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Veria vs iraklis 1908 betting expert nba

A high-profile custody battle ensued, pitting his father in Cuba -- who had the backing of Castro -- against family members in Miami, who sought to keep him in the U. The international incident was eventually resolved after a U. The ruling was perceived as a victory for Castro, and a loss for the community of Cuban exiles in the U. And like my father, I wanted to show him everything I achieved so that he could be proud of me.

But Fidel was everyone's friend Fidel was that friend who was with my family, with my father at the most difficult moment, and who made it possible that I came back to my father and back to Cuba. And so that what I will always be thankful for. And I also had that weight of making him feel proud, and my father and the Cuban people and to study something that would be good for the people.

He didn't give me guidance at that moment and it was after that I learned that he was always there. Fidel's legacy is in each person affected by our programs, in every life saved form Ebola, in every Haitian saved with our missions, in every Latin American who's had eye surgery or who learned a sport or how to write through our missions.

Fidel's legacy is in every doctor, in every art institute. Fidel's legacy is me and every young person who has grown under his teachings, and I think the best thing we can do is to be faithful to those teachings. Now that we don't have [Castro] by our side anymore, it's up to us to lead the way, it's up to us to fulfill the revolution.

The winning ticket was sold in Lafayette, a city of about 5, residents that is 60 miles northeast of Nashville. It matched all six Powerball numbers drawn Saturday night, the Tennessee Lottery said in a news release. The winning numbers: , Powerball: 16, Power Play: 2. Some Georgia Lottery players are lucky as well. The Tennessee ticket holder has not yet come forward to claim the prize, which ranks 12th among all U. The Tennessee Lottery advises the winner to sign the back of the ticket and keep it in a secure location.

Toliver's brother, Joshua Davis, said Toliver was gunned down shortly after he and his fiancee left their Canal Street hotel. Toliver was supposed to meet Davis at a club a few blocks down Bourbon Street. Instead, Davis said he received a text message from his brother's fiancee asking that he call her. Davis stepped out on the club's balcony and called her, he said, only to learn his brother had been shot. Davis said he was told by his brother's fiancee that the couple and her friend were walking in the block of Bourbon Street when two people started shooting at each other.

One of the shooters did not appear to be looking in the direction he was shooting, Davis was told. Toliver fell as he was running, Davis was told. His fiancee told Davis that Toliver was holding his neck and repeating "it hurts" as paramedics and police arrived at the scene shortly before a. Toliver died at an area hospital. He spent the last three years working at a Baton Rouge tattoo parlor, where family said he displayed his immense talents as an artist.

You just can't believe that it happened," Toliver's aunt, Vickie Davis, said by phone Sunday. You can't explain it. Three California mosques received a letter calling Muslims "vile and filthy," praising President-elect Donald Trump and saying he plans to "cleanse" America, an association of Muslim-Americans said Sunday. The letter dismissed Muslims as a "vile and filthy people" and called on them to "pack your bags and get out of Dodge," the council said.

Trump, the letter added, is "going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And, he's going to start with you Muslims. Since Trump -- who railed against Muslims and immigrants during the campaign -- was elected on November 8, more than anti-Muslim incidents have occurred across the country, said CAIR. It quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC , which monitors hate crimes, as saying over incidents targeting different minority groups had been documented since election day.

Threatening letter sent to Muslims in California roundnews. We have no knowledge of what the candidates do with that information until there is a public claim of victory or a concession. Vermont Sen. Sanders also said he would support changing the electoral college system, which allowed Trump to win the presidency even though he trails Clinton by roughly 2 million votes nationally.

President-elect Donald Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway says she has personal concerns with the prospect of Mitt Romney being selected as secretary of state. Bob Corker. Priebus cited respect for freedom of religion as an example. Trump pledged during the presidential campaign to undo the overtures unless the government of Raul Castro met his demands. Trump did not repeat that pledge in a statement Saturday following the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama spoke for about 45 minutes on Saturday — the day it was announced that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro had died.

Word of the private discussion comes from top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway. The Latest: Priebus says Clinton, Trump teams 'cut a deal' cbs After Rosberg conceded the title to Hamilton, his teammate at Mercedes, in the past two seasons, and even when they were teammates in go-karting as children, Rosberg finally beat his nemesis. With just 12 points between them before the race, and Rosberg leading the series, Hamilton, who started from the pole position — with Rosberg starting second — had to win the race and hope that Rosberg failed to finish second or third.

There was widespread speculation before the race that Hamilton would use dirty tactics by trying to hold his lead to the first corner, and then drive slowly in order to force Rosberg into a battle with the drivers who started behind him — notably those from Red Bull and Ferrari, who started from third to sixth. But even before that point, Rosberg had also fallen victim early in the race to another similar tactic from a competing team, after Max Verstappen in one of the Red Bull cars moved ahead of him after his pit stop, and Verstappen slowed to block Rosberg to help the other Red Bull driver, Daniel Ricciardo, to catch up from behind Rosberg.

At that point, Rosberg had to contemplate that he might end up behind both of the Red Bull drivers, with Hamilton winning the race and the title. He did so with a brilliant and brave move on Lap 20 of the lap race, despite the knowledge that Verstappen has been criticized all season as a dangerous and unpredictable driver to pass.

Rosberg then set several fastest laps of the race and caught up to Hamilton again, showing that he was in full control of his car and himself. But that bigger trial lay ahead in the final laps of the race: As predicted, with Rosberg less than a second behind him, Hamilton drove as slowly as he could in order to push Rosberg into Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, who was catching him, and Verstappen.

But Hamilton kept his car as slow as possible, even answering, for an employee of a racing team, insubordinately. But before the race, Rosberg had said he would only do everything within the rules to win. And after the race, he said he never considered trying to pass in unrealistic circumstances. Paddy Lowe, the technical director of the Mercedes team, explained why he felt there was no question that Rosberg deserved to win the title. Hamilton, however, was unrepentant.

But Rosberg has perhaps learned his lessons from a driver from another age as well, as he became only the second son of a Formula One world champion — after Graham and Damon Hill — to win the title himself. The two wore gold Stars of David and striped uniforms resembling those Jewish prisoners wore in concentrations camps.

The performance on Saturday night was for a Russian reality television show, media outlets in Israel reported. A video of the routine was posted on YouTube , showing the pair dancing and sliding smoothly across the ice. Navka posted a series of pictures of the routine on her Instagram account, where angry users condemned the figure skater and demanded an apology. U should apologize. She also said children need to remember and know about the Holocaust. The German driver is now a champion in his own right after clinching his first title on Sunday to match his father's achievement from Graham Hill , and Damon Hill are the only other father and son to have won the title.

Rosberg's second place at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was enough to wrestle the title away from Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton and also prevented his archrival from clinching his third straight and fourth overall. Just like his father, Rosberg drives in the No.

His year-old father was one of the most flamboyant drivers of his generation. So I'm very thankful for that. Hamilton won the race from pole position for his 53rd GP win. But Rosberg was 12 points ahead of him before the race and only needed to finish no lower than third if Hamilton won.

Rosberg repeatedly wiped his face and lowered his head several times in the post-race news conference, appearing emotionally exhausted as he tilted back into his chair and rubbed his eyes. Still, he expects to find plenty of energy to celebrate his win. Vettel could not quite pass Rosberg, finishing third ahead of Verstappen and fourth overall in the championship behind Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo. As Hamilton deliberately slowed in the later stages of the race, his team told him over race radio to up the tempo.

Hamilton ignored them and then even ignored a direct order from Mercedes' executive director Paddy Lowe four laps from the end. World champion! Then he jumped out of his car and danced around the track before being hugged by his mechanics and was tossed into the air by his Mercedes crew. He then grabbed Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone and lifted him into the air. On the podium, Rosberg's eyes were watering as the weight of his achievement sank in and he thanked his wife, who also wiped away tears nearby.

Rosberg survived earlier drama when he was close to colliding with Verstappen on lap 21 as they jostled for second place. For the Mercedes pair, the race had started serenely. With the sun setting on the Yas Marina track, Hamilton was on pole for the 12th time this season and got away cleanly, as did Rosberg. Meanwhile, Verstappen's car went into a spin following contact shortly after the start, dropping him down from sixth to last, but the daring Dutchman soon caught up.

