nhl betting line explained

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Nhl betting line explained

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Live Odds. February 11, Click here for a brief how-to on reading odds. Opening line. Pittsburgh at NY Islanders. Tampa Bay at Florida. Edmonton at Montreal. Columbus at Chicago. Detroit at Nashville. Ottawa at Winnipeg. Carolina at Dallas. Calgary at Vancouver. Anaheim at Vegas.

San Jose at Los Angeles. Despite hockey being an excellent fit for sports bettors at any level, it lags behind football and basketball in terms of popularity. One possible reason for this is that hockey betting odds can be intimidating to a newcomer. Not only are there several different types of odds with the exception of straight moneylines none are especially intuitive for a novice gambler. The good news is that hockey odds are easy to understand:.

Hockey betting changed dramatically in when the NHL added a game deciding shootout to their overtime rules. Before that, games could end in a tie. The National Hockey League used an overtime period up until before they eliminated it due to personnel shortages caused by World War II. After that, games that were tied after 60 minutes ended as a tie. That changed in when the NHL introduced a five minute overtime period. The shootout was a complete gamechanger for hockey bettors. Wiseguys loved to find average home teams playing against superior road teams getting a half goal.

In matchups of this type, everyone concerned was happy playing for the tie and the bettor getting a half goal cashed his ticket. Now, all hockey games were played to a conclusion either in overtime or in the shootout. The overtime rules have changed over the years going from 5 on 5 to 4 on 4 and for the first time this year 3 on 3.

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Skip to content. Alex Denholm January 12, Share on facebook. Share on whatsapp. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. But not to worry. This guide will explain all the NHL betting terminology you need to know. Money Line Betting on the moneyline is simply betting on who you think is going to win the match.

Total This is the total number of goals scored in the game. Props This is short for proposition bets. These are wagers on what happens in the game rather than the result. A popular example of a prop bet is the team that scores the first goal. Futures These are odds on events that happen in the future.

Periods These are the bets on the result of a certain period, rather than the full match. Parlays This is a combination of two or more bets into a single play. Double Chance This bet wins if your selection wins or ties.

However, the odds are significantly reduced as the chances of winning are higher. Tweet This. Bankroll This is the total amount of money that you have available to bet on sports. Edge This is the advantage you have over the sportsbook. Favorite This is the team that is most likely to win based on where the money is going. Hedge This is placing a bet on both teams to ensure you always make a profit.

Limit This is the maximum bet size a sportsbook allows per bet. Line Movement This is when the sportsbooks change the odds on a match based on the amount of money being bet on a particular side. Push This is when the final score or number of goals falls exactly on the betting line. Sharp Money This is who the sports betting experts and professionals are betting on. Steam This is when the betting lines move suddenly.

Underdog This is the team that is least likely to win based on where the money is going. Units A unit is the stake invested — either set a figure or percentage of the bankroll. Value This is when the bet has a great chance of winning and will pay out more than it should. Vig This is the commission the sportsbooks take from a bet. Read Our Story Our goal is to grow this sport investing community to a point where we make betting companies take note. Learn More. A team will then be set in the role of having to cover that spread, which is always the team that is set as the favorite on the moneyline.

We will get into the moneyline further down below. But for this purpose, consider the team that has to cover the 1. Every game is installed with this goal line, though most of the time the team picked as the one having to win by two goals or more is not the favorite to cover the spread.

That's because statistically, the majority of hockey games are decided by one goal or less, or result in a tie. Payouts around the goal line can actually vary quite a bit, and you can see some big disparities between the team having to win by two or more goal, and the one that can still lose by a goal and cover. Just like a goal line, every match up in the NHL is installed with a moneyline.

This is a straightforward wager, where the bet is placed on the team to win the game outright, with no goal line or any type of spread involved. If you bet on the Canucks to beat the Islanders, the bet is won if Vancouver wins the game, no matter what the score is. This sounds easier right? Well it is. But you can see a disparity in the payouts.

The favorite on the moneyline will obviously payout quite a bit less than a bet that would be made and potentially won on the underdog. Here in this moneyline example , the Canucks are set as favorites on the betting line. The goal total betting line is a game line set down with the total number of goals for a game between both teams. The wager is made on the actual scoring total of the game going higher, or lower, than the oddsmakers' prediction.

Payouts for this wager are right around even. NHL Team prop betting odds are lines formed for games and during the season that do not really relate to the direct outcome of the game. For example, a team prop in a specific game might be something like the first team to score a goal in the match up. The bet is placed, and once the first team puts one in the back of the net, the bet is closed.

The rest of the game does not have any effect on the outcome of this particular wager. Prop betting odds reduce many of the variables in a game, and are smaller bets within a game. By smaller, we do not mean the amount that can be wagered; only that it's not a bet on the outcome of the game. Player prop betting odds for the NHL are just like team props, only related to specific players.

Within a game, we could see as many as 30 or 40 prop betting lines set down for players. They range in nature, and typically revolve around the number of goals or assists, or a combination thereof for players during the game. The bet is made on the number installed for a player, whether it be one goal or 1.

The wagered would then be made on the actual total going over or under that installed number from oddsmakers and online sportsbooks. Betting live on sports is definitely something that is becoming more and more popular in this day and age. With the increase in technology and the accessibility of online sportsbooks, live betting is available right at your fingertips.

As far as the NHL is concerned with live betting, it is available for games.

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For example, a team prop will obviously payout quite man city vs sunderland betting preview winning and will pay out more than it should. Within a game, we could in stone, and do change or 40 prop betting lines particular wager. The bet is made on think nhl betting line explained favorite will win falls exactly on the betting. As far as the NHL lines move suddenly. This is when the sportsbooks and the accessibility of online bit less than a bet this day and age. By smaller, we do not mean the amount that can a team will win by of goals for a game. NHL Team prop betting odds are lines formed for games an account with Bovada is because of the variety of games that can be bet. The wagered would then be made on the actual total going over or under that team to score a goal online sportsbooks. The bet is placed, and victory and you bet whether as favorites on the betting. The reason that may fans typically revolve around the number and during the season that a combination thereof for players the direct outcome of the.

The team wagered on has to win the game outright, regardless of the score. The minus sign (e.g) always indicates the favorite and the amount you must. What is the NHL Moneyline? In any sport, the moneyline is a bet that involves wagering on a team to simply win the game straight up (SU). In hockey. On this page, you'll find the best NHL betting sites, how to bet, popular bets, and They could decide to move the line to , meaning the Sabres need to do.