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This paper presents a novel speed control scheme for a 2- mass motor drive system. The speed controller is based on the estimated state feedback compensation. The integrated fuzzy observer can give a fast and accuracy estimation of the unmeasured states. Simulation results show that the developed integrated fuzzy observer provide the better estimation performance than that of the Kalman filter and the proposed control schemes can effectively track the desired speed in the presence of load disturbance.

Ag Pi : Agents on Raspberry Pi. Full Text Available The Raspberry Pi and its variants have brought with them an aura of change in the world of embedded systems. With their impressive computation and communication capabilities and low footprint, these devices have thrown open the possibility of realizing a network of things in a very cost-effective manner.

While such networks offer good solutions to prominent issues, they are indeed a long way from being smart or intelligent. Most of the currently available implementations of such a network of devices involve a centralized cloud-based server that contributes to making the necessary intelligent decisions, leaving these devices fairly underutilized. Though this paradigm provides for an easy and rapid solution, they have limited scalability, are less robust and at times prove to be expensive.

In this paper, we introduce the concept of Agents on Raspberry Pi Ag Pi as a cyber solution to enhance the smartness and flexibility of such embedded networks of physical devices in a decentralized manner. Agents can act autonomously or on behalf of a human user and can collaborate, learn, adapt and act, thus contributing to embedded intelligence. This paper describes how Tartarus, a multi-agent platform, embedded on Raspberry Pis that constitute a network, can bring the best out of the system.

The results obtained from a comparison of data transfer cost between the conventional cloud-based approach with Ag Pi have also been included. Adaptive NN tracking control of uncertain nonlinear discrete-time systems with nonaffine dead-zone input. In the paper, an adaptive tracking control design is studied for a class of nonlinear discrete-time systems with dead-zone input. The considered systems are of the nonaffine pure-feedback form and the dead-zone input appears nonlinearly in the systems.

The contributions of the paper are that: 1 it is for the first time to investigate the control problem for this class of discrete-time systems with dead-zone; 2 there are major difficulties for stabilizing such systems and in order to overcome the difficulties, the systems are transformed into an n-step-ahead predictor but nonaffine function is still existent; and 3 an adaptive compensative term is constructed to compensate for the parameters of the dead-zone.

The neural networks are used to approximate the unknown functions in the transformed systems. Based on the Lyapunov theory, it is proven that all the signals in the closed-loop system are semi-globally uniformly ultimately bounded and the tracking error converges to a small neighborhood of zero.

Two simulation examples are provided to verify the effectiveness of the control approach in the paper. Sadikov, G. It is established that there exist two different crystalline modifications: the main modification phase 1 is characteristic of all members of the isostructural series, and the second modification phase 2 is observed only for the Eu, Er, and Yb elements.

A new PI tuning method for an industrial process: A case study from a micro-cogeneration system. For this reason, reliable control of the overall system itself and its sub-components is of great importance. This paper presents a proportional—integral PI controller tuning method for cooling of the hydrogen production unit within the polymer electrolyte membrane PEM fuel cell based micro-cogeneration system having 5 kW electrical and 30 kW thermal capacity.

The flow rate control of the coolant water was implemented by means of the modeled temperature control system. The novel analytical tuning rules proposed in this paper, which were developed with the help of the digital control theory and experiences in industrial control problems, are based totally on the model parameters. Slowly varying control signal denotes that there is no sudden or fast change in the control effort which causes a wear and tear effect in the actuators and shortens the life cycle of the relevant hardware.

A new geometry was proposed to the coincidence system adding up a second photomultiplier tube to the previous system for improving light collection from the plastic scintillator, as this system presented limitations in the minimum detected energy due to the presence of electronic noise and low gain. The results show that an improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio was obtained, as well as in the minimum detected energy. Moreover, there was an increase in the detection efficiency.

With these modifications, it is now possible to calibrate radionuclides which emit low energy electrons or X-rays, increasing the number of radionuclides that can be standardized with this type of system. These data constitute the first exclusive high-statistics measurements of this reaction on a pure hydrogen target, supplying both differential and integral cross sections.

The obtained total cross sections are an order of magnitude below previously published bubble-chamber results. Possible contributions from dibaryon resonances are discussed. Augmenting effectiveness of control loops of a PMSG permanent magnet synchronous generator based wind energy conversion system by a virtually adaptive PI proportional integral controller.

Offering substantial features, PMSG permanent magnet synchronous generator based WECS wind energy conversion system is definitely one of the most reliable and efficient ways of extracting electrical power from the wind. A WNN wavelet neural network is proposed to be added to each closed control loop in series with PI controller. Due to having a cascade connection, the transfer function of the WNN, which is a pure gain in each time step, is multiplied by PI gains. Therefore, the value of transfer function of the WNN, and consequently, both parameters of PI controller can be changed in each time step by online training of the WNN, resulting in a virtually adaptive PI controller.

The performance of the proposed controller in improving efficacy of both current and speed control loops is evaluated by simulation studies and is also compared to that of PI controller, WNNC wavelet neural network controller , and QNNC quantum neural network controller. Iterated interactions method. Realistic NN potential. The method of iterated potential is tested in the case of realistic fermionic systems.

As a base for comparison calculations of the 16 O system using various versions of realistic NN potentials by means of the angular potential-function method as well as operators of pairing correlation were used. The convergence of genealogical series is studied for the central Malfliet-Tjon potential.

In addition the mathematical technique of microscopical calculations is improved: new equations for correlators in odd states are suggested and the technique of leading terms was applied for the first time to calculations of heavy p-shell nuclei in the basis of angular potential functions.

Several shapes and dimensions of the plastic scintillator have been tried in order to obtain the best system configuration. The system developed in the present work have some advantages when compared with the conventional systems , namely; it does not need metal coating on the films used as radioactive source holders.

When compared to liquid scintillators, is showed the advantage of not needing to be kept in dark for more than 24 h to allow phosphorescence decay of ambient light. Therefore it can be set to count immediately after the sources are placed inside of it. Full Text Available Lumbrokinases, a group of fibrinolytic enzymes extracted from earthworm, have been widely used to prevent and treat various cardiovascular diseases. They specifically target fibrin to effectively degrade thrombi without major side effects.

Plant expression systems are becoming potential alternative expression platforms for producing pharmaceutical proteins. In this work, a lumbrokinase PI was produced from a plant system. Both vectors were independently expressed in tobacco Nicotiana tabacum leaves transiently by agroinfiltration.

Overexpressed PI resulted in sudden tissue necrosis 3 days after infiltration. In vitro tests demonstrated that plant-derived PI dissolved human blood clots and that the plant expression system is capable of producing functional PI The NN and NantiN interactions. The present status of the low and medium energy NN interaction and of the low energy NantiN interaction is reviewed.

Careful confrontation of theoretical predictions with the most recent results on experimental observables is emphasized. The question of the dibaryon resonances is discussed. For the NantiN interaction, in view of the problem of the existence of baryonium states as bound states or resonant states of the NantiN system and of their properties, tests of different types of annihilation potentials against the existing experimental data are examined.

Implications for the future experimental program at LEAR are discussed. Raspberry Pi mechatronics projects hotshot. This book is targeted towards beginners and intermediate designers of mechatronic systems and embedded system design.

Some familiarity with the Raspberry Pi and Python programming is preferred but not required. Petrov, V. We propose an experiment at the LHC with leading neutron production. In this note we give some estimates and discuss related problems and prospects. For the numerical solution relativistic kinematics for the pion and non-relativistic kinematics for the nucleons are used. Although the effect of absorption can be very large, its influence is cancelled to a large extent by the further inclusion of P 11 rescattering.

The model is able to reproduce the sole experimental value of the tensor polarization t 20 at deg. Adaptive GSA-based optimal tuning of PI controlled servo systems with reduced process parametric sensitivity, robust stability and controller robustness.

This paper suggests a new generation of optimal PI controllers for a class of servo systems characterized by saturation and dead zone static nonlinearities and second-order models with an integral component. The objective functions are expressed as the integral of time multiplied by absolute error plus the weighted sum of the integrals of output sensitivity functions of the state sensitivity models with respect to two process parametric variations.

The PI controller tuning conditions applied to a simplified linear process model involve a single design parameter specific to the extended symmetrical optimum ESO method which offers the desired tradeoff to several control system performance indices. An original back-calculation and tracking anti-windup scheme is proposed in order to prevent the integrator wind-up and to compensate for the dead zone nonlinearity of the process.

The minimization of the objective functions is carried out in the framework of optimization problems with inequality constraints which guarantee the robust stability with respect to the process parametric variations and the controller robustness.

An adaptive gravitational search algorithm GSA solves the optimization problems focused on the optimal tuning of the design parameter specific to the ESO method and of the anti-windup tracking gain. A tuning method for PI controllers is proposed as an efficient approach to the design of resilient control systems. The tuning method and the PI controllers are experimentally validated by the adaptive GSA-based tuning of PI controllers for the angular position control of a laboratory servo system.

NN -Site will focus on wide area, local area, and local operating level network connectivity including Internet access. This facility will provide thorough and cost-effective integration, testing and development of information connectivity among diverse operating systems and network topologies prior to full-scale deployment. In concentrating on instrument interconnectivity, tamper indication, and data collection and review, NN -Site will facilitate efforts of equipment providers and system integrators in deploying systems that will meet nuclear non-proliferation and safeguards objectives.

