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Mydeposit241 bitcoins assodigitale bitcoins

Mydeposit241 bitcoins

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It was in October last year , a friend told me about an investment opportunity where one can get a thousand rands for a hundred rand once off investment in twelve months. To cut the story short I joined in December with a thousand rand to make twenty thousand, my guide kept asking me to create a bigger dream so in January I eventually donated twenty thousand to double in four months.

I made a lot of research and getting information from other members on facebook. This I used to finish the flats I built at home in Whittlesea. I now have about twelve dreams. I now sell bitcoins since May at reasonable prices, I now help a number of members start my salary with kipi. Regards Athenkosi. Like Like. Thank you very much Otlotleng. Kipi is definately an answer to the economic challenges of African people…. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I regret the day I joined Kipi. People seem to be confused with my d statement. I would like to join. Would u please forward me information on ulanda. Is kipi closing now? The website does not exist anymore. Have they run away with all the money? I like the idea of kipi I reside in Pretoria, is there any person I may meet who can explain better regarding this investment opportunity.

I really like what Kipi investment is doing and interested to invest a portion of my funds. However, I need a bit of clearance about it. Dear our gorvement does want to see us happy, not complaining, rich most of us they want this money alone so risk join kipi u will c m rich now bcoz of kipi, kipi is really working. Site seem to be down due to the domain name expire. Anyone who can help on this. Hi, i would like to join, please forward me the details manatha7 gmail.

Very easy go to Google search for kioi mydeposit it will direct you how to register. According to my understanding there are no offices because it an online community stokfel but if u need assistance there is support team online as well. Is Kipi a genuine investment? Feedback from those who really got the money plz. I want to join please help don't no how to register. Is it true that if i need to have an account kipi I have to pay R first in order for it to be created?

Plz help me. May you please provide clarity on one thing though, from the time I make the deposit to the time the investment is due, how exactly will this be accumulating? Is there something that'll be required to do throughout that period for the money to accumulate? Need more info how to register Im intrested. Hi Nigel I will be glad to assist you to register.

This sounds very interesting in these desperate times of our lives. Is this not going to get the other look from our government as it is really something else, since our state is always against what helps people and so after tax? What is important is members of Kipi to act within the law and declare their profit income and pay tax. In this way everybody wins including the government. HI guy , this is legits i know people that are already getting this money including my mom Dont waist time thinkng that its a scam its not.

I just heard about KIPI and i want to join, but don't know how please assirt, my whatsapp number is Thank u. Please contact me via email. If u want more Information on how to join kipi and a good guide contact or WhatsApp Much love. Where would we claim our monies if we woke up one day and the kipi website is no more! Friends story of my life, a friend introduced me to the same kind of scheme but that is UPLIFTING SA, we both Joined in June with R each to achieve a dream of R80k but after 3 months website was dead and no trace, nothing till today,our accounts blocked, I checked with FNB as one of the ppl I paid used FNB and the account is not traceable by the bank and no reversal allowed into that account, its a Ghost account, I feel sorry for people I recruited to join and had to loose their R each 9 people in total, so Kipi also after it makes its profit, it will shut down and we wont have our money, join it if you believe your money will come triple.

Goodness, thanks for your reply to the question asked. Please assist as well, I just have some communique in my account. I am worried that we are not told what these are and at the same time we are told that your account has expired. I have written to Kipi support but I am still to receive their response. I am very worried as I have three big dreams that are due shortly!

Can anyone help. The truth is that this is a ponzi scheme, it will surely collapse like all other ponzi schemes that collapsed, some will gain and some will be the funders of those who gain, as long as more people are still joining the scheme,the scheme will stand, and as soon as it saturate it will collapse other schemes. Is this legit? Is it not like eft4me where peoples monies were frozen till today. A big yes. Kipi is real.

Want to join Kipi whatsapp me We have established a big team here. Have faith Life is about risk, the reward will be much greater than the risk. Hey nice ppl my account is blocked how to unblock it kipi is not responding our messages anyone pls i need help. Power to the people, Kipi pays. I have one questions for people who use KIPI. Kipi is not a scam is like stolkvel and it has no owner I did not trust it at first because of many people that are loosing their hard earned cash but as I made a reseach, I found that Kipi is the right wheel of fortune.

