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But at the end of a crazy first season with his new team, Thornton thinks the Sharks have the toughness an d sm art s to make one more turn away from the brink of disaster. Ukiah Daily Journal Editor K. Meadows w an ts to meet you. Perkins Street Thursday morning at 7 a. For more in for mation call Rick Clel an d at The camp is divided into two sessions: Grades from a.

The camp will be held at Mendocino College an d run by local coaches. For more in for mation an d a brochure call Ed Schweitzer at Teams are guar an teed three games. The re is an unlimited height pitch. Camping an d Gem show at the park. For more in for mation call Richard Marks at or Perry Price at or e-mail: Samoafog aol. Potter Valley track fundraising dinner May 24 The Potter Valley High School track team will hold a fundraising dinner on Wednesday, May 24 in the high school cafeteria from to 7 p.

The menu will include barbequed chicken, Sp an ish rice, French bread, an d watermelon. The proceeds will be used to cover expenses incurred during the season for travel an d uni for ms. Tickets may be purchased at the door, in the school office at , or through the coach, J an Tiedem an n, at Toronto at L. Angels, p. Minnesota S an t an a at Detroit Verl an der 4- 3 , p.

Boston Wakefield at Baltimore Bedard , p. K an sas City Affeldt at Clevel an d Westbrook , p. Seattle Moyer at Oakl an d Zito , p. Toronto J an ssen at L. Angels Escobar 5- 2 , p. Texas at N. Y an kees, a. Minnesota at Detroit, a. Seattle at Oakl an d, p. Chicago White Sox at Tampa Bay, p. Louis 24 Dodgers 1 N. Mets at St. Louis, p. S an Diego at Arizona, p. Dodgers Penny at Colorado Jennings , p. Cincinnati Arroyo at Pittsburgh Perez , p. Florida Nolasco at Atl an ta Smoltz , p.

Washington Day at Chicago Cubs Marshall , p. Philadelphia Floyd at Milwaukee Bush , p. S an Fr an cisco Morris at Houston Nieve 1- 1 , p. Mets Trachsel at St. Louis Mulder , p. Florida at Atl an ta, a. Philadelphia at Milwaukee, a. Louis, a. Washington at Chicago Cubs, a.

Five m an teams playing their three best balls will be the for mat. It is open to all UMCG members an d invited guests. The re will be plenty of cash prizes an d a nice fleece warm up jacket as a tee prize. Cocktail p art y Friday night an d b an quet dinner Saturday Entry limited to the first players to signup.

Money winners qualify for the TOC. Autumn class times are as follows: Tuesdays at p. Minors must have the for ms signed by their parents. Please allow 10 minutes be for e class to do this. At the end of the summer, boxing hours will be extended so please check for further notice. Ukiah Junior Gi an ts baseball program set for July-August Signups st art May 15 for the Ukiah Junior Gi an ts, a free baseball program st art ing in mid-July an d running for six weeks. Call Kim Garroute at with questions.

All players must bring an ID sized photo that will be used to make a player ID. Friday, May Detroit at Clevel an d, 4 or 5 p. Sunday, May Clevel an d at Detroit, p. Friday, May S an Antonio at Dallas, 6 or p. Please call or visit www. Girls youth softball umpires needed The City of Ukiah needs girls youth softball umpires. The season runs from May-June, an d games are played on Monday an d Thursday evenings. Applications are available at the City of Ukiah , W. Clay St.

Mendocino College youth an d high school football camps Mendocino College will host a youth football camp from July an d a high school football camp on July Both camps will be held at Mendocino College from p. This is a full contact camp for ages 6- The high school camp will run from 11 a. Any questions about either camp c an be directed to Mike Mari at You may also mail your listing to S.

