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Bodog betting explained sum

Already licking your chops? The specific odds of a parlay will be the sum of the individual bets, multiplied by a parlay multiplier. The easiest and most basic parlay is a 2-team parlay, which features a general to-5 odd. Upping that to a 3 team parlay increases the payout to 6-to-1 odds.

It just gets better and better as you increase the number of teams picked; indeed some sportsbooks offer up to 20 picks with a monstrous to-1 payout! UFC Betting Predictions. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Prop Bets in Sports Betting.

Best Canadian Sportsbooks Types of Sports Bets Guide to Parlay Betting Guide to Parlay Betting One of the standard betting options offered by major sportsbooks catering to Canadian online bettors, parlays offer a way to increase your payout, but at a cost. Parlay Betting Odds and Payouts Already licking your chops? We'll use a real-life requirement used by Bovada in its sportsbook.

The site's rollover requirements sports betting is a modest 5X. This final number — the initial deposit plus free money earned — is what needs to be multiplied with the rollover requirement to meet the minimum wagering requirement. Makes sense? It's worth noting that rollover requirement means the same exact thing as playthrough or wagering requirements.

All terms are interchangeable with one another and use depends on the specific betting site. While sites readily advertise their match bonus, max free money possible, and rollover rates, that's only the tip of the spear. It's highly advised to read through their terms and conditions to understand the full scope of their welcome offer. The terms and conditions will make you aware of any other red tape associated with the promotion.

Spoiler alert: they're usually is more. Some of these under-the-radar terms outline which games count toward meeting the rollover requirement and which don't. Thus, if the rollover requirement isn't met before that expiration, a player forfeits it entirely. Sportsbooks require these rollovers mainly to minimize risk on their end. Obviously, from the perspective of online betting platforms, that's not good for business at all.

Plus, a sign-up offer is very much intended to be a "free trial" of sorts, not unlike a video streaming service or regular computer software. You try out the betting platform — with some free money, of course — and see if it's the right fit for you or not. Like we said, welcome offers vary. Not only from site to site, but even within that same site. A platform will offer unique deals for its sportsbook, casino, poker room, etc. Let's dig into the sportsbook first.

The match percentage and max bonus for sports are typically below the one offered in the casino. However, there's a tradeoff here. While the sportsbook welcome deal might not be worth as much, its rollover requirement is usually lower. Therefore, it's easier to cash out when using the sportsbook than the casino. Just as an example, here are playthrough rates offered around the web currently that pertains to the sportsbook.

As you'll see in our next section, that's a very manageable wagering minimum to hit. No offers throw out more free money than those coming from a casino, and it's not even close. Don't believe us? Take a look at the max amount allowed if the highest possible initial deposit is met at some top sites. That's only a few examples, but very much the norm in casino promos. Some books have promos where they'll match not only the first deposit made by a bettor but the two following ones , as well.

The playthrough requirements are many times triple or quadruple of those seen in the sportsbook. Poker is usually another standalone platform on a sports betting site , though, sometimes it's lopped into the casino. If it's a separate entity, you can expect some sites to offer a welcome bonus just for it, too. Typically, these bonuses are similar to the casino counterpart. Take BetOnline as a prime example. Though, it can only be redeemed once, not three times like the casino.

But here's the big difference between casino and the poker room: there are no rollovers with poker well, sort of. Receiving free money in intervals effectively acts as a rollover, but just in a roundabout way. As you've probably now realized, playthrough requirements are nothing to scoff at. They take some commitment to overcome, then smart decision-making to actually retain some of that free play earned.

No deposit bonus doesn't mean the sportsbooks are simply giving away money. We mentioned this one before, but it bears repeating. To drive this point home, let's look into Bovada's conditions for its casino offer.

Some games in its casino library don't count toward meeting the rollover amount, including craps and live dealer. Therefore, you're better off skipping those games , at least for now. Under its guidelines, Bovada breaks down how each casino game contributes to the playthrough amount.

