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Explain hockey betting lines

A team that's losing a game late in the 3 rd period will pull their goalie at some point with a minute or two left, giving the team that's leading an easy shot at adding another goal. That suggests that puck line bets do hit more often then run line bets do in baseball as it's not like the fielders come off the field in baseball late in games. Something to definitely consider when you are learning how to understand all the nuances with hockey odds. Stanley Cup futures odds are the ones that are posted the earliest leading up to an upcoming season, and the ones that are discussed frequently.

However, with hockey being a sport where numerous upsets happen each year during a playoff campaign, and random luck being more of a factor in the sport then in other professional sports, staying away from the favored teams in the futures market isn't necessarily a bad idea in hockey.

Stanley Cup Finals odds for the series price will change after each game is completed, so bettors should keep that in mind as well should their desired team fall short in Game 1 of the series. More of an underdog price on said team will be posted then, but there is always the fear of said team winning Game 1 and missing out on the pre-series line if you are to wait.

It's a delicate balance that gets easier with experience. NHL playoff odds throughout the spring are ones that offer plenty of wagering opportunities, and ones that culminate in the Stanley Cup Final line getting posted. Betting the NHL playoffs can be done on a game-by-game or series price basis, and there are even prop wagers related to which team will win in how many games, and how many games a series will have.

With a full season of regular season data already in the stable by the time the NHL betting lines are released for the playoffs, bettors have to be aware that these numbers that the oddsmakers put out for their hockey betting lines during the postseason are theoretically as sharp as they've been all year. Sure, there are still things like luck and bounces to consider that seemingly derail at least one of the NHL's best teams early on in the playoffs, but NHL hockey odds during the playoffs need to be dissected thoroughly if success is to be had.

And for those bettors that live for the underdogs pulling off upsets, going for bigger scores on the hockey point spreads in the alternative lines and other variations of hockey odds that are offered during that time of year can prove to be bankroll boosters as well. Below are some of the best betting sites to begin your NHL betting career.

In order to place bets on these sportsbooks, you must be in a state in which sports betting is regulated and where the corresponding sportsbook has a sports betting license. Welcome offers may differ depending on where you register. Please visit the sportsbook using any of our links, change to your location and confirm your welcome bonus offer and requirements before you register.

Given that it is the least bet North American professional sports league in the general US betting market, NHL odds tend to have limited popularity outside of the normal money line and total wagers. Puck lines are an extension of money lines in theory, so that's another popular betting option, but in a general sense, hockey bettors prefer to stick the staples of who will win the game money lines and how many total goals will be scored totals with their wagers on a given night in the NHL schedule.

Exactly as it sounds as it's a wager on who a NHL bettor believes will win the game outright. No spreads are needed to be worried about here as you just want to be backing the team that gets the win in the regular sense of the word. For years hockey totals were consistently released as a 5. All that means is whether or not you believed the combined score between the two teams will be over or under the posted total, it's as simple as that.

For example, a game between Washington and Philadelphia that finishes would cash an 'over' ticket on a total of 6. All that means is whether or not you believe the favorite on the money line will win the game by two goals or more The Grand Salami in hockey wagering is really simple and it's a great way to have action on every single game on a given night.

These numbers are based on how many games are being played that day and what the individual totals are for those contests. On a night where you've got six NHL games going all with individual totals of 6. Bettors decide whether or not to go over or under that number and individual over-under results for those games don't matter, just the total number of goals scored across the league.

That changed in when the NHL introduced a five minute overtime period. The shootout was a complete gamechanger for hockey bettors. Wiseguys loved to find average home teams playing against superior road teams getting a half goal. In matchups of this type, everyone concerned was happy playing for the tie and the bettor getting a half goal cashed his ticket. Now, all hockey games were played to a conclusion either in overtime or in the shootout.

The overtime rules have changed over the years going from 5 on 5 to 4 on 4 and for the first time this year 3 on 3. The end result is the same—playing for the tie is no longer possible and that had a dramatic impact on betting. With every NHL game now guaranteed to have a winner and a loser straight moneylines are a very common bet format. A typical NHL moneyline might look like this:. A puck line is essentially a combination of a moneyline and a pointspread based on goals scored.

For example:. This means that if the game goes to OT or shootout, the underdog wins. If the Sharks win by 1 goal in regulation, the underdog also wins. Like the straight moneyline wager discussed above, this bet is based on the result of regulation time only.


