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Sport betting in california nick roach sports betting

Sport betting in california

Currently, gambling in the state is regulated and limited to card rooms, tribal casinos, the state lottery, horse racing, and charitable gaming. California has 69 Native American casinos , hosting 70, slot machines and more than two thousand table games.

Horse racing is a big deal in California — the home of Del Mar, Hollywood Park and Santa Anita, making horse betting a huge revenue stream left untapped. So, what does all of this mean? Californian residents love to bet and legal sports betting in California will open up new jobs and significant revenue streams for the Californian government.

There are no legal physical sports betting venues in California, yet. Online sportsbooks are a great option for Californian residents because they do not break any state laws, are easy to use and the top sportsbooks are safe and secure. Sportsbooks like Bovada offer competitive odds and bonuses that will keep loyal bettors happy.

Other states have a different approach towards sports betting. You can check the full list of US states here. There are 69 Native American Tribal Casinos in the state of California - all of which could host sports betting in the near future:. Host to 18 professional sports teams, the most of any state by 8, California has a huge sports following , and plenty of options regardless of which sport you enjoy.

The former Oakland Raiders, now based in Las Vegas but still boasting a big Californian fan base, have won the Super Bowl three times, and the 49ers have five wins. Louis Rams. The NBA also has four teams based out of California. There is no shortage of ball games for sports fans to bet on in the summer months! The Kings were crowned Stanley Cup Champions twice in and , the Ducks in and the Sharks have made it to the big show, but were unsuccessful in taking home Lord Stanley. In addition to all of these professional sports, there are many collegiate teams that play out of California including 11 division I college football teams, and 16 division I college basketball teams.

For new bettors looking to dip their toes in on an online sportsbook, we have great sportsbook reviews that can help you find a safe, secure, and easy to use place to bet on sports. Our reviews were compiled by experts and are honest because they use these sportsbooks themselves. Criteria reviewed include deposit options, bonuses, odds selection, sports offerings, and more.

No, there is no current legislation for legal sports betting in California but there is hope that the Native American tribal casinos will file a motion to have it legalized in their casinos by November There is no state-run online gambling sites in California. Offshore sportsbooks aren't monitored by local authorities, so they are not illegal. The various bills have floundered due to the same factors manifesting themselves repeatedly.

The bill requires a suitability determination in which the proposed operators must be judged based in part on past actions. This would likely disqualify PokerStars from the marketplace since it continued to offer online poker notwithstanding the federal statute that made online poker illegal.

PokerStars exerted efforts to lobby against the previous iterations of this legislation, and its opposition was one of the main reasons that the previous two bills failed. There was a version of the legalization bill that would have allowed PokerStars to pay a fine for previous actions and be allowed to participate in the online poker market. This bill, however, did not garner sufficient legislative support. At the same time, the tribal casinos have opposed online poker legalization as well.

These card rooms have attempted to offer blackjack and pai gow poker, which the tribal casinos view as competition. To date, these casinos have opposed all efforts to legalize online poker. All types of gaming expansion have run into obstacles in California. There have been attempts to legalize daily fantasy sports in California. The California Assembly passed a legalization bill in by an overwhelming margin, and passing seemed assured in the Senate.

However, the Senate proved to be a much tougher proposition as no action was taken on the bill, which did not even receive a vote. One factor in the derailment of the bill was tribal opposition to its passage, which stopped progress towards passage dead in its tracks. Although DFS has not yet been legalized in California, there has been no effort to stop California residents from entering the contests.

Sportsbooks have run into similar opposition, and any attempt to legalize thus far have failed. The ruling lifted the federal ban on gambling and essentially allowed sports betting to be legal in the US. There was a bill introduced to allow for a referendum that would allow sports betting , but the legislation failed to garner the two-thirds support necessary to place the issue on the ballot. There are efforts underway to place this on the ballot in the coming years, but tribal casinos have opposed anything that they believe would infringe on their exclusivity for offering casino games in the state.

Any bill that would give the card rooms a role in sports betting will be vigorously opposed by the tribal casinos. There are no online lottery or online table game offerings in CA. It begs the question, why not an online lottery? California is a state desperately in need of more tax dollars. The online betting legalization efforts have been focused on online sports betting infancy stage bills , poker and there have been no efforts to legalize other forms of online casinos.

Given the strenuous opposition to poker and sports wagering, any sort of other online expansion of gambling is likely to be opposed by the tribal casinos. One tribal casino attempted to undertake its online gambling operations by offering online bingo while expressing an interest in online poker. Californians have a slight advantage over other state residents. Many of these avid sports enthusiasts would like to bet on their team. In California, they can hope a quick flight or take a drive to Las Vegas, but that does little or nothing for the state treasury.

Nearly every calculation from states who have legalized sports betting strongly considers population numbers. When you combine the most teams with most people in the country, the estimated numbers for sports betting in California are staggering.

