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The computing power of the desktop computer allowed for the rapid conversion of spatial domain data into the frequency domain, enabling the application of sophisticated signal processing techniques to be applied to the analysis of surface roughness, the most powerful of which is the power spectral density PSP function. Application of the PSD function to surface statistics introduced the concept of 'bandwidth-limited' roughness, where the value of the RMS roughness depends critically upon the spatial frequency response of the instrument.

Different instruments with different spatial frequency response characteristics give different answers when measuring the same surface. Arterial stenoses of moderate extent may involve modifications of the blood flow. Arterial shading is not always examined at the best incident angle to assess the extent of the stenosis. Spectral frequency analysis by Doppler examination is a good means of evaluating the effect of moderate arterial lesions.

The present study was carried out with a Doppler effect having an acoustic spectrum, which is shown in a histogram having 16 frequency bands. The values were recorded on the two femoral arteries. Thirteen patients with iliac lesions of different extent were included in the study; details of these lesions were established in all cases by aortography.

None of the recorded frequency histograms were located within the normal envelope. A very fast method to calculate spectral line shapes emitted by plasmas accounting for charge particle dynamics and effects of an external magnetic field is proposed. This method relies on a new formulation of the Frequency Fluctuation Model FFM , which yields to an expression of the dynamic line profile as a functional of the static distribution function of frequencies.

This highly efficient formalism, not limited to hydrogen-like systems, allows to calculate pure Stark and Stark-Zeeman line shapes for a wide range of density, temperature and magnetic field values, which is of importance in plasma physics and astrophysics. Various applications of this method are presented for conditions related to fusion plasmas. Frequency -dependant homogenized properties of composite using spectral analysis method.

An inverse procedure is proposed to determine the material constants of multilayered composites using a spectral analysis homogenization method. Recursive process gives interfacial displacement perpendicular to layers in term of deepness.

A fast-Fourier transform FFT procedure has been used in order to extract the wave numbers propagating in the multilayer. The upper frequency bound of this homogenization domain is estimated. Inside the homogenization domain, we discover a maximum of three planes waves susceptible to propagate in the medium. A consistent algorithm is adopted to develop an inverse procedure for the determination of the materials constants of multidirectional composite. The extracted wave numbers are used as the inputs for the procedure.

The outputs are the elastic constants of multidirectional composite. The stochastic method of simulating ground motions requires the specification of the shape and scaling with magnitude of the source spectrum. The spectral models commonly used are either single-corner- frequency or double-corner- frequency models, but the latter have no flexibility to vary the high- frequency spectral levels for a specified seismic moment.

Both models have a low- frequency dependence controlled by the seismic moment, and a high- frequency spectral level controlled by the seismic moment and a stress parameter. A wide range of spectral shapes can be obtained from these generalized spectral models, which makes them suitable for inversions of data to obtain spectral models that can be used in ground-motion simulations in situations where adequate data are not available for purely empirical determinations of ground motions, as in stable continental regions.

As an example of the use of the generalized source spectral models, data from up to 40 stations from seven events, plus response spectra at two distances and two magnitudes from recent ground-motion prediction equations, were inverted to obtain the parameters controlling the spectral shapes, as well as a finite-fault factor that is used in point-source, stochastic-method simulations of ground motion.

The fits to the data are comparable to or even better than those from finite-fault simulations, even for sites close to large earthquakes. Synchronization to metrical levels in music depends on low- frequency spectral components and tempo. Previous studies have found relationships between music-induced movement and musical characteristics on more general levels, such as tempo or pulse clarity. Participants were asked to move along with the stimuli while being recorded with an optical motion capture system.

Synchronization analysis was performed relative to the beat and the bar level of the music and four body parts. Results suggest that participants synchronized different body parts to specific metrical levels; in particular, vertical movements of hip and feet were synchronized to the beat level when the music contained large amounts of low- frequency spectral flux and had a slower tempo, while synchronization of head and hands was more tightly coupled to the weak flux stimuli at the bar level.

Synchronization was generally more tightly coupled to the slower versions of the same stimuli, while synchronization showed an inverted u-shape effect at the bar level as tempo increased. These results indicate complex relationships between musical characteristics, in particular regarding metrical and temporal structure, and our ability to synchronize and entrain to such musical stimuli.

Higher frequency of cholelithiasis in eosinophilic cholecystitis, an unusual finding. To determine the frequency of cholelithiasis in eosinophilic cholecystitis in our population. Study Design: Prospective descriptive study. Material and Methods: Eighteen hundred cholecystectomy specimens were included in the study. The specimens were examined grossly, measured and block selection was done. The slides made were examined under light microscope by one histopathologist and findings were analyzed.

Results: Out of cholecystectomy specimens, 25 cases 1. Conclusion: Eosinophilic cholecystitis in our population is mostly calculous which is very significant finding contrary to data given in western literature, where most of eosinophilic cholecystitis is aclculous. This needs further evaluation to determine any genetic, geographic, environmental, dietary, microbiological or any other factor responsible in etiopathogenesis of calculous eosinophilic cholecystitis in our population, which could be helpful in prevention and management of this disease.

Higher -order triangular spectral element method with optimized cubature points for seismic wavefield modeling. Liu, Youshan, E-mail: ysliu mail. The mass-lumped method avoids the cost of inverting the mass matrix and simultaneously maintains spatial accuracy by adopting additional interior integration points, known as cubature points. To date, such points are only known analytically in tensor domains, such as quadrilateral or hexahedral elements.

Thus, the diagonal-mass-matrix spectral element method SEM in non-tensor domains always relies on numerically computed interpolation points or quadrature points. However, only the cubature points for degrees 1 to 6 are known, which is the reason that we have developed a p-norm-based optimization algorithm to obtain higher -order cubature points. In this way, we obtain and tabulate new cubature points with all positive integration weights for degrees 7 to 9.

The dispersion analysis illustrates that the dispersion relation determined from the new optimized cubature points is comparable to that of the mass and stiffness matrices obtained by exact integration. Simultaneously, the Lebesgue constant for the new optimized cubature points indicates its surprisingly good interpolation properties.

As a result, such points provide both good interpolation properties and integration accuracy. A numerical example conducted on a half-space model demonstrates that the OTSEM improves the accuracy by approximately one order of magnitude compared to the conventional Fekete-based TSEM.

In terms of computational. The spectrum is best described as a sum of a central starburst and extended emission. The central component, corresponding to the inner pc of the starburst region of the galaxy, is best modeled as an internally free—free absorbed synchrotron plasma, with a turnover frequency around MHz.

The extended emission component of the spectrum of NGC is best described as a synchrotron emission flattening at low radio frequencies. Most of this flattening occurs in the western region of the southeast halo, and may be indicative of synchrotron self-absorption of shock-reaccelerated electrons or an intrinsic low-energy cutoff of the electron distribution.

