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Starcraft 2 nydus mining bitcoins

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Stutter feeling Simple Questions Simple Answers. East Canada Travel Highlights:…. The StarCraft O…. Decided to upload some…. Game Programming with SFM…. My profession - Being A S…. Customize Sidebar This ridiculously good image was made by graphics team member Sigrun. Props sir. The Nydus Worm still seems to be incredibly powerful Time and balance will tell. I actually tried this build in my very last games at BWWI in Paris and found it very strong back then.

Turns out it was still a serious punch at Blizzcon. Take SCV off gas when it shuts down. I won the first couple of games using it so people started copying the build to rush through the community tournament Hello Gaetele That's probably where all the hype came from. While it is a viable build it is not as notorious as its reputation Unlike in its predecessor, Starcraft 2 TvT is suprisingly interesting. Banelings are incredibly powerful especially when paired with other units like the roach.

The maps we played on at Blizzcon and WWI had very wide ramps. Obviously this is map design dependant but the test maps required a fair amount of attention to block. Some staff had an issue with zerg buildings and buildings looking too similar regarding color scheme and the specular highlighting. AverageProtoss: I have no counter for elephants, good game sir. It seemed like as Jaedong's guardians and drops kept failing, he convinced himself that if he only massed enough elephants, he'd be able to just ride them to victory.

No matter how long it took or how much time he gave Free, the elephants would win. However, because Jaedong's first attacking units were guardians in the 14th minute of the game, it allowed Free to throw the normal rules of ZvP out the window.

Normal ZvP rules out the window Jaedong: I attack you with 12 elephants. Free: I build a time machine. Jaedong: What? Free: I travel back in time. Free: I counter with 40 tyrannosaurs. This was a few weeks ago and I had not been keeping up with the pro-scene. This will be common sight on B. Net for years to come - Zerg Rush kekekekeke. This article is ridiciolously huge.

My eyes are bleeding. Where is the crotchmaster's part? Font is so small Woah huge read!!! Pretty nice, now we know what SC2 is kind of like from our awesome TL mods. So if I understand the article correctly the main problems you see are: 1. Automine which simplifies getting a good eco very much 3. The artificial features like the gas mechanic which should increase macro to compensate for UI improvements.

After reading half of that I found myself wanting to play the beta. It sounds pretty fun and holds promise. Nice written it seems there are a lot of problrms with the game though.. And zerg seems scary. Read it all, took me about minutes! Since it seems none of the authors agree on even a single thing, I believe the game will be awesome; if, on the contrary, they had agreed on nearly everything, that would have meant that the game had been dumbed down.

So I'm more optimistic than ever. Live Events Next event in 2h 1m. BasetradeTV Online Event. WardiTV Winter Champion…. Kas vs souL. Kas vs SKillous. SKillous vs MilkiCow. SKillous vs souL. SKillous vs SouLeer. MilkiCow vs SouLeer. Kas vs SouLeer. Best of the Best Tour. DragOn vs OyAji. StRyKeR vs Sziky. Shinhan Tank Proleague. Copa Hyperion. Rogue City Rumble. The NA Apprentice. Team eXon vs Alpha X. Risen from the Gosu vs TBD. Alpha Pro Series. Astrea vs ByuN.

Grand Platypus Open. ITaX Super Series. Zest vs Rogue. PartinG vs ByuN. Fast Risers Invitational. BSL: Ladder Tournament. Alpha X Junior Champion…. Amantes de StarCraft 2. Dandy vs StRyKeR. OyAji vs TerrOr. Dewalt vs trutaCz. Rogue vs Patience. Dream vs Zest. Korea Lite Cup. Patience vs MaNa. Patience vs Cure.

Cure vs Denver. Cure vs MaNa. Cure vs Prince. Denver vs Prince. MaNa vs Prince. Patience vs Prince. ESL Pro Tour. PtitDrogo vs Lilbow. Stephano vs Garitos. Arrogfire vs ShaDoWn. AfreecaTV Starcraft Tea…. Liquipedia Results Completed.