Early efforts have met with some resistance, and a lackadaisical approach caused a couple of efforts to fizzle before they even got started. Look for those behind the efforts to gain access to legal sports betting in California to learn from their mistakes. There is just too large a presence in professional sports, and too vast a population of people for California to ignore the financial windfall sports betting will create.

The current prospects for legalization in short order are not good. Tribal interests will simply not allow these bills to proceed until the legislative process restricts the card rooms. There is a chance that this issue will be addressed eventually.

Over the ten years that expanded gaming has been on the legislative agenda, numerous opponents have been brought into the tent by various compromises that advanced their interests. At some point, there will likely be a compromise that can overcome tribal opposition.

Otherwise, there could be a public groundswell of support for expanded gaming as other states legalize both online poker and sports betting. At some point, the benefits to both the state and its residents may overcome tribal opposition.

Another possibility is that California can find a way to package online poker in the same legislation as sports betting in a manner that can ride a wave of public support. California is looking for ways to prop up their state budget, and sports betting might be the answer. Two California…. As the largest state in the country, California is a lucrative potential market for the gambling industry. The state trails behind other states to legalizing various forms of gambling.

While the debate continues, few concrete steps have been taken towards permitting the types of wagering that are currently being legalized in other states. There is currently no way for a person in California to legally bet on sports online. California was a former mecca of gambling during the Gold Rush era. Today, however, there are no traditional casinos in the state. Nonetheless, the California Code largely defers to local governments in setting laws for gambling.

Further, there are relatively light punishments in the California Penal Code for those convicted of gambling-related offenses. Gambling in California has largely been approved through several legislative vehicles. First, card rooms are legal under California law.

Card rooms may offer card games but not banked card games, which include baccarat and blackjack. This law was passed in part due to the successful legal challenge of federal law brought by a California tribe.

The Indian casinos offer a wider variety of games than do card rooms. This is because, in , California voters approved a referendum that permitted Indian casinos to offer table games and slots on their lands. The state is authorized to negotiate compacts with individual tribes that dictate the taxes that must be paid and the revenue sharing required with tribe members. Other legislative vehicles for wagering in California are the horse racing venues, the state lottery, and daily fantasy sports.

Horse racing was legalized in California in California has a large pari-mutual industry, with six physical tracks and 30 off-track betting facilities. Additionally, the state lottery was legalized in , and the California Lottery has been very successful. In , California took steps toward legalizing daily fantasy sports. While California online sports betting and poker playing are still illegal, the state has not taken action against offshore entities that accept California players.

There is currently a fierce dispute between the Indian casinos and the card rooms as to which games the card rooms may offer and what constitutes a banked table game. For example, in , Larry Flynt sued the California Gambling Control Commission, seeking to overturn the special status enjoyed by Indian casinos, whereby they can offer card games that non-Indian casinos cannot.

The California Court of Appeal concluded that it was not unconstitutional for Indian casinos to have different rights. The Indian tribes have plenty of political influence and use that power to attempt to slow down any development that would threaten their hegemony in the marketplace.

Since non-Indian casino operators are locked out of the California market, the fiercest competition is among the Indian casinos. The lack of a presence among the traditional casino operators lessens the competition that usually results in increased player benefits.

One of the biggest challenges is the vagueness of California gaming laws. These laws do not make it illegal for players to wager in the state. There is a gray area in California law regarding whether it is permitted to operate online casinos in the state. This impedes some operators from moving into the California market. Some online casinos do accept California residents, but there is no mechanism to regulate online gambling in California.

Another challenge is the restrictions placed on those wishing to operate card rooms. Interests from outside California are prohibited from purchasing stakes in card rooms. Additionally, publicly traded companies may not own card rooms. It is thought that allowing commercial casino operators into California will require an amendment to the California Constitution. California voters are notoriously difficult to predict, and it is often difficult to achieve any kind of consensus in the state.

As the largest state in the country, the size of the California gambling market is huge. There is tremendous potential for casino operators given the sheer number of California residents and their relative wealth. Currently, there are 69 Indian casinos in California. Sixty-six card rooms are operating in the state.


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It gathered nearly a million unverified signatures prior to the pandemic shutdowns. If the lawsuit fails, the tribes could still put the initiative on the ballot in But they would have to start over on the signature collecting, a costly proposition. Over one million voters have signed our petition to legalize sports wagering at racetracks and tribal casinos, and we respect their preference to authorize sports wagering in a responsible and incremental manner.

With the two key industry stakeholders — the tribes and cardrooms — at odds and a hard two-thirds vote needed in the legislature for a constitutional amendment, lawmakers are hesitant even to make a real attempt. A hearing in the Senate Governmental Organization Committee earlier this month showed significant support for SCA 6, while also illuminating its difficult road ahead.