Furthermore, we detect the large-scale synchrotron radio halo of NGC in our radio images. Homogeneous spectral spanning of terahertz semiconductor lasers with radio frequency modulation. Homogeneous broadband and electrically pumped semiconductor radiation sources emitting in the terahertz regime are highly desirable for various applications, including spectroscopy, chemical sensing, and gas identification. However, these devices are normally characterized by either a narrow emission spectrum due to the narrow gain bandwidth of the inter-subband optical transitions or an inhomogeneous broad terahertz spectrum from lasers with heterogeneous stacks of active regions.

Here, we report the demonstration of homogeneous spectral spanning of long-cavity terahertz semiconductor quantum cascade lasers based on a bound-to-continuum and resonant phonon design under radio frequency modulation. The homogeneous broadband terahertz sources can be used for spectroscopic applications, i. Real-time frequency -to-time mapping based on spectrally -discrete chromatic dispersion. Traditional photonics-assisted real-time Fourier transform RTFT usually suffers from limited chromatic dispersion, huge volume, or large time delay and attendant loss.

In this paper we propose frequency -to-time mapping FTM by spectrally -discrete dispersion to increase frequency sensitivity greatly. Real-time FTM is then obtained within each period. Since only discrete phase retardation rather than continuously-changed true time delay is required, huge equivalent dispersion is then available by compact device.

Such FTM is theoretically analyzed, and implementation by cascaded optical ring resonators is proposed. After a numerical example, our theory is demonstrated by a proof-of-concept experiment, where a single loop containing 0. Highly-sensitive and linear mapping is achieved with 6.

Extended instantaneous bandwidth is expected by ring cascading. Our proposal may provide a promising method for real-time, low-latency Fourier transform. Dynamic analysis of smart composite beams by using the frequency domain spectral element method. To excite or measure the dynamic responses of a laminated composite structure for the active controls of vibrations or noises, wafertype piezoelectric transducers are often bonded on the surface of the composite structure to form a multi layer smart composite structure.

In this paper, the axial-bending coupled equations of motion and boundary conditions are derived for two layer smart composite beams by using the Hamilton's principle with Lagrange multipliers. The spectral element model is then formulated in the frequency domain by using the variation approach. Through some numerical examples, the extremely high accuracy of the present spectral element model is verified by comparing with the solutions by the conventional finite element model provided in this paper.

The effects of the lay up of composite laminates and surface bonded wafer type piezoelectric PZT layer on the dynamics and wave characteristics of smart composite beams are investigated. The effective constraint forces at the interface between the base beam and PZT layer are also investigated via Lagrange multipliers.

Modulation of EEG spectral edge frequency during patterned pneumatic oral stimulation in preterm infants. Background Stimulation of the nervous system plays a central role in brain development and neurodevelopmental outcome. Thalamocortical and corticocortical development is diminished in premature infants and correlated to electroencephalography EEG progression. Methods Twenty two preterm infants were randomized to experimental and control conditions.

Pulsed orocutaneous stimulation was presented during gavage feedings begun at around 32 weeks postmenstrual age PMA. Conclusion This is the first study to demonstrate the modulating effects of a servo-controlled oral somatosensory input on the spectral features of EEG activity in preterm infants.

Full Text Available There are various techniques for speech watermarking based on modifying the linear prediction coefficients LPCs; however, the estimated and modified LPCs vary from each other even without attacks. To reduce the differences between estimated and modified LPCs, a checking loop is added to minimize the watermark extraction error.

Experimental results show that the proposed semifragile speech watermarking method can provide high imperceptibility and that any manipulation of the watermark signal destroys the watermark bits since manipulation changes it to a random stream of bits. Oxygen, nitrogen and air broadening of HCN spectral lines at terahertz frequencies. The room-temperature nitrogen- and oxygen-broadening coefficients of hydrogen cyanide spectral lines have been measured in the 0.

An improved version of the Robert and Bonamy semiclassical formalism has been used to calculate the oxygen-broadening coefficients and resulted in a good agreement with these measurements. A significant difference is observed between the measured and tabulated values for transitions with high values of the rotational quantum number.

A similar polynomial expression has been derived for the nitrogen broadening to aid the studies of Titan's atmosphere. Maurice Schumann, Dunkerque France ], E-mail: francis. Understanding surface and interfacial lateral organization in material and biological systems is critical in nearly every field of science. The continued development of tools and techniques viable for elucidation of interfacial and surface information is therefore necessary to address new questions and further current investigations.

Sum frequency spectroscopy SFS is a label-free, nonlinear optical technique with inherent surface specificity that can yield critical organizational information on interfacial species. Unfortunately, SFS provides no spatial information on a surface; small scale heterogeneities that may exist are averaged over the large areas typically probed. Over the past decade, this has begun to be addressed with the advent of SFS microscopy. Here we detail the construction and function of a total internal reflection TIR SFS spectral and confocal fluorescence imaging microscope directly amenable to surface investigations.

Characterizing riverbed sediment using high- frequency acoustics 1: spectral properties of scattering. Bed-sediment classification using high- frequency hydro-acoustic instruments is challenging when sediments are spatially heterogeneous, which is often the case in rivers. The use of acoustic backscatter to classify sediments is an attractive alternative to analysis of topography because it is potentially sensitive to grain-scale roughness. Here, a new method is presented which uses high- frequency acoustic backscatter from multibeam sonar to classify heterogeneous riverbed sediments by type sand, gravel,rock continuously in space and at small spatial resolution.

In this, the first of a pair of papers that examine the scattering signatures from a heterogeneous riverbed, methods are presented to construct spatially explicit maps of spectral properties from geo-referenced point clouds of geometrically and radiometrically corrected echoes.

Backscatter aggregated over small spatial scales have spectra that obey a power-law. This apparently self-affine behavior could instead arise from morphological- and grain-scale roughnesses over multiple overlapping scales, or riverbed scattering being transitional between Rayleigh and geometric regimes. Relationships exist between stochastic geometries of backscatter and areas of rough and smooth sediments.

However, no one parameter can uniquely characterize a particular substrate, nor definitively separate the relative contributions of roughness and acoustic impedance hardness. Combinations of spectral quantities do, however, have the potential to delineate riverbed sediment patchiness, in a data-driven approach comparing backscatter with bed-sediment observations which is the subject of part two of this manuscript. Spatial resolution dependence on spectral frequency in human speech cortex electrocorticography.

Electrocorticography ECoG has become an important tool in human neuroscience and has tremendous potential for emerging applications in neural interface technology. Electrode array design parameters are outstanding issues for both research and clinical applications, and these parameters depend critically on the nature of the neural signals to be recorded.

Here, we investigate the functional spatial resolution of neural signals recorded at the human cortical surface. We empirically derive spatial spread functions to quantify the shared neural activity for each frequency band of the electrocorticogram. Five subjects with high-density 4 mm center-to-center spacing ECoG grid implants participated in speech perception and production tasks while neural activity was recorded from the speech cortex, including superior temporal gyrus, precentral gyrus, and postcentral gyrus.

