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Epicenter bitcoins

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Scaramucci: This is the age of decentralization, como usar o bitcointrade and bitcoin is the epicenter Bitcoin. Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies Epicenter Media Ltd Epicenter is a podcast which takes you to heart of perhaps the most important epicenter bitcoin technological revolution of our time, the rise of decentralized technologies.

Scaramucci: This is the age of decentralization, and bitcoin is the epicenter. Recent Post by Page. Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies Epicenter Media Ltd Epicenter is a podcast which takes you to heart of perhaps the most important technological revolution of our time, the rise of decentralized technologies.

Home Uncategorized Epicenter bitcoin -. Epicenter bitcoin -. February 4, Best crypto youtube channel. We were joined by Luka Mueller, who played a key role in establishing Switzerland as a cryptocurrency center and in laying the legal groundwork for the ICO boom.

In , his law firm MME worked with the Ethereum team to set up the Ethereum Foundation and run its public fundraiser. A model that was later copied by countless other projects and led MME to work with many other leading protocols like Cosmos and Tezos. As the crypto ecosystem continues to grow, wallets and exchanges are quickly evolving to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Viktor Radchenko, CEO and founder of Trust Wallet, joins us this week to talk about why he created a noncustodial wallet solution, what makes Trust Wallet unique, and how the acquisition by Binance has allowed his team to focus on a long term vision. Viktor helps us understand what it means to be part of the Binance Ecosystem, and what he believes the future holds for wallets, key storage and custody.

In this episode, we sit down with Nishant Sharma, Head of Community Relations, who is responsible for acting as a bridge between the Bitmain company and the many communities it interacts with through its mining and ASIC operations. We explore the origins of Bitmain and its founders, the economics of ASIC production, its past and current relationships with different communities, and the future of the company.

Categories: General , Interviews , Epicenter Bitcoin. Solana is building a hyper-scalable blockchain capable of 50, tps without sharding. We were joined by Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko to discuss their unique technological breakthroughs and approach to delivering blockchain scalability. His company is developing a full proof-stack which leverages STARKs as a blockchain scalability solution. The concept behind this world-leading social trading platform is users invest smarter by automatically copying the top traders in the community.

This week, you'll hear a panel moderated by Sunny on DAO governance. October 2nd, by epicenterbitcoin. As we take some time to record new interviews, we're releasing content from DappCon which took place in Berlin in August. This week, you'll hear a panel moderated by Sebastien on usability and user experience in blockchain-based apps and products.

Topics discussed in this episode: - The state of usability in the blockchain space - How ev


The new year has brought with it a new bull run. This is great news for crypto holders, but at what cost? Will this bring with it a number of negative implications such as regulatory push back and privacy battles? Listen as the five hosts of Epicenter come together for an in-depth chat to share their predictions for the crypto space in Topics covered in this episode:Each of our hosts share how went for themIn-depth individual predictions on where things are headed with the current bull marketPublic backlash to the crypto systemRegulatory and tax related implications to cryptoThe battleground of privacyUS regulatory pressure and the effect on the US DollarEpisode links: Omen Prediction Market - Will The Flippening happen in ?

Eric Wall is the Chief Investment Officer at Arcane Assets, but you may already know him from his writing and his presence on Twitter where he offers valuable insights on crypto markets. He joined us on the show to share with us his deep and timely insights into the current bull run and how this compared to , where it is headed from here, and also he opens up on his normally guarded thoughts on the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Topics covered in this episode:Eric's background and how he got into cryptoEric's experience working with Cinnober and NasdaqUsing blockchain as an underlying substrate in the traditional finance ecosystemAn overview of Arcane AssetsEric's thesis behind BitcoinThe current Bitcoin bull runHow Arcane deals with transaction fee problems and solutions that may address these over the coming yearsUsing the value proposition of Ether when Bitcoin is store valueEric opens up on how he thinks Ethereum will become adopted in mainstream financeWhy does the Bitcoin community reject tokens?

The Path to Digital Democracy. In this digital age, counting ballots by hand, as recently seen in the US Presidential Election, is very analogue and behind the times. Although the US constitution is over two centuries old and hasn't had a major version update since , European democracies are much more recent and utilizing the technology available today. This panel discussion looks at how open technologies and new systems of governance could be a path toward a future of democracy.

We also hear about the avenues for improvement with modern voting techniques and liquid democracy. Topics covered in this episode:Introductions to all panel membersThe state of democratic processes in G20 countries today and which are at the forefront of innovationWhat are the incentives for different stakeholders in liquid democracyHow can digital voting systems be trusted?