School Street, Ukiah , Calif. To assure your event maximum publicity, please contact either our classified or display advertising dep art ments. Friday, May Edmonton at S an Jose, 9 p. Noel McCormack, Jr. Clay Catureglie 3. Corey James 4. Dustin Derosier 5. R an dall 6. Drew Foster 7. Paul Pedroncelli, Jr. Steve McLe an 9. Derrick Cray for d Steve Taylor Late Models Points 1. Mike Lovell 2. Dustin Knight 3. Se an Caturegli 4. Jeremy Donahoo 5.

Corey James 6. Bill Binns 7. D an e nissen 8. Forest Keucker Bombers Points 1. Ron Duke, Sr. Jared M art in 3. Derek Lovell 4. Andy V an derveer 5. Tom Luchese 6. Corey Carlson 7. Jason Mavrakis 8. Loren Powers, Jr.

Charlie Collins 86 George Mavrakis 85 B an doleros Points 1. Alex Andrews 2. Trevor Cristi an i 3. Log an Kessinger 4. Jeremy Doss Real Stocks Points 1. R an dall 2. Mikey Lovell 3. Anthony McCoy 4. D an ny Helm 5. Br an den Powers 6. Chelsea Lovell 94 7. Travis Brown 90 Lake an d Mendocino Co. Bush an d Saints coach Se an Payton so far have shown only minimal concern about the injury. Bush was able to run when he w an ted, racing for ward at the end of the last practice to haul in a kick that was falling 15 yards in front of where he set up to receive it.

Well-versed Catholics know there really was a St. Reginald of Orle an s, who lived in Fr an ce about eight centuries ago. In a city known for its Catholic heritage, where actual nuns an d a well-known f an dressed as Moses attend Saints home games, some have proclaimed that divine intervention brought Bush to New Orle an s. Until the eve of draft day, few expected Bush to be passed over by Houston, which had the first pick, followed by the Saints at No.

Bush received the plaque an d other mementos during an appear an ce at the Holy Rosary School, which was in d an ger of closing be for e parents embarked on a fundraising campaign.. About children between pre-kinderg art en an d 10th grade, all wearing white T-shirts with a black an d gold fleur-de-lis, erupted in cheers when Bush showed up. As a gesture of th an ks, the children presented him with a football an d flag with their autographs on it.

Hong Kong currently only allows the import of U. The policy replaced a twoyear total b an on U. Hong Kong has already b an ned beef imports from two other U. P art icip an ts will have to navigate a complex mile test course in a yet-to-be-determined city filled with moving vehicles -- both m an ned an d unm an ned.

The test course will be designed like a real city street where vehicles will have to make sharp turns, navigate intersections an d avoid crashing into obstacles such as utility poles, trees an d parked cars. Equipped only with a computer brain an d sensors, the p art icip an ts will be graded on how well they c an obey traffic laws, ch an ge l an es, merge with moving cars an d pull into a parking lot. Individual customer bills may differ.

A spokesm an at Harris R an ch, based in Selma, Calif. Berven does not know when exports to Hong Kong will resume. The comp an y is Jap an an d South Korea, two of the largest for eign markets for Americ an beef, have also shut their doors to the product over concerns about mad cow disease. Mad cow disease, or bovine spongi for m encephalopathy, is a degenerative nerve disease in cattle. In people, eating contaminated meat products is linked to a rare but fatal disease called vari an t Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.

DARPA c an choose to fund certain teams to build their vehicles. Or teams c an raise their own money to build their vehicles. Either way, teams will face off in a semifinal match an d the field will be winnowed down to compete in the final round. DARPA -- faced with a congressional m an date to have a third of all military ground vehicles unm an ned by -- created its first challenge in in the Mojave Desert. But the race ended without a winner when all the entr an ts broke down be for e the finish line.

All comments will be circulated to the Commissioners, the assigned Administrative Law Judge an d Energy Division staff an d will become p art of the for mal correspondence record for this proceeding. Other p art ies will also p art icipate. The CPUC may hold evidentiary hearings where p art ies present their proposals in testimony an d are subject to cross-examination be for e an Administrative Law Judge.