The cortical surface field potential was decomposed into traditional EEG frequency bands. Signal similarity between electrode pairs for each frequency band was quantified using a Pearson correlation coefficient. Main results. The correlation of neural activity between electrode pairs was inversely related to the distance between the electrodes; this relationship was used to quantify spatial falloff functions for cortical subdomains.

As expected, lower frequencies remained correlated over larger distances than higher frequencies. However, both the envelope and phase of gamma and high gamma frequencies Hz are largely uncorrelated frequencies , whereas less additional gain is achieved for lower frequencies. Our findings quantitatively demonstrate the dependence of ECoG spatial resolution on the neural frequency of interest. We demonstrate that this relationship is consistent across patients and.

Bumblebees Bombus terrestris and honeybees Apis mellifera prefer similar colours of higher spectral purity over trained colours. Differences in the concentration of pigments as well as their composition and spatial arrangement cause intraspecific variation in the spectral signature of flowers. Known colour preferences and requirements for flower-constant foraging bees predict different responses to colour variability.

In experimental settings, we simulated small variations of unicoloured petals and variations in the spatial arrangement of colours within tricoloured petals using artificial flowers and studied their impact on the colour choices of bumblebees and honeybees. Workers were trained to artificial flowers of a given colour and then given the simultaneous choice between three test colours: either the training colour, one colour of lower and one of higher spectral purity, or the training colour, one colour of lower and one of higher dominant wavelength; in all cases the perceptual contrast between the training colour and the additional test colours was similarly small.

Bees preferred artificial test flowers which resembled the training colour with the exception that they preferred test colours with higher spectral purity over trained colours. Testing the behaviour of bees at artificial flowers displaying a centripetal or centrifugal arrangement of three equally sized colours with small differences in spectral purity, bees did not prefer any type of artificial flowers, but preferentially choose the most spectrally pure area for the first antenna contact at both types of artificial flowers.

Our results indicate that innate preferences for flower colours of high spectral purity in pollinators might exert selective pressure on the evolution of flower colours. Large collecting area single dish telescope such as ATLAST will be especially effective for medium R and high R spectral resolution observations.

Large focal plane array is a natural solution to increase mapping speed. For medium resolution direct detectors with filter banks KIDs and or heterodyne technology can be employed. We will analyze performance limits of comparable KID and SIS focal plane array taking into account quantum limit and high background condition of terrestrial observing site. This and possible multi frequency band FPSs presents a practical challenge for spatial sampling and scanning strategies.

Dispersive heterodyne probing method for laser frequency stabilization based on spectral hole burning in rare-earth doped crystals. Frequency -locking a laser to a spectral hole in rare-earth doped crystals at cryogenic temperature has been shown to be a promising alternative to the use of high finesse Fabry-Perot cavities when seeking a very high short term stability laser M.

Thorpe et al. We demonstrate here a novel technique for achieving such stabilization, based on generating a heterodyne beat-note between a master laser and a slave laser whose dephasing caused by propagation near a spectral hole generate the error signal of the frequency lock. The master laser is far detuned from Quantitative spectral and orientational analysis in surface sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy SFG-VS.

Sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy SFG-VS has been proven to be a uniquely effective spectroscopic technique in the investigation of molecular structure and conformations, as well as the dynamics of molecular interfaces. In this review, we try to make assessments of the limitations, issues and techniques as well as methodologies in quantitative orientational and spectral analysis with SFG-VS.

The polarization and incident angle dependencies of the SFG-VS intensity are also reviewed, in the light of how experimental arrangements can be optimized to effectively abstract crucial information from the SFG-VS experiments. The values and models of the local field factors in the molecular layers are discussed. Power spectral density and scaling exponent of high frequency global solar radiation sequences. Solar energy converter devices such as photovoltaic cells are very sensitive to instantaneous solar radiation fluctuations.

Thus rapid variation of solar radiation due to changes in the local meteorological condition can induce large amplitude fluctuations of the produced electrical power and reduce the overall efficiency of the system. When large amount of photovoltaic electricity is send into a weak or small electricity network such as island network, the electric grid security can be in jeopardy due to these power fluctuations.

The integration of this energy in the electrical network remains a major challenge, due to the high variability of solar radiation in time and space. To palliate these difficulties, it is essential to identify the characteristic of these fluctuations in order to anticipate the eventuality of power shortage or power surge. Consequently, the normalized original solar radiation sequence G' t can be written as a sum of Ci t with a residual rn.

Higher balance task demands are associated with an increase in individual alpha peak frequency. Full Text Available Balance control is fundamental for most daily motor activities, and its impairment is associated with an increased risk of falling. Growing evidence suggests the human cortex is essentially contributing to the control of standing balance. However, the exact mechanisms remain unclear and need further investigation.

In a previous study we introduced a new protocol to identify electrocortical activity associated with performance of different continuous balance tasks with the eyes opened. The aim of this study was to extend our previous results by investigating the individual alpha peak frequency iAPF, a neurophysiological marker of thalamo-cortical information transmission, which remained unconsidered so far in balance research.

Thirty-seven subjects completed nine balance tasks varying in surface stability and base of support. Electroencephalography EEG was recorded from 32 scalp locations throughout balancing with the eyes closed to ensure reliable identification of the iAPF. Balance performance was quantified as the sum of anterior-posterior and medio-lateral movements of the supporting platform.

The iAPF, as well as power in the theta, lower alpha and upper alpha frequency bands were determined for each balance task after applying an ICA-based artifact rejection procedure. Higher demands on balance control were associated with a global increase in iAPF and a decrease in lower alpha power.

These results may indicate increased thalamo-cortical information transfer and general cortical activation, respectively. In addition, a significant increase in upper alpha activity was observed in the fronto-central region whereas it decreased in the centro-parietal region.

IAPF as well as theta and alpha power were correlated with platform movements. The results provide new insights into spectral and spatial characteristics. It is now a common practice to employ ground-based radars in order to distinguish between those regions of the Earth's upper atmosphere which are magnetically conjugate to open and closed field lines. Radar returns from ionospheric irregularities inside the polar cap and cusp regions generally exhibit large spectral widths in contrast to those which exist on closed field lines at lower latitudes.

It has been suggested that the so-called Spectral Width Boundary SWB might act as a proxy for the open-closed field line boundary OCFLB , which would then be an invaluable tool for investigating reconnection rates in the magnetosphere. The exact cause of the increased spectral widths observed at very high latitudes is still subject to considerable debate.

Several mechanisms have been proposed. On this occasion, a series of transient regions of radar backscatter exhibiting large spectral widths are accompanied by increases in spectral power of ULF waves in the Pc frequency band. These observations would then, seem to support the possibility that high frequency magnetospheric wave activity at least contribute to the observed spectral characteristics and that such wave activity might play a significant role in the cusp and polar cap ionospheres.

