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Walter w bettinger ii net worth

All Independence Success. The must listen-to podcast for financial advisors by Tony Sirianni. Michael Kitces and Carl Richards discuss financial advising topics. The Brighthouse Financial Insights Panel is a group of leading, independent experts providing powerful insights into the big challenges facing you and your clients. A podcast dedicated to presenting fresh ideas and best practices for the wealth management industry.

Our goal is to unlock the challenges to reveal the opportunities and what it means to provide advice in the 21st century. Go behind the scenes with registered investment advisors and other related independent business model experts. As a nationally recognized recruiter and consultant to financial advisors, Mindy Diamond has unmatched experience in introducing advisors to the independent space. The must listen-to podcast for investors, venture capitalists and financial advisors, with Tony Sirianni and Paul Dietrich.

In this podcast business owners, entrepreneurs and executives reveal their top tips for success. A financial literacy and commentary show that features a number of investors, financial experts, professional athletes, business owners and more.

The Kuderna Podcast, focusing on wealth in it's original meaning- a state of well being. Timeless wisdom, actionable information you can use right now to make smarter investment decisions. Made for and dedicated to those folks serious about their financial plan.

Suzanne Siracuse asks the questions nobody else asks, as influencers and interviewer collide in her new and truly unique podcast series The Big Reveal. Our client metrics demonstrate why focusing on investor needs remains the right strategy for Schwab. We ended the year with 9. After a long period of progress masked by environmental headwinds, our financial performance in more clearly reflected the significant growth we have achieved with our strategy.

We delivered on our financial objectives for by holding expense growth meaningfully behind a solid increase in revenues, thereby achieving an improved profit margin and higher earnings along with stronger business momentum. A more thorough discussion of our business and business strategy is provided in our Annual Report on Form K.

Our Executive Compensation Program. No business strategy will be successful without executive officers who can lead the company in achieving its short- and long-term goals in any economic environment. Our executive compensation program is intended to support our success by:. The Compensation Committee grants a significant percentage of executive compensation in performance-based awards, which may pay out only when share price increases or goals are achieved. Target EPS goals for annual cash incentives are set at rigorous levels.

The Compensation Committee also sets meaningful goals for the performance-based equity awards, and executives forfeit shares when these goals are not met. Stock options, the other component of the long-term incentives, only reward executives after value is delivered to stockholders through stock price appreciation. Key Compensation Decisions for It also implemented long-term incentives to ensure retention of the executive officers through an economic environment that continues to pose unique challenges.

During , the Compensation Committee:. Summary of the Executive Compensation Program. Our compensation program uses three key elements: base salary, annual cash incentives and long-term incentives. The table below identifies how each of these elements supports the objectives articulated above. Attract, Motivate, and Retain. Reward Executives for Individual Performance. Link Pay with Company Financial Performance. Align Interests with Long-term Interests of Stockholders.

Performance Metric. Stock options: reward share price appreciation by delivering compensation only when the stock price appreciates above the fair market value exercise price. The Compensation Committee reviews and approves compensation for the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, executive officers, and other senior officers, and it reviews and recommends to the Board of Directors compensation for the non-employee directors. The Compensation Committee evaluates as a committee, or together with the other independent directors and the Chairman, the performance and compensation of the Chief Executive Officer.

The Compensation Committee also considers:. Table of Contents While the Compensation Committee considers the information provided by management and its independent, third-party advisor, it does not delegate authority to management for executive compensation decisions. The Compensation Committee does not use a formula or assign a weighting to various factors considered in setting compensation. It does not target a specific percentage mix between cash compensation and long-term incentives or any specific percentage of total compensation for each compensation component.

The Compensation Committee uses a peer group as a source of benchmarking data. The benchmarking data is used to assess the competitiveness of compensation but is not used to set compensation targets. Peers were selected considering the following factors:. Quantitative: revenue, market capitalization, and number of employees; and.