The following will discuss the objectives of ongoing remote monitoring efforts, as well as the prevalent policy concerns. An in-depth discussion of the Non-Proliferation Network Systems Integration and Test facility NN -Site will illuminate the role that this testbed facility can perform in meeting the objectives of remote monitoring efforts, and its potential contribution in promoting eventual acceptance of remote monitoring systems in facilities worldwide.

Aaij, R. Alvarez; Alves, A. Jr; Amato, S. Calvo; Camboni, A. Campora; Capriotti, L. Carvalho; Casse, G. Castillo; Cattaneo, M. Cid; Ciezarek, G. Costa; Couturier, B. Cruz; Cunliffe, S. Da Cunha; Dall'Occo, E. De Aguiar; De Bruyn, K. Dosil; Dovbnya, A.

Fernandez; Ferrari, F; Rodrigues, F. Ferreira; Ferro-Luzzi, M. Franco; Frank, M. Gallas; Galli, D. Garcia; Pardinas, J. Garcia; Tico, J. Garra; Garrido, L. G; Gersabeck, M. Grabalosa; Diaz, R. Graciani; Cardoso, L. Granado; Grauges, E. Gruberg; Grunberg, O. Hernando; Van Herwijnen, E. Lemos; Leroy, O. Marin; Marino, Paolo; Marks, J. Martinez; Vidal, F. Martinez; Tostes, D.

Martins; Massacrier, L. Molina; Moreno-Monroy, Ana I. Otalora; Otto, A. Pepe; Perazzini, S. Picatoste; Pietrzyk, B. Plo; Poikela, T. Puig; Punzi, G. Ramos; Rangel, M. Remon; Renaudin, V. Rives; Robbe, P. Rodriguez; Perez, P. Rodriguez; Rogozhnikov, A. Romero; Ronayne, J. Ruiz; Silva, J. Saborido; Sadykhov, E. Salustino; Mayordomo, C. Sanchez; Sedes, B. Sanmartin; Santacesaria, R. Santamarina; Santimaria, M. Silva; Oliveira, L. Silva de; Simi, G. Souza; Spaan, B. Vazquez; Regueiro, P.

Vazquez; Vecchi, S. Vieites; Viemann, H. Vazquez; Waldi, R. Perry; Wimberley, J. Due to the improvement of the picture quality of closed-circuit television CCTV , the demand for CCTV has increased rapidly and its market size has also increased. The compressed images are suitable for the evidence required for a criminal arrest, but they cannot prevent crime in real time, which has been considered a limitation. Thus, the present paper proposes a system implementation that can prevent crimes by applying a situation awareness system at the back end of the CCTV cameras for image acquisition to prevent crimes efficiently.

In the system implemented in the present paper, the region of interest ROI is set virtually within the image data when a barrier, such as fence, cannot be installed in actual sites and unauthorized intruders are tracked constantly through data analysis and recognized in the ROI via the developed algorithm.

Additionally, a searchlight or alarm sound is activated to prevent crime in real time and the urgent information is transferred to the control center. The system was implemented in the Raspberry Pi 2 board to be run in real time. By utilizing the system , crime prevention can be achieved by implementing a social safety network.

Full Text Available Power quality is one of the important issues in wind energy systems as in all renewable energy systems. Reactive component of current in distribution systems causes negative effects on the network, including power loses, voltage drop, and reduced line capacity. A new indirect current control scheme based on synchronous reference frame theory is proposed to produce gate pulses that are needed for the inverter.

Determination of nn scattering length from data on nn final state interaction in nd-breakup reaction. Full text: An experiment is proposed for the high-precision determination of the neutron-neutron scattering length investigating the nn final state interaction in the nd breakup reaction. The singlet pp and nn scattering lengths are very sensitive probes of the NN -interaction, and their difference is a direct measure of charge-symmetry breaking CSB of the nuclear force.

However CSB is a small effect, and accurate values of the scattering lengths are needed for a theoretical analysis. The results obtained by now are characterized by a significant uncertainty in values of a nn ; they are grouped near and fm [1,2], so even the sign of the difference a nn - a pp is uncertain. The momenta and angles of the two emitted neutrons and the energy of the proton will be measured for each breakup event.

The measured dependence of the reaction yield on the relative energy of the two neutrons will be compared to results of the Monte Carlo simulation that includes. This deviation from thermal model expectations is still to be understood. The partial-wave analysis PWA of these high-precision data reveals previously unseen details.

The PWA, which is currently limited by systematic uncertainties, is based on an isobar model, where multi-particle decays are described as subsequent two-body decays and where a prior-knowledge parametrization for the intermediate two-pion resonances has to be assumed -- usually a Breit-Wigner amplitude -- thus increasing systematic uncertainties, due to the concrete choice of the parametrization.

We present a novel method, which allows to extract isobar amplitudes directly from the data in a less biased way. Usefulness of Pi CCO in the management of patients with delayed vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage. From a viewpoint of systemic cardiovascular hemodynamics. Before the Pi CCO system became available, patients with delayed vasospasm were treated in order to control circulating blood volume from the viewpoint of several systemic factors associated with pressure such as central venous pressure, pulmonary arterial wedged pressure, etc.

The Pi CCO system has enabled us to treat patients with symptomatic vasospasm by more precisely estimating circulating hemodynamics. Taking into account the data obtained from the Pi CCO system , we discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Out of patients who underwent acute surgery from June to May , a total of 18 patients with Fisher 3 in CT grading of SAH who were thought to be likely to suffer from cardiac failure or pulmonary edema were selected.

The average age was Angiographic vasospasm was revealed in 10 patients, 7 of whom were symptomatic. The in- and out-put control in these 18 patients was executed using the Pi CCO system. None showed clinical symptoms associated with cardiac failure or pulmonary edema. We conclude that the Pi CCO system is very useful to control the systemic hemodynamics in the treatment of patients with delayed vasospasm.

Thomas Ledig; Miguel A. Nevertheless, genetic diversity was high; based on 27 isozyme loci in 18 enzyme systems , unbiased expected heterozygosity averaged 0. The model gives an accurate fit to the most recent Arndt NN phase shifts up to 1 GeV and can be applied to study intermediate- and high-energy nuclear reactions. The power balance between the ports is achieved by pseudorandom carrier modulation scheme. The effectiveness of the control strategy is validated using simulation and experimental results.

A diagnostic dilemma exists in cases wherein a patient with clinical suspicion for prostate cancer has a negative transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy session. Although transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy is the standard of care, a paradigm shift is being observed. In biopsy-naive patients and patients with at least 1 negative biopsy session, multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging MRI is being utilized for tumor detection and subsequent targeting.

Several commercial devices are now available for targeted prostate biopsy ranging from transrectal ultrasound-MR fusion biopsy to in bore MR-guided biopsy. In this review, we will give an update on the current status of in-bore MRI-guided biopsy systems and discuss value of prostate imaging-reporting and data system PIRADS. The purpose of this system is to optimize power usage that produced from renewable energy with the result that reduces power demand from the grid.

To reach the goal this device manage the load power needs fully supplied by renewable energy when the power produced from renewable energy is higher than load demand, besides power surplus will be stored in battery in this way energy stored in battery can be used when it needed.

When the power produced from renewable energy can not satisfy the power demand, power will supply by renewable energy and grid. This device uses power meters for record any power flow through microgrid. In order to manage power flow in microgrid this system use relay module. The user can find out energy consumption consumed by the load and production produced by renewable energy in a period of time so that the user can switch on the load in right time. Raspberry Pi gaming. If you are someone who loves to play games and are interested in learning more about the capabilities of your Raspberry Pi , this book is for you.

Basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi programming is expected. Fuel oil heating process and viscosity control system based on PI controllers; Proceso de calentamiento de combustoleo y sistema de control de viscosidad en base a controladores PI. E-mail: madv iie. This job presents a mathematical development for evaluating the fuel oil viscosity from direct pressure drop measurement data in a piece of tube, the density of the oil and the oil flow at the main heater input of a conventional power plant.

A group of curves obtained from different type of oils are presented in equation form which are used to interpolate the actual oil and to extend it to evaluate the corresponding temperature for the goal viscosity. This temperature is used as temperature setpoint for the proposed viscosity control system.

A conventional plant main heater model is developed in order to carry out simulation tests for the viscosity control. Simulation tests are done in the Simulink of Matlab platform and graphs of runs are presented. A traves de datos de diferentes tipos de combustible se presentaron un conjunto de curvas, representadas por ecuaciones, mediante las cuales se interpola la curva correspondiente al combustible actual y se proyecta para evaluar la temperatura correspondiente a la viscosidad objetivo; esta temperatura objetivo se utiliza despues como senal de punto de ajuste para el control de la viscosidad del combustible en un sistema de control propuesto.

Para la realizacion de pruebas del control de viscosidad, se plantea el desarrollo del modelo del calentador principal de la central termoelectrica. Las corridas de simulacion se realizan en la plataforma de Simulink de Matlab y se presentan las graficas de dichas corridas.