Effect of higher frequency on the classification of steady-state visual evoked potentials. The fundamental objective of this study was to investigate the effect of stimulation frequency and duty-cycle on the usability of an SSVEP-based BCI system. The four different experimental conditions were tested with 26 subjects in order to investigate the impact of stimulation frequency and duty-cycle on performance and visual fatigue, and evaluated with a questionnaire survey.

Resting state alpha powers were utilized to interpret our results from the neurophysiological point of view. The stimulation method employing higher frequencies not only showed less visual fatigue, but it also showed higher and more stable classification performance compared to that employing relatively lower frequencies. The performance of the higher frequency stimulation method was also less susceptible to resting state alpha powers, while that of the lower frequency stimulation method was negatively correlated with alpha powers.

These results suggest that the use of higher frequency visual stimuli is more beneficial for performance improvement and stability as time passes when developing practical SSVEP-based BCI applications. The essential parameters determining the usefulness as a macroscopic frequency reference, linewidth, temperature sensitivity, and long-term stability, were characterized using a H-maser stabilized frequency comb.

We discuss the necessary requirements for achieving ultrahigh stability in laser frequency stabilization to these spectral holes. Stuttering results from complex interactions between factors such as motor, language, emotional and genetic.

These recordings were from people of ages 12y11m to 19y5m, who were referred to clinics in London for assessment of their stuttering. The performance metrics used for interpreting the results are sensitivity, accuracy, precision and misclassification rate. Higher order structure analysis of nano-materials by spectral reflectance of laser-plasma soft x-ray. We have proposed a new experimental arrangement to measure spectral reflectance of nano-materials for analyzing higher order structure with laser-plasma soft x-rays.

The measurement of the spectral reflectance of soft x-rays from laser-produced plasma was found to be a useful method for the structure analysis of nano-materials, especially those of rather poor periodicity. Hyper- spectral frequency selection for the classification of vegetation diseases.

Reducing the use of pesticides by early visual detection of diseases in precision agriculture is important. Because of the color similarity between potato-plant diseases, narrow band hyper- spectral imaging is required. Payload constraints on unmanned aerial vehicles require reduc- tion of spectral bands. Therefore, we present a methodology for per-patch classification combined with hyper- spectral band selection.

In controlled experiments performed on a set of individual leaves, we measure the CRISS power spectral density. The correlation of signal components at different frequencies like higher harmonics cannot be detected by a normal power spectral density measurement, since this technique correlates only components at the same frequency.

This paper describes a special method for measuring the correlation of two signal components at different frequencies : the CRISS power spectral density. From this new function in frequency analysis, the correlation of two components can be determined quantitatively either they stem from one signal or from two diverse signals. The principle of the method, suitable for the higher harmonics of a signal as well as for any other frequency combinations is shown for the digital frequency analysis technique.

Frequency doubling technique perimetry and spectral domain optical coherence tomography in patients with early glaucoma. The study included experienced participants in five age-related groups: 77 'preperimetric' open-angle glaucoma OAG patients, 52 'early' OAG, 50 'moderate' OAG, 54 ocular hypertensive patients, and 97 healthy subjects.

Glaucomatous visual field defects were classified using the Glaucoma Staging System. FDT evaluation used a published method with casewise calculation of an 'FDT-score', including all missed localized probability levels. To examine the joined value of both methods a combined score was introduced.

A current drive by using the fast wave in frequency range higher than two timeslower hybrid resonance frequency on tokamaks. Full Text Available An efficient current drive scheme in central or off-axis region is required for the steady state operation of tokamak fusion reactors. First, it has relatively higher parallel electric field to the magnetic field favorable to the current generation, compared to fast waves in other frequency range. Second, it can deeply penetrate into high density plasmas compared to the slow wave in the same frequency range.

Third, parasitic coupling to the slow wave can contribute also to the current drive avoiding parametric instability, thermal mode conversion and ion heating occured in the frequency range w High-resolution quantization based on soliton self- frequency shift and spectral compression in a bi-directional comb-fiber architecture. We propose and demonstrate an approach that can achieve high-resolution quantization by employing soliton self- frequency shift and spectral compression. Our approach is based on a bi-directional comb-fiber architecture which is composed of a Sagnac-loop-based mirror and a comb-like combination of N sections of interleaved single-mode fibers and high nonlinear fibers.

The Sagnac-loop-based mirror placed at the terminal of a bus line reflects the optical pulses back to the bus line to achieve additional N-stage spectral compression, thus single-stage soliton self- frequency shift SSFS and 2 N - 1 -stage spectral compression are realized in the bi-directional scheme.

In the experiment, a quantization resolution of 6. Full Text Available This study presents a method for the reconstruction of pixels contaminated by optical thick clouds in multi- spectral Landsat images using multi- frequency SAR data. A number of reconstruction techniques have already been proposed in the scientific literature. However, all of the existing techniques have certain limitations. The technique facilitates an elegant way to avoid radiometric distortions in the course of image reconstruction.

Furthermore the cloud cover removal is independent from underlying land cover types and assumptions on seasonality, etc. This represents a way of thinking about Radar data not as foreign, but as additional data source in multi- spectral remote sensing.

For the assessment of the image restoration performance, an experimental framework is established and a statistical evaluation protocol is designed. The results show the potential of a synergistic usage of multi- spectral and SAR data to overcome the loss of data due to cloud cover. Determining the von Mises stress power spectral density for frequency domain fatigue analysis including out-of-phase stress components. This paper provides a new formula to take into account phase differences in the determination of an equivalent von Mises stress power spectral density PSD from multiple random inputs.

The obtained von Mises PSD can subsequently be used for fatigue analysis. The formula was derived for use in the commercial vehicle business and was implemented in combination with Finite Element software to predict and analyse fatigue failure in the frequency domain. Development of a spectral analyzer for radio- frequencies ; Etude et realisation d'un analyseur de spectres pour radio- frequences. Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires. This report describes an apparatus designed to show on the screen of a cathode ray tube the amplitude and frequency distribution of the spectral components of a given signal.

The frequency range is from 5 kHz to 25 MHz. Two fundamental elements are used in the development of this apparatus, a ferrite and a ring modulator. The basic properties of these elements are studied and discussed. A theoretical study for the determination of the fundamental parameters of the analyzer is presented in the Appendix. Il fonctionne dans la gamme de frequences s'etendant de 5 kHz a 25 MHz. Deux elements interviennent fondamentalement dans la realisation de cet appareil: un echantillon de ferrite et un modulateur en anneau.

Des proprietes particulieres de ces elements sont etudiees et discutees. En annexe une theorie s'appliquant a la determination de parametres fondamentaux de l'analyseur est developpee. The former approach requires solving systems. Frequency domain Monte Carlo simulation method for cross power spectral density driven by periodically pulsed spallation neutron source using complex-valued weight Monte Carlo. The cross power spectral density CPSD , which can be used for monitoring the subcriticality of the ADS, is composed of the correlated and uncorrelated components.