The se hearings are open to the public, but only those wishing to present evidence or cross-examine witnesses may p art icipate. After considering all proposals an d evidence presented during the hearing process, the CPUC will issue a decision. Mention the name of the application about which you are inquiring. Now the cable network group that helped popularize music videos two decades ago is entering the online music fray with URGE, a new service that makes its public beta debut on Wednesday.

Initially, URGE will also feature streaming videos, with video downloads becoming available for purchase later this year. That incompatibility, combined with the availability of music on Internet file-sharing networks, has made subscription music pl an s a tough sell. Sponsored by Americ an Association of University Women said it had more th an a halfmillion subscribers.

The an alysis came as Democratic lawmakers voiced concerns about some aspects of the spending pl an for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Assembly Speaker Fabi an Nunez, D-Los Angeles, said he expects lawmakers to meet the frequently blown June 15 deadline for passing the budget.

But he said it was a cost the state knew it would have to pay sooner or later. Education groups had sued the governor over the funding cut. The teachers union has agreed to drop the lawsuit if the deal is approved by the Legislature. Hill cautioned, however, that the Legislature should resist spending the money the way both Schwarzenegger an d education proponents have proposed. The differences are in how we go about achieving those goals.

We look for ward to working on that. The latest batch of economic reports released Tuesday underscored the difficult crosscurrents Fed policymakers must wade through in ch art ing the course of interest rates. A Labor Dep art ment report showed wholesale prices jumped by 0. The main culprit behind the rise: soaring costs for gasoline an d other energy products. Most other prices, though, were wellbehaved.

Global competition is for cing some U. For the 12 months ending in April, core prices were up 1. A Commerce Dep art ment report, me an while, provided further evidence that the housing market -- which racked up record-high sales for five years running -- is losing steam. The number of new housing projects builders launched in April dropped by 7. A third report from the Federal Reserve showed industrial activity bounded ahead last month. The report suggested that industrial activity was brisk even as producers have to cope with higher prices for energy an d other raw materials.

The Fed report also showed that the proportion of industrial capacity in use climbed in April to Economists look at this figure for clues about future inflation. You c an write as much as you like however the Ukiah Daily Journal does reserve the right to edit. The trio of reports gave the Fed much to sort through. The wholesale price report suggested surging energy prices are not yet sparking broader inflation through the economy.

The housing cooldown is expected to lead to slower overall economic activity, which would reduce inflation pressures. By themselves those two reports could make the Fed feel more com for table about taking a break in its rate-raising campaign, an alysts said. But the industrial production report, by itself, would hold the door open to an other rate increase, an alysts observed. The Fed boosted interest rates last week -the 16th increase in two years -- but left options for future decisions wide open.

Policymakers suggested an other increase might be possible or they could take a pause in their rate-raising campaign -- depending upon how inflation an d economic activity unfold. Economists have mixed opinions about what the Fed will do at its next meeting in late June. Some believe the tame reading on core inflation an d the weak housing report bolstered the case for the Fed leaving rates alone at that time.

Others, however, pointed to the industrial production report as making the case for an other bump up in rates. The Fed will be keeping especially close tabs on how energy prices an d the housing slowdown affect overall economic activity an d inflation, an alysts said. The PPI report said energy prices surged by 4 percent in April, up from a 1.

Gasoline prices last month jumped Home heating oil costs shot up The most recent occurred last weekend. While having a heated argument, Thad broke her living room window. The y ended up in a scuffle at the front door be for e he left.

Needless to say, Tess was shocked to the core. She never expected an ything like that from him. The problem is that Thad keeps calling her an d apologizing. Tess was in a similar relationship with an other m an when she was 18, an d they split up at least 20 times be for e it finally ended.

She was left with twins. She tells me she has a real connection with Thad, but I believe her low self-esteem is getting in the way, an d I think counseling might do her good. Any advice? All you c an do is be a source of support.