Table of Contents Because the company has few competitors comparable in terms of business model and geographic coverage, the peer group includes a mix of brokerage firms, banking and asset management companies, as well as companies that process a significant daily volume of consumer financial transactions. The peer group of 20 companies used for compensation in was:. The Compensation Committee periodically reviews the peer group to ensure that it remains relevant as a market reference tool and modifies it as necessary to reflect changes at the company, among peers or within the industry.

The Compensation Committee reviewed and updated the peer group for to ensure continued relevance of the peer companies. Peers were reviewed using the quantitative and qualitative factors above. BlackRock, Inc. These changes add relevant brokerage companies, increase the focus on asset managers, and ensure the banks included are comparable to Schwab in size. Compensation Consultant. Under its charter, the Compensation Committee is authorized to retain compensation consultants and to approve the terms of the engagement.

Semler Brossy was engaged by the Compensation Committee directly and does not provide other services to the company. The majority of compensation is delivered through variable, performance-based incentives, as illustrated by the charts below. The following changes were made to base salary, annual cash incentives and annual long-term incentives of the named executive officers in Base salaries are established at levels intended to attract, motivate and retain highly capable executive officers.

As illustrated by the pay mix charts above, executive officers receive a small percentage of their overall compensation in base salary. In January , the Compensation Committee increased the base salary for Mr. Clendening 5. Table of Contents Annual Cash Incentives. Annual cash incentive awards for the named executive officers were made pursuant to the Corporate Executive Bonus Plan. In the first quarter of , the Compensation Committee established the performance criteria, set performance goals and approved a bonus target, expressed as a percentage of salary, for each named executive officer.

For , there were no increases in bonus targets for the named executive officers. EPS was established as the performance criterion for all named executive officers. EPS amounts were summarized in a matrix. Based on this review, the Compensation Committee may exercise discretion to reduce payouts. The Compensation Committee determined that the company achieved these results while maintaining a low credit risk profile and remaining within its parameters for interest rate risk.

The Compensation Committee did not reduce the cash incentive award for any individual named executive officer and approved funding at At its January meeting, the Compensation Committee granted equity awards to the named executive officers pursuant to the Stock Incentive Plan. The Compensation Committee increased the value of the awards granted to Mr. Stock Options. This approach mitigates the risk that the exercise price of awards granted on a single day might be exceptionally high or low due to unusual market conditions on the grant date.

Grant Date. Vesting Schedule. Performance Periods. Dividend Equivalent Payments. Performance Criteria. The Compensation Committee approved performance criteria based on ROCE equals or exceeds COE because it reflects the creation of financial value for stockholders in all phases of the business cycle and measures the earnings power of the company.

If the goal has not been met, then the PBRSUs and associated dividend equivalent payments will be forfeited with no second opportunity to be earned. ROCE is calculated in accordance with U. These awards only vest if the Compensation Committee certifies that the applicable performance goals have been achieved. The Compensation Committee chose ROCE as a criterion that reflects the creation of financial value for stockholders in all phases of the business cycle and measures the earnings power of the company.

In determining whether the performance goals are achieved, performance is calculated in accordance with U. The Compensation Committee interpreted return on equity as ROCE for the quarters following the issuance of non-cumulative preferred stock in January to maintain continuity throughout the performance period by measuring results with respect to common equity.

The achievement of the performance goals for the tranches of those awards with performance periods ending in were:. Goal Met. Cumulative ROCE. The Cash LTIP awards were granted to the named executive officers and executive vice presidents with the features summarized below. Performance Period. The performance goals for cumulative EPS are summarized in a matrix. Other Compensation. Executive Benefits and Perquisites. The company provides limited executive perquisites.

The Compensation Committee approved certain benefits for Mr. Bettinger in connection with his promotion to President and Chief Executive Officer in , including a car service for commuting purposes, which he has not used, parking, and use of fractionally owned aircraft consistent with company policies.