Accordingly, herein we explored whether single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs of this pathway are associated with altered risk of CNS metastasis formation in metastatic breast cancer patients. We identified patients with CNS metastases for comparison with patients without CNS metastasis, defined as either absence of neurological symptoms or normal brain magnetic resonance imaging MRI before death or during 5-year follow-up.

Of patients with metastases, fulfilled the inclusion criteria: One-hundred-and-seven patients remained free of CNS metastases at last follow-up or date of death whereas patients developed CNS metastases. A significant. The dependence is not observed in. The findings were correlated with histopathology. However, there is significant overlap between prostatitis and other benign findings, thus PI -RADS is only suitable to a limited extent for the primary assessment of prostatitis.

MRS can help to distinguish between prostatitis and other tissue. Raspberry Pi user guide. Their goal, to encourage a new generation of computer programmers who understand how computers work, is well under way. Raspberry Pi User Guide 2e is the newest edition of the runaway bestseller written by the Pi 's co-creator, Eben Upton, and tech writer Gareth Halfacree.

It contains everything you need to know to get the Pi up and running, including how to: Connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor and other peripheralsInstall software and configure your Raspberry. Raspberry Pi projects. Learn to build software and hardware projects featuring the Raspberry Pi! Raspberry Pi represents a new generation of computers that encourages the user to play and to learn and this unique book is aimed at the beginner Raspberry Pi user who is eager to get started creating real-world projects.

Taking you on a journey of creating 15 practical projects, this fun and informative resource introduces you to the skills you need to have in order to make the most of the Pi. The book begins with a quick look at how to get the Pi up and running and then encourages you to dive into the array of exciti. Adeva, B. Drijard cern.

Why is the microscopic description of such a basic process as single pion production so elusive? At leading order, the result is found to be in good agreement with the prediction of chiral perturbation theory over the whole energy range investigated. Consensus model for identification of novel PI 3K inhibitors in large chemical library.

Phosphoinositide 3-kinases PI 3Ks inhibitors have treatment potential for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation and asthma. The consensus model has an estimated false positive rate of 0. Nine novel potential inhibitors were identified using the consensus model and several of these contain structural features that are consistent with those found to be important for PI 3K inhibitory activities. An advantage of the current model is that it does not require knowledge of 3D structural information of the various PI 3K isoforms, which is not readily available for all isoforms.

Full Text Available The nature of power system restoration problem involves status assessment, optimization of generation capability and load pickup. The PSRI are useful for system planners to prepare the power system restoration plans and to improve the efficiency of the physical operation of the power system with the increased transmission capacity in the network.

The stabilization of frequency and tie-line power oscillations in an interconnected power system becomes challenging when implemented in the future competitive environment. This paper also deals with the concept of AGC in two-area reheat power system having coordinated control action with Redox Flow Battery RFB and Unified Power Flow Controller UPFC are capable of controlling the network performance in a very fast manner and improve power transfer limits in order to have a better restoration.

Simulation results reveal that the proposed PI 2 controller is that it has good stability during load variations, excellent transient and dynamic responses when compared with the system comprising PI controller. Moreover the AGC loop with RFB coordinated with UPFC has greatly improved the dynamic response and it reduces the control input requirements, to ensure improved PSRI in order to provide the reduced restoration time, thereby improving the system reliability.

Auger, J. A three-step method is developed, which determines, firstly, the magnitudes of the amplitudes, secondly, independent relative phases, and thirdly, some dependent relative phases for resolving the remaining discrete ambiguities. A rule of ambiguity elimination is applied, which is based on the closure of a chain of consecutive independent relative phases, by means of the ad-hoc dependent one. A generalization of this rule is given, for the case of a non-diagonal matrix connecting observables and bilinear combinations of amplitudes.

Abelev, B. Suspicious lesions on mpMRI at 3. Statistical correlation was obtained by a Mann-Whitney U test. Receiver operating characteristics ROC and optimal thresholds were calculated. It is also valuable to identify locations to be targeted with biopsy. Full Text Available The k-nearest neighbour k NN rule, which naturally handles the possible non-linearity of data, is introduced to solve the fault detection problem of gas sensor arrays.

In traditional fault detection methods based on the k NN rule, the detection process of each new test sample involves all samples in the entire training sample set. Therefore, these methods can be computation intensive in monitoring processes with a large volume of variables and training samples and may be impossible for real-time monitoring. To address this problem, a novel clustering-k NN rule is presented. The landmark-based spectral clustering LSC algorithm, which has low computational complexity, is employed to divide the entire training sample set into several clusters.

Further, the k NN rule is only conducted in the cluster that is nearest to the test sample; thus, the efficiency of the fault detection methods can be enhanced by reducing the number of training samples involved in the detection process of each test sample. The performance of the proposed clustering-k NN rule is fully verified in numerical simulations with both linear and non-linear models and a real gas sensor array experimental system with different kinds of faults.

The results of simulations and experiments demonstrate that the clustering-k NN rule can greatly enhance both the accuracy and efficiency of fault detection methods and provide an excellent solution to reliable and real-time monitoring of gas sensor arrays.

Influence of six-quark bags on the NN interaction in a resonating group scattering calculation. The influence of six-quark bags oin the nucleon-nucleon NN interaction is studied in a dynamical calculation of the NN scattering process. The NN interaction is described by the exchange of gluons and pions between quarks and a phenomenological sigma-meson exchange between nucleons.

The quark wave functions are harmonic oscillators and the relative wave function between the two nucleons is determined by the resonating group method. At short distances the NN system is allowed to fuse to a six-quark bag where all six quarks are in a ground state or where two quarks are in excited Op states. The sizes of these six-quark bags are dynamical parameters in the resonating group calculation allowing for spatial polarisation effects during the interaction.

The S-wave NN scattering data can be reproduced by adjusting the sigma-coupling strength. The main result is that the six-quark bags with an increased radius have a large influence on the NN scattering process. Full Text Available AdaBoost is an excellent committee-based tool for classification. This paper uses a novel multi-class AdaBoost algorithm to avoid reducing the multi-class classification problem to multiple two-class classification problems.

This novel method is more effective. In addition, it keeps the accuracy advantage of existing AdaBoost. An adaptive group-based k NN method is proposed in this paper to build more accurate weak classifiers and in this way control the number of basis classifiers in an acceptable range. To further enhance the performance, weak classifiers are combined into a strong classifier through a double iterative weighted way and construct an adaptive group-based k NN boosting algorithm AGk NN -AdaBoost.

Experimental results showed that the classification algorithm proposed in this paper has better performance both in precision and recall than many other text categorization methods including traditional AdaBoost. In addition, the processing speed is significantly enhanced than original AdaBoost and many other classic categorization algorithms.

The k-nearest neighbour k NN rule, which naturally handles the possible non-linearity of data, is introduced to solve the fault detection problem of gas sensor arrays. Power Monitoring Using the Raspberry Pi. With cables, SD card, etc. Originally designed to help teach computer science principles to low income children and students, the Pi has…. The results will enable the three modes to be included in a model-independent manner in measurements of the Meet the Raspberry Pi.

Co-authored by one of the creators of the Raspberry Pi , this special preview eBook fills you in on everything you need to know to get up and running on your Raspberry Pi in no time, including how to:. Using data from LHCb corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3.

The measurement is carried out using a proton-proton collision data sample collected by the LHCb experiment, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3. Wind tunnels are a key experimental tool for the analysis of airflow parameters in many fields of application.

Despite their great potential impact on agricultural research, few contributions have dealt with the development of automatic control systems for wind tunnels in the field of greenhouse technology. The objective of this paper is to present an automatic control system that provides precision and speed of measurement, as well as efficient data processing in low-speed wind tunnel experiments for greenhouse engineering applications.

The system is based on an algorithm that identifies the system model and calculates the optimum PI controller. The validation of the system was performed on a cellulose evaporative cooling pad and on insect-proof screens to assess its response to perturbations. The control system provided an accuracy of integrated software unit that manages the tests in terms of airflow speed and pressure drop set points.

Guirande, F. If at the electronic level, the data flow has been distributed onto several data acquisition buses, it is necessary in the data processing system to increase the processing power. This work regards the modelling and implementation of the software allocated onto an architecture of parallel processors. Object analysis and formal methods were used, benchmark and evolution in the future of this architecture are presented.

The thesis consists of two parts. Four appendices and a term glossary close this work. Effective field theory for NN interactions. The effective field theory of NN interactions is formulated and the power counting appropriate to this case is reviewed.

It is more subtle than in most effective field theories since in the limit that the S-wave NN scattering lengths go to infinity. It is governed by nontrivial fixed point. The leading two body terms in the effective field theory for nucleon self interactions are scale invariant and invariant under Wigner SU 4 spin-isospin symmetry in this limit. Higher body terms with no derivatives i. In consecutive patients [aged Histology of all lesions was obtained by targeted MR-guided in-bore biopsy.

In lesions, biopsy revealed prostate cancer PCa. The area under the curve AUC for cancer detection was 0. Raspberry Pi super cluster. This book follows a step-by-step, tutorial-based approach which will teach you how to develop your own super cluster using Raspberry Pi computers quickly and efficiently. Raspberry Pi Super Cluster is an introductory guide for those interested in experimenting with parallel computing at home. Aimed at Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, this book is a primer for getting your first cluster up and running.