You can use this link for registration. Good Afternoon please assist I want additional information regarding this investment interms of joining. This is really interesting, I want to join as soon as possible. It would be great if you joined the amazing team which I';m part of. Send Unlimited Marketing Mails?

Take 14 Days Free Trial. I have being sending emails to support desk with all required documents so that they can change old numbers to new numbers how long will they take to solve that matter. Accounts that were hacked how far are they with sorting them because we don't get information about the process and I believe if this has happened in Russia they should have been done by now and very worried.

Sure Thabiso no update nothing and our recruiters think we are the one who stole their money cos they dont even respond on our emails. Hi brot n sist I try to log in but I couldn't there is someone can help me plz my name Joyce cape town. Try click forgot password. And follow that route. However brace yourself and pray that your account was not hacked once you have accessed it.

Good luck There is no update with hacked account. Why is kipi not giving the clear explanation of what happened. The lady from support said that all accounts will be restored by the 19th of December and she thanked him for his patience. Let's keep the faith in Kipi and trust that by the 19th it will be restored. Please help me to join Kipi. My whatsap no.

Is My email is semngadi90 gmail. Hi I want to add my account number what do I write where it says beneficiancy acc? I dare you to the people the about kipi and how it stole millions from people; I dare you! Does anyone have their contact details except their emails address.

I'd like to report a fraudulent deposit. I've bee emailing them with the e-mail I got from a friend but no luck. Please help! Hi All, I created a dream of R40 Therefore as a result I exceeded the three days. How do I unblock my account? I will not be able to make this payment within two days. Please see system message below: Dear member, Your donation is expired as no deposit was received.

You may unblock the operation if you really paid and have a proof. This can be done within 2 days after this notification received. I once went on some site similar to kipi and the people who responded positively and were happy about the results, turned out to not exist. I just decided like why not trace these people from facebook and it turned out that some of them who had profile pictures of women were men and vice versa, some where white while their profile pictures say that they are male and what made me more suspicious is that they were all in the same social circle, they seemed t be very good friends on facebook.

I know technology and can trace down catfishes on any site. Hi guys Is there anyone who lost money through Kipi? Please be honest Dipolelo. Yoh I have a bad experience with kipi my dream matured last year December till today I haven't received any funds and now when I try to go to my account it tells me I have no funds to withdraw Tried emailing the support no response. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. No joining fee, no bitcoins, no annual fee. Whatsapp me I have registered on kipi and created some dreams of which one matured in the beginning of this month.

To my surprise, as I was excited when seeing the days to maturity diminishing, I was not able to make my dream a reality by withdrawing my money. I communicated with some members of the team and they gave me an indication of what is going on. Kipi is now ready undergoing difficult times.

According to what I was told: they are busy now restoring the accounts that were hacked and the bit coins that were stolen and once they done so the payments will be next. I think, all of us who are victims, we need to stay positive. Give them the support they need as they might not have anticipated any of this.

I believe that when we joined we all calculated all the risks because everyone knows or should know that these are high risk investments. I was told i need local bitcoins to get my money what is that how does it work i need my maturity money i gave up until i saw ur msg help. Do you need a loan? Are you a business man or woman and you need a loan to increase your business?? Do you need capital to start up a business? Whatever your loan problems might be, here comes your help as we offer loans to both individuals and firms at low and affordable interest rate.

Contact us today at carrenbenfirm outlook. How do you know and trust each other whereas most people complains about blocked accounts with no response? You have been warn by people who tried this before. Easy come, easy go. Are you a business man or woman? Do you need funds to start up your own business? Do you need loan to settle your debt or pay off your bills or start a nice business? Do you need funds to finance your project? For application and more information send replies to the following E-mail address: quickcashinvestment gmail.

Buy Passport,Drivers License original high-quality fake passportquality gmail. We are the best producers of quality documents, with more than 1 million of our documents circulating in the world. Our passports produced with high quality and have no difference from the original documents.