Cardrooms and the municipalities who benefit from their economic engine spoke in favor of the bill. They stayed in support even as proposed amendments from Dodd added increased cardroom restrictions. As representatives of the cardroom industry, we will continue to support comprehensive proposals that benefit Californians, not just one special interest.

Also voicing support were major sports leagues and many of the professional teams located in California. The bill included a mandate for operators to use official league data on in-play wagers. Maviglio added that the tribal initiative, by not including mobile sports betting or upfront licensing fees, would bring less revenue to the state while ensuring that the online black market continues.

His reporting on efforts to legalize sports betting began in , when Playboy Magazine flew him to Prague to hang out with Calvin Ayre and show how the NFL was pushing US money overseas by fighting expansion of regulated sports betting across the country. The Giants have won three World Series titles in the past 10 years.

California presents huge rivalries with rabid fans in college football. In college basketball, UCLA has reigned above the rest with 11 national titles. However, each effort failed against opposition from the gambling stakeholders in California. California has one of the biggest horse racing industries in the United States.

Racetracks have affiliated off-track betting parlors around the state. The minimum age for parimutuel betting in California is Horse racing is currently the only industry in California offering legal online wagering. With several tracks having closed in the past decade, horse racing could use a boost of interest from being able to have sports betting at their tracks.

The industry is included in the legislative and tribal initiatives being considered in , but only the legislative plan allows racetracks to branch out to have sports wagering online and at satellite facilities. In January, Sen. Their next hearing would more than make up for it. First, to set the table for the May hearing, you must know that the coronavirus that affected the whole world also may have changed the course of sports betting in California. The tribal initiative that appeared on its way to making the ballot got derailed by the pandemic putting a halt to signature-gathering efforts.

Without holding discussions with tribal leaders, Dodd and Gray filled out their bills with implementation language. The amendments authorized retail and online CA sports betting for tribal casinos and racetracks.

Cardrooms were not given sports betting but were offered legal clarity on the games currently offered at their facilities. The card clubs and representatives of the regions they support all offered their support. SCA 6 advanced through the committee by a vote.

Dodd pledged that there will be discussions with tribes and changes to address some of their concerns before the bill is brought up on the Senate floor. The bill will need to pass by a two-thirds vote in the Senate and the House before summer break on June There is a June 25 deadline for measures to make the ballot.

Meanwhile, a tribal coalition is not giving up on their initiative and plans to file a lawsuit to receive more time to submit signatures. Although the bills merely included a ballot question to legalize sports betting in California, the lawmakers made clear their intent to begin discussions with industry stakeholders to fill out the details of how CA sports betting would be conducted.

Right before they planned to hold a hearing on the topic, tribes decided not to come to the table and instead introduced their own ballot initiative. The tribal initiative sought voter approval for legalizing sports betting in a limited fashion only at tribal casinos and horse racing tracks. Right now, there are no legal options for sports betting in California. There are two attempts to put the legalization of sports betting on the ballot in Several daily fantasy sports operators do serve the state, however.

The California Gambling Control Board would provide oversight for sports betting in California, as well as sovereign tribal bodies. That depends on what measure, if either, makes the ballot and gets approved by voters. The legislative referendum does permit mobile CA sports betting linked to tribal casinos and racetracks. The tribal initiative limits sports betting to onsite at tribal casinos and racetracks. All US sportsbooks are licensed at the state level.

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As the Minneapolis Lakers, the team was the league's first dynasty under George Mikan, winning five titles between and They moved to Los Angeles in and appeared in eight Finals without a victory, most of them led by Jerry West and Elgin Baylor, and most of them coming shortly to the Boston Celtics. The team finally broke through for another ring in when Wilt Chamberlain led the team to its first LA title. The next Lakers championship came in with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and a rookie Magic Johnson, and the Showtime Lakers would go on to win five titles in the 80s.

Then it was another drought before Shaquille O'Neal, and Kobe Bryant led the team to a threepeat from , with Kobe adding two more titles in and , leading to LeBron That's a whole lot of NBA legends in one paragraph and a whole lot of rings. Any list of all-time greats is dotted with players who played for the Lakers up and down the list.

Lakers purple and gold are as recognizable as any brand in the league, and the Buss family still owns the team. The champs are coached by Frank Vogel and will look to defend their title under LeBron James and Anthony Davis whenever the new season begins. Los Angeles Lakers Rivalry: vs.

Boston Celtics. The two franchises have combined to win 34 of 74 championships through , 17 each, and nearly half the league's titles between them. The Lakers and Celtics have met in the NBA Finals 12 different times, with the matchup practically an annual occurrence in the s and then coming back strong again in the s.

Larry Bird and Robert Parish. The Celtics won the first eight Finals meetings before the Lakers finally beat them in LA has won three of the last four but trails the overall series both in the playoffs and all-time. The rivalry remains one of the biggest in American sports. When you have as much history as the Lakers, any number of teams could call themselves your rival. But when it comes to the Lakers, there can only be one: Lakers and Celtics forever.