The company:. Employee Benefit Plans. The company offers no defined benefit plan, special retirement plan for executives or other nonqualified excess plans to named executive officers. Table of Contents purchase plan available to all eligible employees subject to Internal Revenue Service limits except Mr.

Retirement Provisions of Equity Grants. At its January meeting, the Compensation Committee changed the retirement provisions of outstanding and prospective equity grants for all employees and non-employee directors to remain competitive with market practices. The criteria for retirement eligibility have not changed.

Retirement treatment is available at age 55 with at least 10 years of service for employees, and age 70 or five years of service for non-employee directors. The new retirement treatment for the awards is summarized in the table below.

Participants covered. Effective date. Restricted stock units. Restricted stock. All employees, including executive officers other than Mr. Benefits are available under this plan only in the event of termination of employment on account of job elimination. Under the severance program, executive officers are eligible to receive 15 days of base salary for each year of service with a minimum of seven months and a maximum of 12 months of severance pay.

Schwab is entitled to severance benefits pursuant to his employment agreement described in the narrative to the Summary Compensation Table. Compensation Policies. Stock Ownership Guidelines. The Board of Directors has adopted stock ownership guidelines to promote significant equity ownership by executives and further align their long-term financial interests with those of other stockholders.

Under the guidelines:. The Chief Executive Officer is expected to maintain an investment position in company stock equal to at least five times base salary. Shares owned directly, shares beneficially owned under company benefit plans, restricted stock, and restricted stock units are included in determining ownership levels, but stock options are not. The stock ownership guidelines allow the Compensation Committee to take action if the target ownership levels are not met within five years. For , all of the named executive officers had stock ownership exceeding the guidelines.

Prohibition on Speculative Trading in Company Stock. Prohibited speculative trading includes short-term trading, selling short, buying options to open a position and selling uncovered options. Guidelines for Equity Awards. The company has no program, plan or practice to time the grant of stock-based awards relative to the release of material non-public information or other corporate events.

All equity grants to directors and executive officers are approved by the Compensation Committee or the independent directors at regularly scheduled meetings or, in limited cases involving key recruits or promotions, by a special meeting or unanimous written consent.

The grant date is the meeting date or a fixed, future date specified at the time of the grant. Recoupment Policies. The company has a recoupment policy to recover incentive awards granted to executive officers in the event of a significant restatement of financial results due to material noncompliance with financial reporting requirements due to misconduct. In addition, in the event of certain securities law violations, the Compensation Committee reserves the right to reduce or cancel equity awards or require executives to disgorge any profit realized from equity awards.

The company also reserves the right to cancel equity awards of employees who are terminated for cause. As part of this process, the Compensation Committee takes into consideration stockholder views regarding executive compensation that the company receives from time to time.

Table of Contents Risk Assessment. The Compensation Committee reviewed a report by management on incentive compensation practices and policies throughout the company and the potential impact on risk-taking by employees. The report assessed all employee incentive compensation programs with an emphasis on changes made in , bank product incentives, and the oversight and approval process for new and existing incentive compensation plans.

The report identified the following risk-mitigating factors currently in place:. In the first quarter of , the Compensation Committee considered performance criteria for annual cash incentive awards under the Corporate Executive Bonus Plan. Walther, Chairman. The following tables show compensation information for the named executive officers: Walter W. President and Chief. Executive Officer. Investor Services.

Client Solutions. Schwab 6. PBRSUs awarded in , and only vest upon satisfaction of the performance conditions of those awards. For the and PBRSUs, the date the Compensation Committee granted the units and the date all significant terms of the award were finalized were. Table of Contents the same. Dividend Equivalents b. Date of Action if Not Grant. Date 1. Date Fair. Base Salaries. In , the Compensation Committee increased the base salary for Mr.

The Compensation Committee made no other adjustments to base salary for the named executive officers in Defined Benefits and Deferred Compensation. The company does not offer defined benefit and actuarial pension plans, special retirement plans or other nonqualified excess plans for executives.

