monkey betting terms ats

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Monkey betting terms ats england betting site

Monkey betting terms ats

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But like any other sport, it is tough to beat.

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It's especially used when the betting result is decided late in the game to change the side that covers the spread. Also used in poker, such as when a player way ahead in the expected win percentage loses on the river last card. Book: Short for sportsbook or bookmaker; person or establishment that takes bets from customers.

Buying points: Some bookies or sportsbooks will allow customers to alter the set line and then adjust odds. For example, a bettor might decide he wants to have his team as a 3-point underdog instead of the set line of 2. He has then "bought" half a point, and the odds of his bet will be changed. Chalk: The favorite in the game. People said to be "chalk" bettors typically bet the favorite. Consensus pick: Derived from data accumulated from a variety of sportsbooks in PickCenter. The pick, and its percentage, provides insight as to what side the public is taking in a game.

Cover: The betting result on a point-spread wager. For a favorite to cover, it has to win by more than the spread; an underdog covers by winning outright or losing by less than the spread. Edge: An advantage. Sports bettors might feel they have an edge on a book if they think its lines aren't accurate.

Exotic: Any wager other than a straight bet or parlay; can also be called a "prop" or "proposition wager. Favorite : The expected straight-up winner in a game or event. Depending on the sport, the favorite will lay either odds or points. For example, in a football game, if a team is a 2. Fixed : A participant in a particular game who alters the result of that game or match to a completely or partially predetermined result.

The participant did not play honestly or fairly because of an undue outside influence. Futures bet : A long-term wager that typically relates to a team's season-long success. Common futures bets include betting a team to win a championship at the outset of a season, or betting whether the team will win or lose more games than a set line at the start of the season. Halftime bet : A bet made after the first half ended and before the second half begins football and basketball primarily. Handle : The amount of money taken by a book on an event or the total amount of money wagered.

Hedging : Betting the opposing side of your original bet, to either ensure some profit or minimize potential loss. This is typically done with futures bets, but can also be done on individual games with halftime bets or in-game wagering. Hook : A half-point. In-game wagering : A service offered by books in which bettors can place multiple bets in real time, as the game is occurring. Juice : The commission the bookie or bookmaker takes. Standard is 10 percent. Layoff: Money bet by a sportsbook with another sportsbook or bookmaker to reduce that book's liability.

Limit : The maximum bet taken by a book. Middle : When a line moves, a bettor can try to "middle" a wager and win both sides with minimal risk. Suppose a bettor bets one team as a 2. She can then bet the opposite team at 3. She would then win both sides of the bet. Money line noun , money-line modifier : A bet in which your team only needs to win.

The point spread is replaced by odds. Oddsmaker also linemaker : The person who sets the odds. Some people use it synonymous with "bookmaker" and often the same person will perform the role at a given book, but it can be separate if the oddsmaker is just setting the lines for the people who will eventually book the bets. Off the board : When a book or bookie has taken a bet down and is no longer accepting action or wagers on the game.

This can happen if there is a late injury or some uncertainty regarding who will be participating. Also used in prop bets. Parlay : A wager in which multiple teams are bet, either against the spread or on the money line. The more teams you bet, the greater the odds. Pick 'em : A game with no favorite or underdog. The point spread is zero, and the winner of the game is also the spread winner. Point spread or just "spread" : The number of points by which the supposed better team is favored over the underdog.

Proposition or prop bet : A special or exotic wager that's not normally on the betting board, such as which team will score first or how many yards a player will gain. Sometimes called a "game within a game. Push : When a result lands on the betting number and all wagers are refunded. For example, a 3-point favorite wins by exactly three points. A bet used in horse and motor racing whereby three racers are selected. The advantage, real or perceived, that the gambler or the casino has on winning a bet.

Winning sports bettors look for inaccurate lines and odds where they believe they can gain an edge. A special category of proposition bets that rely on specific outcomes other than which team wins the game. A game is said to be fixed if the outcome has been determined or influenced by unfair factors. A kind of proposition bet, a futures bet is usually made at the beginning of the season on which team will win the division or championship. Most commonly found in basketball and football, halftime bets are made after the first half has ended but before the second half has begun.

The bookmaker adjusts the original point spreads, lines, and odds based on what happened in the first half of the game. Someone who predicts the odds of which team will win. Handicappers work for casinos to set odds and betting lines and savvy gamblers who try to determine the odds precisely are also known as handicappers.

Betting against your original bet in order to moderate your risk or guarantee a profit. Hedging is usually associated with futures bets but can also apply to live betting, also called in-game betting. Half a point in a point spread. If a team is favored by a 5. Many online sportsbooks allow you to make bets live while the game is in progress. Also called Live Betting, in-game bets are exciting and allow savvy gamblers to pick up edges since the lines are being set by the casino on the fly.