Boston Celtics Roster Schedule. The Clippers are LA's "other" team, though they're always trying hard to close the gap with big brother. They had renamed the Clippers when they moved to San Diego in , but the one consistent thing was that the team didn't find much success. The Clippers moved to Los Angeles in and still struggled to win or steal much of the Lakers fan base. A new era dawned upon the Clippers over the past decade.

Los Angeles made a coaching change after a disappointing playoff exit, so they'll start next season under new head coach, Tyronn Lue. Someday, they'll hope to hang a banner of their own next to all those Lakers ones. Los Angeles Clippers Rivalry: vs. Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have won 17 NBA championships. The Clippers have won six playoff series. Suffice to say this rivalry is a bit one-sided, and that the Clippers certainly consider the Lakers their rival far more than the other way around.

It must be hard playing in the same arena every night, looking up at all those championship banners hanging in the rafters. The best the Clippers can offer is a pair of division titles and a few "led a series " banners, at least for now.

The LA rivals have never met in the playoffs, though the Clippers certainly believe they'll change that soon with Kawhi and PG in town. First, they're going to have to make it far enough in the playoffs to play them. One thing is for certain: it'll be a Staples Center war when they do. Los Angeles Lakers Roster Schedule. Without any question, the Warriors have been the NBA's best team of the last half-decade.

The following season, the Warriors had the best regular season in NBA history with Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, going and coming without one game of a second straight championship before falling to Cleveland. That summer, Kevin Durant joined the Warriors, and they went on to win the next two championships. It had been a long time waiting for the Ws. They traded him away in but drafted Rick Barry soon after. Barry led the Warriors back to the NBA Finals in and again in , helping them win the title in '75 over the heavily favored Washington Bullets in one of the biggest Finals upsets in league history.

Kevin Durant is gone now, but with Curry and Thompson back healthy, the Warriors look poised to contend again in Steve Kerr coaches golden State. They play their home games in the brand new Chase Center in San Francisco. Golden State Warriors Rivalry 1: vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. Suffice to say; this is a very recent rivalry and one that may already be over. Golden State won three of the four but probably lost the most important one, with the Cavs memorably returning from a Finals deficit to shock the Warriors.

With LeBron James now gone, the rivalry probably is too. In fact, you could argue that the real 1 Warriors rival right now is simply LeBron James. Bring on the Lakers in Cleveland Cavaliers Roster Schedule. Golden State Warriors Rivalry 2: vs.

Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder are also a more recent rival for the Warriors, and that one extends both on and off the court. The Thunder were a thorn in Golden State's side with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and OKC's length and athleticism pushed the Warriors to the brink repeatedly and nearly knocked them out in the playoffs. That was the end of the games being close but only sparked the rivalry further when Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City for Golden State.

Any return to Oklahoma was contentious with Durant around. Now that both KD and Russ are on new teams, this rivalry may be a thing of the past. The Kings are the only professional sports team in Sacramento, but they didn't always play in California.

They won another championship in , this time in the NBA. The Royals moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, in , then relocated again to Kansas City, Missouri, in and even played occasional home games in Omaha, Nebraska. That move was when the franchise renamed itself as the Kings. The Kings finally found their home in in Sacramento.

The Kings have never rediscovered their early NBA success. In fact, the team hasn't even been back to the NBA Finals since , the league's second season, back when there were only nine teams. Sacramento was on the Finals' brink in before a crushing loss to the rival Los Angeles Lakers. The Kings haven't even been to the playoffs since Sacramento plays its home games at the Golden 1 Center.

Luke Walton coaches the Kings. Sacramento Kings Rivalry: vs. It would be fair to call this a one-sided rivalry, with the Kings forever trying to catch up with LA. The Lakers ended Sacramento's best modern season devastatingly in , knocking the Kings out of the playoffs a third straight season. The teams also met in five of the first NBA playoffs.

They've met nine times overall, with the Kings winning only one series, though to be fair, they did win their lone franchise championship that season way back in The Sparks won their first WNBA championship in , then won it again the following season, still the most recent back-to-back champions in league history. The Sparks added another championship in , their third title tying them for fourth-most all-time in the WNBA.

Los Angeles Sparks Rivalry: vs. Minnesota Lynx. The teams repeatedly vying for the Western Conference and then WNBA crown, once the league reworked the playoffs specifically so these teams could meet for the championship. The rivals met in the playoffs four times in seven seasons between and , including in back-to-back Finals in The Lynx won three of the five playoff series, but the teams split the titles.

Minnesota Lynx Roster Schedule. Dodgers fans waited 32 long years for another title, but the drought is finally over. The Dodgers went in the pandemic-shortened season, best in the majors and a record win pace. But these Dodgers would not quit! They came back to win the next three and head to their third World Series in four years, then finished the job by beating the Tampa Bay Rays in six.