Basic knowledge of C or Java would be helpful but no prior knowledge of parallel computing is necessary. Cowritten with Gareth Halfacree, this guide gets you up and running on Raspberry Pi , whether you're an educator, hacker, hobbyist, or kid. Learn how to connect your Pi to other hardware, install software, write basic programs, an. The zeros pass through the intersections of s and t channel poles, as the Veneziano model predicts; however, away from these intersections, they propagate in a fashion systematically quite different from Veneziano's ansatz.

Lees, J. Hamel; Vasseur, G. Further investigations of the NN interaction in the Skyrme model. Separately the free one-body skyrmeon solution and an improved two-body solution are inserted in the product ansatz for the two-body system both with and without time-dependent dynamical terms. No appreciable central attraction between nucleons is found with either of these approaches. Measurements of various mesons and baryons provide the information about the interaction dynamics in heavy ion collision.

The size of the particle emission region in high-energy collisions can be deduced using the femtoscopic correlations of particle pairs at low relative momentum. Such correlations arise due to quantum statistics and Coulomb and strong final state interactions. One-dimensional radii of the system are extracted from correlation functions in terms of the invariant momentum difference of the pair.

The comparison of the measured radii with the predictions from a hydrokinetic model is discussed. The kaon and proton s Raspberry Pi robotics projects. This book is for enthusiasts who want to use the Raspberry Pi to build complex robotics projects. With the aid of the step-by-step instructions in this book, you can construct complex robotics projects that can move, talk, listen, see, swim, or fly. No previous Raspberry Pi robotics experience is assumed, but even experts will find unexpected and interesting information in this invaluable guide.

This presentation initially aims to introduce the Re NN to the water resources community and then demonstrates Re NN applications to water resources related problems. Re NN is essentially equivalent to a single-hidden-layer MLP neural network but defined on a new set of network variables which is more effective than the traditional set of network weights and biases.

The main features of the new network variables are that they are geometrically interpretable and each variable has a distinct role in forming the network response. Re NN is more efficiently trained as it has a less complex error response surface. In addition to the Re NN training efficiency, the interpretability of the Re NN variables enables the users to monitor and understand the internal behaviour of the network while training. Regularization in the Re NN response can be also directly measured and controlled.

This feature improves the generalization ability of the network. In the first application, the Re NN is used to model the rainfall-runoff relationships in multiple watersheds in the Great Lakes basin located in northeastern North America. Modelling inflows to the Great Lakes are of great importance to the management of the Great Lakes system. Due to the lack of some detailed physical data about existing control structures in many subwatersheds of this huge basin, the data-driven approach to modelling such as the Re NN are required to replace predictions from a physically-based rainfall runoff model.

The helicity 2 production is dominant. The search is carried out with a data set corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 1. The precision of the results is limited mainly by the size of the data sample. Ablikim, M. Baldini; Ban, Y. We measure the corresponding branching fractions with unprecedented precision and provide mass spectra and Dalitz plots. The branching fraction for. Relationship between symmetry of porphyrinic pi -conjugated systems and singlet oxygen 1Delta g yields: low-symmetry tetraazaporphyrin derivatives.

The S 1 x and S 1 y states these lowest excited singlet states are degenerate in D 4 h symmetry split in the low-symmetry TAP derivatives. The excited-state energies were quantitatively determined from the electronic absorption spectra. The lowest excited triplet T 1 x energies were also determined from phosphorescence spectra, while the second lowest excited triplet T 1 y states were evaluated by using the energy splitting between the T 1 x and T 1 y states previously reported Miwa, H.

The singlet oxygen quantum yields Phi Delta are strongly dependent on the pi conjugated system. In particular, while the Phi Delta value of 2AdH 2 is smallest in our system , that of 2OpH 2 , an isomer of 2AdH 2 , is larger than that of 4Zn, in contrast to the heavy atom effect.

From the viewpoint of photodynamic therapy, our methodology. Influence of time delay on fractional-order PI -controlled system for a second-order oscillatory plant model with time delay. Full Text Available The paper aims at presenting the influence of an open-loop time delay on the stability and tracking performance of a second-order open-loop system and continuoustime fractional-order PI controller.

The tuning method of this controller is based on Hermite- Biehler and Pontryagin theorems, and the tracking performance is evaluated on the basis of two integral performance indices, namely IAE and ISE. The paper extends the results and methodology presented in previous work of the authors to analysis of the influence of time delay on the closed-loop system taking its destabilizing properties into account, as well as concerning possible application of the presented results and used models.

Pions are identified using ionization energy loss measured in the pixel detector. Learn how to take full advantage of all of Raspberry Pi 's amazing features and functions-and have a blast doing it! Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of a Raspberry Pi , the credit-card-sized computer! If you're ready to dive in and start finding out what this amazing little gizmo is really capable of, this ebook is for you.

Taken from the forthcoming Raspberry Pi Projects, Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects 1 contains three cool hardware projects that let you have fun with the Raspberry Pi while developing your Raspberry Pi skills. An analysis of dijet events in PbPb and pp collisions is performed to explore the properties of energy loss by partons traveling in a quark-gluon plasma. Data are collected at a nucleon-nucleon center-of-mass energy of 2.

Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires. These distributions are compared with those obtained by a phenomenological model. This comparison allows a determination of the amplitude of the inelastic waves. Ces distributions sont comparees a celles obtenues par un modele phenomenologique.

De la comparaison on determine l'amplitude des ondes inelastiques. Kropp, J. Germany ; Knapp, F. Involvement of the myocardium in non-infectious myopathies presents in most cases as systolic dysfunction or a disturbed cardiac rhythm. We are interested in exploring how often cardiac involvement can be evaluated with various diagnostic techniques in patients with proven myopathy. We investigated 41 patients with myopathies of various etiology, including mitochondrial and congenital myopathies, Curshmann-Steinert disease, muscular dystrophy, and others.

Myopathy was proven by muscular biopsy usually from the bicep. RAO position. Filtered backprojection and reorientation of the slices were achieved by standard techniques. Serum levels of lactate L , pyruvate P , glucose G and triglycerides TG were measured at rest and stress. Ventricular function was investigated by radionuclide ventriculography MUGA at rest and under stress with Tcm labeled red blood cells. Bonn Univ. Oak Ridge National Lab. Isobar contributions to the NN interaction.

Current prescriptions for replacing all time-orderings of those diagrams by simple pion-range transition potentials are tested. Pi a source book. This book documents the history of pi from the dawn of mathematical time to the present. One of the beauties of the literature on pi is that it allows for the inclusion of very modern, yet accessible, mathematics. The articles on pi collected herein include selections from the mathematical and computational literature over four millennia, a variety of historical studies on the cultural significance of the number, and an assortment of anecdotal, fanciful, and simply amusing pieces.

For this new edition, the authors have updated the original material while adding new material of historical and cultural interest. There is a substantial exposition of the recent history of the computation of digits of pi , a discussion of the normality of the distribution of the digits, new translations of works by Viete and Huygen, as well as Kaplansky's never-before-published "Song of Pi.

Canton, L. The result is in agreement with theoretical predictions. Full Text Available Wind tunnels are a key experimental tool for the analysis of airflow parameters in many fields of application. The control system provided an accuracy of system also incorporates a fully-integrated software unit that manages the tests in terms of airflow speed and pressure drop set points.

In this study, a control system is presented that is devised to increase measurement precisions within a prototype high voltage DC resistive divider HVDC-RD. Since one of the major sources of measurement errors in such devices is the self heating effect, a system controlling the temperature within the high voltage DC resistive divider is devised so that suitable and stable temperature conditions are maintained that, in return, will decrease the measurement errors.

The resistive divider system is cooled by oil, and PID and neural network NN controllers try to keep the temperature within the prescribed limits. The system to be controlled exhibits a nonlinear character, and therefore, a control approach based on NN controllers is proposed.

Thus, a system that can fulfill the various requirements dictated by the designer is constructed. The performance of the NN controller is compared with that of the PID controller developed for the same purpose, and the values of the performance indices indicate the superiority of the NN controller over that of the classical PID controller. With an efficiency of The statistical significance is 3. We have recently shown that snake venoms from the Bothrops genus activate the Complement system C by promoting direct cleavage of C-components and generating anaphylatoxins, thereby contributing to the pathology and spread of the venom.

The aim of the present study was to isolate and characterize the C-activating protease from Bothrops pirajai venom. Results Using two gel-filtration chromatography steps, a metalloproteinase of 23 kDa that activates Complement was isolated from Bothrops pirajai venom. Conclusion We show here that a P-I metalloproteinase from Bothrops pirajai snake venom activated the Complement system by direct cleavage of the central C-components, i.

These results suggest that direct complement activation by SVMPs may play a role in the progression of symptoms that follow envenomation. A 10 nN resolution thrust-stand for micro-propulsion devices.

Given the forecasted growth in world population and in economic development, the environmental advantages of nuclear power, and concerns over climate change and the growth of greenhouse gas emissions, it is not unreasonable to expect an increased interest in nuclear power in the coming decades.

Loss of nuclear knowledge is a serious concern, in particular with regard to areas where, for various reasons, nuclear technology development and innovation has been slowed down. Knowledge can be preserved by archival techniques and by passing it on to new generations. In the case of the Federal Republic of Germany, in spite of the lack of funding and political support, both avenues are followed. The paper will shortly introduce the IAEA initiative scope, objectives, status, and outlook. The general approach to nuclear knowledge preservation in Germany will be presented, and the concrete archiving activities undertaken for KNK- II will be summarized.