Hamilton came in for his first tire change on the eighth lap, and Rosberg came in for his on the next lap. But the German driver was held up for a couple of seconds by Vettel, who was just coming in for his stop, and when he came out, he was behind Verstappen and Hamilton. Rosberg needed to overtake Verstappen, the youngest driver to win an F1 race who has earned a reputation for his risky, borderline dangerous overtaking and has upset other drivers this season. They twice almost came into contact, but Rosberg showed great courage to then pass him.

As usual. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Rosberg v Hamilton — race by race digitaljournal. It wasn't just because he leading the San Francisco 49ers against the home-standing the Miami Dolphins. Miami is home to a large community of Cuban exiles and they are outraged by Kaepernick's support of the man they consider a brutal oppressor, the now-deceased Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Kaepernick is used to being booed. He's been raising a streak of controversies ever since his August decision to sit in protest during the national anthem before an NFL preseason game. After that game, he showed up at a news conference wearing a T-shirt depicting a meeting between Castro , who was alive then, and the late black rights activist Malcolm X.

During an interview with Miami reporters on Wednesday, Kaepernick defended his choice to wear the T-shirt, according to Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero's personal account. Over a teleconference call, Kaepernick reportedly praised Castro for investing in Cuba's education system, as opposed to the American investment in the prison system, according to Salguero.

Kaepernick got a lot of criticism earlier this month. He didn't vote in the recent election , saying it would be "hypocritical" of him to cast a ballot. The Miami fans didn't distract Kaepernick too much. He threw a touchdown pass in the first quarter. Castro died Friday at Kaepernick stopped at 2 as Dolphins beat 49ers article. Dolphins is now Colin Kaepernick vs. Even though far more Americans shopped online than in stores over the Thanksgiving-Black Friday weekend, they are apparently not done yet.

But the increase is notable coming off the Thanksgiving-Black Friday weekend that saw Walmart now refers to the shopping occasion as Cyber Week. In much the same way Black Friday, as an event, ended up being diluted by Thanksgiving store openings that started in and deals starting earlier in November, Cyber Monday is losing some of its impact as a one-day event.

The evidence of the migration of shopping to e-commerce is incontrovertible: Adobe told Fortune on Sunday that e-commerce sales between Thanksgiving and Saturday rose Within e-commerce, a key shift is continuing: some 28 million of those shoppers plan to shop Cyber Monday deals from their phones, continuing a trend that explains why the likes of Walmart, J.

That retailer has been trying to hook people away from Amazon onto its shopping and mobile payment apps. Walmart has a lot riding on Cyber Monday: It recently finished an overhaul of its marketplace business, something that has allowed it to nearly triple its product assortment in the last year and offer many items it would never offer in store, like Michael Kors kors handbags.

Of course, all stores have been stress testing their websites to make sure they can withstand what will be an extraordinary amount of traffic on Monday. Cyber Monday valuewalk. That included communism in Cuba. Kaepernick drew loud boos from Miami Dolphins fans early in the game for his political views, including recent comments in defense of the former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Following the 49ers' loss, Kaepernick spoke at length about Castro's policies. I would hope that everyone believes those things are good things. Trying to push the false narrative that I was a supporter of the oppressive things that he did is just not true. In a conference call Wednesday with South Florida media, Kaepernick defended Castro, who was enormously unpopular in Miami. The timing of Kaepernick's visit to Florida, coinciding with Castro's death, became the latest chapter in a surreal season for the 49ers quarterback.

He has drawn strong, mixed reactions for kneeling during the national anthem to protest the treatment of minorities. He also has gone as a starter, but the latest game might have been his best yet. The 49ers trailed with eight minutes left but scored twice, forced a punt and started at their 38 with to go. Kaepernick drove them to the 6 but scrambled on the final play and was stopped at the 2 when sandwiched by Kiko Alonso and Ndamukong Suh.

Alonso, ironically, is a Cuban American. He said he knew nothing about Kaepernick's comments regarding Castro, but was pleased to learn from relatives about the former dictator's death and the resulting celebrations in Miami. Kaepernick said he misfired on some passes but was pleased his team didn't quit.

Button, competing in what he described as "probably" his final race as he makes way for Stoffel Vandoorne at McLaren next season, lasted only 12 laps before he parked his car. The year-old Englishman ran heavily over a kerb at the Yas Marina Circuit which damaged his front suspension. Button was given a standing ovation by the crowd before he stood on top of his McLaren cockpit and applauded them back. The Englishman removed his crash helmet and his balaclava before hugging his mother, Simone, who brushed away tears, and the rest of his entourage.

He then shook hands with his McLaren mechanics. Ahead of the race, Button, who won the world championship seven years ago, paid tribute to his father John who died in It's been an eventful 17 years! Ron was a private, gentle and caring man. He was an absolute delight to watch on screen. He played dapper and intellectual Det. Ron Harris. The show, which featured witty exchanges and colorful crime suspects, was set in a New York City police station.

Hal Linden played the title character. AP - Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly Brian Kelly reiterated early Sunday that he plans to be back as coach of the Fighting Irish after a loss to rival Southern California dropped the Fighting Irish to , their second-worst record in five decades. Kelly said in the postgame news conference Saturday that "Absolutely. I'll be back. About a. Sunday, the school tweeted a statement from Kelly saying he thought he had been clear that he plans to return.

I'm fully committed to leading this program in the future," Kelly said in a tweet. Because Kelly said he wouldn't stay in California recruiting as long as he has in past seasons after finishing the season, some compared that to when Charlie Weis returned to South Bend after a loss at Stanford and was fired.

Kelly didn't return with the team to South Bend after the loss on Saturday, but acknowledged he's coming back early. Kelly said Saturday he wasn't surprised about the speculation about his job status. Kelly said he plans to conduct exit interviews with players Wednesday through Friday to get an idea on what changes need to be made.

He said he has to evaluate a lot of things, including his assistant coaches. For me, we need to clearly look at where that is because it was off," he said. Kelly won at least eight games in each of his first six seasons and started this season ranked No. There have been few seasons when hopes started so high and finished so low. The Irish opened the season ranked No. Kelly's players also backed him after the Irish wrapped up their worst season since Charlie Weis went in with a dreary, waterlogged loss in Los Angeles.

It's just the 14th time in seasons of playing football the Irish have finished with a losing record. We have shown a propensity for some self-inflicted wounds, whether they be on special teams or offense or defense. Kizer said he has not made a decision yet. Kizer did say the disappointing year gives him plenty of difficult tape to review and situations he could learn from, trying to take some positives from a bad situation.

Jones believes the same holds true for Kelly's tenure at Notre Dame. In the image, the Suits actress wears stylish ripped jeans and a light top with minimal makeup for the night out on the town. Chopra and Markle have spent time together before, attending Hamilton in September and soaking in the sun with stylish shades in May. Markle told the Vancouver Sun in an interview earlier this month that she hopes to spend the holidays traveling now that her USA Network series has wrapped its sixth season.

During his day journey, the year-old royal will visit seven countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Granada and Barbados. Sources previously told Us that after Harry returns to England on December 4, he plans to take Markle away on a romantic trip.

Us is keeping the location private for security reasons. Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter packed with the latest celeb news, hot pics and more! There's only big reasons to celebrate Moana 's success, according to Jeff Bock, box office analyst for Exhibitor Relations. It's not a big deal losing out to Frozen which was such a huge hit, it captured a nation," said Bock. There were moments over the Thanksgiving weekend where it appeared that Moana could catch Frozen.

Johnson, who voices the demigod Maui in Moana , made it clear that he was good either way. He tweeted to one fan that "the creators of Frozen are also the creators of Moana. Clements was positive that repeat viewing would continue to push Moana to new heights.

The two already celebrated their success, receiving a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne while promoting Moana in Spain, sent by The Incredibles director Brad Bird. Barron Trump Autistic? Marks Class of , shouted "Hail Trump! Hail our people!

Hail victory! Without referring to Spencer by name, Dini said his activities have "been deeply troubling and terribly upsetting to our whole school community. We reject racism and bigotry in all its forms and expressions.

Mark's alumni for "expressing their outrage and disgust" toward the National Policy Institute, which Spencer heads, and the ideas that group promotes. One of them is Ben Kusin, former "Shark Tank" contestant and chief executive of deodorizing wipes company. Texas school repudiates white nationalist alumnus heraldonline. The New York Giants play bland, boring football - just how they like it. Manning threw three touchdown passes - two to Odell Beckham Jr.

