far lands mod 1-3 2-4 betting system

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Getting Rid of the Holidays Act I. Dairy Day. Word Metamorphism. The Nutty Professor. Voice Processing Module.

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Far lands mod 1-3 2-4 betting system

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. It is built on top of Thinker mod. I put this at the very top to avoid first impression frustration for those used to easily win every vanilla game on highest difficulty level. I strongly suggest to try it out first on three! I also recommend lowering activity of native life from medium to lowest at first. It also plays a little differently. Your proven strategies and exploits most likely won't work and you'll need to find new ones.

Yet it is still playable in same intuitive way with great visual aid to help you make decisions at every step. Later on when you accommodate to play style and AI strength feel free to crank up the difficulty for a bigger challenge! There are tons of interesting features in the game. Many of them are revolutionary for 4X games world.

I don't think there is another so feature reach game. I DO want to try them all! With great power comes great responsibility, though. The more features you have the more difficult to make them work together. A slightest change in parameters or implementation may renders any of them completely broken, unusable, strategically unviable, or shadowed by other features.

It is time consuming art and craft of game testing and perfecting. It is also clear it was hastily pushed to the market to earn quick money in its unfinished form. However, most of new features do not compose an integral game experience. Instead they look like unframed gems scattered here and there. Their description sounds exciting but current implementation renders them unusable which is to a great sadness to all true strategical game lovers.

I have started this mod initially to myself to give such underused features and strategies a chance to shine and to increase overall game challenge and replayability. In such option reach games like SMAX variations are endless. Due to such variations some strategical choice may sometimes shine depending on current conditions. Changing strategy in response to changing game situation is the nature of the play and that's why we have many to chose from.

However, there should not be options those are never or quite rarely viable. Such unused option would just clutter game interface and player memory. Well thought game should not have any unusable elements. Proportion of games where it provides such advantage should be noticeable too.

By default I try to not fix what is not obviously broken. A lot of above changes require moving items and features up and down technology tree. Apparently, rearranging technology tree is inevitable. This may seem like a big change for users. Therefore I dedicate a whole section to explain my reasons. Rearranging technology tree is not something unheard of. A lot of mods do it and produce quite playable experience. The trick is in accuracy and placement since handling a dependency tree is nontrivial work.

This is done, obviously, on purpose to highlight a sci-fi atmosphere. Same story is with other in game concepts, items, and features. Nobody can rationally explain why technology has such prerequisites or why it allows certain game features. I agree that some technology-feature relations make sense but most do not. In this regard I believe fiddling with technology tree is an acceptable modding approach. One could memorize some game concepts after thousands of games, of course but I doubt this is the way to go.

Most of the time I find myself browsing help to understand which technology uncover which feature. That is completely fine and that is what help is for. I tried to minimize technology tree changes to satisfy my modding needs only and to not get highwire about it. I selected one primary feature for each technology among those it uncovers.

Such primary feature is the most memorized and most important technology association. In other words, player usually researches certain technology for its primary feature. Example: Doctrine: Air Power for needlejet chassis. I firmly kept such assosiations. Everything else might change. However, I also tried to keep modified tree as close as possible to vanilla one. Technologies may float but they do not go far from where they were originally.

Like Biogenetics is still early game technology while Advanced Spaceflight is still late game one. I also tried to preserve secondary assosiations whenever possible to not mix things up too much. I think I did good job on linking technologies. Vanilla technology level quite inaccurately predict technology appearance time. My tree is built with exactly 7 technologies per level. Each technology prerequisites are exactly from two below levels. This puts a pretty good timeline and value on a technology which is a great help for technology exchange.

You know right away that any level 4 technology is clearly farther up the tree than any level 3 one - no need to look them up in datalink. Now it is easy to predict relative technology appearance time by its level.

I have selected primary features based on my own understanding of their importance. If someone believes there should be a different primary association - let me know. I'll gladly substitute. After all, the technology is just a placeholder for features and can be replaced or even renamed as needed. Keep in mind that technology prerequisites are generally arbitrary and serve as interlevel relations only. Preserving some beelines is an option but not a primary concern.