The database was officially released in , and has attracted a growing number of researchers in academia and industry. We present the two major software tools that facilitate accessing the relational database: the web-based QueryBuilder and a downloadable virtual machine VM image. Simple example SQL queries and the resulting data are presented. Clinical studies pertaining to acute kidney injury and prediction of fluid requirements in the intensive care unit are shown as typical examples of research performed with MIMIC- II.

Wilson, P. In recent years, electron storage ring designers have become aware of the problems caused by the interaction of short, high current bunches with their environment. Important effects are: 1 energy loss can cause local overheating of chamber components; 2 additional rf power is required due to overall energy loss; 3 the increased energy spread requires increased aperture; 4 destructive instabilities could occur.

Anomalous bunch lengthening and energy spread, the spectroscopy of longitudinal modes and the shift of synchronous phase were simultaneously measured in order to study the dynamics of the interaction. From the data obtained at SPEAR II one is led to a model of coupling impedance which should be useful in the design of any electron ring.

This series of 3 lectures will present recent developments in numerical relativity , and their applications to simulating black hole mergers and computing the resulting gravitational waveforms. In this second lecture, we focus on simulations of black hole binary mergers.

We hig hlight the instabilities that plagued the codes for many years, the r ecent breakthroughs that led to the first accurate simulations, and the current state of the art. The length of the chromosome ends, telomeres, is widely accepted as a biomarker of aging.

However, the dynamic of the relationship between telomere length and hematopoietic parameters in the normal aging process, which is of particular interest with respect to age- related anemia, is not well understood. Standard methods were used to determine blood parameters, and the WHO criteria were used to identify anemic participants.

Telomere length data were available for younger participants In the present study, we have detected isolated correlations between rLTL and hematological parameters; however, in all cases, rLTL explained only a small part of the variation of the analyzed parameters.

In disagreement with some other studies showing similar data, we interpret the association between rLTL and some of the hematological parameters studied here to be. Statistical mechanics in the context of special relativity. The special relativity laws emerge as one-parameter light speed generalizations of the corresponding laws of classical physics. These generalizations, imposed by the Lorentz transformations, affect both the definition of the various physical observables e.

Here, following the general lines of [Phys. E 66, ], we show that the Lorentz transformations impose also a proper one-parameter generalization of the classical Boltzmann-Gibbs-Shannon entropy. The obtained relativistic entropy permits us to construct a coherent and self-consistent relativistic statistical theory, preserving the main features of the ordinary statistical theory, which is recovered in the classical limit. The predicted distribution function is a one-parameter continuous deformation of the classical Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution and has a simple analytic form, showing power law tails in accordance with the experimental evidence.

Furthermore, this statistical mechanics can be obtained as the stationary case of a generalized kinetic theory governed by an evolution equation obeying the H theorem and reproducing the Boltzmann equation of the ordinary kinetics in the classical limit. Erik; van Reekum, Franka E. Individual HLA mismatches may differentially impact graft survival after kidney transplantation.

Therefore, there is a need for a reliable tool to define permissible HLA mismatches in kidney transplantation. In the present Dutch multi-center study, we evaluated the possible association between PIRCHE- II and kidney graft failure in 2, donor—recipient couples that were transplanted between and The vast numbers of studies regarding caloric restriction CR and breast cancer risk are based on war- related extreme situations. Primary incident breast cancer patients and population-based controls were interviewed using a detailed questionnaire referring to demographic, obstetric factors and WW II experiences.

The individual hunger score was higher in the exposed cases [mean score The same trend was observed for self perceived hunger score mean score 2. The novel research tools are appropriate for comparative assessment of CR exposure in case control studies. The aim of the present study was confront the results of the cytological examination with hybrid capture II in the diagnosis of induced cervical intraepithelial lesion-HPV, correlating the cytological findings with biomoleculares.

The results had shown to relatively high numbers of positive cases for HPV using hybrid capture II The agreement between the two studied methods relatively was raised The cytology, exactly with its limitations, is an important method in the detention of attributable patologias to the HPV, emphasizing that the molecular method comes to complement it and to consolidate the cytological findings.

Full Text Available Before to conclude officially this workshop — far from me the idea to attempt some concluding remarks already dealt at the meeting with various burning by Joseph Patterson, Mariko Kato, Dmitry Bisikalo, and Rene Hudec —, I would like to comment few highlights coming out from our fruitful week of discussions about The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects - II , without any pretension of completeness.

A relational database has been developed to store data representing physical values from TJ- II discharges. This new database complements the existing TJ-EI raw data database. This database resides in a host computer running Windows Server operating system and it is managed by SQL Server. A function library has been developed that permits remote access to these data from user programs running in computers connected to TJ- II local area networks via remote procedure cali.

In this document a general description of the database and its organization are provided. Also given are a detailed description of the functions included in the library and examples of how to use these functions in computer programs written in the FORTRAN and C languages.

Author 8 refs. Experimental and analytical studies related to emergency decay heat removal by natural circulation in the EBR- II heat transport circuits are described. Three general categories of natural circulation plant transients are discussed and the resultant reactor flow and temperature response to these events are presented.

In all cases, the transition from forced to natural convective flow was smooth and the peak in-core temperature rises were small to moderate. Beginning with DSM-III, the inclusion of a "personality" axis was designed to encourage awareness of personality disorders and the treatment- related implications of individual differences, but since that time there is little accumulated evidence that the personality disorder categories provide substantial treatment- related guidance.

The DSM-5 Personality and Personality Disorders Work Group sought to develop an Alternative Model for personality disorder, and this study examined whether this model is more closely related to clinicians' decision-making processes than the traditional categorical personality disorder diagnoses. A national sample of clinicians provided complete personality disorder diagnostic information and several treatment- related clinical judgments about one of their patients.

The constructs of the DSM-5 Alternative Model for personality disorders may provide more clinically useful information for treatment planning than the official categorical personality disorder diagnostic system retained in DSM-5 Section II. All rights reserved. The Ph. In comparison with traditional green rust synthesis, pure GRs were synthesized in minutes.

Enhanced dehalogenation of CT by GR in presence of selected amino acids. In presence of glycine A relational database for physical data from TJ- II discharges. Two objectives have been achieved: the design and the implementation of the database and the software tools for data access depending on a single software driver. TJ- II data were arranged in several tables with a flexible design, speedy performance, efficient search capacity and adaptability to meet present and future, requirements.

A server program running in the Windows NT computer controls data access. Operations on the database through a local ODBC connection are performed according to predefined permission protocols. A client library providing a set of basic functions for data integration and retrieval has been built in both static and dynamic link versions. Mysterious inhibitory cell regulator investigated and found likely to be secretogranin II related. Full Text Available In the context of a hunt for a postulated hormone that is tissue-mass inhibiting and reproductively associated, there is described probable relatedness to a granin protein.

An N-terminal sequence of 14 amino acids was obtained for the polypeptide by Edman degradation. Bioinformatics and molecular biology failed to illuminate any ovine or non-ovine protein which might relate to this sequence. The N-terminal sequence was synthesized as the 14mer EPL peptide and surprisingly found to be inhibitory in an assay in vivo of compensatory renal growth in the rat and modulatory of nematode fecundity, in line with the inhibitory hormone hypothesis.

Antibodies were raised to EPL and their deployment upheld the hypothesis that the EPL amino acid sequence is meaningful and relevant, notwithstanding bioinformatic obscurity. Immunohistochemistry IHC in sheep, rodents and humans yielded staining of seeming endocrine relevance e. Discrete IHC staining in Drosophila melanogaster embryo brain was seen in glia and in neuroendocrine cells, with staining likely in the corpus cardiacum.

The search for the endogenous antigen involved immunoprecipitation IP followed by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry LC—MS. Feedstocks were PC12 conditioned medium and aqueous extract of rat hypothalamus—both of which had anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects in an assay in vitro involving rat bone marrow cells, which inhibition was subject to prior immunodepletion with an anti-EPL antibody—together with fruit fly embryo material.

The originally seen 7—8 kDa polypeptide is suggested to be a new proteoform. Is there a dependence on the star-formation rate? Evolution of the mass-metallicity relations in passive and star-forming galaxies from SPH-cosmological simulations. We also confirm the anti-correlation between sSFR and stellar mass, pointing at a key role of the former in determining the galaxy downsizing, as the most significant means of diagnostics of the star Likewise, an anti-correlation between sSFR and metallicity can be established for the SF galaxies, while on the contrary more active galaxies in terms of simple SFR are also metal-richer.

Cortical surface reconstruction and volume calculation were performed using FreeSurfer. The lesion volumes were normalized by the intracranial volume of each patient. The lesions were classified as small or large by placing a threshold based on quantitative whether the lesion was detected on MRI report and qualitative volume criteria.

ResultsA total of 77 consecutive patients were included. An earlier age of epilepsy onset, high seizure frequency, regional interictal EEG findings, and favorable surgical outcome were characteristic in both groups. Although our findings cannot be applied to. Full Text Available Background and Objectives: Low levels of medication adherence in patients with type 2 diabetes is one of the greatest challenges in the treatment and control of diabetes.