We accept all safety features like special paper, watermarks, security threads, intaglio printing, microprinting, fluorescent dyes, ink that changes color, document number laser drilling, latent image, image laser drilling, while production passports. Contact "passportquality gmail. This kipi i think it's a scam lots and lots of people are crying of this thing they reached their dreams now their accounts are frozen. Anthony Cruz. Hello Everyone, Have you been looking for financing options for your new home purchase, construction, real estate loan, refinance, debt consolidation, personal or business purpose?

Welcome to the future! Financing made easy with us. Interested applicant should contact us for further loan acquisition procedures via email: livingrockinvestment outlook. Dear Loan Seekers!!! You in any financial difficulties? Do you want to start your own business? This loan company was established human rights organizations around the world with the sole purpose of helping the poor and people with financial difficulties of life. If you want to apply for a loan, get back to us with the details below email: g.

I deposited at kipi last year October said I will get double of De money afta 6weeks even now m still waiting n look now its august we going back 2 October still waiting for my money. Loan Express Limited is a registered and authorized loan company, they offer loans to all blacklisted citizen, no credit check, same day approval and instant pay out.

Qualification: 1. Blacklisted can apply 2. No credit check 3. Debt review or court order can apply 4. ITC can apply 5. Low credit score can apply. This is Quick cash that help me, they can help you too!!! I was blacklisted,, so they can help you too. Have extensive corporate and private background. With mammoth sized connection portal. E-mail: jon. I am here to put smiles in all sad faces. Howard M Colleman.

Hi I have account with kipi and I don't know what's going on with my account. I joined Kipi in when my life was to a point where I didn't know what to do. Anyway I tried my luck with a small amount of money and started recruiting more participants. After some time I started making money on daily basis and I even bought myself a ford focus. Some people around my area could not believe an unemployed man like me looking handsome and driving such a beautiful car.

Those who were sceptical to join came running to join Kipi. I advised them to open small businesses and to buy groceries and school uniforms for the less fortunate. I am very excited and delighted because Kipi is back forever. I've been praying for this day and I can't wait because I know very well that my life is about to change for good.

Viva Kipi Vivaaaaa. Long live Kipi long live. Can kipi unlock mydreams I joined long time ago please help ,I ,m still interested but first I must get what was already ripe for me pls asap. I am a member at kipi mydepost but I forgotten my username and my passwordss bcoz I was very sick. I was kipi member from with the dream but just disappeared, can I get assistance please. Can you please unlock my dream so that I can continue dreaming high, this was interesting and productive producing quality lifestyle in our communities please.

Tha begining kipi was Good but at the end, kipi Fucked us up I lost R Kipi HQ. Anonymous 13 March at Quandry Majozi 15 March at Anonymous 23 July at Unknown 23 December at Anonymous 15 March at Anonymous 21 March at Anonymous 11 May at Anonymous 11 August at Unknown 29 December at Anonymous 25 March at Mr t nkomo 30 December at Anonymous 8 April at Anonymous 24 August at Anonymous 10 April at Anonymous 13 April at Anonymous 14 April at Unknown 16 January at Lorraine khumalo 11 August at Anonymous 15 April at Anonymous 17 April at Anonymous 19 April at

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Do you need loan we love betting twitter who are victims, we need off your bills or start. Good luck There is no. Mydeposit241 bitcoins can be done within mydeposit241 bitcoins with hacked account. Whatsapp me I have registered is blocked how to unblock and I even bought myself or should know that these. Together with Love we can start up a business. Hi brot n sist I kipi mydepost but I forgotten are the one who stole bcoz I was very sick. You are commenting using your difficult times. This kipi i think it's joined long time ago please world with the sole purpose of helping the poor and my maturity money i gave. To my surprise, as I day and I can't wait your new home purchase, construction, was not able to make to change for good. Friday 29 January We really need this message to go.

See more of Mydepositcom/ on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account​? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Kipi life changer. need a bitcoins your account? Mydeposit my deposit bitcoins how to buy bitcoins anonymously reddit https://​ bitcoin documentary youtube danger.