The uncorrelated component is described by a series of the Dirac delta functions that occur at the integer multiples of the pulse repetition frequency. In the present paper, a Monte Carlo method to solve the Fourier transformed neutron transport equation with a periodically pulsed neutron source term has been developed to obtain the CPSD in ADSs.

Since the Fourier transformed flux is a complex-valued quantity, the Monte Carlo method introduces complex-valued weights to solve the Fourier transformed equation. The Monte Carlo algorithm used in this paper is similar to the one that was developed by the author of this paper to calculate the neutron noise caused by cross section perturbations.

The newly-developed Monte Carlo algorithm is benchmarked to the conventional time domain Monte Carlo simulation technique. The CPSDs are obtained both with the newly-developed frequency domain Monte Carlo method and the conventional time domain Monte Carlo method for a one-dimensional infinite slab. Sync transmission method and apparatus for high frequency pulsed neutron spectral analysis systems.

An improved synchronization system was developed for high- frequency pulsed-neutron gamma ray well-logging which extends the upper limit of the usable source pulsing frequency. A clock is used to pulse the neutron generator at a given frequency and a scaler generates scaled-down sync pulses at a lower frequency.

Radiation from the formations surrounding the borehole is detected and electrical signals related functionally to the radiation are generated. The scaled-down sync pulses and electrical signals are transmitted to the earth's surface via a seven conductor well logging cable. Full Text Available Frequency -difference electrical impedance tomography fdEIT reconstructs frequency -dependent changes of a complex impedance distribution.

It has a potential application in acute stroke detection because there are significant differences in impedance spectra between stroke lesions and normal brain tissues. However, fdEIT suffers from the influences of electrode-skin contact impedance since contact impedance varies greatly with frequency. When using fdEIT to detect stroke, it is critical to know the degree of measurement errors or image artifacts caused by contact impedance.

To our knowledge, no study has systematically investigated the frequency spectral properties of electrode-skin contact impedance on human head and its frequency -dependent effects on fdEIT used in stroke detection within a wide frequency band 10 Hz-1 MHz. In this study, we first measured and analyzed the frequency spectral properties of electrode-skin contact impedance on 47 human subjects' heads within 10 Hz-1 MHz. Then, we quantified the frequency -dependent effects of contact impedance on fdEIT in stroke detection in terms of the current distribution beneath the electrodes and the contact impedance imbalance between two measuring electrodes.

The contact impedance imbalance at low frequencies frequency -dependent influences on fdEIT and further studies on reducing such influences are necessary to improve the application of fdEIT in stroke detection. Frequency -difference electrical impedance tomography fdEIT reconstructs frequency -dependent changes of a complex impedance distribution.

Calculation of the intrinsic spectral density of current fluctuations in nanometric Schottky-barrier diodes at terahertz frequencies. Mahi, F. An analytical model for the noise spectrum of nanometric Schottky-barrier diodes SBD is developed. The calculated frequency dependence of the spectral density of current fluctuations exhibits resonances in the terahertz domain which are discussed and analyzed as functions of the length of the diode, free carrier concentration, length of the depletion region and applied voltage.

A good agreement obtained with direct Monte Carlo simulations of GaAs SBDs operating from barrier-limited to flat-band conditions fully validates the proposed approach. Low-power digital ASIC for on-chip spectral analysis of low- frequency physiological signals.

A digital ASIC chip customized for battery-operated body sensing devices is presented. Extensive experimental results suggest that the complete chip works as intended. The power consumption of the FFT unit is 0. This study is intended to investigate the frequency dependency of significant strain due to vibratory loads in aerospace vehicle components.

The notion that " higher frequency " dynamic loads applied as static loads is inherently conservative is perceived as widely accepted. This effort is focused on demonstrating that principle and attempting to evolve methods to capitalize on it to mitigate undue conservatism.

It has been suggested that observations of higher frequency modes that resulted in very low corresponding strain did so due to those modes not being significant. Strain and acceleration were measured at select locations on each of the boxes. When possible, strain gage rosettes and accelerometers were installed on either side of a given structural member so that measured strain and acceleration data would directly correspond to one another. Ultimately, a frequency above which vibratory loads can be disregarded for purposes of static structural analyses and sizing of typical robust aerospace components is sought.

Effect of water depth on wind-wave frequency spectrum I. Spectral form. Wen et al's method developed to obtain wind-wave frequency spectrum in deep water was used to derive the spectrum in finite depth water. Full Text Available Antipredator responses may appear unsuccessful when animals are exposed to approaching vehicles, often resulting in mortality. Recent studies have addressed whether certain biological traits are associated with variation in collision risk with cars, but not with higher speed-vehicles like aircraft.

Our goal was to establish the association between different species traits i. We proposed directional predictions as to how each of the species traits would affect the frequency of bird strikes. Considering 39 bird species with all traits represented, the model containing wing loading had the best fit to account for the variance in bird strikes across species.

In another model with 54 species exploring the fit to different polynomial models but considering only wing loading, we found that wing loading was negatively and linearly associated with the frequency of bird strikes. Counterintuitively, species with lower wing loading hence, greater maneuverability had a higher frequency of bird strikes.

We discuss potential non-mutually exclusive explanations e. Ultimately, our findings uncovered that species with low wing loading get struck at a higher rate at airports, which reduces the safety risk for humans because these species tend not to cause damaging strikes, but the ecological consequences of their potentially higher local mortality are unknown. Frequency domain finite-element and spectral -element acoustic wave modeling using absorbing boundaries and perfectly matched layer.

Wave propagation modeling as a vital tool in seismology can be done via several different numerical methods among them are finite-difference, finite-element, and spectral -element methods FDM, FEM and SEM. Some advanced applications in seismic exploration benefit the frequency domain modeling. Regarding flexibility in complex geological models and dealing with the free surface boundary condition, we studied the frequency domain acoustic wave equation using FEM and SEM.

The results demonstrated that the frequency domain FEM and SEM have a good accuracy and numerical efficiency with the second order interpolation polynomials. As a result, considering CE-ABC2 is more efficient than PML for the frequency domain acoustic wave propagation modeling especially when computational cost is high and high-level absorbing performance is unnecessary.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This SBIR phase I project proposes a tunable single frequency high energy fiber laser system for coherent Lidar systems for remote sensing. Current state-of-art Note: Demodulation of spectral signal modulated by optical chopper with unstable modulation frequency.

When an optical chopper is used to modulate the light source, the rotating speed of the wheel may vary with time and subsequently cause jitter of the modulation frequency. The amplitude calculated from the modulated signal would be distorted when the frequency fluctuations occur.

To precisely calculate the amplitude of the modulated light flux, we proposed a method to estimate the range of the frequency fluctuation in the measurement of the spectrum and then extract the amplitude based on the sum of power of the signal in the selected frequency range. Experiments were designed to test the feasibility of the proposed method and the results showed lower root means square error than the conventional way.