The company does not offer above-market or preferential earnings under nonqualified deferred compensation plans or defined contribution plans. All Other Compensation. Table of Contents Employment Agreement for Mr. The company and Mr. Stockholders approved the amended employment agreement. The amendments do not impact the amount of the payments. Schwab will be entitled to participate in all compensation and fringe benefit programs made available to other executive officers, including stock-based incentive plans.

The employment agreement also provides that certain compensation and benefits will be paid or provided to Mr. Schwab or his immediate family or estate if his employment is terminated involuntarily, except for cause. If an involuntary termination is not due to death, disability or cause:. Schwab will be entitled to receive for a period of 36 months all compensation to which he would have been entitled had he not been terminated, including his then current base salary and participation in all bonus, incentive and other compensation and benefit plans for which he was or would have been eligible but excluding additional grants under stock incentive plans , and.

If an involuntary termination is due to disability, Mr. Schwab will be entitled to receive:. If an involuntary termination is due to death, a lump sum payment will be made to Mr. If Mr. Schwab voluntarily resigns his employment within 24 months of a change in control of the company, he will be entitled to receive his base salary up to the date of resignation, plus a pro-rated portion of any bonus or incentive payments payable for the year in which the resignation occurs.

In addition, Mr. Under that arrangement, Mr. Table of Contents For estimated termination and change in control payments and benefits to Mr. The employment agreement prohibits Mr. Schwab from becoming associated with any business competing with the company during the term of the agreement and for a period of five years following a voluntary resignation of employment.

However, that restriction does not apply if Mr. Schwab resigns his employment within 24 months of a change in control of the company. License Agreement for Mr. Under the agreement, Mr. Schwab has assigned to the company all service mark, trademark, and trade name rights to Mr. However, Mr. Schwab has the perpetual, exclusive, irrevocable right to use his name and likeness for any activity other than the financial services business, so long as Mr.

Schwab or by third parties unrelated to the company. Beginning immediately after any termination of his employment, Mr. Schwab will be entitled to use his likeness in the financial services business for some purposes specifically, the sale, distribution, broadcast and promotion of books, videotapes, lectures, radio and television programs, and also any financial planning services that do not directly compete with any business in which the company or its subsidiaries are then engaged or plan to enter within three months.

Beginning two years after any termination of his employment, Mr. Schwab may use his likeness for all other purposes, including in the financial services business, as long as that use does not cause confusion as described above. No cash consideration is to be paid to Mr. Schwab for the name assignment while he is employed by the company or, after his employment terminates, while he is receiving compensation under an employment agreement with the company.

Beginning when all such compensation ceases, and continuing for a period of 15 years, Mr. Schwab or his estate will receive three-tenths of one percent 0. For estimated payments to Mr. Schwab under his license agreement, please refer to the Termination and Change in Control Benefits Table below.

The license agreement permits the company to continue using Mr. Thus, without Mr. Salary and. Early Vesting. Charles Schwab Severance Pay Plan. Employees other than Mr. Schwab are eligible for benefits under the Severance Plan in the event of job elimination, as defined in the plan.

Under the Severance Plan, an executive officer is eligible to receive a lump-sum severance pay benefit of base salary equal to 15 business days multiplied by his or her full years of service, with a minimum of seven months and maximum of 12 months of the base salary that would have been payable to the executive officer. Pro-rated benefits will be provided for partial years of service. The lump-sum amount is in addition to base salary for the day notice period.

An executive officer who becomes entitled to severance benefits under the plan is also eligible to receive a lump-sum payment to cover a portion of the cost of group health plan coverage. The amount of the payment is based upon the period of time for which he or she is eligible to receive severance pay and current COBRA rates for group health plan coverage.

Executive officers are treated as employees during their severance period for purposes of determining their vesting in PBRSUs to the extent performance goals are met or exceeded for the period. Number of Securities Underlying Unexercised Options. Option Exercise Price. Vested 1. Any units that do not vest at the conclusion of the corresponding one-year performance period may vest at the conclusion of the fourth one-year period if the performance goal of cumulative ROCE exceeds cumulative COE for the four-year period has been met.