Counseling might help, an d you should recommend it, but Tess has to be willing to go. Perhaps if you present it as a way of learning why she falls into the same volatile relationships over an d over, she may be receptive. Using each "Chaos Grid" number with its letter one time, arr an ge the numbers with their letters for the "Order Grid" so each vertical column, horizontal row, an d two diagonals each ADD to numbers inside thick lined cells.

Some correct numbers with their letters have been put into the "Order Grid" to get you st art ed. Also, above the "Order Grid" is a "Decoded Message" clue. After you have solved the "Order Grid" doing as direction "A" says, put the letters from horizontal rows, from left to right, under "Decoded Message" an d make words to for m the an swer.

She picks on me an d has said that she will try her best to make my life miserable. We rarely talk now, an d when I try to be friendly, like saying I like her shirt, she becomes a little snobbish, too. Every day we drift further an d further ap art. Should I just let this happen or try hard to stay friends? Kim may someday decide that she values you more th an Leeza, but it will take a lot more maturity on her p art. You sound like a sm art girl with a good head on your shoulders, an d you deserve friends who appreciate you.

Dear Burb an k: You c an learn something from comics. Impress your friends. However, if you try consideration an d patience, wondrous results will be produced. What you an ticipate to be dull or boring could turn out to be an ything but. St an d tall on your own two feet, an d your day will turn out successful. LEO July Aug. The ir outlook an d thinking will have a disturbing influence on your own attitude. Use diplomacy an d tact.

Persons who view life through a dark window will bring you down to their cobweb-filled cellar. In , the Supreme Court, in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, K an sas, ruled that segregation in schools is unconstitutional. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. ARIES March April 19 -- Instead of condemning an old friend an d holding a grudge over one unpleas an t incident, accept the fact that no hum an is perfect, including yourself, an d strive to be for giving.

Trying to patch up a broken rom an ce? The Astro- Graph Matchmaker wheel c an help you underst an d what to do to make the relationship work. Box , Wickliffe, OH Announcements Notices Personals Cards of Th an ks In Memoriam Travel Opportunities Employment Instruction Employment W an ted Help W an ted Sales Help W an ted Child Care Services Services Offered Fin an cial Services Business Opportunities Businesses for Sale Money to Lo an Money W an ted Investments Business Rentals Rentals Ap art ments Unfurnished Ap art ments Furnished Duplexes Homes for Rent Vacation Rentals Rooms for Rent Rest Homes W an ted to Rent W an ted to Share Rent Musical Instruments Boats Building Supplies Furniture W an ted to Buy Appli an ces Antiques Computers to Miscell an eous for Sale Auctions Garage Sales Farm-Garden-Pets Livestock Farm Equipment Equipment Rentals Produce Tr an sportation Aviation Recreational Vehicles PV Title Order No.

This authority will allow the personal representative to take m an y acrence C. Money Purchase tions without obtaining court approval. The independent ad- check drawn by a state or federal an d lo an ministration authority will be gr an ted unless association, savings association, or savings an interested person files an objection to the petition an d shows good cause why the court b an k specified in section of the Fin an - should not gr an t the authority.

Sale will be held by the duly ap- JUNE 2, at a. Your ap- or warr an ty, expressed or implied, regarding pear an ce may be in person or by your attor- title, possession, or encumbr an ces, to pay the ney. The issu an ce of letters as provided in section amount may be greater on the day of sale.

The time for filing claims will not expire be for e four Place of Sale: At the main entr an ce to the months from the hearing date noticed above. Underwood an d other common designation, if an y, shown Oce an Drive, herein. The property hereto for e described is Suite B; P. Any in for mation obtained will be used for that purpose. Teepe Commercial Code Section Box Box If the sale is subject to Sec. The This business is con- This business is con- name an d address of the person with whom ducted by an Individducted by an Individ- claims may be filed is: Redwood Empire Title ual.

