he realizes who he's looking at. Oh, that's a good one! You know, humor runs very deep in my family! My uncle was a big star back at a comedy club in Nineveh Standing room only! Oh, yes. There is a woman in Nineveh, is there not? A beautiful young asparagus! She is waiting there for you, no? You were promised to be married - but your job is now in the way.

The woman's father is the head of an international ring of camel thieves! This very day you set sail for Tarshish to deliver a message that will break the back of the camel thieves - but in the process will break the heart of the woman you love! It's Khalil. But you can call me Carlyle if you want to! When we get to Tarshish, you can deliver the message, and I'll sell the plush toys!

We can be a team! Clearly depressed, Jonah closes his eyes. We hear the "click" of Khalil's tape recorder, as the motivational tape starts back up. The look on Jonah's face contrasts with the line from the tape. Jonah over white limbo background. Jonah is walking. Passes Scooter, dressed as ticket merchant. Everything is mysterious. Jonah continues - relieved to be heading for Tarshish. Suddenly God's voice interrupts, which sounds suspiciously like Pa Grape.

Suddenly, running becomes difficult. Jonah looks down and sees that he is now running in water, and the water seems to be rising. Dream transition back to Jonah, tossing in his bunk. The hold of the ship is flooding and water is splashing Jonah's face. Pa Grape is trying to wake him. Jonah finally opens his eyes and sees his surroundings. Water sloshes around the hold as the ship is rocked by an immense storm. We're in a storm! Like I've never seen before! If we don't do something quick, we're gonna sink!!

We cut to the WORM with his mouth stuffed with grape leafs, bobbing around in a small pot while munching away and licking his fingers. Well, yes LARRY is holding only one card and has his "suits" laid out neatly in front of him. The ship is rocking violently and the two pirates and their table slide up and down the deck as they play.

The other three gather around the table. We cut between character's reactions as he speaks. Here's the deal. The way I see it, there is a reason for this storm. Somebody "up there" is really upset with somebody "down here. It could be any one of us We montage through an intense game of "go fish" as the storm continues to rage. We dissolve between different types of fish cards being flipped up, passed around, and set down on the table. We see character's faces as the game progresses - if they're holding a lot of cards, they look nervous, if not, they're relaxed.

We cut away to a wide shot of the pirate ship and see it being tossed around by the waves. The worm starts to make a comeback. We hear reverby "go fishes" and various "aarghs" and "uh-ohs" throughout the game.

They both look very nervous. MUSIC stops. The WORM asks timidly;. He slides the WORM a card. The WORM picks the card up, then slowly lays down his last four cards face up - four whales! The WORM is out. JONAH is the loser. I am a Hebrew, and I worship the Lord, the God of heaven, who made the sea and the land. And I'm running away from Him!

He told me to go to Nineveh, but I didn't listen! You know, I don't like those people I ran and I ended up here and now everyone's in terrible danger all because of me. I'm afraid the only thing left is to be thrown into the sea! Well Jonah, ol' buddy. It was nice knowin' ya Normally you'd be entitled to a refund, but under the circumstances - you know, with you dyin' and all Wait a minute! I just remembered something! Maybe you don't have to walk the plank, after all! Our friends have all gathered around a big lump covered with a tarp at the back of the ship.

The storm continues to rage. This my friends, is a Jupiter horsepower, high-octane, dual propeller, pull ignition, outboard motor Our reputation precedes us! Well then Everyone thinks that's as good of an idea as any other. They all ignorantly nod in agreement. The WORM does just that. He pulls the cord a couple of times and the engine turns over but does not start. He then squeezes the fuel line bubble a couple of times.

Nothing happens. Everyone looks at the WORM, who becomes a little nervous that his plan did not work. He revises it:. Maybe it's the other way around. Perhaps if one first pushes the black bubbly thingy and then pulls the cord Everyone again ignorantly nods.

The WORM squeezes the fuel line bubble a couple of times then gives the cord a firm pull. The engine starts up immediately. The propellers start spinning. Just then, the propellers catch the surface of the deck of the ship.

Wood chips fly as the spinning blades propel the engine all the way across the deck - ripping a trail in the planks. Cut to shots of the propeller chasing characters through screen. They scream as the motor follows. It then crashes through the guard rail on the bow of the ship and drops into the sea. Everyone stares in disbelief. Everyone turns angrily to the worm, who is standing there dumbfounded. He notices the glares and becomes frightened.

The WORM runs away from the group and dives into an Art Bigotti bowling bag in the pirate's pile of leisure gear next to the card table. He has no other choice but to He's now standing on the "plank" of the ship and is wearing a little ducky flotation ring and a swim cap. Oh Lord, don't let us die for this man's sin. And don't hold us responsible for his death, because it isn't our fault.

O Lord, you have sent this storm upon him for your own good reasons. He looks at them, gulps, then turns toward the sea. We cut to the WORM poking his head out of the bowling bag - he looks sad for his friend. JONAH bounces a few times then jumps off the plank and splashes into the sea. Immediately, the winds begin to die down and the sea starts to calm. The clouds part and sun shines once again.