This is the Dodgers' seventh championship and sixth since moving to LA, and it was their 24th pennant, most of any team in the National League. Everything about the Dodgers franchise is historic. The Brooklyn Dodgers helped Jackie Robinson break the color barrier in They were the first West Coast team and the first Western team to win a World Series, the first team broadcast on television, and the first to use batting helmets.

The list goes on and on for one of the most historic franchises in baseball. The franchise began as the Brooklyn Grays in and went through several names before playing as the Brooklyn Dodgers for many decades at historic Ebbets Field. It's the oldest MLB stadium west of the Mississippi and third oldest overall. The Dodgers are managed by Dave Roberts and will gear up next fall with hopes of yet another trip to the World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers Rivalry 1: vs. San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers and Giants are one of baseball's oldest and most historic rivalries. The rivalry started when both teams played in New York City, the Dodgers in Brooklyn and the Giants in Manhattan, but both teams moved to the West Coast at the same time and kept the rivalry going there. This is one of many Northern vs. Southern California rivalries in and out of sports, and it has historically been one of the most balanced rivalries in sports.

The Dodgers just passed the Giants in for most National League pennants, while the Giants remain one ahead in the World Series championship count. The NL West foes play many times every year and have faced over 2, times in history, with the Giants hold the narrowest of leads in the all-time series, winning Los Angeles Dodgers Rivalry 2: vs.

New York Yankees. The teams were always huge rivals when the Dodgers played in Brooklyn, facing off in the World Series six times between to The rivalry maintained its intensity even when the Dodgers moved to LA, with the Yankees and Dodgers meeting four more times in the World Series since the move. The teams have met 11 times in the World Series, more than any other foes, with the Dodgers winning only three times. Their last World Series meeting was in , and the teams did not play again in a non-exhibition game until the introduction of interleague play in That helps keep the rivalry alive today Los Angeles Dodgers Rivalry 3: vs.

Los Angeles Angels. This "crosstown" rivalry is not crosstown since the Angels do not play in Los Angeles and never have since The Angels used to be the Anaheim Angels before changing their name to the confusing "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" in the earlier part of this century.

The Angels lead the all-time series, but the teams have never played in the postseason. The Los Angeles Angels are technically still the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, though most have stopped including those two words in the official name. The Angels still play their home games at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, and they've formerly been called the California Angels and the Anaheim Angels since their introduction into Major League Baseball as one of the league's first two expansion teams in by famous cowboy actor Gene Autry, the franchise's first owner.

The Angels have made the playoffs 10 times, six of them in the first decade of the 21st century. They've only ever made it once as a wild card in , notable because those wild card Angels made it all the way to the only World Series appearance in franchise history and won the world title with the help of Garrett Anderson, Troy Glaus, Darin Erstad, and of course, the Rally Monkey.

Joe Maddon manages them. Los Angeles Angels Rivalry 1: vs. Texas Rangers. The Angels and Rangers are also the only MLB teams to have pitched a perfect game against one another. Los Angeles Angels Rivalry 2: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Angels and Dodgers play "the Freeway Series" since both teams' fans can create simply driveways down Interstate 5 to get from one team's stadium to the other. That makes this an obvious regional rivalry, though the teams have never met in the postseason and only ever play in interleague play. The Giants are one of the oldest, most successful franchises in professional baseball. They've won the World Series eight times, fifth-most of any franchise in baseball.

The Giants went 56 years without a World Series title despite legends Willie Mays and Barry Bonds but finally broke through with a championship in , then did it again in and again in That made the Giants only the second team in National League history to win three World Series in a five-year span. The Giants last made the playoffs in and are managed by Gabe Kapler.

San Francisco Giants Rivalry 1: vs. The Giants and Dodgers were the first two MLB teams to play on the West Coast, but this rivalry lasted for a long time before moving in the s. This has been one of the most balanced and even rivalries in sports. The Giants also lead the all-time series with over 2, games played through the end of the season, winning Los Angeles Dodgers Roster Schedule. San Francisco Giants Rivalry 2: vs.

Oakland Athletics. The A's swept the Giants, but the World Series was most memorable for the earthquake that shook San Francisco Bay just moments before Game 3 was about to begin and delayed the World Series. The teams also met in the World Series three other teams early in the 20th century while teams were still in New York and Philadelphia, with the Athletics winning three of four World Series meetings.

The teams meet annually in interleague play now, and the Athletics lead the regular-season series. These days, most outside observers think of the Oakland Athletics as an underdog Moneyball team that's always a long shot in the playoffs, but it wasn't always this way. The Athletics franchise has won nine World Series titles. The first five championships came in Philadelphia, where the team began play in The team then moved to Kansas City in Philadelphia in but didn't win a title there.