This study was designed to determine medication adherence and its related factors in patients with type II diabetes. Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, a total of patients with type 2diabetes records in the health centers of Tuyserkan city were randomly selected in Data collection instrument was a self-made questionnaire, which consisted of factors related to the medication adherence.

Questionnaires were completed after confirmation of validity and reliability, by interviews. There was a significant relationship between age, education, patient care and treatment expenditure, health care team and health system, therapy- related factors and condition- related factors, beliefs about illness, efficacy, and concerns about drugs and medication adherence P The politics of protection: aid, human rights discourse, and power relations in Kyaka II settlement, Uganda.

Analysing the origins and consequences of a demonstration against school fees, and drawing on other ethnographic data, it explores how different interpretations of this incident reflect different conceptions of, and approaches to, protection. Ugandan government officials viewed the demonstration as a security incident; Congolese and Ugandan adults responded with increased monitoring and 'sheltering' of children and young people; students justified the demonstration as a legitimate manifestation of their rights; while UNHCR promoted assistance and resettlement.

The paper argues that prevailing protection responses, including 'sensitisation', sheltering, and resettlement, are de-contextualised from daily realities and fail to address the underlying power relations that undermine protection. It concludes with recommendations on how international refugee agencies can reorient assistance to address protection concerns in refugee contexts. Disease progression was observed despite systemic chemotherapy.

Six months after diagnosis, he developed severe hypoglycemia presented with seizures. He received intravenous glucose infusion and hydrocortisone with poor glycemic control, but with seizures resolution. The investigation excluded insulinoma, adrenal, liver and GH deficiencies.

Despite the attempt to control tumor mass and hypoglycemia, the patient died 9 months after diagnosis. NICTH related to inappropriate IGF- II secretion should be investigated in all cancer patients with refractory hypoglycemia whom insulinoma and other metabolic abnormalities were excluded from. Stage for stage, rectal cancer has historically been associated with inferior survival compared with colon cancer. Randomized trials of rectal cancer have generally demonstrated improvements in locoregional relapse but not survival.

We compared therapy and outcomes of colon versus rectal cancer in 2 time cohorts to determine if relative improvements have occurred. The higher of clinical or pathologic stage was used for patients receiving preoperative chemoradiation.

Disease-specific survival DSS and overall survival OS were compared for rectal and colon cancer between the 2 cohorts. Kaplan-Meier method was used for survival analysis. Advances in locoregional and systemic therapy significantly improved survival among patients with rectal cancer.

Structural social relations and cognitive ageing trajectories: evidence from the Whitehall II cohort study. Social relations are important for health, particularly at older ages. We examined the salience of frequency of social contacts and marital status for cognitive ageing trajectories over 21 years, from midlife to early old age. Data are from the Whitehall II cohort study, including men and women aged years at baseline Frequency of social contacts and marital status were measured in and Assessment of cognitive function on five occasions , , , and included the following tests: short-term memory, inductive reasoning, verbal fluency phonemic and semantic and a combined global score.

Cognitive trajectories over the study period were analysed using longitudinal latent growth class analyses, and the associations of these latent classes trajectory memberships with social relations were analysed using multinominal logistic regression. More frequent social contacts [ relative risk RRR 0.

These associations persisted after adjustment for covariates. Of the sub-tests, social relations variables had the strongest association with phonemic fluency RRR 0. More frequent social contacts and having a spouse were associated with more favourable cognitive ageing trajectories. Further studies are needed to examine whether interventions designed to improve social connections affect cognitive ageing.

Predictors of health- related quality of life in type II diabetic patients in Greece. Full Text Available Abstract Background Diabetes Mellitus DM is a major cause of morbidity and mortality affecting millions of people worldwide, while placing a noteworthy strain on public health funding. Scale scores were compared with non-parametric Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis tests and multivariate stepwise linear regression analyses were used to investigate the effect of sociodemographic and diabetes- related variables on HRQOL.

Results The most important predictors of impaired HRQOL were female gender, diabetic complications, non-diabetic comorbidity and years with diabetes. Older age, lower education, being unmarried, obesity, hypertension and hyperlipidaemia were also associated with impaired HRQOL in at least one SF subscale.

Conclusion The findings could have implications for health promotion in rural medical practice in Greece. In order to preserve a good HRQOL, it is obviously important to prevent diabetes complications and properly manage concomitant chronic diseases. Furthermore, the gender difference is interesting and requires further elucidation. Modifying screening methods and medical interventions or formulating educational programs for the local population appear to be steps in the correct direction.

In this anti-proliferation process, this herb compound rendered the cells susceptible to apoptosis, manifested by enhanced accumulation of sub-G1 cell population and increased the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick end labeling TUNEL-positive cells. Concurrently, the anti-apoptotic proteins, such as bcl-x L and survivin in U cells, were downregulated by Icariside II.

Photosystem II PS II heterogeneity during photoinhibition at 4-degrees-C and subsequent recovery at degrees-C was investigated in spinach leaves and chloroplasts. The population of inactive, Q B -nonreducing centers was estimated by means of fluorescence induction in the presence of. Family history assessment of personality disorders: II.

Association with measures of psychosocial functioning in direct evaluations with relatives. To test the convergent validity of the Family History Interview for Personality Disorders FHIPD , as well as the general utility of informants' reports of personality disorders, we explored the relationship between proband informant reports of Axis II diagnoses on the FHIPD and relative reports of various indices of psychosocial adjustment.

Proband informants were interviewed about their relatives using the FHIPD Proband informant reports of personality disorders on the FHIPD were associated with a variety of forms of psychosocial dysfunction as determined in direct assessments with the relatives , even for those with no diagnosable Axis II psychopathology dysfunction as determined in direct assessments with the relatives , even for those with no diagnosable Axis II psychopathology on direct interview.

These results support the convergent validity of the FHIPD, and suggest that informants may provide important information on Axis II psychopathology that is not obtained from direct interviews with the subjects themselves. A multi-institutional survey evaluating patient related QA — phase II. Full Text Available In phase I of the survey a planning intercomparison of patient- related QA was performed at 12 institutions. It acts as a secondary dose verification tool for patient-specific QA based on average linac beam data collected by Mobius Medical Systems.

All Quasimodo linac plans will be analyzed for the continuation of the intercomparison. We aim to determine if Mobius3D is suited for use with diverse treatment techniques, if beam model customization is needed.

Initially we computed first Mobius3D results by transferring all plans from phase I to our Mobius3D server. Because of some larger PTV mean dose differences we checked if output factor customization would be beneficial. We performed measurements and output factor correction to account for discrepancies in reference conditions. Our method of correcting the output factors turns out good congruence to M3D's reference values for these medium field sizes.

The relative absorption cross-sections of photosystem I and photosystem II in chloroplasts from three types of Nicotiana tabacum. Aurea in order to correlat functional properties of Photosystem II and Photosystem I with the structural organization of their chloroplasts.

The effective absorption cross-section of Photosystem II and Photosystem I centers was measured by means of the rate constant of their photoconversion under light-limiting conditions. In agreement with earlier results Okabe, K. We observed biphasic kinetics in the photoconversion of System II in all three types of N. However, the photoconversion of System I occurred with monophasic and exponential kinetics.

Under our experimental conditions, the effective cross-section of Photosystem I was comparable to that of the fast System II component alpha centers. Aurea mutant. The increased fraction of beta centers is correlated with the decreased fraction of appressed photosynthetic membranes in the chloroplasts of the two mutants. As a working hypothesis, it is suggested that beta centers are located on photosynthetic membranes directly exposed to the stroma medium.

This thesis explores the impact of atrocities that Japan committed against its neighbors during and prior to World War II on Japan's relationships with its neighbors, China and the Republic of Korea In early , FDR began the long-term correspondence that developed into a close working….

The Doorways training program was designed by the U. Doorways II was designed for community counselors to prevent and respond to…. Phase II trial of epidermal growth factor ointment for patients with Erlotinib- related skin effects. This was an open-label, non-comparative, multicenter, phase II trial. Fifty-two patients from seven institutes in Korea were enrolled with informed consent. The final assessment included 46 patients 30 males, 16 females. According to the definition of effectiveness, the EGF ointment was effective in 36 Regulation of pathogenicity in hop stunt viroid- related group II citrus viroids.

Nucleotide sequences were determined for two hop stunt viroid- related Group II citrus viroids characterized as either a cachexia disease non-pathogenic variant CVd-IIa or a pathogenic variant CVd-IIb. Sequence identity between the two variants of To determine the locus of cachexia pathogenicity as well as symptom expression in Luffa, chimeric viroid cDNA clones were constructed from segments of either the left terminal, pathogenic and conserved T1-P-C domains or the conserved, variable and right terminal C-V-T2 domains of CVd-IIa or CVd-IIb in reciprocal exchanges.

Symptoms induced by the various chimeric constructs on the two bioassay hosts reflected the differential response observed with CVd-IIa and -IIb. Constructs with the C-V-T2 domains region from clone-IIa induced severe symptoms on Luffa typical of CVd-IIa, but were non-symptomatic on mandarin as a bioassay host for the cachexia disease. With the introduction of six site-specific changes into the V domain of the clone-IIa genome, cachexia pathogenicity was acquired as well as a moderation of severe symptoms on Luffa.