I welcome any suggestions about rearranging and relinking technology tree to match game lore. Modding Social Engineering is the project in itself. There is no right and wrong answer on that. However, I expressed my view in the article here that also contains references to contemporary updates with explanations. Overpowered strategy: Indestructible army. Consequences: Conquering the whole world can be easily done in the mid game with minimal investments.

The conquest victory become the easiest and earliest achievable. Other victory conditions almost never apply especially the ascent to transcedence. One needs to delay the victory on purpose just to enjoy other victory types. In economical terms capturing a base should cost times more in unit mineral cost to assailant than to victim. That is, of course, holds true only for attacking prepared defense of same technologically developed opponent. More advanced weaponry decreases player relative losses, obviously.

Hefty price on conquering enemy bases makes non-stop conquering strategy not always a best choice. War related economical stagnation could be a too severe consequence for expansion. To support the point above weapon and armor rating in this mod go until about end of the game. Not that this difference is important at the end game where winner is essentially determined already. This is the point of this mod: let factions effectivelly defend themselves throughout the game and do not crack under slightest pressure in the middle ages.

It doesn't stop anyone for crushing their enemies with enough dedication and skills. However, as it was already pointed earlier, such crushing comes with the price and peaceful development is a completely viable alternative to war. Large number of conventional weapon items 12 in the game presents two potential improvement areas. It does not contradict my principle as each one can still be used over the course of multiple games.

Yet, if anyone believes there are too many of them, I can reduce number of weapons to 8 or something. Indeed, I cannot imagine why developers would left such weird weapon strength progression as ? Whereas it is completely easy to correct it to normal growing progression by just changing text configuration. I've adjusted other weapon strenghts too to smoothen overall strength progression. Vanilla game has very weird code that selects regular conventional weapon icon based on its offensive value.

There is nothing like that for any other item types non regular-conventional weapons, armor, chassis, ability. Very precise, specific, and meaningless piece of programmatic machinery. This is fixed now. Modders are free to set any offensive values to regular conventional weapons without breaking their respective icons! Woo-hoo, thanks to me. With this in mind I was able to correct weapon strenght progression to smooth it while keeping proper icons for each weapon.

Vanilla random roll method resulted in incorrect combat round odds. Round odds are now proportional to unit corresponding strengths as it should be. Vanilla multiround combat model generates extremely narrow skew for combat outcome. Strength ratio of twice stronger attacker produces battle winning odds which is almost guaranteed kill.

Together with inequality in weaponry research and other game variations strenght ratio may easily fluctuate between and Yet, as we just saw any investment into strength improvement beyond is a complete waste. This mod introduces alternative combat mechanics that smoothens that skew by reintroducing some randomness into combat outcomes.

Now strenghtening units by all means keeps paying off up to ratios. Anything beyond it is still an almost guaranteed kill as it should be. Odds confirmation dialog now displays correct winning probability percentage. Vanilla odds numbers look cool but are highly unusable without calculator not even mentioning they are incorrect to begin with. Native warfare seems to be everybody's weapon in vanilla. Now running Free Market really forces player to build up anti native base defense - mere avoiding combat is not a good strategy anymore.

On top of that this mod sets land psi combat base odds to It also brings psi attack odds against Transe unit in base This last change, though, could be undesired for many players as I found out already. Luckily, it is configured in alphax. So anyone can roll it back or set to any other preferred value.

This is configurable in alphax. Unit in base protected weaker than on rough terrain does not make sense as it forces defender to step outside of the base to get better defense. Believers are quite narrow focused faction. Surprisingly, their attack bonus is not that remarkable. Since believers are pathetic in psi combat their conventional attack bonus should be at least greater than Usurpers'. This is a compensation for their poor economical development.

That means artillery cannot even harm too tough opponent above certain threshold. For example 2 strength artillery cannot possibly harm 3 armor strength unit anywhere in vanilla! That is completely ridiculous as the primary artillery purpose is to soften tough opponents before hand-to-hand combat.