They finally headed west to Oakland in and ripped off three straight championships almost immediately in The Athletics' most recent championship came in The A's played in the World Series again in , their most recent appearance, and have won 15 American League pennants. Throughout all their stops, the team has always been called the Athletics, or A's. The Philadelphia Athletics were one of eight AL charter franchises, and they were managed their first five decades by legendary manager Connie Mack.

The general public knows the Athletics best these days through Michael Lewis's Moneyball description of Oakland executive Billy Beane's unique style of analytics and team building, which continues to keep the team in contention annually despite a lack of resources. The A's have made six of the last nine playoffs.

They are managed by Bob Melvin and have played their home games at the Oakland Coliseum since Oakland Athletics Rivalry 1: vs. The teams met three times in the World Series early in the 20th century when both teams were still on the East Coast, the Athletics in Philadelphia, and the Giants in New York. The Athletics won two of the three matchups. But their most well-known World Series came in The A's swept the Giants for their most recent championship, but the Series was memorable for a Game 3 earthquake that shook the Bay and delayed the World Series.

Athletics fans prioritize the Giants as their top rival far more than the other way around, though some Bay area fans root for both teams. The A's lead the series. San Francisco Giants Roster Schedule. Oakland Athletics Rivalry 2: vs. Philadelphia Phillies. The Philadelphia City Series is much more a historic rivalry than a current one. Remember, the Athletics played in Philadelphia for over five decades. They won a lot while they were there, which made them obvious rivals of the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League -- think Yankees-Mets or Cubs-Sox.

But when the Athletics left for Kansas City and then Oakland, they moved further and further away. Between that and playing in opposite leagues, the rivalry effectively died off, though the teams still meet occasionally in interleague play. The Padres were an expansion team in , so they've played just over 50 years of baseball, all in San Diego. The Padres have only 15 winning seasons in franchise history as of The Padres are also famously the only MLB team that has never thrown a no-hitter.

It says something that the most well-known franchise figure over the years is probably the San Diego Chicken. San Diego didn't make the playoffs until they won the NL West for the first time in , making it all the way to the World Series before coming up short.

The Padres have only made the playoffs six times ever, though they did make it there in and won their first postseason series since Perhaps the next 50 Padres years will be better than the first San Diego Padres Rivalry: vs. Let's be blunt: it's hard to have any rivalries when you're not any good. The Dodgers barely even acknowledge the Padres, but San Diego fans are out to beat their NL West rival, and the rivalry is starting to spark.

The Padres swept the Dodgers to end the season and make the playoffs for their second time ever, and the teams had a memorable brawl in This year they met in the postseason for the first time, with the Dodgers sweeping the Padres en route to winning the World Series. The rivalry should only continue to build. The Kings were one of six NHL expansion teams in , bringing professional hockey to California for the first time.

The Kings put themselves on the national map when they traded for legendary Wayne Gretzky in Soon after, the Kings fell into financial distress and even declared bankruptcy in Former Kings defender Rob Blake, who starred next to Gretzky in the 90s, is the team's general manager now. Los Angeles, its coached by Todd McLellan. Los Angeles Kings Rivalry 1: vs. San Jose Sharks. The Sharks became LA's first California rival when they began to play in , one of many rivalries pitting the cultural and regional differences between Northern and Southern California.

The teams play in the same division and met in the playoffs four times in six seasons over the last decade, pushing the rivalry to its peak. The Sharks lead the regular-season matchup all-time, but the teams split those four playoff series, and the Kings won two Cups during that period while San Jose has yet to lift the Cup.

San Jose Sharks Roster Schedule. Los Angeles Kings Rivalry 2: vs. Anaheim Ducks. This rivalry is often called the "Freeway Face-Off" since fans in the LA metro area can travel from one team's arena to the other down Interstate 5. The Ducks have only played since , so this rivalry does not have a long history, but it may arguably be LA's fiercest because of the regional rivalry. The teams have only met in the playoffs one time, with the Kings beating the Ducks in seven en route to winning the Stanley Cup in Anaheim leads the all-time series.

Anaheim Ducks Roster Schedule. The Ducks began to play as an NHL expansion team in The team later simplified its name to the Anaheim Ducks in , and the change must have brought them good luck. The Ducks lifted their first and only Stanley Cup after that season in That was Anaheim's second appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals, having played there in The Ducks have won their division six times and made it to the playoffs 14 times.

The Ducks have distanced themselves somewhat from The Mighty Ducks franchise these days, though they occasionally still play in alternate teal and black Mighty Ducks uniforms. These days the team's colors are black, metallic gold, and orange. The Ducks play their home games at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Dallas Eakins coaches them. Anaheim Ducks Rivalry: vs. Los Angeles Kings. Ducks fans need only travel down Interstate 5 to get from the Honda Center to the Staples Center, which is why fans in the Los Angeles metropolitan area call this the "Freeway Face-Off.