At the end of a long holiday weekend, the Giants looked as if they gorged on too much turkey and apple pie on Thanksgiving. They stumbled and staggered for much of the game before finally putting away the Browns to give New York its longest winning streak since The Giants don't overwhelm anyone, but they do just enough to win and are in position to make the playoffs for the first time since We got time. A couple more games left and now it's time to progress this week. They were lethargic and inconsistent on offense.

On defense, the Giants gave up a few big plays and were probably fortunate they were playing the Browns. Cleveland is since ending the season with five consecutive losses. Following the game, Browns coach Hue Jackson had a lengthy meeting with "upper management" before meeting with reporters. Jackson was emotional when he talked about what this season has done to him. Do I get disappointed and frustrated? I don't want you to think I don't get mad or sad.

I go through all those emotions, but at the same time I know what I signed up for. You can either beat yourself up, and I do that enough, or you can put your head down and keep fighting and push through this. That's what we're going to do as a football team and an organization. The defensive end, who had three of New York's seven sacks, snagged the ball after McCown's arm was struck by Johnathan Hankins and raced to the end zone, putting the Giants ahead by two touchdowns.

However, Manning responded with a yard drive, connecting with Beckham for 41 yards, before the scoring strike. New York collected its first seven wins by a combined 27 points, none by more than a touchdown. Up next is Warren Moon 49, , but Manning has a long way to go to catch brother, Peyton, who finished with 71, yards. He underwent X-rays and missed just one series before returning.

Giants backup safety Nate Berhe sustained a concussion while covering a kickoff in the second quarter. Also, New York defensive end Owa Odighizuwa left with an injured left knee in the second quarter. Browns right guard John Greco sustained a mid-foot sprain. Browns: Have their open date next weekend. Giants report card: What happened to the other WRs?

If you go outside of the process, I would be with you. We were on Trump for doing that. I totally agree it would be hypocritical. You know, i saw the interview earlier in the show. No recount, no recount. If you think you won, the recount will show the same thing. Center Mike Pouncey was earlier ruled out due to a hip injury, and left tackle Branden Albert is out with a dislocated left wrist.

For Buffalo, which plays Jacksonville, receiver Sammy Watkins is active for the first time since Week 2. He has missed the past eight games after aggravating an injury to his surgically repaired left foot. Also active is Bills running back LeSean McCoy, who had surgery a week ago after dislocating his left thumb. Gettis replaces Justin Pugh, who injured his knee on Nov. Gettis will be making his first career start for New York, which has had a revolving door at the position.

Tunsil's absence leaves Dolphins' line without 3 starters article. Southampton ensured a miserable return to St Mary's for the manager who left them in the summer, outplaying them to such an extent they deserved a wider margin of victory than that provided by Charlie Austin's first-minute goal. That they are seventh in the Premier League - the highest outside of those expected to compete for the title - leaves them three places above their hosts but a two-point advantage will diminish if they cannot arrest their poor run.

The visitors lost possession almost immediately before Southampton's impressive one-touch football led to debutant Josh Sims teeing up Austin to head in after 41 seconds. They thereafter struggled to impose themselves, highlighting the extent of the challenge Koeman accepted when leaving the south coast. I'm worried because the wake-up call, how we played in first half, to concede a goal after one minute: that cannot happen.

You start a game to control a game and we didn't; we had bad defending positions for the cross. That goal made it difficult and a different game. We had problems with Southampton's strikers, and that's strange because we know how they play. We need to be sharp, react fast to second balls. But we had some good chances in the first half; the shot from Idrissa Gueye needs to be on target.

The afternoon was significantly more positive for Koeman's successor Claude Puel, even if they were again reliant on Austin's sixth league goal - from Southampton's total of 13 - of the season securing all three points. His team selection was rewarded with a fine display from the year-old Sims - Koeman told the BBC: "I wasn't aware of Josh Sims when I was here and he is not my problem; I work for Everton and not Southampton" - and Puel praised his "very good" performance.

He made a good assist for Austin's goal. It is just one game but for a start it is good to see from him. For me it is important to continue this work and philosophy. It is important for Southampton to develop young players and I respect this. Goff took a snap from the shotgun and tossed a perfect, yard lob pass to under-used, 5-foot-8 receiver Tavon Austin , giving the Los Angeles Rams an early lead in a game they basically need to win.

He notched his second career touchdown pass in the second quarter, a 6-yard scoring pass to receiver Kenny Britt. The touchdown pass came after a Saints turnover forced by defensive tackle Aaron Donald , who stripped the ball from quarterback Drew Brees on a sack inside the yard line. Goff's first touchdown pass completed a drive that saw he and the Rams gain 75 yards in less than three minutes. It began with a yard catch-and-run to struggling running back Todd Gurley and also included a yard back-shoulder throw to primary receiver Kenny Britt , who is having a career season.

In his debut last week, a loss to the Miami Dolphins , Goff attempted only five passes that traveled more than 10 yards, all of which fell incomplete. Live coverage: Rams vs. Saints latimes. Saints: How the two teams match up for Sunday's game latimes. Los Angeles Rams: Chat, live updates from the Superdome nola.

The Rams lost to the Saints, , in Jared Goff's second career start. The rookie threw three touchdown passes in the first half, but L. Rams punt after drive stalls latimes. I would have won even more easily and convincingly but smaller states are forgotten!

The Twitter messages came after a busy morning for Mr. ET Mr. Trump, who was staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, is expected to return to Trump Tower Sunday. ET Kellyanne Conway, a top Trump adviser, continued to wage a public war against Mitt Romney, who the president-elect is considering for the secretary of state position. Has he been helpful to Mr. Hillary Clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in.

There was also a scene during which she and Sasha visited the graves of Abraham and Glenn. The episode concluded with Maggie and Sasha reunited with Enid, while Jesus has headed off in search of Negan. So right now, various members of the gang are in different locations. Remember that Daryl is being held captive with the Saviors, Morgan and Carol are in the Kingdom, and the rest are back at Alexandria.

A familiar face stumbles upon a brand new society. Their rules, location and setup are unlike anything that has been seen before. Fullerton in Corona del Mar tourney 21 Meet Ben Bloomer, the Rams' assistant equipment manager who must keep players safe and looking sharp. Vin Scully was one of many to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson shares the stories behind his tattoos. The Browns are the only winless team in the NFL.

We were able to move the ball at times, but we had some critical mistakes and I think that was the difference. A yard touchdown pass from Browns quarterback Josh McCown with left cut the Giants' lead to , but Manning answered with a 4-yard touchdown pass to Beckham with left. We have to buckle down and stick to our game plan.

We have to start fast and play at a high level in all three areas. Each team was looking for a break, and the Giants got the first of the game when a fumble by Browns running back Isaiah Crowell was recovered by the Giants on the Cleveland Manning needed only two plays after the recovery to break the scoreless tie. He rolled right and threw a pass for 18 yards to Roger Lewis. One play later, he hit Harris on the left side of the end zone with left in the first half.

All seven of the Giants' previous victories were by seven or fewer points. Despite their largest win of the season, the players were not thrilled with needing the late touchdown to ice the game against the struggling Browns. The Browns outgained the Giants yards. Rookie linebacker Dominique Alexander recovered at the New York 32, but the Browns could get only a yard field goal from Cody Parkey.

Josh McCown is playing as hard as he can play. There's nothing he can do about the sack fumbles. Three plays and 30 seconds later, the Giants took a lead when Manning connected with Beckham from the Browns Beckham beat Browns cornerback Joe Haden on a short crossing pattern and then won the race to the end zone.

The quick Giants touchdown left time on the clock for the Browns to mount a drive before halftime. Aided by a yard pass interference penalty on Giants cornerback Eli Apple, the Browns moved to the Giants 7 with nine seconds left in the half. A pass in the end zone intended for wide receiver Terrelle Pryor was incomplete.

Parkey kicked a yard field goal to end the half. Defense kept the Browns in the game in the third quarter, but the Giants' defense held their ground, too. The Browns' best chance to cut into the deficit came when they started a drive on the Cleveland 37 after a Giants punt, but the Giants did not yield even one first down on the series. In the end, the defense of the Giants prevailed, ironically after the Browns' biggest play of the game.