The registr an t Comp an y of Mendocino County, E. Gob- commenced to tr an s- commenced to tr an sbi Street, P. Box , Ukiah , CA Endorsed-Filed Dated May 15, TEEPE Auto Services V an s for Sale Trucks for Sale Cars for Sale Utility Trailers Real Estate Real Estate W an ted Mobile Homes for Sale Mobile Homes with L an d Income Property R an ches Payment All advertising must be paid in adv an ce unless credit account has been established.

Errors When placing your ad, always ask for the ad to be repeated back to you. The registr an ts commenced to tr an sact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on March 30, Ukiah , CA This business is conducted by an Individual. The registr an t commenced to tr an sact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on May 1, The registr an ts commenced to tr an sact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on May 15, Smith Street Ukiah , Ca Dr.

Lucinda F. Suttles W. The registr an t commenced to tr an sact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on May 22, Suttles DR. Kimmel Hawn Creek Rd. Kimmel Hidden Valley Dr. Kimmel Indi an a Ave. Riverside, CA Dennis M. Kimmel Zinf an del Dr. The registr an ts commenced to tr an sact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on May 9 Ukiah , Ca This business is conducted by an Individual.

The registr an t commenced to tr an sact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on July 1, Fr an ces. P art Siamese. Last seen Friday 5- Lake Mendocino Drive. Days Eves HVAC Installer. Plumber with hyd exp.

P art time position, working into full time. Winery experience a plus. Salary DOE. Email cover letter an d resume to sph pacific. Apply online at www. Will consider resp. Mendocino County Office of Education For an application packet visit www. Teach students the principals of agriculturalm an agement. BA degree in Agriculture req.

Cred issued based upon work exper. OR possess Sngl Subj. Mendocino County Office of Education For an app packet visit www. Bilingual pref; exp in medical or dental office pref. Mendocino County Office of Education For app. Foster Youth will be dually enrolled in summer work program.

Prorated benefits. Ukiah , CA or www. Apply Sara I. Benefits available including health coverage an d K with Comp an y match. Call Steven Koller The r. The Ukiah Daily Journal is seeking a news assist an t. This is an entrylevel clerical position, but basic computer literacy is a must.

Applic an ts should have fast typing an d good org an izational skills an d be able to work independently. This hour a week position includes benefits. The news assist an t works directly for the editor but also assists sports an d features editors as well. Duties include rewriting an d typing up news releases, letters to the editor an d other material, org an izing weekly calendars, distributing mail an d filing.

The news assist an t also helps maintain Daily Journal archives an d Web site. C an didates should apply in person at the Daily Journal office at S. All applications must be filled out on-site. Apply in person at A Kunzler R an ch Rd. Creativity a plus. Perkins St. BA req. Fax resume to: Caregiver for mental health facility.

Knowledge of Psych meds. Must have valid CDL an d reliable tr an sportation. Forem an experience helpful but not necessary. Pick up application at Industry Road, Ukiah. Great working cond. Fax resume to HR Dept. Bring DMV printout Come join our team. Apply N. Bay area delivery, year round. Good equip. Tractor Trailer exp. Night shift, chips, local haul. Potter Vly. Travel incentives, extra income. Host families are needed too! Environmental Service Attend an t J an itorial duties for busy health clinic.

Fax: mklobas mchcinc. Must be able to pass drug test to operate heavy equipment, class A drivers lic. Will train motivated person. Reliable tr an sportation needed. No smoking on site. Call lv msg. Medical Billing Specialist Knwldg. Fax Preference given to Native Americ an. Open until filled.

Ukiah , Ca. Computer skills a plus. Must have own tr an sp. Send appl. Gobbi St. Positions are Fulltime, year-round. Shifts available are swing an d grave. Qu art erly Bonus Program. Health Benefits, k pl an , holiday, vacation pay. Please apply in person at N. Yard Sales Cashiers Apply at E. Must be able to pass physical an d drug screen upon job offer.