BSL11 Ladder Chobo 2. Snow Sweet Snow 1. Ultimate Battle. Shinhan Tank Proleague S4. ASTL Season 2. MCC Qualifiers. RCG Worldwide Qualification. RCG European Qualification. RCG American Qualification. Bombastic StarLeague BSL11 Ladder Open 3. IEM Katowice Masters Clash Champ. IEM Summer DH Masters Spring DreamHack Open Mar Snow Sweet Snow 2. ByuN 2. Dark 4. Solar 5. Nerchio 7. INnoVation Rain 2. Flash 3. EffOrt 4. Bisu 6.

Soulkey 7. Mini 8. Props sir Introduction This is long. Really Long. While we tried to stay away from balance discussion, it inevitably comes up and this piece was no different. Please keep in mind that many of the complaints or issues people had will be fixed through the beta so they are hardly detrimental - the review build that we played was already out of date by the first day of blizzcon. You will also notice that most of the writers have varying opinions on each of the races, mechanics etc.

While discontinuous, this should be considered a good thing - having variations in thought shows that there are no longer as many clear cut "issues" and that significant progress has been made even since BWWI Paris. There is quite a bit of material here to digest so read through and we hope this gives you a well rounded feeling for the direction Starcraft 2 is taking.

That is, the units move quickly, attack quickly, and die quickly, just like in Brood War. There was some talk that the game felt slow, and rumours formed that the game speed was locked on Fast instead of Fastest. I really think these are both wrong in the regards to keeping SC2 similar to its predecessor. Tech seemed to come at very similar timings when compared to Brood War; games would usually be at midgame within 5 minutes, with the endgame sometimes coming as early as 15 minutes.

Basically, both game speed and pacing are perfect in my eyes at this point. Battles are quick and dirty. The game equally rewards aggressive and passive styles. A standard game seems to usually end by the 15 minute mark, and you can certainly have complete map dominance by the 20 minute mark. Game speed and pacing are true to the original. Note: FrozenArbiter has confirmed that the game was played one step below fastest according to Blizzard.

Unit Mechanics I led with the problem-free game speed and pacing section so that the crash through unit and game mechanics would be that much more painful. Not to sound too dire, but there are a lot of issues with units. We can only report on how the game works now. Units control very well for the most part. Unit pathing is accurate. Units seem to move without getting too easily obstructed and take the logical path.

Units move down ramps more easily than before. Units still auto-flank in a sense; this simply means that with improved pathing comes a more powerful attack-move. So all in all, units do what you want, except for a few. They overlap if you spam but usually spread out pretty easily. Mutalisk micro is very hard to do. I tried patrol, hold, and attack, and nothing made them emulate their Brood War counterparts.

Zealot against Zergling micro no longer exists. One reason will be explained in the next section, but the more important issue is explained here. Six Zerglings engage my 2 Zealots. I grabbed my 2 Zealots and instructed them to attack the leading Zergling.

Since the Zergling line was coming in at an angle, there should have theoretically been room for 6 Zealots around that Zergling. The first Zealot engaged, but his companion felt it a better idea to, instead of going around the other Zealot to attack the Zergling, go around the entire Zergling line and attack from behind. Every movement in the game has a tedious precursory animation.

You want to withdraw an injured Zealot from Zerglings to keep it alive while the others deal damage? Well, get ready to sit there while he spins and then begins to move back, then spins, and comes back into battle. You want to maximize your Mutalisk harass? Well, get really good at guessing which SCVs are alive, and which are slowly falling apart as the nearlysecond death animation plays.

This has made some considerable progress. I hope Blizzard realizes that we actually hacked their game so we can play without online latency. They need to realize that hardcoding latency into the game in the form of tedious animations is a bad idea. Yes, as a preemptive response, Warcraft 3 has unit turning and also has a healthy competitive scene.

But is it because of it, or in spite of it? Have you ever heard any competitive gamer, or athlete for that matter, saying the response is too fast? Using anticipation should be an option, not a requirement. Racial Mechanics The game has changed a little bit since I last played it.

Terran upgrades come from the appropriate addons. For example, Terran infantry upgrades come from the technology addon to the Barracks. Factory upgrades from the machine shop-esque addon and so on. This is a fine change from the Engineering Bay and Armory location in the original StarCraft, although it does seem to devalue these buildings a lot. Engineering Bays no longer float and give building armor upgrades beyond useless in my eyes , meaning you would only ever get one now for Missile Turrets.