A pass from McCown to Pryor for 54 yards moved the ball to the New York 41, but three plays later McCown was pressured and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul returned a fumble 43 yards for a Giants lead. It is the longest streak for any active player in the NFL regardless of position Browns LB Corey Lemonier got his second sack of the season when he stopped Manning in the first quarter. Browns CB Tramon Williams missed his second straight game with a knee injury.

NFL Capsules charlotteobserver. The interim Ukip leader has received death threats and just last week was confronted during a night out. The revelation came as the year-old Brexiteer refused to rule out backing fascist National Front leader Marine Le Pen for the French presidency. It's also hiring more workers in the new year to make the boots.

Annual sales have grown from fewer than , a decade ago to more than , this year. The company expects to top , next year and 1 million in A combination of form, function and nostalgia is behind the demand, said Willie Lambert, Bean's merchandising manager for footwear.

The formula hasn't changed — they're still handmade in Maine — but Bean might roll over in his grave over some of the colors offered these days. There have been red, blue, white — even purple — versions in recent years. And the new manufacturing capacity that will come online in the new year will provide greater flexibility to provide funky colors, said Donna Berube, production facility manager.

The success is rolled up in a retro trend that strikes a chord both with baby boomers and younger consumers who missed out on phonographs and tape recorders. The Urban Outfitters store in Manhattan currently has record players, old-school vinyl albums and tape decks in the front window this holiday season, Lambert noted. Doc Martens, Levi's jeans and Stanley thermoses are all items that have benefited from the trend. Currently, some of the hottest-selling shoes are Adidas Stan Smith and Superstar sneakers, designs that saw their heyday 40 years ago, said Dan Hess, CEO of Merchant Forecast, an independent research company.

But retailers like L. Bean should take a measured approach to growth, because it's likely double-digit sales growth cannot be sustained over the long haul. Bean boots, but they are right now. But Lambert believes the Bean boot is different, more akin to classic Converse's Chuck Taylor sneakers that remain popular year after year.

The "Made in the USA" label affixed to the boots is rare in footwear. Well-known Maine brands like G. Bass, Cole Haan , Sebago and Dexter are now made abroad. Bean is committed to making the boots in Maine at production plants in Lewiston and Brunswick. Lambert joked that the company needs to be careful what it wishes for with expanded production.

He said that past shortages and backlogs have only added to the hype surrounding the boots. Nostalgic customers still seeking out LL Bean's ol' boots - News9. Nov 27 Reuters - Celtic secured the th major trophy of their distinguished history with a victory over Aberdeen in the Scottish League Cup final on Sunday as they brushed off the disappointment of their midweek Champions League exit.

Tom Rogic and James Forrest scored before halftime and Moussa Dembele converted a second-half penalty to complete the commanding triumph over the side who have been Celtic's biggest challengers in Scotland over the last two seasons. The victory at Hampden Park helped ease Celtic's dismay at having been eased out of Europe for another season by Barcelona four days earlier as they extended their domestic pre-eminence with a 10th straight victory this season.

So it marks a milestone, that century of trophies over the course of history. New England tight end Rob Gronkowski was downgraded to out for the rest of the game against the New York Jets with a back injury. Gronkowski left the game late in the first quarter and was initially questionable to return.

He had been uncertain to play after missing last week's game with a chest injury. It was not immediately certain if the latest injury was connected to the previous one. Gronkowski had no catches when he left, with Tom Brady unable to connect with him on two third-down throws. Martellus Bennett, Gronkowski's backup, was also banged up early in the second half when he appeared to injure his left foot or ankle.

Tom Brady became the fifth player in NFL history to reach 60, yards passing for his career, reaching the milestone on an yard pass to Julian Edelman with left in the second quarter of the New England Patriots' game against the New York Jets. Brady, who is also looking to tie Peyton Manning for career wins by a quarterback with , came into Sunday's game needing 57 yards passing to join Manning 71, , Brett Favre 71, , Drew Brees 64, and Dan Marino 61, The Patriots quarterback, who was questionable for the game with an ailing knee, is in the regular season against the Jets as starter and could join Favre as only QBs in NFL history with at least 22 wins against two teams.

Brady has 26 victories vs. Buffalo; Favre has 26 wins vs. Detroit and 23 vs. The Patriots announced that Gronkowski is questionable to return. Gronkowski had been questionable to play after missing last week's game with a chest injury. He had no catches when he left, with Tom Brady unable to connect with him on two third-down throws. The Saints blew out Los Angeles and their former defensive coordinator now working for the Rams. Buffalo hung on during a back and forth match with Jacksonville to deny the Jaguars a third win.

And the Ravens beat the Bengals behind several long field goals from Justin Tucker, dropping Cincinnati to , including in road games. Breathe easy, Patriots fans. As expected, Tom Brady is active, and so is Rob Gronkowski.

The New England star quarterback and tight end were both listed as questionable heading into the team's game Sunday against the New York Jets. Brady missed two days of practice with a knee injury, but returned Friday - although the Patriots were taking a wait-and-see approach. Gronkowski missed last week's game at San Francisco with a chest injury and it appeared early in the week that he would also miss this week, but he improved enough for the Patriots to make him active.

Tight end Martellus Bennett ankle, shoulder and wide receivers Julian Edelman foot and Chris Hogan back are also playing after being listed as questionable, making all of Brady's top targets available. Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy has opened the second half by scoring on a yard touchdown - the longest run of his career - against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

His previous career-long was a yard gain in , his rookie season. The touchdown was also McCoy's second of the game after he scored on a 7-yard run in the final minute of the first half. McCoy has now scored two or more touchdowns in three games this season, the most by a Bills player since running back Willis McGahee did that five times in Another big drop by Atlanta receiver Julio Jones led to a possible six-point swing at the end of the first half vs.

With the Falcons leading and in position for a possible field goal to extend their lead, Matt Ryan went to Jones on a quick slant. Jones bobbled the ball, however, and Arizona's D. Swearinger grabbed it for an interception with 20 seconds left. Carson Palmer followed with a yard pass to J. Nelson into Atlanta territory. With 5 seconds left, the Falcons dropped everyone deep expecting a Hail Mary throw on the final play.

Instead, the Cardinals threw a quick pass to Larry Fitzgerald, who went to the turf in time for Arizona to call a timeout with 1 second left. Chandler Catanzaro knocked through a yard field goal to cut Atlanta's lead to at the break. Jones also dropped a key pass near the end of the Falcons' most recent game, a loss at Philadelphia two weeks ago.

The New Orleans Saints have surged in front of the Los Angeles Rams thanks to a pair of touchdowns both scored on fourth-and-1 plays less than two minutes apart. In both situations, the Saints were stuffed on third-and-1 by the Rams, whose defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, held the same post under Saints coach Sean Payton from to On the first, Ingram took a pitch to the left side and used a sharp cut back toward the middle for a yard touchdown that tied the score at On the Rams' next possession, rookie quarterback Jared Goff was sacked and stripped by rookie defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins, fellow first-rounder last spring.

Paul Kruger recovered for New Orleans on the L. After Tim Hightower was stopped on third-and-goal from 1, Brees kept the ball on fourth down, diving over a pile of players on the goal line and reaching for the score to make it in the middle of the second quarter. Buffalo Bills cornerback Ronald Darby has sustained a concussion and been ruled out from returning against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Darby was hurt in the first quarter after taking a knee to the head while tackling running back Chris Ivory in the first quarter.

Later, the Jaguars announced Ivory has hurt one of his hamstrings, and it's questionable whether he'll return to play. Ivory had nine carries for 44 yards, including a 2-yard touchdown, and a catch for 11 yards before he was hurt late in the first quarter. If Ivory can't continue, the Jaguars will have to lean on T. J Yeldon, who was bothered by an ankle injury this past week. The Jaguars also announced that receiver Rashad Greene Sr.

Achilles and safety Peyton Thompson ankle are also listed as questionable to return. Beckham was taken to the locker room for X-rays after getting hurt in the first quarter Sunday against the Browns. He returned for New York's second possession in the second quarter. Beckham had three catches before getting hurt. He came in with 59 receptions for yards and a team-high six touchdowns. Buffalo Bills starting cornerback Ronald Darby has been escorted to the locker room after taking a knee to the head while tackling Jacksonville Jaguars running back Chris Ivory in the first quarter.