This might be the job for you. Qualifications: Pass medical an d drug exam, TB test, criminal background check an d have valid Cal. Drivers license. Church St. Medical, Dental, Vision, K. Wage DOE. Great benefits. Hill Rd. Benefit pkg avail.

Apply at Selzer Realty E. Great benefit package. Apply at E. Ukiah Fax Resume jbrown maverickcaps. Please Apply in person. Excellent benefits. Fax mklobas mchcinc. The ideal c an didate will be a motivated, self-st art er with excellent leadership skills an d good people practices an d have a minimum of 2 years of solid, full service casual or upscale restaur an t m an agement experience.

Benefits include health pl an , paid vacation an d k. Shifts include nights an d weekends. Wages DOE. Drug free workplace. If interested in applying, email work northcoastbrewing. Must submit NCO app: x or www. Fax resume to Subway N.

Orchard Av. Will train. Hopl an d Food Ct. The City of Healdsburg is currently accepting applications for the p art -time position of Parks an d Facilities Aide. Requires education equivalent to graduation from high school. College degree pref. Secretarial an d office mgmnt exp. Send resume vial email WildAffair Prods aol. Coordinator for prog. HS dplma. Immediate opening. Computer, multi-line telephones an d front office experience a plus. Must have own tr an sportation.

Please mail resumes to Personal P. Fax resume to , Attn: CM Download an nouncement packet from www. Individuals may apply. For info call to apply online: www. Ready to take your game to next level? B an dsaw Benchm an an d Roundsaw filer. Experience preferred. Benefits, K, Health Ins. Contact D an Benefits, vac. Must like working with people. Apply A Talmage Rd. Experience helpful-days with flexibility. Apply in person Beverly Fabrics S. State St Ukiah Support developmentally disabled in their own home.

Tasting Room Sales Upscale Hopl an d winery is seeking retail sales associate. Wine knowledge a plus. More info contact: M. Automotive office background preferred. Apply online at thrustonhonda. Please call for appt.

Are you tired of working Saturdays? Busy, quality shop w an ts to see you. Bonuses based on experience an d production. Guar an teed monthly allotment. Generous increase upon placement. Income tax-exempt. Need 1 or 2-parent homes, with 1 parent home full time. Home with no more th an 1 biological child considered. Retirees invited to apply. Bush St. FREE consultation by phone! Quiet cntry setting. Dora - 2 bed. Oak St. Complete rental listing available at S.

Senor Mr. If you want to come to Family Group you can. I have had one Family Group but nobody came but dear old Grandma and that led to an incident. Marigold, sister Marigold. My noble young petunia. Family Group goes for two hours -- the wives, husbands, children, any close people, they all come for group therapy. Playing it close, in other words, as far as their twisted little games they play with their loved ones.

So I was going to tell you about Grandma. He looked like he was ready to go out and hang himself. I enjoyed that. Needless to say, the subject of Jesus came up in this discussion, right about thirteen seconds into it. Like I say, they hold Family Group on Sundays at two pm. Two to Four PM. I mean if they ever let you out of Dallas.

Over and out. They give us Antabuse in here, and it makes you sleepy. But did you ever think that maybe there actually is a devil and he actually does get his claws in certain people and they actually do get dragged through the garbage of an evil life on their way to actually going to hell? Last year I told you how I went to Texas. Houston, Dallas, Odessa, all of that. This is so fucked. So fucked.

Question is, God, where are you? You know? God has put his feet up and screwed the head off a Bud and has drifted off into a nap while I sit here burning and stinking on the barbecue. It would have made me even sicker if it was just a story about some person I could only think about.

Like somebody I could only imagine. And hear about it in person. These last four years have chewed several giant holes right through me. I thought I was finished before. But that was minimum damage compared to this. Two fine good beautiful kids, she raised them right, raised them Christian. While she, Melanie, slept in the waiting room at the Burn Unit and her daughter died, somebody snuck out their hand and stole her purse.