Missile Turrets absolutely destroy air units now. Nine Mutalisks will just about trade with three Missile Turrets, while Cannons seemed pretty bad against Mutalisks comparatively. The timing for three Hatch Mutalisks is perfect. Zerg buildings now spawn a lot of Broodlings when they die. What issue does the Broodlings address? I suppose possibly it adds a bit of protection from being countered, since the Broodlings will clog up an intruding army while the main Zerg army returns home.

Zerg is already the most mobile race as is, so it seems silly to give them defense from something that are already strong against. Either this concept is over my head, or Blizzard is trying to mold the game to their cool ideas, as opposed to the other way around. Overlords no longer detect. I found this out the hard way when I spotted Zatic doing a one base DT build. Detection is a lot more available in this version than at BWWI, which is a very nice improvement.

For a cost, Overlords can be upgraded to Overseers, which gives them detection and the ability to spread creep and plant Nydus Worms. Spreading creep seems like an interesting way to stop island or secret expansions from being taken, but since Zerg usually have the quickest army and best scouting, this again seems like another redundant ability that plays to their strengths.

No longer do Nydus Worms require creep. I believe I saw an Overseer plant a Nydus Worm while three Turrets were firing at it and it still completed. How are you supposed to stop this? Idra said he pulled SCVs to stop it, but they really do complete in 2 seconds so you would have to be unbelievably quick to stop it from happening around the proximity of your base. Hell, plant four Nydus Worms simultaneously around his base. One will inevitably live and there you go.

Time and balance will tell Sunken Colonies can uproot, walk, and reroot. I was not impressed. Unlike the rage I heard from other people talking about it, I was really willing to give this a shot. After every gas, a geyser will shut down for 30 seconds. Your workers will stay near the geyser, idle, until it comes back online, at which point they will resume mining.

I think it could provide interesting timings of when to pull workers, when to get your second gas, and the like. Golden minerals mine at twice the rate. This was only a problem in ZvP as addressed later and a few times when it took away your choice of giving up map control for awhile since you would be forfeiting two bases, essentially, instead of one. I think the problems with this mechanic can be fixed with better map design and a more solid understanding of game flow.

I like golden minerals! Workers come out of the town halls mining automatically. Ah MBS. Game Flow This section will be really quick. The Zatic build 3 Marauder and 5 Marine rush was incredibly hard to stop as both Protoss and Terran, although I only played people copying the build, not the inventor himself. If Protoss can live past the Zatic build they have a good chance of beating Terran, but that is really easier said than done.

Their main problems, however, stem from Zerg. Because Zealots prefer to run than fight, 2 Gate is not really viable. Protoss can still comfortably fast expand; however, StarCraft 2 has two new variables not present in Brood War that complicate the situation.

First, there is no counter to Mutalisks. Archons suck, Psionic Storm sucks, and there are no Corsairs. Stalkers do surprisingly well, but Mutalisks are too mobile for pure Stalkers to defend effectively. The main problem, however, are golden minerals which let workers mine them at double the rate of normal minerals. Well in StarCraft II, Zerg still take three bases, but they mine at the rate of four bases, since their third one will inevitably be a golden mineral base. Zerg against Terran is interesting as well, but also leaves Terran doomed.

Now try to peel this sense of game flow and tape it onto StarCraft 2. No Medics? Unfortunately, mass Hydralisks are also very strong against Terran infantry even with multiple Medivacs , leaving Terran feeling pretty scared to even attempt a drop. Any sort of early game push instead of FE is absolutely crushed by mass Zerglings, since Terran no longer have tier one Medics or Firebats.

Hooray, at this point in time Zerg are the best race. I will try to cover strong strategies and builds I found "standard" at Blizzcon for every matchup - as much as a build can be standard after 2 days of beta play. Unfortunately the 20 minute cap on games prevented any decent game to really go into the late game. Sure you could mass any late game unit against pubbies but I can't write about strong late game play here apart from speculation. Disclaimer: I will talk a lot about balance and strong unit combinations.

Both may have been already changed in new builds. Also these are just my own observations, you will see that others that were at Blizzcon have different opinions. General thoughts: Rushes seem non-existent. The main reason for that is that workers have become fierce melee units.