The Bills announced Darby is being monitored for a potential concussion. Ivory caught a short pass while crossing to his right, and leapt into the air as he was brought down by Darby and Zach Brown. Darby sat on the field for several minutes before being helped up by the team's medical staff. He looked dazed as he made his way off the field and nearly tripped at one point.

The Jacksonville Jaguars streak of opening-drive futility is over after Chris Ivory scored on a 2-yard run against the Buffalo Bills. It marked the first time in 25 games the Jaguars have scored a touchdown on their first possession. It was the NFL's longest active streak, dating to Week 3 of the season. During the game drought, Jacksonville had three field goals, punted 18 times and turned the ball over three times.

Ivory's touchdown capped an play, yard drive spanning The Jaguars converted three third-down chances, including their last one courtesy of a defensive holding penalty against Corey White on third-and-goal from the 3.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is drawing jeers at the start of his team's game at Miami. There were loud boos from the crowd when Kaepernick and the rest of the 49ers offense trotted onto the field for their first series, and more jeers just before the snap on first down.

The possession ended with a Kaepernick touchdown pass to Carlos Hyde. Kaepernick drew criticism in Miami when he defended former Cuban leader Fidel Castro during a conference call Wednesday with reporters in South Florida, citing Cuba's high literacy rate. Kaepernick has kneeled through the national anthem all season to protest police brutality and the treatment of minorities.

They showed a video of the World Series celebration. Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts, standing at the yard line, then raised the championship trophy above his head. The Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series for the first time since and end baseball's longest title drought. Laremy Tunsil is inactive Sunday because of a shoulder injury, leaving the Miami Dolphins without three starting offensive linemen against the 49ers.

Center Mike Pouncey was earlier ruled out due to a hip injury. Left tackle Branden Albert is inactive as expected with a dislocated left wrist. Pouncey and Albert both missed last week's game against the Rams, and Tunsil departed in the first half, leaving the Dolphins with a patchwork line as they earned their fifth victory in a row.

Week 12 in the NFL features several teams directly fighting one another for playoff positioning, with the marquee matchup coming Sunday night. The Chiefs visit the Broncos in that game with both teams The winner can continue to pursue the AFC West crown, while the loser will likely have to scramble for the wild card. The prime time game comes after 11 games on Sunday afternoon, including eight for the early afternoon start.

One early game to watch is Arizona playing Atlanta, where the Cardinals need a win on the road in a season where they haven't performed up to their talent level. Atlanta's offense has been strong but has a difficult matchup against the Cardinals' top-ranked pass defense. Yuri Eliseev, 20, died late on Saturday after falling from the 12th-storey of his apartment building in Moscow, according to Russian news reports. The reports quoted police saying Eliseev died while trying to reach the balcony of a neighbouring apartment.

He was described as a practitioner of parkour, which involves climbing, jumping to difficult perches and acrobatic moves. Eliseev was the world under chess champion in and was given grandmaster status at just AP Young chess grandmaster dies in Moscow balcony fall article. The hapless Hornets goalkeeper put through his own net after a header from Charlie Adam came back off the post and cannoned off his legs.

It was a scrappy goal to settle a scrappy game, which the hosts ended with 10 men following Miguel Britos' late sending off, but Stoke were deserved winners as they bounced back from last week's defeat by Bournemouth. Stoke's experienced schemer stood out in a poor game.

The Scot was a cut above the rest as he bossed the midfield, and also provided the header which led to Gomes' own-goal. Los Angeles leads the series, Since Sean Payton became the head coach in , the Rams have won three of the five meetings. Saints vs. Rams, report says nola. Rams nola. The star, 49, was pictured taking selfies on the pitch at Old Trafford after making a surprise appearance with her husband Danny Moder, twin children Phinnaeus and Hazel, both 11, and Henry, nine.

According to the Manchester Evening News , her children are big Reds supporters, so no doubt they were thrilled with their day out. Scroll down for video And no doubt they would be fairly satisfied with the result against West Ham.

Meanwhile, Julia appeared rather giddy on the day as she swapped the red carpet for green turf, She wore a striped top under a black coat and matching jeans, and swapped heels for a pair of sensible flat ankle boots. Wearing thick-framed glasses, she sported the ultimate blow-dry and wore a big smile on her face as she made the most of the day.

Also present on the day was Coleen Rooney, who also joined Julia on the pitch to say hello after the game. The mother-of-three, 30, had her oldest son Kai and youngest son Kit in tow, who looked adorable in a mini red and white Man United themed outfit. Coleen went for minimal make-up, adding a touch of brow liner and bronzer.

Tying her blonde hair in a loose ponytail, she showed off her impressive diamond earrings. And coordinating in autumnal colours she kept the chill out in a tweed maroon-coloured blazer. She teamed her jacket with a matching top and signature quilted Chanel bag, and looked in good spirits as she pushed her newest addition's pram while balancing the adorable tot on her hip. And Kit laughed happily too, wrapped in a striped bobble hat, scarf and hoodie- with a touch of designer in Ralph Lauren Polo trainers.

Big brother Kai ran along in front of them, kitted out in a sporty Adidas ensemble. The opening quarter of the game was packed with action, with Diafra Sakho giving West Ham the lead after 90 seconds, before Zlatan Ibrahimovic equalised on 21 minutes, with Mourinho sent to the stands just a few minutes later for his wild protestations after Paul Pogba was booked for a blatant dive.

With Mourinho watching from on high, United saw a number of chances come and go before ultimately settling for a draw. Coleen was smiling after a rather turbulent couple of weeks where husband Wayne hit headlines for perhaps celebrating England's success too hard last weekend.

The England captain faced huge backlash after he was pictured looking worse for wear in the team's international gear, during a wedding at The Grove hotel. FA sources confirmed that the interim manager intervened and told Rooney to call it a night at a reasonable time, only for the Manchester United striker to continue drinking until 5am. The Sun claimed the footballer was seen 'stumbling around' and could 'barely speak' as England players and staff enjoyed a night off on Saturday, after winning their qualifying match against Scotland.

The Manchester United captain then missed the draw with Spain with what was described as a minor knee injury three days later. He was later forced to issue a public apology, and his position as captain has reportedly since come under threat. But it's no wonder that Coleen is staying strong by his side amid the difficult time - having publicly defended him against critics before.

Last month, the WAG launched a passionate defence of the Manchester United captain on Twitter after hearing criticism of him on the radio. Coleen took to Twitter to vent her dismay after hearing fans explain on the radio why they had booed him at Wembley during England's victory over Malta. Lighten up, life is short, give people a break. Some forget others have feelings too,' she tweeted. Coleen married Manchester United footballer Wayne in , after dating for six years, and now have three children together - Kai, 7, Klay, three, and ten-month-old Kit.

Julia Roberts watches Man United's latest box-office flop thenewstribune. The man stood up several minutes into a flight from Atlanta to Allentown on Tuesday and started goading other passengers into speaking up about which of the candidates they supported. If you don't like it, too bad. The video has been viewed 2. Baum said that the man was taken away by flight attendants for 'at least 15 minutes' before being returned to his seat.

Upon sitting back down, Baum said the man remarked: 'This is what you get for being a patriot. The pilot of the flight - going from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - had to intervene over the intercom after an argument broke out between passengers. According to other people on the flight, a man made some racist comments to an African-American woman about how he was 'glad to have kept his guns'.

If you don't, I understand. However, we're out here to go to Puerto Vallarta, supposed to be having a good time, and what I do ask is that as people we have the common decency to respect each others' decisions and to get along on this three hour and thirteen minute flight so that we can have a good time when we get down there.

The overall World Cup leader finished in a combined 1 minute, Slovakia's Veronika Velez Zuzulova was 0. Norway's Nina Loeseth, runner-up in Saturday's giant slalom, was fourth in She was 0. The top five first-run skiers finished in the same position. Shiffrin also won the first slalom of the World Cup season in Finland.

With a first in slalom and fifth in giant slalom at Killington, the American extended her World Cup lead. She has points to for runner-up Wendy Holdener. Shiffrin attended Burke Mountain Academy in northern Vermont and was the clear crowd favorite. This weekend's World Cup races are the first for Killington and the first in 38 years in Vermont.

Copyright The Associated Press. Eric Bledsoe led Phoenix with a career-high 35 points. Devin Booker added The Nuggets led by 20 at the half but Booker and Bledsoe led a rally that cut the lead to three early in the fourth quarter. Denver gained a slightly larger cushion from there before the Suns cut it to four in the final minute but could get no closer.