This mod introduces a small correction to the game formula when the above ratio is below 1. Instead of doing zero damage artillery have a chance to do 1 damage proportional to attacking artillery strenght. It is a logical fractional continuation of original whole number formula. Additionally artillery damage is multiplied by attacker firepower to ignore defender reactor power as it is done for hand-to-hand combat as well. Treatise on Morale. The article above is a good example of what we are dealing with here.

An excellent scholary research explaining miriads of small SMACX morale releated features and their interdependencies. A lot of enthusiasts worked a lot of man-months to disassemble, reverse engineer, and deliver this sacral knowledge to us in more or less orderly fashion. Even after all these efforts mere reading this article and trying to comprehend all intricacies of game engine is a work in itself.

I personally sometimes have to read passages few times to catch the idea and details. Undoubtfully, such complicated rules should not even exist in a game in a first place for players' sake. And if they do they should be clearly explained with every detail at least in advanced help. Apparently designers realized that such help would take like 20 pages of in game text.

That could scare beginners! Better to replace it with one-two vague sentences or not mention it at all. In literal meaning. Now players need to disassemble game to understand why their units have unexpected morale. Removed all Children Creche and Brood Pit related morale bonuses. That includes home base bonuses as well as stationed base bonuses. Reason: undocumented, awfully bugged, exceptionally convoluted, apallingly obscure to user formulas.

Children Creche and Brood Pit are quite strong facilities by their primary purpose already. They don't need to invade specialized morale facilities domain. See [Treatise on Morale] at the top of Morale section. Psi units also receive similar bonus from Brood Pit on top of Children Creche's one but this is not documented at all.

Designers added tons of little trinkets for player so they don't feel sorry for themselves and don't stop playing game in first few turns. As important as it is for absolute newcomer this is a pure annoyance to a seasoned player who doesn't quit just because they don't see a measly bonuses everywhere they look. One of such nonsense bonuses is a Very Green defense bonus effectively turning it into Green on defense. However, assigning a special bonus to the very basic morale level that effectivelly disables its intended effect even if on defense only is beyond my comprehention.

Vanilla formula disassembled. Surprisingly, the vanilla formula is very sensible. Essentially, promotion odds are proportional to opponent to victor strength ratio as well as to how badly both you and opponent got damaged in battle. The only problem with it is that Very Green and Green units skip this calculation and are always promoted. That opens a pandorra exploit box as player can wind down their MORALE rating to lower their units morale and then quickly acquire promotion levels.

Besides, why promotion should be easier for lower morale levels? That benefits weak morale factions. It should not. They have low morale for a reason. It most likely a flip side of having some other good benefit either innate or SM induced. Why game thinks it knows better and aid to these poor "weaklings" as it percieves them? I was struggling to make defense economically more effective than assault.

Ideally defending should be two to three times cheaper than assaulting. Equalizing contemporary weapon and armor strength was a step in that direction. It was not enough. Attacker still can bring fight odds at with greater numbers and artillery superiority against base garrisons behind PD.

I do not count sensors as they are easily destroyable and not of great help. Outside of bases aggressor has full control of the land: penetrates deeply beyond frontline, kills formers, destroys enhancements, destroys sensors, cuts reinforcement communications.

I was thinking about giving defender a direct bonus: pertained to defending of own territory explicitly, permanent, indistructible, undeniable. Then it struck me. The explicit territory combat bonus is the perfect solution for that! It kicks in only on own territory combat. Due to its inherent nature it helps defender even in case of poorly prepared defence.

It effectivelly replaces Chidren Creche and Sensor Array bonuses. Unlike them, though, it applies on whole territory not only in bases which is much better representation of defensive war. Why on earth the rest of the territory should be any less protected? Children Creche and Sensor Array lose their combat related bonuses. I think it is to the best. It should concentrate on its primary purpose: growth and efficiency.

They are already quite powerful capabilities. Building sensors to extend protection bonus is nice idea but they are easy to destroy with single artillery shot or with Needlejet raid or with probe accompanied by combat unit. They are so easy target that it is considered stupid to storm base without destroying them fist.