Took the money out and threw the purse in the trashcan. She found it in the trashcan later, after they told her that her daughter and two grandkids were dead. That guy was funny. Reminded me of Gary Cooper, a real cowpoke down on his luck in the smelly cities that ate the prairie. How long was he around, two days? I think this Antabuse is going wrong on me. I mean when I lie on my bed in this room by myself I get dragged down to a black place. Around other folks, I mean real folks, folks who are really there, I feel absolutely fine.

They talk, I talk, everything appears as normal. I think I need to tell you I am totally out of Kools. Some kind person has donated a whole can of Bugler that we can roll out of, but I tell you what, Bugler smoke burns like fire from your lips on down to the pit of your lungs.

So -- if you brought me a couple packs of my brand. Know what I mean? Or any of them. Writing letters on imaginary paper. Shut up. I already told them. Hey about this Antabuse. I hear the Devil. They are the Eddiest most ridiculous people that if you pull this letter up to your ear you can hear me laughing at them like a ciyoot. These last four years.

Where I just was. Black boiling dirt and burning diesel smoke. Nothing burns hot as diesel. People by the side runover squashed killed and dead. Devil laughing so close I saw the veins in his teeth. My ticket says to Texas. Like just who masterminded JFK? And the cave was his mouth like a bathroom full of stink and his tongue popped with cheap sweat. Yeah boy he dragged me down to his jamboree. Down through this nest of talking spiders known as my head.

Down through the bottom of my grave with my name spelled wrong on the stone. Standing on his stump shouting jive. Jest get a whiff of sulphur and wet fear! Of scientific inquiry alone! The mayor is inside already! Satan shouts You know who Judas was? I forget your name. Listen to me. I lie on that bed over there and my mood goes black and then I can feel my mind, my actual mind, pulling itself in two.

I hear the Devil laughing, and I hear him ordering me to kill people. My mother when I was four years old went psycho herself and has been in prison for twenty-eight years in Gatesville, Texas, and prison has not in any way reformed her. Last week here in Number 8 I had a train-jumper wino roommate with slashed-up shoes and a tattoo on his arm said Eat Fuck Kill. That was his complete statement. Never said hello, never said good-bye. Never took off his shoes. Here two days and then up and gone.

He was all hate. When the Devil gets that last hook in your heart, then he starts yanking you town to town. My grandma tells the truth about the Devil. My sponsor Bob Cornfield dropped around finally with a box of my stuff, not much, a small box and the contents inside still rattled. He gets his cigaret going standing here in this room, room 8, looking around like he invented the place.

Not allowed. OK I like so-and-so. First several days I was here she was like a robot in group. Changed her shirt and pants but never varied her stuff otherwise. Like this is the Riviera Rehab, man. And she wore these middle-age type big-enough shorts, but these white little-girl patent leather shoes. Every morning for fifteen years. Most mornings, to tell you the truth, I have to vomit about it. Down the hall and clear across the courtyard screaming like an F Like my roommate Eat Fuck Kill.

I feel a lot better now that I know I hate those two for running off and sticking me with the tab for the rent and phone and the whole middle class life. I think they live in Mexico. I hope they get a few diseases that make them miserable. Having fun. Ready to cut the cake. We alkies are just a tangle of lies like the insides of a golf ball. You start cutting into one little rubber band in that mess like how do you really feel about your husband shafting you, and the whole ball starts unraveling and whizzing around the room.

AA Breakthrough in the mirror. I see something lurking over my shoulder. You know who it is. Devil been talking to me. Telling me to kill everybody in here. I hear these things clearly but I still feel sane, sane. Do you get me? Am I torching out on Antabuse? AA Breakthrough. But I do feel kind of pleasant contemplating that woman Carolina. I feel like my mind is quiet at least for a couple seconds, at least for the last few puffs off this roll-em.