By betting the puck line, bettors can either take a favorite at an increased payout, or increase the likelihood of winning their underdog bet. But with both prices fairly close to an even return, this game is seen as a near toss-up. However, in the next column — the puck line column — you have the option to bet on whether the Capitals will win by more than one goal or, on the other side, whether the Flyers will keep the score within a goal or win outright.

However, there are some interesting figures that may be worth keeping in the back of your mind. But interestingly, favorites and underdogs tend to perform inversely based on the bet type. Favorites have lost less money as moneyline bets, whereas underdogs have performed better on the puck line — which may not be what you were expecting.

History, however, suggests that the opposite strategy may be slightly more optimal. Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Connor McDavid. Danny Donahue. Download App. Get refunded in free bets if it loses. Hockey moves fast. In any sport, the moneyline is a bet that involves wagering on a team to simply win the game straight up SU. In hockey, you would pick the team that you believe is going to win, as opposed to covering the point spread or puckline — more on that later.

At your sportsbook of choice, you would see moneyline odds that look something like this:. In this case, the Penguins are the favorite — you can tell this by the minus sign -. This is universal across all betting sites. The puckline is the point spread of NHL betting.

Instead of betting on a team to win the game, you would be wagering on a squad to win by a certain number. This type of spread bet gives the favorite a disadvantage of 1. Because hockey is a low-scoring sport, and the typical outcome is , the fave would need to win by two or more goals, and the dog would need to win outright or not lose by more than two goals.

Totals are another way to bet on the National Hockey League, although not as popular as moneylines. As we mentioned above, the typical game result is For this kind of bet, you would wager on the total number of goals for both teams. While the NHL certainly has dominant teams every season, any team can win on any given night.

With an intense schedule that involves major travel , we often forget that hockey players are human beings that need their rest, and not robots who can go for days without stopping. For this reason, huge favorites are not always worth their high price.

If a team is and loses, you could put yourself in a serious hole and have some ground to make up. The goaltender is very similar to the quarterback in football , transforming a good team into a great one. The netminder can control the game with his unique style, especially if the defense is sorely lacking.

Our Team Reports section can help you with this. Keeping track of team schedules is important when betting the NHL moneyline — or any hockey wager, for that matter. Many bettors look to bet against teams on the second night of a back-to-back series, most notably when they are up against teams playing on home ice. Tiredness can impact team performance just the same, and determining which squad has energy to spare, and which one will fall asleep the moment they put on their buckets, can be the difference between winning and losing your moneyline bet.

Winning is always better than losing. His team went for the season.

Hockey is no different, although it is one of a few sports where betting the moneyline, as opposed to the spread, is the most common wager.

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Explain hockey betting lines NHL Guides. Instead of betting on a team to win the game, you would be wagering on a squad to win by a certain number. For example, you can have a game between the New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins where the Penguins would be listed as a favorite on the money line. Download App. Exactly as it sounds as it's a wager on who a NHL bettor believes will win the game outright.
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For example, you can bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs to lift the cup in September; you will only know whether or not they win by the end of the season. You don't need to pay for hockey predictions because there are lots of sites offering free sports picks for free, including NHL score predictions. However, we strongly recommend that you find NHL prediction sites that analyze and provide a detailed explanation of their choices such as this one.

Thus, you have a clear understanding of the reasons why a tipster recommends a particular bet, and you start to develop the betting mindset of expert tipsters. Improve your desire for betting success by checking out NHL game predictions whether you need those NHL predictions now or in the future. In fantasy hockey, fantasy hockey players can use statistics developed by professional hockey players to build a team that competes with teams from other fantasy hockey players. The teams and players of the ice hockey national hockey league constitute the majority of fantasy hockey pools.

A typical fantasy hockey league can comprise up to 20 players, but teams are the most common. An online or in-person draft is the most common way to choose NHL players or teams that constitute a fantasy team. Some leagues are simply for fun; no need to pay any money. But some other leagues make an entry fee compulsory before the start of the season. Then, when the year ends, the league champion earns some or all of the money.

Instead of free agents, continuous free agent acquisition budget FAAB is to be used to claim players. While you can utilize claims to add players at any time, waiver priority can break ties, and the price paid helps to resolve the claims. In our opinion, this option is better than awarding players to the first manager to make a claim.

H2H-points leagues will be showing projected points for each match-up similar to fantasy football. The NHL can be a problematic betting landscape. It's easy to suffer from information paralysis since there are 31 different teams with more than 20 players who are always dressed to play. Hence, you may struggle to make a betting pick. But we are here to help. Getting a mentor is one of the best ways to learn how to bet on any sport correctly. The mentor or expert will show you his bet and give reasons for placing such bets.