This effectively nullifies their defense bonus value. Therefore, I've decided to remove their defense bonus altogether and keep them as observation stations which is still quite useful tool for human player. Summarizing the above, territory combat bonus both attack and defense is a nice replacement for Children Creche and Sensor Array combat bonuses but more logical, simpler, more understandable, move visual. It works equally on land and sea. Finally, the undervalues sea battles are taken care of.

How simple and logical is that? Now it is MUCH easier to understand this. For example, both and infantry units now cost 6 rows of minerals. Imagine the simplicity! New formula completely removes a quadratic armor cost growth problem. High end mixed inrantry units now cost comparable to speeder and fully armored foil units are comparable to hovertank.

Reactor power does not multiply unit max hit points anymore. All units conventional and native have 10 max hit points regardless of reactor. Modules are not discounted. Player gets refund when upgrading unit to cheaper one with more powerful reactor. Ability proportional and flat costs are packed into a singe value for ability cost in alphax. First 4 bits are used for proportional cost and second 4 bits are for flat cost. Ability may have both proportional and flat non zero costs. Weapon and armor cost grows slightly slower than their value.

However, it is still cheaper to build weaker units when top item is overkill. Native warfare should be slightly worse to conventional as they have other benefits. They ignore base defensive structures. They are naturally both full scale attacker and defender. Their price is fixed and is much lower comparing to fully equipped top level attacker-defender units.

They do not require prototyping. IoD can transport. Sealurk can attack shore units. LoC does not need refueling and can capture bases. They do not require maintenance while in fungus square. All together they are no-brainer units and as such should be a little less effective to not become a superior choice.

I've increased most native unit cost except spore launcher to encourage its use for bombardment. This formula changes the actual unit cost. This may be confusing. I may change it in future releases. Vanilla uses Extra percentage cost of prototype LAND unit percentage for designing brand new unit in design workshop regardless of selected chassis. Therefore extra percentage costs for all triads should be kept equal. For the same reason alternative formula above uses LAND percentage only.

Unit hurry cost formula always puzzled me. Why make cost grow quadratically to become exorbitant for higher end units? The upgrade cost is, on the contrary, quite low allowing "Building SP with upgraded crawler" exploit. I decided to simplify and flatten both of them for simplicity and to prevent abovementioned exploit. In this mod unit hurry cost is four times its mineral cost. The base upgrade cost now is an exact difference of new and old units hurry cost!

Could anyone imagine game design could be that simple and transparent? Since higher reactors now do nothing but decrease unit cost player also gets REFUND when upgrading to cheaper version of unit with higher reactor. How more fairer could it get? This mod removes all hurry cost penalty thresholds. I never could grasp their strategical meaning since they do not affect course of the game but only add annoyance and require use of calculator.

Let me know if anyone thinks they need to be kept. Instead it modifies production item mineral cost, due to strange design approach. Following changes were introduced to avoid all these problems. Increasing cost of SP to make AI build it longer so that other AI and human can compete longer for them and less research advanced factions can still get some of them. I also clearly understand that exact SP cost is not that relevant.

My main concern was their way to low cost in vanilla. I feel like they should be about times more expensive based on benefits. Other than that I welcome your suggestions. Multiplying facilities are incentive for base growth vs ICS.

Multiplying facilities, especially mineral ones, should start earlier and distributed more evenly across the tree. Other multiplying facilities are distributed more smoothly across the tree. Energy multiplying facilities are generally at good places already. I've reduced cost of some early coming ones to make their benefit appear earlier. Doctrine: Flexibility is available to be researched at start.

Other modders said much about that already. These facilities are not effective at the beginning. First base doesn't reach this raw energy intake until turn 50 something. I don't want AI like Morgan or Pirates to struggle and let their base not grow for an extended period of time. Game is too short already. These facilities should be moved apart a little.