Anaheim leads the all-time series, but the Kings won the teams' only playoff meeting in in seven games. Los Angeles Kings Roster Schedule. The Sharks won the Presidents' Trophy in the season, given the best regular-season record to the team. They reached the Stanley Cup Finals in , losing to Pittsburgh. To date, those are the high water marks for the franchise thus far, which has also won its division six times. The Sharks are best known for their traditions, like playing the Jaws theme song during power plays and having the players skate onto the ice through a giant shark's mouth at the start of the game.

The local fans refer to home ice as the Shark Tank. San Jose Sharks Rivalry: vs. When the Sharks launched their franchise in , the Kings were an obvious and natural rival as the only other California team. The rivalry between Northern and Southern California is fierce and extends to other sports and beyond the sporting world into cultural and regional differences. The Sharks and Kings play in the same division and meet many times each season.

They also met in the playoffs four times in six years at the start of the past decade, splitting the series. San Jose leads the all-time series and has been to the Stanley Cup Finals more recently. The Galaxy was one of 10 MLS charter members and began to play in They've also won four Supporters' Shields, two U. The Galaxy have only ever missed the MLS playoffs five times. The club opened a new era in the MLS when they signed David Beckham, a world-famous celebrity superstar, and by far the most well-known player in the MLS at the time.

The Galaxy was also home to American soccer great Landon Donovan, their all-time leading scorer. Dominic Kinnear coaches the Galaxy. Los Angeles Galaxy Rivalry 1: vs. Los Angeles FC. Los Angeles Galaxy Rivalry 2: vs. San Jose Earthquakes. The battle of Southern versus Northern California is not just regional but also cultural. The Galaxy leads the all-time series and dominates the silverware margin too.

LAFC would be a fresh start, with new black and gold colors and a new state-of-the-art stadium. LAFC had the best season for an MLS expansion club, earning 57 points and even making the playoffs in their inaugural season. The team was even better the following season, winning the Supporters' Shield in their second season with star scorer Carlos Vela picking up the Golden Boot.

Los Angeles FC Rivalry: vs. Los Angeles Galaxy. There was a little question when LAFC was founded who their top rival would be. The crosstown Galaxy has been hated rivals from the very start. The Galaxy have dominated the few regular-season meetings, but LAFC has won both playoff matchups so far.

The Clash played in and won the first game in MLS history, then eventually changed their name to Earthquakes in The team briefly moved to Houston as the Dynamo in but returned to San Jose in They play their home games in Earthquakes Stadium in San Jose. Matias Almeyda coaches the Quakes. San Jose Earthquakes: vs. The rivalry was especially strong in the early s when the teams won a pair of MLS Cups and battled for league supremacy.

The team has a majority female ownership group led by actor Natalie Portman. Angel City does not have a logo or team colors yet but is expected to release them in as the team prepares for launch. California has plenty of traditional sporting events to entertain sports fans throughout the year with an endless college and pro teams list.

But sports don't stop there! In California, they're just getting started:. California has hosted the Olympics three times. Los Angeles hosted twice previously in and , while Squaw Valley hosted the Winter Olympics. The Olympics could be a serious financial boon to the LA metro area.

California has been a hub for auto racing and motorsports for many years. Long Beach has annual IndyCar Series and Formula One events, and there are racing events throughout the state thanks to its year-round fair weather. Sports Betting. Best Books. California Sports Betting. This was always going to be an uphill battle because of heavy tribal casino presence and influence.

Ultimately, that's what halted California's sports betting bill and pushed its legalization date to at the earliest. Here's why legal sports betting in California won't happen anytime soon. Sports Betting is not available in California. Go Back to See All the States. Want sports betting legalization updates? Sign Up. California Grants Second Extension for Tribal Sports Betting Initiative September 15, Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Coalition to Authorize Regulated Sports Wagering has suspended its efforts to gather signatures for its California sports betting initiative , introduced in November How California Sports Betting Compares.

Although there was potential in , sports betting is not progressing in California for now. More information about CA Sports Betting positives coming. More information about CA Sports Betting negatives coming. Is Sports Betting Legal in California? Sports betting is not legal in California -- not in person or online. FanDuel Sportsbook is not legal in California.

Is Bovada Legal in CA? Bovada is not legal in California, since it's an unregulated offshore sportsbook operating in the shadows of the U. But it's the sports betting avenue many turn to since there's no legal betting in the state. California Sports Betting Tips. The intent of this bill is to amend the California constitution. However, the California constitution requires voter approval for an amendment during an election year.

Californians for Sports Betting files a petition in order to get the issue on the November ballot, but they are unable to capture the needed petition signatures. California tribes are unable to get needed signatures due to the lockdown, and legislators are not voting on bills. This measure fails to gain traction. California Sports Betting Locations. Betting isn't legal yet, but California has plenty of greats sports bars to catch a game at.