Booker scored 25 points in the second half, Bledsoe Emmanuel Mudiay added 19 points for the Nuggets. A four on the fourth end gave Smith the jump on Skillings, and he made it pay off with a last-rock draw, against two. It was the fifth successive win for McGuire, Carmel and Pat Marshall and Joy Ervine, who almost missed being part of the playoff when their entry, made be- Block with new-look rink earns B.

He got it with a count over Goyd Carmichael of the VCC, w o had the same lineup which qualified for the provincial final last year. Carmichaers first loss was handed out by Steve Skillings. Tournament officials, headed, by chairman Frank Hegyi, have confirmed that the full complement of 68 teams will be ready to go on Friday with fun and games continuing through Sunday afternoon. A total of 52 teams took part in the second renewal of the tournament, also held here last January.

Fifteen other B. One Calgary club. All area rinks will be used with opening action at 11 a m. The committee will make a big pitch for the national tournament next February and with winter weather in Victoria so much better than , in other parts of the country. And it seems like just the other day that committee ' members were wondering why they had ever volun teered to stage a second one after the hundreds of hours expended organizing No.

It just kind of creeps up and grabs you. And, when the last cheers faded, Pittsburgh Steelers were proclaimed unques. No one had ever thrown more than two. Bradshaw threw four of them. But he vowed that his brashness would continue to flow just as freely. Right now. Once again they grabbed the seemingly insurmountable lead—and once again they held their collective breaths before hanging on for the narrow four-point victory. Last time, it had been a yard bomb and a victory. This time it was an yard coffin nail for the final points.

That made it with less then seven minutes to play. Too soon, he kept saying. Roger Staubaeh was scrambling well, throwing well, moving them down and they scored twice. The only way the Cowboys could win. Bradshaw then fell on the ball twice more to run out the clock. It put us ahead , gave us that good feeling going into the locker room in front and ail that Jackie Smith had spent 15 years in a St. And there he was, all alone in the end zone, poised to make a game-tying catch.

The quarterback flipped the ball almost—but not quite—perfectly. And Smith dropped it. I was wide open and I just missed it. I think I slipped I blame myself," he said. On the final play of the quarter, Staubaeh tied it with a swing pass to Tony Hill, who took the ball on the Steelers 26 and raced the rest of the 39 yards down the left side for the score.

Henderson, who had two of Dallas' four sacks of Bradshaw, clutched the Steelers quarterback and fellow linebacker Mike Heg- man swiped the ball and sprinted 37 yards for a TD that gave Dallas a lead less than three minutes into the second period. Bradshaw faded back from the 25 and dumped off a pass to Stallworth at the Comerback Aaron Kyle, burned by Stallworth once, was charred again.

It w ai the turbulence churned up by Terry Bradshaw's passes. Hollywood Henderson had plated his big scene too early in the drama. Maybe I would have caught it with my hands, but I was trying to use my chest. When Jackie tried to'stop. Swann, who caught seven passes for yards, sprinted down the right side, almost stride for stride with cornerback Benny Barnes. There was contact and they went down in a tangle of legs and arms.

A few plays later. Franco Harris roared through the line for 22 yards and the touchdown that made it Nineteen seconds after Our rates are a pleasant surprise! At Tilden, it s our policy for every station to nave its rates printed and displayed- because we don t want you to think that we charge what the traffic will Pear 1 Also, we think it s gimmicky to feature absurd come-on prices when the real cost ends up being the kind of surprise you don t need—once you ve figured it out!

A handful of fans greeted the chartered jet as it rolled through a light snow into a cargo terminal at the Gregter Pittsburgh Interna- liontil Airport. Defensive lineman Steve Furjiess was the first off the plane, and he went directly to IJivine Providence Hospi tal for x-rays of his left ankle. The homecoming was a typical media event. We played as hard as we could and the breaks had to go one way or the other.

Unfortunately, they went the other. Hrkro liMKing available onds from halftime, had put Pittsburgh in front for good. Games berths Fourteen gymnasts have been selected to Island zone teams for the B. Winter Games, following trials over the weekend in Port Alberni.

Hockey scoreboard B. Ver Thomas, Nan McMurchv. Abb Denat, Nan J. Division IB — Gorge Buccaneers 0. Division 7B — Prospect Lake Hot spurs 1. Juan de Fuca Ridlev Bros. ISth to FEB. It was Duncan's fifth draw of the season. Dean St. Pierre and Brock Coupar did the damage for Royals. Castaways 0. Gorge FC 5. Saanich Police 0. Bav Castaways Dune. M Health spa Dune. Saanich Breakers 0. Cordova Bav a, Roval Roads 0. Castaways 2, Dun. Metro Prospect Lk. Jos de Bruin. David Helms, Leigh Hegan. Lakehill OrmistonsO.

Aboard a Yamaha. Spriggs garnered 73 points under the reverse scoring system. Martin Spriggs, Ya maha, 73; 2. Peter Wide, Montessa 83; 3. Roger Boothrovd. Ya maha. Doug Moore, Montessa , 3. Paul Boothrovd, Ya maha, 53; 2. Ted Buss, Montessa, 63 3. Guaranteed Quality! For service, nobody beats Victoria Tire.

Canada Games team. Mike Sayers of B. Olympics and John Neilson of Winnipeg Roadrunners. Oldtimers won the women's title with a Club Northwest of Seattle. Victoria Y. Chimo Juniors. Alberta Canada Games team. The teams tied in their first meeting and in Iheir second meeting after 30 minutes of extra time. They split four goals, including extra time, in the second replay and six more, also in extra time, in their fourth encounter last Wednesday. They played a total of minutes of soccer.

Arsenal now w ill be a home to Notts County in the fourth round Saturday. Stirling 2 Soarlans 3 Winners away to Meagowbank. Jim Murray missed tne whole thing. LeFlore said he was watching the Super Bowl on television at his home in Detroit Sunday, and decided during halftime to use the glue to repair a lamp. Murray, meanwhile, was listed in serious but stable condition at a South Miapii hospital after 'eye surgery for a detached retina.

He had only a single shot in hand going to the final hole on the Phoenix Country Club course, a water-guarded par five. Crenshaw pulled his tee shot into the trees. Play was rained out Thursday and Friday and tournament officials trimmed the format from the regulation 72 holes to Haas, a winner in San Diego last year, put the pressure on Crenshaw with a closing 68, including a birdie on the last hole, and was second at Open and Phoenix champ.

Navratilova, of Dallas, now has won 14 of 15 matches and taken two tournament championships in three events on the women's pro tour this year! The defending champion broke Wade in the first game of the match when she made only one first serve.

She missed only two first serves and won 18 of 20 points while serving in the first set. Crenshaw J- Haas T. Kile J Pate A. Bean L. Hinkle P McGowan R. Funseth J tnman P. Hancock W. Levi Eicheiherger J. Haves B Glider G. Anbcsol relieves looth- ache pain fast Cools. Murray had finished 12th. Walton began the National Hockey League season with St. Louis, went to Boston on Dec.

Walton, 3f. He had 29 goals and 31 assists in 65 games with Vancouver last season. The event -features Grand National pole position winners. Veteran back crosses water. Darracott lias made almost appearances for Everton. Irwin won the postponed race with a run of one minute Bruno Frcitz of Switzerland was second in In the second race, Irwin was timed in Halsnes won at Megeve in Gene Tunncy won his first boxing title, the U.

Tunney won the world heavyweight title from Jack Dempsey four vears later and retired in The Canadian, skiing his way back into condition after a series of injuries in World Cup compelilion, jumped into second place in Remember when? Kitchen Brights. Space savers. Time savers. Never a dull moment in the kitchen with this bright enamel cookware.

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The LLBO ruled last week that breweries could no longer sponsor junior hockey because of a conflict witn the legal drinking age of Labatt's Ltd. Most attempts passing, lifetime— 98, Staubach. Most completions, lifetime—61, Staubach. Most attempts rushing, lifetime— 81, Franco Harris, Pittsburgh, three games.

Most games coached—five, Tom Landry, Dallas. Cauthen had ridden four winners in his first 38 races at the meeting, with his last victory on Jan. The losses include two stakes race defeats aboard Triple Crown winner Affirmed. Brent Harrison, with two.