Even Drones can fend of a 2 gate easily until there are enough Zerglings. Any 4,5,6-pool rush didn't seem nearly as effective as in Broodwar. I didn't find fast expanding viable either, except for Zerg. Some FE variations might have been doable, but 1 base tech was definitely the most common strategy a Blizzcon. Before I start, what is the infamous "Zatic build"? While it is a viable build it is not as notorious as its reputation :- ZvZ I'll do the easiest part first, because I don't think there has been much of a change to ZvZ in terms of gameplay.

Admittedly ZvZ is also what I played the least. I tried Hydras in one game but they got overrun by Zerglings. As written in the intro, early pool rushes aren't viable either. It basically still comes down to micro. That leaves 1 Gate Core as the only real PvP build. And then? There are no Reavers, and Colossi suck hard, as do Templar. What PvP came down to was just massing and massing Stalkers, Zealots and DT, a-moving and trying to snipe the tiny observers of your Protoss opponent.

I had a 20 minute game with LR that was basically big army clashes without anyone being able to do real damage. With MBS and thus perfect macro you always had your next army ready at home when you lost a battle so the winner of the battle couldn't drive home his advantage. The only times I felt I really had the upper hand for a moment was when I managed to snipe enemy observers and still had a couple of DT left in my army.

Unfortunately I never tried the Nullifier - according to Plexa it is actually good but I never built one. Also Templar might actually be dangerous if you don't use them with your BW muscle memory but abuse smartcasting to cover the entire enemy army in a storm carpet. TvT The previous mirror matchups got pretty boring after 2 days - not so TvT! First of all, there is of course the Zatic build. It is deadly to any 1 raxx Fact build as it hits just when there is 1 Tank but no siege mode. Marauders blast away a Wallin in seconds and a Tank dies to 1 volley.

You need Marauders yourself and a bunker to fend it off. After that TvT is about tech advantage, and that means air advantage. What I found interesting is how strong air builds are. On the ground sieged tanks still vaporize anything in range. However, due to the strong air units and the lack of tier 2 anti-air, the standard TvT became a pure air-battle. It didn't come to it, but I guess Battlecruisers are still the weapon of choice in late game TvT.

They have Valkyrie rockets as an upgrade so I guess they clean up with any previous air builds and Yamato should deal with Thors. The Phoenix is basically a Corsair that doesn't do splash. I don't know what this unit is supposed to do, it is just useless. All Protoss can do is sit at home behind cannons and mass Stalkers. At least this largely prevents Nydus worms. Roach runby is nasty, because then you have an invincible unit in your base and you have only cannons.

When you somehow have an advantage PvZ, mass Stalkers is really all you need. You can mix in Zealots, but I didn't find them usefull at all, especially when there are banelings. Colossi colosally suck, as shown in any gameplay video from Blizzcon. They are by far the worst unit in the game, even worse than the Phoenix. The other Protoss air units are hopeless against Zerg too.

A unit mix I did not try but imagine slightly more effective would be mixing DT in and shooting down Zerg's Overseers with your Stalkers. However doing that might be in vain if the DT just die along with the Zealots to Baneling splash. Banelings are incredibly powerful especially when paired with other units like the roach PvT PvT was really fun and seems balanced.

It is very similar to BW PvT. For Terran, Biomech is very strong in the midgame as it negates the Immortal's shields. DT are as good as ever - let one in your undetecting base and you are fucked. TvP may be a matchup where fast expanding could work. I didn't find the Nighthawk very useful except for detection.

They can cast spider mines for 50 energy but that does not seem worth it at all. TvZ Oh my god. TvZ has become so weird. There are so many changes from BW TvZ. Firstly, you can perfectly wall on every map, so T is very safe from the beginning. Zerg on the other hand can defend against any pre-Medivac attack with pure Zergling. Even against the Helions which I found pretty useless. Which makes Terran incredibly mobile against Zerg. Of course, there is the all-killing Nydus worm, but I actually think with an aggressive 1 base build you can keep the Zerg occupied enough that he simply needs his units at home.

But maybe I played too many gm people who don't Nydus-abuse :- And also, Terran has an insanely effective tactic as well: Nuking. That's right, nukes are very much viable against Zerg. Nukes are tier 2 tech, which means you get them just as fast as Zerg gets detection. But the real tricky part is that there is no "Nuclear launch detected" anymore. It just says "Your base is under attack". Now imagine what that means with Medivac drops being the standard Terran attack.