In a matter of seconds, the sea and air are completely calm. JONAH bobs up and down softly in his little ducky ring. He looks around. He misses by a mile. JONAH is not sure what to make of the situation. He thinks for a moment and then opens his mouth to speak. Before he can say anything, something brushes up against him causing him to turn a few degrees. JONAH looks nervous. LARRY pulls the ring back in quickly and throws it out again. Not even close.

JONAH looks over at the distant ring and gets pushed a few feet through the water as the music intensifies. JONAH is getting very scared. LARRY tosses the ring. Slow motion. Very dramatic. Very Bay Watch. LARRY smiles - proud of his achievement. MUSIC relaxes slightly. LARRY reacts:. One of the Pirates notice that the life-ring rope is sailing out very rapidly, as the whale swims away with the life-ring in it's mouth.

They are attached to the whale. The rope reaches its full length, pulls taut, and then the metal cleat fastening it to the mast breaks loose, sailing toward the front of the ship. They are no longer attached to the whale! Back to the cleat, which sails towards the bow. It fails to clear the rail, however, and instead wedges firmly against the front rail.

Back to the Pirates, whose faces fall as they realize they are one again attached to the whale. Before they can speak, the boat jerks into motion. All three Pirates are knocked backwards off their feet, rolling head over heals all the way across the deck to the wall of the poop deck.

The SHIP races through the water. LARRY then stuffs in two croquet mallets. Same result. He removes the ball and places in the cannon. Just before the ball sinks into the cannon, the worm pops his head out of the thumb-hole and says pathetically The Ball comes roaring out of the cannon.

We follow it's flight as the worm pops his head out of the thumb hole again and screams in terror. Presumably it has gone deep below the surface. We cut back to the WORM, who looks confused. He calls out and whistles as if looking for a lost dog;. Suddenly, the WHALE leaps out of the water catching the bowling ball in his mouth like a dog catching a treat.

Hanging in the air ala Free Willy , he holds it in it his mouth and we hear a loud gulping noise. We see the life preserver pop out of the water. Pause as they reflect. Pa and Mr. Lunt remove their hats in respect. Larry face lights up. He turns to the others, who do not share his joy. Self-consciously, he tries to match their somber looks.

The scene is quite dark, with JONAH forlornly sitting on a barrel or some other indigestible object inside the whale. After a moment, the bowling ball rolls up next to him. So forget about Tarshish! All we need to do is get this whale to swim to Nineveh! You give the message - I sell the plush toys - we'll be right back on track!

Look around you! We're inside a whale! We're going to be digested!! Do you know what that means?!? Of course I do! Digestion runs very deep in my family. I'm just trying to have a positive outlook, you know! You know the difference between you and me is that you see the whale as half empty, but I see the whale as half full! Oh, I might as well face it. God gave me a job to do and I disobeyed him. I ran the other way!

I've done something terrible and now I'm getting what I deserve. The worm looks back at Jonah sympathetically - opens his mouth to speak, but realizes he has no way to cheer up his travelling buddy. Lights reveal full gospel choir in the background. Choir 'oohs' over next stanza, then claps over first chorus before joining in big on second chorus.

Scooter and George are fishing with poles from a small fishing boat. We can faintly hear the music from the whale, filtering up through the water. Scooter notices. As music continues, we see the whale swimming slowly away from the camera, every-so-slightly "dancing" to the music within him. As whale disappears into the darkness, we transition back to restaurant.

Song ends big over transition. So from inside the whale, Jonah prayed and asked God to forgive him for not obeying. He told God that if he got another chance, he would go to Nineveh, even though he didn't like those people very much. Jonah and worm are sitting around inside whale. Suddenly the 'floor' of the whale starts undulating - and we here loud rumbling sounds. Jonah and worm are terrified as the 'undulation' becomes increasingly violent!

This shot could be underwater exterior of whale - showing whale reacting to his 'upset' stomach. No interior needed. The sea is calm, but we can faintly hear the 'rumbling' sound. Suddenly there is a much louder sound - somewhere between a massive burp and a stomach rumble. Jonah is launched from the sea like a ballistic missile from a submarine - with the worm hanging on desperately to Jonah's bag.

They land in a heap on a sandy beach. Jonah looks pretty weird. His skin is very pasty, his clothes are torn, and he is wrapped in seaweed - very Robinson Crusoe-ish. Lawrence of Arabia shot Jonah rides Reginald across barren countryside. Clip clop, clip clop. Worm is riding in Jonah's bag, peering out at the monotonous landscape, which grows more barren as they near Nineveh - as if the cruelty of the Ninevites has disrupted nature.

Jonah passes signs Followed by "Visitors Welcome To Leave! Jonah and Khalil look pretty nervous. They enter the canyon leading to Nineveh. Jonah looks around, uncomfortably. Then a noise ahead attracts his attention. His eyes wide with terror. Jonah and Khalil stare after, eyes wide. We hear the crazed man's voice trail off in the distance. Jonah and Khalil look at each other, clearly frightened, then turn ahead and nervously continue their journey. They continue a bit, and then round a corner.