Saanich had compiled a mark in preliminary round-robin play. Most points scored In a half, both teams—35 Pittsburgh 21, Dallas Most points, both teams in the fourth Quarter—28 Pittsburgh 14, Dallas Most touchdowns, both teams in a game—nine Pittsburgh five, Dallas four.

Most points after touchdowns, both teams in a game—nine, Pittsburgh five, Dallas four. Most net yards gained passing- , Pittsburgh. Most touchdowns passing In a game—four, Pittsburgh. Most touchowns passing, both teams In a game—seven, Pittsburgh four. Most points after touchdown In a game—five, Roy Gerela, Pittsburgh.

Most touchdown receptions, game—two, Stallworth. Most touchdowns scored in a game—five, Pittsburgh. Most points after touchdowns In a game—five, Pittsburgh. Fewest touchdowns rushing In a game—zero, Dallas. Most times tackled attempting to pass, both teams, game—nine Dallas five, Pittsburgh four.

AM Radio, Underseal. In speaking to the motion. Released about two weeks ago, the ma- Houses may rise on foreshore jority report recommended limited marina expansion and limited cluster-type housing for the Tsehum Harbor area. The report said marina expansion should proceed northwest around Whale Point and Tsa. Not all aldermen were pleased with the decision to reject the APC report or the unanimous decision to reject commercial w ater leases.

Pickup earlier this month "This confirms what I said before," Mrs. Pickup commented Monday. Currently, only the Greater Victoria school district applies property taxes to the operation of Camosun College. Pickup said. Pickup, who had in turn overruled appointments made by the former school board chairman, Susan Brice, in December.

Pickup said she did not intend to raise the matter unless other trustees did so, and said she would probably call a special meeting to discuss the minister's letter, and make new appointments to the college board. Wright said he was surprised at council's decision. After the APC dealing with that part of the proposal for a year, I would've thought that council would've sat down with us and discussed the possibility of the offer of 12 acres and the shoreline going from private to public ownership.

But not housing. Resources Investment Corp. Bill Langlois. The forms will be available this weekend at the Hillside mall, where a Save Sidney Island information booth will be located. Box , Station C, Victoria. V8P 5L1, or phone , and a pledge form will be sent them. Langlois said each February issue of the Constituent, the monthly Esqui- malt-Port Renfrew newsletter, would contain a pledge form. Teacher Judy Holm, in Wilcox, age 4. Lisa and other pre- background, points out bird species, schoolers from St.

The description came from Ann Moffatt. Bay, council was told t Monday. The 9. Victoria's rose from Other public meetings have been scheduled each month until May. Curtis said the building and grounds were far too involved in the emotions and history of Victorians to be used for that purpose. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that! Alice in Wonderland. Camosun College trustees will soon be peering behind the Looking-Glass for solutions unless they can pick up their coattails and run twice as fast as the problems that have dodged the facililies-short college in the last year.

That building will eliminate an existing parking lot, and will increase the number of parking spaces required. The lastest preliminary drawings, shown to the college council Monday, move the parking lot closer to Foul Bay Road, and further from Argyle Street. But it runs afoul of one minor concern—that of college board members who jokingly decried the loss of a favorite blackberry patch in the area—and more major opposition from Oak Bay council, which urged the college on Monday to move off Foul Bay Road and back to the Argyle Street side.

Williams said Camosun wants only 15 acres of the Municipal bylaws require parking spaces, but with the present pattern of use, the college would need 1, spaces. A parking fee might encourage tne use of public transportation, car pools, or other methods of getting to the college, board member Peter Dorazio said.

Too drastic a solution might not be any solution at all as far as nearby residents are concerned, college prin eipat Lloyd Morin warned Monday. We've already had one set tlement of 16 per cent this year in Port Alberni. Special purchase of soft Spring Garden Prints. Screen printed chiffon. Finest quality sheer nylon. Our reg. Perfect for dresses and blouses 45" Our reg. Patrick Daniel Nicholson.

He said Nicholson had no respect for the property of others or any intention of rehabilitating himself. Laughton said the accused man was on parole from jail in Alberta where he had been convicted of breaking, entering and theft, and breaking and entering with intent to steal.

Judge E. He had no choice but to impose a custodial sentence, he said, but it would be at a provincial institution, not the penitentiary. Wayne Anthony Roos was placed on probation and prohibited from driving in Canada for a year. He noted a previous record of driving offences and disagreed with defence counsel that the fatality had been due to an error of judgment. Roos drove his car and passenger Kevin Skailes, 17, on Rockland near Oak Shade in excess of the posted 20milcan-hour speed limit Nov.

He lost control on a narrow, sloping curve and the car caught fire when it struck a pole, trapping Skailes inside. Roos got out and tried to rescue his friend but a guy wire attached to the utility pole prevented him from opening the door before the fire drove him back. Kenneth Malcolm McLeod. The chimp borrowed the clothes for his sleigh-riding expedition through an amusement park.

Other charges of breaking and entering the store and a doctor's office, and of possession of stolen goods were stayed by the crown. Judge Thomas Darjing noted both men were drug users, which he attributed to their criminal activities, and both had records of note. He would not send the men to penitentiary, but would allow one more chance in the provincial correctional system, recommending the sentences be served in an institution like Redonda Bay camp.

Robert Drummond, 23, of Old Esquimau, had lost his licence earlier for impaired driving. Judge William Ostler ruled there was not enough evidence to convict Wayne Soltys, Colville, of assaulting a police officer, and dismissed an impaired-driving charge. The fact that Soltys notified police once he returned home "doesn't let him off," said Ostler. In convicting Soltys of the over. The obstruction charge arose out of an attempt by Soltys to drink more while a police officer was demanding a breath test.

In convicting him of that charge. About 4, questionnaires have already been completed and returned to the municipal hall. The proposed switch to curbside collection has, however, raised the ire of many residents, according to a source at the hall. A majority of the residents opposed to the scheme say cleanup crews would have to follow garbage trucks around the municipality, eliminating any cost saving, he said.

Drapery track supplied and installed. Free estimates residential and commercial. When he gets angry over something I have nftpiie or said, he stops talk- v ing to me. After each futile attempt, I n get busy with a project to take my mind off the hurt. It's worse than physical abuse. Help me! Dear S. Stop grovelling. In the meantime get some counselling and learn how to live with him — or without him. Church vesi- ple. Since East would have made the same play with a doubleton.

West blissed the best defense of a low club at trick two. West ducked and East ruffed and the dia- ,mond king came back for , t declarer to ruff. His wife died less than two years ago and he has been "playing the field. We have two teenagers in the house who are aware of what goes on. Last night was the fifth time my father-in-law romanced a different woman under our roof. When I asked him why he didn't lake them to HIS apartment. If Lover Boy tries it again he should be ushered to the door.

Dear Ann Landers: I'm the mother of three good-, looking sons v ages IS and Last night I announced there will be no telephone cords dragging in the plates while the food gets cold. Do you think girls who phone boys are chasing them?

When I was growing up. Right or wrong? Dear Lady: Girls who call boys lose a lot. While it might flatter a male's ego, an aggressive female can spoil a good thing. The boys can phone the chicks back if they want to. Dealer: South. For information phone Wednesday in Clearihue A, University of Victoria.

Speaker is Bill King. This was a good single raise and North has invited a game. Size Inv t. Ruble: I am a year-old worrier. Am I doing myself anv harm doing this? In your case, this could be false economy. Best results are achieved will careful longlorm use of the mosl effective dosage possible. You are correct in your belief that generally the less medicine taken the better, but that is for tlje physician to decide, not you.

Your hit. In effect, you are periodically cutting your body off from the drug's benoflcial effects and not doing your heart problem, whatever it is, any good. My suggestion is to take the drug as prescribed — both in dosage and timing — which is what your doctor has the right to expect from you. Not even a doc tor prescribes for himself. Hamsden says in his annual analysis of airline safety in the authoritatve magazine.

Also a slide show on the summer bus tours will be shown. Thursday in Orange Hall, Fernwood Road. Donut Howe Hillside Thun. Tuev p m. Saankhlon Thun 7 00 p. Freezer Section, 3. January 23, Am In our part of the country, the most serious pest we have to contend with Is the aphid. Moreover, the aphid is one of our most common vectors that transmit disease from a sick plant to a healthy one, just as malaria is transmitted from sick to fceallhy humans by the anopheles mosquito. At this season of the year, most kinds of aphids have died or gone into hibernation, but their eggs have been laid — tiny, shiny oval eggs in masses on our shrubs and trees.