In vanilla they appear immediately one after another. Tree Farm should appear a little bit earlier to support barren lands with forests. Satellites appearance order is changed to: Orbital power transmitter, Nessus mining station, Sky hydroponics lab. Sky hydroponics lab is moved to the last as most base affecting. Other two are comparable in effect to corresponding multiplier facilities. It is not too strong a project and it is not too beneficial early in a game when base fungus production is yet too low.

There is not harm to place it early for owner to benefit its advantage for longer period of time. Aqua facilities appearance order is changed to: Thermocline transducer, Subsea Trunkline, Aquafarm. This is another feature I cannot understand. What good does restricting yield do? Why I cannot farm a rainy tile to boost my base growth a little?

Why I cannot mine a rocky tile to get myself some minerals? In vanilla game these restriction are lifted when you discover advanced terraforming. At this time I don't need a rocky mine anymore since borehole is better. As the result I never build mines to work on - only to harvest by crawler. I don't know how to disable them completely so I moved them all onto level 1 technologies.

I guess this was a blind copy of Civ 1 Despotism restrictions. However, this was compensated by unit production and settler food supports. Meaning you harvest less but you spend less on support too. Convert it to base 10, and that gives you number between 0 and 6 N.

If you want to normalize this to a number between 0 and 1, just divide by 6 N. If you get do step 2 for 1,2,3,4,5. If you get , do step 2 for 6,7,8,9, Roll the die to choose a number. If you roll a 6, redo 2. Just roll the dice until a number from 1 to 5 comes. The expected number of throws is low. Roll the dice in pairs to generate pairs. Doubles don't count and are rerolled. A roll of 1—2, 1—3, or 1—4 is the digit 0. A roll of 1—5, 1—6, or 2—1 is the digit 1.

A roll of 2—3, 2—4, or 2—5 is the digit 2. And so on up to digit 9, which is a roll of 6—3, 6—4, or 6—5. This method is not optimal; it has the same performance as Jack D'Aurizio's method, requiring on average 2. I found this method by applying a more general method, which may be instructive.

Suppose we throw two dice. There are 36 possible outcomes. We can tabulate these 36 outcomes and assign 3 outcomes to each decimal digit, by simply assigning the numbers from 0 through 9 to outcomes any way we want. One possible assignment described above is:.

We can extend this method. Let's first generalize the problem, find an optimal solution for that, and then specialize it to the given problem. And we want to do it with as few possible draws from the original source as possible. But of course we want to throw away as little information as possible. Note that there's another uniform-distributed information we didn't use, which is which of the elements in that group we selected; that information may be reused if we want to draw another number in the same way as explained below for the case that we get one of the "leftover" base events.

Those are also uniformly distributed, so we can easily use them to generate the new uniform set. Note that this reuse also implies that we can simplify our step before; if the number of events after some throw is too small, we simply get groups of zero elements and thus zero probability of getting a result; as it should be given that we haven't yet thrown often enough to generate sufficient events.

Otherwise, we get a leftover distribution of size 6 namely between 31 and 36 , which is exactly as if we had thrown only once. Therefore, the following iterations are exactly like this one. Indeed, when changing slightly the way the result is calculated, this gives rise to the following specific algorithm for drawing the first number:. Let's also consider mathmandan's idea of using not only the top side, but the complete orientation of a cube forced to lie on a given square.

However, unlike with mathmandan's solution, in the other case we don't just start over, but reuse the remaining information, which is an uniform distribution of 4 values. If you can throw the die so that it always lands occupying exactly the same square on the table, then you can get more information from a die throw than just the number showing on top: you can also see what number is showing on the face closest to the thrower or certain designated direction.

Actually, most of the time you can still determine this "closest face" even under regular conditions. Let's assume that the thrower can always detect both which face is up and which face is closest to the thrower, and let's call those faces "top" and "South", respectively. See also: Proof that cube has 24 rotational symmetries.

Draw 10 boxes of equal size on sheet of cardboard. Number them from 1 to Roll the die so that it lands on this cardboard. Take the number of the box that it lands in. Disregard the number showing on the die. It occurs to me that, as the prime factors of 6 are 2 and 3, while the prime factors of 10 are 2 and 5, that therefore there is no finite number of rolls of a D6 that can possibly give an equal probability of 10 different outcomes.