In today's world, life and business is moving more into to a virtual space and this has of course been accelerated as a result of the Covid pandemic. And how can we do this in the context of crypto and Web3? Web3 infrastructure can provide the foundations of a digital jurisdiction. In the Web3 world rules are enforced by decentralized governance and DAOs allow for a group of stakeholders to participate in governance of an organisation that has no affiliation to a nation state.

How do we treat that in the judicial system and how does it sit within existing national jurisdictions? Topics covered in this episode:What is a digital jurisdiction? Torus is an open-source and universal key management system for the Web3 ecosystem. It's simple, secure and non-custodial, and suitable for anyone to manage their keys. Supporting over a hundred thousand authentications a month on popular applications like AAVE, KyberSwap, Augur, GoodDollar, and MyCryptoHeroes, Torus empowers decentralised applications with seamless user onboarding flows while maintaining recoverability and high standards of security for key management.

The Torus Wallet is the second layer to the system and allows one-click login and authentication on partners including Gmail, Facebook, or passwordless logins on Web3 applications. It is however reinforced behind the scenes by a clever distributed architecture. Notably, clever cryptography makes it possible for users to send crypto to social accounts that don't yet have crypto wallet.

For example, one could send crypto to a Twitter username, which could be claimed once the recipient creates an account. The team also recently released a custom version of two-factor authentication 2FA , tKey. We were joined by Founders of Torus, Yong Zhen Yu and Leonard Tan, who gave us fascinating insight into why and how Torus was built, the recent products released, and what their aims are for the future.

Crypto is largely reliant on incentive mechanisms, and liquidity mining is one of the more recent cryptoeconomic incentive models to emerge. When decentralized exchanges need liquidity, they can leverage liquidity mining to incentivize users to provide it. This summer saw a surge in activity surrounding this concept, with Synthetix a notable player. Kain Warwick is the founder of Synthetix, a company creating synthetic assets for DeFi, enabling exposure to fiat currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Hasu is a crypto researcher and writer with a focus on game theory and economics. They joined us to explain the key concepts behind liquidity mining, how and why it was created, and its increasingly important role in DeFi. Matic Network is a Layer-2 scaling solution that provides instant, low cost, and secure transactions on Ethereum.

Built on an adapted implementation of Plasma and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake PoS validators, its goal is to solve the scalability and usability issues for developers building Dapps, whilst not compromising on decentralization and user experience. Filecoin is a peer-to-peer network data storage network, with built-in economic incentives for storage providers.

It facilitates open-markets for storing and retrieving data, in which anyone can participate. Users can pay the network to access storage space, which can be encrypted, replicated, and highly available. After years of development and iteration, Filecoin recently launched its mainnet. The long term vision of the protocol is a fully decentralized future for the web.

In this show we deep dive in to the technical aspects of Filecoin, how Juan and his team decided to design it, and the types of projects that are building on top of it. IPFS InterPlanetary File System is a fully decentralized distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data.

Released just over 5 years ago by Protocol Labs, it has had a tremendous impact in the Web3 space as the standard for how blockchain projects store data. Filecoin is a complementary protocol to IPFS and was recently launched on the mainnet. Filecoin is the economic layer which powers IPFS's decentralized file storage network. It enables users to store their files at hypercompetitive prices and verify that their files are being stored and replicated correctly.

And it allows storage providers to sell their storage on an open market. Juan returns to the show after 5 years to give us an important update on the long-term vision to fund innovative technologies, IPFS since it was created, and Filecoin as a foundation to a new decentralized cloud.

This is a 2-part series and in the next episode we deep dive in to the technical aspects of Filecoin. And currently there's a fundamental misalignment between those creating data and those consuming it. There's a one direction value flow in terms of those who are providing the value the data and those extracting it. These are big tech platforms that typically use that data to sell signals and advertising to brands and merchants.

This is referred to as a shadow data economy and it's time to flip this model on its head. Ocean Protocol is a platform which creates data marketplaces, providing an alternative to the current model. Data providers can sell their data to the platform to whoever wants to buy it and that data set is represented as a token.

The value is a function of the usefulness of that data. This creates a much more equitable market where value flow is more cyclical than one directional. They have just released V3 which has seen the introduction of the data token, the Ocean Market, and a new home on the Ethereum Mainchain.