The winter wash is the answer to. Ideally, fruit trees and berry bushes should be sprayed seven times a year — this is the government recommendation for commercial growers — but seven sprayings is a bit too strenuous and costly for the backyard gardener. In cutting down to a more easily handled spray schedule, though, the winter wash should be the last to be abandoned. Quite apart from killing aphid eggs, it helps control the small, shell-like scale insects that so often infest plums, cherries and peaches.

The sprays used for the winter wash are caustic and can be used only when the trees and shrubs are fully dormant. This means any time after the leaves have fallen and before the buds start t racking open in the spring. If you put off the winter wash too long, you might miss the safe period. Apples and pears may be left a bit later, taking advantage of any good spraying weather that comes along.

Strawberries and nut trees are not sprayed, and obviously such corrosive sprays must never be used on broad- leafed or coniferous evergreens, but it is a good idea to do any fully dormant ornamental shrubs, small trees and roses along with the fruits. A good spray to control scab — and the eggs of blister mites and rust mites — is lime sulphur, and fortunately, it is compatible with spray oil.

Only recently I thought I had unmasked myself for good, In terms that anyone could understand, by saying that I knew no more about birds than you could learn from owning an Airedale. However, the inquiries keep coming in. For example, this one from A. Helena, that all his wars were purely "defensive. The U. I sit here and wonder where they go and what they do at night. Do they sit in the trees? On the ground? Do they close their eyes? Do they sleep? Do they make love, lie on their sides and roll from side to side?

If they sit on a branch and fall asleep or do they fall to the ground? Please tell me. What does who do? He has not told me what kind of birds we are talking about. The nightingale sings, the owl hoots, the Chicken sleeps with his eyes shut. Take the kiwi bird.

He doesn't sleep at night at all. He sleeps in the daytime, and neither in trees nor on the ground, but in burrows. They are unable even to flap their w ings. Their eves are tiny and their legs stout, and they have disagreeable claws on their toes. All birds make love: but whether they lie on their sides and roll from side to side I do not know.

Again, it depends on what kind of bird we are talking about. One is also cautioned to camouflage oneself and keep still, as most birds will not make love while being observed. No: birds that sleep in trees do not fall to the ground. II was feeding ,, alone, which seemed to me i to be unusual. Would it be 5 migrating alone? The euri- J osit. They fly" in corps do ballet. Regrets are especially 1 common toward the end. This would help me great l. Nearly half of the U.

With an appalling four million eases last year alone. Ra sputin. T Stirling Pvrfr Co. The spokesman said the ferry Mv. Coho will go into drydock in Seattle for repairs to the engine and other areas. Service will resume Feb. UP1 Ik and charged with the theft ney's office then announced Mrs. Onley, On Jan. Roud s year-old son. Gary Skedden. Roud testified that the shooting was accidental and occurred while he was target-shooting in the living room of the family home.

He said the couple did not at first realize that Gary had been shot. Gary, his brother. Darryl, We invite you to make reservations at Douglas St. I Disco. Vic- 1 toria's only total dance experience in an uptown Cabaret Atmosphere. The only Disco with 3 different. Lunch and Dinner ,"4's all happening at the Century Inn. Lifeguard Lt.

John Lorentzen, skipper of the Ba. Why wait for the weekend 7 Enjoy Garcia's mid-week — we promise you the best from the Best in the West! Julien F. Lancaster Police Capt. It was like I had a bleeding ulcer. Janet and Nehemiah Rehm, owners of the tavern, gave her a job. We even co-signed a note for her attorney. Her children would cry. Robert Moore, a senior vice president at the bank, said Pennsupreme never told them there were two bags of deposits.

If she had been tried and convicted, Mrs. Onley could have been sentenced to 2-! Gordon Gibson, former" party leader, announced his- resignation last week to take. One third pound choice ground beef, broiled over charcoal—lavished with ten der young sliced mushrooms and onion sauteed in sherry—served on sesame bun. AT and P. Occasional course language B. Suggestive Scenes. Coarse Language Throughout B. Saturday 8 a m. Local Limited shall not'be liable for non-insertion of any advertise ment beyond the amount paid for such advertisement.

In the event of error occuring the liability of f P Publications Western! Limited shall not ex coed the charge tor the space actually occupied bv the Item in question. All claims on error in publi ration shall be made within 12 hours thereafter and if not made shall no! Mailing Address: Victoria Press P. Box Victoria, B. Musicians and Orchestras 40 Business Personals 43 Dancing 4? Stoves andf urnaccs 9? Houses to Rent.

Furnished Houses to Rent, unfurnished 21? Outside Canada. Atlanta, Boston San Francisco. Los Angeles. Roch ester, Cleveland. WII- liamstown, Clinton. Memphis, Levittown, Raleigh. Jan 6th. Curran and Royal Jubilee staff. Philip James.

Thanks to Drs. Roach and Madhouse and to daddy. Alana Dawn, 7 lbs , on Decern ber Many thanks to Drs. H R Grimwood. Bus stops at rear entrance on Vernon Ave. Extra park- inq in Saanich municipal parking lot one block away.

Sidney Every Sunday Oct. Admission Table reservations ? SO Re ward ottered. Near Denman and Shel bourne st 74? An swers to name of Tiqger. Box Lake Cowichan, B C. F or a little time each morninq you can have a regular income Applications will be accepted from girls — Bovs — adults or pensioners For further information please contact Mr Fox, Colonist Circulation.

Qualifications must include the Camosun College Geriatric course or a minimum 2 years ex perience In an extended care hos pital. Phone The above position most suitable to an energetic family person with loyalty and ambition to stow. References please Position available immediately Generous salary available to right couple. Please call ? Mon to Fri Duties include paint ing. Victoria Mental Health Centre. Only those who don't like being "on the shelf" need apply.

Box Station C, Victoria. Apply in person Cedar Hill Cross Rds. F ull or part time Good conditions in lovely surroundings 5 dav week and cleaning help pro vided, phone evenings after 6 pm. Care for 4 school age children. For ap pointment call Experienced only need apply SOME cooking, some c leaning, ability to work with older people.

Excellent working conditions. Call Lakchill Hair Fashions. Friday and Monday. No experience necessary as we provide a complete training program. This position will not inter ter with vour present cm ployment If you are industri ous, ambitious and have a car.

Victoria Press Box Mathsair Bakery. The successful applicant will be involved in ac counting, administrative and clerical work of a varied nature which includes assisting in flnan cial policy development, project planning, financial control and reporting systems, coordination of financial reports, preparation of and administration ot head of fice administrative budget, bud got preparation and filing svs terns In addition, the successful applicant will be rcsonslble tor or assist in such activities as office layout and desion.

Considerable experience in financial and office work, or an equivalent combination of educa tion and experience. Closing date: February 1. Typing 50 words per miqute. Good typing and shorthand skills 2 3 years secretarial experience Sal arv si. Familiarity with M. Hours and salary negotiable Reply to Vlc- toria Press Box Phone Mrs Anderson, Train as utiltiv in recovery, advance to steam plant Requires oood rommunic a tion skills Comprehensive bene fits available.

RV experience an asset, apply in writing to the service manager. P O Box Lantzville. Suite 7 Wallace Street. Must be able to talk to people ideal position to augment present income Transportation not essential Salary and or conv missions can be negotiated ror interview phone 9 am 4 pm.

Wc supply trainmo and appointments, all vou need is a car and a go ahead attitude. Ray Ore sham l. P N Complete nursing Reasonable rates. HEDGE trimming, 30 years experience, low prices. Free estimates. Rate negotiable Information call Bruce 4ft Wayne 4? Chimneys repaired ? Electric Typewriter. EXPERt ence. WISHLfr, work as people minder, no titling. Responsible lady will look attor plants, pets and house BOM.

Douglas Street, Drum mer. Mature Man ? Vic West School area. References availabc. Hourly or contract. REN ovations, additions, basements finished. Btiokcases, finishing, etc. VAN itv's, etc Reasonable rates. Free esfimales, Ask for Steve. Also, will pickup beer bottles and pav price at vour home. Hauling and Bobcat Service.


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