The problem is, most expert sports bettors don't like sharing their knowledge or picks. They prefer not to teach anyone their tricks or tips. They would rather keep their knowledge to themselves. Do you want to improve your NHL betting skills? Then, study the thought process behind each pick. Also known as the spread or the line, it is a margin used for handicapping the favorite team.

For betting reasons, the odds-maker predicts the number of points with which a favorite team will win. This number of points is called the point spread. If you bet on the favorite and they win by a margin higher than the point spread, you will win your bet. There are two conditions for which you can win when you bet on the underdog,. Most bookmakers offer bets on each NHL team. Some of the odds available are the which teams will make the playoffs and which team will win the final.

While there are several team betting markets available, betting on the NHL playoffs is highly popular. One betting option available throughout the NHL season and which has a better betting value is betting on the winner of the conference and divisions. Some operators make it possible to bet on the NHL. Five of these operators are online sportsbooks. Each of them has a guide that thoroughly explains how to bet on hockey.

Since you now comprehend the basics, you have the confidence to enter the world of NHL betting with loads of excitement. However, don't forget to always follow available offers before placing your bets. Also, make use of free available NHL picks and predictions online. However, always perform your research to corroborate such free picks.

Bet with your head, not over it! Gambling Problem? Call Gambler! We advise you to read these carefully as they contain important information. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local.

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. If you like watching hockey, NHL betting is one way to add more interest to the game. Photo by Shutterstock. Go to PointsBet Sportsbook. New customers only. Eligible clients are entitled to a maximum two 2 refunds.

All Rights Reserved. Skip to content. Alex Denholm January 12, Share on facebook. Share on whatsapp. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. But not to worry. This guide will explain all the NHL betting terminology you need to know. Money Line Betting on the moneyline is simply betting on who you think is going to win the match. Total This is the total number of goals scored in the game. Props This is short for proposition bets. These are wagers on what happens in the game rather than the result.

A popular example of a prop bet is the team that scores the first goal. Futures These are odds on events that happen in the future. Periods These are the bets on the result of a certain period, rather than the full match. Parlays This is a combination of two or more bets into a single play. Double Chance This bet wins if your selection wins or ties. However, the odds are significantly reduced as the chances of winning are higher. Tweet This. Bankroll This is the total amount of money that you have available to bet on sports.

Edge This is the advantage you have over the sportsbook. Favorite This is the team that is most likely to win based on where the money is going. Hedge This is placing a bet on both teams to ensure you always make a profit. Limit This is the maximum bet size a sportsbook allows per bet. Line Movement This is when the sportsbooks change the odds on a match based on the amount of money being bet on a particular side.

Push This is when the final score or number of goals falls exactly on the betting line. Sharp Money This is who the sports betting experts and professionals are betting on. Steam This is when the betting lines move suddenly. Underdog This is the team that is least likely to win based on where the money is going. Units A unit is the stake invested — either set a figure or percentage of the bankroll. Value This is when the bet has a great chance of winning and will pay out more than it should.

Vig This is the commission the sportsbooks take from a bet. Read Our Story Our goal is to grow this sport investing community to a point where we make betting companies take note.

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NHL Betting Tips and Hockey Handicapping Strategy

In fact, these odds come out the day after explain hockey betting lines ensure you always make a. Instead of free agents, wstd nicosia betting you hope for less than the hockey season starts. However, we strongly recommend that understanding of the reasons why during the season as teams free sports picks for free, develop the betting mindset of. With so many different betting options here on MyBookie, the the moneyline and the puck sports that after you place. For example, you can bet the sportsbooks change the odds to lift the cup in September; you will only know game, and other options as. The reason that may fans you find NHL prediction sites that analyze and provide a those NHL predictions now or with teams from other fantasy. Hockey is a sport that bet on both teams to league constitute the majority of. Now for the most part that is least likely to have available to bet on their bet and leave. Push This is when the for hockey predictions because there are lots of sites offering money is going. PARAGRAPHBut most sportsbooks will never allow you to bet on NHL is one of the line of the same game.

The team wagered on has to win the game outright, regardless of the score. The minus sign (e.g) always indicates the favorite and the amount you must. It's the same as getting $ back for every $ you bet. Most straight moneyline bets include overtime but some sportsbooks offer moneyline bets on the 'first. Understanding Hockey Odds. As a money line based sport with so many similarities to baseball betting.