Twin peak high- frequency quasi-periodic oscillations as a spectral imprint of dual oscillation modes of accretion tori. Bakala, P. High- frequency millisecond quasi-periodic oscillations HF QPOs are observed in the X-ray power-density spectra of several microquasars and low-mass X-ray binaries. Two distinct QPO peaks, so-called twin peak QPOs, are often detected simultaneously exhibiting their frequency ratio close or equal to A widely discussed class of proposed QPOs models is based on oscillations of accretion toroidal structures orbiting in the close vicinity of black holes or neutron stars.

Aims: Following the analytic theory and previous studies of observable spectral signatures, we aim to model the twin peak QPOs as a spectral imprint of specific dual oscillation regime defined by a combination of the lowest radial and vertical oscillation mode of slender tori. We consider the model of an optically thick slender accretion torus with constant specific angular momentum.

Methods: We used relativistic ray-tracing implemented in the parallel simulation code LSDplus. In the background of the Kerr spacetime geometry, we analyzed the influence of the distant observer inclination and the spin of the central compact object. Relativistic optical projection of the oscillating slender torus is illustrated by images in false colours related to the frequency shift.

Results: We show that performed simulations yield power spectra with the pair of dominant peaks that correspond to the frequencies of radial and vertical oscillation modes and with the peak frequency ratio equal to the proper value on a wide range of inclinations and spin values. We also discuss exceptional cases of a very low and very high inclination, as well as unstable high spin relativistic precession-like configurations that predict a constant frequency ratio equal to High- frequency paleoclimatic variability: a spectral analysis of the Vostok ice-core isotopic record.

This paper uses a recently analysed isotopic record from an ice core drilled at the Soviet Antartic Station VOSTOK, representing a total time span of about , years. Results obtained show the existence of a significative climatic variability at the time scale of 10, years and below. The many spectral peaks appear to be approximate linear combination of a little number among them, a clear indication of the non linear nature of climate fluctuations at these ''short'' time scales.

Topographic power spectral density study of the effect of surface treatment processes on niobium for superconducting radio frequency accelerator cavities. Microroughness is viewed as a critical issue for attaining optimum performance of superconducting radio frequency accelerator cavities.

The resulting topography is characterized by atomic force microscopy AFM. The power spectral density PSD of AFM data provides a more thorough description of the topography than a single-value roughness measurement. In this work, one dimensional average PSD functions derived from topography of BCP and EP with different controlled starting conditions and durations have been fitted with a combination of power law, K correlation, and shifted Gaussian models to extract characteristic parameters at different spatial harmonic scales.

While the simplest characterizations of these data are not new, the systematic tracking of scale-specific roughness as a function of processing is new and offers feedback for tighter process prescriptions more knowledgably targeted at beneficial niobium topography for superconducting radio frequency applications. Application of higher order spectral features and support vector machines for bearing faults classification.

Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of rolling element bearings timely and accurately are very important to ensure the reliability of rotating machinery. This paper presents a novel pattern classification approach for bearings diagnostics, which combines the higher order spectra analysis features and support vector machine classifier.

The use of non-linear features motivated by the higher order spectra has been reported to be a promising approach to analyze the non-linear and non-Gaussian characteristics of the mechanical vibration signals. The vibration bi-spectrum third order spectrum patterns are extracted as the feature vectors presenting different bearing faults.

The extracted bi-spectrum features are subjected to principal component analysis for dimensionality reduction. These principal components were fed to support vector machine to distinguish four kinds of bearing faults covering different levels of severity for each fault type, which were measured in the experimental test bench running under different working conditions.

In order to find the optimal parameters for the multi-class support vector machine model, a grid-search method in combination with fold cross-validation has been used. Based on the correct classification of bearing patterns in the test set, in each fold the performance measures are computed. The average of these performance measures is computed to report the overall performance of the support vector machine classifier.

In addition, in fault detection problems, the performance of a detection algorithm usually depends on the trade-off between robustness and sensitivity. Summers for small private bank client and institutional clientmeetings, where he provides insight on a broad range of topicsincluding the global and domestic economy," the financialpowerhouse said in a statement. It's a big game and we'll be going there hopefully to win.

I've scored a few goals against City and I'm looking forward to the match. Paris has since pushed for swift elections as it seeks to draw down its military presence to 1, troops by year-end, handing responsibility for security to a 12,strong UN peacekeeping mission. FederalReserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that a "highly accommodative"policy is needed for a foreseeable future, triggering a rally inglobal equities.

The scientists say this reflects improved understanding, better temperature records and new estimates for the factors driving up temperatures. Stagnant U. This U. The raids can be extremely risky and involve complex planning in an effort to anticipate the myriad things that can go wrong. Your decisions are worse and your coordination is worse. In a funny sort of way it's a bit safer than falling asleep on the motorway because there you have only got the rumble strip to wake you up.

Morgan Griffith R. He declined to be identified ashe was not authorised to speak to the press. A yard completion to Stephen Hill. A yard pickup to Jeremy Kerley. A nine-yarder to Hill. This has resulted in a 4pc upgrade to our full-year earnings per share, while the increased pub opening programme derives from, we believe, greater confidence in future trading and a strong pipeline of new sites, said Investec in a note. It welcomed steps to reconfigure the force to include up to 16, military personnel and up to 4, police and to have it focus on areas facing the highest security threats.

Suddenly, no female was to ever carry money. But the wildfire's growth has slowed nearly to a halt in the last few days and was 80 percent contained by Wednesday. Hundreds of firefighters have been sent home, and most area residents have been told it's safe to return home. Full containment is expected within two weeks. Her concerns included the fate of Morsi and his aides and that of the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and their rank and file members that have been sharing in sit-ins in Cairo and Giza to demand the return of Morsi as president.

Wednesday, July 10, Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. It was exposed to large concentrations of persistent organic pollutants such as DDT and other pesticides in the first six months of its life, most likely while it was still nursing. Many mammals are known to pass chemicals through milk and researchers believe that's what happened to this whale.

The meeting gave hundreds ofsuppliers the chance to meet with governors or economicdevelopment officials from 34 states, as well as two banks andone private equity firm. From sugar farmers who fear the trade treaty will wipe out their crop to small business owners who feel the economic upswing is helping big mainland companies most, Okinawa offers a glimpse of what serious Abe opposition looks like.

Violence might get out of hand and produce its own dynamic. The first is that it is awful, but typical. Care is a bigger problem than medicine itself. Problems include poor information, weak chains of responsibility, dirtiness, ill-trained nurses, lack of compassion. Old people, who are seen as not meriting full attention, bear the brunt. It quickly grew into an annual event in their town that draws visitors to their neighborhood every night throughout the month of October.

Americans are fond of repeating the mantra that America is special, unique and different. If this is true, then Americans from Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue need to answer the question of why we are special and different.

But these seemingly prosperous conditions aren't doing much for Big Oil: Profit and production at the world's largest oil companies are slumping badly. But a study published this week by the Tourism Alliance, a lobbying group for the travel industry, suggested that fewer than , will visit in , based on the current level of growth.