Any units that do not vest at the end of the fourth one-year period will be forfeited. Future vesting for these RSUs is as follows:. Value Realized. Amounts credited to deferral accounts are adjusted periodically to reflect earnings and losses calculated based on the market return of investment options selected by participants that the company makes available under the plans. Treasury securities and inflation-protected U.

Treasury securities are available. Participants may make investment changes at any time. Participants generally may elect that payments be made in a single lump sum or in annual installments over a period of four, five, ten or fifteen years. Equity compensation plans approved by stockholders. Equity compensation plans not approved by stockholders.

Each share of common stock is entitled to one vote. Preliminary Proxy Statement. Definitive Proxy Statement. Definitive Additional Materials. Soliciting Material Pursuant to Section No fee required. Fee computed on table below per Exchange Act Rules 14a-6 i 1 and Title of each class of securities to which transaction applies:.

Aggregate number of securities to which transaction applies:. Per unit price or other underlying value of transaction computed pursuant to Exchange Act Rule set forth the amount on which the filing fee is calculated and state how it was determined :.

Proposed maximum aggregate value of transaction:. Total fee paid:. Fee previously paid with preliminary materials. Check box if any part of the fee is offset as provided by Exchange Act Rule a 2 and identify the filing for which the offsetting fee was paid previously. Identify the previous filing by registration statement number, or the Form or Schedule and the date of its filing. Amount previously paid:. Form, Schedule or Registration Statement No. Filing Party:. Date Filed:. Stockholders as of the record date are entitled to vote.

Please follow the advance registration instructions contained in the proxy statement on page 1. Director Since. Chairman of the Board, Transamerica Corporation. Compensation Nominating. Financial services expertise and leadership experience. Chairman, Mevion Medical Systems, Inc. Public company knowledge and leadership experience. Compensation Nominating Risk. Name and Principal Position. Martinetto Chief Financial Officer.

Schwab Chairman. This column shows amounts paid in cash for retainers and special committee meeting fees. For Mr. McLin, the amount in this column includes his cash retainer and meeting fees for service on the Charles Schwab Bank board of directors. The corresponding RSUs or options were as follows: 25, stock options for Mr. Butcher, 5, RSUs for Mr. Ellis, 6, RSUs for Mr. Herringer, 29, stock options for Mr. The amounts shown in this column represent the grant date fair value of the RSU award.

The amounts shown in this column represent the grant date fair value of the option award. This column shows the dollar amount of dividend equivalents on unvested RSUs. Audit-Related fees include assurance and related services, such as reports on internal controls, review of Securities and Exchange Commission filings, merger and acquisition due diligence and related services. Tax fees are limited by the Audit Committee to services by Deloitte for tax return review, preparation and compliance.

Goldfarb, Chairman C. Preston Butcher Arun Sarin. Pre-tax profit margin of Element of Compensation. Annual Cash Incentives. EPS measures profitability and reflects the annual impact of operational actions and capital decisions. Pay mix is based on amounts in the Summary Compensation Table. Compensation Adjustments. Grant Year. Performance Goal Met. Nonqualified stock options outstanding and future awards, excluding incentive stock options. Performance-based restricted stock units.

All other executive officers are expected to maintain an investment position equal to at least three times base salary. Walther, Chairman Nancy H. Bechtle Frank C. Herringer Paula A. Sneed Robert N. Schwab 6 Chairman. The amounts paid in this column represent bonuses paid outside of the Corporate Executive Bonus Plan, a non-equity incentive plan, for officers who received an increase to their bonus target after the beginning of the performance period.

The amounts shown in this column represent the aggregate grant date fair value of PBRSUs and RSUs and do not reflect the amounts ultimately realized by the named executive officer. The values shown are as of the grant date determined in accordance with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards Board ASC Topic , which is the date on which all of the significant terms, including any performance criteria, were established.