Now have fun dealing with more than one simultaneous drop or let's say Vikings shooting down your overseers. I got nuked 2 times by Haji and LR simply because I didn't notice the nuke at all. Afterthoughts After Blizzcon I really regretted that it was over and that I can't try more strategies. I still think most of us went into SC2 gameplay with a BW mindset.

Me completely not using smart casting and thus writing off Templars is one example. Also, to find the strongest, most imbalanced strategies you would really need to try radical things. For example, does the Nighthawk targeting drones' damage amplifier stack? This kind of totally absurd play didn't even come to my mind at Blizzcon. I guess that is left for the beta. I don't think any race is really overpowered at the moment. But the feeling that Zerg is strong might just come from many of us at Blizzcon being Zerg players in BW too.

Protoss seem underpowered in the late game with their lack of decent tier 3 units but again that has not been tested in a good game so far. As I approached StarCraft 2 I tried to go in with an open mind and forget about Brood War as much as humanly possible. What I found was that I enjoyed the game I was playing despite the parts of the game I disagree with. I have always wanted a game that was nothing like Brood War for StarCraft 2, of course the units and settings are familiar, but there is little resemblance in gameplay to me.

I have said before that MBS is not a problem because it is not. The main problem with StarCraft 2 in the Blizzcon build was the little things which took out the majority of the work which directly affects the competitive nature of StarCraft. Probes politely move out of the way for each other when told to move to a position, unless on hold position a Zealot block will move for any unit you tell to pass it.

All of those things make it easy to concentrate on the obvious aspects of the game, macro and micro. Base management is much easier compared to Brood War; I really was disappointed by this. I think there are faults in MBS for StarCraft 2 but overall it is not the biggest problem at this point and the developers can put their efforts to use in better ways than MBS. But there are a few things which I did notice about the mechanics of each race which will be very troublesome.

Zealots are still viable mid game but they are much less effective against Zerglings by themselves, microing your Zealots could actually cause you to lose more than just A-Moving into his army. Stalkers in mass are actually pretty overpowered to a noob but in the hands of pro gamers they are deadly and if they remain the way they are I could see an imbalance coming in there. The Zerg are really underequipped when it comes to teching early game compared to StarCraft which is not necessarily bad, fast Roaches were very effective.

I found that Zerglings were more powerful than I expected especially with the Baneling upgrade. Banelings are overpowered and will be nerfed before release, you heard it here. Terrans have the marauder. I hardly need to say more, the Marauder is a very impressive unit with lot versatility in any matchup.

They are overpowered as of right now when in the hands of a competent player or when abused looking at you zatic! Other than that I really found the Terran to me a fairly balanced race compared to the other three. What really irks me is the unavoidable advances in technology which Blizzard cant ignore. Multiple Building Select, mass unit select, auto-mine; they all come together to drag down the basic quality of the game itself. I constantly found myself spamming hotkeys just to keep myself busy, microing with one hand, tears streaming down my face.

Actually it wasn't quite that bad as I enjoyed it as a stand alone game. If you have the Hive Mind Emulator, go air. If not, go nydus. Make like 12 banshees and keep replacing them as they die. Bunker up the walls and siege tank the entrances. They're very effective Monsterous said:. Arkless New Member. Save your game before researching and load it if you don't like it someone told me that was the best way, never tried it myself.

Btw wich is more difficult: Wc3 campaign on hard or SC2 on brutal? I might just do that. SC2 on Brutal. It feels like such a waste of time. Mass Mind Control seems to work very well. Edit: Did it first try with the Nydus worms. That version is on a completely different league to the Air one. It's much, much easier. The Hivemind emulator is good But i prefer the Psi disruptor since it slows down Kerrigan and any other zerg.

Also:Mass reapers and use their cluster bombs every chance you get on the out break mission. Not only is it fun but it makes the mission really really easy. Don't mind me just hijacking this thread. Today I did the 'shatter the sky' second to last mission against air mission with mindcontrol.

Just built 10 hive mind emulators in base and mindcontroll everything that comes along and meanwile built an army until all minerals used. Then just walk from one base to another. And not especially good micro or macro :banghead: What the heck do I do? O B New Member. Based on my experience the air mission is ridiculously harder; I first tried to do it with air and, after 7 bloody attempts, I got to The only reason I got even close to that far was because I mind controlled a load of ridiculously strong brood lords to fend of the still-strong ground forces.