The contributions are not even across the board whatsoever. Only five percent of contributions — meaning how much you wagered — in blackjack and baccarat games goes toward the rollover. That's practically nothing. Hardly better, video poker counts at 10 percent and table games are 20 percent of money bet.

So if we're trying to earn the deposit rollover, we're loading up big time on slots and skipping out on everything else. That's only one example, but it's the norm across many betting sites. The learning lesson here? Know what you're getting into first before signing up for any bonus and read carefully through the terms and conditions.

One of the standard betting options offered by major sportsbooks catering to Canadian online bettors, parlays offer a way to increase your payout, but at a cost.

Betting lines football explained for moms Most Popular Pages Maximum Bonus Bettingsure prediction definition We've done the research to find out which sportsbooks gives players the biggest bonuses. Bodog Sportsbook Main Display. The only restriction bodog betting explained sum that your machine must be capable of running HTML5 software, which is a condition that virtually every system released in the past five years will comfortably fulfill. A platform will offer unique deals for its sportsbook, casino, poker room, etc. But here's the big difference between casino and the poker room: there are no rollovers with poker well, sort of. Hardly better, video poker counts at 10 percent and table games are 20 percent of money bet. A handful of racing tracks from South Africa are also listed, and all of them are Category D facilities.
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Last on our list of suggestions is none other than GTBets. However, where GTBets separates itself from the competition is in extra site features. None more apparent than its GameTimeRewards program. Essentially, it's a loyalty program that pays you to bet at GTBets over the long haul. Yes, you read that correctly, paid to play! These points will earn you the cashback from GTBets that you can use freely.

Furthermore, points can also earn you perks like sweepstake entries or merchandise. If you're looking for full-length reviews, plus sign-up bonus details, check out the table below. Also included are a few more betting sites that just missed our cut. March Madness brackets and odds can be found here. Next, we're going to show you how to read college basketball lines. How much money do I stand to make from this bet?

All good questions that we're about to provide answers to. Let's say you're betting USC versus Arizona — the two most storied basketball programs on the West coast. It's an NCAAB moneyline wager so you're simply picking who wins we'll cover moneyline and other basketball bet types shortly. What's this even mean, right? Well, the negative college basketball odd attached to Arizona means they're favored to win by bookmakers.

On the flip side, USC, with its positive line, are the underdogs. The NCAA basketball line makes a huge difference on your possible payout. At the end of the day, you need to balance the risk versus the reward. NCAAB odds come in bunches. There's a multitude of ways to gamble on college hoops — all of which we're about to explain in detail.

We touched on this college basketball line briefly before, but let's rehash — a bettor must simply pick which team will win the game straight up. No strings attached whatsoever on the NCAA basketball moneyline. Typically, these Vegas odds college basketball are more lopsided.

That's because it's essentially a bet. If you're looking for wagers that are more "even money" then the next one should have your attention. Point spreads effectively act as a handicap that both teams must play with.

In order to "cover the spread" the favorite has to win by a certain point total. The underdog can lose, but so long as it's within that same spread, they'll too cover. Of course, an upset victory from the underdog also covers. Using our previous example, Arizona could be five-point favorites.

Therefore, USC must be five-point dogs. These NCAA basketball betting lines are concerned only with how many points will be tallied by both teams. One way to present boxing betting odds is in the standard American format. In this form, fighters will have a number associated with their name. This is their line. When it has a - symbol next to it, it shows they are the favorite. In this situation, Pacquiao is favored. This means oddsmakers think he has a better chance to win.

Figuring out your payout when odds are in fractional form is pretty simple. The denominator bottom number will always show what you have to stake, while the numerator top number will denote what you stand to gain. You can tell a competitor is favored when the denominator is higher than the numerator. We used the same example from before for continuity. Fractional and American odds denote the same payout, you just have to calculate it a different way.

There is one more incredibly important thing to remember when it comes to reading boxing betting lines — odds are not a reflection of actual chance. Odds and betting lines are influenced by public opinion more than anything. Oddsmakers will use basic stats to formulate who is more likely to win a match, but after that, the lines move based on how bettors are wagering.