Click here for our guide to live and in-game betting. To make live-betting even easier, do it directly from your mobile. Have a look at the best sports apps out there. When you make a moneyline bet on the favored team you must accept worse money odds, known as laying the odds. When a sportsbook makes its own bets with another casino or sportsbook in order to moderate its own risk. A bet on baseball that only plays if both of the scheduled starting pitchers end up starting the game.

Teasers allow you to combine your bets on more than one game and even adjust the point spreads in favor of the teams you want to win. The combined total points of both teams when the game finishes. Another name for a sucker. Someone who is inexperienced at gambling and ready to be taken advantage of. For example, if you placed a bet on one team as a 3. Betting the money line just means betting on which team will win the game outright. Instead of using a point spread to handicap the superior team, the casino offers different payouts odds on each team.

Click here for our guide to money line betting. The same as buying points, this refers to when a gambler can trade better money odds for an extra half-point on the spread. Take a look at our guide on moving the line. The chances of winning assigned to each team by a casino or sportsbook, often represented by the different payouts you get for winning bets. When a casino or sportsbook removes a betting line or option shortly before the game begins.

This is often done because of injuries to key players or other uncertainty around the game. The casino sets the line and you have the option of betting that the score will be higher over or lower under. These are special bets that include two or more different wagers, usually on multiple games. For a parlay bet to win, all the individual bets included in it must win.

Feel free to use our own parlay calculator for your bets. Pressing your bet means betting more than your normal amount. It can also refer to a second bet that is initiated partway through a game or event. This is particularly common when betting a Nassau in golf. Props could be on anything from which team will score the first point to who will win the coin toss. Particularly interesting props are sometimes known as exotics. Click here for our guide to prop bets.

In hockey, the puckline combines a 1. For example if you saw the Toronto Maple Leafs listed at Another name for a tie. In sports betting it can happen when the favorite wins by exactly the spread. All bets are refunded. This term refers to when a registrant signs up with a sportsbook and places their first bet.

The first bet is risk-free because if they lose then they will be credited with the amount they wagered to their account to be bet in the future with the sportsbook. Slang for when a betting line is moving up because lots of bets are being made on it. Sometimes this happens when an organized group of professionals are taking advantage of a weak line but it can also happen when most of the general public is betting the same way.

A straight up bet means you just need the team to win the game outright as opposed to covering a point spread. Straight up usually refers to betting the money line. The opposite of laying the price or laying the odds. Taking odds means your betting on the underdog and accepting favorable money odds. Knowing the language is about more than just fitting in and sounding cool, however. A Accountant Slang for a bookmaker. Accumulator Another name for a parlay wager in which multiple bets are bundled together.

Across the Board In horse racing , betting across the board refers to placing equal bets on a horse to win, place and show. Action Having money riding on a bet. American Odds A style of expressing money odds most commonly used in the US.

Arbitrage Arbitrage is a clever betting strategy that takes advantage of different betting lines at different sportsbooks. B Backdoor Cover When a team is trailing the point spread by scores enough points late in the game to cover the spread. Backer Someone who is bankrolling a gambler from behind the scenes. Beard Someone who places a wager on behalf of someone else. Betting the Limit Wagering the maximum amount allowed by the casino or sportsbook.

Betting Ring An organized group of professional gamblers working together. Also called a syndicate. Betting Line The odds or point spread on a game or event. Bonus A special offer or promotion offered by a sportsbook where they give potential customers a free bet or bonus cash in order to entice them to sign up. Book A slang word for bookmaker or sportsbook. Bookie A person who takes bets. Bookie usually refers to an illegal bookmaker.

Bust Going broke, bankrupt, losing your bankroll. Buying Points Sometimes gamblers are allowed to change the lines and odds set by the sportsbook. C Canadian Line A combination of the point spread and the money line in hockey. Closing Line The official betting line set on a game or event before it begins. Consensus Pick Consensus pick refers to how the betting public as a group have placed their bets on a game. Cooler Someone who is thought to be bad luck.

D Data Mining The practice of analyzing a large number of statistics in the hopes of discovering information that can help predict outcomes and performance. Degenerate Someone with a gambling problem. The team that is predicted to lose.

Double Action A bet that only plays if another connected bet that precedes it wins, ties or gets canceled. Dual Forecast A bet used in horse and motor racing whereby three racers are selected. E Edge The advantage, real or perceived, that the gambler or the casino has on winning a bet.

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