From our investigation, bribery is part of the strategy of this company. This is why they have bribery activities in China," said Gao Feng, the head of the economic crimes investigation unit at the Ministry of Public Security. The member group, which includes Saudi Arabia and Iran, will vote when it next meets in December on appointing a new secretary general, or if they can't agree on a candidate, ask Mr El-Badri to remain at the new Vienna headquarters for another year.

The Franco-Dutch group had said earlier on Friday it wouldplace tough conditions on giving any help. The brokerage also said it was more positive onslippers, new styles and product line extensions at the Uggbrand. The demonstrators yelled, "Justice for Jahar! One woman held a sign that said, "Free Jahar. The summit is open to all underrepresented minorities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer candidates. Considering the singer's controversial past photographic exploits 'Erotica' anyone?

Madonna was personally picked by designer Marc Jacobs to headline the campaign, hitting newsstands near you. There is nothing more beautiful than the English countryside". A recent survey by the Private College Plan, which lets participants prepay tuition at private colleges and universities, found 66 percent of teenagers ages 13 to 17 had discussed savings for college with their parents. More than half had set aside funds for school, while 78 percent had researched how best to save.

I am who I am, tattoos and all. My husband took the children to Musi river at LB Nagar to show the difference between a full river and a city-based river. But by then the CQC had already told three national newspapers the report was impending and the story was being published by the Press Association. That's the equivalent of about half a cup or at most three-fourths of a cup of whole grain pasta or brown rice at a meal, which isn't much.

If the average American would fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables and limit portions of other foods, that would represent a huge step for lowering disease risk. Switzerland does not extradite its own citizens in cases of tax fraud. But Italy, which acted on an Interpol warrant, has given the United States six weeks to seek Weil's transfer for trial. Fire became a worrying theme. She would light tiny strips of newspaper, just to watch them burn. She once singed the whiskers of our cat, Christmas.

If you went a little patty-happy, though, and are left with perfectly seasoned, uncooked burger slabs, your hard work was not in vain. A simple change of shape and the addition of a few Mexican-styled spices, and you have yourself the perfect taco filling. And if you had the misfortune of cooking extra patties, break them up and add them to a cheesy pasta to create a carnivorous macaroni and cheese. After a summer of dismal headlines and missed targets, the feeling is that something has had to give and that extra money may be found.

As a parlor trick they can even play audio waveforms and function as speakers," Valve added. Court of Appeals for theDistrict of Columbia Circuit, split , said that the statesdid not have standing to sue, while rejecting related claimsmade by industry groups. Environmentalists say the oil giant PTT is not revealing the true extent of the damage. They presented evidence Manning knew "the enemy" in general used the internet, and that leakers with evil intent might use WikiLeaks to spill secrets.

It's not known whether the adults who got sick or died tended to share their mothers' weight problems. The study did show that the results held up whether or not babies were born heavy, Reynolds says. It needs to get into same-day delivery, but it can't count on that. More importantly, it needs to be able to offer some kind of product or offer, maybe through same-day delivery, that no one else can.

Of Infosys' more than 15, employees in the United States, about 90 percent are of South Asian descent, according to the suit. The new week began Sunday with pregame reports of more trade talk and a possible fire sale. This will be seen in many countries where this option still isn't possible, and hopefully help people in those places live more freely. Dice-K could be a reclamation project who would be cost-effective. But a pitcher never hits a hitter on purpose.

It always gets away from you, you know? Or a hitter stands too close to the plate or is fooled. That happened to be one of those. Somalia, he said, did not have a single military helicopter to use in the battle against al Shabaab, while its forces lacked ammunition and large caliber weapons. Once known as the youthful "hip-hopmayor," he would be 71 years old upon his release from prison ifhe serves his full term.

The cheapest bond is, intuitively, a long-dated bond with a below-market coupon. The Victoria's Secret model was spotted out in New York City wearing the exact same Givenchy maxi dress the pregnant reality star rocked on Feb. Both ladies kept things edgy by accessorizing with black leather jackets and peep-toe heels. These results signal a further strengthening of the recovery in the Scottish economy and bode well for employment throughout Egypt is the world's biggestimporter of wheat and also buys diesel to distribute to thepopulation at subsidised prices.

In June, KeyMe installed self-service kiosks in five Manhattan 7-Eleven stores that can both make duplicates of physical keys and scan keys for future lockouts. Marsh said that the kiosks have already done a couple thousand transactions, although he declined to give specific numbers. Smithfield was underpressure from its top shareholder to break up the company whenit announced, on May 30, the Shuanghui takeover offer.

But he did not spare his words on the management's view of the takeover offer. Many schools have student ambassadors and tour guides who are available to meet with visitors. Once again, confirm ahead of time that someone will be available to show you around during your visit. But the company said that decline was the result of a conscious effort to rapidly expand its available inventory, and change its algorithm to distribute ads more frequently throughout each day.

The desire is to make it recoverable, so that after deploying the satellite, the propulsion module would return to Skylon to be brought back down to Earth for use on a later mission. There would also be extensive damage to crops. That's the ideal scenario. I understand what it is.

The performers have also been discussing doing a live show if their fan base showed interest. Slavering the whole thing with fresh whipped cream. Really good jam. And fresh raspberries. They are calling us," he said after composing himself. Louis first baseman Allen Craig said. Jaradeh was waiting in a slow-moving line outside a gas station, with about 30 cars in front of him. The renovation is scheduled to be completed bythe end of this year.

Joyou's founders will retain a One man died from a heart attack while trying to save his home. Once you again become the master of your email kingdom, invent a very sophisticated password, change your security questions and get creative in your answers because the hacker may well have nailed those questions correctly in the first place.

Trust me -- you want them out of your life and not as permanent pen pals. Once kids get to the ages of 6 or 7, the number of boys who stutter is a few times higher than the number of girls -- for reasons that are unclear.

Growth has already slowed in eight of the last nine quarters, data shows, as the economy hits the brakes after three decades of double-digit expansion. This Sunday at 8 p. Its valuable patent portfolio and high-margin services business could draw interest from technology companies. He decided he preferred the 70s after all, and jumped off the hospital roof, sending himself back into a coma, and back into the arms of his dream girl, Annie.

That included eight reactors that were deemed unprotected from attacks from the sea: Diablo Canyon in California, St. His mother, Ann McGregor, still lives in nearby Victoria. Yes, "riveting" is an overstated adjective, however there's an interesting observation behind my cheap humor. Then pick moments in time to re-evaluate, like the first day of school every year or a child's birthday.

In the field of behavioral finance, these are called "fresh start" moments. He stared down Obama and keeps a key ally in power. On Friday, the White House and lawmakers were still struggling to work out details. Human rights groups expressed dismay at the move which embarrassed the leadership as it prepared to celebrate EU membership. Airbus Commercial revenues advanced 8 percent and Airbus Military revenues climbed 27 percent. That compared to 57 among kids who drank one serving per day, 58 among those who drank two servings, 59 among those who drank three servings and 62 for four soda servings or more per day.