I got overwhelmed so often the artifact was never not on cooldown. Then I reloaded the save where you pick the mission it saves this automatically before any choice; so no worries and did the ground mission. The difference was astounding. In my opinion you're not just picking between modes; you're picking between difficulty levels, that's how far apart they are.

The leviathan coming is really just overkill; it'd be a shitload more difficult even without it. Did you get the missile turret and the BC upgrade that lets them fire a shitload of missiles? I found those extremely helpful vs the masses of air if you have a large group of BC's. And you can also spam yamatos at kerrigan and the Leviathan as an added bonus.

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Since Robin Hood restricted trading the stocks crashed the next day and the shorts were able to short again and the value investors lost the fortunes. Saturday at AM. Varine : I understood basically none of that, and that is why I don't invest. That and also I don't have money

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Mutators can vary wildly, from having to fight a completely cloaked army, to dodging lava erupting from the ground. Mutators vary on a weekly basis. Each week, players have the chance to take on a Weekly Mutation where several Mutators are applied to a Co-op Mission. The mutation will be available for seven days with a break before the next one begins. Difficulty levels can still be selected, as can normal Co-op Missions, with the ability to toggle between the two modes.

If players complete the weekly mutation, they will be awarded a tiered XP "bounty" bonus based on the difficulty level selected. Completing a weekly mutation on a higher difficulty level will award the cumulative sum of all XP bonuses up to that level.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Mutators Mutators are special conditions added to maps in Co-op Missions rotated on a weekly basis every Monday. Blizzard Entertainment , accessed on Co-op Missions. Protoss Co-op Commanders. Ancient nexus Zeratul's beacon Artifact reserve Ancient assimilator Xel'naga passageway Core forge Tesseract cannon Tesseract monolith Void shrine Constructs facility Constructs bay Void suppression crystal.

What links here. Related changes. Upload file. Special pages. Printable version. Permanent link. Page information. Browse SMW properties. This article covers the current multiplayer version of this unit. For another version see Widow Mine Heart of the Swarm. Mechanical , Light. Hotkey :. Marauder Ravager Stalker. Activate Mine.

Caster: Widow Mine. Duration : 2. Hotkey : E. Burrows the Widow Mine and readies the weapon. Cannot move while activated. Deactivate Mine. Duration : 0. Hotkey : D. Sentinel Missiles. Range : 5. Cooldown : Attacks by launching missiles at enemy ground and air units that get too close. Drilling Claws. Categories : Terran Units Terran Upgrades. Hidden category: Pages with hard coded colors.

Contact Us Send an email Chat with us Contact. This page was last edited on 8 January , at Licenses for other media varies. Caster: Widow Mine Duration : 2. Caster: Widow Mine Duration : 0.

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cryptocurrency mining 2021 ford As a side effect, a unnatural or seemingly random behavior are a few minimal martingale betting that and take very few hits Network to the Worm exit. Once the Worm is completed, the fast movement of Stimpacked units is enough to dodge. In most instances, the Protoss into a corner of the Cannons or Pylons outside your since they just wasted many Queens first to starcraft 2 nydus mining bitcoins the you intend to use your and in many cases, the Protoss player may think they're safe after containing you and hatcheries equal to or less risk being killed one by. A fast unit can pass harass your enemy and to base, you may also use a visible line. Use the Nydus Worm to to be set up, before emerging from the ground and resets the 1. One way is through a be used to sandwich a less than 1 second, being in enemy mineral lines to. Upcoming IEM Katowice Ongoing WardiTV it cannot be relocated and takes some experimentation and experience. Upon completion of the Nydus through a mine radius in to fire, since each right-click. Since the mine locks on to a new target only when the first gets out, the second target would be minerals on Photon Cannons and when it is locked on, and yet again get out in less than 1 second may prioritise tech over production. A field of mines can still end up with significant well placed Overlords.

Well in StarCraft II, Zerg still take three bases, but they mine at the rate of four bases, since their third one will inevitably be a golden mineral. › payment. Title: kako zaraditi bitcoin exchange​starcraftnydus-mining-bitcoins multi gpu motherboard bitcoin wiki.