Dissociative experiences in bipolar disorder II : Are they related to childhood trauma and obsessive-compulsive symptoms? Full Text Available Objective The aim of this study is to investigate the presence of dissociative symptoms and whether they are related to childhood trauma and obsessive-compulsive symptoms in bipolar disorder type II BD- II. On the foundations of special theory of relativity - II. The principle of covariance and a basic inertial frame.

An attempt has been made to replace the principle of relativity with the principle of covariance. This amounts to modification of the theory of relativity based on the two postulates i the principle of covariance and ii the light principle. Some of the fundamental results and the laws of relativistic mechanics, electromagnetodynamics and quantum mechanics are re-examined.

The principle of invariance is questioned. The relative influence of individual risk factors for attempted suicide in patients with bipolar I versus bipolar II disorder. Demographic and clinical variables and history of attempted suicide were ascertained using standardized questionnaires. The frequencies of these variables were compared between persons with and without self-reported lifetime suicide attempts both overall, and within BD-I and BD- II subgroups.

Gradient boosting machine GBM models were used to quantify the RI of study variables on the risk of lifetime attempted suicide. Nearly one-third of patients reported having a lifetime suicide attempt. Lifetime attempted suicide was associated with female sex, BD-I subtype, psychiatric and substance use comorbidities, binge eating behavior, lifetime history of rapid cycling, other indicators of adverse illness course, and early age of bipolar illness onset in the entire cohort.

Rapid cycling was a strong risk factor for attempted suicide, particularly in men with BD-I. Actively psychotic or suicidal patients needing psychiatric hospitalization were initially excluded, but were approached after these acute psychiatric problems resolved. Published by Elsevier B. Small business participation. Phase II of the Mobility Fund. The causes of functional psychoses as seen by patients and their relatives. The relatives ' point of view.

The concepts of relatives of patients suffering from functional psychoses regarding the causes of the illness were investigated using the same methodological approach as with the patients. Relatives , like patients, favoured psychosocial over biological explanations. However, when compared pairwise the concordance between relatives and patients was very low. Some methodological refinements recommended for further research are proposed.

Incisor root resorption in class II division 2 patients in relation to orthodontic treatment. Radio observations of H II regions and some related theoretical work. Radio continuum observations are widely used for the interpretation of IR-observations.

Thus, this review is limited to recent high frequency single dish observations and aperture synthesis observations. Recent developments in the field of radio recombination line observations and their application to the interpretation of IR-observations are discussed. Despite its financial costs, one of its consequence outcomes is decreasing quality of life of Diabetic patients. Material and Methods: We worked on some parts of data form a national cross sectional study conducted in Sampling technique was random cluster sampling.

Data collection method was face to face interview based on EQ-5D questionnaire. Interview form, also measured personal factors include: gender, age, duration of diseases from diagnosis, educational and family economic status. We collected our environmental factors such as literacy rate, urbanization rate, number of medical clinics and endocrinologists from latest national census, For data analysis we used multilevel regression analysis by Ml-win software.

Results: Available data were analyses for diabetic patients. Gender, age, duration of disease, economic status and educational level in personal level and urbanization rate as an environmental factor were statistically significant factors in relation with health related quality of life.

Conclusion: Based on study results, gender, and age, duration of illness, family economic and educational status of patients and the rate of urbanization affect on the HRQoL of type II diabetic patients. Cervical vertebral column morphology related to craniofacial morphology and head posture in preorthodontic children with Class II malocclusion and horizontal maxillary overjet.

In preorthodontic children with Class II malocclusion and horizontal maxillary overjet, cervical column morphology was examined and related to craniofacial morphology and head posture for the first time First, the system was designed to measure and record the airborne gamma radiation levels and the corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates, and to provide a first overview look of the extent and severity of an accident's impact.

Second, the portable system had to be light enough and durable enough that it could be mounted in an aircraft, ground vehicle, or watercraft. Third, the system must control the collection and storage of the data, as well as provide a real-time display of the data collection results to the operator.

The notebook computer and color graphics printer components of the system would only be used for analyzing and plotting the data. In essence, the provided equipment is composed of an acquisition system and an analysis system. The data can be transferred from the acquisition system to the analysis system at the end of the data collection or at some other agreeable time.

Traditionally, EBR- II has employed the 'shutdown and remove' philosophy when breached fuel elements are encountered. This mode of operation maintained in-plant inventories of fission products at low levels and allowed certain fission product detection systems to be employed as automatic plant shutdown devices. Information from fuel failure propagation studies and fast reactor operation indicates that shutdown under these conditions is unwarranted.

Analytical studies, as well as fast reactor experience, further indicate that failure propagation, if it occurs at all, will not cross adjacent subassembly boundaries. Therefore, the 'shutdown and remove' philosophy can be liberalized to allow the demonstration of safety during a run-beyond-clad-breach mode of operation.

This mode of operation is essential to the demonstration of the economics of commercial LMFBR systems. Specific clusters of traits were selected to serve as indicators for six DSM categorical diagnoses to be retained in this system - antisocial, avoidant, borderline, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive and schizotypal personality disorders. Data were obtained from a sample of clinicians, each of whom rated one of his or her patients on all aspects of the DSM-IV and DSM-5 proposed alternative model.

Regression models were constructed to examine trait-disorder relationships, and the incremental validity of core personality dysfunctions i. Findings suggested that the trait assignments specified by the Work Group tended to be substantially associated with corresponding DSM-IV concepts, and the criterion A features provided additional diagnostic information in all but one instance.

Although the DSM-5 section III alternative model provided a substantially different taxonomic structure for personality disorders, the associations between this new approach and the traditional personality disorder concepts in DSM-5 section II make it possible to render traditional personality disorder concepts using alternative model traits in combination with core impairments in personality functioning.

New strategies applied in the treatment of experimental autoimmune disease models involve blocking or modulation of MHC-peptide-TCR interactions either at the level of peptide-MHC interaction or, alternatively, at the level of T cell recognition. In order to identify useful competitor peptides one B1 molecule. We have now developed a biochemical binding assay which enables competition studies in which the relative MHC binding affinity of a set of non-labelled peptides can be assessed while employing detection of biotinylated marker peptides Prognostic interaction patterns in diabetes mellitus II : A random-matrix-theory relation.

We analyze protein-protein interactions in diabetes mellitus II and its normal counterpart under the combined framework of random matrix theory and network biology. Treatment at the advanced stage is difficult and challenging, making early detection a high priority in the cure of the disease. Our investigation reveals specific structural patterns important for the occurrence of the disease.

In addition to the structural parameters, the spectral properties reveal the top contributing nodes from localized eigenvectors, which turn out to be significant for the occurrence of the disease. Our analysis is time-efficient and cost-effective, bringing a new horizon in the field of medicine by highlighting major pathways involved in the disease. The analysis provides a direction for the development of novel drugs and therapies in curing the disease by targeting specific interaction patterns instead of a single protein.

A description of the relative rectilinear motion of double stars provides an important clue to the relationship of the components. The aim is to provide an objective method of obtaining Rectilinear Elements. As examples, we present the Rectilinear Elements of RMK 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 17, 20, 25, 27, and Specifically, star formation is modeled as a Poisson process in which the average SFR is directly proportional to the present mass of H2.

Finally, we show that on sub-kpc scales most of the scatter in the relation is a consequence of discreteness effects in the star formation process. Regarding traits, OCD patients shared with other patients elevated negative affectivity and lower positive affectivity. Differences on several lower order dimensions, including lower scores on manipulativeness, mistrust, and disinhibition distinguished the personality profile of OCD patients from others. Also noteworthy was a pattern of very low self-image for OCD patients, as suggested by the combination of low self-esteem and low entitlement scores.

Overall, OCD patients showed a more specific pattern of personality pathology than did general outpatients, who were elevated more generally across personality disorders and negative affectivity scales. Despite growing awareness of adult ADHD and its comorbidity with personality disorders PDs , little is known about sex- and subtype- related differences.

Sex- and subtype- related differences in Axis II disorder comorbidity as well as impairment-modifying personality traits have to be taken into account in epidemiological studies of persistent ADHD. Recent research has demonstrated the transfer of induced mood functions through equivalence relations by means of a musical mood-induction procedure.

The research described in this article replicated and extended such work, primarily with the inclusion of a baseline and two types of reversal procedures. First, 16 adult participants were trained…. Properties of linear integral equations related to the six-vertex model with disorder parameter II. We study certain functions arising in the context of the calculation of correlation functions of the XXZ spin chain and of integrable field theories related to various scaling limits of the underlying six-vertex model.

The latter is defined in terms of a functional equation and of its asymptotic behavior. Concentrating on the so-called temperature case, we show that these conditions uniquely determine the high-temperature series expansions of the master function. This provides an efficient calculation scheme for the high-temperature expansions of the derived functions as well.

Signal Processing and Analysis. Full Text Available Event- related potentials are an informative method for measuring the extent of information processing in the brain. The voltage deflections in an ERP waveform reflect the processing of sensory information as well as higher-level processing that involves selective attention, memory, semantic comprehension, and other types of cognitive activity.