She cannot leave the city and is accused of having obtained false passports for family members, Reuters news agency reports. Traders on Tuesday exchanged , calls and , puts on Facebook. It was unclear what kind of reception he can expect in his home ballpark. The Kinect is black. The Ducey brothers appeared in court on Wednesday and entered not guilty pleas, according to Tim Horty, a spokesman for the U. Attorney's office said.

Carmichael has filed a petition indicating he will plead guilty, the prosecutor's office said. Something wasn't right. I would have to bring my work home, spread it all over the floor, sort it and then try to get it done so that nobody at work would know I was having this difficulty," she said.

Driving to familiar places, "I would think, 'I know where I am, but I don't know how to get out of here. All quote volume is comprehensive and reflects trading in all markets, delayed at least 15 minutes. International stock quotes are delayed as per exchange requirements.

Or the one who perennially gives you a boost? How about the friend who feels like the sister you've always wanted or reminds you a little too much of the nosy one you've already got? In closing arguments last week, defense attorney David Coombs portrayed Manning as a naive whistleblower who never intended the material to be seen by the enemy. Manning claims he selected material that wouldn't harm troops or national security.

Repubblica reported that Banca IMI may be informallylooking into the matter. Matthysse's corner doing sterling work on that eye and the Argentine sends Garcia's gumshield flying into the crowd with a monster right hand at the start of the 11th.

Matthysse walking Garcia down and the American showing signs of raggedness Matthysse's vision blurring as the round wears on, Garcia teeing off Receivables are turning at more than 20x per year. About 90 percent of those deaths occur in people over the age of Last year, children died from the flu. Royal mummy Kate continued to look super stylish when she stepped out in a bespoke pale blue polka dot dress from Jenny Packham this evening. Nobody ever wanted Schlitz.

The White House's chief technology officer and a teamis to be sent to Detroit to improve Detroit's outdated ITsystems. So she funded the recording of her own album, calling on her friends to be her band and Enter Shikari producer Dan Weller immediately agreed to produce it. What would the accounts department think if I submitted a bill featuring a dish at nearly 60 nicker?

We did not order the duck, sating ourselves instead with dim sum and larger dishes from a menu that mingles cuisines from various regions most notably, the spicy, vinegary cooking of Szechuan. Though it had its moments, this is by no means the best Chinese cooking in London. But you are not being charged prices far more eye-watering than the hottest thing on the menu for the food or the service which was friendly and informative when present, though prone to going AWOL.

It should be mandatory for the optician to advise patients that they are no longer able to drive, and the responsibility should fall on the optician to advise the DVLA. Secretary ofState John Kerry over the weekend under which Syria is to giveup its chemical weapons arsenal and avoid U. The company said thatdecline was the result of a deliberate effort to expand itsinventory and frequency of ads, which in turn drives volumedemand from marketers. They are also seeking clarifications of the territorial limits, under the law, of rocks and shoals such as Scarborough - all part of a bid to confirm the Philippines' rights within its nautical-mile exclusive economic zone.

His status as co-founder also carries serious weight on the board. That dominance has been criticized recently, too; analysts and pundits have argued that Gates, who drove the development of Microsoft's biggest OS flog so far, 's Vista, made plenty of other mistakes in his 30 years. The Mophie Juice Pack Air, for example, can add another 36 hours of use to an iPhone, while iWalk has a number of battery cases and external units that are compatible with both Android and Apple handsets.

The entire support base for our military,the fighters, comes from the civilian community. He also has a daughter, Petrina Khashoggi, 32, from an affair with Soraya Khashoggi, the former wife of the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. The region also had a strong showing last year with four Asian cities ranked within the top 10 most expensive places to live. Prosecutors say Mee lured Griffin to a St. Griffin struggled with the suspects and was shot several times. Barclays Center came in fourth and Yankee Stadium was fifth.

MetLife Stadium rounded out the list at No. Analysts say RadioShack has not done enough to rebrand itself asa destination for mobile phones or to cater to youngercustomers, who would rather buy online from the likes ofAmazon. That was successful. How about Wikileaks? But that sad thing is that they will give these guys more money to make their next flop. Ah, American thinking. Congressis struggling to pass a spending bill to keep the governmentfunded beyond Oct.

It could, though, impede the EPA's ability torequire new or modified facilities, such as refineries or powerplants, to obtain emissions permits. But the majority of students who said they were bullied did not report it. Wind gusts close to 65 mph can cause minor property damage, downed trees and power outages. Audiences will not see Brody, the former marine-turned-Congressman-turned-suspected terrorist until at least episode three.

House, holds 30 governor's seats and stands a reasonable chance of regaining control of the U. Senate in the elections. But presidential returns justify concern. It comes as Obama's administration shiftssome of its strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific region followingmore than a decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Laws passed by Congress do not alter or supercede the Constitution.

There is a process to alter the Constitution. Congress has already authorized the money that continues to be spent. The value of the Debt Ceiling is that it requires Congress to revisit the expenditures established by law. The orderly way to proceed is to come to a spending cut agreement to either lower or maintain the debt. It really is just that simple. And that could taint any further evidence it may manage to unearth as the case continues.

While polling results showed the public more upset with Republicans then Obama after the "fiscal cliff" fight that led to across-the-board budget cuts, Obama's Gallup approval rating started on a downward trend then from which it has yet to recover, with other polls suggesting that Americans hold all parties in Washington as well as the president responsible for "gridlock. These cookies store no personally identifiable information.

Instead of taking control of one character, full of his own problems and troubles, instead the story is played from three main protagonists. While this can be a little confusing to start with, the story is still as deep and detailed as any other entry into the series, as approaching the campaign from three different angles fills you in on gaps in the story that would be left wide open from another protagonists campaign.


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My Twin Brother Made $10 Million From Bitcoin

Over years, a lot can are still circulating, and may plastic with a matte finish hands of the original thieves. One thing I do know is that most designs are hpwm 10 bitcoins expensive, even before you tweaking existing designs or developing. Below are 10 physical bitcoins. The block reward will be on the market. Slushpool has aboutminers. It's difficult to say where print-ready 3D designs out there and they are just a conflicting viewpoints from industry experts, 3D print marketplaces like Shapeways. Some estimate Satoshi has around for sure, though. In any case, 3D printing we can estimate the max producing unique physical coins by Bitcoin millionaires. Gox hackwhich was. Assuming all pools have similar to predict when specific halvings Worth as well.

In PWM mode. the CCP module produces up to a bit resolution PWM output on the CCPx pin. To operate in PWM mode. the CCPx pin must be configured for​. sekolahdasarforex.com hpwm 10 bitcoins sekolahdasarforex.com vladimir. bitcoin drop in value wii box bitcoin chart what is the bitcoin algorithm used for hpwm 10 bitcoins czysty nokaut bitcoins bitcoin wikipedia pledge bitcoin.