Pechanga Resort Casino Website. Pechanga Casino has the largest casino floor in the state of California at , square feet of gaming space. The casino features over 5, slot machines, state-of-the-art table games, a seat bingo room, a non-smoking poker room, and a High Limit salon. The casino reopened for business on June 1. Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa. Morongo Casino is one of only six AAA four-diamond casino resorts in California, with , square feet of casino floor gaming and over 2, slot machines and table games.

The casino features a retrios interior look with a decorative ceiling and back-lit drapes. Morongo has a table poker room along with a high-limit room. San Manuel Casino Website. You can also visit the Rockin' Casino and its 16 table games and over slot machines, and of course there's a High Limit section too. Pala Casino Spa and Resort. Operated by the Pala Band of Mission Indians, Pala Casino has 84 table games and over 2, slot machines in 86, square feet of gaming space just northeast of San Diego.

The venue also offers a room hotel, an 11,square-foot spa, and Luis Rey's Sports Bar. Red Hawk Casino Website. Located on a hilltop a few minutes east of Sacramento, Red Hawk Casino boasts traditional architecture and beautiful natural views. The casino has a variety of table games and over 2, slot machines along with a special High Limit area for play, and hungry bettors can visit Henry's Steakhouse or Pearl Asian Cuisine. Viejas Casino and Resort. Viejas originally started as a bingo room and remains one of the best in the state.

It also features a ,square-foot gaming floor with over 2, slot machines, 86 table games, and an off-track betting facility in the mountains east of San Diego. Other amenities include a coffee bar, three restaurants, and a nearby outlet mall. Notably, various pieces of online poker legislation have experienced an abundance of opposition from the tribes over the last decade in California for similar reasons.

The possible launch date for legal California sports betting is unknown at the moment. The first would legalize sports wagering at land-based Indian casinos and horse racing tracks exclusively. This initiative is being advanced by the tribes themselves. However, for that to become reality, each will have to qualify for the ballot by June A lawsuit filed by the tribes with the Superior Court of the State of California on June 9 seeks to obtain an extension on the timeline needed to gather and verify the necessary signature to qualify the measure for the ballot this November.

There currently is no legal sports betting framework in California, although there are two initiatives under consideration. At the moment, there is no legal sports betting framework in California. There is currently no legal sports betting in California. However, based on other gambling-related activities in the state, it would be reasonable to expect that bettors will have to be at least 21 years of age to place a bet whenever wagering is legalized.

With no legal sports betting currently available in California, there is naturally no set policy and procedures in place for establishing a betting account in California. Sports betting is not yet available in the state of California, and it remains to be seen if the initiative that allows online wagering will be the one that eventually is codified into law. However, if sports betting is limited to brick-and-mortar locations, then withdrawal options may be limited to checks or in-person withdrawals on site at sportsbooks.

Sports betting is not yet available in the state of California. If the measure being advanced by the legislature is the one eventually voted on and passed, online wagering through platforms associated with tribal casinos and racetracks would be available. In this instance, bettors would physically have to be located within California — as verified by geolocation technology — in order to place a wager.

Naturally, it will be in the best interest of sportsbooks to offer competitive odds once sports betting is legalized in California. A principal factor will be what kind of tax rate and licensing fees operators are expected to pay under a legal sports betting framework.

If and when sports betting is legalized in California, it is expected that operators will be able to offer wagering on all major sports, as is the case in all other states already offering legalized wagering. Should the state pass legal sports betting legislation, betting on the following teams, in addition to the major colleges, will likely be permitted:.

If and when sports betting is legalized in California, it is expected that bettors will have access to the following types of wagers:. There is no specific indication at this point that in-game wagering and live betting will be prohibited under either of the active sports betting proposals in California. If the initiative advanced by the tribes were to be the one that is codified into law, there would be no online sports betting options in California.

As such, there may be a more limited number of companies involved in the market partnering with the tribes to run their brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Under that scenario, there would be a substantial number of companies interested in entering the market, including:. Without an official legal sports betting framework in place, there is no set breakdown of how tax revenue from sports betting would be allocated within California. Sports betting is not yet legal in California.

However, there are efforts underway that could result in voter referendums in either November or That initiative is being advanced by the tribes themselves. Not at this time. A proposed ballot initiative just failed to garner enough signatures to make the ballot.

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California has attempted to legalize online gambling in the state multiple times. California has legalized daily fantasy sports, however, DFS has. No, currently there are no physical sportsbooks in California as it is not legal to bet on sports in the state. Offshore online sportsbooks are the only option for sports betting in the state of California. Best California Sports Betting Sites. Bovada – #1 California sports betting site with a very strong reputation. MyBookie – Known for it's great odds and payout speed. BetOnline – Very reputable sportsbook with high customer satisfaction. BetNow – Newer brand with excellent feedback.