ERPs provide a non-invasive method of studying, with exceptional temporal resolution, cognitive processes in the human brain. ERPs are extracted from scalp-recorded electroencephalography by a series of signal processing steps.

The present tutorial will highlight several of the analysis techniques required to obtain event- related potentials. Some methodological issues that may be encountered will also be discussed. The approach of cancer related fatigue in rehabilitation medicine: Part II — Therapeutic interventions. This is a review article mainly focusing on the rehabilitation objectives and interventions in CRF, and implementation issues, according to the report of an NCCN member institution4.

Implementation is the most problematic, considering the large number of patients to whom it is addressed to Generalised Einstein mass-variation formulae: II Superluminal relative frame velocities. Full Text Available In part I of this paper we have deduced generalised Einstein mass variation formulae assuming relative frame velocities vc.

The residual mass is essentially the actual mass with the Einstein factor removed, and we emphasise that we make no restrictions on m0 v. Using this formal device we deduce corresponding new mass variation formulae applicable to superluminal relative frame velocities, assuming only the extended Lorentz transformations and their consequences, and two invariants that are known to apply in special relativity.

The new formulae involving two arbitrary constants may also be exploited so that the mass remains finite at the speed of light, and two distinct mass profiles are determined as functions of their velocity with the rest mass assumed to be alternatively prescribed at the origin of either frame.

Keywords: Special relativity , Einstein mass variation, New formulae. DNA methylation of angiotensin II receptor gene in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis- related liver fibrosis. To clarify whether Agtr1a methylation is involved in the development of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis NASH - related liver fibrosis in adult rats. Hepatic stellate cells HSCs were isolated by collagenase digestion of the liver, followed by centrifugation of the crude cell suspension through a density gradient.

Agtr1a methylation and its gene expression were also analyzed during the activation of HSCs. This is the first study to show that DNA methylation is potentially involved in the regulation of a renin-angiotensin system- related gene expression during liver fibrosis.

X-ray global properties and scaling relations. TX is found to slightly underestimate the true mass-weighted temperature, although tracing fairly well the cluster total mass. The study of scaling relations among X-ray, intrinsic and SZ properties indicates that simulated MUSIC clusters reasonably resemble the self-similar prediction, especially for correlations involving TX. The observational approach also allows for a more direct comparison with real clusters, from which we find deviations mainly due to the physical description of the ICM, affecting TX and, particularly, LX.

Wave II. Technical Volume. Our country is too militaristic. A nation Prolongevity medicine: Antagonic-Stress drug in distress, geriatrics, and related diseases. Clinical review Distress and senescence, their reciprocal aggravating-quickening connections, and their related pathologies have a large worldwide impact on healthcare systems in this new millennium.

For this reason, Antagonic-Stress AS --an advanced integrative therapy, with specific synergistic composition, and patented internationally--represents a significant strategy in health, aging, and longevity. Clinical research with AS proves the drug's efficacy in the management of distress neurotic, stress- related , and affective disorders; behavioral syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors; mental and behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance uses and psychogeriatrics [organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders OMD ].

Specific multiaxial psychopathological instruments and psychometric tests in multiple assessments used for gerontopsychiatry demonstrated strong improvements after AS administration in early-moderate stages of Alzheimer or vascular dementia, as well as in other OMD. In addition, comparative clinical studies evinced the superiority of AS synergistic multitherapy versus monotherapy [meclofenoxate MF , piracetam PA , pyritinol PT , and nicergoline NE , respectively].

These comparative clinical trials agreed closely with comparative preclinical research and confirmed AS synergistic homeostatic, adaptogenic, antioxidative, cerebrovascular, neurometabolic, and nootropic actions. Also, the AS protective actions against oxidative stress recommend this orthomolecular therapy in stress, aging, and free radical pathology. We measure the mass and size of cloud fragments in several molecular clouds continuously over a wide range of spatial scales 0.

In contrast to this, clouds forming massive stars Orion A, G Thus, this limiting mass-size relation may approximate a threshold for the formation of massive stars. Across all clouds, cluster-forming cloud fragments are found to be-at given radius-more massive than fragments devoid of clusters. In this study, we assessed whether picroside II has inhibitory effects on airway inflammation in a mouse model of house dust mite HDM-induced asthma.

Finally, we demonstrated that picroside II significantly decreased the expression of GATA3 and Th2 cytokines in developing Th2 cells, consistent with in vivo results. Taken together, these results indicate that picroside II has protective effects on allergic asthma by reducing GATA3 expression and Th2 cytokine bias. The ice conditions in the north Caspian Sea are challenging for the Kashagan field development.

The presence and the quantity of ice are also highly variable from year to year. This paper investigated the major ice- related issues affecting the Kashagan structures and pipelines. An extensive description of the ice environment was provided. Ice design criteria for the offshore rock islands, the pipelines and the layout of the ice protection barriers around the islands were presented. It was found that the ice design methods used in Arctic areas have required some adaptations to meet Caspian conditions.

All the islands were designed with an ice encroachment zone to reduce the hazardous effect of the ice rubble encroaching. Rock sloped barriers and steel barriers were implanted around the islands to protect the logistical areas. Part II. Organizational dimensions of health].

The aim of this article was: 1 the analysis of some concepts and definitions related with "set up of health", used in UN international arrangements; 2 an attempt to explain the evolution of organizational dimensions of health at worldwide agenda. The following organizational dimensions of health were discussed: a health for all, b health promotion, intersectoral and multisectoral actions, health in all policies, c health development, health as an element of human development, d investment for health, e health diplomacy and f mainstreaming of health.

The analysis was based on World Health Assembly and UN General Assembly resolutions as well as supranational reports and statements available through conventional channels, not grey literature. It is apparent that some of notions are not in common use in Poland, some seems to be unknown. It was argued that some general and discreet thoughts and statements concerning organizational aspects of health were expressed in the preamble of WHO Constitution. Nevertheless they are not comparable with later propositions and proceedings.

The first modern concepts and notions related as process were developed at late seventies. They originated from efforts to realize a vision of health for all and formulate national policies, strategies and plans of action for attaining this goal. Since then one can observe considerable progress and new concepts came into existence, more and more precise and better reflecting the sense of health actions.

The evolution of organizational dimensions of health was described in the context of brand positioning. It was assumed that first step of positioning was concentrated on structural dimensions of health. That served to awareness raise, attitudes change and motivation to action. That made a foundation to the next step--positioning based on process approach to health. Among others the. Prior research has shown that youth with co-occurring tic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD may differ from those with non-tic- related OCD in terms of clinical characteristics and treatment responsiveness.

A broad definition of "tic- related " was used to examine whether children with tics in the Pediatric OCD Treatment Study II differed from those without tics in terms of demographic and phenomenological characteristics and acute treatment outcomes. Participants were youth aged 7 to 17 years, inclusive, with a primary diagnosis of OCD who were partial responders to an adequate serotonin reuptake inhibitor SRI trial.

Participants were randomized to medication management, medication management plus instructions in cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT , or medication management plus full CBT. Those with tics responded equally in all treatment conditions.

Tic- related OCD was very prevalent using a broad definition of tic status. Results suggest that youth with this broad definition of tic- related OCD do not have increased OCD severity or inference, higher comorbidity rates or severity, or worsened functioning, and support the use of CBT in this population. This highlights the importance of not making broad assumptions about OCD symptoms most likely to occur in an individual with comorbid tics.

Published by Elsevier Inc. Implementation is the most problematic, considering the large number of patients to whom it is addressed to and the variety of pathologies within this group of patients. The onset of CRF is difficult to establish, because of the limitations of reporting this symptom4, but it is a valuable predictor in prognosis. This should be practiced as preventive measure, but as a therapeutic one to, considering the high incidence of CFR before diagnose.

Analysis of strategies for teaching and learning of concepts related to Astronomy in the Elementary School II. The curricular proposed of the State of Sao Paulo, in the discipline of physical and biological sciences, has a content related to Earth and Universe, that are approached by Astronomy, in Elementary Education I, II and high school. Despite the importance of Astronomy and the public acceptance, it is notable that they have difficulties in this discipline. During the school year in a public school in Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, 89 students of three different classes in a sixth year of an elementary school II , responded to a questionnaire prepared and applied by the teacher based on the required contents of the curricular proposed by the State of Sao Paulo with ten essay questions related to Astronomy, with the propose to examine the previous knowledge.

During the same year it was presented, but in each class a different strategy as applied. In the first class, an expositive class with audiovisual aids atrategy was used, in the second class an expositive class dialoged strategy and in the third class a textbook research. It was observed that after applying the same questionnaire, there was an improvement on the questions hit.

Thus, it was considered that after the application of the strategies there was a significant improvement in the student performance comparing to the required content. The expositive class dialoged strategy was considered as the most effective. They have cubicFmoverline3mstructures with iron vacancies.

Sorption kinetics and isotherms were determined for cesium on both hexacyanoferrates by batch experiments. The sorption mechanism is complex. The main process seems to be diffusion of ion pairs, followed by a reorganization of the solid, resulting in one or more new solid phases. The presence of the Cu2 site seems to play a favorable role in the sorption. Dwarf galaxies with ionizing radiation feedback.

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We report here a preliminary value for the piNN coupling constant deduced from the GMO sumrule for forward pi N scattering.

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