The idea is to create a parallel economy by forming trust lines within Circles. Anyone who joins Circles receives a basic income regularly, without conditions. And the more connected your community is, the more valuable your Circles become. Also it is fully decentralized. When it comes to Bitcoin, Tim Swanson is known to many as the man who sees the glass half empty.

He also blogs about Bitcoin, economics and various other topics at OfNumbers. Show notes and listening options: epicenter. Send feedback. Topics covered in this episode: True cost of Bitcoin transactions Bitcoin as a niche technology Vs. People also listened to. A new analyst report from the Royal Bank of Canada thinks that with a small investment Apple could disrupt the crypto exchange space and pay for it by buying bitcoin.

Get started at nexo. In , Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy paved the way for corporations to add Bitcoin to their treasuries and since then several companies have followed suit, including Square and MassMutual. However, as the richest man in the world and one of the most influential in the tech industry, Elon Musk's could prove to be the most important in the history of Bitcoin.

It has sent shockwaves through the corporate world and will make the CEO of every publicly traded company question their treasury strategy. But, what does this mean for Bitcoin? And does this mark the beginning of the corporate race for Sats? We discuss Tesla's announcement, MicroStrategy's influence and corporations scrambling to buy Bitcoin. Exodus - The world's leading Desktop, Mobile and Hardware crypto wallets. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions.

This video is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research. From time-to-time we may add links in this channel to products we use. We may receive commission if you make a purchase through one of these links.

We'll always disclose when this is the case. Chris sits down here with Dave to dig more deeply into several of the more significant and salacious themes, as well as wander down a few entirely new avenues of thought. A decade ago in this very galaxy, anyone could set up a bitcoin miner. You could even go to an online faucet, open it up, and bitcoin would flow into your wallet. Those days are gone. But finding ways to innovate making crypto accessible to all is something that continues to this very day.

Kurt Braget will join us and share all the dusty goodness. You might find yourself being a dust aficionado before the show is over. We are sharing our journey with you as we learn more about this crazy little thing called cryptocurrency. Don't take anything we say as gospel. Do not come to our homes with pitchforks because you lost money by listening to us. We only share with you what we are learning and what we are investing it.

We will never "pump or dump" any cryptocurrencies. Take what we say with a grain of salt. You must research this stuff on your own! Ledger Cast is a cryptocurrency trading and blockchain ecosystem podcast. As this platform grows, it could be a real contender for traders who are sick and tired of the low-speed, egregious ETH costs on all of the other DeFi platforms most users are currently at. In a new filing with the U. Securities and Exchange Commission, Tesla revealed it also plans to accept BTC as a form of payment for its fleet of vehicles.

As part of the policy, which was duly approved by the Audit Committee of our Board of Directors, we may invest a portion of such cash in certain alternative reserve assets including digital assets, gold bullion, gold exchange-traded funds and other assets as specified in the future.

Moreover, we expect to begin accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for our products in the near future, subject to applicable laws and initially on a limited basis, which we may or may not liquidate upon receipt. He specializes in business, cannabis, crypto, IP, hemp, and securities law. In this conversation, we discuss the decentralized world, state recognized DAO entities, pseudonymity with legal repercussions, accreditation laws, schedule 1 drugs, Satoshi Nakamoto, and regulatory environment.

Stacks, which you may recognize as Blockstack, is a layer-1 blockchain that uses the Bitcoin blockchain as a secure base-layer and enables developers to harness its power in new ways. Stacks makes Bitcoin more than digital gold, enabling apps and smart contracts on Bitcoin--unlocking innovation, new value, and a new way to earn BTC.

Unstoppable Domains provides an all-in-one solution for blockchain domains. You can send money using these new domains instead of long Bitcoin wallet addresses, while also storing your domain in Coinbase's collectibles section. Go to unstoppabledomains. The recently proposed, much commented attempt to extend rules which govern how banks must report on their customers would apply to companies like CoinBase plus a whole lot more.

Epicenter brings you in-depth conversations about the technical, economic and social implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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Epicenter bitcoins He also shares some of the new upcoming products on the YAM Roadmap, and how a truly decentralized community is rebuilding its brand. Go to unstoppabledomains. After a bug was epicenter bitcoins in the v1 contract, many thought the project was dead. We are sharing our journey with you as we learn more about this crazy little thing called cryptocurrency. Those days are gone. The Bitcoin Podcast Network. Although cryptocurrency wallets have made tremendous progress since the days when a full-sync of the blockchain was required, there are still significant hurdles that limit broad adoption.
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