There's just no way to multiply 2's and 3's and come up with a multiple of So any solution must rely on either: a An infinite series that will converge on a power of 10; or b Ignoring some values and re-rolling. Either way, you can set up a system where in practice you'll get an answer after a reasonable number of rolls, but in principle, it is always possible that you could roll and roll for days and never get to a final answer.

There is an alternate method for getting the 2. Obtaining the initial p is 1 roll, so we have an expected number of rolls of 2. Meaning that if we just repeat this procedure should it fail after three steps we will require an expected. Note that this should be worse than continuing the algorithm above, so is an upper bound on the expected number of throws. Now, this means you can generate a uniform random number between 1 and 16, say. The main drawback regarding its non-optimality comes directly from its main idea: by looking at the die as if it were basically only a possibly biased coin, you loose a lot of possible leverage.

Note that this can be improved by looking at variants other than binary descent -- i. You can convolve the uniform discrete function of 6 values a number of times with itself. This corresponds to summing the values of consecutive throws. This function will fast be possible to approximate with a gaussian low number of throws.

Then you can use the cumulative function at the points closest to 0. When a dice is viewed from roughly a 45 degree angle from above you can always see the upper face and depending how the dice falls you can also see either a front face or a left and right face. Whichever way it happen to fall you can always discern three faces.

If we let two of these pairs represent a number between 1 and ten, for example 1 with 5,4 or 1 with 5,3 represents 1. Building up a table with method in mind gives Now, as for the occurrence of a 6 on the upper face, there are a number of ways that this situation can be handled. It could be considered a non event, and even if considered as such it would still be fairly efficient, nonetheless it is a waste of a throw.

So, how can a 6 be utilised? There are a number of ways this can be done. You could simply keep count of the number of 6's and assign 1 to the first 6, 2 to the second 6, 3 to the third 6, This method may introduce a somewhat slight Bedford's Law effect, which I can't see as being a major problem, as this occurs in a lot of natural random processes anyway. This method is repeated every 5 occurrences of a 6 appearing on the upper face thereby giving each number from 1 to 10 an equal chance.

These methods though crude and far from mathematically elegant, I am sure do work and are efficient, requiring only one roll of the dice for a result. I'm sure many on this site could greatly improve on this method especially in regard to the " 6's problem ". If you can use a compass not the one mathematicians use, but the one geographers use , you can do the following:. Alternatively, if you have a mathematical compass and a straightedge, you can construct a regular pentagon and do the same thing.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. How to generate a random number between 1 and 10 with a six-sided die? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 8 months ago. Active 10 months ago. Viewed 22k times. If there is no largest result, start again until there is.

If a "6" results, roll again? Show 7 more comments. Active Oldest Votes. Jun 6 '15 at Now, the first coin toss has equal probability of saying "even" or "odd", so overall all outcomes have equal probability. Show 6 more comments. This is kind of annoying to do.

NovaDenizen NovaDenizen 3, 11 11 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. One could add a computation of the expected number of rolls needed to get one outcome.


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If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. A mod to restore the far lands in Forge. This mod was made for 1. Here is the far lands mod for 1.

To view an exploration of the far lands, check out the link below. Note: You will need to edit some of the dimension mods to make it compatible with the far lands. From beta 1. While there are other Far Lands mods out there, this mod uses the quickest way to add back the far lands. The fact that we don't override anything and only change 2 lines means that we could potentially create the Far Lands in other dimensions as well!

For example, here is the far lands in Twilight Forest. And here it is in planet Neptune Galaticcraft extra planets mod Note that dimensions that do not use the vanilla terrain generator will not have the far lands enabled. Skip to content. Restore the far lands! Works up to 1. Go back. There is currently a lighting glitch when the player ventures too far out. This can be easily fixed by drinking a night vision potion. Skip to content. Restore the far lands! Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

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