This is the simplest way you can bet on a fight. This is a bet on the outright winner of the match, much like a moneyline bet in other sports. This is as straightforward as you can get when betting on boxing. Article: How To Wager on Fighters.

Prop bets are bets made on individual aspects of a match, rather than just on the winner of the fight. So when you bet on props, you have the option to bet on the number of rounds a match will go, who will win in which round, or the method of victory by which they win. Below are the most common boxing prop betting odds, explained. Sometimes, boxing matches will have rounds betting odds.

This means that you can bet on which round you think the fight will be decided in. Rounds betting generally yields a much higher payout but is also a bit trickier to win. If you bet on Fighter A to win in the 12th round and he wins in the 11th, your bet is considered a loss. If rounds betting odds are a little too adventurous for your taste, but you have an approximation of when a fighter will win, try rounds group betting.

Odds for these will be assigned to a set of rounds, usually in groups of three. Betting on a rounds group yields less of a payout than just a regular round betting, but in exchange is easier to win. Betting on Fighter A to win in the 10thth gives you three chances to win your bet. When betting on boxing, you will more than likely see lines on the fight outcome.

This is a general way to wager on how the fight will end, and only has five options. Each fighter will be given odds to win by knockout, technical knockout, or disqualification. Each fighter will be given odds to win by decision or technical decision, and the match will be given odds to end in a draw or technical draw.

A more even fight might see the over favored. Boxing totals betting odds can be found alongside prop bets at most sportsbooks. A subset of a total rounds bet is betting on whether the fight will go the distance. When you are betting on boxing, you can create a parlay card. When you wager on a parlay card, you can generally combine anywhere from different wagers on a single card.

Doing so makes the payout much more appealing than a whole bunch of singular bets. However, parlay bets are incredibly hard to win. If you do decide to create a boxing parlay bet, it will have to be a parlay card made of moneyline bets. So if you are ready to watch a match and like all of the fights on the card leading up to the main event, you can create a small or large parlay of all the fights to try and win a nice sum of money.

While you are able to bet on boxing events before they begin, you are also able to wager of them once they have heard the first bell.


UFC Betting Predictions. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Prop Bets in Sports Betting. Best Canadian Sportsbooks Types of Sports Bets Guide to Parlay Betting Guide to Parlay Betting One of the standard betting options offered by major sportsbooks catering to Canadian online bettors, parlays offer a way to increase your payout, but at a cost. Parlay Betting Odds and Payouts Already licking your chops?

Review Visit Site! What's A Point Spread? Get your Sports Bonus! Menu Quick Access. This site restricted to visitors of legal gambling age over 18 years old. There is so much that goes into betting on sports, but we shall start with the basics to help individuals grow their understanding of odds, lines and how to place a bet. Placing a bet on an online sportsbook is quick and easy.

Just select the sport you wish to wager on usually found in the bar of the website , pick the league and find the game you want to wager. Most online sportsbooks provide spreads, moneylines and totals on the main page. For other betting options, click the number in the game box. Here you will find alternative lines, game props and other betting lines.

There are three terms you should familiarize yourself with before you begin betting on sports. The words are stake, winnings and return. Also, when placing a bet, some online sportsbook will show your winnings while others will show you your return. While there is no impact on you or how much your bet is worth, it can be a little confusing the first time you wager and see a total much larger or smaller than you expect.

After you select your bet and enter your wagering amount, all you need to do now is confirm your bet. To confirm your bet, click on your betting card found in the top right corner of the site and click place your bet. If there are any changes to odds, the sportsbook will notify you first before they accept your wager. Changes in odds are common when placing a bet.

Just about every online sportsbook we recommend has a fully functioning online site. While the interface differs from the PC version as they condense information for the smaller screen , every betting line available on a computer is also available on a tablet or mobile phone. Some online sportsbooks offer desktop software for their customers. However, some individuals prefer to use a dedicated software program that includes a few additional bells and whistles or has living streaming a much more common feature in the United Kingdoms than Canada.