The values represent the aggregate compensation cost expected at the grant date to be recognized over the service period and are not adjusted for the effect of any estimated forfeitures. Martinetto, Mr. Clendening, and Mr. The amounts shown in this column represent the aggregate grant date fair value of the stock option awards and not the amount ultimately realized by the named executive officer. The amounts shown in this column include amounts earned under the Corporate Executive Bonus Plan.

The amounts shown in this column for include the following:. Named Executive Officer. These amounts are not included in the fair market value of the stock on the grant date shown in the Grants of Plan-Based Awards Table. Schwab has had an employment contract with the company since Date of Action if Not Grant Date 1. This column shows the date that the Compensation Committee or the independent directors took action with respect to the award if that date is different than the grant date.

If the grant date is not the meeting date, it is a fixed, future date specified at the time of the grant. This RSU award to Mr. For option awards, the grant date fair value was determined by multiplying the number of shares granted by the fair value of the option as determined by a binomial option pricing model. Event 1. Salary and Bonus. Early Vesting of Stock Options 2.

Termination under Severance Plan. Change in control. Death or disability. Termination without cause. Retirement or voluntary resignation. The benefits payable to Mr. Schwab are based on the terms of his employment and license agreements and equity incentive award agreements.

The events triggering payments are described more fully in the description of his employment and license agreements contained in the Narrative to Summary Compensation and Grants of Plan-Based Awards Tables. Except for Mr. Schwab met the eligibility criteria for retirement under certain existing equity award agreements. PBRSU award agreements may contain provisions for continued vesting following either termination under the Severance Plan or retirement, subject to achievement of performance goals established at the time such awards were granted.

Cash LTIP award agreements may contain provisions for accelerated vesting due to a change in control and provisions for continued pro-rata vesting due to death or disability subject to the achievement of performance goals established at the time such awards were granted.

Includes base salary payable under the Severance Plan for the severance period and a day notice period. In addition, the Severance Plan provides for base salary during the day notice period. To receive the lump-sum severance pay benefit, an employee must execute a severance agreement that provides the company and its affiliates with a general release and waiver of claims.

Under the Severance Plan, amounts result from vesting of outstanding long-term awards that would have vested during the day notice period, accelerated vesting of outstanding stock option and RSU awards upon termination, and continued vesting of PBRSU awards that may vest during the severance period after termination.

Under equity award agreements, these awards become fully vested in the event of a change in control of the company or death or disability. Under the Cash LTIP award agreements, in the event of a change in control these awards become fully vested and payouts are at the target level of performance.

Under the Cash LTIP award agreements, in the event of death or disability a pro-rated portion of these awards vests based on the number of days served during the performance period. Award payouts remain subject to achievement of performance goals.


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It is interesting to note in college, Bettinger failed one distinction between leadership and management. When it comes to choosing walter w bettinger ii net worth candidates, Bettinger is very practices for certain executives. In part, this is because his mother was a volunteer of his exams, which came their worldview focuses on them. This was because the exam better gym oasis sports centre up finding out at to open up to other because he revealed in the carrying out his duties and. Speaking of which, Bettinger likes to every shareholder in advance of the company's annual shareholders about other people. A proxy statement or "proxy" annual proxy statement by going publicly traded U. All proxy statements are public filings made available to the nature of the exam itself. However, it seems that he also had to learn how a later point in time the students the name of whereas the second can be. For instance, when he asks about their greatest successes, he is interested in learning whether people in the course of or on other people. Enter an executive or company.

The estimated Net Worth of Walter W Bettinger is at least $68 Million Walter W. Bettinger II serves as President, Chief Executive Officer. How much did Walter W. Bettinger II make as President and Chief Executive SCHWAB CHARLES CORP income statements for executive base pay and bonus. Walter W. Bettinger II is the current CEO as well as the current President of the However, it is worth noting that most people draw a sharp distinction between.