Light from Nineveh fills Jonah's face and he pulls up Reginald in awe of the sight he sees. Just ahead, the canyon opens up and Nineveh spreads out in front of him, under a red, hazy sky. The sound of 'urban chatter' and distant fish slapping drifts up. Swallowing hard, Jonah urges Reginald on.

Maybe we should include a shot of Reginald looking back at Jonah reluctantly. Jonah approaches the gate of the great city, and two guards step out in from of him, blocking his path. They are pea Ninevite guards, with Cockney accents.

Jonah turns Reginald to leave during this line. Just as he starts to trot away, someone calls his name. Jonah spins around to see the Pirates standing in the entrance to the city, apparently on their way out. They look rather silly, as each wears what appears to be a large foam cheese curl on their head. The Pirates step out of the gate, with mouths agape. Jonah recognizes them, and slides off Reginald. The two parties meet off to the side of the gate.

While they are talking, Jonah periodically glances up curiously at the Pirates headgear. The whale spit us out like so much bad cous-cous, and here we are now! Delivering the message to Nineveh! Cut to his POV - the three pirates stand smiling in front of him, with Jonah behind them and Khalil peering from is shoulder. They look like they're posing for a family picture. Though Jonah doesn't look like he wants to be part of the family. The group passes through the gate. Jonah and Khalil glance back nervously, to see Guard 1 continue to make strange, comically menacing, "eye on you" faces.

Mmm hmm. But in addition to our enviably fashionable headgear, we also got a tour of Mister Twisty's factory - right here in Nineveh! The group enters the crowded market area. Ninevites mill around Assorted fish slapping in the background.

Jonah and Khalil aren't wild about what they see. Everyone looks to see a Ninevite and several guards walking aggressively toward them. They do not look happy. He grabs Larry and spins him around. On his back is a small pack. The City Official pulls out a knife, and everyone gasps. He slits the bottom of Larry's pack, and mini-sized bags of Mister Twisty's Cheese Curls fall to the floor. Jonah's POV - the guard rears back, his fish flashes through the air toward Jonah.

Tight on Jonah's head - covered by a black bag. The bag is pulled off and Jonah blinks around in the sunlight. Cut to Jonah's POV - a good sized crowd of Ninevites stands in a circle around him, staring intently at him. Cut to Jonah, who looks down confused and realizes that he can't move either. He looks over to Pa in his confusion and sees that LS Pa Pa can't move because he's tied back-to-back with Lunt to the front of, beneath a huge, ominously hanging metal fish held up with a rope.

This doesn't look good. Cut back to LS pa on bulls-eye. Pa looks up and notices Jonah looking at him with panic on his face. I'm sorry guys! I thought they were free samples. They were right out there in the open Very misleading! A little cash or cash equivalents And THEN maybe some snacks.

But no. The crowd looks quizzically at the fish poles, no sure what to make of them. The pirates look up at them, not sure whether to be frightened or not. The City Official notices the lack of respect for his latest invention. The Pirates and Jonah look on as the City Official places a large pumpkin on a small wooden platform in from of the fifth fish pole.

There is a hush as he walks over to the rope, anchored to a stake in the ground, raises a curved sword high in the air, and brings it down, severing the rope. The fish falls, splattering the pumpkin to bits. Pumpkin hits Jonah's face. After a beat, the crowd starts cheering and the Pirates and Jonah start crying like little babies. The city official turns to answer, but it interrupted by a trumpet fanfare.

He spins back to the crowd. More trumpet fanfare Camera pans up the building facing the "condemned" to a balcony several stories overhead. From the shadows between them emerges King Twistomer the giant gourd from "Hi Silk Hat" - with Goliath's voice a very large, grumpy-looking gourd, with more than a passing resemblance to the more chipper, slimmer pitchman Jonah has seen on several snack bags and billboards.

The Pirates' jaws drop. Your royal gourdliness These are the perpetrators of the heinous act against your curls of cheese! As I understand it, the snacks in question were right out in the open In a large bowl!! The city official glances to the king. The king ponders Again the sword flashes high in the air.

Jonah panics! The Pirates start whimpering loudly. Jonah no desperately appeals directly to the City Official. You don't understand! I mean How could I be? While they were taking the tour, I was in the belly of a whale!! The City Official freezes - the sword jerking in his hand. The crowd around them hushes down some. The Official looks up to Jonah quizzically. That's just it! I was in the whale for 3 days and nights!

Then I prayed to my God, and the great monster spit me up onto the shore So that I could bring you all a message. The official is shaken The crowd whispers among themselves. The king's eyes widen - then narrow. He approaches the edge of the balcony.

Here in Nineveh we bow to the Great Fish We celebrate the Great Fish in our art Jonah looks around at the whale images on buildings and the large metal fish hanging over his head. The Official awkwardly approaches Jonah, and takes a big whiff.

He stagers back, reeling Barely able to stay on his feet. Jonah thinks - but it has been so long he has a hard time remembering what he was supposed to say. As he stammers, Khalil shakes his head in disbelief. Stop cheating! Stop lying!

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