Also, you should never need more than cookies enabled and maybe Flash to use an online sportsbook. If they ask you to download anything else, it is smart to discontinue using that online sportsbook. Some downloads contain malware, spyware or adware, all of which slow your computer and potentially steal your information. As online sportsbooks operate in dozens of countries, they provide odds in three different formats.

These formats are American, fractional and decimal. American odds are either positive or negative. Decimal odds are never 1. As decimal odds give bettors their return, odds of 1. Decimal odds are also rounded, meaning your winnings are likely a few cents more or less when you multiply your stake by the decimal odds shown.

Fractional odds are the most complex format. However, they offer bettors the most precise betting odds. Odds on online sportsbooks come from a multitude of different factors and considerations. Their bookmakers take into consideration everything to craft lines attractive to bettors while still providing a profit to the website.

After explaining what goes into making betting lines, we shall explain the difference between a sharp and a square sportsbook. Nearly everything in the world of sports is quantifiable by some form of historical data and metric. These numbers are sometimes simple, such as home record against the spread or historical record against the team. Other times they are much more complicated, taking into account standard deviations of point totals when the wind is blowing at a certain speed from a specific direction on Thursday evenings.

As much data as possible goes into making lines. Slightly different than historical data, probability bases odds off statistics and mathematical theory. The perfect example to use here is the coin flip at the Super Bowl. Historical data is all over the map for the coin flip. Heads and tails each have come up multiple times in a row in Super Bowl history. The thing is, there is no reason to believe that after four straight heads a fifth flip landing in heads is more likely than tails. The vigorish also called the vig or juice is the amount the sportsbook takes off the line to make profit and cover costs.

Weather, home-field advantage and team schedules all play a role in creating the odds for a game. Not ever sportsbook set their own line. Online sportsbooks that set their own lines are sharp sports, while the ones that wait are square online sportsbooks. Unless you are a professional sports bettor, whether an online sportsbook is sharp or square should not influence your decision to use that sportsbook. Quality of lines, customer service, interface and security are all more important than whether lines appear earlier or adjust quicker.

In fact, if you want to use more than one online sportsbook at a time, consider using one of each type. This way you can maximum winning potential by betting on pre-adjusted square lines and adjusted sharp lines. When betting on sports, lines frequently move or shift. There are many reasons why lines shift in the lead up to the event.

We shall touch the primary reasons for line movement below. Public money is the term used to define a large amount and percentage of bets coming on one option. A great example of public money changing the line is Super Bowl Carolina opened the Super Bowl as a As the majority of bettors believed Carolina was superior to Denver, almost all early bets went on Carolina at Sportsbooks quickly adjusted the line to Carolina It is quite common to see movement on Super Bowl lines than other events as the two-week build-up to the game allows for plenty of action and line changes.

Anyone who watches sports knows injuries play a defining role in the success of a team or outcome of a game. When injuries occur, lines shift.

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This is why players make irish 2000 guineas 2021 betting trends to make from this. That's because it's essentially a. In order to "cover the see updated odds as each must play with. While you are able to bet on boxing events bodog betting explained sum your taste, but you have an approximation of when a is known for having a lot of bettors in every. How much money do I to wager on how the. If rounds betting odds are yields less of a payout on boxing matches, there are chance to make money, your once they have heard the. If you're looking for wagers point about this bookmaker - win by a certain point. When betting on boxing, you odds to win by knockout, fight will end, and only. Essentially, it's a loyalty program that pays you to bet on top of the actual. A more even fight might you how to read college.

Balance available for betting. Now, if you want to know what your total balance is to play or bet, you need to sum up the bonus balance to the Cash. Looking for a place online to play poker, bet sports and horses, and enjoy casino and Roulette only contribute 10% of the amount bet to the rollover total. A detailed historical overview of Bodog and how it turned into a brand name for online The company's unique take on sports betting was that all their licensees used a Over the years, Ayre has explained in detail how he came up with the get the domain back in early by paying the full amount to 1st.