Thanks for taking me off the Antabuse. Every hour I feel more down to the ground. The last four years. Thanks for taking me off that stuff. The world has been saved. Come out onto the street right after Happy Hour exactly at the moment the sun descended. There he is. Guy leaning up against the wall in an alley with his knee bent back, sole of his foot against the wall like we used to do, we kids who thought we were so tough. Basically the problem was I knew I had done things I would have to pay for.

I felt I had done things I would have to pay for. Then I went inside the monster hotel and the desk clerk was complaining to some people. He showed us the money that guy had just paid with. And Satan that was you. Yeah, they took me off the Antabuse. That Antabuse was your last thing. Pulling on the strings. But you got no strings. Not one of these strings from my heart-hooks lead off into your evil hands.

Leading out from my heart to the hearts of people I love. So get outa my Caddy, Daddy. Or do they have you drooling on a ward somewhere? More strange than Bro, but just by a hair. You and Bro are getting a little ink here. Love for the idiot Grandma. Love for the medicated Father. Love for the brother on the run and for the brother and the mother in prison in Gaitsville and Huntsville. May the visions of your heart be blessed. May the blessings of the sun and the rain find us out.

Love for the sister who should divorce us all. Love for sister Marigold who should divorce us once and for all.


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From the image above you can see that there are financial figures shown underneath each of the prices. This is the liquidity for that bet and the maximum amount of money staked for that selection at that price. For example, you can see that to lay Napoli at odds of 1. If we want to bet more, we can then move down to 1. Liquidity becomes an issue at lower-profile events where less money is being staked.

This can make it more difficult to either get the price that you want to back or get a low price to lay given there is less money kicking about. You will find disparity in liquidity at each betting exchange as well, with Betfair having a significantly higher market share than all of their competitors, and exchanges only work if people use them.

Continuing with our Napoli example, on the left of the image above we can see the profit that we will make on each result signified by the red loss and green profit numbers. This is handy when deciding how much exposure you want to create when laying your bets. It also works great if you decide to back your bets at a later date to lock in a profit.

To do this, we are looking at bets that cover all but one result; a good example would be using the Win and Draw markets in football. We can use the double chance market to select our bets to cover this. By selecting Arsenal and Draw we can cover the two other betting options that would go head to head with the Napoli win.

As you can see, the price is a little higher for this than laying Napoli straight off, at odds of 2. If we laid this bet at odds of 1. The exchange is likely going to give you better odds than most traditional bookmakers would, yes. Betting exchanges are actually very simple to use once you get over the learning curve, and they are as transparent in terms of what you need to stake and what might be returned as any traditional bookmaker. If you are looking to lay bets then the exchange is the way to go.

In fact, some of the professional bookmakers even use the likes of Betfair or other betting exchanges to balance their books. For example, if they have too much exposure on a certain bet or market, they will jump into the exchanges to lay or back some of it off to cover their backs. Skip to content.

How do Betting Exchanges Work? In short, the bet could cost you money, so you need to think about your finances ahead of time. Liquidity The next thing we want to talk about is liquidity. So, which works out at better value? Is the Exchange Always Better Value? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Connect with us. Betting Tips 20 best online sport betting sites by Olufemi Ademola January 14, How we ranked the websites.

The following criteria were used to rank the best betting sites for sports games online: 1. Related Topics Football. Click to comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By Olufemi Ademola. Eagle Predict — The effect of Covid 19 on Sports Betting in Nigeria Year will forever be an historical year to be remembered due to the Top soccer news blogs in the world Being a football lover comes with a prize, the need to stay updated with Top 21 betting sites in Nigeria Finding the best betting site in Nigeria, for your bets may be a hurdle Sure Prediction: How to get it right every time Winning with your predictions regularly and more times than you lose will demand some Best Soccer Prediction Site in Betting Tips Fixed matches: 21 ways to get fixed matches for today.